Friday, June 30, 2017

Tall Trouble

            Larry is a freshman at New York University located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.  He has curly dark brown hair with green eyes standing at 6’1” tall and skinny.  He quickly became familiar with the various trains and subways in New York.  Before he had gotten there, various people told him they would visit, he doubted all of them actually would but he was curious to see who would.

                Annette Sofias picked up the phone and dialed Larry’s number for his dorm at NYU. Annette is a senior in high school, she has light brown hair to her shoulders, brown eyes with a nice body at 5’7”After two rings, Larry picked up and said, “hello”

                “Hey Larry, it’s Annette what’s up?”

                “Nothing, how have you been?”

                “I’ve been alright, I was wondering if I could visit you in New York for the long weekend coming up.”

                “Definitely, you can come up.”

                “Alright, I’ll see you on Friday”

                “You’re flying right?”


                “Okay just tell me when you land and stuff and I’ll come get you.”

                “Alright, when I know everything I’ll call you”

                “Okay talk to you later.”

                They both hung up the phone.  It was Monday when she called, and Larry received the call about all the information on Wednesday.  When Friday rolled around, Larry picked Annette up at the airport.  They hugged and did a European kiss on the side of the cheek.  Annette and Larry were both Greek, so this was the custom of greeting they practiced even though they were both born and raised in America under parents of Greek decent.  Annette was surprised that her parents let her stay for a three-day weekend on a college campus but her parents and Larry’s parents were good friends and they trusted Larry would keep Annette safe.   That night, there was a party that Larry brought Annette to, both of them got really drunk but you’re supposed to at college parties.  Despite being inebriated, Larry knew how to get back to his dorm at 4:00AM without a problem.  He signed Annette in and went to his dorm room.  Larry gave up the bed to Annette and only took a pillow and a blanket for the floor.  Larry didn’t fall asleep till 5:00AM whereas Annette fell asleep instantly.  Larry got up at 10:00AM but she slept till noon. They both had brunch together as Larry tried going on what Annette wanted to do since she was the guest.  Annette didn’t know much about the city so Larry ended up having to make the suggestions.  The day was spent with Larry’s cousin Vicki that had lived in New York her entire life.

                They met up with her at about 1:30, after hanging out in Brooklyn, where Vicki lived, they made their way back to Manhattan, at 3:30, Vicki suggested to go shopping in Greenwich Village.  Larry knew that Greenwich Village had good shopping but he was never interested in it.  Annette seemed excited about it so Larry left Annette with Vicki to go shopping and he went on his own.  They met up for dinner at 7:00 as they both carried a plethora of bags.  They had dinner and the three of them hung out at the dorms for a while.  At 10:30, Vicki went back home, Larry dropped off Annette’s bags at his dorm room and then asked what she was going to do.  Despite being a simple day, Annette had fun, she told Larry she wanted to go to the top of the Empire State Building and see the city lighted up.  Larry had been to the top before, but it occurred to him that he had never been at night.  They took the subways over there and caught the last elevator up.  Larry and Annette had inadvertently dodged security trying to get the people down at the last elevator.  When they swept the outside Larry and Annette went back in to find some souvenirs, but the shops were closed.  Then they went back outside as the security guard was on the opposite side.  He then walked in and took the elevator down trapping Larry and Annette on the top of the Empire State Building.  Larry had to go to the bathroom so he excused himself from Annette and went, luckily those weren’t locked up. 

                Annette stared in awe into the distance of the city lighted up and her eyes pierced the Statue of Liberty standing on an island of its own.  She felt a hand wrap around her waist and kiss her gently on the neck.  She flinched due to being startled but thought it was Larry, and the man said, “Nice isn’t it.”

                She turned her head and said, “Yea it’s beautiful”

 As she did she realized that her and Larry weren’t the only ones stuck on the top of the Empire State Building.  The voice said, “Not as beautiful as you.”

Annette pulled back, but the man had her stuck between the steel barricade and him with his arms against the bars.  Annette said, “Who are you?”

                “Does that matter, we’re here alone with the city in the background together.”

                “Actually I’m with my friend”

                “I don’t see him,” he said while looking around, “and the last elevator went down so you got all night up here with me.”

                Annette was scared and all she could say was, “No”

                “That’s a shame,” she said as he tossed her to the ground. 

The man lied on top of her and tried to slip her shirt off while she struggled to break free.  He said to her, “Stop squirming bitch, so I can rape you.”

Larry came back from the bathroom and saw what was going on, he grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him off Annette.  The man got up and faced Larry looking to fight.  The man swung at Larry and missed but he came back with a backhand knocking Larry into the steel barricade.  Larry remained standing as Annette took a couple steps back so she could watch the fight, but run if Larry lost.  The man tackled Larry to the ground and punched at his face, Larry moved his head to the side after sustaining four punches and the man nailed the ground.  He got off and held his hand, Larry charged at the man but he sidestepped Larry and tripped him.  Larry rose to his feet to be punched in the stomach.  He bent over and the man thrusted Larry’s head in between his legs, wrapped his arms around his waist, hoisted him up in the air so that his legs were on either side of his head and shoved him to the ground on the back of his head and neck.  Annette’s eyes widened in fear for she was losing faith in Larry winning the fight.  The man stomped at Larry’s chest but he rolled away to his feet.  The man grabbed Larry’s shirt and shoved him back into the steel barricade. He grabbed his hair and slammed it into the barricade bloodying the back of his head.  Larry’s nose dripped blood as well.  The man grabbed Larry’s arm and pulled at it sending Larry into the plastic window.  He bounced off and collided with a punch in the kidneys and then was thrown face first into the steel barricade once again.  Larry fell to the ground but immediately pushed himself up only to have his back stomped on by the man.  The man picked him up and punched him back to the ground again.  Larry stirred as he fought to make it to his feet, he felt a leg drill him in the face bloodying it more.  Larry still stirred; the man helped him to his feet, wrapped his arms around his legs, lifted him up and slammed his upper body against the ground.  He helped him again to his feet. He twisted his body so that his right arm was around Larry’s right side and his left hand was around Larry’s left, hoisted him up so that Larry lied on his shoulder parallel with the ground and his head protruding in front of the man.  The man charged and Larry’s face collided with the barricade.  As Larry fell the man turned away thinking Larry was unconscious.  Larry rose to his feet and yelled as the man turned around only to see Larry’s shoulder jam into his solar plexus tackling him to the ground.  Larry then punched away at his face causing blood to fall from his nose.  The man pushed Larry off him shocked at how Larry could still fight.  They both got up and Larry punched him in the face, grabbed his arm and pulled him forward into his knee.  As the man bent over, Larry grabbed his head and thrusted it backwards causing it to slam against the ground.  Larry lifted his head and slammed it back onto the floor repeatedly until he felt a stiff forearm in the solar plexus.  The man rose with blood matriculating on his face.  He charged at Larry but he ducked down and as the man approached, wrapped his arms around his legs and shot up as the man entered into his grip catapulting him over his shoulder and onto the ground.  He ran and jumped landing with one foot on his stomach.  The man coughed, Larry lifted him to his feet and shoved him into the barricade.  He jabbed him in the stomach and then slammed his head back into the barricade.  Larry took a few steps back and drilled his shoulder into the man’s solar plexus sandwiching him in between the barricade and him.  Larry extended his arms so that his shoulder were set at the same level six inches from him and drove them back in. With the man already leaned over his shoulder he wrapped his arms around his legs and hoisted him over his shoulder.  Larry turned around and charged toward the glass thrusting his shoulder forward and his arms in as he drew near.  The man’s body snapped forward with his head ricocheting off the glass twice and resting on the ground.  The man was dazed; Larry had timed it perfectly.  He helped him to his feet and put him in a half nelson and forced him to his knees.  He said, “Annette, do you want to get a slap in,”

Annette walked up to the man and slapped him hard across the face.  She then walked back to watch the fight more.  Larry lifted up and the man obeyed and rose to his feet.  Larry tossed him toward the barricade but the man didn’t hit with much momentum thus remained standing leaning against it.  Larry walked at him, the man jumped up and grabbed the top of the barricade which is curved inwards thus it was directly over head if someone was leaning against the barricade.  He swung his legs forward at Larry but he ducked and as the legs were over his back, Larry stood up forcing the legs up and over.  The man released his grip on the barricade and slid off it and fell toward the ground.  Larry and Annette ran to the barricade to watch his progress as he plummeted toward Earth.  They watched him go directly through the cloth at the bottom designed to absorb the force of coins free falling to the ground.  A small explosion accompanied him as his body collided with the ground.  Luckily, the man didn’t fall on any pedestrians, for it was 12:40 when he was tossed over. 

Larry was a bit stunned that he just tossed a man off the Empire State Building.  His eyes refocused as Annette sprinted toward him and hugged him.  Annette led Larry to the women’s bathroom to get cleaned up.  The women’s bathroom was a lot cozier than the males plus it had sanitary napkins, which would be good for dealing with blood. She wiped the cuts on his face and back of the head holding in the bleeding of the ones that still were.  Larry’s face no longer had blood on it and they exited the bathroom.  Annette turned Larry around hugged him again and kissed him on the neck as well.  She then lifted her head and Larry French kissed her, they made out for a little while, until Annette lied back with Larry following on top of her.  They continued to kiss and Larry slipped Annette’s shirt off her back while she did the same to Larry.  Larry leaned down and kissed her some more while caressing her breasts over her bra.  Larry brought his head down and kissed her neck and then went down more at the cleavage protruding from her bra and over it as well.  He then slid his body down and unbuttoned followed by unzipped Annette’s pants.  He slid them to her ankles, and took off her shoes before slipping her socks and pants off together so that Annette lied only in a bra and underwear.  Annette sat up and unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s pants as well and slid them down.  Larry stood for this and slipped his shoes off.  Annette also took off his socks leaving Larry only in his boxers.  Larry lied back on Annette, as she wrapped her smooth shaven legs around Larry’s waist.  Larry made out with her while caressing her legs up and down.  He then rolled to the side so that her and Annette were facing each other.  He brought his right hand to her groin area over her underwear and rubbed.  Annette dropped her right arm and rubbed Larry’s groin area as well.  Larry rose his arms and undid Annette’s bra and slid it off her arms and to the ground.  He went back to rubbing over her underwear and also maneuvered his mouth around her breasts as well.  After this he slipped his hand into her underwear and felt around her vaginal region rubbing.  Annette followed his lead and slipped her hand into his boxers to caress his genitalia.  He then slipped one finger into her vagina, felt around a bit and found the clitoris and rubbed it as Annette moaned in pleasure.  After a little bit, Larry pulled the underwear down and lowered his head as well.  Annette turned onto her back and Larry positioned his head even with her groin region and licked it.  He moved his tongue around, even sticking it inside as Annette’s vagina excreted more liquids.  Annette groaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around Larry’s head.  Larry lifted his head up taking her legs with him and maneuvered his tongue around fast and hard, Annette groaned louder and louder as her legs tightened trapping Larry’s head.  Since Larry had nowhere to go, he kept moving his tongue from side to side, in and out all over until Annette gave out a loud scream in immense pleasure as she achieved orgasm.  Her legs relaxed and Larry rolled off of her.  Annette turned over on top of Larry and lowered her head down.  She pulled Larry’s boxers from his waist and inserted his penis in her mouth.  She lowered and rose her head forcing the penis deeper than shallower into her mouth.  After vigorously shoving it into her mouth and licking it while Larry breathed heavily in pleasure, Larry ejaculated.  Annette ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself up.  Larry felt bad, he didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t control it.    Annette returned from the bathroom fully washed.  They put their clothes back on and tried the elevators but they didn’t work.  The doors to the stairs were locked as well so they slept inside of New York’s tallest building.  Annette lied on her side as Larry lied directly behind her with his right arm over her back pulling her close.  It was 2:00AM now and they went to sleep. 

They were awoken by security guards.  One brought Larry to one end while another officer questions Annette at the other end.  They both told the same story on what happened with the man that was thrown off.  Both officers attempted to scare them by telling the building was surveillanced so they could see if what they were saying was true.  Neither showed panic because they were telling the truth.  Larry thought it a bit humorous because if that were true, they would know what happened afterwards.  The taped confirmed Larry and Annette’s story and they were let go on obvious ground of self-defense.  Annette’s parents never found out about what happened and Larry and Annette hung out the rest of the weekend.  Then on Monday, Larry took Annette to the airport and watched her off; they always remained plutonic friends from then on. 


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