Friday, February 24, 2017

Defending Despina

Defending Despina


                On August 21, 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio there was a party that was going to be held at Gabby’s house.  Gabby is a 16-year-old girl who threw many parties.  Her cousin was up from Florida as she usually is in the summertime she is also 16-years-old.  The cousin’s name is Despina.  Many people were invited to this party.  It was finally time for the party.  Many adolescents were there and Gabby’s parents were not.  There was a variety of alcohol and marijuana; many people were smoking regular cigarettes as well as marijuana.  One kid that was invited to this party was Larry Couchmanos someone that has known Despina and Gabby for a long time.  He has a small crush on Despina because he admired that a girl as beautiful as she was could be so nice.  The party was a blast, as Gabby’s parties tend to be.  Suddenly a young man walked up to Despina.  Despina did not know this gentleman but talked to him regardless.  The kid went straight to the point though.  He got real close to Despina and took out a knife and pressed it gently on her chest.  He then said, “You’re going to follow me upstairs to one of the bedrooms or else I will make a scene.”

                Despina wasn’t thinking that this kid wouldn’t kill someone in front of so many people but she was extremely scared so she went.  The gentleman put his knife back into his pocket and put his arm around Despina.  Despina responded by putting her arm around him.  He did this so nobody would get suspicious.  They reached a bedroom and both of them entered.  There were no locks on the door but with the noise downstairs nobody would hear.  It was quiet upstairs though, as the party did not extend up there.  The kid pushed Despina onto the bed and then took out a roll of duck tape and said, “Now, if you scream I will duck tape your mouth shut then rape you, if you keep quiet then you will keep your virginity.”

                She then said, “Why are you doing this?”

                He responded, “look at a mirror and you’ll find out.

                Despina was a rather attractive girl she knew it too.  She had a boyfriend in Florida but he would never know about this unless Despina said something.  The kid stood Despina up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head.  Despina didn’t resist out of utter fear.  The boy reached down and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her pants and then pulled them down.  He pushed her back onto the bed and took off her shoes.  She wasn’t wearing any socks.  After he took off her shoes he proceeded to take her pants off.  Despina was now in her bra and panties.  The kid then stripped himself till he had nothing on except his boxers and lied on top of Despina.  He began to French kiss her and caress her breasts over her bra. 

                Meanwhile, Larry had to go to the bathroom and he couldn’t find it on the first floor so he went upstairs to look for one.  He heard the springs of the bed.  He didn’t think much of it, it wasn’t very uncommon for kids to find a room and do things sexual in nature.  Then he heard Despina’s voice say, “I have a boyfriend and if he finds out he’ll kill you.”

                He then heard a man’s voice say, “Too bad he lives in Florida.”

                Larry was now suspicious.  He didn’t want to go in unless he knew for sure that Despina was being forced upon.  Despina was known to cheat on her boyfriends that lived in Florida while in Ohio.  The kid then undid Despina’s bra and took it off her.  Despina then said, “You’re not going to rape me are you?”

                He then heard the man say, “No, unless you scream.”

                Now Larry knew that Despina was being forced upon.  The word “rape” indicates forceful sexual intercourse without partner’s consent.  The fact she used that word indicated that she didn’t want to do anything sexual in nature with him.  He opened the door and said, “Hey asshole get off her.”

                The kid got up and saw Larry, then said, “You pervert this is my girl we just hooked up tonight give us some fucking privacy.”

                Larry replied, “Bullshit, Despina is this true?”

                Despina looked at Larry and then at the kid, who was giving her a dirty look, she could only shake her head no.  She knew Larry would fight the kid because Larry loved to fight.  The kid then took out his knife and came at Larry.  Luckily for Larry he always carried a knife with him wherever he went.  He snapped his out and used the blade to push his blade away.  He then kicked the kid in the stomach.  The kid dropped the knife and held his stomach.  Larry then grabbed him by the hair and drove his face into his knee.  After doing this four times he threw his head back so the kid nailed the ground.  He picked up the knife and gave it to Despina and told her to use it in case he lost. Larry also gave her his knife.  Larry wanted this hand to hand.  The way he likes it.  Despina knew that Larry wouldn’t lose just because in a fight Larry went crazy.  He would tolerate an excruciating amount of pain because the very thought of losing disgusts him.  The kid got up dazed but ran at Larry, Larry ducked down wrapped his arms around the kid’s legs as he approached and lifted his back up so he was at full height again causing the kid to flip high over his head.  The move is known in wrestling as the “back body drop.”  The kid landed on his elbow and held it in pain.  He had a bloody nose from Larry’s knees.  Despina was getting dressed again.  The kid grabbed her while she was and held his arm around her throat telling Larry to back off.  Larry walked toward the kid and the kid held Despina out as a shield.  She didn’t use the knife because she knew she wasn’t in danger.  Larry was not backing off and never would until he won.  The kid was hoping that whatever Larry tried he could block the blow with Despina.  Larry made a fist and punched the kid in the face; he was significantly taller than Despina was so he simply punched over Despina.  The kid let go of her and grabbed his nose, which was probably broken by now.  Larry then drove his knee into the kid’s stomach.  He then placed his arms around his back and gripped along his stomach and lifted up so the kid was upside down.  Despina was now fully dressed.  Larry ran the kid into the wall.  His face hit first followed by his chest and legs.  Larry pushed him at the very end so that his own arms wouldn’t be sandwiched against his body and the wall.  He kept him up by sandwiching the kid into the wall.  Larry dropped him and he fell on the back of his neck knocking him unconscious.  Larry checked for breathing and a pulse to make sure he wasn’t dead.  He had a pulse and breathing.  He dragged the kid outside and walked back in the room.  He went to Despina and asked for his knife back.  She gave it to him, and said, “Thank you so much Larry.”

                Larry headed toward the door and opened it only to find that Despina was right behind him and placed her leg on the door when Larry barely had it open.  It shut and she held her leg there and smiled at Larry.  Larry turned and looked at her then down at her leg.  Despina then said, “Now Larry you didn’t really think I’d thank you like that did you?”

                Larry was speechless, Despina was extremely attractive and he had a feeling he’d be getting on her tonight.  Despina grabbed the bottom of Larry’s shirt and pulled it over his head.  He did the same to her.  They then simultaneously unbuttoned and unzipped their shorts.  Larry kicked his shoes off so his shorts could leave his body easier.  Despina never put her shoes back on so she didn’t have to do this.  She kicked her pants off and Despina was in her bra and panties and Larry was in his boxers and socks.  Despina lied on the bed and looked at Larry rather seductively.  Larry took off his socks and walked toward Despina.  She spread her legs and while Larry walked between them wrapped them around his waist.  They then began making out.  Larry caressed her breasts over her bra.  When he was through with that he moved his hands down and started caressing her legs up and down.  Despina used her hands to caress Larry’s butt over his boxers.  After a little she slipped her hand inside and felt his butt under his boxers.  After a little bit they rolled so Despina was now on top of Larry.  They continued to make out and Larry began caressing her butt over her panties while she went up and down his sides.  After a little bit, Larry slipped his hand under her panties and felt the bare ass. After that, Larry undid her bra and took it off.  Despina thrusted her body forwards and lined up her breasts to Larry’s face.  Larry opened his mouth and began to suck on Despina’s breasts.  They rolled so Larry was on top again and he continued to suck her breasts.  Larry drew back a little and began sucking her legs.  And caressing them with his hands at the same time.  They then began making out again.  They continued being all over each other until Larry received an orgasm.  Neither of them took off any more clothing and they told nobody of what they did.  They both got dressed and walked downstairs and told Gabby that someone tried to attack Despina.  Larry looked like the hero, and he enjoyed being one too after all he got to get on the girl he has had a crush on for a long time.  The party ended and Larry went home very happy about his day.    

Monday, February 20, 2017

Casey gets what she wants

                It is May 2000, Casey Magee is in the eighth grade.  She has had a crush on a kid named Mike Speed for about two years.  Nobody called him Mike, they always referred to him by his last name.  However Mike showed no interest in her.  Casey was a rather attractive girl; many of the boys in her class would hit on her, but the one person she wanted she couldn’t get.  She thought that her crush would end, but it had been going on since she was in 6th grade.  Her innocent little crush was turning her extremely angry. 

                Speed never had much luck with girls.  He didn’t want to go out with Casey because he felt that it was awkward for a sophomore to go out with an eighth grader.  He was well aware of her crush, but never considered that an option. 

                Casey decided she couldn’t wait, every time she talked to Speed online, she wanted him more and more.  She decided that she would get Speed to get on her.  Don’t get me wrong she didn’t want to have sex with him.  She has some morals and sex was not something she was going to do in eighth grade.  He knew that Speed wouldn’t willingly do it so she would have to think of ways to convince him.  Casey figured something out, she went online and asked Speed if he wanted to come over for a party she was having.  Speed didn’t see any harm in it so he decided to go to the party. 

                The date Casey had set was here; she picked a time when she knew that she would have the house to herself.  She had only invited Speed over.  She told Speed to come at 8:00.  At 7:30 she took a shower and changed into a string bikini.  She put on makeup to try and make her look more attractive.  She then put a camera in the room; she placed it so the whole room was under surveillance.  It was then 10 till 8:00.  She waited rather impatiently for Speed to come.  Speed didn’t come until 8:30.  He knocked on the door and Casey answered, “Door’s open come on in.”

                Speed was a little confused, but opened the door anyway.  He knew something was wrong when he saw that nobody was there.  He knew he wasn’t early because he had come a half-hour late.  Then he saw Casey in her string bikini and knew what Casey wanted to do.  He turned toward the door, but Casey ran and stood in front of the door to stop him.  She locked the door and said, “Speed, what is it you don’t like about me?”

                “Casey, I don’t like you like that.”

                “Sure you do, you just think I’m too young.” Speed rolled his eyes than Casey continued, “You know I’m old enough to be a freshman, but I started late.”

                “I know that, it’s just that I don’t think of you like that”

                “Then I’m going to have to force you.”

                Speed laughed but then Casey punched him in the stomach and drove his face into her knee.  She didn’t want to make him shed blood because then he wouldn’t be that attractive any more.  Speed got up and knew he had to fight back.  He ran at Casey, Casey sidestepped away from him and slammed her knee into Speed’s stomach.  Speed bent over and held his stomach, Casey played soccer so her legs were pretty strong.  Casey grabbed the bottom of Speed’s shirt and pulled it off him.  She threw the shirt aside and wrapped her arms around Speed’s legs and lifted him.  She bent him over her shoulder and carried him to the bed (it was a couch that folded out into a bed).  She then snapped Speed’s body onto the bed.  Speed kicked Casey with his right leg. But Casey grabbed his leg, stood on the bed to give her height and kicked Speed in the chest and laid his leg onto the bed and held it down with her arms, she kicked her legs up and jammed her knees into his thigh.  Speed grabbed his leg in pain.  She then straightened his left leg, held it down with her hands and jammed her knees into his left thigh.  Speed was now in serious pain.  Casey untied his left shoe and pulled it off.  She then took off the sock.  He went to his right foot and untied the shoe, then took off the sock.  She reached up and unzipped his pants.  Speed had already given up fighting her, he realized that he couldn’t beat her.  She continued to unbutton his pants and yanked them off.  Speed was now in his boxers.  Casey then straddled Speed and lied on top of him.  She ran her arms up and down Speed’s chest.  She then began to French kiss him.  After she made out for a little she went down and kissed his neck.  She rolled Speed to his side, and wrapped her legs around his thighs, she then reached around and slipped her hands under his boxers and began caressing his ass.  She then made out with him simultaneously while caressing his ass.  She reached around and began caressing his genitalia.  When she was satisfied she moved her legs up so they were around his waist.  She lifted Speed’s hands and placed them on her breasts, she made him caress her breasts, then she unbuttoned her bra exposing her breasts, she made him caress them again then, she then tilted his head back so that his mouth would open and placed her breasts inside his mouth.  She made him suck her breasts and then while he was doing that, Casey grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass.  She made him caress her ass first over her panties then slipped his hands under and made him caress her bare ass.  She then moved his hands to her private region. She made him insert his pointer and middle finger inside her vagina.  She then lifted her upper half so that her breasts were no longer in Speed’s face.  She wanted to punish him for making her wait.  She stood up and then stood him up on the floor, she forced him to his knees.  She took off her bottom so she was nude.  She then put her legs around his head and forced his upper body back with her privates directly on his face.  She got off him and brought some whipped cream and sprayed some on her vagina and made Speed suck it off.  While Speed was still lying on the floor she placed her bare ass on Speed’s face and maneuvered it around.  She then placed whipped cream on her ass and legs and made Speed first suck it off her ass than her legs.  She then tilted his head back so is mouth was open and placed her right foot in his mouth.  Then she did the same with her left foot.  She then took his boxers off so he was completely nude, she put the bikini back on and stood Speed up, he leaned him against the wall and got a camera and photographed him.  She turned him around and took another photograph.  She then set the timer on the camera for 30 seconds, grabbed Speed and shoved his head between her thighs and waited for the picture to be taken.  She then set the timer on the camera to go off every 30 seconds.  She took off her bottom again and placed her ass on his face once again, waited for the picture. Then she got off and put her right foot in his mouth and waited for the picture than she took a picture with her left foot in his mouth.  She turned off the timer and told Speed that if he ever told anyone this she would release these pictures along with the videotape to all his friends.  Speed wanted to know what Videotape and Casey pointed to the camera that taped everything including when Casey beat him in a fight. She then told him that whenever she asked, he would have to get on her, she promised it wouldn’t be that often, because after that day she already did enough to Speed and wasn’t much else she could do to him. 

                She did keep her promise but that wasn’t the last time she called Speed to get on her.  She had finally succeeded in getting Speed.  She needed to use excessive force but she was happy and it wasn’t on her conscience.  The tape came out very well and covered everything.  The photos also came out well.  Both were digital cameras so she just plugged it into the TV or computer and could see it.  Speed never did tell anyone, after all nobody wants photographs of getting beaten by a girl that’s two years younger than they. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Freedom or Betrayal

                On the afternoon of July 25, 2000 in Brooklyn, New York, the weather was nice at 80ºF.  Larry was visiting his cousin Kera.  They were good friends and talked frequently online.  Larry is 16; Kera is 13.  Both are Greek.  Both of Kera’s parents worked, she has a brother who likes to stay home.  Kera wanted to show Larry the village.  A spot in New York City that Kera loved being very much.  Larry wanted to go to Broadway and 43rd because that’s where WWF New York was and Larry had been a fan of WWF since he was six years old.  Kera’s parents couldn’t take them due to work, there were no cars for Larry to drive and if there were Kera’s parents wouldn’t have allowed him to drive Kera in New York City when Larry didn’t know it well and he was only 16.  Kera had asked if they could take the train, Kera’s mom was a little hesitant because she thought Kera would get lost if she went on a train alone.  Little did she know that Kera had taken the train quite frequently.  She agreed to let Kera go because she felt that Larry was responsible enough not to get lost on the train.  It was the exact opposite to what she thought, Larry would get lost if he had to take the train alone, Kera knew exactly what she was doing.  Kera knew this but held back laughing when she heard her mom say it. 

                Kera and Larry went down to the station to get tickets.  At the station Larry turned to Kera and said, “Ok Kera let’s see if you really know how to find your way around trains.”

“Oh so your testing me”


 “So you could do this without a problem without me,” She said with a smile

“Of course, but I won’t say a thing, you make a mistake I won’t correct you,” he said smiling

“Oh ok” she said still smiling

                They found the train and waited for it to get to the village.  The train was approaching Larry and Kera’s stop and they were ready to get off.  The train stopped and the doors opened.  As they were walking out two guys followed close behind; they were both around 14 or 15.  They both went right behind Kera and Larry and jabbed a dart into their arm.  The dart had tranquilizer poison made to knock out humans.  They had as much tranquilizer to put a chimpanzee to sleep.  Kera and Larry weren’t very big so they were knocked right out.  After they did it, they put their arms around them to make it seem like they were friends.  They hurried to a car where they laid Kera and Larry inside and it drove to their destination. 

                Kera and Larry woke up in a large room.  There was no carpeting, the only furniture were two beds.  The ground was cold and the room was very bare with just floor and walls.  There was a window that was not very large and a large door.  Larry walked to the door and tried to open it, it was locked.  Larry knew that this room was made for them not to escape.  Larry was the first one to awake and he waited for Kera to awake.  When Kera awoke she drew back as she realized as well that they were trapped.  They both wondered how they got there.  Kera asked Larry, “Where are we?”

“I’m not sure, I remember leaving the train and then everything else is a blank.”

“Me too”

Then on a speaker a voice came over, “I hope you can realize that you’re trapped.  We have kidnapped both of you and you have a chance of freedom.  You just have to do our small terms, you can try to escape but if you’re successful we’ll be waiting with guns and will shoot you.  Larry we know how you like to talk people with guns down by calling them yellow but we are well aware of your fighting capabilities and in this case we will use the guns so don’t try it.”

                Larry responded, “Why are we here?”

                “Well we wanted to rape Kera but we knew you wouldn’t approve so we decided to kill you both.”

                Larry responded back, “You said something about us going free.”

                “Yes I did”

                Kera asked, “What is it and who are you?”

                “Who we are is not important right now.  First you have to ask yourself what will you do to avoid death?”

                Kera then answered, “anything”

                “What about you Larry”

                “It depends”

                “What’s worth dying for.”

                “Why don’t you tell me what the terms are and I’ll tell you if it’s worth dying for or not.”

                “Admirable, Larry if you look in your pocket you will find we didn’t unarm you of your knife you have two choices for freedom, one, you kill Kera, two, You rape Kera.  And Kera if you look in your right pocket we gave you a knife of your own all you need to do is kill Larry.  Do that and you go free, refuse and you both die of starvation.”

                Kera drew back in fear, Larry then looked across and said, “Kera come here.”

                Kera stepped very slowly and carefully toward Larry, she was very hesitant.  Larry’s eyes filled with sadness for he knew why she was resisting, she thought that her life was in danger.  Larry decided to test her and walked toward her, Kera froze in fear.  Larry grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her to look into his eyes and said, “Kera, you know I live by don’t trust anybody so can you trust someone that believes that?  Do you honestly think I’d kill you or rape you?  I don’t think I want to know the answer and I won’t tell you because I want you to look inside and find the answer.” He then turned toward the area the voice came from and said, “you’re one sick bastard, you honestly think I’d rape my cousin? Or kill her? You are one sick fuck.”

                The voice said, “Well Kera you said you’d do anything for freedom I just gave you the terms, you are just as armed as Larry is.”

                Kera stepped back from Larry and looked him straight in the eye than said, “It looks like we’ll both die.”

                Voice answered, “You’re choice but the offer remains until you die”

                Larry lied on the bed and tried to sleep.  He knew Kera wouldn’t kill him.  He pondered ways how to get out of the cage.  At about 3:00AM Larry had an idea.  He went over to Kera who was sleeping and took out her knife; he went to the door and tried to pick the lock.  He succeeded and tried to open but realized that it was chained shut and dead bolted.  He went back over to Kera and reached into her left pocket very gently and delicately trying hard not to wake her up.  He found a lighter; he brought the lighter and put the bolt and chain in the flame.  He then used a key from his pocket to keep the flame on, and then he needed something to hold it.  He realized that the space in between the door and the wall held the lighter.  He finally got it right than he lied down and went to sleep. 

                Larry was first to rise as he did at 10:00AM the voice came over and said, “Good morning Larry, prepare to get very hungry today.” 

                Larry smiled and asked, “How will you know if someone is raped or killed.”

                “We can see you and we have cameras.”

                “So you check the camera every day?”

                “No, only if you claim you raped her did you?”

                “Hell no she’s my cousin.”

                Larry found out what he wanted to know, they didn’t know about his trap and they wouldn’t.  Kera got up a half-hour later and Larry whispered in her ear what he did.  Kera made no reaction for she knew it was important for the men not to suspect anything.  At around 5:00PM the voice said, “Well you two, we’re going to see a movie, have fun in there together.”

                At 5:15 Larry went to the door and pushed as hard as he could.  The lock and chain snapped off for the fire had melted it so it was very weak and fragile.  He took the key and returned the lighter.  They then found their way out.  When they exited the door they realized there were no guys with guns and that was a bluff.  Kera forgot about that, but Larry knew it but figured he would die either way.  They found they weren’t far from the train station so they caught a train home.  After getting off the train they got something to eat because they hadn’t in over twenty four hours. 

                Kera’s mom was very suspicious what happened, and Larry claimed that he wanted to go to WWF New York and they did and were too tired to move so they just checked into a hotel and spent the night there.  Then they did more sight seeing and came back.  It was a very far –fetched story but Kera’s mom bought it to their surprise.  Kera and Larry realized the importance of loyalty for they gave up freedom for their loyalty to each other.  They were willing to die rather than betray one another.  Not many people would do that in those extreme situations.  They are to be commended and others should follow their example of loyalty. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Maintaining Virginity

Kera is a 5’7” 13 year old Greek girl, was going to go roller blading at a park near her in Brooklyn, New York called Marine Park.  It was an unseasonably cold summer day at 50ºF but that didn’t stop Kera from skating.  She loved to skate, although she didn’t think she was very good at it, she was.  Due to the weather not too many people were at Marine Park.  As she was skating around the perimeter track made for roller bladers, bikers, runners or just walking pedestrians.  Then a white van pulled up to the street near the park.  A young man walked out of the car, and watched Kera skate.  Kera was listening to music with a CD player that was in her pocket while she was wearing headphones.  Skating relaxed her, so did listening to music.  The young man walked by the track, Kera was too occupied with skating and the music to notice the sudden change in surrounding.  As Kera skated around and was approaching the man, he stepped closer to the track and the side door of the van opened.  As she was approaching, the man threw out his hand into her path. As Kera made contact with his hand he angled it and brought his other hand around her legs and brought the other down from her stomach and around her legs and interlocked his hands and placed Kera over his shoulder.  He then ran into the van and the van slid shut.  They laid her out on a seat and duck taped her mouth.  The driver started the engine and left the scene.  Kera tried fighting him but there were three men not including the driver and they pinned her arms behind her head and cuffed them together while another wrapped his arms containing her legs.  Kera was trapped; she began to cry and finally stopped trying to resist.  Kera didn’t recognize the men, which scared her even more.  They seemed to be older than her maybe 16 or 17.  She wondered what they wanted with a 13-year-old girl. 


The van then came to the side of a forested area and stopped.  They opened the van door again and a man lifted Kera’s upper half using her arms, while another kid carried the lower half by gripping her legs.  Kera didn’t bother fighting she knew she couldn’t beat four men.  They laid her on to the ground a good enough distance into the woods so they could get back and so that if someone found the car they wouldn’t see them and one of them said, “If we take off the duck tape will you keep quiet?”

She nodded her head yes and they took off the duck tape.  Kera took a deep breath through her nose, as she became a little more relaxed.  The same kid said, “Now it’s your choice what happens here, either you cooperate and we let you go or we rape you take your pick.”

Kera said in a fear, “What do I have to do?”

“Will you cooperate?”

“Depends on what it is”

“What’s worth so much to you that you would be raped to avoid it?”

“I can’t think of anything but maybe something will come up so why don’t you just fucking tell me?”

“Don’t get smart with me girl, ok here are the terms, you know your cousin Larry?”


“All you have to do is knock him unconscious and turn him over to us”

“There’s one problem I can’t beat him”

“You should know that Larry will not hurt you, all you have to do is keep coming until he gets tired and you’ll win, Larry will not hurt you I guarantee it.”

“What will you do to him when I turn him over to you?”

“We won’t discuss that”

“Will you kill him?”


“Well it’s obvious you want to do something that he won’t like, or else you wouldn’t go through all this trouble.”

“What’s it to you?”

“I just want to know why I’m going to have to kick not only my cousin not to mention someone that has saved my life on numerous occasions’ ass”

“I guess that’s fair, well let me tell you about that person you speak of, that person is a complete asshole. He stabs people in the back, he’s a man of a cold heart, he doesn’t trust anybody and he’ll hurt anyone in his path, he has no conscience and no remorse.”

“If that were true than he would be able to hurt me”

“Shut up will you do it or not”

“What did he do to you?”

“Only steal my girlfriend.”

“He got on your girlfriend?”

“No, he talked to her”

Kera now confused, “Are you and your girlfriend still going out?”


“Then obviously if he was trying to steal her from you he failed, what’s your girlfriend’s name?”

“Fornia Snowball”

“Fornia? Trust me Larry didn’t want to get on her”

He then slapped her across the face, “SHUT UP! Will you help us or not.”

“Ok, I will”

“Good, by the way if you’re thinking he’ll protect you, trust me he can’t take all four of us, he may be a skilled fighter but so are we.”

“So you’re Clevelanders?” (Larry’s from Cleveland)


“Jesus, you guys went through all this trouble when he didn’t even do anything”

Again he slapped her “Fuck you, he did do something now you said you’d do it so do it, we’ll take you home, Larry’s alone so you can do it now, we’ll wait outside.”

Kera, not wanting to negotiate any longer, agreed so they got in the van and they drove to Kera’s house.  Kera got out and entered her house and took off her blades.  They placed a wire on her so they could hear what was being said.  She went into the house and went to the basement where she knew Larry would be, she didn’t want to do it, and Larry turned around and greeted her.  Kera said, “Larry I’m in the mood to fight let’s go.” (They would also fight not to hurt each other but just for fun, and Larry had to have a hand behind his back)

Larry clicked off AOL and smiled and said, “Let’s go”

Kera said, “As always with one arm behind your back”

                Larry had Kera tie his left hand with duck tape.  Larry took a few steps away from Kera and was ready to begin, Kera looked at Larry and sadness overcame her she began to realize that just as how Larry couldn’t hurt her, Kera couldn’t knock him out.  Larry noticed that something was wrong and asked about it.  Kera just walked up to him and gave him a hug and whispered, “They’re going to rape me if I don’t knock you out and give you to them.”

                Larry was about to ask whom when he noticed something in Kera’s pocket, he realized what it was, and he decided to trick them and said, “Bullshit you wanted to fight let’s fight.” Then grabbed a paper and wrote on a sheet of paper, “You’re wired they can hear us play along.”

                Kera then wrote, “It’s about Fornia, it’s her boyfriend he thinks that you want to get on Fornia”

                Back in the van the boys were about to go in, then they heard Larry and stopped.  They smiled as they felt that everything was going as planned.

                Kera untied Larry’s hand and then Larry punched his hand really hard to produce a sound that may reveal that they’re fighting, then he said, “Jesus Kera that hurt.”
                He then continued the punching into his hand, Kera tried to hold back from laughing, and then he took a baseball bat and started slamming it onto the ground, pausing and hitting the ground again.  Then Kera ran outside and said, “Larry’s down, you can go in and get him.”

                Really Larry was waiting inside with a baseball bat.  Kera was trying to walk away when the boy who did the talking grabbed her and threw her in the van.  He said, “Just in case you’re tricking us.”

                Kera was scared she knew that it was a trick, again the kid duck taped her mouth and cuffed her arms and legs together, this time he also placed duck tape around her waist and wrapped it around the seat so that Kera couldn’t get out.  He went into the driver’s seat and started the car. 

                Meanwhile inside the house, as the boys entered, Larry nailed the first one across the stomach with the baseball bat.  The other ran into him knocking him over.  The two men separated and prepared to hurt Larry.  Larry still had the bat; he took it and nailed the one on his left with it.  The one to his right jumped onto his back, Larry held him there as the fallen one got up and he nailed him across the face with it.  Both victims were unconscious and now it was 1-1.  Larry fell back crushing the kid.  He turned over and said into a wire, “It’s a trick Larry’s fine.”

                Larry then went to nail him in the head with the baseball bat but he moved.  The kid in the car drove off with Kera.  The kid grabbed another baseball bat for protection from Larry; Larry swung the bat nailing the kid in the biceps of the hand that held the bat.  The kid dropped it and Larry kicked it aside, The kid then drove his shoulder into Larry’s stomach and wrapped his arms around his legs so Larry would fall.  Larry also dropped the bat, the kid pulled a knife out of his pocket, he lifted it but Larry had a knife of his own and stabbed the kid in the heart when he brought the knife behind his head.  The kid dropped it and fell back dead.  Larry grabbed the knife and wiped the blood off on the dead man’s shirt, he then got up, and ran outside, the van was gone.  He knew the kid had Kera and he couldn’t help her.  Larry then called Fornia’s house.  Her step-mom picked up and said, “Hello.”

                Larry asked if Fornia was there and she said, “No, she ran away”

                Larry thanked her and hung up the phone and felt extremely angry. He got in his car and drove He had a cell phone with a headset, he put it on and hooked it to the phone and dialed 411. He asked for the address of a motel in the Brooklyn area.  Larry figured that he wouldn’t go to an expensive hotel for one night sleep. The operator told him there are no motels in Brooklyn but gave the closest one, which was in Manhattan.  Larry thanked her and headed toward there, he didn’t know New York that well but he was going to try.  He entered Manhattan and pulled into a gas station to ask. 


                Fornia’s boyfriend pulled into the motel and told Kera to enter the motel and not make a sound.  He took off the restraints and motioned her out of the car; he put his hand around her waist to make it seem like they were together.  She didn’t try resisting out of fear, they went to his room and he threw her onto the bed and said, “I ask one simple thing and you can’t do it.” 

                He then took off her shoes followed by her shirt and unzipped her pants, Kera kicked her legs and he punched her in the stomach.  Her legs dropped and he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off and lied on top of her. Kera had nothing but bra panties and socks on, then the door of the bathroom opened and Fornia stood the doorway with a metal pole and said, “Michael, you were going to cheat on me?”

                Michael got off Kera and backed away in shock and fear.  He couldn’t speak. Kera smiled in relief.  Fornia slapped the bat across her hand as anger and fury was in her eyes.  Michael said, “Please Fornia, I did this because I thought you were cheating on me with Larry.”
                “Why did you think that? Because I was talking to him on the phone?”

                Michael replied ashamed and scared, “Yes”

                “Well Michael you were wrong and you were going to fuck another girl as revenge on me I don’t think so.” 

                Michael then charged at Fornia, Fornia swung the bat and nailed him in the stomach.  Kera grabbed the phone and dialed Larry’s cell phone and told him where she was and how to get there (Larry was completely lost).  Meanwhile Fornia had Michael on the ground and he was slamming the bat onto his chest and head repeatedly.  Kera watched in astonishment as well as satisfaction.  She got dressed and just watched.  Larry knocked on the door, Kera opened it, Fornia didn’t even realize that someone was at the door she was too busy beating Michael.  Larry saw Kera and gave her a hug, he was very grateful she was safe.  Then he saw Fornia, and was shocked.  He let go of Kera and Kera went beside him and watched with a smile on her face.  Larry looked down and saw a bloody Michael.  Larry then had to do something he yelled, “Fornia”

                Fornia turned and saw Larry and calmed down, and said, “I told you if he ever cheated on me I’d kick his ass.”

                Larry laughed and said, “Yea, I can see you weren’t kidding, how did you know he was here?”

                “I called his friend Mark and he said he was going to New York to get revenge on you so I had to come and I called the motels in the area that were under his name and they told me.  The guy at the counter was around our age so I teased him a bit so that he would give me the key. He did and I went up and waited. Then when I hid in the bathroom and I heard someone hit the bed so I creaked the door to see what was going on and I saw her, and him. I waited some more and he stripped her to her bra and panties and I was waiting for him to be in the act, he got on and I got pissed.”

                “I see that”

                Kera then said, “Hey don’t be mad at me he was forcing me”

                Fornia replied, “I know don’t worry.”

                Larry then walked over to Michael and checked to see if he was breathing, he wasn’t, he then placed his fingers on his neck to check a pulse, he didn’t have one he got up and said, “Fornia, you killed him, we better get the fuck out of here.”

                Fornia and Kera’s eyes widened and Larry opened the door and went through, Fornia and Kera followed and Kera shut the door.  They got in Larry’s car and drove to Kera’s house.  Larry and Kera thanked Fornia for saving Kera’s virginity.  Fornia just smiled and said, “Well you don’t piss me off.”

                They laughed, when they got home, they immediately started a fire.  The gas was on full blast and Larry threw some logs in, he then placed the man he stabbed into a body bag made of paper and, with Fornia and Kera’s help, he tossed the bag into the flame.  When the fire died down he threw bottles of white out (as you can read on the label White out is extremely flammable).  After a while the kid’s body was all burnt away with the exception of the bones, which don’t melt for some reason.  Larry used the fire tongs to grab the large bones and placed them in a bag.  He then put all the ashes and small bones in the ash pit that is reachable through a door in the floor of the fireplace.  He then drove to the nearest bridge and threw the bag into the river with a brick inside so it sink quickly.   When Larry went back to Cleveland he brought Fornia with him.  Larry and Fornia never officially went out but they fooled around sexually a little bit.  The cops never caught Michael’s killer nor found the bones of the kid Larry killed.