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Defending Despina

Defending Despina


                On August 21, 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio there was a party that was going to be held at Gabby’s house.  Gabby is a 16-year-old girl who threw many parties.  Her cousin was up from Florida as she usually is in the summertime she is also 16-years-old.  The cousin’s name is Despina.  Many people were invited to this party.  It was finally time for the party.  Many adolescents were there and Gabby’s parents were not.  There was a variety of alcohol and marijuana; many people were smoking regular cigarettes as well as marijuana.  One kid that was invited to this party was Larry Couchmanos someone that has known Despina and Gabby for a long time.  He has a small crush on Despina because he admired that a girl as beautiful as she was could be so nice.  The party was a blast, as Gabby’s parties tend to be.  Suddenly a young man walked up to Despina.  Despina did not know this gentleman but talked to him regardless.  The kid went straight to the point though.  He got real close to Despina and took out a knife and pressed it gently on her chest.  He then said, “You’re going to follow me upstairs to one of the bedrooms or else I will make a scene.”

                Despina wasn’t thinking that this kid wouldn’t kill someone in front of so many people but she was extremely scared so she went.  The gentleman put his knife back into his pocket and put his arm around Despina.  Despina responded by putting her arm around him.  He did this so nobody would get suspicious.  They reached a bedroom and both of them entered.  There were no locks on the door but with the noise downstairs nobody would hear.  It was quiet upstairs though, as the party did not extend up there.  The kid pushed Despina onto the bed and then took out a roll of duck tape and said, “Now, if you scream I will duck tape your mouth shut then rape you, if you keep quiet then you will keep your virginity.”

                She then said, “Why are you doing this?”

                He responded, “look at a mirror and you’ll find out.

                Despina was a rather attractive girl she knew it too.  She had a boyfriend in Florida but he would never know about this unless Despina said something.  The kid stood Despina up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over her head.  Despina didn’t resist out of utter fear.  The boy reached down and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her pants and then pulled them down.  He pushed her back onto the bed and took off her shoes.  She wasn’t wearing any socks.  After he took off her shoes he proceeded to take her pants off.  Despina was now in her bra and panties.  The kid then stripped himself till he had nothing on except his boxers and lied on top of Despina.  He began to French kiss her and caress her breasts over her bra. 

                Meanwhile, Larry had to go to the bathroom and he couldn’t find it on the first floor so he went upstairs to look for one.  He heard the springs of the bed.  He didn’t think much of it, it wasn’t very uncommon for kids to find a room and do things sexual in nature.  Then he heard Despina’s voice say, “I have a boyfriend and if he finds out he’ll kill you.”

                He then heard a man’s voice say, “Too bad he lives in Florida.”

                Larry was now suspicious.  He didn’t want to go in unless he knew for sure that Despina was being forced upon.  Despina was known to cheat on her boyfriends that lived in Florida while in Ohio.  The kid then undid Despina’s bra and took it off her.  Despina then said, “You’re not going to rape me are you?”

                He then heard the man say, “No, unless you scream.”

                Now Larry knew that Despina was being forced upon.  The word “rape” indicates forceful sexual intercourse without partner’s consent.  The fact she used that word indicated that she didn’t want to do anything sexual in nature with him.  He opened the door and said, “Hey asshole get off her.”

                The kid got up and saw Larry, then said, “You pervert this is my girl we just hooked up tonight give us some fucking privacy.”

                Larry replied, “Bullshit, Despina is this true?”

                Despina looked at Larry and then at the kid, who was giving her a dirty look, she could only shake her head no.  She knew Larry would fight the kid because Larry loved to fight.  The kid then took out his knife and came at Larry.  Luckily for Larry he always carried a knife with him wherever he went.  He snapped his out and used the blade to push his blade away.  He then kicked the kid in the stomach.  The kid dropped the knife and held his stomach.  Larry then grabbed him by the hair and drove his face into his knee.  After doing this four times he threw his head back so the kid nailed the ground.  He picked up the knife and gave it to Despina and told her to use it in case he lost. Larry also gave her his knife.  Larry wanted this hand to hand.  The way he likes it.  Despina knew that Larry wouldn’t lose just because in a fight Larry went crazy.  He would tolerate an excruciating amount of pain because the very thought of losing disgusts him.  The kid got up dazed but ran at Larry, Larry ducked down wrapped his arms around the kid’s legs as he approached and lifted his back up so he was at full height again causing the kid to flip high over his head.  The move is known in wrestling as the “back body drop.”  The kid landed on his elbow and held it in pain.  He had a bloody nose from Larry’s knees.  Despina was getting dressed again.  The kid grabbed her while she was and held his arm around her throat telling Larry to back off.  Larry walked toward the kid and the kid held Despina out as a shield.  She didn’t use the knife because she knew she wasn’t in danger.  Larry was not backing off and never would until he won.  The kid was hoping that whatever Larry tried he could block the blow with Despina.  Larry made a fist and punched the kid in the face; he was significantly taller than Despina was so he simply punched over Despina.  The kid let go of her and grabbed his nose, which was probably broken by now.  Larry then drove his knee into the kid’s stomach.  He then placed his arms around his back and gripped along his stomach and lifted up so the kid was upside down.  Despina was now fully dressed.  Larry ran the kid into the wall.  His face hit first followed by his chest and legs.  Larry pushed him at the very end so that his own arms wouldn’t be sandwiched against his body and the wall.  He kept him up by sandwiching the kid into the wall.  Larry dropped him and he fell on the back of his neck knocking him unconscious.  Larry checked for breathing and a pulse to make sure he wasn’t dead.  He had a pulse and breathing.  He dragged the kid outside and walked back in the room.  He went to Despina and asked for his knife back.  She gave it to him, and said, “Thank you so much Larry.”

                Larry headed toward the door and opened it only to find that Despina was right behind him and placed her leg on the door when Larry barely had it open.  It shut and she held her leg there and smiled at Larry.  Larry turned and looked at her then down at her leg.  Despina then said, “Now Larry you didn’t really think I’d thank you like that did you?”

                Larry was speechless, Despina was extremely attractive and he had a feeling he’d be getting on her tonight.  Despina grabbed the bottom of Larry’s shirt and pulled it over his head.  He did the same to her.  They then simultaneously unbuttoned and unzipped their shorts.  Larry kicked his shoes off so his shorts could leave his body easier.  Despina never put her shoes back on so she didn’t have to do this.  She kicked her pants off and Despina was in her bra and panties and Larry was in his boxers and socks.  Despina lied on the bed and looked at Larry rather seductively.  Larry took off his socks and walked toward Despina.  She spread her legs and while Larry walked between them wrapped them around his waist.  They then began making out.  Larry caressed her breasts over her bra.  When he was through with that he moved his hands down and started caressing her legs up and down.  Despina used her hands to caress Larry’s butt over his boxers.  After a little she slipped her hand inside and felt his butt under his boxers.  After a little bit they rolled so Despina was now on top of Larry.  They continued to make out and Larry began caressing her butt over her panties while she went up and down his sides.  After a little bit, Larry slipped his hand under her panties and felt the bare ass. After that, Larry undid her bra and took it off.  Despina thrusted her body forwards and lined up her breasts to Larry’s face.  Larry opened his mouth and began to suck on Despina’s breasts.  They rolled so Larry was on top again and he continued to suck her breasts.  Larry drew back a little and began sucking her legs.  And caressing them with his hands at the same time.  They then began making out again.  They continued being all over each other until Larry received an orgasm.  Neither of them took off any more clothing and they told nobody of what they did.  They both got dressed and walked downstairs and told Gabby that someone tried to attack Despina.  Larry looked like the hero, and he enjoyed being one too after all he got to get on the girl he has had a crush on for a long time.  The party ended and Larry went home very happy about his day.    

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