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This is a story about two best friends turning on each other.  Before I begin this I think you should know a little bit about the people involved.  Ashley is a Brooklyn girl who is 12 years old and loves to flirt.  She flirts with every guy she meets almost.  Kera is also a Brooklyn girl and is best friends with Ashley, they have had their differences when Ashley would walk all over Kera and steal her boyfriends.  Nicky is a kid in Kera’s Greek Dance class.  Kera has had her eye on Nicky for a while but was too shy to talk to him. 


                On one hot summer day in 1999 in Brooklyn, the sun was shining and it was 92ºF Outside Kera was going to meet Nicky somewhere.  This excited Kera because she had wanted him for a long time and now had him.  They went to a party that was thrown by one of Nicky’s friends.  They hung out and everything, had fun but they both liked each other very much.  So they drifted through the house and found a room.  In the room they started to make out while stripping each other.  First Kera took of Nicky’s shirt, then Nicky took off her shirt.  He then took off her bra and Kera unzipped his pants.  He followed and unzipped her pants.  Then they both lied down and got the pants and socks off each other.  Now Nicky was in his boxers and Kera was in her panties.  Kera got on top of Nicky and started kissing him.  They were all over each other making out and grabbing each other.   Then they were exhausted they waited a while then they got dressed and went back down to the party and enjoyed the rest of the night.  Nobody knew where Kera and him had gone. And nobody cared they were all having fun. 


At the end Kera went to her friend Ashley’s house.  She told Ashley about the night.  Ashley pretended to be interested but she was really insanely jealous of Kera.  Ashley had two missions for herself one was to get on Kera so she wouldn’t be able to feel anything of her night with Nicky and two was to get on Nicky.  When Kera went to sleep.  Ashley went into Kera’s room and blind folded Kera she then stripped Kera to her panties and got into hers and got on Kera.  She duck taped Kera’s mouth so she couldn’t be heard if she screamed.  She then grabbed Kera’s breasts and felt her legs up and down.  After that she sucked on Kera’s breasts and caressed her ass.  After all this was done she grabbed Kera’s hands and forced them on her breasts.  She then took Kera’s hand and motioned it up and down her legs, then made Kera caress her ass.  She then tilted Kera’s head back to open her mouth as if she was going to give CPR.  But instead Ashley lied down and stuck her breast in Kera’s mouth causing her to suck it.  Ashley didn’t want to stop.  She enjoyed it.  She then made Kera suck her legs and feet as well as bite her ass.  Kera was disgusted and Ashley had an orgasm so she stopped.  Mission one was accomplished it was time for mission two.


The next night she found out where Nicky lived and late at night she broke into Nicky’s house using a window she crept upstairs She then blind-folded Nicky just as she had done to Kera.  She then stripped Nicky to his boxers and stripped herself.  She then got on Nicky and felt him up and down.  Ashley was being the whore that she was.  She took Nicky’s hand and put it on her breast and made him caress them.  She then moved his hand down her pants to finger her.  She then took his hand and put it on her ass and made her caress that.  However she wasn’t done.  She tilted Nicky backwards so that his mouth opened and stuck her breasts in his mouth causing him to suck them.  She then made him suck her legs and stuck her feet in his mouth one by one starting with the left foot then the right.  She then made him bite her ass.  She was about to leave but then she realized she didn’t want to, she ran downstairs and grabbed some punch.  She poured the punch on Nicky’s chest and stomach and licked the punch up.  She then had an orgasm so she had to stop.  She put her clothes on and returned to her house her mission was accomplished.  Neither Kera nor Nicky knew who did that to them because they were both blind folded the whole time.  This is the only time we know of Ashley showing bisexual behavior. 


After a couple days they found out who was responsible for what happened, and whom had blind folded them.  Nicky was outraged so he set up a place to meet Ashley.  Ashley was excited so she wore a bikini; little did she know what Nicky had in mind.  When Ashley came, she realized that nobody was around as they were in a dark alley in the projects.  When Nicky saw Ashley as she arrived, he punched Ashley in the stomach.  Ashley grabbed her stomach in pain from the massive blow from Nicky.  Ashley realized this was not going to be a very enjoyable experience.  Nicky grabbed Ashley by her blond hair and pulled her to the ground.  Ashley hit her head solidly on the asphalt of the alley.  The reason Nicky picked the projects was that ass whippings were normal there.  He then started to kick Ashley in the stomach and ribs.  Ashley was very hurt.  She was not very muscular.  Ashley was aching in pain.  Nicky was now kicking Ashley in the face.  She was bleeding out of her head, as her forehead was busted open.  He then found a cell phone just lying on the ground.  Nicky picked it up and called Kera told her the story and Kera was on her way.  She hated Ashley as well.  Kera came down to the projects, found Nicky.  Kera then started kicking Ashley.  Nicky picked Ashley up and put her in a full nelson.  Kera then started punching her in the stomach.  Ashley was now spitting blood.  Nicky dropped Ashley and Kera jumped in the air and landed feet first on Ashley’s stomach.   The blow knocked Ashley unconscious.  Then Kera blindfolded Ashley, taped her moth shut and grabbed a permanent marker, and wrote on Ashley’s stomach “I hate niggers.”  Then Nicky and Kera left.  The next day an African American found Ashley read what was written pulled a .22 out and shot Ashley in the forehead.  The blow instantly killed her.  They then took off the tape and threw Ashley in their car, drove to the East River and dumped the dead carcass into the river.  They tied two 100lb weights to her so she wouldn’t float back to the top.  Ashley was never heard from again. 




Friday, September 16, 2016

Jamie Vanderwyst Kills

Jamie Vanderwyst kills


                It was a nice July day in1999 and Jamie didn’t have to work and she hadn’t seen her friend Larry in a while.  She called up Larry and asked him to do something with her.  Larry agreed and they met up at Westgate mall.  Which was in Rocky River, Ohio.  It was further for Jamie but she didn’t mind.  They met up and Jamie hugged Larry as she always had done when she saw Larry.  Not just Larry Jamie loved to hug everyone.  They were hanging out at the mall when they found a group of people they knew fairly well.  In the group was Jamie Short, a friend of both Larry and Jamie’s and Larry had gone out with her in the past, Angie who is Jamie’s best friend.  Anthony Kulka who is Jamie’s friend, Angie’s boyfriend and goes to Larry’s school.  They were all going to go to Jamie’s house and Jamie had asked Jamie and Larry to come along.  Both of them agreed to go and they went to Jamie’s house.  Larry had never actually been inside Jamie’s house but he had stopped by to drop things off.  It was a nice house, very clean and there were many people there.  Aside from the people I already named there was Tiffany Strad who is Jamie’s best friend, and is friends with Larry and Jamie too, Kelly Merriman who is a friend of Tiffany’s, Jamie’s and Larry’s but more with Tiffany.  Kelly and Jamie hated each other they had fought before and everyone there hoped it wouldn’t happen again.  During the Evening they hung out, ate some food.  They put in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes one of Jamie’s favorite movies but hardly anybody watched it.  Anthony and Angie had made their way in a private room where they got on each other.  Larry hung out with Jamie mostly but he did drift off to talk to Tiffany.  When Larry left Kelly walked by Jamie and called her a bitch.  Jamie turned around with a cigarette in her hand and said, “Excuse me”

                Kelly responded, “You heard me bitch”

                “You fucking whore who the hell are you talking to?”

                “You obviously”

                Jamie then took her cigarette and slammed the burnt part into Kelly forehead.  Kelly was pissed as she grabbed Jamie’s long blond hair.  Jamie shoved her through the open door and outside.  Kelly went to punch Jamie in the stomach but Jamie struck first and punched Kelly in the stomach.  Kelly held her stomach in pain when Jamie grabbed her long brown flowing hair and yanked it back slamming Kelly’s head on the concrete driveway.  Kelly smacked the concrete with a loud thump and was in pain.  Jamie then capitalized and jumped on Kelly opened her hand brought it down and swung as hard as she could across the face, with each blow Kelly’s head was thrown to a side.  Her face and hair waved with each strike by the open hand of Jamie.  Jamie then got up and was turning toward the house when Kelly got up grabbed a hold of Jamie’s long blond hair, she then tugged as hard as she could which sent Jamie to the ground and slammed the back of her head on the grassy ground.  Unlike Kelly, Jamie hit the grass.  It lightened the blow but it still was a bit painful.  Then Kelly started to kick Jamie.  She hated her. Each kick was hard and hit the side of Jamie.  Jamie managed to get up on all fours when Kelly kicked her squarely in the stomach and Jamie fell down again.  Jamie was now lying on her stomach.  Kelly then put one leg around Jamie’s back and sat down on to her back.  She then opened her hand and slapped the back of the Jamie’s head.  Kelly now had the momentum and advantage.  Jamie twisted her body to the right and Kelly fell off, Jamie then got up and while Kelly tried to get up Jamie lifted her leg, motioned it backwards and thrust it forward hitting Kelly squarely in the nose causing it to bleed.  Jamie was furious now and she started stomping on Kelly.  Kelly then grabbed her leg and using her other arm grabbed a hold of the leg holding up Jamie and pulled it toward her causing Jamie to trip and go toward the ground.  Jamie’s butt hit first then her back and head.  Jamie quickly got to her feet and Kelly took both arms thrust them forward hitting Jamie’s shoulders causing her to fly backwards.  By this time they were at the end of Jamie’s driveway and Jamie went for a punch across Kelly’s face however Kelly ducked under it motioned toward her car, opened her car door grabbed Jamie by the hair and threw her into the back seat.  Jamie landed on a long towel which Kelly closed the towel over Jamie then grabbed duck tape from the seat pocket and taped the two ends together trapping Jamie inside.  She then grabbed her keys, got into her car, put the key in the ignition, twisted it and headed toward Tri City Park.  Jamie fought vigorously to get out of the towel and finally she stretched it so far it tore she tore the hole wider and wider until she was free.  Kelly then stopped the car and went to open the door to get Jamie out, Jamie had torn threw the towel and waited for Kelly to open the door like a cat waiting for her prey to get near.  Kelly opened the door and in a heartbeat Jamie jumped toward her like cat pouncing an unsuspecting victim.  Kelly fell back from the impact and Jamie landed on top of her.  She opened her hand and moved it as fast and as hard as she could across Kelly’s face.  Kelly whose face was bleeding from her bloody nose was in pain but managed to get Jamie off of her.  She then shoved Jamie into the woods and took both arms and wrapped them around Jamie’s neck and squeezed as hard as she could.  Jamie fell down and thought that she was going to die because Kelly was not releasing her grip and she saw the anger and fury in the eyes of Kelly.  She reached into her pocket took out the army knife Larry had given her, opened it brought it toward Kelly’s neck and slit her throat from right to left.  Kelly released her grip and grabbed her neck.  Jamie ran through the woods she didn’t stop until she was out of the woods she realized she was on Wingedfoot Dr. a street her friend Matt lived on.  She ran as fast as she could to Matt’s house, Matt was home and wondered why Jamie had blood on her.  She explained the story and told Matt not to tell a soul.  Matt promised he wouldn’t.  He got on the phone and called Jamie’s house to let them know that Jamie was at his house.  The police found Kelly’s body two days later.  And they didn’t ask any question for the flies that were all over her body and the blood had washed the fingerprints away.  They stuffed her in a body bag and informed her parents.  They knew who she was from her driver’s license.  They brought the car back to Kelly’s house.  Nobody ever thought of Jamie being the killer. Jamie only told Larry and Matt about it, Larry and Matt told nobody.  Many people were a little happy to see Kelly go.  They felt sorry that she died but they sure weren’t going to miss her, Kelly had many enemies.  This certain enemy killed her. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

The possible Death of Dwayne Asos

                It was a nice day in the summer of Cleveland, Ohio. It was the beginning of July in 1999, the temperature was at 89ºF and Matt had invited his girlfriend Yeketerina and his two friends Dwayne and Larry to go on a boating trip with his father.  So they went on the boat they couldn’t see anyone else on the water but the water was calm.  Then Dwayne had his normal outburst.  Dwayne and Larry didn’t get along very well and they gave each other dirty looks the whole time.  So they avoided each other as best they could.  And talked with Matt and Yeketerina since both of them were friends of Yeketerina and Matt, hence they were there.  As much as they tried they wouldn’t be able to prevent the inevitable which was emotions flying and them getting into a fight.  They only delayed it but then Dwayne asked Larry, “Tell me again why you ran for president?”

                This question was asked because both Dwayne and Larry are in a church basketball league called GOYA.  GOYA however also did some non-basketball activities.  GOYA stood for Greek Orthodox Youth Association and members ranged from ages 12-18.  It was an election for president of the organization and Larry had beaten Dwayne by one vote, which angered Dwayne.  Larry responded to this question, “Dwayne that was like two months ago, let it go already.”

                Dwayne then grabbed Larry and held him against the edge of the boat choking him.  Yeketerina came down to try to pull Dwayne off but Dwayne just shoved Yeketerina out of the way then Larry shoved him back,  Yeketerina ran to Matt.  Mr. Hoty was driving the boat so he couldn’t leave.  Dwayne went for a punch; Larry ducked under it and took him down with a “double leg take down” he had learned in high school wrestling.  He then walked away because he didn’t really want to fight because he had done it nine times before and this marked 10 and Larry was getting tired of it.  Dwayne had other plans in mind.  He got up and punched Larry in the kidneys.  He continued the punching and Larry dropped to one knee.  Larry shifted his body and placed his arm between his legs grabbing the back of his knee and lifting up then with his free hand grabbed Dwayne’s head so his body was balanced on his shoulders.  This move is known as the “Rack” in wrestling.  He then threw Dwayne’s legs over his head and landed on the top half of his body.  This move dazed both members; Dwayne was bigger than Larry was so this maneuver took a lot out of him.  They both lay on the ground and everyone thought it had ended.  Larry then crawled over and placed his arm over Dwayne’s chest and counted 1-2-3.  If it were a match he would’ve won it.  He then rolled off.  Dwayne was conscience for this but he couldn’t move to throw the hand off.  He was furious at this.  They both got up and Dwayne punched him in the stomach.  The fight didn’t seem to be over quite yet.  It was very surprising nobody tried to stop them.  Matt and Yeketerina were in the corner cuddled up and Mr. Hoty was driving.  Dwayne grabbed a can of coke and swung it at Larry.  Larry ducked under it and started punching away at his kidneys.  He then turned Dwayne put his arms around both Dwayne’s legs and lifted him up so he was over his shoulder then he snapped him down on his back still holding his legs.  This move is known as a “spinebuster.”  Dwayne grabbed his head in pain and Larry sat down.  Dwayne slowly got up and people thought he’d let it go but he didn’t he grabbed Larry from behind and started choking him.  Larry reached back grabbed Dwayne by the back of his neck and threw his neck downward onto his shoulder and held it there.  Dwayne released the grip, now it was Dwayne who was being choked.  Larry then let go, got up and stood on the seat and Dwayne took three steps back and held his neck coughing.  Larry jumped off the seat and lunged at Dwayne.  He knocked Dwayne over and then he started stomping on the upper half of his body.   He was infuriated now.  Matt ran in and held Larry back he thought they had enough fighting for one day.  Dwayne got up and punched Larry in the stomach while Matt was holding him back.  Matt got out of the way because that was a very low thing to do and something that didn’t take too many guts in fact, it took a lack of them.  Larry then gave him another double leg takedown and lifted his legs so they were at his armpits, turned Dwayne over and put pressure on his back.  This move is known as the “lion tamer.”  Larry only kept it on for about five seconds for he knew it caused a lot of pain; he let him go and walked away.  Dwayne got up and charged at Larry, Larry then ducked and gave him a “back body drop” which is when your duck and your opponent is running at you and they trip over your back but the person lifts at the same time creating him to fly over your back.  Dwayne did fly over Larry’s back but since Larry was by the side of the boat, Dwayne flew over the side and crashed into the water.  Mr. Hoty heard the splash and turned back to see if he could find Dwayne, they never found Dwayne and after a half-hour of looking for Dwayne, they knew he had drowned.  It never crossed Larry’s conscience that he was responsible for the death of Dwayne Asos.  Dwayne’s body was never found.  This was mysterious because Larry had read that drowned bodies float to the top after a while under water.  But if it had someone would have noticed him.  There were no sharks or large marine life in Lake Erie that could have consumed his body.  This was something Larry wondered about but it was not on the minds of anyone else.  It occurred to Larry that he would never be sure if Dwayne was really dead.  Every morning he combed the paper for an article stating they found Dwayne’s body, but he never did find that article.  Nobody on that boat told a soul about what happened on that boat that night.  After a month Larry had stopped trying to find Dwayne’s body.  They told Dwayne’s parents that they didn’t know where Dwayne was and that he said he was going home and was getting a ride from someone.  Dwayne was of age to drive but he didn’t drive over for the boat ride, Matt had picked him up and taken him.  Larry was haunted by it the most but it only lasted a month.  Dwayne Asos was reported missing.  He was never found.  

Friday, September 2, 2016




                This is a story about Kera’s ex boyfriend Mark.  Kera went out with Mark, but Mark used her and moved too fast and was a complete asshole making Kera feel like a slut and making her lose all her dignity.  Although Mark pleaded with Kera to forgive him, Kera wouldn’t.  She didn’t have any reason to.  Mark manipulated her, used her, and went out with her just to make out with her and because of her body.  This is a story of when Mark finally gets Kera’s address.        


Mark has asked Kera for her address so he could send letters to her from Australia, but Kera didn’t give him the address.  He was very mad at her because she wouldn’t forgive him and when he couldn’t get the address from the horse’s mouth, he took alternate measures.  When Mark returned to the States from Australia, and so had Kera from Greece, Mark got in touch with his good friend Nina who was also pretty descent friends with Kera.  He asked her what Kera’s address was, and Nina told him.  Nina didn’t know what Mark was planning.  


Spring break came, Mark went over to Kera’s house planning what he had been planning since August, and in case you don’t know Spring Break is in April, he had about eight months to prepare for this.  He knocked on Kera’s door then stepped aside.  He knew Kera was home alone making it easier for him to execute his plan.  Kera opened the door a crack to look at who was at the door.  Since Mark was standing to the side, she didn’t see anybody so she opened the door the full way.  Mark then jumped from the side, shoved Kera, stepped inside and hit the door so it would close.  Kera was now scared as she realized that she was home alone with a guy that had once taken advantage of her and he had gotten in by force.  Mark grabbed Kera and pulled her toward him, he looked up and saw a bedroom.  He asked her if there were any other beds in the house.  Kera was terrified and didn’t feel like angering him any more, so she told him there was one in the basement.  Mark then picked up Kera and carried her to the basement and placed her on the bed.  Kera asked a question that she shouldn’t have asked but when you’re in fear you don’t care.  She asked him if he was going to rape her.  Mark just smiled and didn’t say a word.  Mark took Kera’s arms and pinned them behind her head.  He told her to leave her hands there.  She grabbed Kera’s legs spread them and wrapped them around his own body.  He then got on top of her and started French kissing her.  Kera screamed stop but it was useless, he wouldn’t listen.  He then got up and took off her socks.  He told her to get up, she obeyed out of fear.  He walked up to her and took off her shirt.  He then reached down unzipped her pants and took off her shorts.  Kera was in her bra and panties now.  Kera kept saying “Stop” but Mark didn’t seem to hear it.  He took off her bra and said “You little slut it’s time to get freaky”

He laughed as he said that because he knew Kera thought herself a slut because Mark was doing this to her.  Kera yelled, “STOP”

Mark grabbed her and threw her against the wall and covered her mouth and said “If you ever scream again I’ll take off your panties as well and rape your slut ass”


Meanwhile Kera’s cousin Larry pulled into Kera’s driveway to surprise his cousin. He walked to the door and saw it cracked open (Mark didn’t completely shut it). He then heard Kera say “Stop” and ran in.  He saw Mark with Kera pinned against the wall, Larry then ran and threw Mark against the wall.  He was throwing Mark around the room like a rag doll into computer tables chairs anything he could see, he tossed Mark into.  Larry then bent Mark’s head down bent his elbow around the back of Mark’s neck and through his arm down causing Mark to hit the ground head first.  This is known as a “DDT”.  Larry angled his arm so that his elbow was alongside his own body so that when Mark hit he would flip over.  He helped Mark to his feet, and then Larry put both his arms around Mark’s thighs and lifted.  He then pulled Mark’s legs toward him and threw his upper body forward so that Mark’s upper body would be snapped to the ground.  This move is known as a “Spinebuster.”  He then lifted Mark’s legs and put his hands behind his knees so that they would bend then lifted the legs so that his feet were at Larry’s armpits.  He then bent his arms around his shins then he twisted his body so that Mark would turn onto his stomach.  Larry then leaned back and squatted causing pain to Mark’s back this move is known as a “Lion Tamer.”  By this time Mark was severely injured and couldn’t walk.  Kera-who got dressed while Larry was throwing Mark- started kicking Mark in the stomach for she knew Mark was defenseless now.  Larry held Kera back and Kera didn’t want to protest.  Larry pinned Mark’s arms behind his head and straightened his legs.  He then duck taped his arms and legs.  He pushed himself up on Mark’s arms and slammed his knees into Mark’s stomach.  Mark was in pain but he couldn’t move.  He then grabbed Kera from behind and told her to jump up, and reach her legs up to her knees around Larry’s waist.  He reminded her it wasn’t sexual, so Kera obeyed and Larry lifted the upper half of Kera’s body and slammed it across Mark’s chest and stomach.  That’s when Mark started spitting blood.  Larry then brought him to the top of the basement stairs and threw him down them.  Mark went crushing down the stairs and nailed a Lego table at the end of it.  He then racked Mark and carried him up the stairs and just dropped him on the first stair as Mark went rolling down.  Then for humiliation they set up a video camera where Kera was hitting Mark, because the film was just being filmed it looked as though Kera was the one to cause all the punishment to Mark.  So Kera unleashed kicks and slaps on Mark.  There was blood all over Mark and as much as Larry didn’t want to stop Kera he stopped the tape and stopped Kera.  He then wrapped Mark up in towels and put him in his car, drove to a nearby hospital.  They told him his name and carried on with their lives.  A week later Larry went back home, but Kera got a letter that wasn’t very nice.  It was a document filing a lawsuit on them for the injuries caused to Mark.  The next day Kera called Larry to tell him about what she got.  Larry was shocked and had to get a lawyer.  He got the sheets and went over to his friend Drew’s house whose parents were lawyers.  He gave Drew’s dad the file and he said he’d look through it and get back to him the next day.  The next day he called Larry telling him that he got the trial to take place in Cleveland rather than Brooklyn where the crime took place and gave Larry the court date and told him to try to get Kera down here so she could testify but he wanted to try to keep Kera’s mom out because if she knew she’d freak.  It seemed like an impossible task because Kera’s mom was always hesitant about letting Kera travel by herself somewhere.  After he pleaded and the answer was a definite no.  Larry had to tell her the truth.  He explained it and she didn’t believe them because she felt she knew what was going on in Kera’s life and would know about the Mark character.  Mr. Faki (Drew’s dad) called Kera’s mom up and told her the truth but since it was coming from a lawyer Kera’s mom believed him and agreed to send Kera down there.  She did agree that she would not tell Kera what she knew.  Kera went there and the next flight Kera’s mom was going down too. 


                They arrived in Court and it was time for the lawyers to give their testimony. 

Mr. Faki started out by saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury we are here to debate the case of Mark verses Larry Rozos in whether or not my client should pay for the hospital bill plus $500.  We are here to prove that my client’s acts were justified and that the actions by the opposing client were unsophisticated and unjust. 

Mark’s lawyer said, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury we are here to prove that Larry Rozos had no justification in his actions toward my client. We will tell you the events of the night and the events leading up to the night, I’m sure you will come up with the right solution because Larry is a menace to society and this will be just a small step in his suffering.  What he did to my client was unjustified and wrong.  That is what we are proving today.

After the lawyers’ testimony it was time to call in the witnesses.  First Mr. Faki called Larry.

                Mr. Faki said “I call Larry Rozos to the stand”

                Larry took his seat.

Mr. Faki said, “In your own words describe what happened that night”

Larry responded, “There’s no fancy way to say it, I drove up to her house as a surprise, saw the door cracked open heard her scream and Mark had her pinned against the wall so I kicked his a….butt”

“So you were defending your cousin”

“Yes sir”

“It specifically states in law that murder or severe injury can only be justified in defense, but it must be an equal opposite reaction in my client’s case he saw his cousin being forced upon her.”

“What is your relationship with Kera?”

“She’s my second cousin and a very good friend”

“What went through your mind when you were throwing Mark off of her?”

“I was extremely angry at Mark, he’s forcing himself upon my cousin and friend I’m not going to stand for that”

“What did you do after your anger placated?”

“I put newspaper over my seats in my car placed him on the newspaper wrapped in towels and took him to the hospital we then told them his name and numbers they could contact his family and left”

“So you helped him”


                “No further questions your honor”

                Judge said, “Does the opposing wish to cross examine”

                The lawyer got up and responded “Yes your honor”

                Larry looked up and saw a man he knew Judge Manos so he felt really pressured.

                Lawyer said, “How old are you”

                Larry responded “16”

                “How old is Mark”

                “12 or 13”

                “So you are three or four years older than Mark”

                “Closer to three sir”

                “You have had three more years to grow bigger and stronger don’t you think that you overreacted due to my client’s age”


                “No? What do you mean by that”

                “Anyone who’s forcing himself upon my cousin I will kick his ass regardless of age, race, height, weight, or size”

                “Man that sounded like a psycho”

                “If you had a daughter or someone close to you was going to be forced upon would you help her?”

                “You little son of a ……. That’s a personal question and has nothing to do with this case”

                “Doesn’t it though?”

                The lawyer turning bright red in anger, “Have you ever committed incest with your cousin?”

                “Heck no, incest is the sickest thing in the world.”

                “Why weren’t you hesitant to see your cousin half naked then?”

                “Well I didn’t know she was half naked”

                “When you walked down and saw her half naked why did you continue?”

                “You assume too much I didn’t see her half naked, light travels in straight lines and all I could see was Mark, and Kera’s hair.”

                “Let me remind you, you are under oath did you at any time see your cousin half naked”


                “When was this?”

                “When I threw Mark off of her”

                “Then what did you do?”

                “I attacked Mark and Kera put her clothes back on”

“How tall are you?”


“My client is 5’5” you are taller than him and should keep your hands to yourself”

“If I’m going to go to jail because I won’t watch my cousin get forced upon and witness her lose self-respect, self-dignity and pride then put the hand cuffs on me right now, I’d rather go to jail then see that happen”

The lawyer was a little shocked at the response but responded “You know what all you are is a little bully, you look at little kids and try to hurt them for your personal pleasure”

Mr. Faki interrupted “objection your honor, he’s badgering the witness”

Larry said, “No it’s ok this man is entitled to his opinions even though me and everyone else I know knows the fact that even if Arnold Schwarzzenagger or Jean Claude Van Damme was on my cousin or pissed me off I’d attack their asses too.”

Judge said, “Please mind your language young man you are in a court of law”

“I’m sorry your honor”

The lawyer was frustrated because he wanted Larry to lose his temper the problem was Larry knew this.  He then went right up to Larry and said, “Are you telling me you don’t fear anything?”

Larry smiled and said “Could you take a few steps back for my personal space?”

The lawyer took two steps back and it was the lawyer who lost his cool he repeated his question

“No I don’t”

The lawyer was caught off guard, as he didn’t expect Larry to answer this way

 “You attacked my client, hospitalized him and took pleasure out of it didn’t you”

“If he picked a fight with me and I did that I’d take pleasure but the reason I was doing it made me not look at it as entertainment but as a duty.”

“You were armed at the time were you not?”

“Yes I was I had my knife”

“Did you ever take it out?”

“No sir I did not”

                “Why not?”

                “Because it wasn’t necessary”

                “I beg to differ don’t you think that if you pulled out your knife Mark would have been scared and ran off?”

                “What would stop him from doing it again?”

                “Don’t answer a question with a question”

                “Well that’s how I answered your question I asked that question to myself and I didn’t come up with an answer so I continued to kick his ass, you could prove me wrong by answering that”

                “I have no obligation to answer that question I’m the one asking the questions here”

                “Thank you for clearing that up sir”

                “Let me ask you something son, What are you doing with a knife”

                “It’s a legal knife as the guards at the metal detector found out after testing it, and I carry it everywhere I go just in case.”

                The lawyer was still furious at this time so he just said, “No further questions your honor”

                The Judge told Larry he could step down, as he got up he smiled when he saw Kera with both hands on a cloth over her mouth trying to hold back from laughing”

                Judge called for any more witnesses

                The lawyer said, “We call Mark to the stand”

Mark sat down in the witness chair and the lawyer walked up to him.  Mark was really nervous about the whole case.

                The lawyer said, “How long have you known Kera?”

                Mark responded “a while now”

                “What did you think of her?”

                “Well she would always seem to be mad at me about something then we’d be friends, then like each other it kept changing”

                “So she changed her mind a lot?”

                “Yes sir she did”

                “What was your relationship with Larry?”

                “I met him online and we talked a little, he seemed to like me I thought he was cool, met him in person once”

                “Was Kera there when you met him?”

                “Yes she was”

                “How was your status with Kera at this point?”

                “Not too well”

                “Then why did she agree to meet up with you?”

                “I’m not sure”

                “Would you ever physically harm Kera?”

                “No because she’s a girl and any boy who kicks the shit out of a girl is a coward I mean I’ve beaten people up for doing that”

                “Does Kera know this?”

                “She should I told her stories about me beating people because all they did was beat up girls”

                “From Christmas ’98 till present day did you notice any changes in Kera?”

                “Yes sir, she wasn’t as afraid to speak out”

                “What happened at the same time you noticed these changes?”

                “She began talking to Larry”

                “So you would say Larry was a bad influence?”

                “No not really just that you can’t walk all over Kera anymore”

                “How many times did you go out with Kera”

                “3 or 4”

                “You two had to like each other if you went out 3 times”

                “It was on and off like I said”

                “Kera would change her mind constantly first she liked you then hated you No further questions your honor”

                Judge “Does the defendant wish to cross examine

                Mr. Faki “Yes your honor”

                “Getting back to when you two dated, did you do anything with Kera the first two times you dated, for instance kiss her”


                “Did you the third time”


                “Was Kera ok with it?”

                Mark started to cry “She had asked me to stop multiple times but I never listened”

                “And why was that?”

                “Because I liked it”

                “So because you liked it and Kera didn’t you continued is that right?”


                “What were you planning when you went to Kera’s on the night in question?”

                “To make her pay”

                “Pay for what?”

                “What she did to me”

                “What was that?”

                “Ignore me not talk to me, not accept my being nice, and not giving me simple favors”

“You took advantage of a girl and got mad when she wouldn’t give you special favors is that correct”

“Kind of”

“So you wanted to punish her you wanted to strip her to only her underwear and force yourself upon her is that right?”

Mark’s lawyer said: “Objection your honor he’s badgering the witness”

Judge: “overruled answer the question.”

“Yes, so she could suffer like I did”

“And you’re mad at my client because Larry stopped you”


“Then why are you mad at my client”

“He hurt me”

“He hurt you the way you hurt Kera”

“I didn’t send Kera to the hospital”

“You gave her worse pains, pains in her mind the wounds my client gave you will heal the ones you gave Kera will not at least not as fast, I think you are mad because my client hindered your master plan”

Mark just cried

“Now about a month prior to all this you hired somebody to photograph Kera didn’t you”

Mark looked up shocked and said, “yes”

Could you tell us details about that”

 “I said I’d pay him $50 for every picture of her in her bra and panties. $100 for a picture with her in her bra and panties with her legs spread. $25 for her backside photographed with bra and panties on. $100 for every nude picture taken of her front of course and $150 for her nude with her legs spread and $50 for her backside nude”

“What did you receive from this deal?”

“Four $50 front with bra and panties.  One leg spread bra and panties on.  Four from her backside bra and panties on, four for nude front side, four of nude backside nude, one leg spread nude.  For a total of $1100

“Was that the end of the photographs”

“No the kid supposedly felt bad for me so he took more of her in the shower and other nude pictures of her”

Mr. Faki did not know that those weren’t the last pictures but he asked to see what would happen and it worked in his favor. “Well Mark we have those pictures he took of Kera if the judge would allow them.”

The Judge did

“No further questions your honor”

Judge said “Any more witnesses”

“Mr. Faki said, “Yes the defendant calls Kera Paloympis to the stand”

Kera came up and took her seat

Mr. Faki said, “Miss Paloympis in your own words describe to the jury what happened on the night of question?”

Kera responded, “Well I was home alone when I heard a knock, I opened the door a little bit and didn’t see anybody, when I opened the door fully I was shoved back in by Mark. Then he forced me downstairs and got on top of me and started making out with me, and I kept telling him to stop but he wouldn’t, he then took my socks off.” Kera began crying, “He then told me to stand up. Then he took off my shirt, then my pants then he said to me ‘you little slut it’s time to get freaky.’ He then took off my bra, and I screamed I didn’t know what else to do. He slammed me against the wall and said ‘If you ever scream again I’ll take off your panties as well and rape your slut ass’ That’s when Larry came down and threw him off of me he was protecting me.”

                “Could you tell us who Mark and Larry are?”


                “Are both of them in this court room now?


                “Could you please point them out”

                Kera pointed over at Mark’s table at Mark and said that was Mark then pointed at the table Mr. Faki had come from and pointed to Larry and said that’s Larry.”

                “Are you certain you are not mistaken in the identity of your attacker and your protector?

                “Yes I’m certain”

                Mr. Faki ended by saying, “No further question your honor”

                The judge asked if the opposing lawyer wished to cross-examine the witness.  He did

                The lawyer said, “Do you know my client”

                Kera responded “Yes sir”

                “Did you ever go out with my client”

                “Yes sir as Mark told you.”

                “How many times did you date my client?”
                “He said 3 or 4 but it was 3”

                “3 times it appears to me you had a good relationship with my client?”

                “No sir, when we weren’t going out I thought he was a jerk then he would sweet talk me into liking him again”

                “So my client charmed you”

                “Yes but he was all words”

                “Now the first two times you went out who ended it?”

                “I did”

                “What was your reasoning?”

                “Your client was a jerk and bad mouthed me amongst his friends and treated me like dirt”

                “My client was asked a question he wasn’t sure the answer to so I’ll ask you, why did you meet him that day at Marine Park?”

                “My cousin Larry wanted to meet him, he was my guest I was a good host”

                “While playing truth or dare at a friend’s party you embarrassed my client by saying what”

                “Well I was helping someone think of a dare and someone said that I would suggest for Mark to kiss me and I said, ‘I didn’t kiss him when we went out why would I now? But I apologized countless times for that”

                “Yes you did apologize because you felt bad but did you kiss him the third time?”


                “Did you French kiss him?”


                “Did you like it?”

                “No sir I asked him to stop he just yelled at me saying that was a major turn off he moved too fast for me which Mark hinted at in his testimony”

                “After my client dumped you, what did you feel”

                “I felt bad I mean I was just dumped, manipulated, taken advantage of and was just a little play for him”

                “Mark tried being nice online from Australia isn’t that correct?”

                “Yes, Mark loved sweet talking”

                “And how did you respond?”

                “Harshly and ignored him”

                “You blocked him too correct?”


                “Why didn’t you accept his honest apology”

                “I’ve heard it before and realized he never lives up to his word”

                “Did my client try to rape you?”

                “No just force himself upon me”

                “Were you nude?”

Mr. Faki said, “Objection, this is not a case about rape the question has nothing to do with the case”

                Judge responded, “overruled, please answer the question”

                Kera said “No I was not nude just in my panties and that’s it”

                Lawyer “Did you try to fight him”

                “Sir my arms were pinned behind me, he wrapped my own legs around him and I was scared out of my mind it was a physical impossibility to fight him”

                “Did you lead my client on?”

“Absolutely not, I answered a damn door”

                “But you gave my client your address didn’t you”


                “Then how did he get it”

                “That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out”

                “You led him on when you went out he hadn’t seen you in almost a year and he wanted to see your body, last time you were in person you led him on didn’t you?”

                Kera was crying uncontrollably now but managed to say, “No,” took a long pause to wipe some tears “Mark just said I did and convinced me that everything was my fault”

                “No further questions your honor.”

                The judge said, “You may step down now”


                Kera got up and walked straight past everyone out of the courtroom covering her face

The judge asked for any more witnesses and when neither lawyer responded she asked for the final testimony of each lawyer

Mark’s Layer said, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury that man beat my client and hospitalized him because he thought that my client was forcing himself upon Kera, however he could have been mistaken and his actions were unjustified and will not be excused.  I feel you will come up with the right decision that the action does not meet the crime He is just a bully and he needs to be punished”


Mr. Faki responded, “My client was merely defending his cousin.  He was not mistaken in his assumption.  It was very hoNinable of him to defend her, and I can only imagine what kind of mental trauma he inflicted on Kera and how much it would have escalated had my client not surprised her and Mark as he went through on his plan.  Mark hired somebody to photograph Kera and he wanted his way with her so he could brag to his friends, he is a player and he is looking for sympathy that he doesn’t deserve my client is not a bully he merely protected his cousin. 


The judge sent the jury out to deliberate now all they could do was wait.  Kera who was in the back pew with her face covered, she was crying even harder than when she left the stand, she walked up and hugged Larry and cried on his shoulder.  Kera’s mom was astonished and said to Larry’s mom “Betty, Kera never cries on anyone’s shoulder, she despises it.  She’s real independent like that”

Larry’s mom responded, “Well those two are really close”

“It’s not just they’re friends, they need one another, they have to see each other more often”

“I think they’ll both be glad to hear that”

Kera kept saying “thank you” before burying her head into Larry’s shoulder crying.  The hug lasted throughout the deliberation, which was about a half an hour. Finally Kera stopped crying and took a seat.

The judge asked if the jury came up with a decision, they said they had. A jury member went up and said, “We the jury relieve Larry Rozos from all accusations of this case and furthermore issue a restraining order against Mark so he can not legally come within 25 yards of Kera. 

Kera had a big smile on her face and Larry shook Mr. Faki’ hand and then hugged him.  It was a good victory and the problems Kera had with Mark were over.  Kera had not known that Mark bribed the kid to take pictures of her.  She knew it was over because of the restraining order. 


Kera’s mom then took off her hat and glasses and Kera saw that her mother was there the whole time.  She thought she was in big trouble. Then- in a talk with her mom- she heard the words that she had wanted to hear for so long. Those words were, “I understand now how close you and Larry are and I talked to Aunt Betty and we came to a decision that you will be seeing a lot of each other”

And Kera and Larry did see a lot of each other.  A heavy load was lifted from Kera’s shoulders but it didn’t solve all her problems but she was eternally grateful that Larry was there to save her life.  Later Kera asked Larry how he got the pictures and Larry told her, “I was just being the bully that I am”

Kera laughed, she never thought about the possibility of what would have happened had Larry not been there that day. 

Kera’s mom had sent Mark a note saying that if Mark broke the restraining order they would file a lawsuit that may put Mark in Juvenile Hall, after all forcing yourself upon someone and breaking in and entry are both serious offenses. 

Mark’s lawyer was unfelt by the final verdict, he did not agree with the case but it was his job to defend him so he did to the best of his ability.