Friday, September 16, 2016

Jamie Vanderwyst Kills

Jamie Vanderwyst kills


                It was a nice July day in1999 and Jamie didn’t have to work and she hadn’t seen her friend Larry in a while.  She called up Larry and asked him to do something with her.  Larry agreed and they met up at Westgate mall.  Which was in Rocky River, Ohio.  It was further for Jamie but she didn’t mind.  They met up and Jamie hugged Larry as she always had done when she saw Larry.  Not just Larry Jamie loved to hug everyone.  They were hanging out at the mall when they found a group of people they knew fairly well.  In the group was Jamie Short, a friend of both Larry and Jamie’s and Larry had gone out with her in the past, Angie who is Jamie’s best friend.  Anthony Kulka who is Jamie’s friend, Angie’s boyfriend and goes to Larry’s school.  They were all going to go to Jamie’s house and Jamie had asked Jamie and Larry to come along.  Both of them agreed to go and they went to Jamie’s house.  Larry had never actually been inside Jamie’s house but he had stopped by to drop things off.  It was a nice house, very clean and there were many people there.  Aside from the people I already named there was Tiffany Strad who is Jamie’s best friend, and is friends with Larry and Jamie too, Kelly Merriman who is a friend of Tiffany’s, Jamie’s and Larry’s but more with Tiffany.  Kelly and Jamie hated each other they had fought before and everyone there hoped it wouldn’t happen again.  During the Evening they hung out, ate some food.  They put in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes one of Jamie’s favorite movies but hardly anybody watched it.  Anthony and Angie had made their way in a private room where they got on each other.  Larry hung out with Jamie mostly but he did drift off to talk to Tiffany.  When Larry left Kelly walked by Jamie and called her a bitch.  Jamie turned around with a cigarette in her hand and said, “Excuse me”

                Kelly responded, “You heard me bitch”

                “You fucking whore who the hell are you talking to?”

                “You obviously”

                Jamie then took her cigarette and slammed the burnt part into Kelly forehead.  Kelly was pissed as she grabbed Jamie’s long blond hair.  Jamie shoved her through the open door and outside.  Kelly went to punch Jamie in the stomach but Jamie struck first and punched Kelly in the stomach.  Kelly held her stomach in pain when Jamie grabbed her long brown flowing hair and yanked it back slamming Kelly’s head on the concrete driveway.  Kelly smacked the concrete with a loud thump and was in pain.  Jamie then capitalized and jumped on Kelly opened her hand brought it down and swung as hard as she could across the face, with each blow Kelly’s head was thrown to a side.  Her face and hair waved with each strike by the open hand of Jamie.  Jamie then got up and was turning toward the house when Kelly got up grabbed a hold of Jamie’s long blond hair, she then tugged as hard as she could which sent Jamie to the ground and slammed the back of her head on the grassy ground.  Unlike Kelly, Jamie hit the grass.  It lightened the blow but it still was a bit painful.  Then Kelly started to kick Jamie.  She hated her. Each kick was hard and hit the side of Jamie.  Jamie managed to get up on all fours when Kelly kicked her squarely in the stomach and Jamie fell down again.  Jamie was now lying on her stomach.  Kelly then put one leg around Jamie’s back and sat down on to her back.  She then opened her hand and slapped the back of the Jamie’s head.  Kelly now had the momentum and advantage.  Jamie twisted her body to the right and Kelly fell off, Jamie then got up and while Kelly tried to get up Jamie lifted her leg, motioned it backwards and thrust it forward hitting Kelly squarely in the nose causing it to bleed.  Jamie was furious now and she started stomping on Kelly.  Kelly then grabbed her leg and using her other arm grabbed a hold of the leg holding up Jamie and pulled it toward her causing Jamie to trip and go toward the ground.  Jamie’s butt hit first then her back and head.  Jamie quickly got to her feet and Kelly took both arms thrust them forward hitting Jamie’s shoulders causing her to fly backwards.  By this time they were at the end of Jamie’s driveway and Jamie went for a punch across Kelly’s face however Kelly ducked under it motioned toward her car, opened her car door grabbed Jamie by the hair and threw her into the back seat.  Jamie landed on a long towel which Kelly closed the towel over Jamie then grabbed duck tape from the seat pocket and taped the two ends together trapping Jamie inside.  She then grabbed her keys, got into her car, put the key in the ignition, twisted it and headed toward Tri City Park.  Jamie fought vigorously to get out of the towel and finally she stretched it so far it tore she tore the hole wider and wider until she was free.  Kelly then stopped the car and went to open the door to get Jamie out, Jamie had torn threw the towel and waited for Kelly to open the door like a cat waiting for her prey to get near.  Kelly opened the door and in a heartbeat Jamie jumped toward her like cat pouncing an unsuspecting victim.  Kelly fell back from the impact and Jamie landed on top of her.  She opened her hand and moved it as fast and as hard as she could across Kelly’s face.  Kelly whose face was bleeding from her bloody nose was in pain but managed to get Jamie off of her.  She then shoved Jamie into the woods and took both arms and wrapped them around Jamie’s neck and squeezed as hard as she could.  Jamie fell down and thought that she was going to die because Kelly was not releasing her grip and she saw the anger and fury in the eyes of Kelly.  She reached into her pocket took out the army knife Larry had given her, opened it brought it toward Kelly’s neck and slit her throat from right to left.  Kelly released her grip and grabbed her neck.  Jamie ran through the woods she didn’t stop until she was out of the woods she realized she was on Wingedfoot Dr. a street her friend Matt lived on.  She ran as fast as she could to Matt’s house, Matt was home and wondered why Jamie had blood on her.  She explained the story and told Matt not to tell a soul.  Matt promised he wouldn’t.  He got on the phone and called Jamie’s house to let them know that Jamie was at his house.  The police found Kelly’s body two days later.  And they didn’t ask any question for the flies that were all over her body and the blood had washed the fingerprints away.  They stuffed her in a body bag and informed her parents.  They knew who she was from her driver’s license.  They brought the car back to Kelly’s house.  Nobody ever thought of Jamie being the killer. Jamie only told Larry and Matt about it, Larry and Matt told nobody.  Many people were a little happy to see Kelly go.  They felt sorry that she died but they sure weren’t going to miss her, Kelly had many enemies.  This certain enemy killed her. 

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