Friday, September 9, 2016

The possible Death of Dwayne Asos

                It was a nice day in the summer of Cleveland, Ohio. It was the beginning of July in 1999, the temperature was at 89ºF and Matt had invited his girlfriend Yeketerina and his two friends Dwayne and Larry to go on a boating trip with his father.  So they went on the boat they couldn’t see anyone else on the water but the water was calm.  Then Dwayne had his normal outburst.  Dwayne and Larry didn’t get along very well and they gave each other dirty looks the whole time.  So they avoided each other as best they could.  And talked with Matt and Yeketerina since both of them were friends of Yeketerina and Matt, hence they were there.  As much as they tried they wouldn’t be able to prevent the inevitable which was emotions flying and them getting into a fight.  They only delayed it but then Dwayne asked Larry, “Tell me again why you ran for president?”

                This question was asked because both Dwayne and Larry are in a church basketball league called GOYA.  GOYA however also did some non-basketball activities.  GOYA stood for Greek Orthodox Youth Association and members ranged from ages 12-18.  It was an election for president of the organization and Larry had beaten Dwayne by one vote, which angered Dwayne.  Larry responded to this question, “Dwayne that was like two months ago, let it go already.”

                Dwayne then grabbed Larry and held him against the edge of the boat choking him.  Yeketerina came down to try to pull Dwayne off but Dwayne just shoved Yeketerina out of the way then Larry shoved him back,  Yeketerina ran to Matt.  Mr. Hoty was driving the boat so he couldn’t leave.  Dwayne went for a punch; Larry ducked under it and took him down with a “double leg take down” he had learned in high school wrestling.  He then walked away because he didn’t really want to fight because he had done it nine times before and this marked 10 and Larry was getting tired of it.  Dwayne had other plans in mind.  He got up and punched Larry in the kidneys.  He continued the punching and Larry dropped to one knee.  Larry shifted his body and placed his arm between his legs grabbing the back of his knee and lifting up then with his free hand grabbed Dwayne’s head so his body was balanced on his shoulders.  This move is known as the “Rack” in wrestling.  He then threw Dwayne’s legs over his head and landed on the top half of his body.  This move dazed both members; Dwayne was bigger than Larry was so this maneuver took a lot out of him.  They both lay on the ground and everyone thought it had ended.  Larry then crawled over and placed his arm over Dwayne’s chest and counted 1-2-3.  If it were a match he would’ve won it.  He then rolled off.  Dwayne was conscience for this but he couldn’t move to throw the hand off.  He was furious at this.  They both got up and Dwayne punched him in the stomach.  The fight didn’t seem to be over quite yet.  It was very surprising nobody tried to stop them.  Matt and Yeketerina were in the corner cuddled up and Mr. Hoty was driving.  Dwayne grabbed a can of coke and swung it at Larry.  Larry ducked under it and started punching away at his kidneys.  He then turned Dwayne put his arms around both Dwayne’s legs and lifted him up so he was over his shoulder then he snapped him down on his back still holding his legs.  This move is known as a “spinebuster.”  Dwayne grabbed his head in pain and Larry sat down.  Dwayne slowly got up and people thought he’d let it go but he didn’t he grabbed Larry from behind and started choking him.  Larry reached back grabbed Dwayne by the back of his neck and threw his neck downward onto his shoulder and held it there.  Dwayne released the grip, now it was Dwayne who was being choked.  Larry then let go, got up and stood on the seat and Dwayne took three steps back and held his neck coughing.  Larry jumped off the seat and lunged at Dwayne.  He knocked Dwayne over and then he started stomping on the upper half of his body.   He was infuriated now.  Matt ran in and held Larry back he thought they had enough fighting for one day.  Dwayne got up and punched Larry in the stomach while Matt was holding him back.  Matt got out of the way because that was a very low thing to do and something that didn’t take too many guts in fact, it took a lack of them.  Larry then gave him another double leg takedown and lifted his legs so they were at his armpits, turned Dwayne over and put pressure on his back.  This move is known as the “lion tamer.”  Larry only kept it on for about five seconds for he knew it caused a lot of pain; he let him go and walked away.  Dwayne got up and charged at Larry, Larry then ducked and gave him a “back body drop” which is when your duck and your opponent is running at you and they trip over your back but the person lifts at the same time creating him to fly over your back.  Dwayne did fly over Larry’s back but since Larry was by the side of the boat, Dwayne flew over the side and crashed into the water.  Mr. Hoty heard the splash and turned back to see if he could find Dwayne, they never found Dwayne and after a half-hour of looking for Dwayne, they knew he had drowned.  It never crossed Larry’s conscience that he was responsible for the death of Dwayne Asos.  Dwayne’s body was never found.  This was mysterious because Larry had read that drowned bodies float to the top after a while under water.  But if it had someone would have noticed him.  There were no sharks or large marine life in Lake Erie that could have consumed his body.  This was something Larry wondered about but it was not on the minds of anyone else.  It occurred to Larry that he would never be sure if Dwayne was really dead.  Every morning he combed the paper for an article stating they found Dwayne’s body, but he never did find that article.  Nobody on that boat told a soul about what happened on that boat that night.  After a month Larry had stopped trying to find Dwayne’s body.  They told Dwayne’s parents that they didn’t know where Dwayne was and that he said he was going home and was getting a ride from someone.  Dwayne was of age to drive but he didn’t drive over for the boat ride, Matt had picked him up and taken him.  Larry was haunted by it the most but it only lasted a month.  Dwayne Asos was reported missing.  He was never found.  

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