Friday, January 27, 2017

Trouble in Westlake

                It was a spring day in Cleveland, Ohio, 70ºF outside.  Very unseasonable but nobody complained.  It was a Saturday morning and Maria was home alone and her parents took her brother to Kelly’s Island, which is a tourist attraction in northeast Ohio, for the night.  They left Maria with enough money to take care of herself and they knew she was responsible enough not to do anything crazy.  She was online talking to a kid named Vasile.  She had met Vasile a couple years ago through her old boyfriend Larry.  They talked for a little bit then Vasile got off.  Maria had told Vasile that she was home alone.  Vasile wanted Maria, but knew that he couldn’t get her.  He called a taxi, when the taxi came, he told the driver to go to Maria’s house.  Vasile lived in Cleveland and Maria lived in Westlake which is a suburb of Cleveland and takes about 20 minutes to get between the cities.  Vasile got to Maria’s house and paid the taxi, he was ready for what he was about to pull. 


                Maria was getting a little bored at her house, she called some friends but they were all not home.  She then called Larry; Maria asked him if he wanted to come over and just hang out.  Larry wasn’t doing anything but he said that he’d see.  Larry had his license and a car so transportation wasn’t a problem.  He lived in Lakewood Ohio, which is about five minutes from Vasile and 15 minutes from Maria.  Despite them going out Larry has never been inside Maria’s house. 


                Vasile knocked on the door and Maria answered, she was surprised to see Vasile.  Vasile shoved her inside and shut the door behind him.  Maria now knew that this wasn’t going to be a friendly visit.  Vasile told her that if she screamed, she would suffer immense pain and lose her virginity before the cops could come.  Vasile told Maria to go to her room.  Maria slowly crept to her room trying to think of a way out of this.  She was in her room and Vasile was right behind her.  Vasile shut the door and said, “Strip down to your panties, I want to see you.”

                Maria’s eyes widened, she didn’t know what to do.  She said, “Vasile stop this!” 

                Vasile respond, “Either you strip or I strip you.”

                “Vasile my parents are going to be here any minute.”

                “That’s not what you said online.”

                Maria knew that she was lying and Vasile had caught her in it.  Vasile’s patience was up he shoved Maria onto the bed and lied on top of her.  He unzipped her pants and began kissing Maria on the neck and lips.  Maria kept turning her head to avoid Vasile’s lips.  Vasile got up and pulled Maria’s pants off her body.  Maria got up but was immediately punched in the stomach; she bent over and held her stomach in pain.  Vasile reached over her back, grabbed her shirt and pulled it off her.  He then turned Maria around and unclipped her bra and took it off.  He shoved her onto the bed, grabbed her left leg and took off her sock then did the same to her right.  Maria kicked back she hit Vasile in the stomach and he stepped back.  She got up and tried running.  Vasile grabbed her by the waist and tossed her to the bed like a ragged doll.  Maria bounced on the bed and landed on her back.  Vasile lied on top of her and began caressing her breasts with his hands while his mouth was set to make out, Maria tried fighting by turning her head but when she did, Vasile just kissed her neck.  He then lowered his mouth and began sucking on her breasts.  Vasile got up and said, “My, look at that body, I’m going to fuck you so hard and then, just so you can’t go to the police, I’m going to kill you.”

                To prove he was serious, he took out a knife, Maria had rolled onto her stomach, Vasile lied on her and placed a knife to her throat and indicated that was the weapon she was going to use after he raped her.  This naturally scared Maria.  She had already given up trying to fight him.  Vasile got off Maria and put the knife in his pants pocket and got back on Maria and continued kissing her neck.  He wanted this to go on as long as possible because he was thoroughly enjoying it as most guys would. 

                Meanwhile, Larry had come to the house and noticed the door cracked open.  He went in and heard the sound of springs upstairs.  He went up to check it out.  He put his ear to the door and heard kissing.  He thought Maria was in there with a boyfriend (Larry didn’t know if Maria had a boyfriend or not).  Then he heard Vasile say, “there’s no escape Maria, you’re alone now I own you.” 

                Larry recognized Vasile’s voice and knew that Maria wouldn’t Vasileingly get on Vasile.  He opened the door and found Vasile lying on top of her back.  He grabbed Vasile and pulled him off her.  Maria turned and saw Larry, she was happy that she had some help now.  Vasile went to punch Larry, Larry blocked his hand and punched Vasile in the stomach.  He took Vasile by the head and threw him to the ground.  Vasile got up dazed, Larry ran at him and drove his shoulder into Vasile’s stomach and used his hands to chop at the back of Vasile’s knees, Vasile’s body snapped down to the ground.  This is known as a “spear” in wrestling but more commonly known as a football tackle.  Maria was watching with a smile she put on a button down vest and watched.  Larry got up and Maria went up to Vasile and started stomping at his chest.  Larry just watched.  Vasile grabbed Maria’s leg, Larry then kicked Vasile in the face and Vasile let go and Maria began stomping again.  Maria told Larry to stand him up.  Larry did and held Vasile in a full nelson.  Maria ran at Vasile and drove her knee into his stomach.  Larry then took Vasile led him to the stair and shoved him down.  Larry went back to Maria’s room.  Maria gave Larry a hug and thanked him.  She let go and Larry asked if she wanted to get dressed.  Maria smiled and said, “Well we are here in my room, nobody here, you just saved me from God knows what Vasile would have done, so let’s celebrate.”

                She then took off her vest and exposed her breasts again.  Larry smiled; Maria kicked him in the stomach and shoved him on the bed.  Larry turned onto his back and Maria lied on top of him.  They began making out.  Larry undid his belt and continued to make out with her.  Maria unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s jeans and pulled them off.  Larry took off his shirt while she was doing that.  Maria got back on Larry and began making out again.  Maria then sat Larry up and straddled him so her breasts were in front of Larry’s face.  Larry sucked them then turned Maria around and lied on top of her.  Maria wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist.  Larry felt her legs up and down and slipped his hands to Maria’s ass and caressed it.  Larry’s mouth was constantly busy when he wasn’t making out with Maria he was sucking her breasts.  Maria turned Larry over and slipped her hands under and caressed his ass.  She then ran her hands up and down Larry’s chest.  Maria then stood up over Larry.  She straddled Larry’s face and sat down.  Maria’s groin area was on Larry’s face.  Larry kicked his feet up; Maria reached back with her arms and grabbed Larry’s legs.  She let Larry’s knees bend over her arms and held Larry’s legs.  Larry was trapped but, like any straight guy, he didn’t mind one bit.  Maria got up and turned Larry over onto his stomach.  She lied back down on him and began licking his ear and biting it playfully.  She got up and headed toward the door.  Larry shot up and wrapped his arms around Maria’s back and squeezed her breasts, he began kissing her neck.  Maria turned around and they made out again while caressing each other’s asses.  Maria jumped up and wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist.  They still made out and Maria would pull her head back so that Larry could suck her breasts.  They lied back down on the bed and they began making out again.  Then Maria maneuvered her body further down Larry’s body and pulled Larry’s boxers off him.  Then she stood up and Larry, who isn’t a complete moron, realized what she was indicating.  He went into his wallet and pulled out a condom, he gave it to Maria and she placed it on his genitalia, after he got it on he reached up and pulled Maria’s panties off. Maria then got on him again.  She began thrusting her pelvis so that Larry’s genitalia would penetrate her vagina.   They continued what they were doing before for a little bit longer.

Finally they stopped and got dressed.  They went downstairs and Vasile was gone.  Maria was extremely thankful to Larry as you may have guessed by the episode they had.  Larry left extremely happy.  They never mentioned it to anybody and Vasile avoided them for a little bit.  Larry and Maria’s friendship didn’t change at all by what happened.  It just seemed as though nothing happened.  Maria even forgot about Vasile.  I didn’t say forgive but she accepted it and didn’t let it bother her. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The end of Vasile

                At the time of the story Maria and Larry are going out.  Maria had recently broken up with David Matthews.  This was a dream come true for Larry; he always had a little crush on Maria and always helped her when she was having problems with Dave.  Larry always felt that he could never get Maria, and also felt Dave treated her like shit.  Larry was less attractive than Dave and more prude. 

                Vasile had found out about Larry and Maria going out and he felt that he had to rectify it.  Vasile likes harassing girls, he was good at it.  The only reason he wasn’t a virgin was because he raped girls.  His primary target were girls that had boyfriends that he had a crush on but couldn’t get.  Usually if the boyfriend tried to stop Vasile he would kill him, then take his prize.  Vasile was virtually unstoppable.  He now had a new mission and that was to get Maria.  Larry was his friend so he wanted to avoid having to kill him in order to get his prize.  He did some research and found out where Maria lived, he then planned it on a night Larry and Maria were out on a date.  He was on his way to Maria’s house and almost there when two girls he knew spotted him, their names were Stacey and Katie.  Stacey said, “Hey Vasile where are you going?”

                Vasile responded, “Just walking.”

                Stacey said, “What brings you all the way to Westlake.”(Vasile lives in downtown Cleveland that is about 15-30 minute drive from Westlake)

                Vasile said, “I’m visiting someone.”

                Katie then said, “Well from the looks of it, it looks like your going to Maria’s house.”

                Vasile denied it, and then said he had to go and left.  Stacey and Katie were a little suspicious so they decided to follow him.  They figured that Vasile was going to rape Maria and they planned on stopping him.  Vasile was a very powerful person and as he picked the lock to Maria’s house he noticed Katie and Stacey, he walked up to them and grabbed Katie’s neck with his left hand and Stacey’s neck with his right hand.  He elevated them off the ground and carried them into the house.  He went into a bedroom and threw them on the bed.  He said, “You dare follow me, you must be punished.” Katie and Stacey were terrified they tried pleading with Vasile not to hurt them, but Vasile just smiled and said, “You know I could have some fun before Maria gets here.”

                He grabbed Stacey and dragged her to the stairs and handcuffed her to the stair railing then duct taped her mouth shut.  He then went back in the bedroom and saw Katie was still on the bed.  He grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her head with his left hand and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her pants with his right hand.  He then pulled them off her body.  Vasile stood Katie up, Katie slapped him across the face, afterwards she tried running, Vasile grabbed her shirt and threw her down, he then took off her shirt.  Katie twirled around and tried to kick Vasile with her left leg, Vasile grabbed her leg and wrapped his leg around it, so it bent inward, then straightened her right leg, placed her left leg on top of it so it was in the shape of a four.  This move is known as the “figure four.”  Katie was shrieking in pain, Vasile held it for a minute then let go.  He now knew Katie was weak.  He picked up her left leg, and untied her shoe, then took it off, followed by her sock.  He then grabbed the other leg and took off her shoe and sock.  Katie was now in her bra and panties.  Vasile threw her onto her stomach on the bed, and unclipped her bra and took it off.  He then stripped himself to his boxers.  He decided he wouldn’t rape her.  He turned her on her back and got on top of her.  He started sucking her breasts, and then he caressed them with his hands.  While his mouth was not busy he was French kissing her.  He then caressed her legs up and down and sucked on them too.  He then turned her back onto her stomach, and put his hands down her pants and caressed her ass.  Again he turned her back onto her back and placed his right hand in her pants, he placed two fingers into her vagina.  Every time Katie tried to plead, Vasile cut her off with a French kiss.  He took Katie’s hands and made her caress his ass.  After he was done he took his penis out of his pants and placed it into Katie’s mouth, he made her suck it, then he began ejaculating, and sperm was flowing out of Katie’s mouth.  Vasile took his penis out of her mouth and put it back in his pants.  Katie was trying to spit it out, Vasile dragged her into a bathroom and put the shower going.  He wanted to wash all the evidence off Katie.  He took off her panties and placed her into the shower.  He washed her hair and then put soap on his hands and spread it all over Katie’s body.  He enjoyed it thoroughly. 

After it was over he turned off the shower and dried her off, he then dragged her to the railing, and he took off Stacey’s handcuffs and cuffed Katie to the railing.  He then dragged Stacey into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.  He ran downstairs and got some whipped cream and brought it back.  Stacey was too terrified to move.  Vasile pinned her hands behind her with his left hand and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her jeans.  He went to pull them off but Stacey began kicking.  Vasile grabbed her right leg and put her in the figure four.  He held it for two minutes then released.  He took off her jeans, and then he untied her shoes one at a time and took them off followed by her socks.  Stacey tried to slap Vasile but Vasile grabbed her hand and flipped her over his shoulder.  He rolled her on her stomach and undid her bra and took it off.  He then threw her on the bed.  He lied on top of her and began French kissing her and caressing her breasts with his hands.  He took the whipped cream and sprayed it on her breasts; he then sucked the whipped cream off.  He began caressing her legs and then put whipped cream on them and sucked it off.  He then turned her onto her stomach and placed his hands in her pants and caressed her ass.  He turned her back over and put his right hand in her pants and placed two fingers in her vagina.  He didn’t feel like making Stacey give him Oral sex.  He took off her panties and put whipped cream on her groin area then licked it off.  He then took Stacey’s hands and made him caress his ass.  Vasile then sprayed whipped cream on his ass and made Stacey suck it off. 

Vasile wasn’t done yet though, he went into the hallway and took off Katie’s handcuffs, he dragged Katie inside and threw her on top of Stacey.  He sprayed whipped cream on Stacey’s breasts and made Katie suck it off.  He then made them French Kiss while Katie caressed Stacey’s breasts.  He then made Katie caress Stacey’s legs then sprayed whipped cream on them and she sucked it off Stacey’s legs.  He then helped both to their feet and placed Katie’s hands on Stacey’s ass, and Stacey’s hands on Katie’s ass and made them caress each other’s asses.  He then threw Stacey down and rolled her onto her stomach.  He sprayed whipped cream on her ass and made Katie suck it off.  He picked them both up again and threw Katie down on her back and lied Stacey on top of her.  He made Stacey caress Katie’s breasts while French kissing her, and then he placed whipped cream on Katie’s breasts and made Stacey suck it off.  He then made her caress her legs followed by making her suck whipped cream off them.  Then he placed whipped cream on Katie’s groin area and made Stacey suck it off.  He then placed them both in a closet and handcuffed them to the bar you hang your clothes on and duct taped both their mouths.  Now all he had to do was wait for Maria. 

A little bit later Maria came home, she French kissed Larry good night and walked into her house.  As she went up the stairs Vasile grabbed her and threw her into another bedroom.  When Vasile grabbed her she screamed, Larry heard the scream and went inside.  He yelled, “Maria, are you ok?.”

Vasile held a knife to Maria’s throat and told her to tell Larry everything was fine or else he would slit her throat.  Maria then said, “Yea I’m fine I just tripped on the stairs.”

Larry yelled out, “Ok, good bye”

He knew better but he wanted whoever had her to think he was leaving, he opened and shut the door and took his knife out.  He went upstairs and went into the bedroom; he opened the closet and was shocked to see Katie and Stacey naked.  He took off the duct tape and Stacey said, “Vasile has Maria.”

Larry didn’t bother trying to free them of the handcuffs he went out and went into the bedroom Maria and Vasile were in.  By this time Vasile had Maria down to her bra and panties.  Larry yelled out, “You son of a bitch let her go.”

Vasile got up and slapped Larry’s knife out of his hands and said, “I didn’t want to kill you, but now I have to, then I’m going to have my way with your girlfriend.”

Larry punched Vasile in the face.  Vasile then grabbed him and threw him into the bedpost, it broke upon impact.  Vasile yelled out, “Nobody has ever stopped me and you won’t either.” 

Larry got up and Vasile charged at him, Larry ducked down and wrapped his arms around Vasile’s waist and lifted as he got near.  Vasile flew over Larry’s shoulders and landed on his back.  This move is known as a  “back body drop.”  Vasile got up with anger in his eyes.  Maria jumped on Vasile’s back, Vasile grabbed her and threw her at Larry.  Larry caught her and lied her down; the mistake he made was turning his back on Vasile.  Vasile used his lightening quick speed and drove his knee into Larry’s waist.  Larry flipped over and was on his back, Vasile walked up to him and placed his foot on his neck and said, “So sorry but I have to kill you now.” 

Larry responded, “I’m not dead yet” as he grabbed Vasile’s leg wrapped his leg around it and pushed him back.  Vasile got up and ran at Larry, Larry sidestepped him and threw him into the wall.  The wall broke upon impact.  Vasile was out cold.  Larry reached into his pocket and found the handcuff key, he told Maria to release Stacey and Katie.  He picked Vasile up only to be shoved back.  Vasile ran at him again and Larry gave him another back body drop.  He picked up the knife he used to threaten Maria with and ran at Larry, Larry kicked him in the stomach and Vasile dropped the knife and held his stomach in pain.  Larry grabbed him and threw him into the window.  The window broke but Larry held Vasile so he wouldn’t fall threw it.  He then placed Vasile’s head between his legs picked him up so his legs bent over his shoulders and threw him out the window so he landed on the back of his neck and head, this move is known as a “power bomb.”  Larry was filled with rage; he jumped through the window and landed on Vasile chest first.  He knew that this would cause internal bleeding and someone would die if not in the hospital but Vasile had gotten up from sure death so many times, Larry had to make sure.  He told Maria to toss him his knife.  She did and Larry dragged Vasile into the house.  He placed a lot of newspaper on the ground and lied Vasile on them.  He then lit a fire in the fireplace.  He then cut off Vasile’s head and threw it in the fire; the girls refused to watch this.  Larry then cut off his arms and legs and tossed them in the fire, he then cut his midsection in three pieces and threw each in the fire.  He put the gas all the way up so the fire would consume the body better.  He then threw bottles of white out and WD-40 to keep it large.  Soon Vasile was nothing but ash.  They buried all the bones except for the tiny ones, which they placed in the storage for ashes along with the ashes.  Vasile was forever dead. 

                Katie and Stacey got dressed, gave Larry a hug and went home, Maria took Larry to her bedroom and said, “Well here I am half naked, I’m too lazy to get dressed.”

Maria then French kissed Larry and then took off his shirt.  They began making out and Maria unzipped followed by unbuttoned his pants.  The pants came off and Maria lied on her back on the bed.  Larry took off his shoes and socks and got on Maria.  They began making out and Larry caressed her breasts with his hands.  He then began sucking on them.  Maria had her legs wrapped around his waist.  Larry then began caressing her legs with his hands.  He sucked them as well.  Maria placed her hands on Larry’s ass and caressed it.  They rolled over so Maria was now on top.  Larry caressed her ass and they made out some more.  Maria then placed her hand in Larry’s boxers and began fondling his penis.  After a little bit Maria stopped and they rolled over, Larry placed his hand into her panties and placed two fingers in her vagina he began moving his finger in and out of her vagina.  Larry then took off Maria’s panties and licked her vagina.  After a little they turned over and Maria satisfied Larry orally.  After Maria stopped they got on each other and made out profusely.  Both Maria and Larry had an orgasm shortly after and they stopped.  Larry got dressed and left.  The next day Katie and Stacey came to Larry’s house, they said that even though he had a girlfriend they wanted to do something more than a hug, they both French kissed Larry and left.  Larry was glad they didn’t do more, he didn’t want to cheat on Maria.  After a while they forgot about it.   Nobody cared about Vasile’s body, he had always lived and worked alone, he abandoned everybody and now he was dead and had nobody to come asking questions.  Larry was never bothered by it, and his time with Maria that night was amazing. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Bribery Does inhumane things

                One day Taz was at his grandfather’s restaurant.  He was getting some food and just relaxing.  His Great Aunt was currently on the shift.  Of course his meal was free.  He had a cheeseburger and a coke to drink.  Suddenly three kids approached him.  They introduced themselves as friends of Kera.  Taz was wondering why they were talking to him about his sister, he recognized one kid as Mark.  They said they had a proposal for him.  Brian did the talking he said,  “Taz, we really like your sister but she doesn’t like us back and whenever we try to interfere your cousin Larry is always there to stop us so we need someone to do it where Larry won’t suspect it.  This is easy for you since you live with her.” 

                Taz responded “Why should I help you?”

                “We will pay you $300 if you deliver her fully clothed and $400 if naked.”

                “I’ll only do it for $400 clothed, $500 naked”


                “How will I transport her without anyone seeing?”

                “We will give you a suitcase large enough for her to easily lay down in, We will send a cab to your house with personal instructions, cab driver will never know and he will deliver nicely, don’t worry we’ll pay for everything.  There’s no time limit, just call us when you’re going to do it our number is 555-4353”

                “Do I go with the cab driver?”

                “Yes and we will make sure to get you home quickly afterwards.”


                Brian, Mark and Jacob left the restaurant with sTaz.  They finally had a solution to Larry’s interference, after all Larry would have trouble telling the difference between Taz and Kera having a classic sibling fight or a real fistfight.  The plan was set.  It cost them a little but they were willing to pay it to get Kera.  Taz saw this as an excuse to hurt Kera.  He didn’t think of the consequences this could cause.  Taz had to wait until they were home alone.  This was not uncommon to happen.  Both their parents worked so they were often home alone. 

                One day after the meeting at the restaurant Taz was ready for it.  He was going to capture Kera for them.  His parents had just left and said they wouldn’t be back till late.  Taz said his good bye and went downstairs to where Kera was.  He thought of all the times Kera harassed him and planned to use that anger against Kera.  He saw Kera and said, “Kera what do you think of Brian?”

                Kera a little stunned asked, “Why?”

                “Him Jacob and Mark want to see you naked.”

                “Yea well sometimes people don’t get what they want.”

                “Yea, but they will”

                She turned toward him in disbelief, ‘What?!”

                “You will go there nude or I will make you.”

                “What do you mean you’ll make me?”

                “They’ve offered me quite a lot of money to bring you to them.”

                “You’d do that to your sister?”


                “How do you plan on making me?”


                Kera laughed. “One problem, I can beat you.”

                Naturally this angered Taz.  He slapped Kera across the face and the fight was on.  Kera responded with a punch in the stomach.  Taz held his stomach in pain.  Kera clicked off AOL giving Taz some time to recover; he kicked her in the shin.  He pulled her by the hair down to the ground.  He took advantage and started slapping her in the face. Kera threw him off her and got to her feet.  She kicked Taz in the face as he was getting up.  She started stomping at his chest, Taz grabbed her leg with one and used the other to grab the leg she was standing on and tripped her.  Both got up at the same time.  Kera knew how serious the fight was, she also knew that if her parents found out that she was fighting Taz, she would get in trouble and they wouldn’t believe about Taz’ little deal with Brian, Jacob and Mark so she ran upstairs trying to get away from Taz.  Taz ran after her and tripped her by wrapping his arms around both legs.  Kera nailed the ground, she put her hands out to lessen the blow but she had a bloody nose.  Taz went to kick Kera but Kera kicked first hitting him squarely in the stomach.  Taz grabbed his stomach in pain and took a few steps back.  He no longer had any wind left in him.  Kera was very angry now; she grabbed him by the hair and threw him back so that the back of his head nailed the tiled kitchen floor.  Taz’ head was now bleeding following the impact.  He got up on his hands and knees, Kera kicked him squarely in the stomach then stomped on his back.  She stopped and Taz worked his way back to all fours then Kera kicked him straight in the face.  Taz flipped onto his back with a bloody nose.  Kera was now going to capitalize.  She walked over put one leg on the other side of Taz and started punching him in the face repeatedly.  She punched with her right hand and with her left hand pulled Taz’ shirt so it wouldn’t snap back after punching.  Taz slipped into unconsciousness but Kera didn’t stop she kept punching until she got tired.  Taz’ face was now covered in blood.  She got up extremely tired and decided she would stop.  She had won the fight but she was going to be in very big trouble.

She went up to her rooms to take a shower. She wanted to both wash the sweat and blood off.  First, she put her shirt in the sink to let it soak and used a bar of soap to wash the blood off.  Her nose stopped bleeding and she turned the water on, adjusted the temperature then took a shower.  After she was done she turned off the shower, dried herself off then got dressed again.  She went into her room to get another shirt and put the old one in the drier.  When she went downstairs, she realized Taz was no longer there.  She figured he had woken up but thought that he had given up his attempt at capturing her.  She headed back toward her room to listen to some CDs.  As she opened the door to her room she found Taz with a metal bat waiting for her.  He swung the bat and nailed Kera in the stomach.  He was determined to get his $500.  Naturally the wind was knocked out of Kera.  Taz swung the bat connecting on her ass and she was thrown on her bed and lied on her stomach.  Taz then approached Kera, turned her around, and unzipped her jeans and told Kera he was about to get $500 richer.  He proceeded to unzip her pants he grabbed the top of them to try to pull them off.  Kera tried resisting by kicking her leg out but it didn’t have much force behind it due to the pain she was in. Given how close Taz was, it did do some damage.  She connected with his stomach.  Taz shook the pain off grabbed the jeans again and pulled them off.  He grabbed Kera by the shirt and gripped the bottom and pulled it off her and threw it aside.  Kera tried to talk some sense into Taz, most of the things she said was how sick what he was doing is.  Taz just wanted money; it had nothing to do with seeing his sister nude.  Kera never wore socks around the house so those were two less articles of clothing.  He unhooked her bra and took it off followed by her panties.  He then pushed her into the suitcase and zipped it.  It had holes in it so Kera would be able to breathe fine. 


He called Brian and told him the story; Brian said that the taxi would be over in a little bit.  Five minutes later it had arrived; Taz already had the bag downstairs.  Brian was in the cab and helped Taz place it in the trunk.  Brian then took the front seat and Taz sat behind.  Brian noticed the blood and tried to withhold from laughing.  The taxi driver was someone Brian knew so he didn’t ask questions.  They reached their destination and took out the bag, Brian pulled Taz aside and said, “Now you can’t tell anyone about this, if I find out you do, you tell your mom, Larry, the cops anyone, I will rape your sister and kill you, understand me?”

Taz responded, “Yes”

                “Now we have a little proposition for you, judging by the blood on your face I think you had a little trouble with completing this so I’ll pay you and we can make Kera do your homework for you that way you benefit more than $500 for this.”

                Taz agreed, got paid, and left.  He brought the bag inside and Mark and Jacob eagerly waited to open it.  They opened it and Kera was horrified to see them.  Mark did the talking this time and said; “Now Kera, we will not rape you so don’t worry about that.  That is if you obey our rules, the rules are this, you don’t wear clothing, and you have to do Taz’ homework for resisting our services.  We will provide Taz with glasses, which directly monitor to you, this way when he takes tests you will tell him the answers.  You communicate with nobody but us and Taz can’t get F’s on any tests, failure to obey rules and you will be raped any questions.”

                Kera responded, “I get raped for wearing clothes?”

                “No, that’s no big deal we will just take them off, and if you can successfully steal them then you are commended.”

                ‘Why did you involve Taz in this?”

                “We needed someone to hurt you without Larry being suspicious.”

                “How will I go to school?”

                “You won’t”

                “What happens if you break the rules?”

                “How do you mean?”

                “What if one of you rape me when I didn’t do a fucking thing?”

                “Then the other two will kill him.”

                The questions ended after that.  Then Mark said, “By the way, you go free if you can beat all three of us in a wrestling match.”

Kera knew she couldn’t so she discarded that information.  She realized one thing; Mark didn’t say anything about trying to escape.  What she didn’t know was that he didn’t because they wanted to see her try, all the windows were barred all the doors were locked and the walls were sound proof.  They let her go online but they made her type slow, they figured out her password and then changed it this way she couldn’t go online for help.  Kera realized it was impossible to steal clothes because when they weren’t in their rooms they locked them.  Brian, Jacob and Mark told her regularly how Larry couldn’t come to help them and the people she ditched Larry for wouldn’t help her so she was trapped. 


                About a month after it happened, the three boys said they had a surprise for her.  Kera wasn’t really interested but they insisted they had a surprise.  Finally they were going to reveal it.  Brian said, “Remember when you first got here and we rubbed in the fact that Larry won’t be coming to help you, and the people you ditched Larry for wouldn’t help?”

                Kera replied, “yea”

                “Well not only are they not helping you but they’re helping us”

                “What do you mean”

                Then Dani and Kristen (the two girls that Kera ditched Larry for) came out of a door.  Kera just stared at them.  Then finally asked, “What are they doing here?”

                Dani replied, “Well let’s just say we want to experiment with our sexuality.”

                Kera’s eyes widened, she didn’t want what they were asking but she had no choice.  Kristen assured her they wouldn’t rape her.  They didn’t do anything at the moment they just hung out at the house.  Night came and everyone went to sleep except Dani and Kristen.  Dani went first and tilted Kera’s head back so that her mouth would open.  She then French kissed her.  Kera woke up to this.  Dani was in her panties.  She straddled Kera and lied on top of her and pinned her hands behind her head.  She began sucking her breasts then caressing them with her hands.  She wrapped Kera’s legs around her and caressed them up and down followed by her ass.  Then she rolled over so that Kera was on top of her.  Dani made her suck her breasts and caress them followed by her legs and ass.  Dani then rolled her over so that she was on top again.  Then she lied down so her breasts were on Kera’s face.  Then she placed her groin area on her face.  She made Kera do the same to her.  Then she got off Kera and got dressed.  Kera felt used, weird and appalled.  She was heterosexual and so was Dani but Dani didn’t have any problem with that. 

                Dani left and Kristen came in.  Kera’s eyes widened in fear.  Kristen went to lie on her but Kera kicked her in the stomach.  Kristen was also in her panties.  Kera got up and tried running.  Kristen placed her leg out and tripped her.  Kera fell onto her stomach.  Kristen then sat on her back and began caressing her ass and feeling her legs.  She then turned herself around and starting kissing the back and sides of Kera’s neck.  She got up and turned Kera around and lied on her again pinning her hands behind her.  She then began sucking her breasts but she had brought something it was whipped cream.  She placed it on her breasts and sucked it off.  She made out with her profusely then forced Kera to do it to her whipped cream and all.  She did the same things Dani had done to her but used whipped cream.  One thing she did that Dani did not was after Kera’s groin region was on her face.  She rolled her back on her back and placed whipped cream on her vaginal region and sucked that off, than made her do the same to her.  Kristen then placed her middle and pointer finger into Kera’s vagina and took it out and reinserted it profusely.  Then she made Kera do it to her.  Finally she stopped and while leaving she turned toward Kera and said, “It was very noble of you to ditch Larry for us, especially after what we just did to you.”

                Kera was irate, her body was used, she was used and three guys and two girls, whom she once considered her closer friends, could have their way with her at any time they wanted.  The girls had their way with her more times than the guys; all five kept their word and never raped her. 


                Taz had told his parents Kera ran away, this was believable because she ran away a lot.  It was always on his conscience what he did but he never told anyone.  A couple months after it happened it was summertime, he went over to the place and knocked on the door.  It was midnight, Jacob answered and let him in, he said, “Hey Taz what are you doing here?”

                Taz replied, “I just can’t stand being at home, I need a place to stay for just one night.”

                “Do you really want to see Kera naked?”

                “No, but I need to be somewhere where I won’t feel like I have to tell someone.”

                “Ok, we do have an extra room.”


                Jacob informed everyone that Taz was going to spend the night.  Nobody minded, the only one that did was Taz, he didn’t want to see his own sister naked.  He went into the room and went right to sleep.  Everyone went to sleep a couple hours afterwards, everyone except Kera.  This was her chance at revenge.  She picked the lock to Taz’ room, it was a push lock so it was easily picked.  She went in and closed the door.  She approached Taz’ bed and punched him in the stomach; he didn’t have any weapons this time.  The room was soundproof so nobody heard Taz yell.  Kera dragged him to his feet and kicked him in the stomach.  She took his shirt off him and put it on herself.  While she was putting the shirt on Taz tackled her.  He started punching her in the face, connected twice but the third time Kera moved her head and Taz nailed the ground he jumped back in pain and grabbed his hand.  Kera got up and ran at him and slammed her knee against his face.  Taz face was bleeding out of his nose and his forehead. Kera dragged him by the wall and went back and drove her knee into his head again.  He took off his jeans and put them on herself.  Taz was bleeding out of the back and front of his head.  She dragged him by the feet so he was lying on his back.  She then started to stomp at his chest and stomach.  She finally got tired and grabbed some duck tape and taped him to the ground.  She then left the room to a couch and slept.  The next day, the three boys realized that she had clothes on, they went in and found Taz taped to the floor with tape over his mouth.  They released him and woke up Kera.  Kera was scared now she had broken one of the rules.  Mark started saying how she broke the rules.  Brian cut him off and said, “Now, we told Kera that she could try to steal clothes and she did.  Naturally she’s mad because it’s Taz’ fault she’s in this predicament.  And she’s forced to do his homework, so I was thinking, Taz won the first fight, I say that they have a best of three, Kera wins, Kera no longer has to do his homework and gets to keep the clothes she has on, Taz wins nothing changes.  Taz is currently up 1-0.”

                Taz had a look of shock mixed in with fear on his face, Kera then said, “Wait, how is he up one-0, I beat him last night, plus I beat him at my house but then I took a shower and he got a baseball bat so really it’s two-one.”

                Brian responded, “Well that’s two bad for you isn’t it, see I don’t want you to have clothes so this is my way of being biased.”

                Kera rolled her eyes, Brian continued, “These are the rules, we will go to the ring (they had a wrestling ring in one of the rooms) and you’ll fight round two.  If necessary there will be a round three with an added stipulation, you both start with shirt and pants.  And Taz has boxers or underwear and you fight, first one to be stripped loses, Kera loses if she’s nude since she doesn’t have panties or a bra, Taz loses if he’s down to boxers.”

Kera said, “Why don’t you get me bra and panties so that I’m not stripped nude?”

                Brian responded, “You got guts, but I like seeing you nude.”

                “Well if he wins I lose the clothes anyway so what’s the difference?”

                “Exactly what’s the difference so why are you fighting.”

                “Well in respect to the person you guys fear this should be done in proper WWF fashion.”

                “You don’t watch the WWF”

                “Yea but that’s all my cousin talks about.”

                “Ok Kera deal, we’ll get you bra and panties, round two will happen soon.”

                They ate, and woke up a little and two hours later round two was about to begin.  They gave Taz some clothes and Kera kept the ones she had on.  The rules were a standard WWF hardcore match, which is no disqualification or count-outs you win by pin or submission falls count anywhere. They got ready and were prepared to fight.  At first they were a little hesitant and circled each other in the ring.  Taz ran at Kera and Kera ducked down and opened her arm as Taz approached she closed her arms and lifted at the same time, Taz flew about six feet in the air and fell.  This is a move she copied from Larry known as a “back body drop.”  Taz nailed the canvas and quickly got up; Kera then punched him in the face then the stomach.  Taz then kicked her in the shin then slapped her across the face, Kera replied with a slap of her own.  Hers was much harder because girls just seem to know how to slap.  Then Kera kneed him in the stomach.  He was bent over and she kicked him squarely in the face.  His nose was bleeding again.  Kera came over and Taz grabbed her legs and took them out from under her.  He got up and pinned Kera’s hands down with his left arm and slapped her across the face with his right.  Kera wiggled out of it and got up a little dazed.  Taz ran at her and knocked her down. He went outside the ring and grabbed a bat.  He climbed up only to be kicked in the stomach by Kera.  He dropped the bat and Kera grabbed his head and was going to slam it into her knee but Taz threw his shoulder forward nailing Kera in the stomach.  He didn’t want to lose this match.  Kera backed up and he entered the ring again.  He tried dragging her to the corner, Kera pushed Taz into the corner as she was getting near, she started punching at his kidneys and turned Taz around, she went to punch him, Taz blocked it and punched her in the stomach.  He then punched her across the face.  Kera backed up from it, Taz ran at her again only to be back body dropped again.  This time Taz didn’t get up that fast.  Kera walked up to him, she was still exhausted and so was Taz.  Taz grabbed her legs and took them out from under her again.  Jacob, Brian and Mark set up tables at the four sides of the ring just in case someone was thrown out.  Kera and Taz got up at the same time.  Taz bent down and wrapped his arms around Kera legs and lifted.  He then slammed her down to the canvas and tried pinning her.  Brian counted one-two but Kera got a shoulder up.  Taz got up and Kera grabbed his legs and tripped him.  She worked her way up; Taz was on all fours when she finally forced herself up.  She kicked Taz in the stomach Taz flipped over.  Kera went for the pin one and Taz got a shoulder up.  Kera got up only to be tripped by Taz again.  They both got up simultaneously.  Taz went to the corner to stay up.  Kera regained some wind and used it all and ran at Taz and drove her knee into his stomach.  He threw him down on his stomach crossed his ankles and sat back while elevating his legs.  This is known as the “Texas Clover Leaf” or a “Boston Crab” also a move copied from Larry.  She held it and Brian asked Taz if he wanted to give up.  Taz said he didn’t want to and Kera let go. Taz got up and so did Kera.  Kera ran at Taz, Taz moved and tripped her crossed her ankles and gave her a Boston Crab.  Brian asked her if she gave up, She didn’t want to.  Taz held it and Kera used her leg strength to kick out.  In order to kick out of it you have to use your legs to counter his arms pulling back and his upper half pulling back.  This took a lot out of Kera, and the previous Boston Crab weakened Taz.  Kera got up and walked a little bit trying to regain wind.  Taz got up too and walked toward Kera.  He went to punch her, Kera grabbed his arm and put it around her neck with the arm closest to Taz he reached between his legs and grabbed the back of his knee.  She lifted him up onto her shoulders; the weight was too much so she fell the opposite way she bent to lift from.  This benefited her because Taz was balanced on her shoulders and now the back of his head and neck were nailing the ground because gravity was pulling her down and the weight of Kera’s upper half also forced it down, plus Taz is on his shoulders at the end.  This move is known as a “Pimp Drop” or “Death Valley Driver.”  Kera couldn’t recover she landed with her upper body lain on his upper body sideways.  Brian counted 1-2-3.  Kera had won round two series tied one-one. 

                Kera was happy that she won but Mark had to help her up and to a couch to rest, Brian helped Taz.  After they had rested and cleaned the blood off Taz and Kera, (It wasn’t Kera’s blood, she got Taz’ blood on her during the fight) Taz went home and got Kera’s bra and panties and brought them back.  Taz parents weren’t home, and they figured Taz ran away too.  Jacob couldn’t resist since Kera was fully rested Brian turned to Taz and said, “Look how easy it is to beat Kera.”

                Kera was a little scared and Jacob said that he wouldn’t hurt her and if she won she went free.  This motivated Kera.  She went to kick Jacob; Jacob grabbed her leg and tripped her.  Kera got up and Jacob lifted her up by the legs let the upper half of her body lay on the ground, turned her over and pulled her legs back.  This move is known as the “Lion tamer” this is arguably the most painful submission move.  Kera tapped out almost immediately.  Jacob let go the instant she did.  Jacob turned to Taz and smiled. 


The next day round three was set.  It was done at 2:00PM so they had woken up.  This was the stripping match.  The tables were still at ringside.  Kera went to the ring first she was barefoot as usual, Taz came in with socks and shoes.  Kera realized this, and realized she was now at a slight disadvantage.  They circled each other both of them felt a little awkward.  Then Taz thought about the next year actually having to do his homework and punched Kera in the side of the head behind the ears.  This is something you don’t do because you’ll hurt your hand more than the person.  Which is what happened, Taz hurt his hand, if he had punched harder he could have cracked his knuckles.  Kera didn’t feel much pain she punched Taz in the stomach and tried to take off his shirt.  Taz pushed her back.  He ran at her Kera moved to the side and stuck out her leg and tripped him.  Taz nailed the ground and put his hands out to break the fall, hurting his hand even more.  Kera then put him in the Texas Clover Leaf and since his feet are right there she wrapped her entire arm around so that she could hold his legs still while with her right hand she untied and loosened his shoe and took it off, followed by his other one.  She then took his socks off and dropped his legs.  It was even now.  Taz was drained the Texas CloverLeaf is a very painful move and Kera had it for about a minute, which while in serious pain is longer than one would think.  While she had it on, Taz tapped out but that was irrelevant in this type of match.  Kera turned him over and tried to unzip his pants, he kicked his feet so Kera backed away.  She let Taz get up slowly.  Then she wrapped his arm around her and bent him over her shoulder she didn’t lift that wasn’t the point.  She unzipped his pants.  Meanwhile Taz was trying to pull her shirt off, She got his pants unzipped and unbuttoned and pushed him back.  Taz almost had the shirt but not quite.  She fixed it.  Taz tried walking at her but tripped over his pants, Kera laughed ran over and pulled them off him.  Taz got up and Kera kicked him in the stomach, Taz bent over in pain, Kera grabbed his shirt to pull it off, Taz unzipped her pants and Kera backed off.  She zipped her pants and Taz punched her in the stomach.  He pulled her shirt over her head and threw it aside.  Both had one article of clothing left.  Taz backed up but Kera kicked him in the stomach grabbed his shirt and yanked it off.  Kera waved it singling her victory.  She won rounds two and three and got to keep the clothes and won’t have to do Taz’ homework next year. 

Mark ran in and punched Taz in the stomach he placed his head between his legs, wrapped his arms around his stomach and lifted so that his legs bent over his shoulder and then threw him out of the ring into the table.  He used so much force the table broke the move is known as a “power bomb.”  Brian and Jacob picked Taz up and threw him back in the ring Kera left the ring and watched.  Jacob power bombed him into another table outside.  Brian then power bombed him through a third table.  One table left.  They laid Taz on top of it he was out cold.  They brought a step ladder in Jacob went to the top rope, Brian went to the other top rope closest to the table.  Mark set the stepladder in the middle of the ropes leading to the two corners.  They jumped simultaneously and threw out their bodies forward onto Taz.  The table broke.  Brian and Jacob nailed heads Mark nailed Brian, Jacob and Taz and then nailed his face on the ground.  All four were knocked out cold.  Kera laughed, then had an idea she laid them all on their backs got a video camera from inside and pinned each one 1-2-3.  She then tried desperately to find a door unlocked, or a window not barred.  She didn’t know how long they’d be out.  During her search she found the computer.  She had more than one screen name.  Kera heard the three boys downstairs.  She thought desperately then Larry got on.  She asked him for help.  Larry said he was tired of helping her then got offline soon after that.  Kera was shocked all of a sudden she saw that she had mail, It was from Larry under the subject “Open in about 10 minutes.”

She opened it anyway, and it said, “just kidding, by the way I told you to wait 10 minutes.”

Kera laughed and got offline.  She went downstairs and said to the three kids, “Have a nice nap?”

They rolled their eyes and felt embarrassed Jacob said, ‘You keep that up, you’ll be going through tables. 

“I don’t think so” Kera replied as she handed them the tape.

They watched the tape and saw Kera pin all three of them 1-2-3.  She then said that since she beat all of them she should get her freedom.  They denied it saying that it was never an official match then there was a knock on the door.  Jacob opened the door and was greeted by a punch in the face.  Larry was there. He gave Jacob a pimp drop then walked in.  Mark and Brian were scared and tried running. Kera gave both of them back body drops, (I never mentioned this earlier so I will now, a back body drop requires almost no energy because 98% of it is using the momentum of the receiver against him all you’re doing is directing them.)  They got up and Larry lifted Mark up onto his shoulder swung Mark’s legs so they nailed Brian across the face.  He told Kera to set up a table, she did, and Larry pimp dropped him through it.  Larry set up another table and Pimp dropped Brian threw it.  Jacob came back in running he was back body dropped through a table then power bombed on the ground four times.  Kera then gave Larry a big hug and then Larry took Kera home.  Kera failed to mention that Taz was hurt I guess she was mad at him or something.  Kera was safe again and she would never forget what happened.  Dani and Kristen went home and never talked to Kera again.  They couldn’t bring themselves to do it.  They were regretful for what they did but knew Kera wouldn’t forgive them, after all if the situation were reversed they wouldn’t forgive her.