Saturday, January 21, 2017

The end of Vasile

                At the time of the story Maria and Larry are going out.  Maria had recently broken up with David Matthews.  This was a dream come true for Larry; he always had a little crush on Maria and always helped her when she was having problems with Dave.  Larry always felt that he could never get Maria, and also felt Dave treated her like shit.  Larry was less attractive than Dave and more prude. 

                Vasile had found out about Larry and Maria going out and he felt that he had to rectify it.  Vasile likes harassing girls, he was good at it.  The only reason he wasn’t a virgin was because he raped girls.  His primary target were girls that had boyfriends that he had a crush on but couldn’t get.  Usually if the boyfriend tried to stop Vasile he would kill him, then take his prize.  Vasile was virtually unstoppable.  He now had a new mission and that was to get Maria.  Larry was his friend so he wanted to avoid having to kill him in order to get his prize.  He did some research and found out where Maria lived, he then planned it on a night Larry and Maria were out on a date.  He was on his way to Maria’s house and almost there when two girls he knew spotted him, their names were Stacey and Katie.  Stacey said, “Hey Vasile where are you going?”

                Vasile responded, “Just walking.”

                Stacey said, “What brings you all the way to Westlake.”(Vasile lives in downtown Cleveland that is about 15-30 minute drive from Westlake)

                Vasile said, “I’m visiting someone.”

                Katie then said, “Well from the looks of it, it looks like your going to Maria’s house.”

                Vasile denied it, and then said he had to go and left.  Stacey and Katie were a little suspicious so they decided to follow him.  They figured that Vasile was going to rape Maria and they planned on stopping him.  Vasile was a very powerful person and as he picked the lock to Maria’s house he noticed Katie and Stacey, he walked up to them and grabbed Katie’s neck with his left hand and Stacey’s neck with his right hand.  He elevated them off the ground and carried them into the house.  He went into a bedroom and threw them on the bed.  He said, “You dare follow me, you must be punished.” Katie and Stacey were terrified they tried pleading with Vasile not to hurt them, but Vasile just smiled and said, “You know I could have some fun before Maria gets here.”

                He grabbed Stacey and dragged her to the stairs and handcuffed her to the stair railing then duct taped her mouth shut.  He then went back in the bedroom and saw Katie was still on the bed.  He grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her head with his left hand and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her pants with his right hand.  He then pulled them off her body.  Vasile stood Katie up, Katie slapped him across the face, afterwards she tried running, Vasile grabbed her shirt and threw her down, he then took off her shirt.  Katie twirled around and tried to kick Vasile with her left leg, Vasile grabbed her leg and wrapped his leg around it, so it bent inward, then straightened her right leg, placed her left leg on top of it so it was in the shape of a four.  This move is known as the “figure four.”  Katie was shrieking in pain, Vasile held it for a minute then let go.  He now knew Katie was weak.  He picked up her left leg, and untied her shoe, then took it off, followed by her sock.  He then grabbed the other leg and took off her shoe and sock.  Katie was now in her bra and panties.  Vasile threw her onto her stomach on the bed, and unclipped her bra and took it off.  He then stripped himself to his boxers.  He decided he wouldn’t rape her.  He turned her on her back and got on top of her.  He started sucking her breasts, and then he caressed them with his hands.  While his mouth was not busy he was French kissing her.  He then caressed her legs up and down and sucked on them too.  He then turned her back onto her stomach, and put his hands down her pants and caressed her ass.  Again he turned her back onto her back and placed his right hand in her pants, he placed two fingers into her vagina.  Every time Katie tried to plead, Vasile cut her off with a French kiss.  He took Katie’s hands and made her caress his ass.  After he was done he took his penis out of his pants and placed it into Katie’s mouth, he made her suck it, then he began ejaculating, and sperm was flowing out of Katie’s mouth.  Vasile took his penis out of her mouth and put it back in his pants.  Katie was trying to spit it out, Vasile dragged her into a bathroom and put the shower going.  He wanted to wash all the evidence off Katie.  He took off her panties and placed her into the shower.  He washed her hair and then put soap on his hands and spread it all over Katie’s body.  He enjoyed it thoroughly. 

After it was over he turned off the shower and dried her off, he then dragged her to the railing, and he took off Stacey’s handcuffs and cuffed Katie to the railing.  He then dragged Stacey into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.  He ran downstairs and got some whipped cream and brought it back.  Stacey was too terrified to move.  Vasile pinned her hands behind her with his left hand and unzipped followed by unbuttoned her jeans.  He went to pull them off but Stacey began kicking.  Vasile grabbed her right leg and put her in the figure four.  He held it for two minutes then released.  He took off her jeans, and then he untied her shoes one at a time and took them off followed by her socks.  Stacey tried to slap Vasile but Vasile grabbed her hand and flipped her over his shoulder.  He rolled her on her stomach and undid her bra and took it off.  He then threw her on the bed.  He lied on top of her and began French kissing her and caressing her breasts with his hands.  He took the whipped cream and sprayed it on her breasts; he then sucked the whipped cream off.  He began caressing her legs and then put whipped cream on them and sucked it off.  He then turned her onto her stomach and placed his hands in her pants and caressed her ass.  He turned her back over and put his right hand in her pants and placed two fingers in her vagina.  He didn’t feel like making Stacey give him Oral sex.  He took off her panties and put whipped cream on her groin area then licked it off.  He then took Stacey’s hands and made him caress his ass.  Vasile then sprayed whipped cream on his ass and made Stacey suck it off. 

Vasile wasn’t done yet though, he went into the hallway and took off Katie’s handcuffs, he dragged Katie inside and threw her on top of Stacey.  He sprayed whipped cream on Stacey’s breasts and made Katie suck it off.  He then made them French Kiss while Katie caressed Stacey’s breasts.  He then made Katie caress Stacey’s legs then sprayed whipped cream on them and she sucked it off Stacey’s legs.  He then helped both to their feet and placed Katie’s hands on Stacey’s ass, and Stacey’s hands on Katie’s ass and made them caress each other’s asses.  He then threw Stacey down and rolled her onto her stomach.  He sprayed whipped cream on her ass and made Katie suck it off.  He picked them both up again and threw Katie down on her back and lied Stacey on top of her.  He made Stacey caress Katie’s breasts while French kissing her, and then he placed whipped cream on Katie’s breasts and made Stacey suck it off.  He then made her caress her legs followed by making her suck whipped cream off them.  Then he placed whipped cream on Katie’s groin area and made Stacey suck it off.  He then placed them both in a closet and handcuffed them to the bar you hang your clothes on and duct taped both their mouths.  Now all he had to do was wait for Maria. 

A little bit later Maria came home, she French kissed Larry good night and walked into her house.  As she went up the stairs Vasile grabbed her and threw her into another bedroom.  When Vasile grabbed her she screamed, Larry heard the scream and went inside.  He yelled, “Maria, are you ok?.”

Vasile held a knife to Maria’s throat and told her to tell Larry everything was fine or else he would slit her throat.  Maria then said, “Yea I’m fine I just tripped on the stairs.”

Larry yelled out, “Ok, good bye”

He knew better but he wanted whoever had her to think he was leaving, he opened and shut the door and took his knife out.  He went upstairs and went into the bedroom; he opened the closet and was shocked to see Katie and Stacey naked.  He took off the duct tape and Stacey said, “Vasile has Maria.”

Larry didn’t bother trying to free them of the handcuffs he went out and went into the bedroom Maria and Vasile were in.  By this time Vasile had Maria down to her bra and panties.  Larry yelled out, “You son of a bitch let her go.”

Vasile got up and slapped Larry’s knife out of his hands and said, “I didn’t want to kill you, but now I have to, then I’m going to have my way with your girlfriend.”

Larry punched Vasile in the face.  Vasile then grabbed him and threw him into the bedpost, it broke upon impact.  Vasile yelled out, “Nobody has ever stopped me and you won’t either.” 

Larry got up and Vasile charged at him, Larry ducked down and wrapped his arms around Vasile’s waist and lifted as he got near.  Vasile flew over Larry’s shoulders and landed on his back.  This move is known as a  “back body drop.”  Vasile got up with anger in his eyes.  Maria jumped on Vasile’s back, Vasile grabbed her and threw her at Larry.  Larry caught her and lied her down; the mistake he made was turning his back on Vasile.  Vasile used his lightening quick speed and drove his knee into Larry’s waist.  Larry flipped over and was on his back, Vasile walked up to him and placed his foot on his neck and said, “So sorry but I have to kill you now.” 

Larry responded, “I’m not dead yet” as he grabbed Vasile’s leg wrapped his leg around it and pushed him back.  Vasile got up and ran at Larry, Larry sidestepped him and threw him into the wall.  The wall broke upon impact.  Vasile was out cold.  Larry reached into his pocket and found the handcuff key, he told Maria to release Stacey and Katie.  He picked Vasile up only to be shoved back.  Vasile ran at him again and Larry gave him another back body drop.  He picked up the knife he used to threaten Maria with and ran at Larry, Larry kicked him in the stomach and Vasile dropped the knife and held his stomach in pain.  Larry grabbed him and threw him into the window.  The window broke but Larry held Vasile so he wouldn’t fall threw it.  He then placed Vasile’s head between his legs picked him up so his legs bent over his shoulders and threw him out the window so he landed on the back of his neck and head, this move is known as a “power bomb.”  Larry was filled with rage; he jumped through the window and landed on Vasile chest first.  He knew that this would cause internal bleeding and someone would die if not in the hospital but Vasile had gotten up from sure death so many times, Larry had to make sure.  He told Maria to toss him his knife.  She did and Larry dragged Vasile into the house.  He placed a lot of newspaper on the ground and lied Vasile on them.  He then lit a fire in the fireplace.  He then cut off Vasile’s head and threw it in the fire; the girls refused to watch this.  Larry then cut off his arms and legs and tossed them in the fire, he then cut his midsection in three pieces and threw each in the fire.  He put the gas all the way up so the fire would consume the body better.  He then threw bottles of white out and WD-40 to keep it large.  Soon Vasile was nothing but ash.  They buried all the bones except for the tiny ones, which they placed in the storage for ashes along with the ashes.  Vasile was forever dead. 

                Katie and Stacey got dressed, gave Larry a hug and went home, Maria took Larry to her bedroom and said, “Well here I am half naked, I’m too lazy to get dressed.”

Maria then French kissed Larry and then took off his shirt.  They began making out and Maria unzipped followed by unbuttoned his pants.  The pants came off and Maria lied on her back on the bed.  Larry took off his shoes and socks and got on Maria.  They began making out and Larry caressed her breasts with his hands.  He then began sucking on them.  Maria had her legs wrapped around his waist.  Larry then began caressing her legs with his hands.  He sucked them as well.  Maria placed her hands on Larry’s ass and caressed it.  They rolled over so Maria was now on top.  Larry caressed her ass and they made out some more.  Maria then placed her hand in Larry’s boxers and began fondling his penis.  After a little bit Maria stopped and they rolled over, Larry placed his hand into her panties and placed two fingers in her vagina he began moving his finger in and out of her vagina.  Larry then took off Maria’s panties and licked her vagina.  After a little they turned over and Maria satisfied Larry orally.  After Maria stopped they got on each other and made out profusely.  Both Maria and Larry had an orgasm shortly after and they stopped.  Larry got dressed and left.  The next day Katie and Stacey came to Larry’s house, they said that even though he had a girlfriend they wanted to do something more than a hug, they both French kissed Larry and left.  Larry was glad they didn’t do more, he didn’t want to cheat on Maria.  After a while they forgot about it.   Nobody cared about Vasile’s body, he had always lived and worked alone, he abandoned everybody and now he was dead and had nobody to come asking questions.  Larry was never bothered by it, and his time with Maria that night was amazing. 

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