Saturday, December 31, 2016

Resistance is Hard

Yeketerina, Drew, Gabby, and Larry were all at Drew’s house at a mini party.  Not many people there as you can tell.  They were at a Greek festival at Larry, Gabby and Drew’s church.  Drew lives a block away from the church so after the festival ended they went there.  They were in the basement where they usually go for parties, Drew’s siblings Lizzy and Daniel were upstairs, as were his parents, they wouldn’t be coming down because they respected their privacy.  There were cans of beer in the basement the household knew about them. 


After hanging out a while Drew and Yeketerina went to the room in the back (This was Drew’s brother’s playroom) most likely doing activities sexual in nature.  Gabby was drinking away on the beer, Larry didn’t have any, he never drank unless he was with his older brother.  He never had peer pressure.  Because of this when he did drink he would become drunk quickly.  Sometime half a cup would get the job done.  Gabby and Larry were friends so they just hung out a little bit, Larry had a small crush on Gabby but she didn’t know of it.  After a little bit, Gabby and Larry were on the couch watching a movie.  Then Gabby turned toward Larry and said, “You know you’re really nice to me, whenever I’m feeling down you always help me,” and kissed him on the lips. 

They began making out, when Larry pushed her away because he didn’t feel comfortable he said to Gabby,  “Gabby you have a boyfriend, and it doesn’t seem right.” 

“Who cares about Dave?  He’s not here he won’t find out.”

“Yea but you’re drunk It’s not right”

Larry got up and Gabby was mildly insulted she turned toward Larry and said as she took off her shirt, “So you’re trying to tell me you can resist these.”

Larry couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful big breasts he tried to turn away but he couldn’t, he liked what he saw.  Larry realized that he couldn’t resist, every part of him said no except for his hormones and his emotions for this girl.  He walked up to her and French kissed her.  Gabby smiled and they made out.  Gabby reached around Larry’s back and gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over Larry’s head.  They began kissing again and he put his arms around her back and unclipped her bra and motioned it off her body so her breasts were bare.  Gabby unlatched his belt and unbuttoned followed by unzipped his pants.  Gabby watched as the pants fell to his ankles.  Larry then did the same to her.  They were already bare foot.  Gabby suggested they go into the bathroom to get on each other.  Larry agreed against all morals and his conscience.  In the bathroom Gabby quickly lied down and spread her legs, Larry slowly went down between her legs and caressed her breasts with his hand as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  While he was caressing her breasts he was making out with her.  He then lowered his head and began sucking on her breasts.  With his free hands he was caressing her legs up and down.  Gabby’s hands were caressing Larry’s butt.  Then Gabby turned Larry over so that she was now on top, she proceeded to make out with him and feel his chest.  Larry was now caressing her ass.  Gabby moved her body up so her chest was just above Larry’s head, and then lowered her body so that her breast engulfed Larry’s face.  She held them there for a little bit then she moved up so that her groin area engulfed Larry’s face.  She held that for a less amount of time than before.  She then got off him and lay on her side facing Larry; he did the same and lied on his side facing her.  Larry then motioned his right hand into her underwear and stuck his middle and pointer finger into the vagina.  She placed her left hand into Larry’s pants and caressed and fondled with his penis.  They got closer and turned went around so both were grabbing bare butt.  After a little bit Larry’s conscience hit and he took his hand out of her underwear and pulled away and told Gabby that this wasn’t right.  She agreed and they got off each other. 


They went back into the main part of the basement; Larry wanted to take a shower so he went into the bathroom pushed the button on the doorknob that locks the door.  He then took off his boxers and turned the shower on.  He stepped inside and set the temperature so it was right for him. 


When Larry entered the bathroom, Gabby immediately went upstairs and got a butter knife.  She went downstairs and heard the water running she knew how to pick this kind of lock.  She then did so and slowly and carefully entered so that Larry wouldn’t notice.  There are two steps leading up to the shower.  She climbed them and opened the door furthest from the faucet (where Larry was at the time) She stepped in (she still had her underwear on) and was behind Larry.  Larry didn’t notice her until she placed both her hands on Larry’s butt and squeezed.  Larry jumped in surprise of it.  She pushed herself against him and began kissing his neck.  She turned off the water and placed a blindfold over Larry’s eyes.  She then whispered in his ear, “Now it’s time to hurt you.” Then gently licked his ear followed by biting it.

Larry didn’t object to this.  Even if he had he wouldn’t be able to do anything.  He probably could have still fought her off despite the blindfold but why would you?  Larry truly enjoyed pain, he was a little used to it, so he basically thought to let Gabby do whatever she wanted.

                Gabby bent and wrapped her arms around Larry’s legs, lifted him up and pulled his legs toward her while driving the upper part of his body to the ground with her shoulder and continue holding his legs throughout the maneuver.  This is known as a “spinebuster” it was performed on the tile floor.  She then climbed the two stairs, jumped off and landed chest first onto Larry’s midsection, Larry spit upon impact.  This maneuver was known as a “Frog splash.”  Now she wanted to knock Larry unconscious. She lifted up his legs and stuck his feet under her armpits; she then used her legs and hip to turn Larry over and shifted her body back.  This is known as “The Walls of Jericho” or the “Lion Tamer.”  This was a painful maneuver to the lower back and since Larry’s back was weakened by the spinebuster it hurt immensely.  She let go of his legs and placed Larry’s arms behind her knees and bent her knees so that Larry’s hands were trapped she then sat down upon his back and lifted his head up by placing her hands under his chin.  This is known as “The Camel’s clutch.”  Larry went unconscious after a while.  Gabby then picked him up, and placed her arm around his head and lifted a little so that Larry wouldn’t drop to his knees, she then fell back onto her back and brought her arm down while pulling it into her body, This move is known as a “DDT.”  Larry’s head hit the ground and flipped over which was what was supposed to happen if you perform the move correctly.  She took off her underwear for she knew Larry was unconscious.  She was having too much fun to stop there.  She picked him up wrapped one of his arms over her shoulder and with the arm closest to Larry she reached in between his legs and grabbed behind his left knee.  She lifted him up switched the hand that was holding his arms to his head and balanced him on her shoulders. She then threw his legs over so he would flip and with the arm on the head brought it toward her body and fell with Larry’s body so she landed on his upper half.  This is known as the “Death Valley Driver” or the “Pimp Drop.”  She was exhausted lifting Larry dead weight those two times and from before so she lay down next to Larry and rested.  Larry woke up from unconsciousness and rolled over, since he had a blind fold on, he didn’t know that Gabby was right next to him. He felt his penis penetrate her vagina, neither of them wanted it he immediately got up and then Gabby moved out of the way.  There were no hard feelings. 


                `After that they stopped, Larry had the full advantage that the next day he will remember everything, and Gabby may not.  They got dressed and hung out in the main room.  Yeketerina and Drew showed up not too long after.  They never knew, Larry never told him because he didn’t want him to be mad for taking advantage of her and Gabby didn’t remember it.  It was Larry’s secret, he didn’t feel bad about it for one reason, he tried to resist but he couldn’t.  When a beautiful women that you’ve had a crush on for a while hits on you, resisting is very hard. 

Friday, December 23, 2016


                This story takes place in Brooklyn, New York. The year is 2000 the month is January.  Vicki and her friends Dani, Kevin and Kristen are all at Marine Park hanging out.  Kristen is girl that turned Vicki away from her cousin Theo, now Vicki hates Theo.  Vicki sees nothing wrong with what she did, because she is a coldhearted bitch.  Theo didn’t realize this till after all this. He wasn’t speaking out of anger. He realized it when his grandfather told him, shortly after the betrayal, “I never wanted you two to be so close, Vicki is like her mother you’ll real close one minute and she drops you like that I told yiayia [grandmother] to warn you about her but she didn’t listen.” 

                Unfortunately for Theo his yiayia never did deliver the message. His grandfather was right, always will be right.  Anyway back to the story they were hanging out when a kid came up to Vicki and started hitting on her.  It was quite normal for this to happen; Vicki shrugged him off like she did to all the guys who tried to hit on her.  She turned away and the kid grabbed her by the arm and swung her back toward her and said, “Listen, you don’t turn away from me bitch, you’re hot and you will go to my crib tonight where I’ll have my way wit ya.” 

                At this Kevin stepped in a shoved the kid back attempting to help his friend out.  After being pushed back the kid lifted his arms up open handed and said, “Whoa man I’m sorry I didn’t know she was your friend my bad.”

                Kevin still stared at him waiting for him to leave, however he did not leave the kid punched Kevin in the stomach.  Kevin grabbed his stomach in pain and the kid slammed Kevin’s head into his knees.  He took Kevin by his shirt and slammed him into a flagpole. Due to the many shots to the head, Kevin was bloody and unconscious

Vicki turned to run away but the kid grabbed her again, Kristen and Dani ran off.  The kid turned to Vicki and said, “Looks as though your homies are either hurt or knocked out cold now, where were we?”

                Vicki was terrified now; she didn’t know how to get out of this.  The kid pulled her toward him and tried to kiss Vicki on the lips, Vicki turned away and all the kid kissed was her cheek.  Vicki pulled away and the kid slapped her across the face, Vicki fell to the ground and the kid smiled and said, “You can’t win bitch, I own chu.”

Vicki wanted some help but she couldn’t get any, she was in the middle of the park, there were no cops around and her friends either abandoned her or were knocked unconscious.  Vicki pleaded, “What do you want from me?”

“I want your body.”

Suddenly out of nowhere a kid came running at him yelling, “Hey fucker leave her alone.” 

                The kid turned around only to be met with a punch to the nose.  The kid running was Theo.  Theo started punching away at the kid’s midsection.  Theo was punching with everything he had.  He then punched him straight across the face.  Theo’s middle and pointer knuckles were bloody after punching him in the face.  The kid was down Theo started stomping away and forced the kid to his feet then he picked him up by the legs so the kid’s body was bent over him.  He walked toward a bench and Theo pulled the kid’s legs toward his chest and threw his chest forward causing the kid’s upper body to be thrown down, the kid’s shoulder, neck and head, cracked the bench, bounced off and his upper half slammed against the asphalt knocking him out cold. 


Theo turned and looked at Vicki, there was sorrow in Vicki’s eyes because she knew that she was a brat to Theo but she was looking into the eyes of a kid who had just saved her again.  He had done it so much in the past and Vicki never got less thankful. Now she felt saddened because for the first time she knew that she had backstabbed Theo and when Kristen and Dani the two people she dropped Theo for left her high and dry when she was in trouble Theo came and saved her.  Theo looked back at Vicki with anger in his eyes and the eye of a tiger only found in fighters.  All she could say to Theo was thank you.  Theo then did something nobody would expect he turned his hands so that Vicki was looking at the back and extended his two middle fingers.  Vicki jumped back at this and inquired why he was doing this.  Theo then said, “You have no idea why I saved you, you can’t understand why, after all the bullshit you did to me, I helped you out here today can you?”

                “Vicki responded, “Yea, cause you don’t hate me, and you miss me, and you want me back.”

“Don’t flatter yourself Vicki, I came back because I am a man of my word, I swore to myself I would help anyone of my friends if they needed it and I made a list you were on that list.  That was when we were cool with each other but you drop me for Kristen, but I don’t back away from my word.  You can’t comprehend that because you’re a backstabber, you told me once ‘a true friend stabs you in the front’ you stabbed me from behind.  So you are nothing but a back stabbing bitch so you can’t understand what I’m saying.”

At the word “Bitch” Vicki looked at Theo with doubt mixed with fury in her eyes and she went to slap Theo across the face.  Theo grabbed her arm and twisted it. Vicki fell to her knees from the pain. Theo looked at her and smiled and said, “You know there’s an irony in this situation, it was my goal last spring break for you to bitch slap me, here you were about to and I stopped you.” 

                Vicki bent her down from the pain and managed to say, “I’m sorry let me go.”

                “No you’re not, if I let you go you’re going to get up and tell me to fuck off and leave.  Then I’ll feel like shit again.  I don’t want that to happen so you can shut up. I told you I have no conscience, what I said was both true and misleading.  I have a different type of conscience, the conscience that won’t back away from a deal. You own me Vicki, I will protect you for the rest of my life, I’d die for you without hesitation no matter how much I despise you I can never hate you.”

Vicki didn’t say anything she just bent her head down in both pain and sorrow.  Theo let go of her arm and Vicki held it, she got up and said to Theo, “Listen to me, if you have trouble hearing put a hearing aid in because you’ll want to hear this Theo I’m sorry I was wrong.”

Theo was completely shocked and smiled and said in a joking tone, “Excuse me what was that? I didn’t hear you”

Vicki laughed and said, “I warned you”

Theo was happy now; Vicki had finally forgiven him.  Theo informed her that he didn’t have a place to stay; Vicki took the cue and told Theo to stay at her house.  That day Vicki called Kristen up and acted like nothing happened she then offered to call Dani and on three way calling.  They did and when Vicki had both of them on the phone she snapped and yelled at them for leaving her high and dry and just like that dropped two of her good friends.  Something Vicki knows how to do all too well. 


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The rape of Katie

                It was a Wednesday in Brooklyn, New York and 3:00PM.  Schools had already let out and the kids were going home.  Katie took the bus to her house.  There was nobody at her house so she was enjoying the house to herself.  She didn’t want to do homework right away so she watched TV.  Meanwhile Jeremy was trying to pull something big.  He asked his friend who was a junior in high school to drive him since he didn’t want an adult with him.  He waited patiently at school for his friend.  His friend didn’t know what he was pulling, and he didn’t really care either.  His friend came to pick him up at 3:20.  Jeremy gave him the directions on where to go and when he reached his destination he got out of the car and thanked his friend.  His friend immediately left.  Jeremy was at Katie’s house but Katie had no idea Jeremy was there, which is exactly how Jeremy wanted it.  Jeremy was thinking of a way to get into the house without Katie knowing.  He realized in open window on the second floor.  He now had to think how he was going to get up there.  He went into Katie’s garage to see what he could use; there was a ladder to his benefit.  He brought the ladder out and aimed it toward the window.  He climbed up the ladder and into the window.  When he went through the window he thought of ways he could hide the ladder.  Since he couldn’t think of anything else he pulled the ladder through the window and made it the shortest it could go.  He realized he was in a bedroom so he stuck the ladder in the closet.  He then had to find Katie’s room.  He heard Katie coming upstairs so he tried to think of somewhere to hide.  He felt safe when he heard a door close and a shower turn on.  He left the bedroom he was in because he figured it was Katie’s mom’s bedroom and not Katie’s.  He quickly found the right bedroom.  He went downstairs and waited for Katie to come out of the shower.  Katie got out of the shower and was going to her room to get dressed.  Jeremy made sure to give her enough time to get dressed so he could enjoy it more.  In addition there’s more violence involved this way.  He went upstairs slowly and carefully so as to not make a sound.  He waited outside Katie’s door.  Katie had gotten dressed and opened the door and saw Jeremy.  Jeremy shoved her on the bed and immediately covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream.  He duct taped her mouth and eyes.  Katie wasn’t wearing any socks, which were two less articles of clothing Jeremy had to force off.  Katie was kicking her legs frantically to avoid Jeremy taking her pants off.  Jeremy went around her legs and punched Katie in the stomach.  Katie’s legs stopped kicking as she held her stomach in pain.  Jeremy stood her up and Katie was bent over because of the shot to the stomach.  He then grabbed a hold of her shirt and pulled it off her.  Katie stood up and swung her hand hoping to hit Jeremy since she couldn’t see.  She did make contact right across Jeremy’s face.  Jeremy then picked her up and threw her on the bed.  He jumped on top of her and unzipped her jeans then unbuttoned them.  He got off to pull them off when Katie tried kicking again.  Jeremy punched Katie in the neck.  When Katie stopped kicking Jeremy pulled the pants off. Now she was in her bra and panties.  He again forced Katie to her feet, went behind her and unbuttoned her bra and motioned it off her.  He then reached into Katie’s panties and started feeling her bare ass.  He was brushed up against her and was whispering over and over in her ear “I own you, you belong to me”

                He then brought his hands down and the panties were at Katie’s ankles.  He grabbed her from behind and threw her over his head onto her bed.  He then pulled the panties off.  He then stripped himself of his clothes.  He got on Katie and wrapped her legs around him. He rubbed them up and down while forcing entry into her.  As he rubbed her legs he taunted her by saying, “Are these the things that were kicking me?  Huh, are these them?  These are what tried to hurt me?”

                Katie was trying to slap at Jeremy’s back but the effect was extremely minimal.  He then started licking and sucking her breasts.  Then moved his way up and started kissing her neck.  Katie had given up trying to fight him she was too hurt and too exhausted.  Jeremy turned her over and caressed her ass and legs.  He then whispered in her ear, “I’m about to cum let’s see if you get pregnant.”

He turned her back over and inserted himself again and soon afterwards he began ejaculating.  He then got up and said, “If you go to the cops I’ll rape your friend Kera before they can get me then I’ll rape you again because let’s face it the police will take a while to get me.  I will rape so many of your friends by that time and just because you go to the police you ruin your friend’s lives.”

Katie was scared she did believe what Jeremy had said.  Jeremy left after saying that and Katie peeled the tape off her mouth and eyes.  She then took a shower again, she had already decided not to go to the police and she felt dirty after getting raped (if you shower after being raped you’re washing all the evidence off of you).  She had to tell someone, she couldn’t tell her mom because she would surely go to the cops.  So she called Kera.  She told Kera everything about her rape and what Jeremy said afterward, this scared Kera.  After they got off the phone Kera was terrified.  Even though Katie hadn’t gone to the police she still thought it could happen.  She went to tell her cousin Larry.  She knew that Larry hated Katie so she planned on altering the story a little.  She went to Larry and told him about Katie getting rape, she tried that much to see what Larry’s reaction was.  He just said, “I’m sorry to hear that but that slut flirts so much it was bound to happen, I’m just sorry it happened this early.”

Kera said, “There’s more, Jeremy told Katie that I’m his next target” (She knew that Jeremy didn’t say that but Kera wanted to get revenge and that was how to do it)

Larry’s eyes widened as he looked at Kera in disbelief, Kera just nodded her head yes.  Larry was drunk with rage now and stormed out the door.  Kera was worried what Larry would do to Jeremy.  She wanted Larry to hurt him but from the look in Larry’s eyes he seemed like he was going to kill Jeremy.  He stormed out the door and into his car and went to Jeremy’s house.  Kera called a cab to pick her up, she knew where Larry was going and she wanted to watch and try to prevent him from actually killing him.


Larry arrived at Jeremy’s house and banged on the door.  Jeremy was home alone.  He opened the door and Larry let him know he meant business and punched him in the nose.  He was so pissed and Jeremy hadn’t even figured out what was happening yet.  He grabbed his nose in pain Larry then punched him in the stomach and when Jeremy’s hands dropped to grab his stomach.  Larry grabbed Jeremy’s hair and slammed him face first into Larry’s knees.  While Kera waited for the cab she called Katie and told her what Larry was doing.  Katie wanted to watch this as well and she called a cab.  Meanwhile back at the fight after Larry was satisfied with bashing Jeremy’s head into his knees.  He threw him back so the back of his head nailed the wooden floor.  Jeremy’s face was fubar (fucked up beyond all recognition) with blood.  Larry then started stomping away at Jeremy’s chest.  He tried putting his hands to block but it didn’t do much. Kera came through the door and saw Jeremy on the ground bloody, at the site a smile came onto her face.  Larry turned around and grabbed Kera by the waist pulled her so that her back was toward Larry.  He lifted her up, Kera realized what he was trying to do.  She kicked her shins back and Larry lifted the upper half of Kera’s body. Then he transferred his thumbs from on top of Kera to the bottom and his eight remaining fingers on top and threw Kera downward; he fell with her so that the speed of Kera was at a maximum.  Kera crushed onto Jeremy.  As she hit, Jeremy spit out (natural reaction when the wind is knocked out of you).  Kera rolled off so that Larry could finish the job.  Larry then helped Jeremy to his feet leaned him over a table so that his back was toward him and lifted Jeremy’s left leg.  He brought the leg so that Jeremy’s kneecap was a few inches above Larry’s shoulder.  He then slammed the kneecap over his shoulder and heard the pop of the joint dislocating.  He then did the same to his left leg.  Then he turned him over and leaning him against the table so that he was facing Larry.  He lifted his left arm twisted it around so the non-bending part of his elbow faced the ground lifted his elbow so that it was a few inches above his shoulder when Kera yelled, “Stop! Let me do it.”

                Larry stopped and motioned for Kera to come over.  Kera grabbed Jeremy’s arm and positioned it so it was a few inches above her shoulder and she slammed it down over her shoulder and heard the pop of the joint dislocating, a sound that put a smile on her face.  Katie walked in right before Kera dislocated Jeremy’s arm and said she wanted to try.  So Katie did the same to Jeremy’s right arm.  Jeremy’s elbows and knees were dislocated now.  Larry wasn’t finished though he bent Jeremy down and bent his arm around the back of his neck.  He fell backward slamming Jeremy’s head into the ground but he pulled his elbow down so that it wasn’t a direct hit to the ground and that he would hit sort of on the back of his head.  He did this so Jeremy would flip over (this is known as a DDT), and he did.  He didn’t instantly because Larry hadn’t perfected the move yet so he hit and Larry had to pull on his neck so that he eventually flipped over. When he did he grabbed Katie by the waist and told her what she had to do (bend her knees so that her shins and knees point backwards) and did the same to her as he did to Kera onto David’s chest.  Kera had thought that Larry wasn’t going for the kill anymore but she was wrong.  Larry knew Kera was thinking that and that Kera came to stop Larry from killing so Larry did it so that she wouldn’t realize it.  When you do that move he did with her and Katie you can cause internal bleeding.  He stomped his chest to start the injury then did the move twice to ensure that it would cause the bleeding.  Larry wasn’t satisfied so he repeated it several times with both Kera and Katie.  He became satisfied when Jeremy started to spit up blood.  He then sat Jeremy up and put his right arm around his neck so that his elbow bent at the front of his neck and with his arm he grabbed his own bicep of his left hand with his right hand.  His left hand went across the back of Jeremy’s head so that his middle finger was touching Jeremy’s temple and he pushed Jeremy’s head to the left (this is known as the sleeper hold).  He held that until Jeremy’s eyes glazed over.  Kera and Katie thought they glazed over in unconsciousness, which was true, but because of the internal bleeding he was going to die and knocking him unconscious sped up the process.  Larry got up and he then gave Kera and Katie a ride home.  After dropping Kera and Katie off he said he was going to run an errand and left again.  He went back to Jeremy’s and got out a body bag from his trunk.  He put the body in a body bag and cleaned up the blood. He worked fast but carefully because he didn’t know when Jeremy’s parents would arrive.  He then wiped the blood off his arm (when he put him in the sleeper hold he got blood on his arm).  He placed the napkins into the body bag with the body.  He placed the body bag on a dolly and rolled it out and into Larry’s car.  He then drove to his second house that he used for one thing and that was to cover up a murder.  This house was a ranch house in the middle of nowhere and was abandoned so Larry didn’t have to pay a dime for it.  The reason he picked this house was because it had one thing he needed to cover up a murder, which was a fireplace.  He put logs into the fireplace, turned the gas on, lit a match and threw it in.  He watched it light up.  He then used the dolly to bring the body to the fireplace.  He dumped the body into the fire.  He then shut the little curtain of the fireplace and turned the gas all the way up.  The body bag was homemade by paper so that it could burn.  There were many layers to make sure the body bag wouldn’t rip causing the body to fall out and so that the blood didn’t soak through and get on anyone’s hands.  He watched the body burn.  The flames were above the body due to the amount of gas.  You needed the flames high so that the body is more in the center of the fire because it’s hotter in the center of a fire than on the outsides.  He got out a book and began reading for he knew it took a while to turn a full human body into nothing but ash.  Of course the fire does have some help.  Inside the stomach of a man he has a lot of acidic liquid as well as extreme bases. Both of which can eat away at the body.  When you get shot in the stomach region if it is placed right the acids and bases flow because the bullet hit the buffers of the stomach which allows the acid and bases to eat away at your lungs, liver or whatever it hits.  It’s that which kills you not the bullet.  After a while Larry realized the body had completely disintegrated into only ash with the exception of the bones because bones don’t reduce to ash.  He turned off the gas and waited for the fire to stop since it had no support because the logs were of ash too.  It went out quickly and Larry used the fireplace broom to sweep the ashes into a little pit it had to keep ashes.  He then gathered up all the bones and placed them in a large trunk.  He then threw the trunk into the water.  He was sure to use rubber gloves with leather gloves on top so to ensure he didn’t get any fingerprints on the bones or the trunk.  He then drove home and took a shower.  When Jeremy was reported missing Kera and Katie figured out that Larry had in fact killed him.  Larry did admit it when confronted.  Both didn’t really care, they weren’t exactly happy.  But when Katie remembered what he did to her she was happy.  Kera never did tell Larry that Jeremy didn’t actually say he was gunning for her next but that it was only a threat so Katie wouldn’t go to the police.  Larry did figure it out when he asked Katie why she didn’t go and she told him the reason when Larry confronted Kera, she confessed.  Larry was still not guilty for what he did.  Only the three of them knew about it.  After a while people stopped looking for Jeremy.  They never questioned Larry, Kera or Katie.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Painful Realizations

                It was the August 21st of 2000.  Larry was in Brooklyn, New York staying with his Aunt, Uncle and two cousins.  Larry is 16-year-old, 6’ tall and weighs 125lbs.  He is very stubborn and lives in Lakewood, Ohio, which is a superb of Cleveland.  He drives a red Chevy Blazer.  There is a war going on between the Americans and the Japanese.  For the first time since the American Civil War a war is being fought on American soil.  There are also battles in Japan as well.  Larry, along with his family he’s staying with, is indoors listening to planes fly by and gun shots fire.  They are not paranoid for they are confident with the superb force of the U.S. Military.  Larry and Kera- a 5’4” 13 year old with the same personality as Larry- were in the living room, which is right by the front door of the house watching TV.  They are talking to each other mostly since the program keeps getting interrupted to hear the latest about the war.  Kera’s parents are in the basement and watching the news so they can find out the latest on the war.


After a while everyone was on the first floor.   All of a sudden two Japanese soldiers came through the door.  One grabbed Kera and was going to use her as a hostage.  Larry saw what was happening and ran at him.  The man not holding Kera took out a revolver and aimed at Larry.  Larry didn’t stop running, he grabbed the soldier’s arm threw it downward, and when the gun was aimed at the Japanese’s thigh, he squeezed the trigger and the bullet shot the soldier.  He dropped his gun, which Larry caught with his right hand.  He switched the gun to his left hand pulled out his pocketknife, opened it up (it had a one hand opener on it) and stabbed the neck of the soldier he just shot and let go letting the man die with a knife in him.  He then saw the other soldier getting a gun out of his pants.  Larry immediately lifted his left arm and shot the soldier in the chest (He was taller than Kera so his chest was above Kera’s head) before he could even get his gun out.  He then realized the soldier probably had a bulletproof vest on but now he had some time.  He switched the gun from his left hand to his right hand.  With his left hand he grabbed Kera’s arm and pulled her toward him.  As he pulled Kera toward him with his left, he shot the soldier in the head with the gun in his right.  Kera was scared, as most anyone would be when about to be taken hostage.  She buried her head in Larry’s chest.  Larry thought everyone was safe until he saw another soldier come through the door.  Before the soldier could even take in account the people he saw, Larry shot him right in the forehead.  He then placed the gun in the back of his pants.  Larry’s uncle shut the door and locked it; he then went back to where he was standing which was right beside his wife.  Kera’s mom had her arms around Daniel consoling him, because he was traumatized by what he just witnessed.  Kera’s mom looked up and said, “Did you have to do that in front of him?”

Larry disregarded the question but the question angered Kera she just looked up and gave a dirty look toward her mother and said, “What did you just say?”

“Kera look at your brother he’s traumatized by what he saw.”

“I was fucking taken hostage they were going to put a gun to my head.”

Larry cut in and said, “Kera calm down”

“No, I won’t let her treat you with the same bullshit she does to me.”

Larry responded, “Kera please just stop”


Larry then grabbed Kera again and pulled her closer, he whispered in her ear, “Kera your mom just saw her daughter about to be taken hostage and now her son is in mental shock.  Something bad happened to both her kids now that you’re safe she’s going to worry about the other who’s not yet, she’s speaking out of fear Kera so calm the fuck down.”

Kera did calm down after that.  Then her mother said, “Larry, look at what you just saved.”

This time Larry was the one angry, “What the hell did you just say?”

“Look at what you just saved, look at that disrespect she shows her mother.”

“She could have died today that doesn’t affect you at all?”

“That’s not what I mean, you just could have told Daniel to leave the room before you went shooting people.”

“I sincerely hope you don’t believe I could have done that.”

“Well why not?”

“Do you know why I’m still alive?  There were two soldiers I had to run from where your standing to here which is about 15ft.  How did I run 15 feet before he could grab his gun and pull the trigger?  The answer is that he hesitated, and he was in shock that I was running at him and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to shoot a child yet, he hesitated I didn’t, he’s dead I’m alive.”

“What about the other one how did you kill him before he killed you?”

“He didn’t want to kill me until after I killed the soldier, he thought I’d be intimidated by him when he had Kera, I shot the most frightening shot of my life tonight, The first wasn’t supposed to kill him, it was to get Kera back and daze him.  That’s exactly what I did, then when Kera was safe I shot.”

“What difference does it make, before you ran you could have told Daniel to leave the room.”

“He would have been too scared to move, and if I did, they know I’m about to strike you never give off that warning.  If I had given that off I would have died.” 

“Well because of that judgement my son is scarred for life.”

“Bullshit, this is temporary.”

“How do you know?”

“I just know”

“Now you’re showing disrespect.”

“I’m speaking the truth, your thinking is off and you’re too blind to see that.”

She turned toward her husband, “Bill, do something.”

He just looked at her and said, “I’m sorry honey I have nothing to say.”

She gave him a very shocked look; Larry and Kera were shocked at what they heard as well finally Larry said, “Just think about what you’re saying.”

“I have, I always think before I talk you can’t tell me I don’t, my son is traumatized because of your actions you could have showed better judgement.”

“He would have been more traumatized if he saw her sister die rather than three strangers”

Kera’s mom opened her mouth as if to speak but she couldn’t she realized Larry was right so she looked up and said, “I’m sorry Larry.”

Kera ran upstairs realizing there was no more argument.  Kera’s mom said, “I think I should go talk to her.”

 Larry knew what Kera was doing up there so he said, “No, she needs time to calm down and to get over what just happened.”

  Kera’s mom believed what Larry said and said, “Go up and calm her down.”

Larry went upstairs to see Kera but before he left he took the knife out of the soldier’s neck and washed the blood off onto the soldier’s shirt.  The blood hadn’t dry for an unknown reason but Larry was glad that his knife wasn’t stained in blood.  After he got the blood off he put it back in his pocket and went upstairs.  When he walked through the door, Kera knew, without looking, who it was, she turned over and said holding back tears, “Larry, Why did you save my life?”

                “Because I care about you”

                “Do you know why I asked the question?”

                “Yes I do, you don’t want to live in a life with your parents.”

                “Exactly, there’s proof my mom doesn’t care about me.”

                “Your mom was scared Kera, her daughter was almost held hostage and her son was traumatized because he saw the whole thing”

                “Oh really, It’s funny you won the argument when you said ‘He would have been more traumatized if he saw her sister die rather than three strangers’ something like that right?”

                “Yes, Kera” he said rolling his eyes as he knew what she was getting at and didn’t know how to respond.”

                “That’s proof she doesn’t care about me.”

                “I’m not here to argue with you”

                “You’re not arguing because you agree”

                “We know each other too well”

                As she turned her head back around she said, “Yea”

                Larry now knew exactly what Kera was talking about; he came to the reality that he believed it was true, for he knew that he won the argument exactly how Kera had said.  Larry felt really bad for Kera, seeing her cry didn’t help this.  He wanted to help her, console her and let her cry on his shoulder, but he knew Kera wasn’t the type to cry on shoulders, he watched there helplessly.  He then lied down on the floor and went to sleep.  Kera fell asleep shortly after she turned over. 


                About an hour after Larry had fallen asleep, Kera’s mom became rather worried that they’d been in there too long.  She walked in the door and found Larry sleeping on the floor and Kera asleep on the bed.  She didn’t want to wake them for she still felt a little bad.  By this time Daniel was over what he had seen.  She left the room and sat alone thinking.  Daniel was also asleep.  She picked up a book and started to read however she only saw words, What was being read was not processing in her mind.  She had too many other things on her mind.  She still continued to pretend to read.  She kept asking herself the question “Am I a bad mother?” 

                She didn’t say it aloud.  This made her cry.  She didn’t want to go for a drive in fear of soldiers. 


About a half-hour later, Kera awoke.  She saw Larry asleep on the floor.  She looked over at him, as a smile came over her face as it finally processed into her mind that Larry risked his life for hers.  She noticed that the gun was still sticking out in the back of Larry’s pants.  She got up and took the gun.  She scrutinized it and then opened the chamber; It had two bullets left.  She placed it in one of her drawers.  She then walked over Larry and out the door.  Her mother saw her as Kera came downstairs.  She called her over.  Kera gave her a disgusted look, rolled her eyes and then continued walking.  This saddened Kera’s mom.  She didn’t bother following her; she was too disgusted with herself.  Kera went down to the basement and turned on the television.  She put the channel on MTV, which is a station made for teenage youth.  It mostly plays music.  Finally Kera’s mom rose from her seat and went downstairs to talk, to Kera.  She began by saying, “Kera, I know you’re not too pleased with me right now, and I know that you don’t want to talk to me nor forgive me but for whatever it’s worth I’m sorry.”

Kera responded avoiding looking at her mother, “You should apologize to Larry too, I mean that’s bullshit he saves my life and you yell at him for it.” 

“I already did apologize to Larry”


“Kera, I love you, is it possible to find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“No, What you did today was bullshit.”

Kera’s mom began to cry, “I know, I know, I’m sorry you have to believe me though I love you.”

She looked at her mother and snapped “You don’t love me, you love Daniel. The only reason you believed Larry was because he informed you of the truth about how Daniel would feel if he hadn’t, he had to say that for you to realize it, you didn’t realize it when he talked about my death if he hadn’t.”

“Kera, that’s not what happened.”

“Bullshit I was right there, I heard and saw the whole thing.”

“I love you”

“Bullshit.” She snapped back.

Kera’s mom was crying hard now but Kera showed no compassion Kera’s mom finally said, “I know you don’t believe me, I don’t even know if you should, I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

“No I can’t, and I won’t”

Kera’s mom got up and left crying.  Kera just continued to watch MTV.  Kera’s mom continued upstairs in her room and went to sleep.  Kera continued to watch TV not feeling one bit bad for her mom, nobody could blame her.  Larry came down about 45 minutes afterwards.  He joined Kera and watched.  Kera turned and told Larry about the conversation she had with her mother.  Larry didn’t say anything about it.  He thought himself it was bullshit what went on that day, but he didn’t believe the other things Kera said, he didn’t want to argue though, he was just happy Kera was alive, and that he had done a good thing. 


Later on that day the Japanese surrendered to American soldiers.  The war was over.  The next day Larry packed his things and was ready to drive home.  Kera yelled at him to take her.  Larry told her to pack her things. Kera went upstairs and packed a lot of clothes.  Larry told her to ask her parents.  Kera just handed her bag to Larry and yelled, “Mom, dad, I’m going with Larry to Ohio.” 


Larry laughed and carried the bag to his car.  Kera’s parents didn’t object.  They didn’t want to anger Kera any more than they had already.  Kera never did forgive her mom, but she returned to New York three weeks later.  Her and her mom almost never spoke to each other.  When Kera wanted something she went to her dad.  Larry and Kera always kept in contact with each other with the use of telephone and AOL.  Nobody in the household would ever forget what happened. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Adrenaline Rush

                Before I begin this story I think you should know the two characters.  Kera is 12 years old. She lives in Brooklyn, New York; She is about 5’3” and has dark brown hair and tan colored skin.  She moved out of her parent’s house to live with her cousin Larry, who started a habitat for all kids he knew that wanted to run away from home.  Money was never a problem for them; the structure they were in was abandoned so it didn’t cost a dime.  They had two places one in Brooklyn and one in Cleveland; they’re at the one in Brooklyn at the point of the story.  Larry is 15 years old, and lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is 5’11” tall and 123lbs.  He loves to fight and vowed to defend all his friends and put his body on the line for them. 


                It was a nice Fall Saturday, Kera and Larry were at Marine Park in Brooklyn, New York.  They were hanging out for a while and when Larry went to go to the bathroom.  This left Kera alone.  There weren’t as many people as there usually was at Marine Park.  Due to this fact, the security around the place wasn’t as tight as it usually is.  While Larry was gone, two African Americans approached Kera.  Kera was very nervous, she didn’t have too much confidence in her fighting ability and she was very intimidated by these men.  They were both around 6’1” at least 200lbs.  She knew that they had come to hit on her and she was not interested.  She wanted to run, but her legs froze in their position.  They approached her and one of them asked, “Hey baby, you are fine too hot to be here alone.”

                Kera responded with obvious terror in her voice, “I’m waiting for someone”

                “We think he can wait”

                “t-t-that’s m-m-mean”

                “No it isn’t, it’s mean he is making you wait here, just relax” he said while running his fingers along her right cheek.

                Kera pulled away and said, “ I’m sorry I have to go”

                She started off when the one that remained silent grabbed her by the shoulder and said, “By all means stay and sit down!” saying the last two words in a yelling voice and throwing her onto a bench. 

                Kera was absolutely terrified now as the kid who had done the talking previously said, “Now you will get up and follow us to our house, where we will have our way with your little white ass.”

                Larry overheard this and said, “Hey niggers leave her alone.”

                They turned around and looked Larry in his eyes with anger and fury in theirs.  Larry didn’t budge and he just stared back.  One of them went behind Larry; Larry turned around and punched that one in the stomach.  The one he did not hit punched him in the kidneys.  The one he punched started punching Larry’s chest and the other one was punching his back.  Larry was being tossed into closed fists continuously until the one punching his chest picked him up and slammed him to the ground on the back of his neck.  The blow caused blood to form on the back of Larry’s head.  They both went toward Kera with a smile.  Larry got up and dove into the hamstrings of them both, they both fell over Larry and Larry yelled at Kera, “Go home get the fuck out of here”

                Kera obeyed and went home, she purposely went the wrong way to make sure she couldn’t be followed. The two kids got up and went on each side of Larry one facing his front and one facing his back.  The one in the back started punching Larry in the kidneys while the one in front punched in the chest; they kept punching until Larry fell.  They then started walking in the direction Kera went.  Larry got up and yelled, “Hey niggers, I’m still fucking standing and as long as I can still stand I fucking own your nigger asses!” 

                Obviously this angered them, they came back and lifted Larry up by the legs and slammed his body down so his head hit the pavement.  They then started stomping on his chest and limbs.  They picked him up bent him over, reached over his back and on to his stomach, lifted him up so his legs were at their shoulders and threw him down into the pavement so he landed on the back of his neck and head.  This move is known as a “power bomb.”  They then picked him up again and power bombed him on a wooden bench, Larry broke the bench on impact.  They then walked away.  Larry had blood oozing from the back of his head, he fought his way up and said very wearily but loud enough so they could hear, “I’m still standing”

                The kids turned around and walked back toward him.  One punched him in the stomach then when Larry was bent over he grabbed his hair so Larry wouldn’t fall down, the other kid put out his knee and by the hair the other kid slammed Larry’s face into the kid’s knee.  He repeated this several times then threw his head back so it nailed the pavement.  They began to walk away again.  Larry wasn’t ready to quit yet.  He got up with blood all over his face, “I’m still standing but I take back what I said, as long as I’m still breathing I own your nigger asses.”

                They turned away with a very surprise look on their faces, they had dished out so much punishment and this kid kept getting up.  They forgot about Kera, which was Larry’s original goal.  Now his goal was to get up every time.  They ran at Larry this time one slipped behind him and went perpendicular to Larry on his knees with his head ducked down and his arms over his head.  The other one nailed Larry with his shoulder; Larry flew over the kid who was right behind him crouched down and nailed his head.  They picked him up and repeatedly power bombed him and punched away at his chest and stomach and across his face, they wanted to finish the job.  One of them then took a board from the bench they broke and the other one stood Larry up and the nailed the board across Larry’s face.  Larry came crashing down from the blow spitting blood upon impact.  They began to walk away in glory.  Larry then crawled to another bench and pushed himself up staggered, and yelled, “Is that all you niggers got I’m still standing.”  They ran back and Larry fell before they hit so they ended up stepping on Larry.  Two cops came running at them with nightsticks in hand.  The two kids turned and punched the cops squarely in the nose they dropped the nightsticks upon the blow.  The kids picked them up and beat the cops with them.  They then turned around and found Larry standing and beat him with the nightsticks.  They dropped the nightstick and Larry was running on all adrenaline now, he yelled out he was still standing as he had done before, this time the kids didn’t come back because they saw another cop, Larry saw him running up too.  He took a nightstick from where the kids dropped it and swung and nailed the cop in the face.  He beat the cop with the nightstick and yelled, “This is my fight bitch”

                The kids came back Larry threw the nightstick away, he didn’t want to use weapons.  The kids came running up to him.  And both nailed them with their shoulders, Larry fell but got right back up.  The kids then kicked him the stomach so he was bent lifted him up this time by his arms and slammed his knees on the pavement.  This is called “the pedigree.”  They then picked him back up and gave him another pedigree on to the bench.  Larry nailed the bench knees first bounced off it and nailed the pavement. The kids thought for sure that he had enough, so walked away.  Larry again got up with the help of the bench and put most of his weight on it so he could stand and repeated his line, which was, “I’m still standing”

                The kids looked back and Larry saw the tiredness and frustration in their eyes, they came back though.  Larry knew they were exhausted this gave him motivation to go just one more time.  They came and kneed him in the stomach they then power bombed him, and then pedigreed him five times. But they got so tired of hoisting him up all those times this time they left because of exhaustion.  They walked away panting in Larry’s ears the sound of them panting amplified by 20 he couldn’t get up though.  He yelled, “I’m still breathing”

                They turned around and saw him trying to get up, they were panting and just turned and walked away.  Larry then forced himself up and charged with all his might and put out both arms connecting with the back of their heads.  The impact caused Larry to fall as well Larry bounced right back up as fury and rage overcame his body.  The kids got up as well Larry then punched one squarely in the nose; he had so much forward momentum he fell along with the kid he hit.  The other one tried to stomp him but Larry moved out of the way and got up and punched that kid squarely in the nose again falling from the forward momentum, The kids got up wary and tired.  They didn’t have the adrenaline Larry had, they didn’t have the desire and determination Larry had which is why he had the upper hand even though blood was flowing from both sides of his head, his chest, and his knees. He then closed his fist and swung his arm, his forearm nailed one of the kids in the face, After impact Larry did a full 360º turn before he fell to the ground he put everything he had in that shot.  He bounced back up, and swung his arm again nailing the other kid in the face.  He then did a 540º turn after that impact.  He fell to the ground and this time didn’t get back up for about 10 seconds before he finally got up, but the other two kids didn’t, Larry had knocked them out cold. 


More cops came at this moment and handcuffed the two kids and put them in the back of the car, they didn’t have trouble or read them their rights since they were knocked unconscious.  Larry stood and watched the cop car leave with the kids in it.  Larry was panting and bloody, he had held all the pain in because of his adrenaline, However, he no longer needed the adrenaline, it stopped pumping Larry was hit by everything at once and collapsed onto the ground a cop saw him and asked him where his house was.  He responded by giving the address of Kera’s house before his eyes glazed over in unconsciousness.  The cop cleaned the blood off Larry and bandaged him up, he made the judgement he didn’t need an ambulance but he did take Larry’s shirt off to wash it, so the blood would come out.  The cop took Larry to Kera’s house and Kera answered the door, she saw Larry on the cop’s shoulders with no shirt on-balanced there and was curious why but never asked.  The cops then handed Kera a videotape.  The cop asked permission to enter the house.  Kera granted it, The cop carried Larry into the house and asked where the bed was, Kera showed him and he lied Larry down on it.  He told Kera to watch the tape and let Larry lay there until he woke up.  The tape had the complete video of the whole fight.  Kera was in awe at how much punishment Larry had gone through.  After Larry woke up, she inquired how he did it, Larry answered, “I had a great cause and my adrenaline was pumping and I am the toughest son of a bitch.”

 Kera laughed Larry turned over and went back to sleep.  Larry fought to protect his cousin and one of Larry’s favorite things is to look into the eyes and face of someone he just saved.  He defended a family member and a friend plus he loved fighting this is how he won the fight.  They never heard from the kids again.  The news had no names in them and described Kera a young girl and Larry her cousin and the two kids, as two African Americans.  Nobody ever found out it was Larry and Kera.  Larry and Kera never found out the names of the two kids.