Friday, December 23, 2016


                This story takes place in Brooklyn, New York. The year is 2000 the month is January.  Vicki and her friends Dani, Kevin and Kristen are all at Marine Park hanging out.  Kristen is girl that turned Vicki away from her cousin Theo, now Vicki hates Theo.  Vicki sees nothing wrong with what she did, because she is a coldhearted bitch.  Theo didn’t realize this till after all this. He wasn’t speaking out of anger. He realized it when his grandfather told him, shortly after the betrayal, “I never wanted you two to be so close, Vicki is like her mother you’ll real close one minute and she drops you like that I told yiayia [grandmother] to warn you about her but she didn’t listen.” 

                Unfortunately for Theo his yiayia never did deliver the message. His grandfather was right, always will be right.  Anyway back to the story they were hanging out when a kid came up to Vicki and started hitting on her.  It was quite normal for this to happen; Vicki shrugged him off like she did to all the guys who tried to hit on her.  She turned away and the kid grabbed her by the arm and swung her back toward her and said, “Listen, you don’t turn away from me bitch, you’re hot and you will go to my crib tonight where I’ll have my way wit ya.” 

                At this Kevin stepped in a shoved the kid back attempting to help his friend out.  After being pushed back the kid lifted his arms up open handed and said, “Whoa man I’m sorry I didn’t know she was your friend my bad.”

                Kevin still stared at him waiting for him to leave, however he did not leave the kid punched Kevin in the stomach.  Kevin grabbed his stomach in pain and the kid slammed Kevin’s head into his knees.  He took Kevin by his shirt and slammed him into a flagpole. Due to the many shots to the head, Kevin was bloody and unconscious

Vicki turned to run away but the kid grabbed her again, Kristen and Dani ran off.  The kid turned to Vicki and said, “Looks as though your homies are either hurt or knocked out cold now, where were we?”

                Vicki was terrified now; she didn’t know how to get out of this.  The kid pulled her toward him and tried to kiss Vicki on the lips, Vicki turned away and all the kid kissed was her cheek.  Vicki pulled away and the kid slapped her across the face, Vicki fell to the ground and the kid smiled and said, “You can’t win bitch, I own chu.”

Vicki wanted some help but she couldn’t get any, she was in the middle of the park, there were no cops around and her friends either abandoned her or were knocked unconscious.  Vicki pleaded, “What do you want from me?”

“I want your body.”

Suddenly out of nowhere a kid came running at him yelling, “Hey fucker leave her alone.” 

                The kid turned around only to be met with a punch to the nose.  The kid running was Theo.  Theo started punching away at the kid’s midsection.  Theo was punching with everything he had.  He then punched him straight across the face.  Theo’s middle and pointer knuckles were bloody after punching him in the face.  The kid was down Theo started stomping away and forced the kid to his feet then he picked him up by the legs so the kid’s body was bent over him.  He walked toward a bench and Theo pulled the kid’s legs toward his chest and threw his chest forward causing the kid’s upper body to be thrown down, the kid’s shoulder, neck and head, cracked the bench, bounced off and his upper half slammed against the asphalt knocking him out cold. 


Theo turned and looked at Vicki, there was sorrow in Vicki’s eyes because she knew that she was a brat to Theo but she was looking into the eyes of a kid who had just saved her again.  He had done it so much in the past and Vicki never got less thankful. Now she felt saddened because for the first time she knew that she had backstabbed Theo and when Kristen and Dani the two people she dropped Theo for left her high and dry when she was in trouble Theo came and saved her.  Theo looked back at Vicki with anger in his eyes and the eye of a tiger only found in fighters.  All she could say to Theo was thank you.  Theo then did something nobody would expect he turned his hands so that Vicki was looking at the back and extended his two middle fingers.  Vicki jumped back at this and inquired why he was doing this.  Theo then said, “You have no idea why I saved you, you can’t understand why, after all the bullshit you did to me, I helped you out here today can you?”

                “Vicki responded, “Yea, cause you don’t hate me, and you miss me, and you want me back.”

“Don’t flatter yourself Vicki, I came back because I am a man of my word, I swore to myself I would help anyone of my friends if they needed it and I made a list you were on that list.  That was when we were cool with each other but you drop me for Kristen, but I don’t back away from my word.  You can’t comprehend that because you’re a backstabber, you told me once ‘a true friend stabs you in the front’ you stabbed me from behind.  So you are nothing but a back stabbing bitch so you can’t understand what I’m saying.”

At the word “Bitch” Vicki looked at Theo with doubt mixed with fury in her eyes and she went to slap Theo across the face.  Theo grabbed her arm and twisted it. Vicki fell to her knees from the pain. Theo looked at her and smiled and said, “You know there’s an irony in this situation, it was my goal last spring break for you to bitch slap me, here you were about to and I stopped you.” 

                Vicki bent her down from the pain and managed to say, “I’m sorry let me go.”

                “No you’re not, if I let you go you’re going to get up and tell me to fuck off and leave.  Then I’ll feel like shit again.  I don’t want that to happen so you can shut up. I told you I have no conscience, what I said was both true and misleading.  I have a different type of conscience, the conscience that won’t back away from a deal. You own me Vicki, I will protect you for the rest of my life, I’d die for you without hesitation no matter how much I despise you I can never hate you.”

Vicki didn’t say anything she just bent her head down in both pain and sorrow.  Theo let go of her arm and Vicki held it, she got up and said to Theo, “Listen to me, if you have trouble hearing put a hearing aid in because you’ll want to hear this Theo I’m sorry I was wrong.”

Theo was completely shocked and smiled and said in a joking tone, “Excuse me what was that? I didn’t hear you”

Vicki laughed and said, “I warned you”

Theo was happy now; Vicki had finally forgiven him.  Theo informed her that he didn’t have a place to stay; Vicki took the cue and told Theo to stay at her house.  That day Vicki called Kristen up and acted like nothing happened she then offered to call Dani and on three way calling.  They did and when Vicki had both of them on the phone she snapped and yelled at them for leaving her high and dry and just like that dropped two of her good friends.  Something Vicki knows how to do all too well. 


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