Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some guys get lucky

                This story is about a normal event that happens quite frequently. However in this story the result of the event is not normal but rather rare.  If you are a female this event may have occurred in your life at least once.  Because men have a natural instinct within us, and they have a tendency for their hormones to rush.  There are many chauvinistic terms for this kind of male the most common of these are, “pig” or “pervert.”  Now the event I’m speaking of is when a male hits on or flirts with a girl he does not know, but is admired by her beauty.  This has happened many times, and usually girls just keep walking.  Some males are more serious about this than others.  Almost no guy ever really expects to pick up a girl in a line such as, “hey baby you’re looking hot tonight.”  This event happens so often there is even a name for the phrases they use.  These phrases are called, “pick up lines.”  They almost never work though.   Sometimes however guys get lucky and they can get the girl.  Please do not expect you to get the girl with one line.  You have a better bet of introducing yourself and talking for a while.  The best place for the talking aspect is on an airplane when the girl is sitting next to you, because she’s not going anywhere and you’re usually bored.  Sure you have your CD’s and other things to pass the time but talking to a member of the opposite sex is better.  The best place for talking and impressing members of the opposite sex is a dance.  The reason I say this is because for one thing girls love dances.  Guys hate them, however we go to meet girls.  This is cool because you meet them, you talk and after a while you can dance with the girl.  I recommend using this approach rather then, “Hey baby you’re looking hot tonight.”  Try to refrain from using the terms “baby,” “chick” “sexy” etc.  Now all this advice is coming from someone that has no luck whatsoever with girls.  So it may be not entirely accurate but from what I’ve observed pick up lines rarely work.  People who have confidence in them working are not smart people.  With that being said I think I will begin the story.  Usually how I do this is I give you a little background on the characters of the story, I can’t do that here because I don’t really know the background of half the characters.  There are only two characters in this particular story Kera and Kellie. 


Kera is 12 years old, dark brown hair, and is 100% Greek and has had an eye on Kellie for a while but was a little too shy to say anything so she left it alone.  Plus she didn’t think she could get him.  Kera was going to go to Marine Park to skate.  She enjoyed roller blading and Marine Park was fairly close to her house so she skated there on a regular basis.  Since it is a park there are obviously other people there.  At the park there are basketball hoops, track in which to ride, skate, walk, or run on and of course benches.  Kera couldn’t find anyone to go with so she went alone.  Not a very favorable thing to do in Brooklyn, New York but she didn’t seem to worry.  She had hoped she would run into someone she knew up there for instance a friend and at the same time hoped she didn’t run into people she knew but didn’t particularly like.  She skated around when she spotted a kid she recognized, his name was Kellie.  She didn’t know Kellie too well so she couldn’t stop to talk to him, plus she was too afraid because Kellie was rather attractive in Kera’s eyes.  As she skated by Kellie whistled the kind of whistle you use when you indicate you like how something or someone looks.  It was toward Kera and her attractiveness.  Kera was blushing and had an ear to ear smile on her face but was too nervous to do anything.  She didn’t have to Kellie got up and caught up to Kera (Kellie was also on roller blades.)  He caught up with her and realized she was blushing, he had figured it was from his whistle.  He had already known he could get this girl.  He went up to her and asked, “What is your name?”

Kera responded, “Kera”

“Hey Kera my name is Kellie”

“Hey Kellie nice to meet you.” (Kera had already known his name)

“You live around here?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do”

“Same here”

They continued with their small talk for quite some time and got to know each other.  They were talking for hours.  Kellie and Kera had managed to get each other’s numbers.  They then went home and agreed to meet there the next day.  Kera could not stop smiling.  She had a small crush on Kellie and now Kellie had a crush on her as well.  They talked a lot on the phone and in person.  Then Kellie was throwing a party at his house.  He had invited Kera to come, Kera agreed and they went to the party.  Not too many people were at the party.  This benefited Kellie.  Kellie had the idea of getting on Kera from the beginning, Kera knew this but Kera would love to get on Kellie, just as much as Kellie wanted to get on her.  They found a private room and went in.  Following their entry Kera and Kellie then began to make out.  During making out they stripped each other to Kera’s panties, and Kellie’s boxers.  They then lied on the bed and were all over each other.  They were being very playful as you usually are in this situation.  Kellie was caressing her breasts as Kera let him suck on them as well.  Kera then began caressing Kellie’s ass.  Kellie did the same to her.  Then Kellie motioned his hand up and down Kera’s legs.  They were both very happy because it was a dream come true for both of them.  They kept their virginity, which is good.  They continued seeing each other and being very flirtatious with each other.  Kellie hits on Kera in the park and later on he gets on her.  Like I said earlier that isn’t the usual outcome of this but it’s a very favorable outcome.

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