Friday, November 18, 2016

Cousin rivalry


                On a hot Greek summer in Mani, Greece Kera was spending her day at the beach with friends as she had always done.  After about 7:00 when the sun was beginning to not shine as bright so tanning wasn’t able to take place they would go to a party wherever and have a good time.  This is not uncommon among Greeks for they always partied during the night.  Most usually slept in the afternoons so they could stay up and party all night.  Kera had a little crush on this guy she met there named Petro.  She didn’t think she stood a chance because that’s the way she thought about guys she liked.  At this party alcoholic drinks were present and drunken by the people present.  Unlike America, underage drinking in Greece is not enforced.  Everyone at this party was drunk.  As you probably know there are many different types of drunks.  In Kera’s case, she gained self-confidence when drunk.  She went up to Petro and flirted with him.  What Kera didn’t know is that Petro also had an eye on her.  Petro flirted back with Kera.  They made their way into a room where they started to make out.  While making out they stripped each other of clothes.  They continued this until Kera was in her panties and Petro was in his boxers.  Then Petro lay on the bed and brought Kera down on top of him.  They continued making out, rolling around in the bed.  Their hands gripped each other’s butts firmly.  Petro then lifted Kera’s body so that her breasts were in his face.  He opened his mouth and sucked on them.  Kera didn’t mind at all.  After a while they both began to climax so they stopped.  I want you to keep in mind that no body took advantage of anyone in this situation. 


                Meanwhile back at the party, after people were looking for Kera, they realized Petro was gone too, they put the two together and came to the conclusion they were together.  They were happy for them so they stopped looking, all of them except Athena.  What everyone didn’t know was that she had a secret crush on Petro too. She was jealous of Kera, but what made her more angry was that Kera was 12 and she was 15 like Petro.  She carried out the rest of the evening semi-casually.  She began to think that there was no proof they were on each other.  Then she saw it; Kera and Petro walk out of the same room looking beat.  She knew what went on and that the bright side she looked at was wrong.  She waited until they got home, for Kera was staying with her.  When they got home, Athena exploded on Kera.  She yelled at her and said, “How could you do that to me?”

                Kera responded in shock, “What did I do?”

                “You know what you did”

                “No I don’t”

                “You got on Petro!”

                “Yea so?”

                She responded angry, “so? You little girl don’t you fight with me you will regret it.”

                “Wait are you saying you like Petro?”


                “Oh my God, I’m so sorry I didn’t know”

                “If you did would you have rejected him?”

                Hesitates, “Yea I would’ve”


                Whiningly now “I was drunk then, I’m drunk now, Petro was drunk, leave me alone”

                “Exactly you’re too young to drink anyway”

                Taken back, “Excuse me, I drink all the time?”

                “You shouldn’t you’re too young”

                “So are you, the fact is I gave you my explanation I have nothing else to say.”

                “There are no excuses for your actions and don’t think because you’re my cousin I won’t get revenge, I will get revenge.”

Kera kept these words in mind but didn’t think of it.  Kera went to bed extremely tired.  When she had fallen asleep, Athena sneaked into her room and noticed she was wearing a shirt and shorts to bed.  She took off the shorts very slowly so she wouldn’t wake her up.  She succeeded and then she reached and grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head.  Kera woke up during this process.  Athena realized this and gave her a punch in the stomach.  She then unbuckled her bra and took it off.  She forced her into a chair and tied her to the chair.  She then placed her in the room that the front door was in. She went outside and placed a blinking red light on the top.  This signifies a whorehouse.  Kera was just in her panties so it was to be assumed she was the whore.  Athena put a mouth gag and a blindfold over her.


  The first person to come by was the Philli kid.  This was someone else Kera had a crush on.  He came because he knew what house he was at and he decided to check why the light was there.  She knew something was wrong but he wanted Kera and didn’t know Kera wanted him.  He went outside and unscrewed the red light bulb.  Petro saw all this but let it go.  The Philli kid then untied Kera and got on her.  He started to make out with her and Kera didn’t resist in utter fear.  She cried throughout the whole thing.  He did all sorts of things like make out and grab her ass and feel her breasts.  He got some whipped cream and sprayed it over Kera’s breasts and then sucked the whipped cream off them.  He also ran his arm up and down her legs.  Not only that but he put whipped cream on her legs and sucked it off her legs as well.  He continued on all over Kera. He then began to climax so he stopped.  Petro’s interest had risen and he was back at the house and walked in.  He found the Philli kid lying in the same bed right next to Kera, with Kera in a blindfold (the gag wasn’t on because the Philli kid untied it so he could make out with her).  Petro then grabbed the Philli kid and whispered, “Here is what’s going to happen, I will pretend to beat you up, and then we save Kera because the reason she was tied up is because of Athena”

                “Are you sure?”


                ‘All right then let’s do it”

                They set up and Petro was outside, he stormed through the doorway and him and Petro used sound effects to make it seem like Petro was beating him.  Then they went up to Kera and took off the blindfold and told her, “We are going to leave I want you to put the blindfold back on and take off your panties.  This way it appears you were raped and Athena will feel like shit.” 

Kera liked the idea of getting revenge on Athena.  She did as she was told and since there were already crying marks from when she thought it was a stranger when in reality it was the Philli kid.  Athena walked in and saw her and immediately thought she was raped.  She dressed Kera and was screaming in guilt.  She lied her down in Kera’s bed and tucked her in and then stayed awake all night feeling bad for herself.  Kera was smiling for she pulled one over Athena.  Athena apologized on multiple occasions about that, Kera pretended not to forgive her and even acted scared of her.  That afternoon while everyone was asleep she used a calling card to call her Cousin Larry in America.  Larry answered the phone.  Kera called at 4:00PM Greece time which is 11:00PM Ohio time.  She explained the entire situation and Larry was all for it and told her not to blow her cover for two days.  Kera agreed and so kept the secret for two days.  During those two days Athena did everything for Kera from sun tan lotion to making her food.  She felt horrible; Kera did a superb acting job throughout the time period.  After two days she called Larry at the same time and Larry told her to wait till evening.  Kera agreed and waited till evening.  Evening struck and she said to Athena, “There is something I need to tell you”

She responded, “Go ahead”

“I wasn’t raped”

                She sounded shocked and said, “What?”

                I said I was raped so you would feel bad as a method of revenge for putting me in a whore house.”

                “Well I thought about it and well I think I overreacted, I mean I have the length of my crush on him to get Petro, you have about 3-4 weeks.”

                “I’m glad you understand that”

                “Me too”

After their conversation Athena made a drink for Kera only she put a sleeping pill in the drink.  Kera drank it and fell into Athena’s arms. She then brought her to Kera’s bed and lied her down.  She was going to meet Petro who saw what happened and met Athena when he was supposed to.  He made her a drink and placed the same pill in there.  Athena fell right asleep.  Petro then stripped Athena of her clothes until she was only in her panties and carried her to his bed.  He came back and stripped Kera to her panties and brought her to his bed.  He then felt both of them.  He made himself a threesome and had his way with both girls.  He didn’t have sex with them though.  He didn’t go down their front of their pants either.  He climaxed quickly, he had twice the girl.  He then slept.  When he awoke he replaced Kera and Athena to their beds.  Four hours later they awoke and had no idea about the previous night nor ever would. 

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