Friday, July 20, 2018

Sinister Sisters

Natalie was the oldest of four children.  Long ago, she had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and hospitalized on several occasions for, what the hospital called, psychotic breaks. Despite growing up in the upper middle class in a nice neighborhood in Long Island to two parents still married, she was prone to violence.  Growing up, there had been incidents where she attacked people with brass knuckles and used her long fake nails as weapons.  Due to this, she didn’t bother going to college and was content to live off disability from the government as she lived in an apartment of a building her parent’s own smoking marijuana daily.  Her parents had long given up hope of her being employed and looked the other way of her marijuana habit and just let her be in her apartment.

Samantha was the second child.  Given that the dynamic was three girls and one boy, she was not only one of the middle children but also the middle girl.  Add to this that she was the only one of her siblings to take her mother’s Puerto Rican complexion rather than the rest of her siblings that looked every bit the Polish complexion that their father denoted to the gene pool. Growing up in New York, Samantha couldn’t wait to leave.  Her parents had a house in Florida and that’s where her sites were at.  The second she graduated college, she moved to Florida and started teaching.  Samantha, however, was also prone to the addiction that her sister Natalie enjoyed.  For her, however, the addiction was poker.  After a while, she found she was making more money playing poker than she was at teaching.  Since she loved playing poker more than being a teacher, she made the decision to quit teaching and become a full time professional poker player.  She engaged a dealer at the local dog track where she played poker and he told her he’d get her into dealing.  Things were looking good for Samantha until she realized that the returns she used to enjoy from poker were drying up and she turned against her fiancée causing them to break up.  Things downward spiraled after that as she avoided the dog track and played online to minimal returns.  She started smoking marijuana daily to calm her nerves from her poker career not going well.  If Samantha was anything, however, it was confident in her abilities regardless of the result.  She had hoped that her friends from New York would come to visit but her most frequent friend was a kid she met through a high school friend when she was in college named Larry.  She got along with Larry, even manipulated him into staking her in the beginning of her poker career.  She lost the money but Larry didn’t seem upset by it and it didn’t affect their friendship.  She knew that after she left New York, Larry and Natalie had seen a lot of each other and maintained a friendship.  Larry seemed to be the only one that wasn’t scared off by Natalie’s craziness.  On one particular day, Samantha got a familiar phone call.  Samantha was notorious for not answering her phone but Natalie could be very persistent, almost obsessively stalkerish.  She knew eventually she’d have to speak to her.

For the first time in Natalie’s life, she was getting her life straight.  She had seriously pursued getting a job as a babysitter to get her out of the house and she had been married for five years now.  Samantha had predicted that her Polish immigrant husband would divorce her the second the five years was up and he no longer needed to stay married to maintain his citizenship but he hadn’t.  Although Natalie cheated on her husband regularly in the beginning of their marriage she had stopped her promiscuous lifestyle and settled into married life.  Whenever she felt sick of New York, she would buy a flight down to Florida to see her two sisters that currently lived there.  She felt it was a little more complicated this time since Samantha had a new boyfriend.  Like all of Samantha’s boyfriends, this one was no prize. He had a part time job, lived with his parents and had absolutely no personal hygiene with an unshaven face and a puppy dog look that followed and worshipped Samantha. Natalie and Larry always postulated that since Samantha saw her parent’s marriage as their father being dismissive and condescending to their mother not allowing her to work since he made more than enough to support her and the four kids, she vowed to never be with a man that could stand on his own two feet.  She wanted a man that was so pathetic that he would have to depend on her so he would never leave her.  Samantha had a way of manipulating men and she used it to her full advantage.  Natalie had met Samantha’s boyfriend Blake on previous trips to Florida and confirmed that he fit the Samantha’s boyfriend mold.  Samantha’s father would joke that Samantha would pick any bum off the street to date.  Samantha always wanted to literally take a bum to a movie just to shove it in her dad’s face that she would stoop that low but never did it. Natalie called Samantha repeatedly to schedule a time to come to Florida like she always did.  It enraged her that Samantha wouldn’t answer phone calls or call people back.  She was the only person she knew that had a cell phone that was not unlimited calling but only free nights and weekends.  Finally Samantha picked up and she started the conversation normally.

Samantha picked up the phone already annoyed.  She was in a bad mood and she was going to tell Natalie what she thought of her incessant phone calls.  When the topic of visiting came up she said, “I couldn’t care less if you came to Florida, my life doesn’t revolve around you.  You think you can just snap your pretty little fingers and I’ll come running, well that’s not how it works.  If you come down, you work around my schedule, I’m not accommodating you, you selfish whore.”

Natalie responded, “Whatever, fuck you, you’re just jealous because I’m no longer the fuck-up of the family, you are.  I got a job now, I have a husband, you have a pathetic little boyfriend that follows you like a dog and has to stay at mom and dad’s place because he has nowhere to live.  He’s a fucking bum, and you’re just jealous I have a nice man and you got shit.  You suck at poker, you have no job and you smoke weed all day, at least I stopped that.”

The sisters continued to bicker until they hung up the phone in foul moods.  Natalie called Larry and invited him over.  When Larry came over, she asked him to go to Florida with him.  Larry had only been to Florida while Natalie was there once and it was a disaster.  Natalie was visibly jealous that Larry wanted to hang out with Samantha even though she had crashed the visit. To Larry, he was closer with Samantha and the distance to Florida didn’t change anything.  Just because he saw Natalie on almost a weekly basis, didn’t change the fact that Samantha was the sister he always preferred.  Nowadays, however, the waters were a little muddier.  Samantha had recently visited New York and had called Larry like she always did.  She invited a bunch of her friends to a bar near her parent’s building and drank the night away.  Although Larry had called her a sociopath before, she always shrugged it off.  Larry was very difficult to deal with as he was very argumentative but it never got to Samantha before.  This time, however, Larry was acting like a chauvinist. When questions were directed at Samantha, Larry answered for her, and most of the time he answered incorrectly.  He also was outspoken on how promiscuous he thought her cousin for leaving the bar to make out with some guy she had just met and Larry said he wouldn’t be surprised if she had intercourse with him.  Samantha hated promiscuity but Larry wasn’t sexually active at all so his measure on what constituted promiscuous behavior was ultra-conservative.  Although Samantha would claim she was turned on by men who didn’t have many sexual partners, Larry was an exception.  The final straw was when Larry verbalized what type of guy he thinks Samantha goes for.  Samantha’s high school friends reacted shocked and screamed in amazement that he actually said it outloud but then they said they believed it to be true.  Samantha maintained her poker face but she was fuming inside.  She didn’t tell Larry she was mad but instead told their mutual friend the next day and had her deliver the news to Larry.  She also told Natalie so she would relay the message to Larry.  Both did, Larry tried texting an apology but she wasn’t hearing it and didn’t even bother responding.  If there was one thing Samantha could do, it was write someone out of her life no matter how nice they had been to her in the past.  She had just done that with Larry. Nothing he said or did could change her mind.

Larry knew Samantha well enough to know his friendship with her was over.  In a way he was relieved, for he was afraid of Samantha.  He believed her to have sociopathic tendencies and he knew he was defenseless against her manipulation.  When he first met her, he had a crush on her but the last seven years he was able to suppress those feelings.  The last year, however, they had resurfaced. He believed that if you are willing to say something behind someone’s back, you should say it to their face.  He did that with Samantha but was surprised to hear she was mad at him when she found out that everything he said to her face when it was just the two of them, he told behind her back to anyone who knew her.  He always thought it was fair game unless specifically told not to mention it, which he hadn’t been.  When Natalie started complaining about Samantha, Larry took it with a grain of salt.  He had seen Natalie enraged with people before only to get over it quickly afterwards, especially her siblings.  Since Larry also had three siblings, he knew how this went.  When there’s that many kids, you normally alternate which sibling you want to be closest with, always having a closest and one you hate.  It alternates as time progresses but that’s just the way the dynamic worked.  Larry was fascinated how this 5’4” barely more than 100lb girl could have such a violent past.  He had never seen it first hand but he had stories and had been shown pictures of the damage she could cause by her long nails.  When Natalie brought up Florida, he said, “I told you, I don’t want to go there when you are there because I hate dividing my time between you and Samantha.”

“Samantha hates you.”

“I know”

“So why do you want to chill with her?”

“Why would I go to Florida if Samantha doesn’t want to chill with me?  I can just hang out with you here. Why go to Florida?”

Natalie smiled and said with a chuckle, “Because I want to fuck her and Blake up.”

                Larry couldn’t believe that he was actually contemplating this.  He had never met Blake but hurting him to hurt Samantha didn’t seem like too bad an idea.  To Natalie, it was the ultimate victory, manipulate Samantha’s friend, whom she had previously controlled, and use him to hurt Samantha.  Larry knew this but Samantha and Natalie never really realized how open he was to it. Besides, he had gotten Natalie to do some things that he considered revenge toward Samantha even though he didn’t believe Samantha knew about them.  Then again, Natalie is notorious for her big mouth but he always believed Samantha would berate him if she found out.  To date, that phone call had not happened.  He agreed to go to Florida and Natalie told him her plan, which was much more sinister and insidious than he could have come up with.  He was unsure if he could go through with it but Natalie seemed to want to do most of the dirty work and dirty work it was. They flew to Florida and stayed at Natalie’s parent’s house.  Samantha’s father had bought her a small ranch house and her other sister had moved out with her fiancée and their daughter so the Florida house was unoccupied.  Normally, against her father’s wishes, Samantha had Blake stay there since it was close to the part time job she got for him.  Samantha arranged a time between her time with Blake and playing poker to have Natalie over. Natalie hadn’t told Samantha that Larry was in Florida, let alone coming to Samantha’s house. Natalie rang the doorbell and Samantha answered the door without even looking who it was completely unprepared for what would happen next.

                Natalie had rung the doorbell with her left hand even though she was right handed.  This was because her right hand was already in a fist donning brass knuckles with Larry standing behind her.  The moment the door opened, Natalie drove her brass-knuckled fist directly into Samantha’s stomach and her and Larry barged into the house.  All Blake heard was a guttural groan and he rose only to find himself being driven back as Larry had driven his shoulder into his solar plexus, hoisted him up and slammed him against the wall.  Before Blake could react, he was being punched repeatedly in the head as he went down, which only made it worse as the punches turned to kicks.  He curled into the fetal position but it did little to lessen the blows.

                After Samantha was bent over, Natalie grabbed her long black hair and yanked her back slamming the back of Samantha’s head into the wooden floor.  She straddled Samantha and started slapping her in the face repeatedly screaming, “Fuck you bitch, you want to disrespect me?” Knowing that “bitch” was the word Samantha most hated being called.

                Soon after, Natalie got up and started stomping and kicking Samantha’s midsection and legs.  When she was satisfied that Samantha was too incapacitated to move, she stood up and called Larry over. The plan had worked perfectly, Blake and Samantha were in no condition to retaliate and soon they would be even more helpless.  Larry walked over to Natalie and Natalie said, “Stand that bitch up.”

                Larry was 6’ 205lbs and Samantha was 5’5” 98lbs.  Due to this, Larry bent down gripped under Samantha’s armpit and hoisted her dead weight up with ease.  He placed her against a pole in her house and held her up staring into her hurt eyes.

                Samantha was in a lot of pain but figured she still had hope.  She had manipulated Larry before; she could beat Natalie at this game.  Larry was always quick to admit that he liked Samantha more than Natalie and Natalie had told her that Larry’s old feeling had sparked up again, to which she condescendingly replied, “Oh Larry” as if he was one of her former 2nd grade students professing their love for her.  She looked at Larry fluttered her eyes and said, “Please Larry, think about what you’re doing, don’t let her hurt me anymore.  You know I love you”

                Larry looked at her coldly and said, “No Samantha, you were quite clear we’re not friends anymore.” As he grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back and around the pole.  Samantha could feel duct tape being wrapped around her wrists but still she remained confident that it wasn’t over.

                Samantha replied, “I never said that, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your phone calls, but you know I’m bad at that.”

                “Too late Samantha”

                Samantha kicked her legs toward Larry’s groin but he expected that.  He gripped her jeans and pulled the pant leg up revealing the bottom of Samantha’s shins.  Samantha always wore long sleeves even in the oppressive Florida heat so people rarely saw her exposed skin.  Like a geisha, it drew men to stare at the slightest show of skin.  She most noticed it in Larry when she was in her house and would take off her shoes as she was too cheap and lazy to wear socks.  Larry couldn’t keep his eyes off her bare feet but this distraction would be moot as Natalie reached around the pole, stuck a piece of duct tape onto her bared right shin and wrapped the duct tape around the pole several times.  She said, “Go check on Blake.”

                Blake had started crawling slowly.  He was in a lot of pain and unable to stand.  Larry quickly walked toward him and kicked him in the side of the head flattening him.  Just as Larry expected, Blake was malnourished and emaciated, just the way Samantha liked her men.  This made him an easy victim for Larry.  Larry grabbed him by the head and pulled him to his feet.  He bent over and wrapped his left arm around his stomach so his hand rested on Blake’s left side as Larry was standing on Blake’s right.  He used his right arm to scoop Blake’s legs up so that he was perpendicular to the floor only to slam him down as Larry protruded his right knee out contorting Blake’s back around his leg.  He picked him up and repeated the maneuver before shifting his arms to stand Blake back up positioned on his right again.  This time Larry put his left hand by Blake’s right ear and Larry’s left hand in between Blake’s legs at the knee.  He pulled his left arm toward Blake’s left kneecap and caught the upper half of his body with his right hand and lifted so Blake was horizontal again this time his right side facing the ground.  Larry carried him like this to Samantha and slammed Blake’s side into Larry’s right knee before shoving him off his knee causing Blake to roll on the ground at Samantha’s feet. 

                As Larry was finishing his assault on Blake, Natalie stood in front of Samantha taunting her about how pathetic her man was.  Samantha tried telling her to untie her but every time she did, Natalie slapped her across the face.  Natalie brought her lips to Samantha’s ear and said, “I was going to gag you, but I want to hear you react to what we’re going to do to your pathetic little dog of a boyfriend.”

                Samantha didn’t react and when Blake was laid at Samantha’s feet, Natalie kicked him in the head and said, “You’re supposed to protect her asshole” and then smiled looking at Samantha.

                Natalie had brought a backpack with her and she just now took it off and set it on the ground.  She took out a pair of scissors and walked toward Samantha.  Samantha’s eyes widened in fear as the smile on Natalie’s face spread toward her ears.  Natalie gripped the bottom of Samantha’s sweater and undershirt and placed the fabric in between the scissors.  She squeezed the scissors shut and cut up the shirts till she clipped the collar.  She gripped the two halves and pulled them apart and said, “Come on bitch, show us your mosquito bites you call boobs.”

                Natalie had gotten breast implants a while back to avoid this predicament.  Despite being flat-chested though, Samantha was considered by many to be attractive.  Natalie knew that Samantha hated being exposed in front of people.  She was even nervous to go to the gynecologist and only let boyfriends see her naked body.  She screamed out and struggled with her restraints and begged, “Please stop, let me go, you’re my sister, don’t do this to me.”

                Natalie started laughing, “Be careful bitch, you don’t want me to cut you with the scissors” as she brought them to the sleeves and began cutting them off Samantha.  Samantha remained still for although she hated being stripped; she wanted to be cut by the scissors even less.  She was already barefoot.  Natalie quickly finished with the one sleeve and started with the second.  Larry put his right foot onto Blake’s chest flattening him and stared like a deer in headlights.  Natalie unbuttoned and unzipped Samantha’s jeans and grabbed them with Samantha’s panties and yanked them down to the duct tape on her shins.  She reached to Larry’s waist and removed one of his pocket knives he always carried.  She bent over, brought the knife in between Samantha’s leg and her last remaining clothes, twisted the sharp edge against the fabric and brought her hand up and down sawing through the fabric. It didn’t take long for the jeans and underwear to collapse to the ground and Natalie repeated the same to the other leg dropping it unceremoniously to the floor rendering Samantha completely naked.  Samantha turned to Larry embarrassed at her exposure and saw him staring intently. She said, “Larry, please, I know you’re a good guy, this isn’t you.  Help me”

                Larry shook his head but his eyes remained transfixed on Samantha.  He said, “Turn about is fair play, you made me strip for you in college, now you’ve stripped for me.”

                “I’m sorry about that, but fine, now we’re even. You made your point, please stop now, you know how crazy Natalie can get.  You know that she’ll turn on you eventually.  I know you’re mad at me but this is too far.  We’re even now.”

                Natalie answered, “Oh, we’re not looking to get even, we’re going to win.”

                Samantha only moved her eyes to Natalie and said, “Larry isn’t an ant, he can think for himself.”

                Larry smiled, Samantha made the mistake of thinking that Larry was like her in that this whole can’t think for yourself thing would work on him.  Larry was a little masochistic and liked being bossed around a little bit.  He bent down and rolled Blake onto his stomach. Natalie walked over to Blake and sat on his back pulling his head up to look at Samantha. Larry walked over to Samantha and kissed her repeatedly on the neck working his way to her cheek and reversing to the other side. He slid his hand around Samantha and placed them on her buttocks pulling her towards him as he thrusted himself against her.  Larry’s hands explored all over Samantha’s naked body liberally. At first Samantha cringed and made disgusted noises before she tried fruitlessly to command Larry to not touch her. 

                Natalie kept Blake’s head staring at Samantha and said, “Whatcha going to do about it?  That’s your girl he’s groping, you going to let him do that, you pathetic pussy?  She kept her left hand on his hair pulling him back as she slapped him with the right hand. She called out to Larry, “Alright, Larry, finish her off. Larry backed off and stripped naked.  He approached Samantha again and said, “Remember that fear of rape you always talk about and pretend it’s a joke?  Well, now it’s going to be real” he said as he thrusted his penis into Samantha’s dry vagina.

                Samantha screamed out in pain as Larry continued to hump her.  The pain was excruciating but Larry was relentless. Samantha at first tried fighting them but tears came streaming down her face.  She had no idea how she let Larry get this mad at her.  He was always such a nice guy and she never dreamed him capable of this.  Larry cut the duct tape off her legs and wrapped her legs around him as he continued to drive her against the pole.  Samantha kept pleading with him to stop and Larry said, “I’ll stop if you make out with me.”

                In the back of Larry’s mind, he thought Samantha would bite his lip but a stiff punch to the stomach and she’d release her grip.  He lowered his mouth to hers and said, “You know I don’t lie, if you make out with me, I will pull out.”

                Samantha wanted anything to make it stop and although she didn’t really believe Larry she kissed him.  They made out and Larry removed himself from her just as he promised.  He cut off the duct tape from her arms and threw the knife across the room.  He grabbed Samantha by the arm and twirled her around wrapping his arms over her biceps curling his arms towards him and grabbed her small biceps with his hands bending her forward.  He humped himself into her butt as Samantha squirmed he smiled and said, “I said, I’d pull out, never that I wouldn’t fuck you in the ass.”

                Samantha screamed even louder now but the houses were too far apart for anyone to hear.  Natalie got up and started kicking Blake excitedly.  Blood oozed out of Samantha’s vagina and buttocks and flowed down her leg and to the ground.  Larry forced her onto her stomach and plunged himself hard into her ten times before climaxing and ejaculating semen into Samantha’s rectum.  Samantha moaned in pain but she was happy it was over.  Larry grabbed the backpack and took out a bottle of tequila, salt, a shot glass and lemon slices. He wrapped his legs around Samantha’s scrawny legs as if she could move if she wanted to.  He licked her left butt cheek, poured salt on it and removed the cap on the tequila bottle. He poured a shot of tequila into the shot glass and placed the shot glass in Samantha’s anus. He inserted a lemon slice in below the shot glass and Samantha screamed out in pain as the lemon juice didn’t react well to the open wounds inside her butt. He licked the salt off her butt cheek, gripped the shot glass in his mouth bent his head back emptying the contents and then grabbed the lemon slice with his mouth.  He poured another shot of tequila and repeated the routine with the right butt cheek.  He turned his body so he was facing her feet and licked the bottom of Samantha’s left foot again pouring and then licking salt off  before taking a shot of tequila and finishing with the lemon slice.  He again repeated it with the bottom of her right foot before standing.  He wedged his foot underneath Samantha’s midsection and turned her over. Again he straddled and sat on her groin facing her feet and took body shots off the tops of her feet before turning around.  This time he placed the shot glass and lemon slice in between her small breasts, and licked the right breast.  He poured salt onto the licked area and licked it off before removing the tequila shot and lemon slice with his mouth.  He shifted to the left breast, setting it up as before and did it one final time.  He hoisted Samantha up and shoved her against the pole again.  She didn’t resist as Natalie placed new duct tape restraining her limbs.  Natalie walked around and faced Samantha and said, “Blake watched you, now you’re going to watch him.”

                Natalie walked over to Blake as Larry turned him onto his back.  Natalie undid his shorts and pulled them off him along with his boxers.  She then removed his socks.  Larry picked up Blake’s upper body and Natalie pulled Blake’s T-shirt over his head.  She straddled Blake facing his head and extended her fingers brandishing her long nails. She dug them on each side of Blake’s face and carved eight lines, four on each side as her thumbs didn’t participate across his cheeks.  She thrashed her hands violently deeply cutting up Blake’s face as Samantha whimpered the words “No” and “Please stop.”

                Larry backed up and walked to the other side of the room for seeing a naked man didn’t appeal to him and the blood streaming down Samantha made her less attractive.  Natalie kicked Blake onto his stomach and turned to Samantha and said, “this is you’re man? He can’t even defend himself against little old me.”

                Natalie reached into her bag and pulled out a strap on dildo.  She put it on and stepped over Blake smiling to Samantha.  Samantha’s eyes widened in fear as Natalie dropped her groin down and propelled the dildo into Blake’s anus. She grabbed a dog collar and a leash from the bag and put the collar around Blake’s neck and clipped the leash in place.  She pulled on the leash as she humped forward slamming the dildo into Blake’s rectum repeatedly.  She called out, “Look Samantha, I’m making your man my bitch.” And chuckled

                Blake was completely humiliated and defenseless.  Blood emulated from his butt and his face was a crimson mask.  Natalie got up and screamed, “Roll over bitch” kicking Blake. To Natalie’s surprise, Blake had just enough strength to obey.  She undid the dildo and picked it up slapping Blake across the face with it twice, once on each side. She sat down onto his groin and drove her fingernails into his chest this time.  Her nails sliced through his skin and made jagged tracks along his midsection.  Natalie kept repositioning her fingers by his shoulders and taking new routes down as Blake moaned in pain.  She kicked him back onto his stomach and cut up his back with her nails rather enjoying the destruction she was causing.  Larry had left the room for he couldn’t watch this. Samantha used the last of his strength to call out and said, “Damnit Larry, somebody has to control this psycho!”

                Natalie got up and smacked Samantha across the face as hard as she could.  The sound reverberated throughout the room before Natalie grabbed the duct tape and approached Blake.  She positioned his arms in against the ground with his head in between them and taped them to the floor with reinforcing strips along the duct tape connecting to the floor.  She did the same with his legs and one over his lower back reinforcing each piece.  Neither Samantha nor Blake had any idea what was coming next.  Natalie went into her bag and took out a lighter, a candle and a small whip.  She placed the candle into Blake’s butt and lit it.  She then got up and gripped the whip in her hand.  She slapped it against Blake’s upper back as the candle burned.  Blake was too restrained to resist.  Natalie took a couple more candles out of her bag and lit them near Blake.  As the melted wax fell, and after each crack of the whip Blake cringed.  Samantha wasn’t even holding back from crying now she said, “Why Natalie?  Why are you doing this?  Because I wouldn’t answer your fucking phone calls?”

                Natalie didn’t answer.  She just whipped away.  Finally she dropped the whip and removed the candle.  She poured the wax onto Blake’s butt hole and he screamed in pain.  Natalie picked up the surrounding candles and one by one poured one onto Blake’s feet and then his hands.  She purposely was going for the parts of the body with the most nerve endings so it would hurt more.  She undid the duct tape knowing Blake was far from being strong enough to fight back.  She knelt down and shoved Blake onto his back.  Due to his state, Blake wasn’t even reacting to blows so turning him over was getting increasingly harder.  Natalie picked up a candle and poured the wax onto Blake’s genitals smirking at Samantha and said, “So sorry Samantha, that may make sex much worse.”

                She again picked up a candle and poured it onto Blake’s face.  Blake obliged and screamed with every pour for he never got used to it reacting the most to his genitals.  Natalie walked over to Blake’s clothes and picked up his boxers.  She put them on Blake and called Larry back in the room.  She said, “Make him worship me.”

                Larry walked over to Blake who still had the collar and leash on.  He pulled the leash up and maneuvered Blake so he was on all fours.  Natalie called out, “Wait”

                She reached into her purse and pulled out lipstick. Larry had Blake on his knees and Natalie put the lipstick against his lips and said, “Now, you’re not just a pussy but a faggot.”

                “Natalie removed her shoes and socks and stood in front of Blake.  Larry lowered Blake’s mouth to Natalie’s feet and she commanded, “Kiss my feet bitch.”

                Blake obliged and Natalie made him do both feet.  Larry jerked the leash back and straightened him up on his knees again for he knew what was next.  Natalie lowered her pants and gave herself a wedgie. Larry drove Blake’s face into Natalie’s left butt cheek and Blake left his lipstick mark.  Natalie had taken pictures of each kiss both during and the lipstick mark after.  Larry and Natalie made Blake kiss her right butt cheek before Larry stood Blake up and wrapped his arms underneath Blake’s interlocking his hands behind the back of Blake’s neck putting him in a full nelson.  Natalie put brass knuckles on both her hands and liberally punched away at Blake’s face.  It didn’t take long for Blake to be knocked unconscious but that didn’t stop Natalie from going to the body before she relented. She panted went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water.  Larry let go of Blake and let him collapse to the ground still unconscious.  Natalie drank the glass of water quickly and walked over to Samantha.  Samantha looked at Natalie with hatred in her eyes but Natalie’s cold eyes just darted back.  She said, “Your turn bitch, Larry is the last guy to ever fuck you when you look this good.”

                Natalie extended her fingers and scratched slowly across Samantha’s face.  Samantha’s determined look turned into shock and horror.  Natalie continued to carve up Samantha’s face before she lowered her nails to her breasts and said, “Who would ever sweat these tiny mosquito bites? You’re like a 12-year-old girl” knowing that Samantha hated how young she looked.  Natalie continued, “Don’t worry, after tonight, nobody will ever mistake you for being under 21 again.”

                Natalie lowered her hands to Samantha’s legs and said, “Look at these chicken legs, no wonder you wear pants, they’re fucking pathetic.”

                Blood flowed freely down Samantha’s face.  The nails were cutting deep.  Natalie clenched her fists and smashed the brass knuckles against Samantha’s face repeatedly swelling it.  She dropped her blows to the chest and stomach before landing one last right as hard as she could across the face.  She took off her brass knuckles and cut Samantha loose. Samantha collapsed onto her stomach and Natalie knelt beside her.  She carved the word “Bitch” onto Samantha’s back large enough to spread from her deltoids to her hip.  She photographed the back of Samantha and kicked her onto her back so she could document the damage she caused to the front.  She again knelt next to Samantha and put lipstick on her lips.  She stood up and nodded at Larry.  Larry walked over and put salt underneath Samantha’s nostrils. Her body twitched as she awoke dazed as she didn’t remember where she was.  Reality quickly set and Larry picked Samantha up and supported her on all fours.  Larry lowered Samantha’s face to Natalie’s feet and Natalie commanded her to kiss her feet.  Samantha did as she was told.  Larry positioned her to Natalie’s other foot and then lifted her upper body so she was on her knees.  Natalie prepared herself and Larry shoved Samantha’s face into her left butt cheek.  Again, Natalie photographed the before and after.  Once again, Larry made Samantha kiss the right cheek before Natalie turned around and kneed Samantha in the side of the face before grabbing her hair and snapping the back of her head to the ground rendering her unconscious again.  Natalie and Larry took all the stuff they brought and cleaned the room and the unconscious bodies of Samantha and Blake before exiting the house ensuring to not touch anything with bare hands on the way out.  They drove back to Natalie’s parent’s house and Larry flew back the next day. 

                Nobody knew Larry had come to Florida, including Natalie’s other sister Jackee.  Natalie reached out to her but Jackee was busy running a daycare from her house.  People tried to call Samantha but when she didn’t answer they dismissed it as she never did.  Samantha and Blake had both ended up dying from massive internal bleeding and severe concussions that were left untreated.  Their bodies were discovered over a week after their attack as Samantha’s reputation for never answering her phone or getting back to you led nobody to become suspicious when she didn’t respond.  It wasn’t until a neighbor complained about the stench coming from the house that the bodies were found.  Given the separation of the houses, it took a while for the smell to get that bad to reach a neighbor.  Based on the brutality of the body, the coroners concluded it was a male attacker based on the sexual assault.  Larry and Natalie did a good enough job of cleaning Samantha’s body that none of Larry’s semen was found on or inside of Samantha.  When the autopsy pinpointed the time of death, Natalie’s family did realize that Natalie was in town then.  As they didn’t know Larry accompanied her down there, they never bothered to suspect him.  The authorities chalked it up to someone knocking on the door, Samantha was dumb enough to open the door and a male rapist raped both her and Blake.  It was a strange crime scene because the cuts on the bodies didn’t seem to be from a steel object.  The authorities insisted that it had to be someone the victims knew but focused their search on male associates of Samantha, which were many as most of her friends were male.  Samantha’s family blamed the ex-fiancée as he had threatened Samantha in the past to kill all her pets and burn her house down.  He was questioned extensively but the cops couldn’t get him to confess. Eventually the case went cold and the cops stopped aggressively pursuing it.  Those close to the family always assumed the ex-fiancée did it.  Natalie and Larry remained friends and neither ever told a soul what happened.  Larry kept the photos on his computer even though he knew they incriminated him.  After they did so, Natalie deleted them from her camera.  Since people knew she was in Florida she didn’t keep them on hers but would come over to Larry’s place to look at them.  She was more proud of them than Larry was.  Larry couldn’t believe they had gotten away with it.  He often thought about what would have happened if he didn’t go down.  Would Samantha had gotten over her anger towards him?  He knew that once Samantha was done with someone she rarely changed her mind so seemed to doubt that.  Objectively though, he knew that Samantha didn’t deserve what he did to her.  She just drove him crazy and he didn’t like her power over him.  He knew that without Natalie he never could have killed her.  What was done was done though; there was nothing he could do about it.  She died in her sleep, which most people would like.  At least, that’s how he justified it to himself.  Natalie felt absolutely no remorse for what she had done.  She went through the wake and the funeral and played the bereaved sister.  They buried her in Florida since she disliked New York in life.  Larry came down for it as he felt it would look weird if he didn’t.  It was easier than he thought it would be because it was a closed casket.  He consoled the family but got nervous when he noticed Natalie didn’t shed a tear.  Nobody thought it out of the ordinary though.  They all knew how cold-hearted Natalie was.  If only they had known the extent, then perhaps they would have taken a closer look at her as the suspect.  As it stood though, nobody believed a woman had done it given the sexual assault of the victims.  When the funeral was over, Natalie returned to New York.  She still hung out with her husband and when she grew tired of New York, she flew to Florida to visit her surviving sister.  Her life remained unchanged for she always viewed death as a part of life and never understood why people mourn loss; even when it’s the loss of your sister. 


Friday, July 13, 2018

Illusion of Anonymity

            Paul Diavalos was not raised in a high stress environment.  He had very loving parents and lived in a nice area of Long Island that provided opportunities that many didn’t have.  That being said, however, it wasn’t too hard for him to stray down the wrong path.  It was a common fallacy in today’s society in which parents have stopped being an authoritative figure and tried to be their kid’s friend instead.  When a 15-year-old has grown up with no discipline from his parents, his actions are dictated by his own immature undeveloped moral compass which hardly faces north and never considers the consequences of their actions.  On a particularly cold day in New York, Paul was bored so he did what many boys his age did and decided to make phone calls.  He was emboldened by the fact that a simple dial of *67 before a phone call disabled the caller ID feature.  With this anonymity, Paul could say and do whatever he wanted with no repercussions.  He had heard and even participated in making fake twitter accounts to do this exact thing and *67 was just as secure as a bogus user name on Twitter to be deleted after unleashing a diatribe of vitriolic, egregious and disgusting obscenities at whatever is angering his young mind at the time.  Now all he needed was a victim.


            Spiro Annas was a well mannered boy living in Long Island.  He enjoyed reading and playing the saxophone and occasionally watching some college humor videos on youtube.  One day, he had a friend over to his house and they hung out for a while.  His parents loved hosting his friends, especially this one because he was very respectful.  After a while the boy went home and shortly thereafter Spiro received a phone call.  Spiro answered the phone and said, “Hello.”

            “Hey Spiro, is your mom home?”

            Spiro assumed that it was his friend that had just come over and didn’t find it odd that he would call and ask for his mom rather than to talk to him.  He found his mom in the house and gave her the phone introducing the speaker as the friend that had just come over.  Akrevi, Spiro’ mother, answered the phone in a cheery motherly voice, “Hey Alex”

            “Fuck you cunt.”

            “What did you say?”

            “I’m going to fucking rape you and kill you.”

            “Are you fucking kidding me, you piece of shit, I’m going to find you and I’m going to fucking kill you.”

            “You can’t find me you stupid bitch, my number is private!”

            The voice continued its vulgar blatant disrespectful manner and Akrevi’s voice got louder and louder as she scolded the caller to no avail.  A short while later, Akrevi’s husband came in from outside for he had heard Akrevi screaming and wanted to see what could possibly have caused her to become so enraged.  Eventually, Akrevi hung up the phone and yelled at Spiro for not recognizing that the voice didn’t belong to the kid that was just over her house.  When Akrevi calmed a little, she immediately thought of ways to find out who this degenerate was.  She called Verizon and informed them that she got a threatening phone call and wanted to know the origin of the person that had just called.  It didn’t take long for the phone company to give her the number that the call was placed from.  To Akrevi, the answer didn’t surprise her but it hurt her at the same time.  She was distraught because the call had come from the house of the couple that baptized her oldest daughter.  She called over to the house and her friend’s son answered the phone, “Hello.”

            “Hey, is you mother home.”

            “Oh hi Aunt Akrevi, how are you?” came the sweet innocent voice of her friend’s 15-year-old son.  This enraged Akrevi but she kept her cool for she knew that this wasn’t the first time today she was talking to this kid.  For this was the voice that had verbally assaulted her just a short while ago.  Akrevi wrestled with herself on whether to tell his mom.  On one hand, she didn’t think the mother would believe her but more importantly she didn’t want to hurt her.  She pleaded with the Verizon operator to be sure that that was the correct number and that the facts were right because she didn’t want them to be true.  Deep down though, she knew that although her friend was a great person, her parenting skills were a little lacking to Akrevi’s tastes.  She never disciplined her kid and this is where that leads to.  She certainly didn’t blame her friend for her son’s evilness but she didn’t do much to curb it.  She ended up having a superficial conversation with her friend and decided to wait a couple of days to cool down and prepare for the conversation she was about to have.  The one thing she did know though was that she wouldn’t be able to hold it in or else it would eat her up inside.


            A couple days after the incident, Akrevi went into work.  She worked part time at an HVAC company.  Like most work places, the office allowed her a forum to bitch about her kids and listen to other co-workers bitch about theirs.  To spice things up a little bit was a kid in his 20s that vowed he would never get married.  Akrevi liked him but knew he was being naïve.  She had seen many men claim that very thing but then a girl comes along and brings them to their knee and gets them to tap out and propose.  It was no use pointing this out to him now though.  She just chuckled to herself whenever he went on his little rants because she knew that he was just preparing the rope that would inevitably hang him.  Work passed uneventfully and she went home feeling slightly better after having vented her frustration with her daughter’s godmother’s, or as they’re called in her native Greek, “Koumbara’s” son. 


            The weekend was over, and Paul was returning to school.  He had a smile on his face because he was very proud that he had called his Aunt Akrevi and bitched her out.  It was weird when she called back a short while later but he played it cool.  He turned on his charm and his aunt didn’t suspect a thing.  He was way to smart to be caught by an adult.  While walking through the halls from class to class in his high school, he had a swagger about him.  Not many people had the guts to call someone and bitch them out over the phone, but he did.  He hardly paid attention in class; all he could do was just replay the conversation in his head and smile at how helpless she was.  All those threats, he knew better, there was no way he’d be caught.  In the particular area of Long Island that he lived, there were a lot of woods.  In the summer time, many kids would wander through them looking for critters and slippery animals to touch.  This being January, the woods were usually covered in a layer of snow and desolate.  He got off the bus and headed toward his house.  He had had his headphones in as he listened to music from his I-phone.  Kids these days had no awareness of their surroundings; they’re always preoccupied with texting, facebook, twitter, posting every detail of their lives on a forum that anyone with half a brain could read.  Privacy was a thing of the past, which made it much easier for people to stalk them.  If Paul wasn’t one of these boys, perhaps he would have noticed a man in a ski mask in his vicinity.  Sure it was cold, but not many people wear ski masks when they’re walking around.  Since he lived in a nice neighborhood, he didn’t worry about being jumped or abducted.  After all, how many middle class kids really worry about that?  That was something that happened in the ghetto.  No, Paul didn’t even notice the masked man, let alone label him as a threat or a friend.  Paul didn’t realize something was a matter until he felt a shoulder into his solar plexus and experienced being bent over a larger man’s shoulders and rushed off to the woods.  Paul started to struggle just as he was entering the woods.  He didn’t last long before his upper body snapped backwards and he hit the back of his head and neck on the hard frozen ground.  He hissed in pain but it didn’t last long before a foot slammed against his ribs on his right side.  He tried to scream but was silenced by a stomp on his stomach.  He curled in the fetal position and moaned in pain.  The masked man said, “So, you like making prank phone calls huh?

            Paul’s eyes widened.  The masked man sternly stepped onto Paul’s chest flattening him onto his back.  The masked man applied just enough pressure to keep Paul in place as he leaned toward him.  He playfully slapped Paul in the face and said, “You want to say anything now? Cat got your tongue?  I thought you were some big bad rapist, what’s wrong?  Where’s the tough guy now?”

            Paul screamed, “I’m sorry!”

            “No you’re not you little shit.”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

            He couldn’t be sure because he didn’t see his face but Paul could have sworn he heard a chuckle.  Suddenly the man grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him up.  Paul thought that he was going to let him go.  He believed that the masked man thought he had the wrong guy.  In fact, Paul believed he had the wrong guy, after all, he had said those things to his Aunt Akrevi, not a man.  Unfortunately for Paul, he found himself bent over with an arm tightly around his neck and his head pressed against the side of the masked man’s body.  The man fell back and smashed the top of Paul’s head into the ground.  He held the position and said, “Don’t you lie to be again boy!”

            Paul was crying now, “Please stop, I’m sorry.”

            “For what?”
            “For pranking you, it was only a joke.”

            “Didn’t Aunt Akrevi tell you she was going to find you?  Did you really think that *67 was fool proof?  Are you that much of an idiot?”

            Paul said nothing, he was confused.  The man grabbed Paul’s right arm and placed it in between his knees.  The man interlocked his ankles holding Paul’s arm still.  The masked man wrapped his arms around the back of Paul’s head and locked them under his chin just where the neck meets the head and yanked up.  This causes immense pressure on the neck, head, and shoulder primarily the shoulder.  It gives the recipient the feeling that his shoulder is being ripped from its socket but also instills the fear of being choked since arms are in close proximity to his neck.  This, however, is an illusion, there is no danger of being choked to death in this maneuver but Paul doesn’t know that.  The masked man said, “I think Aunt Akrevi also told you she would kill you right?”

            Paul started squirming but it was no use the man was way to strong for him.  “Please, don’t hurt me”

            “Don’t worry Paul, I’m just joking.  Why do you got to take things so seriously, it’s only a joke right?”

            “You’re hurting me.”

            “Oh please, if someone is joking they can’t actually hurt someone, just like what you said on the phone right?”

            “I’m sorry, okay, it was just a jo….”

            The masked man pulled harder and Paul hissed in pain.  Tears started streaming down his cheeks for he was completely helpless and in a lot of pain with no means to call for help since the man’s arms were inhibiting his jaw to open wide enough for a yell.  Paul said, “What do you want?”

            “A real apology.”

            “I’m sorry; it was a very stupid thing to do. You win; please let me go, I swear, I’ll never do it again.”

            “Tell me you’re my bitch.”

            “I’m your bitch.”

            “Tell me you’re a little girl.”

            “I’m a little pussy faggot girl, you happy?  Let me go.”

            The man dropped Paul’s head and then pressed on the back of his head squashing his face into the cold hardened dirt.  Paul couldn’t decide which part of his body to grab first.  His midsection hurt from being kicked and stomped, his head and neck hurt from the hold and he could barely lift his right arm because of a sharp pain in his shoulder.  He forced himself up to all fours before he felt a foot on his butt flattening him back down. He pleaded, “Please no more, I’ll do anything, Please! I won’t do it again, I’m really sorry, I get the point.  I don’t know what else I can do, I can’t change what happened, I can only promise not to do it again.  I’ll call Aunt Akrevi and I’ll apologize.”

            “You’re going to have to make it up to her.”

            “I will, I swear”

            “You’re going to have to be her little bitch and do chores around her house.”

            “That’s fine, that’s fair.”

            “One more thing though Paul.”

            “What’s that?” he said as he struggled to his feet.

            “Do you think your Aunt Akrevi is a liar?”

            “Ummm no, why?”

            “Well she did tell you she was going to kill you didn’t she?

            “ummmm….well……I mean yes, but she was just mad right?”

            The masked man reached down to his waist and unclipped a metallic object.  To Paul’s horror a four inch blade sprung from the middle of it and locked into place.   Paul just stared in horror at the blade, he was absolutely speechless.  The masked man grabbed Paul’s bad arm and tugged him toward him twisting Paul’s body around.  Paul’s back was against the masked man’s chest, the masked man’s left arm was gently tucked under Paul’s chin.  His right hand, baring the knife came across.  Paul felt the cold steel and the fine blade against his neck.  He started choking sobs as his lip quivered.  All he could manage to say was, “Please don’t kill me.”

            “Sorry Paul, I believe you really would have repented, I believe that you got the point.  But, Akrevi sent me here to kill you.  I’m a man of my word and I don’t want to make a liar out of Akrevi.  I just want to know one thing.  Why her?  Was she mean to you?”

            “No, I just thought it would be funny but I know it’s not.  I also didn’t think she’d get so mad.  She’s a nice lady; I didn’t think she would do something like this. My mom and her are really good friends.”

            “I know they are Paul, they’re koumbari, that’s why it hurt her so much to ask me to do this.  But you’ve been very bad to her friend, your mom.  You make her look bad by being so bad.  She couldn’t bring herself to tell your mom what you did, so she had to just eliminate the problem, which is you.  Sure, your mom will be sad for a little while but eventually she’ll get over your death and she’ll be better off not having to deal with a degenerate, spoiled, evil little brat like you.”

            Paul closed his eyes and cried hysterically.  He both heard and felt the masked man take a deep breath as the man’s chest expanded and contracted as he inhaled and exhaled.  Paul’s neck was pressed in by a blade and he experienced the next split second in agonizing fear.  Paul’s heart was pumping extremely too fast and the next split second felt like minutes as cold steel traveled from one end of his neck to the other.  Paul’s life flashed before his eyes and he felt a warm sensation stream down his leg.  Suddenly he felt a shove in his back as he collapsed down to his knees and tumbled onto his face for his final resting place just a few yards from his house.  Everything seemed to go silent.


            The masked man could feel Paul’s body tense against him.  The man extended his blade arm ever so slightly and twisted the knife so that the blunt, non sharp end was facing Paul.  He then shoved it against Paul’s neck and violently pulled it across his throat knowing that the blade wouldn’t cut considering it was the wrong end of the knife.  He felt Paul hold his breath and knew that he hadn’t noticed his slight flick of the wrist that turned the knife into a safe position.  The masked man shoved Paul to the ground and slowly backed away and out of the woods. 


            Paul lied on the ground for a few moments before bringing his hand to his neck.  He pressed his hand against his throat and didn’t seem to feel any liquid.  He pulled his hand in front of him but all he saw was pale apricot skin.  He blinked his eyes a couple of times and then rolled over forgetting the pain for a split second.  He stared up at trees and snow; the masked man was gone.  He wondered if this is what heaven felt like.  As he looked around, it all seemed very familiar.  Then the pain from the assault came back to him and he didn’t think there would be this much pain if he were dead.  He got up and clutched his arm and hunched over as he carried himself toward his house.  When he got home he went to his room and lied down.  It was hard to find a comfortable position with his midsection hurting and he gave up on trying to sleep.  He walked into the bathroom, took off his clothes and showered for he felt disgusting after having urinated on himself.  He didn’t know how he was going to explain this to his mother.  He decided to just throw his boxers and his pants into the shower with him.  After an abnormally long shower he dried off and took a deep breath. As he put on new clothes and took out his cell phone.  He called his Aunt Akrevi’s cell phone.  She picked up quickly.  “Hello” with an edge in her voice.

            “Hi Aunt Akrevi.”

            “Hi Paul, why are you calling me?”

            “I just wanted to apologize for what I did,”

            Akrevi was astonished.  Not in a million years did she expect this phone call. Her voice softened and she took the tone of a mother again, “What do you mean honey?  What did you do?” taking a mental note if she had seen her kids recently then noticing that her daughter was in a different state in college and Spiro was home and safe.

            Paul was silent, he felt a tinge of anger that his Aunt Akrevi was playing dumb but remembered the masked man and realized he would do anything and put up with Aunt Akrevi playing dumb all day every day than to ever see that man again.  He took another deep breath and said, “For the phone call.”

            Akrevi knew what he meant but was still shocked this was coming.  She blurted out, “What phone call?”

            This time Paul was ready.  “The one where I said all those hurtful and mean things and thought I was being funny when really I was being hurtful.”

            “Yea, those words hurt Paul.  You should never use them.”

            “I know, I’m really sorry.”

            “I’m afraid sorry isn’t really enough Paul, that was very bad what you did.  I didn’t tell your mother, but I feel like I should.  Did you tell her?”

            “No!” Paul started then remembered that he wasn’t in a position to refuse, “Do you want me to?”

            “I think it means more coming from you. I appreciate you calling to apologize but I’m still disappointed in you and I don’t know how long it will take to forgive you.”

            “Well, I could do chores at your house.” Directly quoting the masked man.

            Akrevi was speechless.  What had gotten into this kid?  She was almost ready to forgive him but then she remembered that he did say some disgustingly vile things and decided to take him up on this.  She said, “Well, that’s for your mother to decide.  Tell your mom what you did and that you want to make it up to me by helping me around my house.”

            Paul dreaded that conversation but agreed because he felt obligated.  He said bye and Akrevi hung up the phone baffled at what just happened.  She yelled, “SPIRO!!!”

            Spiro came running and said, “What mom”

            “Did you say something to Paul about that phone call?”

            “No, why?”

            “He just called to apologize”

            “Well that’s good isn’t it?”

            “Yea…Yea, I guess it is, I’m just not really sure why.”

            A short time later, Akrevi received a phone call from her koumbara and found herself being apologized to again.  Akrevi said all the right things and said she wrote it off as boys being boys and kids doing stupid things but she wished that her koumbara would punish him but knew deep down that she simply didn’t know how.  Her koumbara told her that she was going to let Paul do chores at her house and Akrevi took it as a way for her to discipline Paul herself.  Paul came over and took orders surprisingly well; Akrevi was going to draw this out as long as possible.  After about a week of having a little slave around the house, Paul said, “Aunt Akrevi do you mind if I ask you something?”

            “Sure Paul, what is it?”

            “Did you really need to do that?  Did I really deserve that

            “Deserve what Paul?  The chores? This is nothing compared to what I would have done to you if you were my kid.”

            Paul sighed, “No, not the chores, the chores are fine, I mean that makes sense, but….well….you know what I mean”

            “No Paul, I don’t”

            Paul shook his head in defeat.  He got the point; he was never to mention what happened.  He thought for a second of threatening his Aunt Akrevi of telling his mom what she did to him but decided against it.  After all, it was pretty easy for the masked man to get to him.  What’s to stop him from coming again and finishing the job?  No, Paul would never bring it up again.  He said, “Never mind, sorry I mentioned anything.”

            “No, Paul I’m confused what do you mean? Did something happen to you?”

            “No, it’s nothing; sorry, just please forget I said anything.”

            “Okay, but if you ever feel like you want to talk about it, you can let me know.”

            Paul glared at Akrevi before shielding his eyes.  She really was playing this cold.  He started getting a little afraid of his Aunt Akrevi at how she could be so calm and nonchalant about this.  He set to his chores without a word of rebellion and took his punishment.  Eventually, Akrevi said that he had sufficiently made it up to her and he could stop.  Akrevi put the whole incident behind her but Paul always maintained a respectful decorum around his Aunt Akrevi for he vowed that he never wanted to see that masked man ever again for as long as he lived…and figured he would live longer if he made sure that was true.