Friday, December 15, 2017

The big bad wolf

            Anthony was a thirty year old man living alone in Westlake, Ohio.  He had lived in Westlake his whole life and knew it well.  He didn’t know why, but he found himself frequenting the area around the grade school that he went to, Burneson Middle School.  It was a public school and he enjoyed sitting in his car watching the kids play.  Anthony had spent most of his life going for girls that were years younger than he, and he was ridiculed for it after he turned 18 and went for girls under the age of 15.  He never really understood why people found pedophilia so revolting.  He reasoned that if people often remark how cute little kids are, wouldn’t it be natural to be attracted to them?  After watching The Woodsman he realized that he wasn’t alone in his beliefs.  For Kevin Bacon had put it well, if a boy gets in the car with a man, he wants to get in the car, the man isn’t forcing him.  Anthony believed that it certainly was not rape, but pedophiles are often ostracized more than rapists. 

            After many visits to Burneson, he noticed that his attention always centered on one girl.  He pulled up next to her and said, “Hi, little girl?  What’s your name?”

            The girl was surprised by this comment but she responded, “umm Stella”

            “That’s a pretty name”

            “Thank you”

            “Are you hungry?”

            “A little”

            “Do you want to go get something to eat?”


            “Wherever you want”

            “I don’t care”

            “How about Red Robin?”

            “That’s too far”

            “Not really, here hop in, I’ll give you a ride”

            “umm I’m sorry, I don’t know you.  I’m not going to get in the car with you.”

            “Smart girl, alright tell you what, there’s a McDonalds near here, you want to just go there, I’ll pay for you.”

            Stella shrugged her shoulders, “Okay.”

            Anthony parked his car, and walked with Stella.  He asked, “So how old are you?”


            Anthony and Stella made small talk until they got to McDonalds where they talked some more.  After they ate, Anthony left Stella to walk home by herself.  He had her go by herself because he didn’t want her parents to see Stella walking up with a strange person.  He told Stella not to tell her parents they ate together and just to say she went with some of her friends.

            Anthony and Stella hung out frequently and Stella didn’t mind accepting rides from him anymore.  She was tired of walking home from school, so a ride was nice. Both of Stella’s parents worked so nobody was home when Anthony would drop her off.  On one Friday, Anthony said to Stella as he picked her up from school, “Hey, do you want to come over for a sleepover today?”

            Stella said, “I don’t know if my mom would let me.”

            “Well just tell your mom you’re sleeping over a friend’s house.  Is there anyone that your mom knows the parents well enough that she won’t think to call to make sure?”

            Stella did know of such a friend and decided to go for it.  She liked spending time with Anthony, he was nice to her and he was very smart.  When they got back to Anthony’s house they went inside.  Anthony said, “Have you ever kissed a boy?”

            Stella blushed and said, “No, I’ve always been kind of afraid.”

            “Afraid of what?”

            “That I wouldn’t be any good at it.”

            “Nah, nothing to worry about, you can practice with me if you’d like.”

            “Alright, just for practice”

            Anthony leaned over and kissed Stella on the lips slightly putting his tongue in her mouth.  He pulled back and said, “How did that feel?”

            Stella smiled and said, “Really good.”

            Anthony then kissed her again and they began making out.  Anthony then took off her shirt and unzipped her pants.  Stella enjoyed the attention and let Anthony continue.  She reasoned that since he was older, she shouldn’t say no to him.  Anthony led Stella into his bedroom and lied her on her back on the bed.  He removed her shoes and socks and slid her pants off so that Stella was just in her training bra and panties.  He lied on top of her and wrapped her legs around him thrusting his body against hers.  He took off her training bra and rubbed her chest.  Stella said, “I know I don’t really have boobs yet.”

            Anthony said, “No, don’t worry, they’re perfect, you’re beautiful and you’re doing great.”

            Anthony eased off her and slid her panties off her body.  He stood up and said, “Have you gotten your period yet?”

            Stella was embarrassed and Anthony could tell so he continued, “it’s okay if you haven’t, I’m just wondering.”


            This excited Anthony.  He undressed himself and grabbed a bottle of Vaseline and rubbed it on her dry vagina.  As he eased his lubricated fingers in, he went very slowly and kept asking Stella if she was okay.  When he felt her vaginal walls were lubricated enough, he got on top of her and stuck his penis into her while wrapping her legs around him and rubbed them.  He started to kiss her neck as Stella groaned in pain.  Anthony continued and Stella cried for him to stop since it hurt.  Anthony ignored her pleas and kept thrusting himself into her.  Blood matriculated and dripped down Stella’s leg, and Stella started crying.  Anthony then pulled out of her and sat down overlooking her.  Stella sat up and hugged Anthony crying on his shoulder.  She cried out, “I’m sorry, it just hurt too bad, don’t be mad at me.”

            Anthony rubbed her back and said, “Baby, I’m not mad at you, don’t cry, it’ll be okay.”

            Anthony convinced her to take a shower before going to bed. Anthony and her cuddled as they went to sleep.


            The next day, Stella went home.  Because she was scared, she didn’t lead on that anything was wrong with Anthony.  After Anthony took her home, she immediately told her parents what happened.  It wasn’t hard to find Anthony since Anthony arranged to see Stella again the next school day.  The cops came and arrested Anthony.

            Stella testified and gave her recap of what happened the night she spent with Anthony.  When the trial had concluded, Anthony was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in prison.


            During his 12 years in prison, Anthony lost a lot of friends and his family didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.  He went over his justifications over and over for what he did, but he couldn’t get over that those justification landed him in prison.  When he was released, he found a place to live right across the street from a grade school.  He knew what it looked like but Anthony no longer had any friends so he really didn’t care what people thought of him anymore.  He decided that it wasn’t illegal to watch little kids play, so long as he didn’t get involved.  Immediately after he got out of jail he started looking for a job.  The problem was that a simple background check not only saw that he was a convicted felon but also a pedophile.  He was listed on the child predator list, which is public information so anyone that wanted to know more about him, could easily do so.  He knew that even if he got a job, he’d be harassed because people would think it weird how he kept to himself.  Really, he had just lost complete faith in humanity given that none of his friends stuck around during his jail sentence.  So he spent his day watching the little kids from across the street pondering what he was going to do with his life.

            One day, he noticed a man parked out front the school at 1:00; two hours before school let out.  Immediately he knew the person was suspicious because Anthony used to do the same thing.  Day after day the man showed up never picking up a kid, so Anthony confirmed his assumption that he wasn’t a parent.  Then one day, he watched him walk out of the car with a bag of candy showing it to a boy who had separated himself from the crowd.  Anthony remembered him 12 years ago using the exact same strategy, go for the kids who are by themselves, they’re more vulnerable and they probably have low self esteem so would love some attention.  Hemophilia grossed Anthony out more than pedophilia so he didn’t feel hypocritical for feeling disgusted with the man.  The boy was denying his advancements but the guy continued.  As Anthony lay there watching, he realized that the term, “sexual predator” isn’t too far from the truth. A predator often picks off the weakest member of a herd or an animal that has separated from the herd.  This was exactly what this man was doing with the boy.  Anthony found himself putting his shoes on and viewing the man from his car.  As he sat in the car, he kept asking himself why he was doing what he was.  It didn’t make sense to him why he didn’t sympathize with the man given Anthony’s history.  He kept telling himself it was the hemophilia aspect, but that justification didn’t make him feel any better. 

            The man was still talking with the boy and then the boy got into the man’s car.  Anthony’s eyes widened and he found himself starting the car and driving after the man with his new victim.  Anthony tried to keep a car in between himself and the man’s car so as not to be too obvious he was following him.  After a few minutes, the man parked his car in a driveway and exited the car with the boy.  Anthony parked on the opposite side of the street.  He felt he was being obvious but the man was too occupied with his victim to notice his surroundings.  Anthony watched as the man entered the house thinking what he should do.  After approximately five minutes, Anthony exited his car, and did the only thing that he could think to do, and that was to just ring the doorbell.  Anthony had a knife clipped to the lining of his jeans.  He never thought he’d use it, but kept it around for defensive purposes given the harassment he had received for being a sexual predator. 


            Meanwhile, inside the house, the man had sat the boy down at a kitchen table.  The boy was content with eating his candy.  The man started with simple small talk questions that he only used to make the boy more comfortable with him.  By the time the small talk was over, the boy had finished his candy.  The man led the boy to his bedroom and told him to take off his clothes.  He claimed he wanted to see how strong the boy was.  The boy started stripping and the man became more excited.  As he was imagining the thing he was going to do to the boy, he jumped at the sound of a doorbell interrupting his thoughts.  He immediately contemplated what to do.  On one hand, he could simply pretend nobody was home, but the car was in the driveway.  He thought maybe the person would think the household had more than one car.  He then thought that perhaps someone saw him go inside.  He had no idea who it could be, but it was a quiet neighborhood, and burglars don’t normally ring the doorbell.  He decided to just answer it thinking it was some Girl Scout selling cookies or something.  He opened the door only to feel a punch in the face.   The assailant walked through the door and closed it behind him.  Anthony shouted, “Where is he?”


            There was no need for the man to answer the question because the boy walked out naked.  Anthony said to the boy, “Put your clothes on, we’re leaving”

            “How dare you try to take my kid away from me! The man said as he charged forward pinning Anthony to the wall.”

            Anthony lifted his legs and kneed the man repeatedly in the solar plexus while holding the man’s upper body with his arms.  He said to the boy, “Is this your father?”

The boy shook his head no, “Is he related to you in anyway?” Anthony continued.


“Do you know him at all?  Is he a friend of the family?”


Anthony threw the man to the ground as the man grabbed his chest and resorted to the fetal position due to the shots suffered to the chest.  Anthony told the boy to go to the car so he could take him home.  As Anthony walked behind the boy toward to door, the man rose to his feet and charged at Anthony with a knife.  Anthony heard him coming and turned around instinctively putting his left hand up to block the hand yielding a knife.  With his right hand, Anthony pulled out his own knife and slit the man’s throat.  The man dropped his knife gripping is throat and then fell to the ground.  Anthony told the boy to wait in the car, the boy readily listened as he was scared from the blood.  Anthony pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit the man’s shirt on fire.  He then ran to the blinds on the window, and lit the curtains on fire and then ran out of the house.

            Anthony ran into the front yard to find the boy standing on the lawn.  Anthony realized that the boy didn’t know which car was his, so Anthony quickly led him to his car and told him to get in.  Anthony then drove toward the school to have the boy direct him to his house.  Anthony got to the boy’s house and dropped him off, immediately the parents came running out of the house.  They had been worried that their son had not come home from school.  Anthony contemplated speeding off, but he figured that would make him look guilty so he got out of the car.  The father of the boy confronted Anthony and said, “Who the hell are you?”

            The only thing Anthony could think was to tell him the truth.  “I live near the school sir, I had noticed a man hanging out there the last couple weeks never picking up a kid.  Then today, he picked up your son, I followed him to his house and when I got inside, I questioned your son and he told me that he didn’t know the man.”

            The father lowered his eyes and shook his head, there were too many thoughts coming into his head based on the information and he wasn’t sure how to respond.  He looked up and said, “You stay here.”

            Anthony nodded and didn’t move.  He kept telling himself that he did a good deed so there was no harm in staying.  The father told his wife to bring their son inside and ask him what happened.  The mother did so.  The father questioned Anthony thoroughly about what happened and Anthony revealed the event of the day excluding that he killed the man and set the house on fire.  A little while later, the mother came out her face white in shock.  He walked up to Anthony and said, “Thank you, do you want to come inside, have a drink or something?  What can I do to repay you?”

            The father looked at Anthony in a different way.  The father then asked Anthony to come inside for a beer.  Anthony accepted.  It had been a long time since someone had looked at him favorably and thanked him for anything.  He liked it and wanted to live in the moment.  He went inside and accepted a beer.  The father told the mother what Anthony had told him and asked if their son had relayed the same information.  The mother looked at Anthony and said, “You left out the best part, you killed the son of the bitch.”

            Anthony just nodded his head.  “Why the hell didn’t you include that” the father asked.

            Anthony said rather submissively and quietly, “I didn’t want you to think ill of me for being a killer.”

            “A sick fuck tried to rape my kid, you think I’m going to give a rat’s ass that you kill him, fuck, I owe you a helluva lot more than a beer for that.”

            “I appreciate your kindness sir.”  Anthony said unable to withhold his smile.

            “Listen, if this goes to court, we’ll help you out with the case, we know some very good lawyers, and we’re not going to leave you out to dry for this.”

            “I burned the house.”


            “I panicked when I saw him dead, I tried to cover it up, so I burned the house.”

            “That’s fine, that’ll make it harder to draw finger prints and gather evidence.”

            Anthony didn’t say anything.  He spent the day with the family and was invited to dinner with them and then he went home.  He had gotten their contact information in case he was arrested.  For the first time since Anthony had gone to jail, he felt good about himself when he went to sleep.

            Anthony decided that this is what he wanted to do with his life.  He knew the pedophile mind because he was one himself.  Time went on, and nobody came for an arrest.  Anthony doubted it was due to a lack of evidence, he just figured cops don’t care about pedophiles.  He looked at the registered sex offenders and found the man he had killed.  This only confirmed his belief on the reasons he was never questioned about the murder. 

            Not too long after the incident, Anthony was in a park taking in the fresh air.  A little girl sat next to him and he started talking to her.  He found out her name was Amy.  He felt the old feelings coming back but he was determined to control them.  He did make a pass at Amy, but she turned him down.  The odd thing about this rejection was the reaction the girl had to it.  It wasn’t shock; it was fear, fear as if it’s happened before.  Anthony immediately questioned her on if someone had ever touched her inappropriately.  Amy was reluctant to let out the information, but Anthony finally got it out of her that her father sexually abuses her.  The feelings of attraction toward Amy were replaced by anger for the father.  How could a father do that to his own child?  After more conversation, Amy trusted Anthony enough to walk her home.  Anthony wanted to do this to find out where she lived. 

            The next day, Anthony drove to Amy’s house.  He waited all day for Amy’s father to go somewhere alone.  It was dark when it finally happened and Anthony followed him.  It turned out Amy’s father went to the drug store to pick up some supplies.  While he was inside, Anthony clogged the exhaust pipe on his car with various things he had found in his car ranging from clothing to food and drink wrappers.  When Amy’s father came back to his car and started it, the car quickly filled with smoke and before he had the wherewithal to open the door or lower a window, he was rendered unconscious.  Anthony had driven across the street so that he could make a more covert exit.  He had the feeling that he did something right again. 

            It didn’t take long for the police to find out where the car was registered and who the dead person was.  When they questioned Amy’s mother, she spoke of how relieved she was that he was out of the picture.  What the police had discovered from her was that Amy’s father threatened Amy’s mother that if she ever told anybody how he treated Amy, he would kill her.  Every day, Amy’s mother lived in fear of her husband and had to live with the knowledge of what he was doing to Amy.  It killed her inside and she felt relieved that someone had killed him.  Due to the family’s reaction, and what the police found out about the man, they didn’t devote too much energy into determining who the murderer was.

            Over the next few days, Anthony watched the school for anything abnormal.  Before his killings, he felt disgusted with himself that he was watching the little girls in the school yard, now he felt a sense of purpose.  He was protecting them from people like he used to be.  He found an emotion to replace his sexual desire for little girls, and he enjoyed this.  Throughout the rest of his life, Anthony killed anyone he noticed trying to sexually abuse children.  With every murder, he felt better about himself and felt closer to redemption and repaying his debt to society.  His assumption that neither society nor the police would devote much energy to find the killer of a pedophile was never proven false.  It wasn’t long until Anthony had killed a man who tried to sexually abuse a little girl.  After that kill, there was no more justification besides him trying to redeem himself; for he had killed someone exactly like him.  After that, there was no turning back for him; the predator had found a different prey. 

Friday, December 8, 2017


                Gia Stillman was a typical college girl, she went out to a lot of clubs, had random hook ups with guys and was even in a sorority at NYU.  One night, she was going out with two of her friends who were a year older than her, Nia and Gabrielle.  She had only been friends with them for a semester but they hit it off really quickly and became close.  Gia was a junior and Nia and Gabrielle were seniors.  Like most people in their last semester of college, Nia and Gabrielle were a little anxious about what lay in store for them after college.  Nia had scored an impressive 170 on her LSATs but was denied from the law schools she wanted to go to, so decided she would work as a teacher in her home state of New Jersey until she thought of something else.  It was nearing the end of the semester and the three girls decided to go out. 

                They went to a club somewhere in midtown Manhattan and began dancing waiting for guy suitors to approach them.  One man approached Nia and they began dancing together.  Nia liked this man so when she tired she sat down with him and talked extensively.  The man asked her to go on a walk.  Gia and Gabrielle saw Nia walk out with him and thought nothing of it at the time.  After a couple hours, Gia began worrying because she had not seen Nia.  She tried calling her but the call went straight to voicemail.  Gia told Gabrielle and they began panicking on where Nia could be.  They weren’t even sure where to start.  After another hour of them calling anyone who may have heard from Nia, Gia received a phone number with a Manhattan area code that she didn’t recognize.  She answered hesitantly, “Hello”

                Nia’s voice came over the line with obvious signs that she had been crying and said, “Gia?”

Gia panicked even more by the state in which Nia’s voice sounded and responded, “Oh My God, Nia where are you?  What happened? Are you okay?”

                “Yea, I’m alright now, I’m in a phone booth by Gabrielle’s apartment” 

                “Stay there, we’re coming now.”


                Gabrielle lived about two miles from where they currently were.  Gia got Gabrielle and they waved down a taxi and headed to meet Nia.  Gabrielle had brought a guy she had met at the club with her.  Gabrielle didn’t normally take guys home and she was about to graduate college with her virginity but she had been drinking heavily with the knowledge that Nia may not be okay and decided that it would be okay this one time, especially if the guy who went with Nia was still there when they got to her.  When the three of them arrived, Nia was sitting on the stoop outside Gabrielle’s apartment with her head in her hands obviously emotional.  There was a guy standing above her, and Gia immediately assumed that it was the guy she left with.  She ran out of the cab as Gabrielle paid it and shoved the guy back telling her to get away from Nia.  It was currently 3:00AM.  Nia lifted her head and said, “No, Gia stop, this is the guy that helped me, he’s okay.” 

                Gia calmed down and apologized.  She found out his name was Paul and they asked what happened.  Nia retold the events of the night which consisted of her and the guy heading up toward Gabrielle’s apartment and then the man throwing Nia into a phone booth and tried to force himself on her when Paul came and scared the guy off.  He then helped Nia regain control over herself and told her to call her friends.  Nia’s phone had run out of batteries, which was why none of the calls were getting through and she called Gia from the payphone.  Paul decided he would sit with Nia until her friends arrived to make sure she was alright.  Everyone calmed down now that everyone was okay and Gabrielle invited Paul into the apartment for cocktails. They were drinking socially until Gabrielle went into a room with the guy she met at the club while Nia, Gia and Paul remained outside talking.  Gia and Nia were surprised that Gabrielle may be losing her virginity that night and felt kind of proud.  Gabrielle was a good looking girl she just lost interest in people really quickly. 

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Gabrielle and the guy were kissing profusely as they stripped each other.  Gabrielle’s alcohol was fading and she didn’t want to lose her virginity to someone she met hours ago.  When the guy was in his boxers and she in her thong she pulled away and said, “Listen, I’m still a virgin, I don’t want to fuck tonight.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry, I know I hinted at it by bringing you here and everything, I’ll give you head, just please no sex.”

The guy shook his head but appeared to understand.  He pulled down his boxers and Gabrielle dropped to her knees and started licking the head of the guy’s penis.  After a little bit, the guy pushed Gabrielle away and said, “This doesn’t seem right, get up, we’ll just hook up without penetration.  Gabrielle had no problem with this and went to kiss his mouth but he bent his head and started kissing her neck.  The idea that his penis was just inside of her mouth made him not want to make out with Gabrielle.  He picked her up and fell forward onto the bed as he motioned his hands to her breasts and kissed her neck as his bare penis rubbed against the cotton protection of Gabrielle’s vagina.  The man then brought his hands down Gabrielle’s waist and gripped her thong while he moved his mouth up to hers and started making out with her.  He lifted his torso up and pulled Gabrielle’s thong to her knees as he increased the pressure on her mouth so that she couldn’t scream.  He then dropped his torso back down and inserted his penis into Gabrielle’s vagina.  The man placed his left hand on Gabrielle’s mouth and his right arm wrapped around Gabrielle’s left leg wrapping it around him as he placed his arm on her hamstring and his hand gripping her butt.  He pulled her forward as he thrust harder and harder.  Gabrielle tried to scream but the hand muffled her sounds.  The man was much stronger than her and as she tried to toss her head from side to side she couldn’t overcome the force of the guy’s one hand over her mouth.  She began crying as blood protruded from her vagina and the man just humped faster and harder.  She licked at his hand trying to either annoy him or moisten it so she could slip free; it had the desired effect as he lifted his hand slightly in surprise.  She turned her head to side and screamed he-e-e-l” but was silenced by the hand before she could complete the word.  The guy lowered his head to her ear and said, “You try that shit again, and I’ll fucking kill you.”

Meanwhile outside, Gia, Nia and Paul were still talking when they heard a scream from the room.  Paul asked, “What was that?”

“Oh don’t worry about it, it’s Gabrielle’s first time, it hurts a girl the first time.”  Gia responded

“No, I understand that woman groan during sex, but it sounded like she was saying ‘help’”

“Paul, trust me, if she was in trouble, she would be screaming a lot more than that.”  Nia responded.

:”He could be stopping her.  And normally you don’t scream “help” during sex.”

Nia replied, “Paul, trust me, I’m a linguistics major, I would be able to interpret a word between a groan”

Paul realized that it was fruitless to argue, so he decided to check himself.  He got up and despite the girl’s protests banged on the door, “Is everything alright in there?”

“It’s fine” the guy snapped back still holding Gabrielle’s mouth shut. 

“Let the girl respond”

The guy looked down at Gabrielle and said quietly, “I’m going to remove my hand, the door is locked, you ask for help or anything like that I’ll kill you.  You have to unlock the door to let them in and I guarantee you won’t get past me.  So tell him everything’s okay”

Midway between the guy’s speech., Paul banged on the door asking, “Hello?”

The guy removed his hand and Gabrielle said in the same voice Nia had earlier, “Yea everything’s fine, I’m just not used to these things.”

The lock on the door was the type that you push in a button on the doorknob and the doorknob won’t turn.  There’s a hole on the other side of the door that a simple toothpick or paperclip opened up could easily fit inside and push open the lock.  Paul was unconvinced, Gabrielle didn’t sound hurt she sounded like she was crying.  Back in the room the man continued forcing himself into Gabrielle.  Paul said okay and turned back to the girls.  “Is there a paperclip in here?”

Nia said, “why?”

“Did you hear that, she was crying.”

“You played hero once today, it’s alright, she’s fine, girls sometime cry during sex, she’s losing her virginity to a complete stranger, that’s very emotional for a girl.”

Paul was searching as Nia was talking, he didn’t want to argue but felt compelled, “Funny there was a long delay before she told me she was okay.”

“Gee maybe she was catching her breath” Nia said rather mockingly. 

Paul found a paperclip and immediately pulled it apart.  He stuck the end into the door and popped out the lock.  Gabrielle didn’t hear the lock click out but the guy did and he turned around to see the door open and Paul rushing in.  The guy immediately got to his feet and Gabrielle screamed, “Oh my God, please help me the man’s fucking crazy.”

Nia and Gia heard this and looked at each other.  They couldn’t believe they were wrong about Gabrielle’s reaction.  Paul swung at the guy and connected with the guy’s face.  The guy responded with a punch to Paul’s stomach and then grabbed him by the head and spun throwing Paul into the wall.  He yelled, “Alright, you win, I’m fucking out of here.” He grabbed his clothes and turned around at the door and yelled pointing to Gabrielle “You’re a fucking cock tease, and you deserved it.”

Paul was happy that there wasn’t going to be a fight.  He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of getting injured helping three college girls he had just met that day but he knew he had to stop the guy.  He put on his boxers and walked out the door into the hallway and completed getting dressed out there.  As soon as they heard her scream, Nia and Gia rushed into the room and consoled a naked Gabrielle ignoring the blood on the sheets.  Gabrielle was crying abundantly as she hugged her two friends tightly.  Paul stood by and watched.  He knew that it was time for him to go.  He touched Nia on the shoulder and said gently, “Hey, I’m going to go, I hope you guys are alright.” 

The three girls released their embrace and Nia European kissed (cheek to cheek and kiss the air) Paul and hugged him saying, “Thank you so much for everything.”

Gabrielle got up ignoring her nudity and hugged Paul tightly saying “Thank you so much, I don’t know what that guy would have done to me if you weren’t here” then European kissed him.

Paul responded, “Don’t think about that, focus on right now, you’re okay, you’re with your friends, he won’t hurt you anymore”

Gia repeated the same good-bye as Nia and Paul was out the door.  Gia and Nia consoled Gabrielle for the remainder of the night all thankful that Paul had shown up.

About a year later, Gabrielle had a steady job and was still living in the same apartment in uptown Manhattan.  She knew she only had the job because she had no idea what else to do and knew that she wouldn’t be there permanently and constantly thought about what she actually wanted to do with her life.    Nia was in New Jersey as a teacher and Gia was still at NYU.  Larry, a close friend of Gia’s, had been speaking to Nia and Gabrielle online on and off since they met her.  Larry had a small crush on Gabrielle and knew about what happened that night with Paul.  After the incident, Larry talked to Gabrielle more but avoided speaking about the incident until Gabrielle brought it up.  When she did, Larry gave her advice and helped her get over the situation.  Gabrielle was surprised that Larry was able to help her get over it.  By no means could it be said that Larry lived a rough life, but he had experienced some things that most people hadn’t and had a certain sense of what to say in situations where it seems nothing can be said that will help.  This made Gabrielle and Larry grow close and soon after Larry asked her out and she said yes.  Larry, like Gabrielle, had only had sex one time and it was not long before Gabrielle lost her virginity.  For this reason, he didn’t mind that Gabrielle was a little hesitant to have sex again right away.  They had been going out for about a year when Gabrielle, Gia and Nia were going to have a girl’s night out.  Larry didn’t mind, after all he hated dancing.  He also trusted Gabrielle wouldn’t cheat on him.  In regards to relationships, Larry was very old-fashioned.  He believed that cheating was absolutely inexcusable and told all his girlfriend’s that if they were going to cheat on him, call him and dump him before they do it or else he’d never talk to them again.  They all said okay, and a lot of people felt this was just something people said but never practiced because they get too involved with a girl.  Larry especially was known to get head over heels over a girl or what some people refer to as “whipped.”  The thing that threw everyone off about Larry was because he told you everything about himself, he made his principles known and he wore his personality on his sleeve for everyone to see.  He almost never lied because he felt it was comical the way people can’t handle the truth.  Somebody like that society can never accept.  They doubt that somebody can be that easy so they make inferences and try to read between the lines and then they get a false impression because there was nothing to read into and what they came up with was a fabrication. 

At the club, the three girls ran into Paul.  Paul was very cordial with them and danced with them after exchanging greetings for a little and then went off on his own.  As the night progressed and drinking increased, the three girls became intoxicated.  Gia was with a guy she had been dancing with making out, and Nia was dancing with another person.  Gabrielle sought out Paul and started dancing with him.  She was noticeably flirting with Paul, and Paul didn’t seem to mind.  Toward the end of the night, Gabrielle and Paul began making out.  Gia was still with her guy and Nia was having fun dancing with other guys.  The end of the night came and Gia found Nia and Gabrielle and they were going to go home.  Gabrielle looked a little shaken up and Gia asked her what was wrong.  Gabrielle responded that everything was okay and then they got into a cab.  Gabrielle said, “Guys, I kind of kissed Paul tonight.”

Nia did notice this but Gia was too involved with her guy to notice.  Nia goes, “So?”

“So?  Larry is going to kill me.”

“Oh he’ll be fine, you have that kid whipped”

Gia, who knew Larry the best of the three, said, “Gab, you can’t tell him”

Gabrielle turned to her and said, “What?”

“If you tell him, Larry will dump you.”

“That’s ridiculous, you were drunk, the guy like saved you from that guy, Larry will understand, besides you only kissed him, it’s not a big deal” Nia replied.

“Nia, you don’t understand, Larry hates cheating, to him whether it’s kissing or sex it doesn’t matter, he considers it the same in regards to cheating, I’m telling you, you can’t tell him.” Gia countered.

Nia said, “Clitty, (Gia’s nickname), people always say that.  Nobody admits that they think cheating is okay.  You know how whipped he is, come on, you honestly think he’d dump Gabrielle?”

“Yes I do” Gia replied matter-of-factly.

Gabrielle was listening to what Nia had to say and calmed down she said, “Gia, I think I know Larry better than you do.  I mean you have known him longer, but I mean I’m dating him.  He’s all talk.”

Gia responded, “The fact that you think Larry is all talk when it comes to his principles, shows that you don’t know a thing about him.  I mean he’s pissed off at himself when he didn’t leave a speech because I sounded upset but told him I was okay and told him to go because ‘he should have known’”

Nia said, “Whatever, Gab, if you don’t want to tell him, you don’t have to, but I’m telling you, he won’t leave you.”

Gia had given up arguing with Nia, she knew it was a bad idea for Gabrielle to tell Larry, but she wasn’t going to win the argument.  I mean she herself found it hard to believe that Larry was exactly the way he said he was and that was after three years of spending countless hours with him and she still didn’t fully understand so she couldn’t expect Nia or Gabrielle to.  After a brief moment of silence, Gabrielle said, “I mean I really like Larry.  He’s so nice and caring and sweet, I mean he knows I love him.  Besides, he’s pretty oblivious, he won’t know if I don’t tell him.” Gia was conflicted.  Even though she was strongly asserting not telling Larry, she didn’t like the idea of holding something from her close friend.  On the same token she didn’t want two of her friends having problems with one another, which she knew would happen if Gabrielle told him.  After a brief pause Gabrielle continued, “Wait, I mean if he ever did find out then he would be suspicious, Larry likes it when people admit that they’re wrong so I’m just going to admit it.”

Gia dreaded it, she knew she was going to have to deal with two of her close friends hating each other.  She felt that holding something from Larry was the lesser of two evils so she made one final plea, “Gab, just trust me, if you tell him, it’s over between you two.”

Nia said, “Gia, calm down, you’re way too paranoid about this.  You need to stop getting worked up over nothing, this is a small problem, I mean it was only a fucking kiss, who the fuck cares?”

Gia didn’t say anything.  They arrived at Gabrielle’s apartment and slept over.  Gia and Nia went home the next morning and Gabrielle went to Larry’s.  When Larry saw Gabrielle, he could tell something was wrong.  “How are you?” he asked.


“You don’t look fine”

“There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, are you alright?”

“Yea, I’m fine, it’s just that, well….last night….”

Larry waved his arms indicating for her to continue, as Gabrielle hesitated more, Larry thought the worse, “Did someone hurt you?”

“No no, nothing like that, it’s just that….well….look I always want to be honest with you, you’ve always been honest with me.  I just don’t want to hold anything back from you and just let everything open.”

“Okay, go for it.”

Gabrielle grabbed him gently by the biceps and rubbed them gently, “You know I love you right?”

Larry was getting suspicious now and responded, “Yea, keep going.”

“Well last night, Paul was there.” 

Gabrielle and Gia had told Larry about Paul so he knew who she was talking about but was a little confused why he elicited this reaction.  Cheating was never even an option for Larry so he didn’t even think about it.  He thought Paul turned out not to be as nice as he seemed.  He said, “What did he do to you?”

Gabrielle noticed what Larry was getting at, “Nothing, no not like that, geez no, it’s just that I had a lot to drink, I was really drunk, and I well….kind of kissed him.”  She immediately stopped being hesitant and went into defense mode, “But I stopped it there, I didn’t invite him back to my place, I didn’t do anything like that, we both admitted it was a mistake and caused by the alcohol and it’s over now.  I’m just really really sorry, and I know it was stupid, and I’m never going to do it again.  Like you always said, I can’t change the past, all I can do is promise not to do it again.”  She said as she looked up hopeful.

Larry shrugged his arms and stepped out of Gabrielle’s grip.  He looked at her with anger in his eyes, crossed his arms and said “Okay, bye Gabrielle we’re breaking up.  I’m dumping you”

Gabrielle was shocked by his response, she thought he’d be upset and want to discuss it but she didn’t expect that cold of a response.  She wasn’t going to give up that easily though.  “Oh come on Larry, you know how confused I’ve been, I graduated college, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I’ve been so confused and a mess about everything.  I’m not going to try to justify what I did, I know it was….”

“So don’t, you’re trying to justify it now, just don’t say anything, it’s over, we’re done.”

“Larry come on, what I did was wrong but you know I love you.”

“Funny you’re still talking.  I don’t know how clear I can make this, I never want to speak to you ever again, get the fuck out of my apartment, and stop talking.”

“I can understand you’re upset, but I mean kissing him, even after everything he did for me, meant nothing, I know how much I love you now, and how much you mean to me.  I can’t live without you.  And I made one big mistake, I won’t make another.”  Gabrielle said as she leaned in for a kiss

Larry was rolling his eyes during the speech and put his arm out stopping her advancement.  “Babe, you’re done, I didn’t need to kiss anybody to know that stuff about you.  And if I ever doubted it, I would have broken up with you, experimented with other people and then if I kept getting that nothing feeling, I’d know that you were the girl for me, but I wouldn’t experiment while I was dating you.  If you wanted to experiment you should have dumped me.  I would have understood, I told you from day one I don’t want to be in a relationship with a girl who isn’t sure.”

“But I am sure, I know I want you, I was drunk, I was stupid.  I mean he saved me from being raped, I felt I owed him that.”

“Correction, you were raped, he came too late.  He just made the rape shorter, now that was very nice of him, and he definitely went way beyond the call of duty that night, and I respect him for it.  And at the time, given that you were single, I would have completely understood if you kissed him because you felt you owed it to him.  But not when you’re dating me.”

“Larry, I swear to God, this will never happen again, it meant nothing it was just a kiss, I love you, I never felt anything like when I kiss you.  The day like brightens up, and I get chills, but it just feels so right, I don’t get that with anybody.  With Paul it was just going through the motions, I didn’t feel anything.”

“You kissed another man, you cheated on me, I told you that if you cheated on me, we’d be through, I don’t understand the complication here.  You were an English major, you’re supposed to understand the language, I think I’m using it right.  Get out of my apartment, I don’t want to see you ever again, you cheated on me, we’re done bye, get out the door.”

                Gabrielle was getting angry now, “You know I shouldn’t have even told you.  God, how many girls would admit it?  You’re so fucking oblivious you probably never would have known.”

                “Maybe, and you may be right, I don’t know why you told me, I made it pretty clear what I felt about cheating.  But you did, so now get out of my apartment.”

                “Doesn’t it mean anything that I was honest with you?”

                “No, not really, you cheated on me, we’re done bye”

                “Is that all you can say?”

                “That’s all I want to say to you”

Gabrielle held her head high and said, “You’ll regret this” and started walking toward the door. 

Larry stood motionless.  Gabrielle put her hand on the doorknob giving Larry a chance to stop her.  Nothing came, she turned and said, “You know once I walk out that door I’m not coming back, maybe if you would not be so fucking stubborn and go dancing with me, I wouldn’t be driven to kiss other guys, you’re lucky I didn’t fuck him.”

                “Are you having trouble opening the door?”

                “Last chance”

                “The door opens by turning the handle and pulling.  Then walk through it.  You don’t scare me.”

                Gabrielle opened the door and walked through it.  She started crying as she walked back to her apartment seven blocks away.  Larry held in his emotion; he was very distraught over breaking up with Gabrielle.  He called his best friend Kate to console him and Gabrielle called Gia.  Gia expected the phone call. 

                Larry hung out with Gia still and they avoided talking about it for a while.  Gia could tell how much it affected Larry but never brought it up.  Finally after a couple of weeks she decided to try; maybe Larry finally realized that he couldn’t be stubborn with his principles in life.  She said, “You know, Gabrielle still misses you.”

                “Good, I mean I miss her too but I could never go out with her after what she did to me.”

                “Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?”

                “I don’t expect you to understand Gia, you sold your principles and dignity for a guy, you assume I will for a girl, but Gia I’m stronger than you.”

                Gia knew that Larry was referring to the guy she was seeing Spencer.  Most of Gia’s friends and family had mentioned that they didn’t approve how Spencer treated Gia but she ignored them all to be with him no matter what he did.  She often got really defensive when Larry attacked Spencer and that’s what Larry was going for because he hated when Gia questioned his resolve.  It had the desired effect, “Well I’m glad you think I have no dignity, that’s interesting, you’re just too fucking stubborn and arrogant to admit that you were wrong.”

                “Funny, she cheats on me, and I’m wrong, okay Gia, think what you want, but I never want to speak to Gabrielle ever again, and you can tell her that.”

                Gia immediately changed the subject, she knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere.  She hated having two of her closest friends not speaking but she didn’t hang out with both of them too much before they dated and it didn’t provide much of a problem now too but Gia wanted all her friends to like each other in an idealistic way.  She never brought it up again, and Larry and Gabrielle never spoke again.



Friday, December 1, 2017

Raping the Willing

                Gia Stillmen was a senior at NYU.  She had been seeing a guy named Blake for the majority of her college years.  He and Gia spoke of marriage daily and even planned their kid’s names.  For the first time, Blake had his own room, so Gia unofficially moved in as she would leave her apartment to go to his for the sole purpose of sleeping.  Gia based her entire happiness and well being on her relationship with Blake, if Blake was in a bad mood, than Gia was miserable, if Blake was happy, Gia was as well.  Her relationship with Blake had sucked virtually every type of independence she had.  Gia wasn’t entirely hopeless, she did hold on to a couple principles and morals that Blake may not have approved of.  On one occasion, Gia was sleeping nude in Blake’s bed, a very often occurrence, and Blake woke her up demanding sex; Gia refused claiming she was tired.  Blake, not used to Gia saying no and knowing her love of intercourse, pushed the matter further.   Gia held fast and continually refused Blake’s advancements.  Finally Blake said, “Can I rape you?”  

                Gia replied, “No”

                “Ah come on”


                Blake rolled on top of Gia and thrusted his penis into her vagina repeatedly as Gia lay with little reaction.  This didn’t last long and no permanent damage was done to Gia’s body. 

The next day, Gia went to classes finding the night before humorous.  After classes, Gia met up with her good friend Larry.  Larry was in love with Gia and had been since freshman year.  Before Blake, Larry and Gia briefly hooked up but Larry got a little too clingy and Gia pushed him away.  Gia knew Larry still had feelings for her but so long as Larry kept to himself and didn’t overstep his boundaries, she was fine.  He had always done anything Gia asked him to do, which normally were just little favors.  Likewise, she had done many favors for Larry.  Gia trusted him and Larry was a guest at her apartment on many occasions and even won over her parents.  What seemed to be a common pattern was that Gia would hang out with Larry during the day and then Blake and other friends at night.  Larry knew his role with Gia and rarely overstepped his boundaries.  Given all this, it didn’t seem unordinary for Gia to invite Larry to her apartment.  Gia’s parents were in their Hampton house and her brother was away at school in Colorado.  Being alone in her apartment was not unnatural to Gia, and calling Larry for company because of her boredom seemed logical since Larry kept his life very simple and spontaneous so could spend unlimited amounts of time pretty much wherever he desired.  The most common complaint against Larry was that he was too nice, especially with Gia.  Larry came over and the doorman said, “Hey Larry” and told him to go right up. 

Even though almost all the doormen in Gia’s building knew Larry, he still found it humorous that they don’t call Gia to see if it’s okay for him to come up before letting him through.  But, in their defense, Larry had been there enough.  Larry rang the doorbell and Gia answered said hi and walked back to her room where she was talking to multiple people online.  This was her common greeting and Larry sat on her bed watching her as he always did.  Gia spun around to talk to him and said matter-of-factly, “So Blake raped me last night”

Larry’s head shot up as rage began to flow through his body but still hoped he misheard.  He replied, “What?!”

“I was sleeping and he wanted sex and I was like ‘no, no, no’ then he asked if he could rape me so I said ‘fine’” she said with a smile thinking Larry would see the humor in this.

Larry calmed down, but he certainly didn’t find it humorous.  He wondered if Gia knew what goes through his head every time she said something like this.  He also kicked himself thinking that he should be used to it considering Gia’s friends often referred to a guy saying a kind compliment in flirtation as ‘molesting’ and Gia had screamed ‘rape’ jokingly when Larry had cuddled with her on a number of occasions.  His mind immediately jumped to the same time that always jumps in his mind when Gia makes such an over-exaggeration.  Freshman year, Gia came to Larry’s dorm crying.  Larry inquired why and she told him of a fight she had with Blake but when she tried to leave, he grabbed her by the leg and dragged her back.  That time, Gia noticed the hostility and rage in Larry’s voice so calmed down to assure him that Blake didn’t hurt her and wouldn’t and did let her go eventually.  Her tears spoke louder than her words to Larry, he wanted desperately to attack Blake, but knew that Gia would probably never speak to him again and he wasn’t ready to lose her as a friend.  That was four years ago, now Blake’s antics were beginning to get to Larry.  Blake was a lot bigger than Larry.  Blake worked out daily, sometimes twice a day, and his shoulders were about twice as broad as Larry’s, and his biceps measured the size of most people’s heads.  Larry knew however that even Blake admitted these bulging muscles were just for show.  Larry had grown up fighting people bigger than him using his high tolerance of pain, persistence, and knowledge learned through trial and error how to fight.  He knew he could beat Blake, especially if enraged.  He still, however, didn’t want to do it to avoid an argument with Gia.  Every time Blake pulled one of his antics and then Gia assured Larry it was okay, the rage always subsided.  Today was different though, Larry seemed to be getting angrier.  He realized that it wasn’t even at Blake but at Gia.  His mind started conjuring conspiracies that Gia toyed with his emotions on purpose.  He believed she purposely got him to start getting angry only to call it off.  This thought infuriated him more.  He looked up with bloodshot eyes.  There were two times in which Larry had hit Gia.  Both times were when he and Gia were sharing a bed and Larry flinched in his sleep and his wrist collided with Gia’s side.  Both people awoke and Larry was extremely apologetic and hugged Gia feeling horrible about himself.  Although Gia shrugged it off, Larry never let himself live it down.  He brought it up often with Gia especially when she claimed Blake would never hit her.  Larry pointed out that Gia said the same thing about him and then brought up these times to prove her wrong.  Blake had similar flinches in his sleep, but nobody but Larry considered it culpable.  It’s perhaps due to this past history and Gia’s refusal to admit that Larry would ever harm her that she, normally a very observant person, didn’t notice that Larry was looking at her like he never had before, with fury.  Larry, not a very observant person, started sizing Gia up in her chair.  She was wearing a small T-shirt, and sweatpants with no socks.  Instinctively, he mentally undressed her, wanting her body against his more and more.  Gia got up to check something on her shelves on the opposite side of her beds.  Larry got up and came behind her and wrapped his arms around her back and rested them on her waist.  Gia had seen Larry do this to her before, very rarely did she reciprocate but if she did it was only to let him cuddle with her.  Her normal response, however, was to shake violently with her arms up causing Larry to back off with his palms up in retreat.  This is what she tried as soon as she felt Larry’s touch on her body.  But Larry didn’t retreat this time.  Instead he grabbed tighter, he whispered in her ear, “not this time, Gia” and kissed her gently on the neck. 

Gia was annoyed now, she said rather sternly, “Get off me”

Larry lifted her slender body and Gia’s knees instinctively bent up as Larry swung her body around and bent her over the guest bed in her room.  Gia was too scared to move, Larry had never done that before.  Before she knew it, Larry’s right hand moved from interlocking his left on her stomach to sliding the sweatpants over her butt and down to her knees.  Larry pushed his pelvis forward and Gia felt his erect penis through his jeans against the crack of her buttocks over her black thong.  Larry brought his hands over her bare buttocks and slid them up under her T-shirt and unclipped her bra and then slid his hands around grabbing her bare breasts.  Gia screamed, “Get off me!”

The second she finished the sentence, Larry’s right hand pushed its way free of her shirt and slapped across her mouth silencing her.  He bent next to her ear and said, “Gia, the door is locked, in the rare event that someone hears you, nobody will come in.  You have a reputation of being a slut, and, aside from that, people don’t like getting involved, they just assume everything’s okay.  People hesitate way too long before interfering, that’s why they teach girls in American society not to scream “rape” because too many girls are like you Gia and cry wolf.   Now you know how I carry a pocketknife wherever I go.  You scream again, I’ll slit your fucking throat, and I guarantee, even if someone rushes to the scene, they won’t get in before you’re dead.  I know all seven major arteries in the body and I’ll slit them all before they get in.  So shut the fuck up, too long you’ve let guys have their way with you, now I’m going to show you what can happen.”

If the words weren’t scary enough, Gia was also frightened at the calm in Larry’s voice.  She had known him pretty well the past few years, and knew that everything he was saying was true.  She wanted to scream but couldn’t find her voice.  Half of her was saying that Larry would never kill her but the other half yelled back that she would have said Larry would never rape her either.  As her mind was processing what she heard, Larry pulled her bra off from under her shirt.  His hands were now on top of the shirt gripping the back collar.  He pulled his hands opposite each other and tore the shirt down the middle and yanked the two newly created pieces and tossed them to the ground.  He lowered his arms some more and pulled her thong down to her ankles.  Gia’s legs were spread apart so that Larry’s legs were on the inside of her corresponding legs.  This inhibited Gia from kicking back.  Larry stood himself up again making sure to feel Gia’s legs all the way up and squeeze her butt hard.  He then removed his shirt and lied on Gia’s back kissing her neck.  Gia already decided she wasn’t going to scream, she just cried from helplessness.  Larry knew that Gia had submitted her fight.  The only thing Gia was saying between sobs was ‘please don’t or ‘please stop.’  He unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned them pulling them down along with his boxers freeing his elongated penis.  Most of Larry’s friends were girls and when they hung out they often discussed feminine things such as birth control and periods.  It’s from overhearing these conversations that Larry knew Gia was on birth control, over 99% effective.  He also knew that there is a less than 1% chance of a woman becoming pregnant from rape.  Larry liked these statistics and decided he didn’t need a condom, as he shoved his penis into Gia’s vagina from behind and jammed it in and out as Gia moaned between her sobs.  Larry slid his arms under Gia’s and interlocked his hands behind her neck putting Gia in a full nelson.  He continually humped Gia as her vaginal walls began to tear.  Larry had very thick skin, thus a little blood wouldn’t gross him out.  He stopped humping and left his penis inside Gia and pulled his arms toward him standing Gia up.  He released the hold and wrapped his arms around her body caressing her breasts.  He started taunting Gia in her ear, “All those times you teased me, all those times you freaked out when I touched you, all those times you shared a bed with me but threw my arm off when I tried to cuddle.  You fucking teased me and now you’re paying for it.” 

If you had asked Larry before arriving at Gia’s, none of these things he would have said even annoyed him.  He didn’t know it, but he was making up reasons for why he was doing this to Gia because he knew he really didn’t have one.  His main reason was because he was sick of hearing her use powerful terms like ‘rape’ and ‘molest’ to describe trivial things.  Larry lowered his right hand and played with Gia’s clitoris ring.  As he did this he slowly humped her some more.  Gia pleaded more loudly in a crying tone, “Larry, please stop, I’m sorry”

Larry was beyond reasoning with.  He was emotionless as he held all his feelings of this for later, right now, he was driven by only one head, and it wasn’t on top his body.  The only thing in his mind was rage and hate.  He shoved her upper body back down on the bed and slid his hands on the side of her butt cheeks and caressed her thighs.  He then yanked her legs up and wrapped them around his waist forcing his penis deeper into Gia.  Gia groaned from the pain as tears flowed from her face.  Larry pulled her arms up and wrapped them around his neck and lowered his left hand to her left breast and his right to her clitoris.  Gia’s clitoris was being stimulated by Larry’s hand, penis and her diamond clitoris ring.  Under normal circumstances, this would have been enjoyable, but these weren’t normal circumstances.  Finally, Larry pushed Gia’s limbs from their positions and let Gia fall to the ground on her stomach.  Gia thought he had climaxed and that’s why he released her.  She lay there audibly crying, kind of happy that it was over, but then Larry nudged her side with his foot flipping her onto her back.  Gia noticed his penis hadn’t gone limp; therefore he hadn’t climaxed and thus was not going to stop.  Larry spread Gia’s legs and placed his penis back in Gia’s vagina and wrapped her legs around his waist again.  He brought his head around Gia’s breasts and maneuvered his mouth around them.  He slowly humped her while his hands caressed her legs.  He then raised his head and gently kissed Gia’s neck all around.  Gia had never been raped but she certainly hadn’t expected anything to be gentle.  Even while Larry was caressing her legs he was being gentle about it.  Gia began seeing that underneath this new side of Larry she was seeing, the Larry she knew was still there.  After all, Larry still hadn’t hit her.  Larry moved his head to kiss her cheek and approached her mouth, he wanted to kiss her lips but didn’t want to give Gia the chance to bite at his lip or tongue so he retreated back to her neck.  Larry wrapped Gia’s arms around his neck and stood up.  Gia dropped her legs instinctively and Larry lifted her left leg with his left hand and backed her against her closet wall and his right hand caressed her buttocks.  Larry repeatedly kissed her neck as he pulled her left leg to collide with his thrusting pelvis. After a little while of this, Larry dropped her left leg and lifted her right leg and repeated the motions.  He then picked both legs up and wrapped them around his waist and brought both hands to her buttocks squeezing hard and thrusting harder and faster.  Blood was emulating from torn walls in Gia’s vagina but it had been minimized.  She had shut down all defenses and just relaxed her body to let Larry do whatever he wanted.  She wasn’t going to resist but she wasn’t going to aid him either.  This would minimize her pain.  Larry took two steps from the wall and nudged Gia’s upper body back as he brought his right hand over the crease between her C sized breasts squeezing each of them only to pull her forward and kiss her neck again.  He dropped her legs and squatted down kissing Gia’s body all the way.  Gia leaned against the wall hoping Larry would climax soon.  He had withdrawn from her vagina so hoped that he was close that’s why he pulled out.  Larry gently positioned Gia’s leg over his left shoulder and let it bend.  Larry turned his head and kissed her left thigh.  If Gia had not been being raped, she would have called this Larry’s inexperience and laughed at it.  She was given a sudden reality check when Larry shot his body up making Gia’s leg completely perpendicular to the floor, Larry’s penis back in her vagina and Larry’s arms back to squeezing her buttocks.  Larry humped gently as Gia’s straightened leg moved with Larry’s upper body.  Luckily, Gia was very flexible with her left leg, Larry knew this, so this didn’t hurt as much as it would normal people.  Larry squatted down once more, and did the same with Gia’s right leg.,  Gia hissed in pain, her right leg wasn’t as flexible, she pleaded, “Larry please” as Larry made his way up.

Larry didn’t listen and just continued to hump Gia.  He then dropped her right leg and pushed her onto her bed lying on her back.  He brought his arms under Gia’s legs and on her hamstrings and crawled over her lifting her legs on his shoulders all the way until they were straight behind Gia’s head and Larry’s penis deeply penetrated Gia’s vaginal walls.  Larry thrusted his pelvis a little more and Gia moaned as her right groin muscle pulled.  Gia finally heard the familiar choke-like noises of a man who had just climaxed.  Larry immediately withdrew as he felt it coming and left most of it on Gia’s chest and thin stomach.  He stood up standing next to Gia so that her naked body lay perpendicular to his, while he stood at her waist.  He put one arm under her neck and the other under her knees lifting her up the way a husband carries a wife over the threshold of their new home.  He carried her out of her bedroom, into the hall and turned right into Gia’s bathroom.  He set her down in the tub and turned the shower on immediately grabbing the bar of soap spreading it all over Gia’s body.  Larry was destroying any evidence of his rape, but this would only have been effective if Gia was unconscious when he raped her.  Still, he did it and then went into Gia’s room leaving her in the shower, got dressed and walked out of the apartment. 

Gia lay in the tub as the water beat off her.  All the sounds she suppressed when Larry was raping her she let out now.  She cried hysterically as the water beat off her.  She was in pain before, but now that it was over, the pain was more pronounced.  Her insides hurt, her right leg hurt, she knew she’d have to go to a doctor.  She didn’t want to tell her parents, after all, they would just make her retell the story in court.  Gia didn’t want to relive the moment in gruesome detail again.  She lied there in the shower for a long while before making her way to her feet and limping to her room to put on clothes.  She then called Blake.  Hearing Blake’s voice calmed her but she immediately began crying again as she thought what she was going to tell him.  Blake immediately asked her what was wrong as he heard her sobs.  Gia stopped crying long enough to let out, “Larry raped me.”

Blake’s eyes widened in shock, “Excuse me?”

“Larry raped me”

Blake shook his head and then said, “Where is he now?”

Gia, still sobbing, said, “Ah come on Blake, you can’t fight.”

“Gia, that fucker raped you, I’m not going to stand for that, I can take him.”

“Just come over and help me get to a hospital.”

Blake just realized how serious it was and rushed over to her house.  The doorman also knew Blake and let him up.  Blake yelled at him to call an ambulance.  The doorman was a little confused and called up to Gia’s apartment.  Gia heard the phone ring but didn’t want to answer it; she knew that the doormen would let Blake up.  Blake got to Gia’s door but it was locked since it locked automatically when Larry shut it.  Gia struggled herself to her feet and stumbled to the door and opened it.  Blake helped Gia downstairs, the doorman was a little confused but neither Blake nor Gia explained it.  The ambulance arrived and told Blake to let Gia lie down.  They put her on a stretcher and placed her into the ambulance letting Blake come along for the ride.  Gia held Blake’s hand, she was glad to have him by her side.  All Blake was thinking about, was physically harming Larry. 

Blake stayed with Gia as long as visiting hours allowed.  She had a significant amount of tearing of her vaginal walls and a pulled groin, but it wasn’t enough to require surgery.  She would, however, need to spend a couple days in the hospital.  The orderlies knew it was a rape but Gia kept saying she didn’t want to press charges.  Blake tried to persuade her, but she remained stern.  It didn’t matter what Gia said, Blake was still going to fight Larry for this.  He wanted him to pay for what Larry did to her.  Gia seemed at peace on her bed, Blake felt good about himself because he assumed Gia looked peaceful because she loved being in his company despite the rape and the pain.  Blake was forced to leave the hospital but promised he’d be back the next day.

Blake didn’t know where Larry was.  He called every one of Gia’s friends and asked if they had seen him.  It didn’t take long to find out Larry was at a bar in Greenwich Village.  Blake jumped in a cab and went to the bar.  He walked in to find Larry drinking with two of his female friends.  Blake grabbed Larry by the shoulder and tossed him off the stool.  Larry stumbled but remained on his feet.  He looked up and saw the rage in Blake.  Larry was just calm, he knew Blake couldn’t fight and was looking forward to using Blake’s size and strength against him.  Larry smiled and said, “You want a drink?

“Fuck you, you piece of shit” he said as he approached Larry

Larry backed away with his arms up and said, “Now now, I assume you want to talk outside”

                Blake smiled and nodded and said, “Yea, something like that”                                               

                Larry moved toward the door, making sure not to turn his back on Blake.  He smelled a cheap shot coming any second.  Blake stalked Larry out the door. Larry’s female friends rushed outside and stepped in between them.  Blake hissed, “Get the fuck out of the way”

The girls pleaded for them to stop, Larry calmly said, “Girls, Blake has a reason to be upset with me, just go back inside, and charge any drinks to my tab.”

The girls were Larry’s two closest friends.  They had never seen him act like that but they couldn’t mistake the rage in Blake’s eyes.  Confused they backed away and Blake couldn’t contain himself any more, he ran at Larry with his right fist raised.  Larry bent down and as Blake approached, wrapped his arms around his legs and shot his upper body up catapulting Blake over his shoulder and onto his back.  Blake had no experience with falling and dropped his elbows, allowing them to take the blunt of the force.  Blake got up shaking his elbows, he then raised his elbows and took a full swing at Larry, but he ducked under it and gave Blake a stiff jab in his ribs with his right hand.  Blake grabbed his ribs a second then raised his arm trying to ignore the pain.  He again swung with his right fist.  Larry turned with the punch remembering that both Gia and Blake believed that if he got one punch off he could win a fight.  Larry was going to prove this Larryry wrong.  Larry saw Blake’s arms flailing, his elbows parallel to the ground, there was just too much movement and too awkward an angle to get a full force behind the punch.   Blake had no idea how to swing powerfully; all the muscle in the world wasn’t going to help him.  When Blake connected he dropped his arms content that he had reached his mark.  The second he did, Larry came back with his left fist, elbows tucked so he could get his full strength behind the punch and jabbed it directly into Blake’s solar plexus, then brought his right into his sternum and his left to his right ribcage and finished with a right to his left ribcage.  These four places are the tenderest places on a human midsection, and Larry connected with each shot, knocking any wind Blake may have had out of him.  No work out strengthened the sternum or the solar plexus, the rib shots were to weaken that area for later.  Blake’s body went numb and his arms dropped even more as his head bowed trying to pant but had no breath to do so.  Larry grabbed his left arm and chopped at the brachial artery in the bicep representing a pressure point when pressured caused the body to lie flat down.  Larry brought Blake’s broad frame down flat on his stomach and brought his left leg up and stepped down on the pressure point so Blake was pinned at Larry’s mercy.  Larry used his right leg to kick at Blake’s face.  Blake could only turn his head to take the blow to the back of his head, but Larry just extended his leg and brought his heel back into Blake’s face repeatedly.  Blood immediately spewed from Blake’s face as Larry’s sneaker continually connected with his face.  He knelt down and turned Blake’s face back toward where Larry had Blake’s arm pinned and Larry started punching at his face.  Larry then switched his right leg to pin down Blake and used his left leg to stomp at Blake’s kidneys.  Larry noticed people around shocked that this small-framed kid was beating a guy twice his size.  Larry started taunting with every stomp, “This is for making Gia cry, and this is for raping her, yea that’s right she told me about that, all she wanted to do was sleep you piece of shit.”

The people around heard Larry’s taunts and thought they understood why the fight was occurring.  Blake was in too much pain to speak.  He started spitting blood due to Larry’s kidney shots causing his insides to bleed.  Larry stepped down with his left leg on Blake’s shoulder of the arm Larry had pinned.  He bent down and lifted Blake’s arm removing his right leg.  He pulled it up so that it was perpendicular to the ground then used his right knee to drive Blake’s arm across his back.  The wedge created by Larry’s left foot caused Blake’s shoulder to separate from the socket.  He screamed out in pain.  Larry then kicked at Blake’s side where his kidneys were.  He turned his back to Blake and drove his leg back so that his heel would connect and cause more damage per blow.  He heard a couple cracks and jumped over to his other side and repeated it breaking a few more ribs.  Blake had long since lost consciousness from pain but he was in a pool of his own blood.  The girls let Larry attack, for they also knew Gia and felt Blake deserved a beating for raping her.  They were a little confused because they knew Gia was obsessed with Blake and it didn’t seem likely that Blake could rape her since she was always willing but why else would Larry not stop after he had clearly won.  They shoved Larry back, his one friend Kate hugged him, she had experience of excessively violent men and knew that a little bit of affection could calm them down.  It worked; Larry started panting as his anger subsided.  He had finally gotten his revenge for the times Blake had made Gia cry.  An ambulance came shortly after and took the still unconscious Blake to the hospital.  The official diagnoses were internal bleeding caused by ruptured kidneys, a broken nose, five broken ribs and a separated shoulder.  They immediately went into surgery to cure the internal bleeding.  Blake would be in the hospital for a while.  When he awoke and was informed of everything, he called Gia and told her what had happened.  Gia said, “Thanks for trying to help me out, but you knew you couldn’t fight, you should have gotten one of your frat buddies to kill him.”

Blake couldn’t believe that he was kind of being admonished for fighting Larry but was too weak to argue so just said, “I’m sorry Gia, he just really pissed me off, I hated that he hurt you, but don’t worry, I’ll get someone to beat the living shit out of him.”

“Blake, no, too many people are getting hurt.  Just leave him alone.”

Blake was shocked.  Gia of all people should want Larry in a body bag considering he raped her.  Again, he was too weak to argue so he just ended the conversation.  Gia hung up the phone with a smile.  Blake did tell her what Larry was saying in his taunts.  She understood why Larry had injured him so badly and was confident Larry had gotten everything out of his system.  She fell asleep easier than she had in a long time. 

Gia was released from the hospital a couple days after the incident.  She didn’t inform her parents about what happened, they were in the Hamptons the entire time.  Gia returned home and went about her days as if nothing happened telling nobody about Larry raping her.  After a couple weeks she was at her house and put on a short t-shirt Larry had gotten her from the top of the Empire State Building and sweat pants.  She had planned and waited for this day for a little while now.  She knew Larry liked her in sweat pants and she knew he’d appreciate the shirt.  She went over to Larry’s apartment and rang the buzzer.  Larry lived on the first floor so was used to anytime someone wanted to be buzzed in to just ring his buzzer.  He hit the button without thinking and opened his door to see if it was actually for him or for someone else in the building.  He knew that this was a dangerous practice but he didn’t care, he felt completely safe in New York City.  He was very surprised to see Gia walk through the doors though.  He expected her to be followed by a lawyer issuing Larry a subpoena or cops arresting him, but Gia appeared to be alone.  Gia was smiling, which further disarmed Larry.  She said with a slight chuckle, “hi”

This snapped Larry out of his trance and responded with obvious confusion in his voice, “Hi”

“Can I come in?”

Larry shook his head and opened the door wider and his arm extended motioning for Gia to come in.  Larry asked, more so out of habit since he was the host “Do you want anything to eat or drink or something?”

“No thanks I’m okay”

Gia sat on Larry’s bed and lied down on her stomach giving Larry a profile view of her.  She bent her knees up and propped her head against her folded hands.  Larry had told her that he believed this to be the most seductive position a girl could be in.  It had the desired effect as Larry stared dumbfounded at Gia.  Larry wondered if she was in shock and just blocked the rape from her mind.  He had heard of a psychological condition where kidnapped victims become infatuated with their kidnappers since they ignore the dastardly things they’ve done and focus that they are taking care of the victim.  Larry wondered if this worked for rape victims too.  Of the two, the latter seemed correct; Gia hadn’t overtly flirted with Larry in four years.  Forgetting the rape happened, would not make her act like this.  Gia had a wide smile on her face.  Larry approached her cautiously.  He had never felt more uncomfortable around Gia in his entire life.  Gia said, “Sit down and talk to me.”

Larry sat on his bed and Gia sat up as well, the position had done all she wanted it to.  She leaned forward despite her being sat next to Larry and said, “Now Larry, I know you’re confused.  So let me explain, freshman year I pushed you away because I didn’t want to seem too desperate.  Remember, I was still a virgin then.  Since then, aside from hugging, you haven’t made a move.  I couldn’t wait so I was with Blake telling you every detail, hoping you’d give in and make a fucking move.  But, you never did.  I mean, I admit I didn’t expect you to do what you did.  If you would have just made a move, we could’ve fucked and I wouldn’t have bled, instead you immediately ripped my pants off and fucked me.  But, I got into it quick enough and I wasn’t as hurt.  You fuck very well.”  Larry’s mouth just dropped.  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  How did Gia see his raping her as him making a move, just a little fast?  He began thinking that he may have underestimated how Gia downplayed horrifying things Blake did.  Suddenly, he wished he had done more harm to Blake just in case but then concluded he had done a number.  Hell, Blake was still recovering.  Gia continued, “I also think it’s pretty sweet what you did to Blake for me.  I know you understand I couldn’t explicitly tell you to attack him for doing all those things to me, but I was hoping that a man would step forth and teach that fucker a lesson and you did.” She said as she stroked his arm with a huge smile on her face.

Larry couldn’t help but smile.  He still was too shocked to speak so he just sat there like a fool smiling.  Gia giggled and said, “Awww, you’re speechless, what did you think, I’d come in here with people to kick your ass, or the cops or something?”

“Yes” Larry finally mustered a little too loudly.

Gia lowered her head slightly shaking her head and smiling innocently.  “No no no” she said as she leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.  Larry didn’t have time to react but pushed his mouth toward her but Gia retreated.  The slight tease turned Larry on more.  He retreated but Gia moved in and kissed him again.  This time Larry did have time to kiss back.  Gia turned her slender body toward Larry and pushed her body against his leaning him back to lie on the bed.  She lowered her kisses to his neck and sat up and straddled his waist.  Gia could already feel that Larry was aroused.  She reached into her purse and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs smiling innocently.  Larry’s lips parted forming a large smile.  Not only did Larry enjoy his hook ups to be a little violent but coming from an innocent sweet girl like Gia, rough play turned him on more than he could imagine.  She said very softly, “Just relax, and let me work.” 

Gia cuffed Larry’s arms to the bedpost first.  She then slid her body down running her hands down his sides and removing his socks.  She took two more sets of handcuffs from her bag and cuffed Larry’s ankles to the bedpost.  She then unclipped Larry’s knife from his waist and opened it.  Larry smiled some more and saw Gia look up with a naïve smile on her face.  If Larry would have been analyzing more carefully, he would have realized that there was something amiss about Gia’s smiles.  He knew she wasn’t innocent, nor naïve, nor ditzy.  Then again, it had been a while since Gia showed any attraction to Larry, maybe he just forgot how she was when she likes a guy.  She brought the knife under Larry’s shirt and pressed the blade against it cutting the shirt down the middle of his midsection and then cut the sleeves off yanking the pieces and throwing them to the floor.  She did the same with his jeans and boxers until Larry was nude at the hands of his own knife.  She put the knife down and stripped herself to nothing but her pantyhose.  She told him to close his eyes, Larry immediately obeyed.  Gia removed her underwear and straddled Larry again positioning Larry’s penis into her fully healed vagina.  Larry kept his eyes shut.  Up until this point he felt guilty about what he did to Gia, but now it seemed it was ending pretty well.  Gia slapped him across the face and Larry opened his eyes to see Gia smiling sweetly.  She said, “I know you like it rough, so that’s how you’re going to get it” as she slapped him across the other cheek.

All Larry could do was sit back smiling.  He just let Gia do whatever she wanted to him.  Gia maneuvered her waist around moving Larry’s penis inside her.  She dug her nails into Larry’s chest and scratched.  She said, “I haven’t cut my nails since I got out of the hospital, preparing for this.” She said still smiling.  If Larry was thinking with the right head, he would have realized her smile had changed to a conniving one. 

Larry responded, “Do your worse baby, you can’t hurt me”

Gia’s diabolical smile widened unobserved by Larry.  Gia scratched away and drew blood, but Larry didn’t mind.  Scars aren’t nearly as devastating on a guy as they are a girl.  Some girls like guys with scars.  Gia leaned back moaning and then thrust all her weight forward and slapped her hands against Larry’s chest.  Larry chuckled at the girl he always knew to be so proper and polite become a freak in the bedroom.  Gia looked up and her smile was as conniving as ever, and her face was inches from Larry’s.  For the first time, Larry began to be suspicious of something but hadn’t addressed it.  Gia pushed up on Larry’s chest and lifted her pelvis off of him to reveal blood and mucus and puss on Larry’s penis and groin region with it flowing from Gia’s vagina as well.  Gia’s diabolical smile remained and turned her head down realizing Larry had noticed.  Larry’s eyes widened and his smile ran away from his face.  He looked at his restraints and pulled at them.  Gia lowered his waist back down and reinserted Larry’s penis into her.  Larry hoped that the cuts from the rape had just opened up again but knew that that wasn’t just blood that he was seeing.  Gia sat up no longer smiling but with a matter-of-fact look on her face as Larry looked on in horror.  Gia continued, “Now, if you scream, I will just fucking take your knife laying on the floor and just fucking stab you until I’m blue in the face.  I don’t know where these arteries are so I’m just going to keep stabbing and hope I hit one eventually.  Larry shook his head.  Suddenly the proper girl was describing something messy that he didn’t enjoy.  Gia continued, “you tough guys are so funny.  Go around puffing your chests, talking about how you don’t give a shit, you’ll take on anyone anytime,  Hell, you probably felt like a real man kicking Blake’s ass since he’s bigger than you.  But guys like you are met with the slightest flirtation from a girl and you drop to your knees.  I mean look at you, you’re completely helpless.  I can do whatever I want to you” as she slapped him again.  Suddenly, Larry wasn’t as turned on by these slaps.  She continued, “See Larry, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m on my period, and I haven’t even started torturing you.  But I’ll be nice, I want to hear you beg for me, then I’ll let you go.”

Larry looked at his restraints.  The thought of begging sickened him, but he knew that he was at her mercy.  He said, “Gia, I didn’t make you beg”

“Funny, I remember telling you to stop a couple of times”

Larry maintained his composure; he heard somewhere that girls respond to stern voices and confidence.  He said calmly but sternly, “Gia, undo the cuffs right now, this is ridiculous.”

Gia shook her head and reached for the bedpost and stood up.  She placed her right foot on Larry’s mouth and pried it open with her toes sticking it in.  Larry just noticed the foul order coming from them, which Gia was quick to explain, “I’ve been wearing sneakers with no socks all day in preparation for this.  Her menstrual fluid was dripping onto Larry’s chest mixing with his blood from the cuts on his chest from Gia’s scratching.  She repeated this with her other foot and then turned around and sat on Larry’s face moving her butt around.  She then hovered it over his head and said, “You better start kissing my ass if you want to go free.”  Larry kissed both cheeks.

Gia then turned around and lowered her waist down on Larry’s stomach and rubbed it up his midsection and then straddled his face leaving Larry’s stomach and chest with a blood and mucus trail to his face and then maneuvered her waist around and taunted.  “Lick it, bitch”

Larry struggled with the cuffs frantically kicking his feet as best he could but he wasn’t going to

break through.  Gia pushed up on the bedpost so she could put more weight on Larry’s face.  Finally the revolting predicament Larry was in made him numb and too nauseated to fight and he stopped struggling.  Gia got off Larry and he immediately turned his head and vomited profusely and then lied his head down on a pool of vomit, and menstrual fluid.  Gia stared down and said, “See, the blood that you got on me was my own number one, and number two, it wasn’t menstrual blood, that’s just disgusting don’t you agree?   Larry stared at Gia with shades of shock but mostly fear and hatred.  He never thought he could look at Gia like that.  Gia was emotionless and smiled at it, “Funny Larry, you’ve wanted to fuck me for so long, who would have thought I’d rape you.”

                She put his penis inside her vagina again and thrusted her pelvis back and forth.  Larry wore a mostly crimson face of menstrual blood with shades of puss-color.  Gia got off Larry and put her tampon back in (she removed it while Larry’s eyes were closed).  She then reached in her bag and pulled out stiletto heels.  She kicked at Larry’s sides screaming, “You knew Blake didn’t rape me, you’re the one that raped me you son of a bitch.”

                Larry felt ribs crack but was too revolted to have any reaction.  Gia stared down at the red covering Larry’s body and said, “Beg, or else I’ll leave you just like that.”

                Larry looked around and started pleading, “I’m sorry Gia, please stop, I’m sorry I hurt Blake, I’m sorry I raped you, I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking.  Please stop.”

                Gia smiled; she was getting dressed as Larry pleaded.  She looked at Larry with a satisfied smile and said, “That’s better, but fuck you” as she walked out.

                Larry was stunned for a few seconds but realized he needed someone to come in.  He screamed for help and someone came to the door and told him to unlock the door.  He exclaimed he couldn’t, the guy called the cops.  The police came and unlocked the door and even with the things they’ve seen hardening them, they weren’t prepared for the site that was before them.  Larry had passed out from the fumes and his light-headedness at the realization of what had happened as the guy was getting help.  He lay there in a pool of his own vomit, and Gia’s menstrual fluids, along with it all over his body.  The police called for an ambulance and they undid the cuffs helping Larry onto a stretcher very cautious to minimize their contact with any non-solid substances.  Larry had two cracked ribs and the cuts on his chest were mildly infected from the mixture that transpired. 

                Larry didn’t spend much time in the hospital but when he came out, Gia paid him another visit.  When Larry opened the door to find Gia, he just shook his head.  “I’m not falling for the same trick twice Gia” he said.

                Gia with a serious face said, “No tricks” and put out her hand, “in a fucked up way Larry, I still consider you a friend, but you needed to be punished.  I don’t want to play this back and forth shit, you did something fucked up to me, and I did something fucked up to you, now I’m offering a truce.”

                Larry looked down at her hand wondering what Gia had up her sleeve this time.  He looked at her face and didn’t see anything but seriousness.  He shook her hand half expecting him to drop to the ground from something he hadn’t foreseen or people rushing to attack him, but all that happened was Gia shaking it.  Larry nodded his head and felt slightly relieved, he shook his head and said, “You’re a sick fuck you know that?” smiling at the end.

                Gia responded, “You’re not much saner”

                Larry nodded and said, “True”

                Gia remained with Blake.  Her and Larry maintained a friendship but weren’t as close as they were before.  Neither really expected to be.  They hadn’t told anybody about the horrifying things they did.  Blake was the only other person that found out.  Gia convinced him not to go after Larry, after the beating he’d received, Blake wasn’t really in a hurry to do so anyway.  Gia felt a little better knowing that if anything happened, Larry would fight for her, not against her.  In a strange way, it made her feel more secure and more comfortable and this somehow turned her on, but she’d never hook up with Larry after what he did to her.

Larry had a new found respect for Gia’s dark side and ironically it turned him on more.  But those fumes and that experience would never be expunged from his mind, and that’s all he needed to not crave sexual contact with Gia.  They remained plutonic friends continually suppressing any sexual tension between them.