Friday, May 18, 2018

Impulsive Freedom

            Larry and Yvonne had been friends for 10 years.  They met their Freshman year of college and remained close when college ended.  As is common with school friendships, they didn’t see much of each other as Yvonne was working and going to graduate school.  She generally disliked men so when she did have a moment to breathe, she often wanted to have a girl’s night out, which obviously didn’t include Larry as he is a male.  When she did meet up with Larry, they picked up where it left off and their plutonic friendship didn’t really diminish.  At one point, Larry did try to make a deal to meet up once a month on the 15th but this failed miserably as Yvonne most often had to cancel.  Finally Larry gave up on his plan and conceded that there would probably be months at a time he didn’t see Yvonne.  This was unlike college when they saw each other at minimum once a week. 


            While they were in college, Yvonne had a psychopathic boyfriend by the name of Ben.  He often abused her both verbally and physically but she would never admit to the physical part.  Like most abusive woman, Yvonne would explain large bruises on her legs and face from dancing mishaps or bumping into something or just denial of knowing how it happened and writing it off to her just bruising easily.  Larry noticed that her easily bruised skin didn’t bruise as much when she finally called it off with Ben.  He never mentioned any of this to Yvonne because while she was with Ben she became enraged and vehemently defended him, like most abusive woman.  When she wasn’t with Ben she yelled at him for bringing up a horrible time in her life.  As the years progressed however, Larry realized she always picked bad men to fall in love with.  One time, Yvonne got fed up and actually blurted out an excuse to this, “Bad men are more confident and that’s what I’m attracted to.” 

            This is a common belief among women who fall for horrible men because they don’t realize that their don’t-care-about-anything rebel attitude refers to them as well.  At this point, Larry was done trying to help Yvonne, he knew she would never admit her problem and even when Yvonne realized the guys she was with really were despicable, she never gave Larry any credit for his prognostication but projected it on another close friend who would always praise the guy when she was with him, but attack him and claim she always felt that way when Yvonne realized he was wicked. 

            Larry commonly had a misconceived notion of himself as being violent.  This is because as a child, he would get in weekly fights.  Larry was a dork, and was picked on a lot as a kid, and his reaction would to be respond violently.  It got him into trouble but he believed himself to be better for it.  This is why he had no respect for current anti-bullying campaigns and people blaming bullies for weak pathetic people who kill themselves because they got picked on.  Being bullied gives you the freedom to be yourself and that mental maturity helps in the long run if you can get through it.  If you can’t, well you probably would have failed later in life anyway.  What Larry didn’t realize is that after 5th grade, he outleted his anger to writing dark, violent stories.  Throughout high school and college, this manifested in an overactive imagination where when someone wronged him, he visualized horrendous things he would do to them in his head knowing that his imagination was so vivid that he often times forgot it didn’t really happen.  When this happened, he realized that his subconscious responded as if it did so the situation was moot as he had already gotten his revenge, even though in reality he didn’t.  Although back in his early friendship with Yvonne, Ben ruined many evenings and he had met Ben on occasion, he never attacked him physically like he wanted to.  His reasoning was that if he did, Yvonne would never talk to him again, and he didn’t have many friends and was not a sociable person so making new ones was hard, so he cherished the friendships he had.  Losing Yvonne as a friend would have devastated him.  So, he let Ben be and just tried to make sure that when he was around, Ben and Yvonne were never alone together.  Ben even complimented Larry on this to Yvonne, but Larry didn’t take it as a compliment.  He knew what Ben knew, Larry was powerless because he owned Yvonne and Yvonne controlled Larry when it came to their relationship.  Nowadays, Larry hadn’t heard about Yvonne being with Ben in eight years so it was a non-issue.

            One day, Yvonne and Larry met up for drinks.  When they were done, it was late at night and Larry walked Yvonne back to her apartment.  Yvonne lived on the Hudson River in Battery Park and there weren’t many people around late at night.  There was a running route where joggers gathered during the day but as the weather was cold, they weren’t out as much.  As Larry approached Yvonne’s apartment, Yvonne’s eyes widened and she jumped back.  Larry didn’t realize it but there was a silhouette near her apartment.  To Larry, it was just some random guy but Yvonne recognized that silhouette anywhere.  It was Ben.  Ben approached Yvonne not worrying about Larry and said, “Yvonne, can I talk to you alone for a second?” as he did 10 years ago very frequently when she was with a man. 

Larry smiled and said, “No, you can’t” finally realizing who it was

Ben turned to Larry and looked at him contemptuously as if to say, “we’ve done this before, you’re not going to do shit.” And said, “Come on man…”

Before he could finish, Larry darted out his arm and grabbed him by his two carotid arteries in the neck.  This is the most effective, non-lethal way to choke someone as the brain is deprived of blood and the brain uses 20% of all the bodies’ blood.  Larry also knew that if you controlled the neck, you control the body.  He pulled Ben forward and lowered his head driving Ben’s nose into the top of Larry’s head exploding it on impact.  Ben backed up and Larry shuffled toward him and drove his entire body with a right jab straight into Ben’s hands that were covering his nose.  To Larry’s surprise, Ben didn’t fall, he took several steps back but only glared at Larry.  He stepped forward deliberately and took a swing at Larry, which Larry ducked under and then unleashed two punches to Ben’s kidneys.  Ben swung his swinging arm backing hoping to backhand Larry but Larry ducked under once again and slammed the heel of his palm into Ben’s solar plexus.  Again Ben backed up as the wind had been knocked out of him.  Neither man heard it but Yvonne was pleading with them to stop but she dared not step in between them.  Ben came at Larry out of more fury than brains.  Larry twisted his body and put his left arm on Ben’s left hip and Larry’s right arm on Ben’s right hip and then twisted back using Ben’s forward momentum to twirl him upside down.  Larry interlocked his hands on Ben’s lower back, Ben’s legs instinctively wrapped around Larry’s neck and his head was below Larry’s knees.  Larry looked down quickly to ensure that Ben’s head was indeed at Larry’s upper shin.  For the first time he looked at Yvonne, lifted his hands off Ben’s back and raised both his middle fingers at her before tightening his knees against Ben’s head and dropping to his knees.  Although Ben tried to put his arms out, it was too much weight to support both his and Larry’s falling momentum and his head crashed against the concrete sidewalk.  Larry leaned forward flattening Ben out on his back.  He got up and glanced at Yvonne who looked shocked. 

As Larry was certified in CPR, he knew that with trauma such as this, the most important thing to do was to secure the neck and make sure it doesn’t move.  That is why it was the one thing he wasn’t going to do.  He grabbed Ben by the head and twisted it as he used much of his energy to lift Ben dead weight by the head.  Larry had to resort to wrapping his arm around Ben’s head to get more leverage.  Ben was only a few inches shorter than Larry but they were the same weight.  Larry was running on pure adrenaline to lift Ben up but he was determined.  Finally he got him to a standing base, he pulled forward slightly and again diverted Ben’s forward momentum to get him up in the same position he had before.  This time Larry was in no hurry as Ben was defenseless.  He turned toward Yvonne and smiled before again flipping her off and driving Ben headfirst into the sidewalk once again.  If Ben’s neck wasn’t broken, Larry didn’t know if he’d be able to break it.  He got up and kicked Ben in the side of the head before walking off.  Larry took out his phone and played the Undertaker’s theme music from his phone as the maneuver he performed was the Undertaker’s signature move known as “The tombstone.”  To Larry, he didn’t believe Yvonne would ever talk to him again.  He was okay with that as he never really saw her anyway.  Unlike his college days, he was used to going long months without seeing Yvonne.  He knew that what he did was good for her even if Yvonne wouldn’t appreciate it. He walked off satisfied with what he’d done.  He knew Yvonne wouldn’t call the cops because she never called the cops when previously people had harmed her so why would she when someone harmed someone she knew?  He went to the train and went home knowing the next 48 hours would be stressful as the probability of being caught for a murder is cut in half after 48 hours.  He had seen enough real life shows to know, that murders were almost always spouses, close friends, or something of that nature.  Larry hadn’t seen Ben in over 8 years.  It was dark and nobody was close enough to make a positive ID except for Yvonne so canvassing the neighborhood wouldn’t help.  Still though, he couldn’t be certain, so he would just have to wait to see if he’d have to go to jail.  To him, it was worth it.  Yvonne was one of his best friends.  Larry knew his life wasn’t really going anywhere.  He was asexual, didn’t want to get married, had already seen 29 countries and was too afraid to leave his job for something else.  He knew that the years left would see more and more of growing apart from his close friends so killing for one of them and sacrificing his life were okay to him.

Yvonne watched as Larry walked off without turning back.  She was more confused than anything.  Seeing Ben most likely be killed in front of her was relieving to her.  It was a big weight lifted off her shoulders but somehow Larry didn’t see that.  She rolled her eyes at how little he understood about her and then looked back at Ben, looked at Larry’s walking away, and sighed.  Larry’s lack of attention to detail continuously baffled Yvonne.  He had just killed a man and walked off.  His fingerprints would be all over Ben’s clothing.  Yvonne was a smoker; she played back the fight in her head and realized that there is only really one place Larry touched.  She kicked Ben onto his stomach and took out her lighter and lit the back of Ben’s shirt.  She took her water bottle and dumped it around the area skidding her feet around so as to clean up any of Larry’s fingerprints from when he pushed himself off the ground to get up.  She stared at the East River and realized that dumping Ben’s body would be smart but there was no way she could lift him and calling Larry was out of the question.  Instead she just nonchalantly walked to her apartment and went upstairs.  To her, the only person that could implicate her was her door man but she had to risk that. 

Within 10 minutes, she heard sirens as someone had called in a body being burned.  She could smell it from her apartment and viewed it as a good sign because that means the fire got hot and burned some of the evidence.  It didn’t take long before the police came into her building wanting to canvass the area to see what happened.  Yvonne had been questioned about Ben multiple times so was accustomed to lying to the cops.  She claimed she noticed some people talking by the water but she didn’t pay them any mind.  The cops grilled her for any type of description but she kept denying she got a good enough glimpse.  The cops went away but she knew they’d be back.  As soon as they identified the body, it wouldn’t be hard to check records and realize that she had many complaints about Ben in the past.  The only thing that worried her was if Larry called her.  Right now, she needed to handle this and Larry couldn’t be associated with her in that time.  The next day, Yvonne got an expected visit from the police.  The cops had identified the body as Ben.  She hadn’t left her apartment or answered her phone all day knowing that anyone she contacted would be questioned about the murder and she didn’t trust anybody to keep their mouth shut enough in response to heavy questioning by the police.  She got called into the interrogation room and survived through the cops questioning her over and over again about Ben and their relationship.  She answered the same questions over and over again always saying that she hadn’t seen him in eight years, they used to date, she had no idea why he ended up at her apartment, it was probably to stalk her but she didn’t have any encounter with him that night.  The cops even claimed they had a witness who saw her talking with him but she still denied doubting the validity.  Eventually the cops had to let her go, knowing they had nothing to hold her as they did fabricate the witness.  Yvonne went back to her normal routine of work and school closely monitoring her conversations.  After a month went by, she went over to Larry’s apartment, rang the buzzer and asked to come up.  By this time, the cops could gather no new information and wrote the case off as cold. 

After the two days were over, Larry rested a little easier.  Before, he kept thinking that a cop would come to his door but it never happened.  He didn’t contact Yvonne because he figured she hated him for killing the man she loved.  He went back to his normal routine of work and watching sports.  He never felt guilty for what he did but he did have a burning desire to tell someone.  He wished he could discuss it with Yvonne but he felt that was unfair.  He needed to respect that his actions had the consequence of never speaking to Yvonne again.  It made him sad but he always came to the same conclusion that he did the right thing.  He searched the news but never found anything about Ben.   He found this odd as Battery Park was not a dangerous area so things like this didn’t happen often but nevertheless the news didn’t pick up on it.  About a month after the incident, when Larry had put it far in the back of his mind, the buzzer went off at his apartment.  Larry was shocked, nobody really came to visit unannounced and he hadn’t ordered food.  He clicked the buzzer and asked who it was.  He was shocked to hear Yvonne’s voice say, “It’s me”

Just to make sure he said, “Me who? Yvonne?”

“Yea” he heard back very sarcastically.

Larry buzzed her in and opened the door.  He lived in a 4th floor walk up so knew he had time before she came up.  He looked around and his place was a mess as can be expected with a man who lives alone.  He didn’t have enough time to clean so even though he knew Yvonne to be a neat freak, she would have to endure.  Yvonne came in and sat down on his couch.  Larry offered her a drink and Yvonne wanted alcohol.  He responded he only had rum and beer, both of which he knew Yvonne didn’t drink.  Yvonne said, “Better go with a rum and coke,” knowing that Larry would definitely have soda in his apartment. 

            Larry made her the rum and coke and gave it to her.  Yvonne said, “Are you going to make me drink alone?”

            Larry poured himself one and sat down on the couch opposite Yvonne.  Yvonne extended her legs across Larry’s lap as she had done countless times before but this time Larry felt it odd.  She started, “You’re an idiot.”


            “We need to rent a car and drive to your parents’ house in Cleveland right now.”

            “We both hate how each other drive”

            “Don’t care; I’ll be more focused on what I have to say to you.”

            “Why not just tell me now?”

            Yvonne gave him a dirty look, “Because you live in a small apartment in the city, which notoriously has thin walls.”

            Larry immediately saw her point.  His neighbor often times knocked on the wall when his TV was too loud. Even though he’s never heard him talking in his apartment, he could hear the door four floors down closing and people walking up.  If someone was in the hallway they may overhear something.  He got up and said, “There’s a car rental place on 87th.”

            Yvonne and Larry went to 87th Street and rented a car.  Larry took the driver’s seat and headed to the FDR over the George Washington bridge, where he would be on 80 for approximately 400 miles before he hit the Ohio Turnpike.  Yvonne didn’t waste any time; the second they were on the FDR, she started “So, do you know why you’re an idiot?”
            “Probably because of what happened to Ben, you’re going to come up with all this crap about how he’s got a posse and back up that are going to come and kill me yatta yatta yatta.”

            “Yea no”

            Larry believed this because when he would ask her if he wanted him to get physically involved she said no referencing all the back up he had.  Since this was dismissed so quickly and he was out of options, he said, “Alright why?”

            “Because you left a dead body in the middle of the sidewalk that had a lot of incriminating evidence against you.  But don’t worry; I cleaned up your mess.”


            “Yea, I had to light that son of a bitch on fire to burn your finger prints off his clothes.  Then waste my water to pour on the area just in case it got on the sidewalk and then go past my doorman and to my apartment.  Do you have any idea how easily I could have been seen?  Not to mention, the cops have detailed files about me and Ben.  If you would have just stayed, we could have thrown his ass in the river and then the water would have concealed the evidence, he wouldn’t have been found for a couple days and we would have had time to think.  But no, you just stormed out of there like some cowboy in the Wild Wild West.”

            “I thought you would be mad at me and I didn’t want to deal with you screaming at me.”

            “Well you were wrong, and I couldn’t call you because then the cops would see my cell phone records as calling you shortly after time of death.  Thank God you were smart enough not to call me.”

            “I thought you wouldn’t want to speak to me again.”

            “Yea because you killed a man that had terrorized and stalked me for like four years.”

            “Yea, the one you claim to be in love with.”

            “I loved him, past tense”

            “Okay, I’m not quite sure it goes away,”

            “Well, I’m happy he’s dead.”

            “You never wanted me to get involved before.”

            “Because I thought you’d get hurt asshole”

            “I can see you’re not afraid of me.”

            Yvonne hit Larry despite the fact he was driving.  Larry didn’t lose control of the car but chuckled.  Yvonne continued.  “Why would I be?  You can’t hurt me”

            Larry nodded, and said, “So what happened?”

            “I got questioned by the cops repeatedly I kept denying.  Thank God nobody saw us and now I think it’s safe but you and I can never talk about this.  I just need to tell someone.”

            “We can tell people, but we need to make sure it’s in a private place so we won’t be overheard.”

            “Yea we should tell our closest mutual friends.”


            “So, have you told anybody?”

            “No, I was always afraid someone would rat me out.  I didn’t want anyone to ask you.  To be honest, I was waiting till I went to Cleveland.  I know a couple people who would never go to the cops with this.”

            “Yea because they probably know about me and Ben.”

            ‘Yea but they don’t know you, so it’s okay.”

            “This is what I was most afraid of.  You suck at keeping your mouth shut.  Do me a favor, don’t tell ANYBODY about this, let me bring it up to people.  Clearly I know how to do this better than you as I’ve already lied to the cops.”

            “Yea, it’s a little worrisome how easily you handled that.”

            “How do you know it was easy?”

            “Because it wasn’t on the news, and you didn’t get arrested, I was never questioned, nothing came of it.”

            ‘Yea, unfortunately, the piece of shit you took care of gave me a lot of practice.”

            “That’s one good thing that came from him.  We’re like Bonnie and Clyde

            Yvonne glared at Larry, “Except I don’t kill people.”


            “You’d be in jail if it wasn’t for me.”

            “I agree”

            “Why did you flip me off by the way?”

            “Because I thought you still had feeling for him and you were routing for him in the fight.”

            “Why would you think that?  I was telling both of you to stop.”

            “Just assumed because of the way you protected him back in college,”

            “Yea well I’m not 19 anymore.”

            “Unfortunately, neither am I.”

            “By the way” Yvonne started in a soft vulnerable voice made to engender sympathy from men, “Thank you”

            Larry looked over and smiled and said, “My pleasure.”

            Yvonne nodded and smiled back, “I feel so free now, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, the son of a bitch is dead” as she rose her arms.  Larry chuckled, Yvonne regained her composure and said, “You’re the only person I can react that way around so that reaction stays between you and me.”

            There was a long silence as everything was said.  Larry changed the subject and said, “So, do you really want to go to Cleveland or should I turn around now that we’ve talked about this,”

            “No, go, I want to get away and I like your parents.”

            “Alright, I’ll call them and tell them we’re coming.”

            Larry called his parents and told them he was surprising them with Yvonne.  They spent the weekend there and then went back to New York.  Larry didn’t tell anyone but Yvonne mentioned it to trust worthy people that were close to both Larry and her.  They remained friends and things went back to normal, Larry didn’t see Yvonne very often but when he did, they picked up right where they left off. Nothing ever happened with the Ben murder case.  It stayed cold. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Adult's Halloween

                It was Halloween night and Larry Rozos was planning to stay in his apartment.  He had been living in this apartment for four years now and knew he wouldn’t be bothered by Trick or Treaters.  He put up no Halloween decorations on his door or in his apartment.  This was a holiday he despised.  When you’re young, Halloween is a great time where you dress up and go from door to door to get a bunch of candy.  When you’re older, it becomes a going out to get a different type of candy; eye candy in that women dress like sluts an call it a costume.  Most guys love this but Larry had gotten in trouble for treating the girl as a slut when she was dressed and acted like one.  To him, it wasn’t fair to men that you would give them alcohol and expect them to behave when half naked women were flirting with them.  It was a test of self-control that Larry wanted no part of.  His roommate agreed with him.  He gave facts to Larry’s fear because as a paramedic for the FDNY, he knew that rapes were most common on Halloween than any other day.  This is why, he never worked on Halloween because he hated dealing with rape victims. 

As the night progressed, Larry realized that he was out of contact solution.  Although some people can sleep in their contacts without a problem, Larry couldn’t.  Every time he did, his eyes would become bright red and be in a lot of pain.  He knew that the Duane Read was open 24 hours but it was six blocks away.  Although in Manhattan, anything can be gotten within two blocks, in Brooklyn, things were more spread out.  He decided that it was something he had to do so he set out and walked toward Duane Read.


Elena was out partying with some friends for Halloween in Brooklyn.  She was 24-years-old and very attractive.  She saw Halloween as a time when she could dress provocatively and show off what she worked very hard to have.  She wore a very short skirt that barely covered her buttocks, fish net stocking, stiletto heels and a leather shirt that hugged her body tightly to reveal the curves of her upper body and accentuate her breasts.  She put on a pair of cat ears and a mask around her eyes calling herself cat woman.  As the night got later, she decided she would leave the bar on Fort Hamilton and head toward 3rd Avenue where most of the bars were in Bay Ridge.  She had come to the bar with a friend but she had found a guy she liked so she left her there and went out prowling for a man of her own.  3rd Avenue was four long blocks away and would probably take her 12 minutes to walk.  Growing up in New York, this was nothing so she said bye to her friend and headed out.  She crossed the bridge separating Fort Hamilton going over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and continued toward 6th avenue.  As she did, a man was walking toward her, she paid no attention to him and tried to walk by him but he grabbed her and said, “Hey kitty, what’s your name?”

She was rather taken aback by how tightly he grabbed her arm so decided to be stern with him.  She pulled her arm away and yelled, “Don’t’ touch me sicko”

The guy shook his head, “calm down bitch, I didn’t do anything”

“Fuck you”

The guy became enraged, how could this girl be dressed like that and get mad when someone hit on her.  He grabbed her arm again but this time he yanked her forward and bent over wrapping his arms around her legs and hoisting her over his shoulder.  Elena kicked her legs and screamed but the man walked casually along Fort Hamilton knowing that no houses faced this street.  He knew of a fenced in playground two blocks away and even with Elena kicking, she didn’t weigh much and would prove to be of little resistance.  He used his left arm to wrap around her legs and slapped his right hand onto her ass and carried her the two blocks to the playground knowing that he now had privacy.   Since Elena was wearing a thong and the skirt barely covered her butt to begin with, there was skin to skin contact.  When he got to the playground, he jerked his upper body forward while pulling her legs close to him and slammed her upper body against the pavement.  He shoved her knees into her shoulder pinning her down, the first thing he wanted to do was remove her stiletto heels thinking those were her best weapons.  He undid the straps and pulled each one off while Elena was still recovering from the slam to the pavement.  He leaned against her feet to hold her in place as he undid his belt and lowered his pants.  Elena squirmed but her legs were being used to hold her down and was in a defenseless position.  After he had exposed himself, he split her legs and reached under skirt pulling down her thong.  Elena screamed but she didn’t think anyone would help her, she was behind a fence on a road that had very little foot traffic.  Even if someone did hear her, they probably wouldn’t get to her in time.


Larry began walking down Fort Hamilton toward 86th St.  He knew that the blocks between the avenues were closer as he got toward 86th since 6th Avenue converged to Fort Hamilton eventually.  Since Duane Read was a couple avenue blocks away, going up Fort Hamilton and walking down 86th would save him time than by going down his street and then heading up the streets.  As he did, he heard a scream coming from the playground that he passed. Larry always carried two knives on him and this time was no exception.  He entered the playground, knife drawn.  He saw a guy on top of someone and screamed, “Hey! Stop!” not knowing if the person underneath welcomed this.  He half expected to get yelled at by both parties for interrupting.  What happened, was far from what he expected, the guy on top leapt off the girl jumped on the fence kicking his pants off and climbed over the fence and started running with no bottom up the street.  Larry knew that he had plenty of time to stop him as he tried to flee since it took a little time to kick off his jeans but he didn’t see the need to attack the man considering he no longer was harming the girl so to him the problem was solved.  He walked up to the girl and leant out his hand.  She took it and he helped her up.  Elena pulled up her thong and pushed down her skirt which didn’t do much to cover herself.  Larry sized her up with his eyes and couldn’t help but be appalled.  He asked with no compassion in his voice, “You okay.”

Elena’s head was down and her mouth was open for she was embarrassed.  She could only manage to nod.  Larry said, “Good, I’ll see you later then.”

Elena grabbed Larry by the arm she didn’t want to be alone.  Larry turned around and said, “What?”

Elena stuttered a little bit before saying, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Larry glared at her with contempt.  He said, “Is that what you were wearing, or did he rip some clothes off you?”  Elena gave Larry a dirty look but then caught herself and wiped it off her face.  Larry said, “Do you want me to walk you home?”

Elena nodded lowered her head and stared up at Larry’s eyes looking vulnerable.  She had never been so scared in her life.  Truth is, she didn’t want to be alone but she didn’t fully trust Larry either.  I mean a guy just tried to rape her and now another guy had her in the same remote place.  She saw no other alternative than to have Larry walk her home but he didn’t seem to be very compassionate and didn’t really make her feel safe. Then again, she doubted any guy would. 

Larry had no idea what to do in this situation.  He wanted to just leave her in the playground by herself and continue to Duane Read but he also knew that he would always feel guilty because he wouldn’t know if she got home without being raped.  He kept telling himself that a girl who dressed that way almost should expect to be raped but he hated males being violent toward women, and rape was the worst thing a man could do to a woman.  He knew she was in shock and the best thing to do was keep talking.  He said, “Are you cold?” Again the girl just nodded.  “Come on, I’ll get you some pajamas”

Larry didn’t wear Pajamas but people had bought them for him and he kept them for reasons he really didn’t know.  Now he found a good reason for it.  He walked toward his apartment and Elena picked up her stilettos and followed him.  When he got to the entrance of his building, he walked through the door and Elena froze.  Larry kept the door open and smiled, “You coming in?”

Elena shook her head no  

Larry knew why she said no and he didn’t care.  He said, “Good call, I’ll be right back.”

Elena smiled.  She didn’t know how this guy would receive her refusing to go inside.  Part of her didn’t’ want to upset him because he may hurt her but the other part knew she didn’t want to be alone in his apartment with him.  All he had to do was lock the door and nobody could get to her and he could have his way with her.  She felt bad not trusting him when he had just rescued her but as of right now, she couldn’t trust men regardless how harmless the seemed.  She kept her stilettos in her hands to use as a weapon just in case something happened.  She was surprised how quickly Larry came back out with a pair of pajamas.  He threw them at her and she let them fall to the ground since her hands were full with her shoes. 

Larry lived on the ground floor so his apartment was really close to the entrance.  He opened the door, ran inside and grabbed a pair of pajamas and came back out and found the girl where he had left her.  He threw the pajamas at her and smiled when they hit the ground.  He noticed she didn’t want to let go of her stilettos.  He couldn’t explain it but he admired her more that she didn’t trust him.  He originally saw her as stupid for going outside dressed like that thinking nothing would happen to her but now she seemed to be learning from her mistake.  He said, “Are you going to put them on?” with an amused smile.

Elena dropped her stilettos and put on the pajama pants and then immediately picked up her shoes again.  Larry said, “Now where do you live?”


Do you want me to call you a cab?

“No, I don’t have any money.”

“I could give you some”

“It’s only 10 blocks”

“I know but it seems like you’re afraid of me so you may not want me to walk you home and you don’t want to walk alone since that’s how you got in trouble the first time so….”

Elena glared at Larry and was a little upset that he just smiled back.  She wanted to protest but he was right, she was afraid of him and angering him seemed like a bad idea.  Larry continued, “Let’s start simple, what’s your name?”

Elena smiled and said, “Elena, what’s yours?”

“Larry” as he stuck out his hand.

Elena shifted her shoe in her right hand under her left arm and extended her right hand and gripped his lightly and shook.  Larry’s grip was firm but didn’t seem aggressive and she said, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too” as he let go of her hand.  “Now, do you want to walk bare foot or put on your heels?”

“I’ll carry them.”

“Excellent” Larry said with a smile knowing full well why she wanted to but was unafraid.

Larry started walking keeping Elena to his side.  He didn’t know what else to say so he said nothing.  They walked in silence for a couple blocks before Elena said, “By the way, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, you’re not home, I could still hurt you.” he said with a smile

Elena had found her voice now.  Although she didn’t fully trust Larry, she figured that if he was going to hurt her, he would have done it by now.  She said, “Why are you being such a dick?”

“Because I really don’t want to do this but I know that I would actually worry about you if I didn’t walk you home.  I’m not a hero, I’m not some great noble chivalrous guy, I just don’t want women to be raped.  I don’t go out on Halloween because so many girls go out dressed like sluts and get mad that guys are a little overaggressive toward them.  Nothing justifies what that piece of shit did, but now I got to go out of my way to make sure your safe because I happened to be the only one to be able to stop him at the time and I actually give a shit if something did happen to you if I left you alone.  Which makes even less sense to me because I don’t know you, why should I care, but I would, so I got to do this.”

Elena had no idea how to take what he just said.  There were so many things that offended her but other parts that made her blush a little bit.  She said, “Well, I’m not too happy about the situation either.”

“Exactly, here’s this random stranger that’s walking you home right after some other guy tried to rape you.  You probably hate all men right now, but you have to deal with me because I’m the lesser of two evils, some guy that saved you from being raped and being along making you a target again for some other asshole, or the same one just waiting for you to be left alone.”

“Well put, but some things are best unsaid.”

Larry was never a believer in that.  The thought that by saying what they were thinking it would take the awkwardness out of the situation…it wasn’t working.  He softened up a bit and asked the one thing, he was afraid to ask, “Just out of curiosity, I did make it in time right?”

Elena’s head snapped back, she didn’t see this question coming.  “What do you mean?”

Larry rolled his eyes, he thought it was obvious but it was time to be brutally honest again, “He didn’t, you know, pene…get inside of you?”

“What if he did?” Elena decided she’d play with him a little bit

“I’d feel bad.”

She smiled and said, “No, he didn’t, you stopped him right before he was going to.”

Larry nodded in acknowledgment.  He felt better to have the confirmation.  He figured she wouldn’t be walking as easily nor would she have ever smiled if he been too late but he had never dealt with a rape victim so had no idea what to expect.  They arrived at her apartment and Larry said good bye.  Normally he would end it with a hug and a European kiss but he didn’t deem that appropriate right now.  Elena walked up the stairs to her building and Larry turned his back to walk away.  Elena turned around and called out, “Larry?”

Larry turned back around and Elena ran up to him and hugged him.  She kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thank you” before scurrying back to her apartment. 

Larry smiled and walked back toward 86th, he would finish his journey to Duane Read and go home.

Elena went into her apartment.  She knew where Larry lived now and he knew where she did.  That meant that if she ever decided to see him again, she could.  For now though, she didn’t want to be friendly with any men.  Her encounter with Larry did help her no vilify men but it would take a little while to get over it.  She got ready for bed and decided to sleep in Larry’s pajamas.  She didn’t think she’d ever go out in that outfit again.  Although the outfit provided it’s purpose of going out drinking without paying for a drink, there were some downsides that she just encountered that night.  She went to sleep vowing to never speak about what happened to anyone.  There was no point, she was okay, it would just unnecessarily upset people. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

First Times

            Larry  loved to travel to new countries.  At 27, he had been to 26 countries and he had a goal to see a new country every year.  As he was pondering where to go on his next adventure, it occurred to him that he had never been south of the equator or to South America.  He had heard from anyone that had been to Argentina that Argentina had the best steaks in the world.  Given that Larry was a carnivore, he wanted to try it for himself.  Normally when he would go on a trip, he would ask people that had been there what to see and do and go with no plan.  He had realized that whenever he traveled with someone with a plan, the trip never went according to plan so he figured why bother making one?  It led to some adventures, which is what traveling was all about.  He never used guide books or anything like that but a few years ago he found out that one of his friends always bought Frommer’s guides before going on a trip.  He had traveled with her to Germany, Poland and Croatia and marveled at how well she planned the trip.  Like all the other trips, it didn’t go according to her plan, but it was still a great trip.  Since all Larry knew about Argentina was they had good steaks, he decided to get the Frommer’s book and try it this one time.  What disappointed him was that there was so many things that sounded interesting that there was no way he could fit it all in one trip.  After reading the book twice, he decided he would narrow it down to Iguaza falls and Buenos Aires.  In the back of his mind, he contemplated a day trip to Montevideo, Uruguay, after all, it would be another country to add to his list as well as the Brazilian side of Iguazo.  As for Brazil, he knew he would need a Visa to cross that border so it would be something he couldn’t do on the fly like Montevideo.  That he would figure out later.  His next step was to find someone to go with.

            At first it didn’t seem like it was hard for Larry to find someone to go with.  He remembered how he traveled with multiple different people, but as he thought about it, they were always trips someone else was going on then invited him.  He was very vocal about how he wanted to see a new country but it was always someone else that decided which new country he’d see.  It was usually determined by randomly someone was traveling to a country he’d never been to or someone had moved or lived in a country he had never been to.  This Argentina trip would be the first time where he was actually taking the initiative, which was very foreign to him.  The other problem with finding someone to go with was the last couple trips hadn’t gone so well.  The girl he went to Croatia with refuses to ever room with him again, which means if he invited her, he would have to go with at least two more people, one for each of them to room with.  Argentina wasn’t the cheap country it used to be as their economy had fully recovered from the Peso Crisis.  Earlier in the year, he went to Europe with three of his closest female friends and it was a disaster.  Two of the three of them constantly fought with him and even before rooming with him complained how they didn’t want to.  The one he considered his closest friend, he vowed never to travel with again based on what happened in Europe.  The third, however, seemed like a viable option.  Her name was Janilsa. 

Janilsa is half Peruvian and half Dominican and had never been to Argentina.  Larry had met her their first year of college and they had been friends every since.  Although Larry did have female friends he had no sexual tension with, Janilsa was not one of them.  These feelings only got stronger when he traveled to Europe with her as he realized that she was the only one who could really handle him.  Still though, he never made a move nor would risk his friendship with her for that.  He had already decided he didn’t want to get married or have children and at 27, you have a responsibility not to date someone when you’re in that mentality because it’s unfair to the woman.  He decided to ask Janilsa if she wanted to go to Argentina with him, to which she said yes.  Now it was time to plan it.


The day had come and Larry and Janilsa were going to Iguazo and Buenos Aires.  Janilsa left the planning to Larry because she was indifferent.  Larry was okay with this because he wanted this to be an adventure, which means they would not be staying at well known hotels.  One particular hotel near Iguazo, you had to take a boat to.  Larry didn’t think he’d ever be able to find this place on his own, and was happy to have Janilsa with him since she spoke Spanish fluently and had a better sense of direction than he did.  After three days in Buenos Aires, they took an eight hour bus ride to Iguazo.  They contemplated flying but the Frommer’s guide said that the Argentine domestic airline was very unreliable.  Janilsa slept most of the way and Larry played Sudoku while keeping an eye on Janilsa.  South America is a chauvinistic country and he didn’t want anyone trying to do anything to Janilsa.  Larry had lived in Italy for four months and during that time he had known two girls that were ejaculated upon while riding a bus.  This was a city bus that they rode for at most an hour.  This was an 8-hour bus ride in a place that was supposed to be worse than Italy with regard to respect for women.  He reasoned he could have sat next to her, but when the ride was that long, having the comfort of a row to yourself sometimes trumps safety.  He believed Janilsa would agree.  Also for his safety, Larry kept two pocket knives clipped to his each side of his waist.  This annoyed Janilsa, especially when they were denied entry into a club because he was carrying knives and had the audacity to believe that the bouncer wouldn’t notice if he was searched.  Although Larry almost always was correct about this, the one time he wasn’t is the time Janilsa remembered. 

Finally they arrived at Iguazo and Larry and Janilsa got off the bus and stretched.  Unfortunately, this was only the beginning as now they had to find their remote hotel located somewhere in the jungle.  Larry had copied the directions in the book and gave it to Janilsa, who immediately started asking the locals how to get there.  The locals proved to be very helpful and they checked into their hotel and got some much needed sleep as the sleep they got on the bus was not very comfortable.  The next day they went and walked both the upper and lower trails of Iguazo and then journeyed underneath the falls on guided tours.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  They got some food, hung out in the city for a while and then returned back to their hotel.  The next day would be a jungle tour.

Larry and Janilsa headed out early the next day.  Janilsa was not a morning person but she was also not one to complain.  Larry got her up and they headed out.  By this time, Larry knew how to get to the city from the hotel; it took a boat and two buses.  Both Janilsa and Larry liked the remoteness of the hotel.  When looking out the window, they would see impossibly large butterflies and other wildlife that just wouldn’t show up in a more suburban area.  It also gave them a taste for wanting to see more of the jungle, which was what today was all about.  Since it was off season, Larry and Janilsa were the only ones who wanted an English tour.  Larry offered to join the Spanish tour but Janilsa refused. 

Janilsa knew that Larry knew Spanish enough for maybe a five minute conversation, but there was no way he was fluent enough to understand an entire tour.  She also knew that his pride wouldn’t let him admit this because he would foolishly look at it as a challenge to try to understand a Spanish tour.  No, Larry was the one who took her and planned the trip to Argentina so she would make sure he got the most of it, even if he expressed a want for the contrary.  They went on the tour and while they were on the trails three men jumped out.  One grabbed Janilsa and wrapped a machete wielding arm around her neck pressing the blade close while another grabbed Larry from behind and wrapped his arm around his neck and turned him toward Janilsa as an unspoken threat to not try anything or they would hurt her.  The third man walked up to the tour guide and handed her a fist full of money and the tour guide walked off.  It didn’t occur to Larry until this exact moment that Iguazu is a huge tourist attraction and English is the most widely spoken language, especially in tourist zones.  There was no way they wouldn’t be able to find more than two English-speaking tourists to take a tour of the jungle.  Most tour guides had credentials around their neck, this one didn’t.  They were set up. 

As Larry stared at Janilsa, he saw how scared she was.  He decided that he needed to fight and see if he could get Janilsa out of this mess.  In the back of his mind, he thought that if he did try anything, the man with the machete would kill her but then he decided that they probably meant to harm them anyway.  His best bet was they wanted money.  Janilsa had kept her passport in the hotel safe but Larry always carried his because he didn’t trust hotel employees.  He hoped they just wanted money, it didn’t concern him that they might steal his passport because he already decided he didn’t think he’d get out of this alive.  He had a decent amount of cash on him and he knew Janilsa had even more.  Paying them off would be preferable for both of them and easily accepted but something told Larry that they wanted more than money.  The man who bribed the tour guide walked up to Larry and said, “Hablas Espanol”

Larry decided he would say he knew Spanish, so he said, “Si”

The man continued in Spanish, “We’re going to take your wife, and you’re not going to do anything about it.”

Larry laughed and responded in Spanish, “She’s not my wife.”

The man looked at Janilsa, which Larry saw as his time to strike.  He just got confirmation that they wanted to kidnap Janilsa and he knew he’d never get over that guilt if he let them without a fight.  To him, Janilsa was dead anyway so if they killed her for him fighting, at least it would be quick.  He leaned against the man holding him and shot up his legs and wrapped them around the man’s throat.  He reached his arm back and grabbed the back of his holder’s neck so that if he let go of him, Larry still could use him for support.  The captor pulled back from Larry hoping he’d fall.  Larry expected this and sat up onto the briber’s shoulders and punched at his nose as hard as he could.  The briber fell back and Larry’s weight collapsed onto his face.  Larry positioned his knees over his face as they were falling and further cut the briber’s face.  Larry shot up and stomped on the briber’s throat and face before turning around and crouching as he expected the captor to be running toward him.  Larry was right in this assumption and as the captor raced toward him, Larry snapped his upper body up while wrapping his arms around the captor’s legs catapulting him into the air.  Since this was a jungle, there wasn’t an open air space for the captor to travel, he flipped over Larry’s back and his back wrapped around a tree branch before snapping his body back to Earth.  Larry turned after launching him expecting to further his attack but when he saw the carnage that ensued during his fall, he made the assumption that the guy wasn’t getting up as he lay withering in pain.  He looked over to see the briber crawling away coughing weakly as he tried to breathe but Larry stomped hard on one of his carotid arteries with his heel before slamming the rest of his foot down into his Adam’s apple and then shifting his weight to his toes to apply pressure on the other carotid artery.  His goal was to sever his trachea, which he believed he had done given how the captor seemed to be struggling to breathe.  He turned to the man facing Janilsa and said in Spanish, “Give me her!”

 The man smiled and wriggled the machete across her neck as if Larry didn’t notice it before.  Larry reached to his waist and removed one of his knives.  He flipped it over in the air and grabbed the blade side measuring his throw.  Janilsa was only five feet tall so her restrainer was head and shoulders taller than her as the top of her head rested midway up his chest.  Larry extended his arm taking aim and raised his arm back to throw.  Janilsa’s eyes widened in fear as she realized what Larry was going to do.  Larry had no intention of trying to hit the man in the face with the knife.  He had played darts enough to know that his aim wasn’t perfect and he would never risk hitting Janilsa.  Add to this that he had never actually practiced throwing his knives; his likelihood for success was slim.  Instead he aimed for a spot about a foot above the machete man’s head.  Even though it was about two feet away from Janilsa’s he was still nervous about the throw, he just needed for it to be close for what he was planning.  He chucked his arm forward throwing the knife toward his intended target and then sprinted after it.  It had the desired effect; the machete man’s eyes followed the trajectory of the knife as he crouched down to Janilsa’s level.  He barely even noticed Larry coming at him but he popped up once he judged the knife was over his head.  When he focused back ahead of him, he had no time to react as Larry drove his fist directly into his nose. 

Larry sprinted toward him and put all his momentum behind his right arm.  He used his left arm to grab the machete sticking his fingers in between Janilsa’s neck and the blade of the machete.  As soon as his right fist landed, he felt a tiny pinch as the machete went into his fingers.  He only prayed it didn’t go clean through and into Janilsa’s neck.  He knew that if the man had swung it probably would have gone through his hand and decapitated Janilsa but with little to know acceleration, he hoped it wouldn’t harm Janilsa.  Luckily the machete dropped at Larry and Janilsa’s feet as the man flew back from the blow.  Janilsa was too shocked to move, Larry grabbed her arm and tossed her to the side a little too rough for his liking and yelled “Run” in both English and Spanish.  Janilsa had fallen but she got up to see that Larry had leapt onto the man but the man intercepted Larry with his legs and flipped him over him before rising.  Larry recovered quickly and tackled the man to the ground and looked up to make sure Janilsa was gone but she stayed there and watched.  He screamed again “Run Steph!” and was met with a punch to the face. 

Janilsa snapped out of her shock and turned to run, she felt bad about it but at that moment self-preservation took over.  She was going to find help.  The man posing as a tour guide had taken them on a trail that was easily followed back to civilization.  Although she knew this was predictable, it was a much better risk than trying to navigate the jungle.  The entire time she felt guilty for leaving Larry but he had already fought off two men, so what was one more?

Unlike the first two guys, Larry didn’t finish off his opponent before the element of surprise wore off.  After he was punched in the face for diverting his attention to Janilsa he had fallen off the man and now found himself beneath him being punched in the head. He covered up but the blows still stung.  The man got up and Larry tried rolling out of the way but got a stiff kick in the back for his trouble.  Larry had already seen Janilsa running in between his arms as the man mounted him trying to punch him in the face.  Larry tried to roll toward the man to take out his legs, but he got another kick in the side for his trouble.  He decided he’d stop trying to win the fight; he already accomplished his objective, to make sure Janilsa was safe.  His own safety was never part of the plan.  He curled in the fetal position and took a barrage of kicks and stomps to his arms that were cradling his head and his back.  He never understood why but he had noticed when he would play fight with his younger cousins or those much smaller than he that when your opponent isn’t fighting back, the will to fight is much decreased.  He hoped this would happen with this guy too but remembering how he severely injured the two guys he was with; Larry felt it was a long shot. 

Suddenly, he felt the kicks cease and he turned over to see where the guy was before realizing that was probably not a good idea.  The guy was walking away and at first glance, it seemed Larry was right.  He quickly looked to the sides and saw that the two men he attacked previously were still within sight not in any condition to join in the fight.  This meant neither of them recovered to grab Janilsa.  He looked back over at the guy who had been kicking him and saw that the fight was not out of him.  He had walked over to the machete where he dropped it previously and picked it up before turning toward Larry.  Larry reached to his waist and pulled out the other knife he had.  It hadn’t been until now that he had an opportunity to pull it out.  The knife he threw had a spring assisted blade so was easy to draw, this one had to be unclipped and then pulled out.  If he had been thinking clearly, he would have given this one to Janilsa before pulling her away from the machete.  He had the blade out but he still kept himself tucked in the fetal position.  He was in a lot of pain but he knew his life depended on this one last charge.  As the man swung the machete over his head, Larry lunged his arm out and jammed the knife into the man’s right Achilles heel.  He had heard that the Achilles heel was the most painful spot to stab a human, and based on the way the man collapsed and grabbed his ankle while screaming in pain, he believed it.  Larry reached out and grabbed the machete and rolled away from the man with it.  He lied on his back catching his breath with his arms to the side, one holding the machete and the other holding his knife.  He knew he had to get up but all his adrenaline was gone since he didn’t think the other three guys had any fight in them either.  He closed the pocket knife and clipped it to his waist before collapsing his arm again to his side.  Every bit of him willed himself to get up but he couldn’t move, the shots he took seemed to hurt more now.  None of the four men moved for another two minutes.

Larry finally rolled himself to his feet and stumbled over to the tree that the knife he threw had stuck into.  He yanked it out and closed it before clipping it to his waist.  The machete was heavy in his arm but he refused to relinquish it.  He walked weakly along the trail back toward civilization.  He had cuts on his hands, head, arms and back from when the skin broke from the impact of the man’s foot.  He kept telling himself that he couldn’t possibly be that hurt but his body said otherwise.


Janilsa had found civilization and immediately started asking people to help her.  The police basically told her that she was lucky she got away but Larry was as good as dead.  If he hadn’t gotten out by now, they had him now and the jungle would take care of the body.  Janilsa continued to argue with them until they agreed to take a picture of him and go look for him.  Janilsa wanted to go with them but they refused and after what she had just experienced, going back into the woods was a bad idea.  The cops asked her where she was staying and she lied.  They already seemed like they didn’t want to help and suddenly she became suspicious of everyone.  She decided to go back to her hotel and pack.  If Larry didn’t show up by morning, she would leave Argentina.  They were planning on staying another couple of days but as far as she was concerned, her trip to Argentina was over.  It would be the longest day of her life as she sat on the bed staring out the window at nature eyes wide awake.  Her mind raced as to why she didn’t stay to help Larry, if running was the right thing to do, or what else should she have done.  On one hand Larry told her to run but there was only one guy left, surely she and Larry could have taken him on.  She knew Larry didn’t want that but was Larry right?  If Larry didn’t return, she knew that she would never know if she made the right decision and the guilt of abandoning Larry would never go away.  She knew her friends and probably her therapist would tell her that Larry sacrificed himself so she could be safe and she should be proud of him but that wouldn’t console her.  This would be a long night and there was no way she was going to be able to sleep.


Larry slowly stumbled along the trail and reached civilization.  He was covered in mud and didn’t quite realize what people would think about him.  He didn’t trust the hospitals in Argentina so he would refuse if someone offered.  As soon as he saw people though, he couldn’t help but drop the machete and collapse to the ground to rest.  He heard people scream in Spanish for the hospital and he waved them off and said in Spanish, “No hospital, I just need to rest.”

A woman came over to him with cloth and dabbed at his wounds.  Larry didn’t resist as the water felt good. She barked some orders and two men came and helped Larry to his feet.  They wrapped each of his arms around their shoulders and helped him into a store.  They proceeded to the back where a bed was waiting.  He immediately realized that these people lived at their store.  It seemed odd to him that he wouldn’t accept a hospital, but this woman and what he presumed to be her sons were okay.  They lied him on the bed, while the women gently removed his pants and his shirt.  Larry didn’t resist, he was not bashful about being in his boxers and he felt safe.  The woman gently cleaned out his wounds as well as all the mud and grime from the jungle. Larry closed his eyes and let her work.  Soon exhaustion took hold and he fell fast asleep.  When he awoke, the sun was setting.  It had been five hours since Janilsa ran out of the jungle.  He was feeling much stronger now and needed to get back to the hotel.  He sat up and his head throbbed but he rejuvenated.  The sleep did him well as did being clean again.  He put on his clothes and checked his pockets relieved to find his passport was still there.  He removed his wallet and saw that the family had not taken any money from him.  He was going to change that.  He took what amounted to about a hundred US dollars out of his wallet and walked into the store.  The woman was there with the two men and they told him to sit.  Larry intended to give them the money but he saw something that was much more attractive to him….steak.  The woman brought him a plate with a steak, rice and potatoes.  Larry knew it was homemade and he cut into it and put a piece in his mouth.  He had some really good steak in Buenos Aires that lived up to the reputation, but this home cooked one just seemed to top all of them.  Maybe it was because he was so drained, or maybe it was the herbs that she had put on it that Larry couldn’t even begin to recognize.  Larry devoured the plate of food and thanked them.  The woman offered him more but he politely declined.  He then remembered the money he had taken out.  He handed it to the woman and said in Spanish, “Thank you for everything.”

The women waved her arm and said it wasn’t a problem.  She wasn’t going to accept the money.  Larry tried insisting but she was adamant.  He gave her a hug and put his cheek next to hers and kissed the air.  She returned it and swung her head to the other side and Larry realized that in Argentina they do it twice and he complied.  He got up to walk away making a note that he had to send them something…what he was unsure. He didn’t have anything that he thought was of value from the states and buying them something in Argentina seemed odd.  As he did one of the men stopped him and handed him the machete.  Larry smiled and told him to keep it; he had found something he could offer.  He then pulled out the pocket knife he used to stab the man in the Achilles and handed it to the other man, who willingly accepted it.  Larry felt a little guilty that he purposely gave them the knife he valued the least after they had nursed him back to health but he had to get out of country safely.  The woman didn’t seem to object to his gifts and he reasoned that that would be enough.  He thanked all of them again and then headed toward the hotel hoping against hope that Janilsa would be waiting for him.


As each minute went by, Janilsa was losing hope that Larry was coming back.  She had gotten the numbers to local hospitals and called each of them asking about a white American being brought in from the jungle but nothing turned up yet.  For the first two hours, she called every 15 minutes, but then it got to every half hour and she was losing hope fast.  She tried to will herself to sleep but sleep would not come.  Tears streamed down her face knowing that every minute that went by drastically reduced the probability she would ever see Larry again.  Her eyes were closed when she heard shuffling feet by the door.  She thought she was imagining them but then the door opened and Larry walked in.  She shot out of bed and ran to him and jumped into his arms while wrapping her arms and legs around him.  Although Larry was feeling much stronger than when he left the jungle, he still needed some more rest and was not ready to support Janilsa’s weight.  He fell back and Janilsa landed on top of him.  She slid her arms under his and lied on his chest as her legs wrapped around his.  It was the most relaxed she had been all day.  Larry reached up and pushed the door closed and then lowered his arms placing one on Janilsa’s back and the other grabbing her hair as he pressed her against him.  He knew Janilsa did not like cuddling nor was she a fan of being picked up but both of those had been thrown out the window now.  To him, he loved having Janilsa in his arms knowing she was safe.  Janilsa fell asleep quickly as the exhaustion of the day came to her at once now that she no longer had to worry about Larry.  It didn’t take long for Larry to fall asleep as well. 

The next day, Larry packed his things and they went to the airport to change their ticket to go back home that day.  It would cost a lot but neither one of them wanted to stay in Argentina any longer.  On the way to the airport, Larry recounted to Janilsa what had happened after she left with the woman who took care of him.  Janilsa told him she should have given more than the blades.  Although Larry agreed, it was all he had at the time.  They sat next to each other on the plane.  Larry had the window seat and Janilsa lied on his shoulder.  Larry enjoyed it but it was kind of weird as he knew Janilsa not to be very affectionate.  He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Although Larry loved New York, the city he lived in, more than any other city in the world, this was the most happy he felt when the plane touched down on the runway at JFK.  Normally at this point he’d be mentally preparing himself for the long line for customs and declarations and praying his bag wasn’t randomly searched when he tried to exit the airport.  After what he went through though, these worries were trivial and were the furthest things from his mind.  He was just happy to be home in America.  Janilsa shared these sentiments.  She told him she wanted to stay with him that night before going home.  Her family wasn’t expecting her for another two days, so nobody would think it amiss.  Larry agreed not realizing what this probably implied.  They went back to Larry’s apartment and immediately Janilsa went to his room to put down her stuff.  

Larry asked if she wanted anything and she said she just wanted to sleep.  Larry went to the bathroom and took his contacts out and got ready for bed.  He lied down on his couch and wrapped himself in a blanket.  Janilsa had changed into her pajamas and knew Larry slept in his boxers.  She also knew why he was sleeping on the couch, Janilsa was the only one of Larry’s close female friends that he had never shared a bed with.  He was giving up his bed for her but that was not Janilsa’s intention on this night.  She went over to Larry wearing a T-shirt and pajamas.  Larry shot up and swung his legs around to sit up on the couch.  He was slightly embarrassed being in his boxers only because he knew it weirded out Janilsa.  As for him, he couldn’t care less, he’d walk through Times Square in his boxers if need be.  He said, “You need anything Steph?”

Janilsa smiled and straddled Larry pulling his head back and said, “Yea, you.” before kissing him on the lips.

Larry returned the kiss and rolled Janilsa under him on the couch.  His arms dropped to her waist as his mouth explored her neck face and lips kissing each one vigorously.  His hands lifted under her shirt and delighted to grasp her breasts and feel only flesh as she was not wearing a bra.  Janilsa rolled Larry off the couch and she landed on top of him still mounted.  Larry’s hands were still under her shirt and she reached down and pulled her shirt over her head and dropped her upper body so her breasts sandwiched Larry’s head.  Larry opened his mouth and alternated sucking her breasts as his arms wrapped around her upper body.  He lowered them and cupped both cheeks of her buttocks and pulled her towards him.  Janilsa gyrated her hips back and forth and she could feel Larry’s penis get harder underneath her.  She started saying in Spanish, “Te Quiero” repeatedly and Larry responded with the same I love you phrase in Greek. 

After a while, Larry decided to push the envelope some more.  He rolled over so that he was now on top and started kissing Janilsa’s neck.  Janilsa lifted her head and moaned.  Larry lowered his mouth to her breast then to her stomach. His hands stayed slightly below his head and gripped her pajamas.  He lowered himself more as his hands exposed her groin.  He licked at her groin and around her clitoris as Janilsa’s moans got louder.  Larry’s hands had lowered her pajamas to her knees and were now caressing her bare thighs.  Larry’s tongue circled her vagina and even made its way inside before rising again to her clitoris.  Janilsa started saying “Te Quiero” louder and louder until she screamed as she achieved orgasm.  Larry started kissing both her thighs as he continued lowering himself.  The pajamas had been pulled off leaving Janilsa naked and his mouth was kissing down her shins.  Janilsa was squeamish about people touching her feet and didn’t want Larry going there so she wrapped her ankles around his head and interlocked them behind him.  She lifted her legs and Larry took this to mean to go back up.  He used his shoulders to push against Janilsa’s legs and lied on top of her with her knees pinning her shoulders down.  Janilsa eased her grip with her legs and Larry rotated his body so that he was now sitting on her legs pinning them behind her with his penis pressed through his boxers in between her breasts and he faced away from her head.  He looked down and found himself staring at her luscious Spanish ass.  He slapped his hands down on both cheeks and squeezed.  He then lowered his mouth and kissed each cheek before caressing them some more.  He humped his waist rubbing his penis in between her breasts.  He then got off of Janilsa and stood up. 

Janilsa shot up to a seated position and grabbed Larry’s boxers and pulled them down.  This was Larry’s intention in the first place but having Janilsa do it was just as good, if not better.  Janilsa shifted herself to her knees and rubbed Larry’s scrotum and stroked his penis before placing it in her mouth.  Larry had never received a blowjob he enjoyed before but this one seemed much more sensual and pleasurable.  He started moaning with delight but Janilsa’s intent was not to make him cum just yet.  She alternated between stroking and sucking his penis before pulling back and using her breasts to flatten Larry’s penis up against his groin.  She then rose and lowered her body as Larry’s bare penis now rubbed in between Janilsa’s breasts.  She stood to her full height and slapped Larry across the face before smiling, grabbing his chin driving her thumb into one side of his face and her four fingers on the other side and pulling his face toward hers and kissing him passionately.  Larry made out with her profusely and then Janilsa pulled back and shoved Larry toward the bedroom.  He didn’t resist as he went threw the doorway and Janilsa kicked the door shut and shoved Larry onto the bed and said, “Stay.”

Larry did as he was told.  Janilsa said, “You got condoms?”

“Larry opened a box next to his bed marked, “Things you need for travel” and took a condom out of an envelope inside.  He ripped off the wrapper and placed it over his penis.  Janilsa smiled for a number of reasons.  The first of which was that Larry was prepared and the second was she was about to have sex with someone that had vehemently proclaimed to be asexual for the past six years and said he didn’t enjoy sex, yet he kept condoms in his room.  She got on top of him and inserted his penis into her before rocking back and forth making sure her breasts skidded across his face.  She rode him hard screaming “Fuck me” repeatedly.  Larry reached around and put his hands on her buttocks and drove her into him.

Larry turned her over and took the mounted position and drove himself into her.  Janilsa wrapped her legs tightly around Larry as he humped her lifting and slamming her body into the bed with every thrust and retreat.  Janilsa’s legs loosened and Larry used his arms to raise her legs to his shoulders.  Unlike Janilsa, he liked feet and he kissed her feet and massaged them while pinning her legs behind her head.  This caused Janilsa to squirm under him which only intensified the sex for him.  He made it a point to drop his head to hers and kiss her to make sure she was still reciprocating.  Larry then rose his upper body off Janilsa’s grabbed one leg and brought it around his head to the other side turning Janilsa around while still penetrating her vagina.  He knelt behind her and reached around grabbing her breasts as he thrusted himself into her while bending his mouth around to make out with her and kiss her neck.  After a little bit, Janilsa slid down so that she was on her thighs and bent her knees bending her shins and feet back over her.  Since her upper body was now flattened, Larry massaged her back as he continued to penetrate her.  Again, Janilsa achieved orgasm.  Larry exited her and Janilsa turned over onto her back.  She wrapped her legs around Larry again and rolled so she was on top.  She started riding him again and Larry kept his mouth open as Janilsa’s breasts and tongue took turns entering.  Soon he couldn’t control himself and he achieved one of the biggest orgasms of his life.  Janilsa smiled and just rode harder.  Larry struggled underneath her but she kept going knowing Larry wouldn’t throw her off.  Larry began tapping the bed saying in both Spanish and English, “You win” Janilsa just smiled wider and continued to ride him.  She lowered her mouth to kiss his chest including the Greek flag he had tattooed on his chest.  Finally, she rolled off him and Larry gasped in relief.  Janilsa grabbed Larry’s arm and turned away from him placing his hand onto her stomach and backing herself into him.  Janilsa’s butt pinned Larry’s penis vertically against his body.  Larry slid his other arm under Janilsa’s neck as an extension to the pillow and closed his eyes.  They both fell asleep in that position.

The next day Larry woke up first and eased Janilsa off his arm.  He woke her up in the process but Janilsa pretended to stay asleep.  Larry walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stood under it.  He took off the condom and threw it in the toilet. 

Janilsa heard the water turn on and knew Larry was taking a shower.  She was determined to give him some company.  She opened the box that she saw him open before and found the envelope, which was pretty full with condoms.  She expected this as she knew Larry was not sexually active.  She opened one and went into the bathroom and got into the shower with Larry and immediately wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards her and kissed him.  It didn’t take much maneuvering for Janilsa to get Larry hard again and she placed the condom over his penis and whispered in his ear, “Round 2” as she licked his ear and nibbled playfully.

Janilsa picked up a bar of soap and rubbed it in her hands and then placed it back in its holder and rubbed her hands along Larry’s chest down to his legs and to his back.  She rubbed soap on his entire body before picking up the bar and handing it to Larry.  Larry took the hint and rubbed soap all over Janilsa’s body.  He then took shampoo and rubbed it in her hair.  Janilsa turned her back to Larry and put her hands against the tiled walls of the shower sticking her butt out.  She said, “You seemed to be enamored with my ass last night, why don’t you fuck it?”

Larry grabbed the soap and thoroughly lathered the crease between Janilsa’s butt cheeks as water slid down her back and took the suds out.  He lowered his mouth and kissed and licked each cheek and inside.  He knew Janilsa knew that anal sex worried him.  He knew of how dangerous it could be if not lubricated correctly and he had said it was never something you should do to someone you care about because of all the risks.  He also viewed it as the ultimate expression of dominance, which is why he believed men liked it so much.  They wanted to feel dominant over women.  Janilsa knew that Larry was talking about himself too because the notion of dominance turned him on.  Larry also couldn’t resist sticking his penis into something he found aesthetically attractive.  Janilsa was patient as Larry continued to rub inside making sure to keep it nice and lubricated.  Most of Larry wanted to resist doing it but he knew he couldn’t.  After this one time, he would never do it again.  When he was satisfied he walked to Janilsa and stuck his penis into her buttocks.  He reached around and caressed her breasts as Janilsa turned her head and Larry made out with her.  She stood up and reached her arms back around Larry’s neck as she let his hands caress her stretched out torso and his mouth kiss her neck working his way to her mouth.  Little did Larry realize that she was turning them around, when they had done a complete turn unbeknownst to Larry, Janilsa shot her upper body forward and bent over the bathtub with her hands and face against the bathroom floor.  Larry instinctively dropped his hands to the side of her hips and he felt himself go deeper into Janilsa’s anus.  Janilsa swung her hips and Larry climaxed almost immediately.  He withdrew from her and Janilsa stood up, stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.  She dried herself off outside the shower and walked out of the bathroom satisfied.

Larry stayed in the shower a little longer to let everything sink in before shutting it off and coming outside.  Janilsa was still in the towel and went back in to shower for real.  When she got out Larry was already dressed.  She could tell he was unsure what to say and Janilsa smiled and said, “Thanks for what you did for me in the jungle”

Larry chuckled and nodded and said, ‘Thanks for everything you did after I got back.”

Janilsa than punched Larry across the face and said, “And that’s for making me wait five hours before I knew you were okay.”

Larry smiled and said, “I’m sorry.”

Janilsa smiled wider and kissed the part of his cheek she punched.  Larry noticed her shaking her wrist as she hurt herself with the blow.  They spent the rest of the day as they had any other time they hung out prior to their Argentina trip.  They shared a bed with no extracurricular activities and Janilsa went home the following morning.  They had an unspoken understanding that their sexual transgressions was a one time thing and not to be repeated.  Their friendship didn’t falter and they remained lifelong friends.