Friday, April 28, 2017

Boyfriend's Dream

                The date is November 26, 2001, it is a cold day outside.  Recently Larry had lost his ex-girlfriend Katerina as a friend 13 days after they broke up.  Larry was naturally extremely upset with the situation.  He still can’t figure out why he did what he did on Saturday November 24, 2001.  He wonders but it will never come.  While he’s moping around the house he decides to go for a drive.  He doesn’t have any particular place to go but he’s just driving.  While driving he ends up in Kent, Ohio.  Interesting he ended up there because Katerina attends school at Kent State University located in Kent, Ohio.  Larry is rather curious how he ended up here, I guess since he consciously wanted to see Katerina but knew he couldn’t because Katerina specifically said she never wanted to talk to or see Larry again his subconscious guided him to Kent.  Larry turned out to be another asshole for her.  Interesting because Larry is normally a very nice kid.  You know I keep complaining for Larry about how much he wants to see Katerina.  I’ll get on with the story. 

                While Larry was driving he realized he was right around Kent State.  He made sure not to go to the campus and end up at Katerina’s dorm.  While driving he noticed a blond haired girl on a side street with a larger guy.  It was really late at night and Larry doesn’t know exactly how he saw her.  The girl’s hair made it kind of obvious it was dyed that color.  Larry thought this because he thought it was the color hair of Katerina because she had dyed her hair blond.  Larry turned around and passed it again to look.  He then saw clearly it was Katerina, he saw her as the larger man was hitting her.  Larry instinctively turned onto the street.  The guy picked Katerina up and dragged her in a building.  Larry realized the kid was Katerina’s old boyfriend Leshko.  Leshko was significantly bigger than Larry.  He had blond hair that ran a little past his shoulder and was shaggy looking.  Some of the hair on his chest was protruding from his shirt.  Larry was never intimidated from a fight so he ran out of the car and set to face Leshko, Larry realized he had absolutely no idea where he was but how many boyfriends have dreamt about beating up their girlfriend’s old boyfriends?  He came in and yelled, “Let go of her Leshko.”

                Leshko had just met Larry officially at the party Saturday-Sunday.  He didn’t know him that well but he knew that he recently went out with Katerina. He yelled back, “She ain’t your girlfriend anymore bitch.”

                “Maybe so, but she is a girl that just got punched and forced inside by a guy obviously upset that she rejected him.”

                “Larry, look at yourself, then look at me, do you honestly think you can beat me.”

                “Yes, but if you’re so sure I can’t then kick my ass now so I won’t bother you when you try to rape Katerina or whatever you’re planning on.”

                “She will lose her virginity to a Ukrainian, not to some Greek.”

                “Before that happens you have to beat a Greek or run and try again some other time.”

Leshko had enough of this; he came at Larry and shoved him back.  Larry came back at him and punched him in the nose.  Leshko grabbed his face as his eyes were beginning to tear.  Larry took the opportunity of an exposed midsection and ran forward jamming his knee into his chest.  Leshko bent over, he now realized he can’t take Larry that lightly.  He was in this predicament because he got cocky.  He sucked in the pain and grabbed Larry.  He then threw Larry into a wall.  Larry bounced off the wall and came right back at him.  He jumped up and went to knee him again in the stomach.  Leshko let out a punch, but hit Larry’s leg, which snapped back and Larry went spinning to the ground.  The punch skidded off the leg assuaging the blow to the stomach but Larry’s leg still got through and hit Leshko.  Larry was left with a major Charlie horse because the punch coinciding with the momentum Larry’s leg carried collided into a blow to his thigh.  Larry got up limping a little.  Leshko grabbed his stomach but again shook it off.  He ran at Larry, Larry ducked and as he approached he bent over, wrapped his arms around his legs and lifted up.  This sent Leshko catapulting over his head and landing on his back.  Leshko got up extremely angry.  He couldn’t believe that Larry was getting in some good shots in.  He walked at Larry, realizing that running is a mistake.  He punched Larry in the stomach and then lifted him over his shoulder.  He then drove his body to the ground.  Larry nailed the ground on the back of his head and shoulders.  He stumbled on to all fours and Leshko stomped his back knocking Larry down again.  He then stood on Larry’s back to indicate he had won.  Larry moved his back slightly and Leshko lost his balance and fell off nailing the ground.  Larry arose and Katerina saw blood on the back of his head.  Leshko got up and punched Larry in the solar plexus.  Larry grabbed his stomach in pain.  Leshko then put Larry’s head between his legs, picked him up by the solar plexus so that Larry straddled his head and then threw him hard to the ground on the back of his head and neck.  This exposed the wound more.  Larry got to one knee only to be punched across the face to the ground.  Katerina figured Larry was going to lose this fight and decided to try to get out of there.  She ran toward the door.  Leshko noticed this and scooped her up over his shoulder.  Larry was on both feet; he came from behind Leshko and dove into his hamstrings.  Leshko toppled over Larry and dropped Katerina.  Leshko got up before Larry did and Katerina ran to a corner.  There was only one exit and Leshko and Larry’s fight blocked it.  Leshko punched Larry in the stomach and then across the face knocking him down.  Larry turned onto his stomach and made his way to all fours.  Leshko kicked him in the chest; Larry dropped an arm but remained in the position.  Leshko took a few steps back, ran at Larry and kicked him in the chest again.  Larry flipped over as the wind left his body.  He looked at Katerina who had a concerned look on her face.  Larry liked this because that meant that Katerina really did care for Larry.  Leshko put legs on either side of Larry and slightly lifted his upper body by the shirt with .  Leshko wanted to finish him.  He delivered a big punch to the face knocking Larry’s head to the ground.  Leshko was going to do this until Larry was knocked unconscious.  Larry’s head bounced off the ground but he arose.  Leshko punched him again; again Larry rose; Leshko punched Larry again only this time, Larry moved his head and Leshko nailed the ground with his knuckles.  He jumped off of Larry and held his hand in pain.  Larry made his way to his feet rather quickly.  Leshko stared dumbfounded at him, he had given him a beating and the kid did not stay down.  Leshko dropped his hands but as he did, Larry let another punch fly with his right hand and nailed Leshko above the right eye.  Leshko dropped back.  Larry let another one fly with a left and nailed Leshko above the other eye.  Larry was going to an area of fighting that he wasn’t too good at, boxing.  Leshko shook it off and raised his arms to protect his face.  Larry then hooked his right hand and jammed Leshko in the stomach.  Leshko took a few steps back.. Larry came at him and Leshko punched him twice across the face leading with his left and ending with his right.  Larry fell back to the floor.  Larry got up, and Leshko threw another right hand, Larry turned his head, and Leshko nailed the back of it.  This is the hardest point of the head and Leshko cracked some knuckles after this punch.  Larry fell but he quickly rose again.  Both Leshko and Katerina were astounded by how Larry kept getting up.  Larry’s face was bloody along with the back of his head.  Leshko had some blood on his right hand and his nose.  Leshko punched Larry with his left hand but Larry turned his head again and took the shot in the back of his head.  He stumbled but didn’t fall.  Leshko cracked two knuckles on his left hand, which were already reddened.  He knew he was hitting Larry hard but apparently not hard enough.  He punched Larry across the face with his right hand, Larry spun around and when Leshko’s punched caused him to do a 180º he let a leg back and nailed Leshko in the ribcage.  Leshko backed away.  Larry came running and drove his leg into the same spot on the ribcage.  Leshko grabbed his chest in pain.  Larry put him in a headlock from the side and jammed Leshko’s face into his knee.  Twice the knee hit Leshko, until he scooped Larry’s legs up and fell back nailing his head against the ground again.  Leshko slowly made his way to his feet.  Larry was two seconds behind him.  Leshko yelled, “Stay down bitch” as he came toward Larry and leveled him with a right. 

                Leshko was frustrated, and it didn’t help when Larry got up again.  Larry was running on full adrenaline and smiled at Leshko.  He dropped his arms and told Leshko to hit him in the face again.  Leshko threw the punch but Larry ducked and Leshko’s momentum twisted him around and Larry started punching both kidneys.  Leshko tried turning back around but Larry followed his back as his arms narrowed in at his kidneys.  Finally Leshko turned and took a punch to the stomach.  Leshko pushed Larry back.  Larry hit a wall and leaned against it for support.  Leshko came running, Larry took a few quick steps forward, slid on the ground, put his left foot in front of Leshko’s left, and his right foot came behind and hit his leg in the hamstrings.  Leshko tripped over Larry and slammed his face into the wall.  Larry got up took a few steps back and drove his knee into Leshko’s kidneys.  Leshko kneeled facing the wall.  Larry helped him up and slammed his face into the wall.  Leshko let back a weak elbow to the solar plexus but it was enough to back Larry up.  Leshko turned around his face now bloody.  Larry’s knuckles were bloody as well.  This is why boxer’s wear boxing gloves, it’s not to pad punches it’s to protect the knuckles.  Leshko was worn out.  He came at Larry. Larry punched him in the stomach again.  Leshko then punched Larry across the face.  Larry backed up, then shifted his feet perpendicular to Leshko leading with his left.  His right leg came at his left leg and stopped just in front as the left leg lifted.  It reached high and nailed Leshko in the chest.  Leshko stumbled but didn’t fall.  Larry then ran at Leshko, Leshko sidestepped him, grabbed his hair and threw him into the wall.  He came at Larry, but Larry threw an elbow back and nailed Leshko hard in the nose.  Larry then turned around and punched him in the stomach then the solar plexus he let go a lot of punches each hitting their mark. He turned Leshko around so he was against the wall.  He then began punching all over his chest, solar plexus and stomach.  He alternated going up and down until Leshko lost his footing and sat down against the wall.  Larry then began stomping at his chest and then backed up a bit.  Leshko grabbed his chest and spit some blood on the ground.  Larry stared at Leshko poised to strike.  Leshko lifted his head to rest it against the wall since he was so exhausted, Larry came running forward and jammed his knee into Leshko’s face.    Leshko’s head bounced off the wall and he fell sideways to the ground unconscious. Larry came at Leshko and straddled him lifting his upper body by the shirt and punched him in the face.  Larry realized Leshko was unconscious now.  He then got up and looked toward Katerina. When looking at the two competitors, neither looked worse than the other.  Leshko had blood on his face, the back of his head and knuckles.  Larry had blood in the exact same places.  Leshko’s nose was deformed due to it breaking during the fight. Larry walked over to Katerina slowly, the adrenaline was moving slower now but still pumping.  Katerina didn’t budge, after all she just started hating him.  As Larry approached, Katerina slapped him across the face.  Larry nailed the ground on his side and rolled on his back panting.  His adrenaline no longer was pumping and all the pain from the fight hit him.  Katerina put one leg on either side of him and stood over him looking down at his face.  Larry looked up with a glazed look in his eye.  Katerina smiled, leaned over and put both arms out for Larry to take.  Larry took her arms and she helped him up.  When Larry got up he hugged Katerina and used her body as support.  Katerina had never seen a street fight and she was kind of wondering how Larry could have stood and threw punches to knock out Leshko but now couldn’t stand at all.  As much as she wanted to believe it she knew it wasn’t because of the slap.  Katerina helped Larry to his car.  Larry reached into his pocket and gave Katerina the keys.  Larry was helped into the passenger seat as he lied against the back of the chair.  Katerina got into the car and adjusted the mirrors.  Larry then said, “I’m sorry for being such an asshole at monterinia.”

                Katerina smiled and said, “All I want to know is why.”

                Larry responded with obvious fatigue in his voice “I already told you everything I know about that.”

                Katerina smiled, “Well you just beat Leshko and that was your best guess.”

                Larry weakly smiled.  All the wind and energy was out of him.  Katerina then said, “God you really got your ass kicked.”

                Larry smiled and said, “But who won?”

                There was silence and then Larry asked, “Why didn’t you use your pepper spray on your keys?”

                “Leshko took my keys out of my purse before we left.”

                “So he came inside.”

                “Not exactly he asked me for dinner, so I went with him, and when we were on the street he asked to see my keys.  I gave them to him and he threw them aside and grabbed me.  I struggled a little bit and tried to knee him in the balls but I hit his leg, and then he punched me across the face and then you came.”

                Larry realized the first time he drove by, Leshko was getting rid of the keys.  He asked, “So they’re still on the street?”

                “No, they were right in front of your car, I picked them up on the way to the driver seat.”

                “Oh that’s cool.”

                Larry then lay back and closed his eyes.  Katerina got to her dorm and woke Larry up.  She invited him inside to get cleaned up.  Larry had some strength back and made it up the stairs to the third floor where Katerina’s dorm was.  She put down some newspapers and had Larry lie on them so as to not get blood anywhere.  She then began cleaning the blood and the cuts Larry had.  Larry then slept for he was extremely tired from the fight.  When Larry awoke they had a discussion about what happened at Montarinia.  They got back on speaking terms and continued their friendship. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friendship vs. Cars

                It was a brisk day on October 29, 2001, it was about 50ºF outside.  Larry arrived at school early as always.  He had to take his brother Nick to conditioning that took place before school.  He was later today, as he arrived at 6:40AM.  School wouldn’t start until 8:00, but on days Nick had conditioning, he arrived at school at about 6:10AM.  Larry and his friend, whom he takes to school, Tom Johnson, were sitting in the senior lounge.  Larry stole Johnson’s newspaper to see whether St. Ignatius was in the playoffs for football.  St. Ignatius was the school they all attended and had a very good football program.  This year, however, despite having a solid team, Ignatius dropped to 6-4, their worst in many years.  Larry was happy to find out that not only did Ignatius make it but also they were seventh of the eight teams going.  He then looked at the Cleveland Cavalier roster.  Larry was an avid NBA fan despite the Cavs’ lack of success.  He looked over the list signaling out the solid players from the not-so-good players.  He and Johnson spoke about some of the players. 

                At 7:15AM Larry’s friend Orest Zadenko came to school.  Usually he didn’t arrive until ten till eight but today he was early.  He sat at Larry’s table and they talked a little.  They played paper football.  Larry was victorious over Zadenko but didn’t gloat.  Over the weekend, Larry beat Zadenko’s car over a bridge near Larry’s house.  Zadenko was driving his dad’s juiced up Lincoln and Larry drove a banged up ’95 Toyota Camry.  It was a mismatch but somehow Larry won it over the bridge.  Zadenko, in a fit of anger, went 85 in a 35 to let off steam; Larry didn’t bother to chase because he feared for cops.  He gloated because Zadenko took cars and driving fast extremely seriously.  Larry did not but if he won he would gloat just because Zadenko did take it so seriously.  Zadenko claimed he pulled even with him and then lifted his foot in the air to show that it wasn’t on the pedal.  Larry did not see the foot but when he sped up alongside him while Larry was going legal speed, he gunned his car, Zadenko tried to zoom after him, but when the bridge ended Larry had won.  Larry brought this up to him after the game; Zadenko showed his anger and assured him that he could beat him any other time.  Larry was still enjoying his moment so he countered that he could beat his dad’s car but not his Ford Mustang.  Zadenko’s Mustang was also juiced up.  Zadenko liked to gamble; he certainly had the money to so he offered Larry a gamble.  He told him he was so sure he could beat him in a race that he challenged Larry to race where Larry picks any of his family’s cars to drive with the exception of his sister’s Mercury Mystique.  The stipulations of the bet was that if Larry wins, Zadenko would have to give him his Mustang but if Larry wins he had to give him $20.  Larry lowered it to $10 and made the bet. They shook hands and Zadenko asked him to put it back at $20, Larry did questioning how he would get the money since his parents no longer gave him access to a lot of money.  Larry’s parents were well off but he was not.  His parents wouldn’t let him have a job.  Larry rationalized that if he lost then it would be a way to pay back Zadenko for the times he paid for Larry at meals and wouldn’t accept Larry’s money when he attempted to pay him back.  The bet was made, Zadenko asked Larry to choose the road.  He never did because he did not want to race on a main city road for fear of cops but in highways, Zadenko had the advantage because he could weave in and out of traffic better than Larry could, and he was more risky than Larry was in a car.  No matter what road, Zadenko had the clear advantage.  Larry chose Zadenko’s dad’s car because he did not believe it was as fast as Zadenko made it out to be.  They carried on the rest of the day normally.  Zadenko did call Larry up at around 7:00PM because he was bored.  He seemed to forget about the bet.  Larry had not.  He was strategizing to see if he could figure out how to win this race.  Then he realized that in the bet they never stipulated what car Larry had to drive.  He decided he would take his dad’s BMW Beamer.  He had it all figured out. 

                It had been three weeks since the bet was made, the weekend after the bet was made, Zadenko had to go to Chicago, and the weekend after that Larry had to go to New York.  Zadenko had not forgotten about the bet after all.  They decided that they would race on I-480-71N to Pearl Road.  Pearl Road was the exit that they got off to get to Zadenko’s house.  This race requires about a half-mile on I-480 and approximately seven miles on I-71.  Larry thought for sure that he would lose this bet.  Zadenko came over to Larry’s house in his dad’s car.  Larry lived in Lakewood, Ohio and Zadenko lived in Strongsville, Ohio.  In all it was an estimated 30 minutes.  They hung out at Larry’s for a while before the big race was set.  Zadenko was putting a lot into this, his car was his pride and joy and he had recently juiced it up even more and gotten a paint job.  The amount of money he put into it was obscene but he loved cars.  Larry grabbed his dad’s keys to the BMW.  When Zadenko saw this he immediately protested that he could not use that car.  Larry then said, “You never said what car I had to use, you said yourself that next to the Pantera (565 horsepower race car illegal for street driving that his dad drove very seldom) your dad’s car is the fastest.”

                “You said that your car could beat it not your dad’s”

                “What’s a matter you’re too much of a pussy to race the Beamer”

                This hit home for Zadenko, he thought he was fearless when it came to driving and racing.  He countered, “Alright fine, I’ll kick the Bearmer’s ass too, and then you’ll have nothing to say, besides I can drive better than you, you said it yourself”

                Larry smiled, he knew he had said it, and he knew it was true but he won the argument.  They drove legal speed until they got to the entrance on Clague road to I-480E.  Clague was ten minutes from Larry’s house when driven at legal speed.  The 480 exit was another five.  Zadenko would rev his engine at red lights in attempt to intimidate Larry, but Larry thought it was stupid and wasn’t intimidated.  Zadenko was so confidant that he would win this race that he let Larry enter the ramp first.  Larry hoped for nothing to happen to the car because if he wrecked his dad’s car, his dad would kill him because, like Zadenko, his dad held his BMW in the highest regard.  They pushed on the accelerator and heard the engine rev.  He was worried for he knew that even though the car might be able to perform better than Zadenko’s, he was not accustomed to driving above 100MPH.  He had only done it three times whereas Zadenko boasted in doing it every day.  Larry made sure the windows were up so that the car would be at its most aerodynamic state.  He learned this trick from Zadenko so he knew that he would have his up as well.  He zoomed on to the highway and checked his blind spot as well as his mirrors before merging in.  It was clear.  He then began to try to weave around cars and not slow down.  Zadenko had zoomed right behind him on the entrance ramp and Larry did not get a surprise burst.  Zadenko pulled next to Larry and took a slight lead.  They stayed in the right most two lanes because it would exit to I-71S soon.  They were pretty much neck and neck when the I-480E split to I-71.  The left-hand lane was going to I-71N but the right went to I-71 south, which is what they needed.  Larry was in the right hand lane so he thought he would get an advantage this way.  To his left, however, Zadenko had a half car length of a lead and he wasn’t slowing.  Zadenko pushed the pedal all the way down and began turning in front of Larry.  Larry panicked a little and tapped the breaks allowing Zadenko to improve his lead and lead the way onto I-71S.  Larry recovered fast and changed to the left lane and pulled alongside Zadenko, but he still maintained a half car lead.  They were zooming toward a curve, Larry did not slow for the curve but Zadenko was forced to due to the car he was driving.  Larry now took a slight lead after the curve.  He was happy because he knew that BMW’s can corner better than almost if not any car.  Larry zoomed up and cut in front of Zadenko.  Zadenko knew that his Mustang was on the line and he wanted nothing more than to keep it.  He pulled into the lane Larry had previously had and tried to overtake him.  They sped ahead.  They were in the middle two lanes of a four-lane highway.  They both knew to stay out of the right most lane because it would turn to an exit only lane.  They continued ahead.  Zadenko took a slight lead again.  Larry began wondering for a split second if the results would have been the same if he was driving the Lincoln and Zadenko was driving the beamer.  He did not believe this to be the case.  He knew Zadenko was a better driver at high speeds than he was.  A car going only 70MPH blocked Zadenko.  They were both travelling speeds ranging from 105-130mph.  The speed limit was 60MPH.  They both knew that there were rarely any police on I-480E or I-71S, which was why they picked it.  They had agreed beforehand that the race ended at the light after the exit on Pearl Road.  It was about a fourth of a mile so leaving the highway to the light was spent breaking to a stop because the light was usually red and a full 90º right turn was needed.  Larry thought that Zadenko would try to zoom to the light and make a daring turn to win.  Ironically, Zadenko thought Larry would do the same.  It was extremely Orestgerous to attempt this but when your pride and joy is on the line, desperate measures are taken.  This also occurred to Larry because he didn’t care about the $20 nearly as much as Zadenko cared about the Mustang (which was the reason he made the bet) he didn’t have too much to lose but a lot to gain.  They continued to speed on with Zadenko still holding a slight advantage.  He had swerved around the 70MPH car without slowing at all. While he was doing that Larry had taken a car length lead, but he had to swerve around a car as well.  Larry did so with ease and once he was a considerable distance passed the person driving 70MPH he went right back to his lane.  This gave Zadenko time to catch up.  He slowly gained on Larry from the other lane.  The Rpm’s on both cars were high.  It was an intense race and Larry had definitely given Zadenko a fight.  They accelerated on and passed another exit, they both knew that there was a mile and half left until the exit.  They continued forward and both merged one lane to the right.  Zadenko was determined to win. Despite his having the lead, he feared because he didn’t have the lead by much and was unable to pull away from the BMW.  He knew he had to gain a lead because he needed to be in the right most lane, and if he was he had to be ahead of Larry.  He thought he could just pull the same trick he had when entering I-71 south and cut Larry off knowing that he will hit the brakes.  Suddenly another car going about 75MPH was ahead of him.  He looked in the driver side mirror to check the left lane.  As he did he noticed a car going the same 75MPH next the car he was approaching.  He could not swerve around the car in front of him. He had Larry alongside him to his right, another car alongside him to his left and rapidly approaching a car in front of him.   Zadenko had no choice, he did not want to try to turn into Larry because he did not have the same half-car lead as before and if he did he would undoubtedly damage both cars.  His dad also loved his car and would punish Zadenko if he wrecked it so he slammed the breaks and pulled behind Larry.  Larry anticipated this so he put the pedal to the floor and heard the engine roar and his RPM gage red lined.  He approached 125MPH.  He approached the exit and Zadenko had gone back into the lane he was previously in since he now passed the car in front of him but Larry had a little more than a car length and the exit was dead ahead.  They rapidly approached it as Zadenko tried to get space so that he could cut Larry off without them damaging the cars.  He saw that they were seconds from the exit so he tried to scare Larry, he jerked the wheel to the right only to quickly jerk it back left.  He hoped Larry would panic and hit the brakes but he did not fall for the trick.  He barely noticed what Zadenko had just done.  This gave Larry a half car lead as he still had the pedal to the ground.  The car now cruised to 135MPH.  He hit the exit and took his foot off the accelerator in case Zadenko tried to make a desperate lunge.  Zadenko had considered it but he realized Larry was not slamming his brakes to a stop.  Larry usually did this when travelling at high speeds approaching a light of some sort but he did not make the mistake now.  They both hit the brakes because they assumed the light was red and there was a relatively steep curve before the light.  Zadenko slowed more because his car could not corner like the BMW.  He gave in and pulled behind the beamer and they stopped at the light.  They were going to turn right so they checked if it was clear and turned on red onto Pearl Road.  Larry had won the race. 

Zadenko was almost in tears because he could not believe what just happened.  He knew the plan was to just go to Zadenko’s house to hang out but as of right now, Zadenko didn’t want to see Larry.  He knew he would gloat about his victory and he couldn’t handle that.  The Mustang was bought and paid for so Larry had to make no payments.  Zadenko didn’t want to give up his car.  He didn’t know how to face his parents about this.  The race had taken four minutes and 15 seconds.  They averaged 120MPH. 

Larry could not believe he could drive consistently at that speed.  He could not believe he had won the race and he was in almost as much shock as Zadenko. Prior to the race he was certain he’d lose but decided to try.  He did it and now he was supposed to get a Mustang and not have to share his car with his younger brother when he got his license. He was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to rub it in.  Zadenko took car races very seriously and whenever Larry won, even if on a fluke, he would bother Zadenko about it, but this time, something was on the line.  Not just something but Zadenko’s pride and joy. 

They arrived at Zadenko’s house.  Zadenko arrived first for when he’s angry he speeds.  He had beaten Larry significantly because Larry didn’t want to speed on a main road.  Zadenko knew where the cops would be so he made sure to not go fast in those areas.  All in all he beat Larry by a full minute.  When Larry arrived he was still in his car lying against the wheel, as the loss was stills settling in.  Larry got out of his car; his first impression was that Zadenko was crying.  He went over the car.  He knew better than to gloat now.  Zadenko shoved Larry back and got out of the car.  He said, “You fucking son of a bitch you fucking cheated, I would have beaten you if you were driving your shitty Camry.”

“That wasn’t the bet and you agreed before we began to race the beamer, don’t be a sore loser and I didn’t cheat.”

“Sore loser? Sore loser?” as his voice increased when he repeated it, “I just lost thousands of dollars in investments and my car, and your telling me I’m being a fucking sore loser, you know how much I fucking love that car.”

“If it meant so fucking much you never should have put in on the line you arrogant fuck.”

Larry was getting mad now because he thought Zadenko would back out of the bet.  He knew this was going to hurt Zadenko but he didn’t anticipate the full affect of it because he thought for sure that Zadenko would win.  Zadenko countered, “Fuck you”

“No fuck you, you made a bet now honor it, you’re the fucking dumb ass that made the fucking bet.” 

Zadenko took his Mustang key off his key chain and threw it at Larry and said, “Take it and get the fuck off my property.”

Larry felt bad now, he picked up the key and started, “Zadenko,”

He was cut off by, “Shut up and get the fuck out of here, I don’t want to fucking see you.”

“Zadenko, I can’t take two cars at once.”

“I’ll fucking take my car for a last ride back to your house but how about this.  My Mustang vs. your beamer for the Mustang.”


“Come on, I gave you the chance to win it at least give me a fucking rematch.”

“I told you before that you were the stupid one to challenge me by putting your car on the line.  This was your idea not mine.”

“You know if I wasn’t trapped by those two cars I would have beaten you now give me a fucking rematch.”

“I know I won by luck, but it’s still a win, I won fair and square, I’m taking the fucking car.”

“Then race me for pride, no money, no material possessions just to see if that was luck or not.”

Larry calmed; he felt that he owed him this race.  He was not about to let him win but the second that thought hit he knew he wouldn’t have to because Zadenko could drive better than he could and he had won because of luck.  He accepted the challenge.   Zadenko calmed slightly and they remained legal speed until I-71N they would now reverse the order of the highways and go from Pearl Rd. to Clague Rd. Using I-71N to I-480W.  They were off again.  Both reached over 100 quickly.  Zadenko’s mustang was very light.  This was no accident for he had paid thousands of dollars to replace steel with aluminum and fiberglass. He even put in a new exhaust system; he did everything to make his car go faster.  Now it was gone in one stupid race.  This race was very similar to the last one, Both men averaging 120MPH.  Larry started on the highway first, and Zadenko pulled even with him.  They sped off, both men maneuvered in and out of cars rather easily.  There were very few cars on the road.  They continued forward with Zadenko only having a quarter car length on Larry as they exited I-71N and headed to I-480W.  Larry tried gunning it but Zadenko matched it.  As they neared the airport they both knew a steep curve would meet them, Zadenko slowed his car for this because the Mustang cannot corner.  This gave Larry the lead because he did not have to slow as much as Zadenko did.  Larry improved a half car on Zadenko.  They continued forward.  Zadenko got up and they were neck and neck for about 15 seconds.  Zadenko in the left most lane and Larry in the second to left.  A car was in Larry’s lane so he moved one spot to the right and continued forward.  Larry moved one more spot to the right and Zadenko realized that Larry was getting closer to the exit when it was time to get off.  Zadenko was not going to follow for he knew that there were disadvantages going in the slower lanes.  The simple disadvantage is cars drive slower.  Larry was behind three-fourths car length due to maneuvering between lanes.  Larry and Zadenko drove past the Grayton road exit, which added two lanes to the highway, with tremendous speed.  Clague was the next exit.  The race was nearing an end.  Suddenly, Zadenko cut across three lanes to be alongside Larry.   Despite this, he still maintained a slight lead.  Larry pressed the accelerator to the ground and took a slight advantage.  Clague was a half-mile away and they were going 125mph.  Larry was faced with a car in front of him.  He tapped the breaks and when Zadenko had a car length on him he changed lanes.  Had he not of done that he would have hit the car in front of him.  Zadenko pulled in front of the car that blocked Larry.  Larry tried to overtake Zadenko but could only manage to be a half-length behind him.  The exit hit, they both got off but since they wanted to turn right and Zadenko had the right hand lane, Zadenko barely won the race.  Larry pulled behind him as a signal that he had lost.  Zadenko took slight joy in this victory but he knew that this was the last time the mustang would be his.

They drove the rest of the way to Larry’s house.  Larry tried congratulating Zadenko on his win but Zadenko shrugged his hand off.  He was still infuriated with Larry for winning the first race.  Larry decided not to take Zadenko home in his newly acquired mustang.  He took him home in the Toyota Camry.  They drove in silence as Zadenko ignored every attempt of a conversation Larry tried.  Larry began feeling sorry for Zadenko and wishing that Zadenko had won the race.    He arrived at Zadenko’s house and as Zadenko got out he threw the mustang key at Larry and slammed the door.  Larry took it and attached it to his key chain. 

He left Zadenko’s driveway and headed home.  He placed his faceplate for his CD player on so he could listen to Greek music.  When he got home, he was happy that he no longer would have to share his car with his brother.  Larry and Zadenko did not talk over the weekend.  Larry tried calling him but he never picked up.  Monday had rolled around and Larry had driven a lot in the mustang, Larry had thought that in three days Zadenko would be over losing the car and they could still be friends.  Larry wouldn’t see Zadenko until sixth period physics class.  Zadenko sat behind him.  When he walked in Larry said, “Hey Zadenko.”

Zadenko did not say anything but kept walking forward until he was right next to Larry and whispered, “Fuck you, don’t talk to me.”

“Dude, calm down it’s just a car, don’t be pissed because you’re the one that made the bet.”

“I put a lot of money and sweat into that car; too much for it to just be lost in an instant.”

“Then you never should have bet it.”

“Had you raced me in your Camry and not the BMW I would have beaten you.”


“Oh I would have and you know it.”

“Zadenko, I don’t think this bet should fuck up our friendship.”

“Can’t always get what you want.”

Larry gave up now; he did not want to try to reason with Zadenko.  He thought he just needed more time to cool off.  He told his girlfriend Clarissa about it; she was very much opposed to the fact they raced.  She had known Zadenko since early childhood.  Larry was under a lot of stress for he didn’t know what to do.  Thursday came and Zadenko still refused to talk to Larry at all despite Larry’s efforts.  Larry was fed up so in physics class he took the Mustang key off his key chain and said, “You know what I don’t give a fuck about this car.  I would rather have a friend and share a Toyota Camry with my brother then have my own Mustang and have a good friend pissed off at me.  If you’re letting this stupid bet kill our friendship indefinitely then you’re pathetic.  If it was a Corvette I may not be doing this, but it’s not it’s a Ford Mustang.  So take your fucking car back, you paid for it, you earned it, and you deserve to keep it.  Have fun and put thousands of dollars more into it.  I’m sick of this shit, and material things never meant much to me, I don’t know maybe it’s because my family, like yours, is well off so money wasn’t a problem so I didn’t have to value it as much.  I don’t know but to me that thing I drive is just a piece of fiberglass, aluminum and steel on wheels.  That’s it, it means nothing more to me.  It’s your pride and joy.  It’s enough to lose a friend over so take it back.  I don’t want it anymore; it costs too fucking much.  It cost a friend.”

Zadenko was speechless but said out of ritual, “No you won fair and square, keep the car.”

“No, I’d rather be friends but you won’t let that happen plus I want a Corvette and a Mustang is made by the rival company.”

“Just don’t worry about it, you won the car.” He said just to be difficult although he wanted the car badly. 

“Like I said, it costs too much, but let me tell you something else I won, I won the license to do whatever I want with the car.  It’s mine. I can strip it and sell its parts for a shit load of money.   I could use it to go deer hunting.  I can even use that license to give it away to somebody and I think I’m going to use that aspect of the license and give it away to you because I won that freedom in the race.”

Zadenko said, “Well if you put it like that….”

Larry then threw the key at him.  Zadenko took it and put it in his pocket.  Then Larry asked for a ride home because he drove the Mustang to school.  Zadenko laughed and agreed to take him home.  Zadenko had his car back and Larry was back to sharing the Toyota Camry with his brother.  Kids in the class told Larry he should have kept the car because they didn’t like hearing Zadenko brag about the latest improvement he had made to it.  To Larry, however, material things do not outweigh good friendships. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Even Fighters Need Help Sometimes


        It was Friday, many teenagers looked forward to the weekends some will go to the movies.  Others will go to bars or maybe stay home.  Kids are finally getting re-accustomed to the routine of school.  It’s September 7, 2001.  Lauren Schlosser is trying to figure out what she is going to do.  Lauren is 5’10” 125lbs, pale skin, shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.  Despite her good looks it hid a darker side to Lauren that anyone who knows her knows.  Lauren does not take shit from anybody and she loves to fight.  She goes against the erroneous statement “Fighting doesn’t solve anything.”  Her philosophy is if someone is talking shit about her, she knocks them out they’re not talking shit, problem solved.  Not only did this soccer player enjoy fighting, but also she fought dirty.  If she was fighting against a male she immediately went for the knee to the groin.  She boasts she has never lost a fight against a guy, she only lost one against a girl, when she was knocked onto a rock and knocked out.  When she had awoken, however, she attacked the girl and beat her then.  With a girl like this, why would she need anyone to defend her?

       At 5:30pm, she went online.  She saw a kid she had met over the summer who shared her views about fighting.  His name was Larry Rozos.  They talked for a while and Larry asked her to go to a movie.  Larry was planning on this encounter to be strictly plutonic.  Larry also went against society in the idea that he believes girls and guys can be just friends.  Lauren thought this and she accepted.  For some reason Lauren didn’t want Larry to pick her up.  Larry didn’t mind so when the time came they went to the movies.  Larry arrived five minutes before Lauren.  They bought the tickets and went inside.  After the movie, Larry offered Lauren a ride home.  Again Lauren politely declined.  Larry said she would wait for her ride but Lauren insisted that he just leave.  A guy she had hooked up with was picking her up.  She felt embarrassed to tell Larry this though but Larry knew something was up but he went to his car anyway. 

       As soon as Larry left, a hand clasped around Lauren’s mouth.  Someone whispered in her ear, “Hey bitch, want to come back to my place and give me a blow job.”

       Obviously this offended Lauren, since her mouth was covered, she didn’t respond.  Instead, she lifted her elbow and swung it back hoping to hit the attacker.  The attacker seemed to expect this and ducked, Lauren’s elbow nailed solid air and then was grabbed by the guy.  The guy, now facing Lauren since her momentum on the elbow carried her around, pulled her arm toward him and jammed his knee into her stomach.  Lauren bent over holding her stomach.  The guy then pulled her back by the hair so the back of her head nailed the pavement.  Lauren was now scared, she was in pain and losing control of this fight.  She felt a foot hit her in the solar plexus and she let out a moan in pain.  The guy helped her to her feet; bent down picked her up over his shoulder by her legs and jumped into an open van. 

     Larry was driving around as he saw Lauren being lifted into the van.  He knew that this was not normal and decided to follow the vehicle.  The vehicle sped out and Larry followed in close pursuit.

     In the van the guy laid her out onto the floor.  It was a mini-van and the seats had been removed.  The guy quickly jammed his fist into both her thighs.  He then grabbed her legs and elevated them.  He wrapped her right leg around his right; lied down straightened her left, placed her right ankle over her left leg and using his left leg he put pressure on her right foot.  This puts a lot of pressure on the knee and is extremely painful.  Lauren sat up as much as she could and screamed in pain.  The guy held his foot there and then said, “I know about you and your dangerous legs so without them you can’t resist can you bitch?”

     He held this position for about five minutes then released it.  Lauren was worn out by the obscene amount of pain she had gone through and was relieved when he released the hold.  The guy wasn’t showing mercy however; he merely switched legs and put the same hold on her left leg.  Lauren grimaced again in pain, she was too weak to sit up or scream.  She was terrified now because she could not bare the pain.  She managed to say, “Ok, you win, I’ll do what you want just let go.” 

     The guy kept the hold and said, “I don’t trust you, so take off your shirt.”

     Lauren struggled as she tried to hold the pain so her arms wouldn’t shake and she could elevate herself to take off her shirt.  She managed to do so.  The guy continued the pressure.  She yelled out, “Come on! I took off my shirt what the fuck else do you want?”

      “You think I trust you I’m making sure your legs are too hurt to fight.”

      He held it for a few minutes longer then let go.  Lauren was almost unconscious from the pain.  The guy straightened her left leg and then unzipped her pants.  He loosened the belt and unbuttoned her pants.  He then pulled them off her.  Lauren was now in her bra and panties.  He wrapped her legs around him and lied on top of her and began kissing her neck.  Suddenly the driver said, “Take that inside, we’re here.”

     The guy was a little upset but he unwrapped her legs and opened the van door.  He stood outside the car and dragged Lauren towards him.  He wrapped her legs around his head and was about to lift up the upper half of her body when out of nowhere a shoulder nailed him from the side and tackled him.  Lauren’s leg hit the side of the car but she was all ready in too much pain to bother over it.  The second attacker was Larry.  Lauren looked on as the guy was tackled and was filled with hope.  When Larry arose she saw him.  He had been following the entire time.  The guy got up and faced Larry.  Both had anger and fury in their eyes.  The guy punched Larry across the face with his right hand Larry’s head snapped to the right but he didn’t go down.  He retaliated with a right of his own connecting into the kid’s nose.  He backed up a few feet holding his nose.  Larry then ran and jammed his shoulder into his chest and chopped at the back of his knees so the kid would fall down.  The kid fell as his arms flared up.  Larry then punched him again in the nose.  Larry then was kicked over.  He rolled to his feet the driver was helping out his friend.  Larry now faced the driver, the driver ran at him, Larry ducked down and as the driver approached he wrapped his arms around his legs and lifted up simultaneously.  This move uses the chargers forward momentum to catapult him over the executor’s shoulder, do a half flip and land on his back.  Larry was about to capitalize when his arms were grabbed from behind.  The guy had recovered but now his nose was bleeding.  The driver made his way to his feet and saw Larry in a vulnerable position.  He walked up to him and winded up for a punch.  Larry leaned back against the guy, lifted his legs and thrusted them into the driver’s chest knocking him over.  The guy let go of Larry’s arms to try to make him fall in midair, but Larry was already on his descent down. Larry landed and jabbed an elbow back nailing the kid in the mouth.  The guy clasped his mouth; Larry grabbed his arm pulled it forward and jammed his knee into his solar plexus.  The guy spit upon impact.  Lauren had made her way with difficulty to turn around to get a better view of the fight.  Larry then grabbed the kid by the hair and went to slam his face into his knee.  Larry lifted his knee to reach his head faster.  Before Larry could make impact however he was punched in the kidneys.  Larry fell forward knocking the guy to the ground.  He turned around to be met with a massive right hand punch the face.  Larry hit the ground, but was quickly up.  The driver then threw another punch.  Larry ducked this one and when the driver’s momentum carried him around he punched him in the kidneys.  He then placed his right arm over the driver’s right arm, brought his arm behind his back so that Larry’s hand now faced upward, he then brought his left arm across the driver’s neck and grabbed his right hand.  The severity of this move is dependent on the size of the person executing it and the person it’s being done to.  The driver was a very broad man, and the bigger you are the more it hurts.  Larry is 6’1” 145lbs.  He is extremely thin, the driver was 6’3” about 190lbs.  The driver was fighting to breathe but he couldn’t break the hold.  Larry was then punched in the kidneys.  He released the hold and got elbowed in the face, then the guy tripped Larry from behind.  Larry toppled over his leg onto the ground.  He felt a stomp at his solar plexus.  Then the driver punched him in the face.  Lauren was now on her feet trying to help Larry out.  The guy ran at Lauren and tackled her to the ground.  He looked back and saw that the driver was lifting Larry up only to punch him to the ground again.  He felt the driver had Larry and didn’t need help.  He picked Lauren up over his shoulder again and snapped the upper half of her body on to the ground.  He then picked her back up over her shoulder and carried her near Larry.  He snapped the upper half of her body again to the ground and reapplied the leg lock described earlier.  The driver realized what he was trying to do so he turned Larry around and put him in a full nelson.  The guy then yelled, “doesn’t it hurt to see the person you’re trying to protect, your girlfriend in so much pain, and it’s your fault because you couldn’t save her?”

    Larry straightened his arm and sat door slipping out of the driver’s grip.  As he was getting up he upper-cutted the driver.  The driver stumbled a bit, then Larry jammed his shoulder into his chest, chopped at his legs and tackled him to the ground again.  The driver sat up and Larry kicked him across the face to keep him down.  The guy released Lauren and came running at Larry; Larry took a few steps forward ducked down and catapulted the guy up and over his shoulder on to the driver.  Both got up, the guy took off toward the house.  The driver walked at Larry.  He had learned not to run at him.  Larry ran at the driver though, the driver ducked down to try to emulate Larry, Larry wasn’t about to fall for his own trick, he jumped to the side, with his legs extended over the driver’s head, as he came up Larry’s thighs came down on his neck.  Slamming the driver’s face into the ground.  Larry grabbed the driver’s arm closest to him, trapped it between his knees and lifted up on the driver’s head.  This puts massive pressure on the neck.  Larry was furious because the driver was the one giving him the most trouble.  He started slamming the driver’s head into the ground repeatedly.  Then all of a sudden he was nailed in the back.  The guy grabbed a metal bat and nailed Larry with it.  Larry fell over, as the driver was unconscious.  Larry got up and the kid came running at him with the bat over his shoulder, Larry sidestepped him slid his left foot in front of the guy, and his right foot kicking his legs from behind as he was lying perpendicular to him.  The guy’s left ankle was trapped and he fell forward nailing his head into the bat.  Larry got up and came at him.  The guy jammed the bat into Larry’s stomach.  Larry bent over, He lifted the bat over his head and forced it down trying to hit Larry in the head, Larry instinctively move his head up instantly after bending over.  He watched the bat fall in front of his face.  He then went to punch the kid in the nose; he moved his head, dropped the bat and punched Larry in the stomach.  Larry bent over but kicked the bat out of the way.  The kid didn’t bother with it anymore; he had two good hits with it and thought that would weaken him for now.  He threw Larry to the ground.  Larry sat up only to be kicked back down.  Larry’s mouth was bleeding and the kid’s lip and nose had blood and it had dripped on to his shirt.  Larry got up and was punched across the face.  He staggered a bit but managed to stay on his feet the kid jammed him knee into Larry’s stomach.  Larry bent over, and the kid put him in a headlock and fell back knocking Larry’s head into the ground.  This move the victim is hit at an acute angle; so serious damage is doubtful.  He then rolled Larry onto his back.  He lifted up his legs and put his right leg in the leg lock he had done to Lauren.  Lauren was terrified when she saw this.  Her legs were too sore to walk right and she knew the severity of the move.  Larry turned to the side and grunted in effort.  The guy didn’t know what he was doing; Larry was trying desperately to roll to his stomach because he knew that reverses the pressure of the move and would be similar to if Larry was doing the move to the guy.  Larry finally fought his way to his stomach and the pressure was reversed and the guy began screaming in pain.  Larry held on to it for a little bit, then released the hold.  He immediately grabbed his leg.  Larry then kicked the kid in the face.  He put one leg on either side of him.  Pulled on his shirt so that his head would elevate off the ground and he punched him in the nose and mouth alternating between blows.  With every blow the kid’s head nailed the ground until Larry was convinced he was knocked out.  He looked over and saw the driver had gotten up.  Larry ran at him drove his knee into his stomach.  He then put him in a headlock and slammed his head into the ground.  He rolled the driver on to his back and jumped on his chest knees first.  The driver began spitting blood.  He then ran at the guy who was unconscious and jumped on his chest knees first as well. 

    He went over to Lauren and helped her to her feet.  She fell forward and wrapped her arms around Larry’s neck.  Larry hoisted her up and Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist.  He carried her to his car extremely tired and put her in the passenger seat.  He got in his car and drove away from the place.  He dropped Lauren off at home.  Lauren kissed him on his cheek and asked him if he wanted to come inside to clean off the blood.  Larry accepted the offer.  He had to help Lauren inside because her legs were still in pain.  Larry lied her in her bed and then cleaned himself of the blood.  Larry realized how exhausted he was now that he did not have the adrenaline.  He lied down on the floor, Lauren threw him a pillow and told him where to find covers.  Larry got them and lied on the floor.  Lauren thanked Larry for saving her; Larry told her it was her pleasure.  They both then went to sleep

      Lauren realized that even she needs help sometimes, she continued to maintain her bad ass attitude.  Larry and Lauren remained friends. They never heard from the two men again.  It can be seen from this story that violence can solve some problems because Lauren is safe because of it.  . 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Pain Endured For Crush

                In Cleveland Ohio, on March 16, 2001, it had snowed in the morning, rain throughout the day.  Rachel was waiting to get out of school.  She was 100% Greek, shoulder length red hair, white skin and had a near-perfect body.  She sat at school waiting for it to end; she was really excited because she would be going to a rave with her boyfriend and then spend the night at his friend’s apartment.  This series of events was commonplace after a rave.  Her boyfriend was two years older than she was.  He was 18, which makes her 16.  They had been going out for over two years.  Antonio was a hooligan he did drugs, went to raves and was a very violent person.  School had let out and Antonio was giving her a ride home and would pick her up later for the rave.  She got home at 3:00PM.  At 3:30 she had a beep, the number read, 216-392-2704.  Rachel didn’t recognize the number and began to get a little curious. She picked up the phone and heard a familiar male voice but she couldn’t decide who it was.  She asked if he paged Rachel, he admitted to it and then she asked who he was.  The man on the phone replied, Larry, Rachel had known Larry first when they were young in Greek school, they almost never talked until Larry saw her a lot at Greek festivals and dances, Larry and Rachel’s cousin Effie were good friends.  Larry would call Rachel on occasion, Rachel would always talk and Larry was unsure if she knew he liked her.  They talked for a while as they normally did, Rachel told Larry she was going to a rave that night with Antonio.  Larry had never met Antonio but hated him just because he was jealous that he had Rachel.  He also hated him because he corrupted Rachel into doing drugs like Cocaine (once), Ecstasy (three times) and crystal meth (regularly).  This detracted Larry from Rachel since Larry was not a drug addict, which included no cigarettes or weed.  At 4:30 they said good bye and Rachel went to decide what she was going to wear.  Like most girls, this was going to be a time consuming process.

                At 9:00 Antonio picked up Rachel, she told her mom she was going to her friends house and spending the night.  Her parents had no idea that Rachel went to raves, did drugs or slept at some college kid’s apartment after.  They arrived at the rave and partied hard like everyone usually does at raves.  The music was loud and the dancing was wild as it always was.  Rachel danced the night away, as she loved to do.

 Afterwards they went to his friend’s apartment, as usual Antonio and Rachel slept on the same pull out bed.  As most couples do there was a frequent amount of making out, and rounding of the bases.  Antonio went down on Rachel and Rachel climaxed.  Antonio got up and went through a door that led to his friend’s room.  He walked in and turned on the lights, he stripped down to only his boxers and then asked Rachel to come in, Rachel walked in confused, for she thought his friend was sleeping.  As she walked in she saw a vacant bed and Antonio in his boxers.  Antonio then said, “Rachel, we’ve been coming here for a while now, and we’ve been going out for two years, I think it’s time you stop giving just blowjobs and me to stop just going down on you and fuck already. 

“Look I’m only 16, I don’t have a license for God’s sake, I’m not ready for sex.”

“You may be 16 but I’m 18, I’m graduating high school soon, and I don’t want to go to college without fucking you.”

“I’m sorry”

“Yea well I will be too…….tomorrow”

“What do you mean tomorrow?”

With that Antonio grabbed Rachel by the back of the neck and tossed her on the bed.  He held her down and said, “I’ve been going out with your ass for too long, I’ve shown you a great time on multiple occasions the least I should get is to fuck you.”

Rachel extremely terrified said, “You will fuck me, just not today, On my 17th birthday.”

“No I want to fuck you now not in the summer.”

“Antonio please.”

She was cut short by a slap in the face.  Antonio then picked Rachel up, grabbed her shirt and yanked it off.  As it came off Rachel ran back, Antonio came at Rachel but she ran into the bathroom and locked it.  She was extremely terrified, she saw a phone, she couldn’t call the cops because she had been doing illegal drugs, for the same reason she couldn’t call her parents, she then thought of someone that could help, she picked up the phone and called Larry.  Larry picked up the phone, It was 5:00AM and Larry still hadn’t gone to bed.  Larry picked up the phone, she heard panic on the other line but it came in a whisper, “Larry, it’s Rachel, look Antonio has gone crazy I need help, no police please, the address is 1591 Bonnieview, room 316.”

                “Bonnieview? That’s like a minute from my house, I’ll be right there.”


                Larry didn’t bother responding, he hung up the phone and ran to his car, he didn’t bother to put on his jacket despite the cold weather, he started his car and sped to the place. 

At the apartment Rachel could hear Antonio pick the lock.  She tried to fight it but Antonio succeeded and opened the door.  Rachel coward in the corner, Antonio said, “You wanna be freaky and do it in the bathroom I see.”

He grabbed Rachel legs and dragged her into the middle of the floor.  He unzipped and unbuttoned her pants, Rachel began kicking but Antonio punched her in the stomach, as soon as she stopped Antonio yanked the pants off her.  Rachel got up and tried running out the door, but Antonio reached out his arm and grabbed her by the waist, he bent over and lifted her up over his shoulder and slammed her onto the bed.  He wrapped her legs around his body and lay on top.  Larry then busted open the door; Antonio got off Rachel to see what was happening.  Larry stood there and when Antonio came out he didn’t budge.  Antonio was significantly larger than Larry was, but Larry didn’t know how to be intimidated especially for a girl he liked.  Antonio saw Larry and laughed he said, “You think you’re going to protect Rachel from me?”

Even Rachel thought that this was crazy but it was her only hope, she was getting dressed again.  Larry just said, “Talk is cheap, let’s just go.” 


Antonio ran at Larry, Larry waited until he got near, bent over wrapped his arms around his legs and stood back up as Antonio was between his arms, Antonio flipped over Larry’s back and landed on the ground.  Antonio got up slowly.  He put up his hands in fists, he knew not to run at Larry anymore, and began to think that this kid may know how to fight.  Larry and Antonio circled a while, Antonio went for a punch, and Larry ducked and punched him in the kidneys.  Antonio threw an elbow back and nailed Larry in the face.  He backed off a bit and Antonio faced him.  Antonio punched him across the face and then in the stomach.  He then grabbed Larry by the hair and went running toward the wall.  Larry elbowed him in the chest and shoved him into the wall.  He punched him twice, once in each kidney and then threw him back over his leg to the ground.  Larry placed his left leg on the other side of Antonio knelt down lifted Antonio’s shirt with his left arm and punched him in the face with his right.  After two punches Antonio grabbed him and turned him over, Antonio now had a bloody nose.  Antonio then began punching away at Larry with lefts and rights.  Larry blocked one and punched Antonio off of him.  Both now had blood on them.  They got up simultaneously and faced each other.  Antonio ran at Larry, he sidestepped him and slammed his face into the wall, Antonio elbowed Larry in the face, turned around and punched him in the stomach.  He then took Larry and slammed his face into the wall.  He started punching at his kidneys and threw his head into the wall again.  He then tossed him to the ground and turned toward Rachel, “Anymore protectors.”

Larry got up and dove into Antonio’s legs; there was some fight still in Larry.  Antonio nailed his head hard on the ground, enough to draw blood.  Larry stomped Antonio in the stomach.  Antonio held down his foot on his chest as it approached, took his right leg and wrapped it around Larry’s leg on his chest and shoved him to the ground.  Antonio got up and began stomping Larry.  He then drove his knees into each of Larry’s thighs.  He helped Larry to his knees stuck his head between his legs, reached down grabbed Larry’s stomach and lifted him up so that his legs sat on his shoulders.  He ran forward and threw Larry through a table.  He wanted to finish Larry.  Larry now had blood on the back of his head.  He turned toward Rachel, and Rachel was worried, Larry got to his feet and Rachel looked up in hope, Antonio noticed this and jumped out of the way, sure enough Larry was diving for legs again.  Antonio said, “Damnit stay down.”

Larry slowly got up and Antonio punched him in the stomach, he turned him around and began choking him with his arm around Larry’s neck, Larry could now see Rachel.  He whispered in his ear that Rachel was his and that she didn’t like Larry, she liked Antonio.  Antonio then threw Larry into the wall and punched him a few times in the kidneys.  He turned him around and took shots at Larry’s midsection, head and stomach.  Larry took each blow helplessly.  Antonio picked Larry up over his shoulder and slammed him onto the ground.  He went and grabbed a broken board from where Larry broke the table.  He picked up a half board and lifted it over his head.  He saw Larry making his way to his feet, he charged and nailed Larry with the board in the chest.  Larry fell back to the ground.  Blood was profuse on Larry’s face.  Antonio went into the fridge and grabbed a gallon of milk.  He helped Larry to his feet and nailed him with the milk.  Larry got up to all fours and Antonio kicked him in the stomach.  Larry didn’t flinch, Antonio kicked him again, then jumped on his back, and Larry collapsed back to the ground.  Antonio got up and began stomping Larry’s back.  Larry turned around and grabbed Antonio’s leg, hopped up and tackled Antonio.  Larry got up to his feet, as did Antonio astonished at how this kid was still standing.  They circled each other and the crimson face of Larry stared at the less bloody face of Antonio.  Antonio threw a punch; Larry grabbed his arm pulled him forward and drove his knee into his stomach.  He then put his arm around his head, fell back and nailed Antonio’s head on the ground.  He got up and began stomping Antonio.  Antonio rolled out of the way and got up.  He was weakened and near Rachel.  Larry was walking toward him, Antonio grabbed Rachel and threw her at Larry, Larry grabbed Rachel, below her armpits and swung, Rachel’s feet naturally flew in the air, he spun around, as did Rachel’s legs, they came across and nailed Antonio across the face.  Antonio fell to the ground and Larry put Rachel down.  Rachel was a little confused.  Larry jumped in the air and tried to land on Antonio but he rolled out of the way.  Larry then stomped his back and jumped onto his thighs.  Antonio let out a sign of pain.  Larry then grabbed Antonio by the hair and slammed him face first into the floor.  Antonio rolled Larry off of him.  Larry got up and Antonio was using a couch to help him get up.  He was on his knees with his hands on the top of the couch when Larry came running and jumped with both knees into his back.  Antonio’s solar plexus nailed the seat metal of the couch and his back caved in.  He fell in pain and Larry knew that he had won.  He wanted to punish Antonio though.  He picked up his left arm and jumped up, landed butt first onto his shoulder and yanked the arm back.  He dislocated the arm and Antonio yelled in pain.  Larry did the same to his right arm and Antonio clenched his teeth and hissed in pain.  Larry helped him up and lied him facing the wall.  He picked up his left leg and turned so his back was toward the wall.  He then slammed Antonio’s knee over his shoulder dislocating the knee and breaking the patella.  He did the same to his right leg and tossed him to the ground.  After the first leg Antonio passed out in pain.  Larry tossed him to the ground and leaned against the wall panting, looking at Rachel.  Rachel ran at Larry and gave him a big hug despite the fact he had an obscene amount of blood on him.  They duck taped Antonio to the ground and left. She asked him if he wanted to go somewhere.

She asked Larry to take her home since she had a key, Larry warily drove to her house and Rachel noticed no cars in the driveway, she let herself in while Larry lay back in the car as his adrenaline was wearing off.  Rachel checked the messages and heard, “Rachel, I know you’ll be hearing this tomorrow but we had to go to Pennsylvania, we’ll be back Monday.  Rachel smiled; she had the house to herself now.  She asked Larry to come in since he looked tired.  She helped him inside and lied him across three chairs in the kitchen.  She told him she’d be right back, went to the laundry room and threw her shirt, (Which had blood) in the wash; she ran upstairs and threw on a T-shirt.  She then came downstairs.  She grabbed a napkin and rubbing alcohol.  She wiped the blood from Larry’s face and then dabbed the cuts with rubbing alcohol.  When she was done with that, she turned him over and did the same to the back of his head.  She then took off his shirt and ran downstairs and threw it in the wash.  She treated the cuts on his back he endured when he went through that table.  She treated him and when he was all cleaned up she helped him to a bed.  Larry thanked her, Rachel smiled and said, “Thank you for saving my virginity, and I’m not done yet” she said smiling.

She unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s pants and took them off him, Larry didn’t resist for he dreamt about this.  Rachel took off his socks.  Rachel took off her pants and socks as well.  She straddled Larry and lay on top of him.  They began to make out, as each of their hands found their way to their butts.  Larry rolled on top of Rachel and began feeling Rachel’s breasts.  Rachel then rolled back on top of Larry.  She sat up and unstrapped her bra.  She felt Larry’s chest and stomach and then lay back on Larry and began kissing his neck.  She continued to his chest and then began making out with her again.  Rachel rolled Larry on top of her and Larry began sucking Rachel’s bare breasts.  He caressed her legs as well.  Rachel rolled so that they were both on their sides.  Rachel reached into Larry’s boxers and started caressing Larry’s genitalia; Larry reached into Rachel’s panties and stuck two fingers into her vagina.  They continued this a little then when they stopped Larry went down on Rachel, Rachel received an orgasm and when she did Larry stopped, Larry turned over and Rachel gave him a blowjob.  Larry reached orgasm and Rachel ran to the bathroom to clean herself up.  Larry felt bad but he had to.  Rachel came out and assured Larry that it was all right, they then slept.

Larry and Rachel then began to date, Antonio was found by his friend and taken to the hospital and treated.  After a month, he was cured of all dislocations and broken bone.  He sought revenge though.  He went to Rachel’s house assuming that Larry would be there.  He was right.  Rachel’s mom answered the door and Antonio said hi.  Of course Rachel’s mom had no idea what happened between Rachel and him, she only knew that they broke up.  Antonio found out where Rachel and Larry were and went up.  He would be happy to interrupt them as Larry kind of did to him.  However Rachel and Larry were watching a movie with Rachel’s brother Jay.  Antonio saw Larry and said, “It’s time for the rematch bitch.”

Larry got up and said, “In front of her mom and her brother you want to fight me for rights to her.”

“Let’s not color this up fucker, I’m fighting you in front of her brother and her while her mom is home so I can rape her.”

“You said it not me.”

“Like you said, talk is cheap”

Antonio ran at Larry, Larry ducked and flung Antonio over his shoulder.  Larry was near a wall so Antonio’s legs and back remained vertical; Antonio landed on the back of his neck and head as his legs flew behind his head.  This knocked him out, All three members were astonished and Jay was the first to respond, ‘That was awesome” he said.

Larry and Rachel laughed, and Rachel said, “Yea nice move Larry.”


They couldn’t think of a way to stop Antonio from coming back.  Suddenly it hit them; Rachel illegally drove to Antonio’s house in Antonio’s car, as Larry followed her in his with Antonio in his trunk.  They arrived at the house and used Antonio’s key to get in, they packed some drugs in him and then called the cops.  While Larry was driving home, Rachel told them where Antonio lived and where they could find the illegal drugs.  Antonio was sentenced to jail (since he was 18).  He was sentenced for 30 years for drug possession, and attempt of rape.  They managed to have the case without Rachel’s parents noticing a thing about it. If they found out that Rachel had hung out with a kid of that many illegal drugs and then tried to rape her, they would be even more overprotective and not allow her to have a life.  He was convicted on both attempts and sent off.  In thirty years he may come back for revenge or he may give up. 

One month later, Rachel and Larry are still going out, Rachel gets a call saying that Antonio killed himself in his cell.  He hung himself using bed sheets, he left a note saying, “I can’t fucking take being raped by inmates so I decided to kill myself.”

This was rather comical since an attempted rapists, killed himself because he got raped multiple times.  Larry was very happy since he had gotten the girl of his dreams.  Rachel was happy too; she cut out all illegal drugs but still smoked weed and cigarettes on occasion.  Tobacco is a tough product to give up.  Larry didn’t mind.  Rachel was surprised at Larry’s fighting ability but it made her feel safe.