Friday, April 7, 2017

Pain Endured For Crush

                In Cleveland Ohio, on March 16, 2001, it had snowed in the morning, rain throughout the day.  Rachel was waiting to get out of school.  She was 100% Greek, shoulder length red hair, white skin and had a near-perfect body.  She sat at school waiting for it to end; she was really excited because she would be going to a rave with her boyfriend and then spend the night at his friend’s apartment.  This series of events was commonplace after a rave.  Her boyfriend was two years older than she was.  He was 18, which makes her 16.  They had been going out for over two years.  Antonio was a hooligan he did drugs, went to raves and was a very violent person.  School had let out and Antonio was giving her a ride home and would pick her up later for the rave.  She got home at 3:00PM.  At 3:30 she had a beep, the number read, 216-392-2704.  Rachel didn’t recognize the number and began to get a little curious. She picked up the phone and heard a familiar male voice but she couldn’t decide who it was.  She asked if he paged Rachel, he admitted to it and then she asked who he was.  The man on the phone replied, Larry, Rachel had known Larry first when they were young in Greek school, they almost never talked until Larry saw her a lot at Greek festivals and dances, Larry and Rachel’s cousin Effie were good friends.  Larry would call Rachel on occasion, Rachel would always talk and Larry was unsure if she knew he liked her.  They talked for a while as they normally did, Rachel told Larry she was going to a rave that night with Antonio.  Larry had never met Antonio but hated him just because he was jealous that he had Rachel.  He also hated him because he corrupted Rachel into doing drugs like Cocaine (once), Ecstasy (three times) and crystal meth (regularly).  This detracted Larry from Rachel since Larry was not a drug addict, which included no cigarettes or weed.  At 4:30 they said good bye and Rachel went to decide what she was going to wear.  Like most girls, this was going to be a time consuming process.

                At 9:00 Antonio picked up Rachel, she told her mom she was going to her friends house and spending the night.  Her parents had no idea that Rachel went to raves, did drugs or slept at some college kid’s apartment after.  They arrived at the rave and partied hard like everyone usually does at raves.  The music was loud and the dancing was wild as it always was.  Rachel danced the night away, as she loved to do.

 Afterwards they went to his friend’s apartment, as usual Antonio and Rachel slept on the same pull out bed.  As most couples do there was a frequent amount of making out, and rounding of the bases.  Antonio went down on Rachel and Rachel climaxed.  Antonio got up and went through a door that led to his friend’s room.  He walked in and turned on the lights, he stripped down to only his boxers and then asked Rachel to come in, Rachel walked in confused, for she thought his friend was sleeping.  As she walked in she saw a vacant bed and Antonio in his boxers.  Antonio then said, “Rachel, we’ve been coming here for a while now, and we’ve been going out for two years, I think it’s time you stop giving just blowjobs and me to stop just going down on you and fuck already. 

“Look I’m only 16, I don’t have a license for God’s sake, I’m not ready for sex.”

“You may be 16 but I’m 18, I’m graduating high school soon, and I don’t want to go to college without fucking you.”

“I’m sorry”

“Yea well I will be too…….tomorrow”

“What do you mean tomorrow?”

With that Antonio grabbed Rachel by the back of the neck and tossed her on the bed.  He held her down and said, “I’ve been going out with your ass for too long, I’ve shown you a great time on multiple occasions the least I should get is to fuck you.”

Rachel extremely terrified said, “You will fuck me, just not today, On my 17th birthday.”

“No I want to fuck you now not in the summer.”

“Antonio please.”

She was cut short by a slap in the face.  Antonio then picked Rachel up, grabbed her shirt and yanked it off.  As it came off Rachel ran back, Antonio came at Rachel but she ran into the bathroom and locked it.  She was extremely terrified, she saw a phone, she couldn’t call the cops because she had been doing illegal drugs, for the same reason she couldn’t call her parents, she then thought of someone that could help, she picked up the phone and called Larry.  Larry picked up the phone, It was 5:00AM and Larry still hadn’t gone to bed.  Larry picked up the phone, she heard panic on the other line but it came in a whisper, “Larry, it’s Rachel, look Antonio has gone crazy I need help, no police please, the address is 1591 Bonnieview, room 316.”

                “Bonnieview? That’s like a minute from my house, I’ll be right there.”


                Larry didn’t bother responding, he hung up the phone and ran to his car, he didn’t bother to put on his jacket despite the cold weather, he started his car and sped to the place. 

At the apartment Rachel could hear Antonio pick the lock.  She tried to fight it but Antonio succeeded and opened the door.  Rachel coward in the corner, Antonio said, “You wanna be freaky and do it in the bathroom I see.”

He grabbed Rachel legs and dragged her into the middle of the floor.  He unzipped and unbuttoned her pants, Rachel began kicking but Antonio punched her in the stomach, as soon as she stopped Antonio yanked the pants off her.  Rachel got up and tried running out the door, but Antonio reached out his arm and grabbed her by the waist, he bent over and lifted her up over his shoulder and slammed her onto the bed.  He wrapped her legs around his body and lay on top.  Larry then busted open the door; Antonio got off Rachel to see what was happening.  Larry stood there and when Antonio came out he didn’t budge.  Antonio was significantly larger than Larry was, but Larry didn’t know how to be intimidated especially for a girl he liked.  Antonio saw Larry and laughed he said, “You think you’re going to protect Rachel from me?”

Even Rachel thought that this was crazy but it was her only hope, she was getting dressed again.  Larry just said, “Talk is cheap, let’s just go.” 


Antonio ran at Larry, Larry waited until he got near, bent over wrapped his arms around his legs and stood back up as Antonio was between his arms, Antonio flipped over Larry’s back and landed on the ground.  Antonio got up slowly.  He put up his hands in fists, he knew not to run at Larry anymore, and began to think that this kid may know how to fight.  Larry and Antonio circled a while, Antonio went for a punch, and Larry ducked and punched him in the kidneys.  Antonio threw an elbow back and nailed Larry in the face.  He backed off a bit and Antonio faced him.  Antonio punched him across the face and then in the stomach.  He then grabbed Larry by the hair and went running toward the wall.  Larry elbowed him in the chest and shoved him into the wall.  He punched him twice, once in each kidney and then threw him back over his leg to the ground.  Larry placed his left leg on the other side of Antonio knelt down lifted Antonio’s shirt with his left arm and punched him in the face with his right.  After two punches Antonio grabbed him and turned him over, Antonio now had a bloody nose.  Antonio then began punching away at Larry with lefts and rights.  Larry blocked one and punched Antonio off of him.  Both now had blood on them.  They got up simultaneously and faced each other.  Antonio ran at Larry, he sidestepped him and slammed his face into the wall, Antonio elbowed Larry in the face, turned around and punched him in the stomach.  He then took Larry and slammed his face into the wall.  He started punching at his kidneys and threw his head into the wall again.  He then tossed him to the ground and turned toward Rachel, “Anymore protectors.”

Larry got up and dove into Antonio’s legs; there was some fight still in Larry.  Antonio nailed his head hard on the ground, enough to draw blood.  Larry stomped Antonio in the stomach.  Antonio held down his foot on his chest as it approached, took his right leg and wrapped it around Larry’s leg on his chest and shoved him to the ground.  Antonio got up and began stomping Larry.  He then drove his knees into each of Larry’s thighs.  He helped Larry to his knees stuck his head between his legs, reached down grabbed Larry’s stomach and lifted him up so that his legs sat on his shoulders.  He ran forward and threw Larry through a table.  He wanted to finish Larry.  Larry now had blood on the back of his head.  He turned toward Rachel, and Rachel was worried, Larry got to his feet and Rachel looked up in hope, Antonio noticed this and jumped out of the way, sure enough Larry was diving for legs again.  Antonio said, “Damnit stay down.”

Larry slowly got up and Antonio punched him in the stomach, he turned him around and began choking him with his arm around Larry’s neck, Larry could now see Rachel.  He whispered in his ear that Rachel was his and that she didn’t like Larry, she liked Antonio.  Antonio then threw Larry into the wall and punched him a few times in the kidneys.  He turned him around and took shots at Larry’s midsection, head and stomach.  Larry took each blow helplessly.  Antonio picked Larry up over his shoulder and slammed him onto the ground.  He went and grabbed a broken board from where Larry broke the table.  He picked up a half board and lifted it over his head.  He saw Larry making his way to his feet, he charged and nailed Larry with the board in the chest.  Larry fell back to the ground.  Blood was profuse on Larry’s face.  Antonio went into the fridge and grabbed a gallon of milk.  He helped Larry to his feet and nailed him with the milk.  Larry got up to all fours and Antonio kicked him in the stomach.  Larry didn’t flinch, Antonio kicked him again, then jumped on his back, and Larry collapsed back to the ground.  Antonio got up and began stomping Larry’s back.  Larry turned around and grabbed Antonio’s leg, hopped up and tackled Antonio.  Larry got up to his feet, as did Antonio astonished at how this kid was still standing.  They circled each other and the crimson face of Larry stared at the less bloody face of Antonio.  Antonio threw a punch; Larry grabbed his arm pulled him forward and drove his knee into his stomach.  He then put his arm around his head, fell back and nailed Antonio’s head on the ground.  He got up and began stomping Antonio.  Antonio rolled out of the way and got up.  He was weakened and near Rachel.  Larry was walking toward him, Antonio grabbed Rachel and threw her at Larry, Larry grabbed Rachel, below her armpits and swung, Rachel’s feet naturally flew in the air, he spun around, as did Rachel’s legs, they came across and nailed Antonio across the face.  Antonio fell to the ground and Larry put Rachel down.  Rachel was a little confused.  Larry jumped in the air and tried to land on Antonio but he rolled out of the way.  Larry then stomped his back and jumped onto his thighs.  Antonio let out a sign of pain.  Larry then grabbed Antonio by the hair and slammed him face first into the floor.  Antonio rolled Larry off of him.  Larry got up and Antonio was using a couch to help him get up.  He was on his knees with his hands on the top of the couch when Larry came running and jumped with both knees into his back.  Antonio’s solar plexus nailed the seat metal of the couch and his back caved in.  He fell in pain and Larry knew that he had won.  He wanted to punish Antonio though.  He picked up his left arm and jumped up, landed butt first onto his shoulder and yanked the arm back.  He dislocated the arm and Antonio yelled in pain.  Larry did the same to his right arm and Antonio clenched his teeth and hissed in pain.  Larry helped him up and lied him facing the wall.  He picked up his left leg and turned so his back was toward the wall.  He then slammed Antonio’s knee over his shoulder dislocating the knee and breaking the patella.  He did the same to his right leg and tossed him to the ground.  After the first leg Antonio passed out in pain.  Larry tossed him to the ground and leaned against the wall panting, looking at Rachel.  Rachel ran at Larry and gave him a big hug despite the fact he had an obscene amount of blood on him.  They duck taped Antonio to the ground and left. She asked him if he wanted to go somewhere.

She asked Larry to take her home since she had a key, Larry warily drove to her house and Rachel noticed no cars in the driveway, she let herself in while Larry lay back in the car as his adrenaline was wearing off.  Rachel checked the messages and heard, “Rachel, I know you’ll be hearing this tomorrow but we had to go to Pennsylvania, we’ll be back Monday.  Rachel smiled; she had the house to herself now.  She asked Larry to come in since he looked tired.  She helped him inside and lied him across three chairs in the kitchen.  She told him she’d be right back, went to the laundry room and threw her shirt, (Which had blood) in the wash; she ran upstairs and threw on a T-shirt.  She then came downstairs.  She grabbed a napkin and rubbing alcohol.  She wiped the blood from Larry’s face and then dabbed the cuts with rubbing alcohol.  When she was done with that, she turned him over and did the same to the back of his head.  She then took off his shirt and ran downstairs and threw it in the wash.  She treated the cuts on his back he endured when he went through that table.  She treated him and when he was all cleaned up she helped him to a bed.  Larry thanked her, Rachel smiled and said, “Thank you for saving my virginity, and I’m not done yet” she said smiling.

She unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s pants and took them off him, Larry didn’t resist for he dreamt about this.  Rachel took off his socks.  Rachel took off her pants and socks as well.  She straddled Larry and lay on top of him.  They began to make out, as each of their hands found their way to their butts.  Larry rolled on top of Rachel and began feeling Rachel’s breasts.  Rachel then rolled back on top of Larry.  She sat up and unstrapped her bra.  She felt Larry’s chest and stomach and then lay back on Larry and began kissing his neck.  She continued to his chest and then began making out with her again.  Rachel rolled Larry on top of her and Larry began sucking Rachel’s bare breasts.  He caressed her legs as well.  Rachel rolled so that they were both on their sides.  Rachel reached into Larry’s boxers and started caressing Larry’s genitalia; Larry reached into Rachel’s panties and stuck two fingers into her vagina.  They continued this a little then when they stopped Larry went down on Rachel, Rachel received an orgasm and when she did Larry stopped, Larry turned over and Rachel gave him a blowjob.  Larry reached orgasm and Rachel ran to the bathroom to clean herself up.  Larry felt bad but he had to.  Rachel came out and assured Larry that it was all right, they then slept.

Larry and Rachel then began to date, Antonio was found by his friend and taken to the hospital and treated.  After a month, he was cured of all dislocations and broken bone.  He sought revenge though.  He went to Rachel’s house assuming that Larry would be there.  He was right.  Rachel’s mom answered the door and Antonio said hi.  Of course Rachel’s mom had no idea what happened between Rachel and him, she only knew that they broke up.  Antonio found out where Rachel and Larry were and went up.  He would be happy to interrupt them as Larry kind of did to him.  However Rachel and Larry were watching a movie with Rachel’s brother Jay.  Antonio saw Larry and said, “It’s time for the rematch bitch.”

Larry got up and said, “In front of her mom and her brother you want to fight me for rights to her.”

“Let’s not color this up fucker, I’m fighting you in front of her brother and her while her mom is home so I can rape her.”

“You said it not me.”

“Like you said, talk is cheap”

Antonio ran at Larry, Larry ducked and flung Antonio over his shoulder.  Larry was near a wall so Antonio’s legs and back remained vertical; Antonio landed on the back of his neck and head as his legs flew behind his head.  This knocked him out, All three members were astonished and Jay was the first to respond, ‘That was awesome” he said.

Larry and Rachel laughed, and Rachel said, “Yea nice move Larry.”


They couldn’t think of a way to stop Antonio from coming back.  Suddenly it hit them; Rachel illegally drove to Antonio’s house in Antonio’s car, as Larry followed her in his with Antonio in his trunk.  They arrived at the house and used Antonio’s key to get in, they packed some drugs in him and then called the cops.  While Larry was driving home, Rachel told them where Antonio lived and where they could find the illegal drugs.  Antonio was sentenced to jail (since he was 18).  He was sentenced for 30 years for drug possession, and attempt of rape.  They managed to have the case without Rachel’s parents noticing a thing about it. If they found out that Rachel had hung out with a kid of that many illegal drugs and then tried to rape her, they would be even more overprotective and not allow her to have a life.  He was convicted on both attempts and sent off.  In thirty years he may come back for revenge or he may give up. 

One month later, Rachel and Larry are still going out, Rachel gets a call saying that Antonio killed himself in his cell.  He hung himself using bed sheets, he left a note saying, “I can’t fucking take being raped by inmates so I decided to kill myself.”

This was rather comical since an attempted rapists, killed himself because he got raped multiple times.  Larry was very happy since he had gotten the girl of his dreams.  Rachel was happy too; she cut out all illegal drugs but still smoked weed and cigarettes on occasion.  Tobacco is a tough product to give up.  Larry didn’t mind.  Rachel was surprised at Larry’s fighting ability but it made her feel safe. 

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