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The love fight

The love fight


                Before I start this story I think I should give some background on the people involved.  Liz is a black belt in Karate who hates fighting and arguing.  Lives in Dallas Texas and looks at life as beautiful.  Larry is pretty much the exact opposite he’s a WWF crazed person who loves to fight and argue.  He lives in Cleveland Ohio.  You may be asking yourself how do these two kids get together when one lives in Texas and the other in Cleveland. How did they meet?  The answer is quite coincidental.  They share a mutual cousin however they themselves are not related.  The cousin’s name is Kera, she is 12 years old and lives in Brooklyn NY and pretty much has the same personality as Larry although she doesn’t like to fight and argue however she doesn’t hate doing them.  She is related to Larry on her mom’s side. And Liz on her dad’s side she is second cousin with both of them.  They met in a private chat set up by Kera.  When Larry realized that Liz was 15 like he was he decided to talk to her and talk they did.  Kera was nervous at first but after a little she got used to the fact and stopped caring.  They finally met in person about a year and half after they met in that private chat.  Kera had promised Larry he would get Liz to fight Larry.  We don’t mean real fighting just kind of messing around but what she wasn’t sure of was what happened.


                The first day both Liz and Larry were in Brooklyn staying at Kera’s house.  Kera convinced Liz to fight Larry.  Of course they were just messing around and not trying to hurt each other.  It was looking to be a good fight because you had a black belt verses a wrestler a classic battle, of course the always cool, boy vs. girl.  I mean everybody loves to see that but because it’s boy vs. girl things can happen. These things Kera didn’t expect, neither did Liz and Larry.  The fight started out normal as Liz used her karate skills and Larry tried fighting back and defending with wrestling.  Then it got weird; Liz connected with a spinning crescent kick right across Larry’s face.  Larry was then facing a wall when Liz-instead of capitalizing- grabbed Larry’s ass.  Larry may or may not have noticed as he fought right back.  Liz knocked Larry down and proceeded to take off his shorts.  Larry was now in his boxers he didn’t seem to mind what just happened.  He then blocked a punch by Liz and forced himself up against Liz and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her bra.  By this time Kera had already left because she didn’t like the idea of seeing her two cousins get on each other.  Nobody blamed her, and if you do you’re a hillbilly redneck.  After a while Larry did manage to get Liz’s bra off and it became a “who can strip the other person match.”  So as they fought and hit on each other constantly.  Liz got Larry’s shirt off after kicking him in the stomach and reacting to Larry’s reaction, when he held his stomach in pain he grabbed the shirt and pulled it over his head.  Then Larry hit Liz with a football tackle which in wrestling is known as a “double leg take down.”  After performing this maneuver, he held on to Liz’s legs and took off her pants. He then wrapped her legs around his waist, as Liz gave no resistance. Using his free hands he pinned her arms behind her head. Then, because Larry is a guy and has a woman’s legs wrapped around him, and her arms pinned behind her back. He also had her breasts bared and the girl is his age, because all these factors were applicable to the situation he was in and he-like almost every other guy- couldn’t resist doing something so he lied down opened his mouth and sucked on Liz’s breast.  They then made out and were all over each other kissing and grabbing each other.  Liz awarded Larry the victory and they both got dressed and carried on the rest of the day like nothing happened.  The rest of the weekend they slept together in the same bed.  They kept their virginity so don’t worry about that. They were assigned to sleep on different floors but both being teenagers, and all teenagers have a certain knowledge of how to sneak in doing something they’re not supposed to, did just that.  Kera and her parents had no idea because Larry would sleep in Liz’s bed wake up before everyone else and go to his bed and take a short nap before someone woke him up.  He had told his aunt and uncle he was an early riser but they didn’t believe him.  This was beneficial to Larry because they had no idea that Larry spent the night in Liz’s bed.  It all started with a fight that ended in the two of them getting on each other with only boxers and panties.  After a couple of weeks they had to return home, Liz went back to Dallas as Larry went back to Cleveland neither one saying a word to anyone including Kera about them spending the night together. 

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                Kera is a 5’4” pessimistic Greek.  She is a cousin of Larry’s whom we will meet later.  Heather was a friend of Kera’s.  Although, they had known each other a while, they had grown close in the last few years.  Both girls are 12 years old.  Larry is 6’ he is very stubborn and pessimistic.  He is 15 years old and has a tendency to lie.  He had started a habitat for his friends that wanted to run away from home.  He had two places one in Brooklyn, New York the other in Cleveland, Ohio.  Both were abandoned so it didn’t cost a dime.  Kera had lived in the habitat for 11 months.  However when she met Heather, she became mean and Larry noticed this change when she was around Heather and mentioned it to Kera.  Kera was furious and yelled at Larry.  Larry never regretted what he did, he was honest something Kera had always asked him to be.  Be careful what you wish for I guess.  Anyway she moved out of the habitat to stay with Heather.  Kera had told her what Larry had said, and Heather was really mad at Larry too.  Heather convinced Kera not to speak to Larry again.  Larry was very hurt by this, it would haunt him for the rest of his life.  He tried apologizing to no avail.  He hated Heather; Kera took Larry’s lack of respect and lack of manners toward Heather as going against everything in the apology what Kera didn’t realize was that Larry never apologized to Heather he apologized to Kera.  To Kera however Heather was more important to her than Larry.  Larry tried to hate Kera but he couldn’t, he loved her like a sister and could never stay mad.  So instead of anger he showed depression. 


                Kera and Heather were home by themselves.  They were just relaxing and hanging out.  They went online watched TV and skated like many 12-year-old girls.  Heather had to go somewhere so Kera was home alone.  About 45 minutes after Heather left there was a knock at the door.  Kera got up from the couch where she was watching MTV to get the door, when she opened it she found a knife to her throat.  The man grabbed Kera by the hair and pulled so Kera would turn around.  She did, and he placed his arm around with the knife close to her throat.  He asked her, “Where is Larry?” 

                Kera didn’t know and said so, but the man thought she did so he began getting mad.  He yanked Kera’s hair back so that Kera fell over.  She nailed the ground on the back of her head and grabbed it indicating pain.  He stopped her so she was lying on her back.  He put her hands behind her back and held them there with his left hand.  With his right hand he put the knife to her throat.  He asked her again, “Where is Larry?”

                Kera was in panic and said in a panicky tone, “I don’t know, If I did I’d tell you…..” She was cut short by a kick into the stomach.  She grabbed her stomach in pain from the shot.  She rolled onto her side holding her stomach; the kid turned her on to her back, took out a gun and placed the end of the barrel on Kera’s solar plexus.  He repeated the question. She responded short on breath and panicky, “Look if I knew I’d tell you, but I don’t know please don’t kill me.”

                The man grabbed her by the throat and pulled up indicating for Kera to stand up.  She did.  He shoved her against a pole and punched her in the stomach and threw her sideways to the ground.  Kera got up on all fours coughing.  She finally got to her feet just to have the kid put his arm around her neck and pull her toward him.  She stood defenseless in his arm and asked, “Is it really worth all this to save your stupid cousin.”

                “No, That’s why I’d tell you but I don’t know, I swear please leave me alone.”

                “You know what I think? I think that’s bullshit.” At the end of the sentence he let go took a step back and punched Kera in the kidneys.

                Kera staggered but another punch came quickly after to her kidneys again followed by a third then Kera dropped to her knees.  He then helped her back up and threw her against the pole where he punched her in the stomach and chest some more.  She was now bent forward He went to the side of her and kicked her into the stomach.  Kera fell gasping for breath.  He helped her back up and threw her into the pole again and punched her in the stomach then threw her to the side.  She struggled and got on all fours, her back was toward the kid.  The kid said, “Oh my what a nice ass, I’m going to fuck you now.”

                He grabbed her by the back of the throat and was about to help her to her feet so he could strip her easier when the door flew open and another boy came charging at him. The boy drove his shoulder into the kid’s stomach and while driving the kid backward opened his hands wrapped them around the kid’s legs and chopped at the back of the knees forcing the kid to snap on the back of his head.  The boy was Larry.  Larry lifted the kid up and started punching him in the stomach and chest.  He then grabbed him by the hair and was slamming his head into the metal pole.  He was furious.  He threw the kid back and jumped feet first onto his stomach.  The kid was now spitting blood.  Larry wasn’t finished though he helped him back up and threw him against the wall where he unleashed rights and lefts to the midsection, the kid fell to a sitting position then Larry began to kick him in the face.  With each kick the back of the kid’s head was slamming into the wall.  He eventually fell over in unconsciousness.  Larry walked back a little tired.  Kera ran up to him and hugged Larry.  Larry was extremely surprised she was showing this kind of affection even when her and Larry had been on good terms she hadn’t hugged him.  He hugged her back though and felt happy about what he did.  Kera reached her hands out and grabbed a golden candlestick she gripped the two ends with both her hands and pulled it toward her fast.  It connected on Larry’s back as his weight was shifted forward.  Kera let go of Larry and went around him where she hit him again with the candlestick.  She repeatedly hit him and Larry was now bleeding from his back and spitting blood.  Kera stopped and sat down for she was still really hurt from what the kid did to her.  She was in for a scare when the kid got up and pushed her from behind onto the ground and said, “You stupid bitch, you just beat up the one person who was going to save you from being raped, oh well.” 

Larry proved he had something left in him though as he pounced forward with his knife and stabbed the kid in the throat.  The kid fell back dead.  Larry forced himself up.  Kera had the candlestick and was going to swing it at Larry again.  Larry grabbed Kera’s arm and made a fist with the other arm set to punch Kera but he couldn’t do it.  He shook and dropped her arm, Kera then kicked him in his shin and Larry dropped his other hand and Kera nailed him across the face with the candlestick.  Larry fell to the floor then Heather walked in and loved what she saw she rolled Larry onto his back and lied across his shoulder and told Kera to slap the ground three times.  (In professional wrestling when your opponent’s shoulders pinned for a count of three you win).  Kera counted 1-2 then Larry forced his shoulder up.  He grabbed the candlestick from where Kera dropped it and hit Heather across the face.  Heather he could hit it was Kera’s whom he couldn’t.  He beat her continuously in the back with the candlestick.  Kera grabbed a steel pole and swung it connecting on Larry’s back causing him to fall head over heels onto the ground.  Kera actually didn’t feel bad for what she was doing.  Larry turned onto his stomach using his last amount of strength.  His back and the front of his shirt were bloody from the blood that he spit from his mouth. Kera lifted Larry’s legs up and with a smile on her face said, “You’re getting beat up by a little girl.”

                She placed her left leg between Larry’s legs and placed it on the ground across her feet and intercepting Larry’s leg.  She then wrapped Larry’s legs around her left leg and twisted her body around still holding on to his legs to force Larry onto his stomach.  He was on his stomach then she sat down on his back.  This is a move Larry had taught Kera called the “sharpshooter” Larry was in drastic pain, this submission maneuver focused on the back and it was the back that Larry was hit most by metallic objects.  Larry grimaced in pain while Kera smiled.  She then stood up still holding Larry’s legs and squatted down.  Larry’s legs were more elevated and even more force was being pulled backward causing even more pressure to Larry’s back.  This move was known as the “Walls of Jericho” Kera taunted Larry to give up but Larry would never do that.  He managed to tuck his head in and turn using Kera’s backward momentum carried it so Kera fell back onto her head.  She did exactly that and her legs were bent over Larry’s shoulders and Larry’s legs put pressure on Kera’s arms.  This was a pinning maneuver Larry counted 1-2-3 then lied his head onto Kera’s leg and fell unconscious.  Kera tried to escape from the move but she couldn’t.  The move had her trapped.  Heather was very badly hurt and couldn’t move so she had no help.  Kera tried sleeping but it was a weird position. 


Larry did eventually wake up from unconsciousness and threw Kera’s legs off her and walked out the door crestfallen. He saved Kera’s life and Kera tries to kill him for it.  Kera did actually feel bad for that but not bad enough to go back to Larry’s habitat. When she saw Heather she wasn’t going to inform Larry that she felt bad. Deep inside she knew she did.  Larry felt really betrayed.  Kera had backstabbed him.  He tried doing something nice and he paid for it.  He couldn’t help but like Kera, the more he felt this the more he hated Heather.  Heather ended up with a broken jaw and some broken vertebrae, Larry was unsympathetic and the day she got out of the hospital Larry came and beat her bloody with a candlestick, He came at night so they were both asleep.  One hit knocked Heather unconscious so she couldn’t scream and beat her repeatedly in the back with it then left.  Heather would never walk again.  That was a fate worse than death.  Which was exactly what Larry had planned.  Kera suspected Larry but couldn’t prove it.  She never called Larry because she didn’t want to speak to him again.  Larry missed Kera for the rest of his life.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Olympic Rescue


Larry Rozos was Greek by descent and like most Greeks, he traveled back to Greece very often.  At the age of 25, he had been to Greece 11 times so he felt very comfortable with getting around the country of his ancestors.  In the summer of 2008, like many others, Larry was hooked on the Olympic games in Beijing, China.  He watched as much as the Olympic games as he possibly could, always fascinated at how every four years he watched games he wouldn’t dream of watching any other time.  One such game was gymnastics.  As someone who always believed in rationalizing emotions, he tried to talk himself out of innocent crushes on the woman gymnasts as they normally had extremely muscular legs and flat chests that, when not in a leotard, wasn’t as appealing to the eyes as it seemed on TV.  Every other Olympics, Larry would be able to shut off his attraction to the young girls and forget them when the two weeks of the Olympics were over.  This year, however, he just couldn’t shake the image of Sarah Jackson.  He kept telling himself that she was 16-years-old and completely illegal.  Larry considered it a major turnoff if a girl was not legal no matter what she looked like.  Although he liked flexibility in women, and a gymnast is the epitome of that, Larry never really obsessed over gymnasts before for the above mentioned reasons.  Even when looking at Olga Lukaskaya, the other American gymnastics gold medalist, he told himself that objectively she was better looking.  She was thinner and taller than Sarah, which Larry liked in a woman.  Despite this though, Olga Lukaskaya was far from his mind when the Olympics ended but Sarah Jackson remained. 

                In the summer of 2009, Larry returned to Greece.  For the first time, he rented a car because he planned to do a lot of touring to areas he hadn’t yet seen in Greece.  Such places were few, but he always sought to shorten the list.  While he was driving, he spotted someone that he seemed to recognize on the street near monostiraki, the largest marketplace in Greece near the acropolis in Athens.  As Larry looked closer, he realized it was Sarah Jackson; and she was getting in a cab.  He was very conflicted.  On one hand, he wanted to meet her, but on the other hand, he knew she was now 17, and still illegal.  He was ashamed of the fact that he actually looked her up online the previous fall to determine that her birthday was in January.  He quickly convinced himself that he’d just follow the cab to see which hotel she was staying at, so that he could decide if he wanted to meet her, maybe get a picture and an autograph, or just let her enjoy her vacation.  With that, he began following the cab.  After a while, Larry thought it odd that the cab driver was leaving the city limits.  He looked at his global GPS and decided that there was no harm in continuing to follow her with the guarantee of not being lost no matter where she ended up.  He also figured that the cab driver was driving the fare up by going in the wrong direction and around town before going to the hotel.  He has had cab drivers do this to him in Greece despite his knowing Greek and telling them his familiarity with the area.  He reconsidered this as the car ride got longer for tourists were dumb but driving for an hour down country roadside may be a little much.  He then thought that perhaps Sarah Jackson didn’t want to deal with paparazzi and tourists wanting her autograph so stayed at a remote place outside the city.  But, how far was she willing to inconvenience herself?


                Sarah Jackson had just done some shopping in Athens, Greece.  She heard this was the best place to shop and she wasn’t disappointed.  She had been doing a lot of traveling since her Olympic experience and enjoyed every minute of it.  At first, she was very big on having security when she traveled around but then she realized that it had been a year since the Olympics and, although she was worshipped as a goddess in her home state of Iowa, elsewhere, she was able to become lost in the crowd.  Being 4’8” tall helped with losing herself as well.  She loved the culture of Greece and was having a blast learning the history.  She didn’t really know her way around, but she wanted to eventually make it to Olympia, where the Olympics were started.  Having participated in an Olympics and winning gold and silver medals, she felt a strong connection and appreciation for the people that started it.  Although the modern Olympic games started in Athens, the ancient games took place in Olympia.  Even today, the flame for the Olympic torch starts in Olympia.  She was tired of shopping and wanted to go back to her hotel to get some much needed rest.  When she finally entered the cab, she gave her address and relaxed in the back seat glad to be off her feet.  After a while, her senses tuned back into what was going on around her and she became worried.  They had been driving for a while and she didn’t remember the hotel being that far from the acropolis.  It was at this time she noticed glass between her and the driver.  Although this was common in New York, this was not how the previous cabs she had been in were.  She said something to the driver hoping that he knew English, “Excuse me, but this doesn’t look like the way to the hotel?”

                “I’m taking a short cut” the driver responded with a thick accent

                “We’ve kind of been driving a long time for it to be a short cut.”

                “A lot traffic, would have been stopped hours”

                Sarah looked around her but only saw mountains and dry terrain.  It was beautiful, but there didn’t seem to be any civilization around.  She contemplated getting out but that didn’t seem possible because she thought it unlikely that someone would be coming for a while.  She spoke up again, “Look, I’ll pay for you to go back to the city and wait in traffic.”

                “Don’t worry, I know this country very well.”

                “What if I pay you double?”

                “Little girl, it’ll be okay, trust me.”

                Sarah realized that arguing seemed fruitless so she decided to risk it.  Someone had to be driving by eventually and she was young and innocent looking so thought that the likelihood of being picked up was pretty good. It crossed her mind that it was dangerous, but she was beginning to believe that staying in this cab was certain danger.  She yelled at him, “Let me out please”

                “We no close to any cabs, you die out here alone.”

                “Someone will come, just let me out now” she said more sternly as frustration was beginning to develop and being polite was no longer important to her.

                The driver looked in the mirror and said, “Not too much longer” with a suspicious smile.

                Sarah tried to open the door thinking she would just dive out.  It would hurt but she was a gymnast and could tumble probably better than most everyone on the planet.  As she pushed at the door and tried the locks, however, she realized she was locked in.  She pushed against the door whimpering and staring back at the driver petrified.  She lied flat on her back and in desperation kicked the window as hard as she could.  She repeatedly kicked as the driver just stared in the rear view mirror smiling.  He knew the cab window was made of reinforced shatter-proof glass and there was no way even an Olympian could kick through it.  He hoped that she would keep trying, for the more tired she was, the easier it would be to execute his plan.  The American girl kept shouting at him but he stopped paying attention.  He realized now that she figured out they were not going to the hotel, so he turned up the radio and kept driving to his destination as she frantically kicked at the window and retrying the doors.  He flipped on the child lock so there really was no escape.  If he wasn’t enjoying watching the American girl struggle so much, he might have looked beyond the back seat in his rear view mirror and see that a car was following him on a road where there were no other cars. 


                Larry rationalized that he was at the point of no return.  He had followed the cab for this long, so he might as well see it through to the end.  Since there weren’t many people on the road, he tried to keep his distance.  Maybe the cab driver noticed he was following him so was driving around until he got bored.  Larry was competitive and, like everything else in his life, saw this as a game.  His will against Sarah Jackson’s, who he believed was telling the cab driver to try to lose him.  It did occur to him that the cab driver wasn’t driving very evasively; if you were trying to lose someone, why use turn signals and not turn very often.  He wasn’t even going that fast.  Deep down he knew he was just trying to rationalize something that didn’t make any sense to him and it seemed more adventurous if it was a game.  Finally the cab pulled into a driveway and into a garage.  Larry drove straight past it and pulled over contemplating what to do now.  It looked sketchy if he just knocked on the garage door because there really was no excuse.  Despite being in the middle of nowhere, he kept thinking they were going to a smaller city to a hotel but there was no way that garage was a hotel.  He now began reconsidering his options, maybe Sarah Jackson knew someone in Greece, but then why wouldn’t he/she just pick her up in Athens?  Greeks were very nice and extremely hospitable people; there is no way they would allow someone to take a two hour cab ride to them.  He searched his brain to try to determine what he wanted to do given these new set of circumstances.  He was very exposed on the road and had full view of the garage, which means they could have full view of him. 


                Sarah was terrified.  She had tried pleading with the driver to let her go and to allow her to buy her freedom; but the man just smiled and told her she was his now.  He tried asking him what he wanted, but he just had the chilling response of “you.” As she realized reasoning with him was pointless, she started crying, for she was helpless.  It wasn’t like the movies, just because you were flexible and a gymnast, didn’t mean you could fight.  Jean-Claude-Van-Damme and Tony Jaa were amazingly gifted gymnasts and their flexibility and agility were awe-inspiring, but even they would admit they cannot fight.  Sarah Jackson was no exception to this rule.  Finally, the cab pulled into a garage.  If she didn’t know before that this situation was sketchy; she certainly did now.  The driver turned off the cab and closed the garage door.  Unlike in America, European cab drivers owned their cabs.  Therefore, nobody would notice him off the radar.  There was no boss to report in to, no supervisor, so he could keep the cab as long as he wanted.  The driver opened the cab door and found it jammed into him.  He half expected this so he jumped back but the door still smacked him backwards. 

Sarah had kicked the door the second he opened it and started running for the door to the garage.  The driver chased her to the door and drove his forearm into her lower back as he slammed her against the locked garage door.  He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her from her stomach and twisted his body throwing her to the ground.  Sarah got up on all fours only to find herself being kicked in the solar plexus.  She rolled onto her back and the man straddled her with his hands around her neck.  As Sarah grabbed his arms, she felt the driver getting up and lifting her with ease. 

The driver was pleasantly surprised that this American gymnast was extremely light.  He threw her onto a balance beam that he had in the garage.  He used his knees to collapse on Sarah’s shins pinning them against the balance beam that was only slightly elevated off the ground.  He did this intentionally because he wanted to be able to get her on the beam with ease but still leave some room underneath.  When he had her shins pinned to the side of the balance beam, he reached into his pockets and pulled out hand cuffs that he wrapped around each of Sarah’s legs under the balance beam, she was now trapped and he was safe from her most lethal weapon; her legs.  He stood up and smiled down at a horrified Sarah as he pulled a knife from his pocket.  He said, “I’d be still right now for I wouldn’t want to cut that cute body of yours.”

                Sarah tried to kick her legs up but the chain of the handcuffs would just catch on the bottom of the balance beam.  The driver knelt down and removed her shoes.  She tried kicking, but due to her limited movement, she couldn’t resist too well.  Soon her socks were off.  She sat up and slapped the driver in the face only to be punched in the stomach and mounted with a hand on her throat and the other hand wielding the knife. She watched as the knife was slipped underneath her shirt and she remained still as tears streamed down her cheek as the cold steel glided up her midsection. She felt pressure on her back as the driver brought the blade of the knife up against the fabric of her shirt by her collar before ripping.  The driver brought the knife down slicing the shirt in half and then cutting along the sleeves as well.  With a pull of the shirt, the front half came off and the driver threw it to the side leaving just her bra.  He undid her belt and cut off her shorts in similar fashion.   Sarah stopped resisting.  All she did was cry as she whimpered for him to please stop but he didn’t seem like he would.  The driver wasted no time to cut the straps of her bra leaving her in just her panties.  He got up off her and grabbed her by the arm and yanked her forward so she was now laying face down on the balance beam.  She felt him mount on top of her again facing her legs as he yanked up on her panties as they wedged between her anus exposing the cheeks.  She heard the elastic band rip as the man got up to pull it over her head.  At this point, she even raised her arms as any thought of resisting escaped her. The man slapped her on the buttocks twice before cutting the sides off and pulling the only article of clothing she had left.  She was now completely nude at his mercy.  He said as he patted her butt, “You can scream if you want to, nobody will hear you and I’ll enjoy it.”


                Larry sat in his car for a while deciding what he should do.  He was a naturally shy person and these kind of things he just didn’t do.  He finally decided that if he came this far, he should at least look.  He approached the door to the garage and waited there.  One thing Larry always carried were two knives clipped to his waist.  He had never used them in an actual fight, but he was always of the opinion that he’d rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.  For the most part though, he knew at least one was for show since it was so old, he wasn’t able to use the one hand opener so couldn’t get it quickly and needed both hands to open it.  This is why he kept that one on his left side; the one on his right was a spring assisted blade and could be drawn pretty quickly.  He put his ear to the door to see if he heard anything.  He assumed that Sarah Jackson knew this man and was probably dating him.  He thought it odd that she would be dating a cab driver but then he realized he really knew nothing about her.  Maybe she was like many American girls who just hook up with almost any male they find while on vacation.  He looked through the window on the garage door and saw a man undressing himself and a naked Sarah Jackson on a balance beam.  He assumed that he was correct in thinking that she was just getting a hook up until he heard her scream, “Help me!!!” followed by loud sobs.


                Sarah didn’t see someone peeking through the window but watching the driver undress himself made her scream hoping against hope that someone would hear but it wasn’t too promising.  The driver just looked at her and smiled as he was confident that they were alone and her screams just aroused him more.  Then, he heard glass break and looked over to see an arm reaching in and unlocking the door.  In his surprise, he didn’t react until the door opened and there stood a bald man dressed in American clothing.  The man yelled at him in the driver’s native tongue, “What the fuck are you doing.”


                After hearing the scream, Larry reacted out of pure adrenaline filled instinct as he bent down to grab one of the many rocks near the door and broke the window so he could unlock it.  He opened the door and ran in yelling at the man.  For reasons unknown to him, he didn’t even look at the naked girl to his side but stared at the guy who was previously undressing. 

                The driver realized that he may be able to get away with this since the intruder knew Greek. He stuck to the Greek and said, “I picked up this girl in the city, get out of here you stalker.”

                Although Larry didn’t understand the last word he said to him, he got the idea it was an insult.  He responded, “Girls don’t normally scream to help them when they want to fuck”


                Sarah Jackson was worried that this man wasn’t here to rescue her.  He was talking to the man in Greek, a language she didn’t understand.  She looked between them and sensed that they were confronting each other and it wasn’t a friendly conversation based on their intonation but Greek was a harsh language so she could just mistake that for their arguing as she had done in the past.  Her doubts were expelled when the driver charged at the intruder. 


                As the driver lunged, Larry jumped sideways keeping his foot in front of the driver’s leg and kicking at his left hamstring as he approached tripping him forward.  The driver put his arms out to break his fall and his forearms were cut on some shattered pieces of glass.  He rose quickly, however, only to see Larry jump up as well with his arms up looking ready for a fight.  They circled each other for a little bit before the driver stepped in to a punch, which Larry blocked.  Larry grabbed the back of the man’s neck and put pressure on it trying to force him down.  One of his problems in fights was that he always wrestled instead of struck.  This would cost him as the driver drove his shoulder into Larry’s midsection and drove him back toward the wall.  Larry was able to turn his body and use the driver’s momentum against him before pinning him against the wall.  The driver punched Larry twice in the stomach and followed it up with a punch to the face.  Larry staggered only to be tackled to the ground.  He defensively put his arms up as the driver reigned punches down trying to get by Larry’s arm and to his face.  Larry managed to drive his palm up into the driver’s nose to stop his arms from flailing at him. The driver hadn’t connected on a blow and rolled off Larry holding his nose.  Larry pushed him off balance and twirled his legs toward the man and kicked his right foot out connecting with the driver’s face.  He used the driver’s recovery time to give him the opportunity to get to his feet.  He ran forward as the driver got up and jumped to the side of a lunging driver and placed his knee underneath the driver’s arm and into his solar plexus.  Larry lost his balance and collapsed to the ground after contact and frantically got to his feet only to turn around and see the driver staggering facing him.  The driver reached into his pocket and pulled out the knife he had used to strip Sarah Jackson and brandished it at Larry.  Larry unclipped the spring-assisted blade from his waist and snapped it open.  The driver swung his knife at Larry’s head and Larry blocked it with his blade and punched the driver in the face with his left hand.  The driver swung back but Larry anticipated it and ducked under it swinging his body around.  He lost eye contact with where the driver was but planned to take the offensive as soon as his spin was over.  He twirled around and raised his arm above his head and lunged it downward.  He didn’t even see the driver back swipe the moment he missed on the first swing but luckily, Larry was still crouched and twisting so the back swipe went over his head as well and when he brought down his knife, it buried to the hilt in the driver’s chest.  The driver dropped his knife and took two steps back staring in shock at the intruder.  He felt weak but if he was going to die, he wanted to take this man with him.  When the man backed away, Larry unclipped his second knife and opened it with his right hand.  He walked toward the driver switching the knife to his dominant right hand as he saw him pull the knife out of his chest.  The flow of blood that followed the knife out of the body stunned the driver for a moment, a moment too long for it gave Larry the time to bring his knife across the driver’s throat.  The driver tried to lift his hand with the knife but Larry grabbed it with his left hand.  The driver dropped the knife to the ground as he felt his strength leave his body.  He dropped to his knees and fell against Larry’s legs dead.  Larry kneed the man off him and watched him lay face down on the ground.  He picked up his knife, closed them both and clipped them to his waist.  He then turned to his side and saw Sarah Jackson naked and bound on a balance beam causing him to step back as the situation started to hit him.  Before, he was running on pure instinct and adrenaline but now things were settling in and he was rushed with a plethora of emotions as he stared at the naked girl in front of him and froze.  His trance was broken when Sarah said in a soft confused voice, “ummm help”

                Larry shook his head as he snapped out of his trance.  He looked at the dead body and back at Sarah and his eyes widened in shock.  He just killed a man.  He looked back at Sarah as he was trying to confirm that he did the right thing.  He was panicked but he felt he needed to say something since she did, he started, “I..I..I..I’m not going to, no, that’s impossible, no I’m not going to hurt you…” and stopped as he saw horror on Sarah’s face.  His voice softened but he was shaking in guilt for having scared her, he continued, “No, what I mean is, well, you have to understand the situation, I barge in here, I just killed a man, I don’t know you, he could be your boyfriend and you hate me right now, maybe you like it kinky, I don’t know anything about you.  All I know is that you just witnessed me kill someone” and then looked down and shook his head.

                Sarah was scared all over again considering that she wasn’t being rescued after all.  She needed to respond but didn’t know what to say, maybe she would just address his concern, but wasn’t it obvious what the situation was?  How could this guy think she wanted this to happen?  She said, “No, trust me, I don’t know him, you saved me.”

                “Well you’re tied up and only I can release you, so of course you wouldn’t tell me if you were pissed.  I mean you’re Sarah Jackson, you’re an American sweetheart, nobody would believe me if it came to my word against yours.”

                Sarah’s fear was replaced by anger and she blurted out, “Let me go now!” as her muscles tensed.  She thought this to be a mistake, for she didn’t really want to anger the one man that could help her.  Larry looked at her and softened for one reason; regardless of what his fears were on if Sarah welcomed the rescue or not, he really had two choices, kill her or set her free and there was no chance in hell he was going to kill her.  He closed his eyes as his logic began coming back to him.  With all that had happened since standing outside, he had completely forgotten the biggest clue to her wanting to be rescued and the whole reason he entered in the first place; she screamed “help me.”  He said in an excited voice, “Key, I need a key.”

                Sarah relaxed her body for it seemed that the intruder was going to rescue her after all.  Larry turned to the driver he had just killed, who still had his pants on as he only got the opportunity to remove his shirt and shoes before Larry came barging in.  Larry reached into his pocket and pulled out keys.  He knelt next to Sarah taking a quick look at her naked body up close.  He knew he couldn’t stare too long for she was sitting up watching him.  He forced himself to focus his attention on the handcuffs and tried the keys individually on the key chain until he found one that fit.  He twisted it and heard the handcuff click open and a leg drop, he repeated it with the second leg and let the cuffs fall to the ground.  He took a deep breath as he got up since he was about to find out exactly how Sarah Jackson felt about him killing the man.  Although logically he shouldn’t have been too surprised by what happened next, he was. After all, Larry was a pessimist and always assumed the worst would happen to him but now he found himself with a girl’s arms wrapped around his neck and her legs squeezing his waist.  He took two steps back.  The girl was light but her legs were powerful and they were cutting off his breathing.  He didn’t mind though, he knew it wasn’t with malicious intent.  He slipped his hand in between her legs and his side and slid them the quarter of an inch to his waist.  Now that his pelvic bone was being squeezed he could breathe again and he wrapped his arms around her and held her against his chest.  Although it was cliché, it was the only thing he thought to say so he said, “It’s okay, it’s over now.”

                Inside he was condemning himself for ever thinking that she would be mad at him for what happened.  All rational was back, and there was no longer any doubt that Sarah Jackson was appreciative.  After a little while, Sarah lowered her legs and let go of his neck dropping to the ground.  She looked up at her rescuer as he looked down at her.  There was a 16 inch difference in their heights but Sarah was used to that for she was extremely short.  He put out his hand and said, “I’m Larry by the way.”

                She was relieved he seemed to speak perfect English, she shook his hand and said, “I’m Sarah” with a smile

                “Maybe you should put some clothes on” he said out of politeness not because he particularly wanted her too.

                Her smile vanished as she looked over at her torn clothes.  Larry followed her gaze and saw the pieces of clothing on the ground.  He removed his T-shirt and gave it to her.  Sarah took the shirt and smiled back at him as she put the shirt on.  She saw him smiling back at her and immediately thought that after all that had happened, she probably owed it to him to hook up with him.  She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him again and rested her head on his chest as he embraced her and rested his chin on the top of her head as her body relaxed.  Larry’s shirt was more like a dress on her but she didn’t mind.  She tilted her head back expecting him to go in for a kiss, but he didn’t.  She stood on her tip toes and leaned into him but Larry turned his head and took the kiss on the cheek.  His shoulders slouched down and he looked saddened when Sarah reopened her eyes to see why she hadn’t hit lips.  She let go of him and stepped back and said, “What’s a matter?”

                “Sarah, (saying her name humanized her) you’re 17, it’s illegal, I just can’t do it, I know it’s legal here, but I don’t know, I just can’t do it.  You’re really emotional right now, I just saved you, and I didn’t do it in the hope to get you into bed, I just can’t hook up with someone that’s under 18, growing up in America makes it hard for me.” 

                Sarah was surprised but not upset.  In fact, it only made her respect him more.  Her 17-year-old self had come back and she was going to tease him a little bit.  She said, “Well, you did see me naked, and don’t deny you were staring.  So what is it?  Look but don’t touch?”

                Larry smiled and said “Yup.” Inside he was cursing his morals.  I mean this wasn’t just any 17-year-old, this was Sarah Jackson, the girl he had been infatuated with for a year.  This was his one opportunity to fulfill his fantasy but his morality wouldn’t let him.  He hated having such strong morals, but he had to do the right thing.  He immediately went back to what needed to be done now and said, “Okay, we got to get rid of the body.”

                Sarah got serious but didn’t really have any suggestions.  Larry looked over at the dead man and contemplated his options; he could get a shovel and some incendiary equipment.  He knew it would be difficult to dig a hole big enough to fit the driver in, and he didn’t anticipate Sarah to be much help.  He thought they could work together; he dig the hole, she clean the place but there was a lot of blood and other bodily fluids secreted after someone’s death.  A common problem they had in Greece were fires since it almost never rains in the summer making everything bone dry.  He decided that he’d spare the cleaning and just burn the place; even if it started a brush fire, that was better than going to a Greek jail for murder.  He was still going to bury the body though.  He decided he was going to tell his partner his plan, “Alright, I’ll give you a ride back to your hotel and pick some things up to cover this shit up.”

                “I can help you.”

                “No, it’s too disgusting, I think I should do this alone.”

                Sarah lowered her head but maintained eye contact; she looked up as innocently as possible, and said, “But Larry, after what happened, I don’t think I really want to be alone.”

Larry softened, he knew what she was doing, but that didn’t stop it from working.  He needed to fight it though; this encounter was too awkward for him.  He turned away and said, “No, you’ll be fine, this shit doesn’t happen too often, Greeks are generally nice people, don’t worry about it.”

Sarah continued in a softer pleading voice, “Please Larry, I feel safe around you.” as she walked up to him and hugged him.  She thought it a good sign when he reached back and rested his hands on the back of her head. 

“Alright fine, fine,” he reasoned that she could help him dig, but knew that wasn’t the reason he agreed.  Men had been falling for female charm since the beginning of time, so why should this be an exception?  They got in his car and saved the location to his GPS and then plugged in her hotel’s and started following the directions.  He kept looking over at Sarah as if to confirm that she was still there and he wasn’t just fantasizing.  Sarah noticed, but kept her gaze forward.  She was clear on what was going to happen now; he turned her down, so she would tease him but if he gave in, she would give nothing up.  Despite having seen him kill, she wasn’t afraid of him at all.  Larry pulled up in front of the hotel and said, “I think you should get some clothes.”

“You’re coming with me” Sarah said matter-of-factly

                “I can’t park here.”

                “Valet it, after all, I am a guest at this hotel.” She said with a smile

                “Sarah, I’m not going to ditch you.”

                “Would you tell me if you would?”

                Larry rolled his eyes.  He was beginning to realize what all men realize when they get the girl they chase or, in this situation, the girl they fantasize about; they are sometimes better as a fantasy for they’re not annoying in fantasy.  He remembered one photo he saw of a girl he found extremely attractive leaning seductively against a wall.  Eventually he brought himself down to the caption and it said, “For every pretty girl, you know there’s some guy who’s sick of her shit.”  Although he found it humorous, he completely believed its validity.  The argument seemed to skew in Sarah’s favor when a man came to the door and said in accented English, “Are you staying?”

                Larry grudgingly got out of the car, took the ticket and went with a smiling Sarah back to her hotel room.  When they got to her room, Sarah put some clothes on and returned Larry’s shirt to him as she sat back down next to Larry on the bed.  As she did, she glanced over at Larry as he turned his head out of politeness but also noticed his eyes peeking back.  She wondered why he could possibly be enamored with her considering he had already seen her nude, but she liked the attention.  Larry was contemplating what he had to do now, they left the hotel and traveled by foot buying two shovels two flashlights, a lighter, a tarp, rope, and lighter fluid then went back to the car, loaded it up and headed back to the site.  Larry was worried the whole way that somebody would notice the body and thought he might be headed for a trap and the police would be waiting for him.  It was a very long two hours and him and Sarah didn’t say anything for the reality was setting in with her.  Although she was joking around and enjoying teasing Larry before, the thought crossed her head on what would have happened if Larry didn’t show up.  When they arrived back at the garage, Larry was relieved to find nobody there.  He got out of the car and walked passed the garage and into the dry terrain around him.  He saw a cluster of Cyprus trees that he was going to use to shield him from being seen in case someone would drive by.  Sarah went with him silently not asking what he was doing.  Finally Larry stopped behind a Cyprus tree and began digging.  Sarah dug higher and slower.  Her hands shook as she couldn’t get past the fact that she was digging a grave.  Larry kept looking at her worried that she would break and confess to the cops that he had killed someone.  He tried to brush it off as paranoia, and didn’t know if he should talk to Sarah about what had happened.  He took it as a bad sign that they hadn’t said anything to each other for hours.  At last, they had a hole that was big enough for Larry to lie in.  He walked back thinking that despite his exhaustion, now he had to drag a body dead weight to his site.  He got back to the garage and opened the tarp and dragged the driver on to it.  He then wrapped him and tied the tarp shut at both ends using two strands of rope.  He tied one rope around his waist and grabbed the second rope to tie it around him as well.  Finally Sarah spoke up, “Let me help.  You can tie the other one around me.”

                Larry looked up annoyed.  Sarah was just too small to be dragging a body.  He contemplated tying it to the car, arguing that the ground was dry so they probably wouldn’t get stuck, but he didn’t want to take any chances.  For some reason, though, he didn’t want to argue with Sarah, so he didn’t say anything and tied the other end of the second rope that held the tarp in place below the driver’s feet to Sarah’s waist and they walked.  When they finally made it to the site, Larry was surprised that Sarah didn’t complain once.  She was an Olympian but thought that this was a hard task even for an Olympian.  He argued that he probably pulled most of the weight and that’s how he justified it to himself.  He looked over at Sarah, who was covered in sweat as was he.  Despite the darkness, he could see how the sweat glistened off her body. As they were digging, they both removed their shirts and wrapped them around their waists.  Although it was dark, it was still quite hot out.  They got the body in and covered it in dirt. Larry wanted to cover his tracks more by burning the body but didn’t think he’d be able to handle the smell.  Besides, he’d want to bury the remains and he really didn’t want to keep coming back to the place of the murder.  They both went back to the garage and started a fire using Sarah’s ripped clothing as fuel before it picked up on the surrounding structure in the garage and walked out.  They got into the car and Larry waited until the fire engulfed the house, which didn’t take as long as he thought it would.  He then drove off hoping nobody saw them.  He didn’t see anybody but he could have just not noticed.  After about an hour, he noticed Sarah sleeping.  All he wanted to do was sleep as well but he wanted to get back to the city thinking that that would confirm that it was over.  He got back to Sarah’s hotel and woke her up.

Sarah woke up startled but when she saw city lights, she relaxed a bit.  She looked over at Larry and looked scared.  At first, it was obvious she wanted to go with Larry, but now after what had happened, she was a little suspicious of him.  Larry could sense this and took out his camera and handed it to a valet telling him in Greek that he was just dropping her off so he needed the car.  He looked at Sarah and said, “Can I get a picture with you?  Then I’ll be on my way.”

                Sarah was going to protest for him to stay with her but the words got caught in her throat.  She could only mutter, “Sure.”

                Larry exhaled in disappointment, now he knew he was reading her correctly and it wasn’t just paranoia; she was scared of him.  He knew this girl held his life in his hands now but there was nothing he could do about it.  He put his arm around her shoulder and Sarah wrapped hers around his waist and smiled as the valet took the picture.  Larry took his camera back, thanked him in Greek and got back in his car.  Sarah walked up to the window and put her hands on it and said, “ummm, I don’t really want you to go.”

                “Sarah, we’ve been through a lot today but it’s over, let’s just pretend nothing happened and forget about it.”

                Sarah didn’t want things to be over like this, she wanted to talk about what happened so she just said, “I don’t want to discuss this here, please just come up, I kind of don’t want to be alone tonight, Please”

                Larry decided that he would go up; he didn’t want to give her any reason to be mad at him but knew the honeymoon period of rescuing her was over.  He valet the car after all and went up to her room.  Sarah sat on the bed with her head down for she wanted to tell Larry what she was feeling but she was confused about that as well.  Larry sat next to her and decided to start the conversation, “Look Sarah, like I said, we’ve been through a lot and did things that I’m sure neither one of us ever thought we’d ever do.  I won’t be mad at you if you don’t want to see me again.  I know that seeing me probably will only relive what happened to you and you need no memory of that.  Besides, we did just meet, you probably don’t have much trust in men right now, and there really is no reason to trust me.  Especially because I’ve already intimated that I don’t trust you.”  Sarah looked up and tried saying something and then stopped.  A lot of thoughts were going through her head, she was almost raped, probably killed, she was alone with this stranger, she didn’t want to be alone but she didn’t know if she wanted him here either.  She didn’t know what to think so she just put her head back down.  Larry continued, “I know what it looks like Sarah, I followed you for two hours.  In any other context, I’d be a crazy psycho.  I got the picture, that’s all I really wanted, you don’t have to believe me, but it’s the truth.  You’re okay now, it’s over, finish your vacation, this is a great country, enjoy it.”

                Sarah didn’t answer.  Larry wanted to hold her, not for any sexual reason for he was over his star-struck, and now just saw a 17-year-old vulnerable girl.  He also knew that if he did that, it may not be welcomed; he had no idea how to react, how to help her, so he just walked for the door.  As he got to the door, he heard a faint, “No,”

                He turned around and saw Sarah looking at him and she said staring at the ground, “I really can’t be alone right now.  I know I don’t know you but right now” as she looked at him, “You’re my only option.  I was almost raped” she choked on the last word.  Somehow saying it made her relive it again, “I mean, I’d probably be dead if you didn’t show up.”

                Larry walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her grabbing her biceps in each of his hands.  He turned her toward him and said, “You can’t think like that, don’t focus on what could have happened, focus on what happened, you weren’t raped, you weren’t killed, you’re alive and well.”  Sarah wrapped her arms around Larry and buried her head in his chest and started crying.  Larry rubbed her back and had his hand on the back of her head whispering that it was going to be okay.  Sarah cried harder, she felt helpless and even being in Larry’s arms didn’t help because it wasn’t someone she knew.  She even felt guilty for thinking that; after all, he did save her life, how could she think anything bad about him, but she did.  She finally stopped crying and said, “Please, just stay here, I really can’t handle being alone and I have nobody.”

                Larry agreed and immediately took a sheet off the bed and lied it on the ground.  “No Larry” Sarah said, “you can sleep in the bed, it’s big enough for the both of us I don’t take up that much room.”

                She wanted to add for him not to take it as an invitation but started thinking that maybe Larry really didn’t want to do anything with her.  Larry didn’t protest, he just put the sheet back on the bed, got under the covers and turned with his back to her side and closed his eyes.  By the time she took a shower and got ready for bed, Larry was asleep. She lied down next to him and quickly fell asleep.

Larry awoke the next day before Sarah and decided to take a quick shower.  He got dressed and walked as she was still sleeping.  He didn’t want to leave without saying good bye but she looked so peaceful being asleep.  He took the pen and pad of paper that the hotel provides and wrote, “Hey Sarah, I don’t know how you feel about me so I left, I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me again.  Thank you for spending the day with me; it was great getting to know you.  If you still feel scared and want me around, here’s my number.  Again, I’ll understand if you don’t call.”   ~Larry”

He wanted to make it ambiguous in case someone else got a hold of it.  If another party read it, they would just think it was another American who found a guy on vacation.  He left the note on the nightstand and left the room, got his car, and went back to his grandfather’s apartment to drop his car off.  The stress from the previous day and the fact that he wasn’t entirely sure Sarah would keep what happened a secret was enough to drive him crazy.  He went to the beach and lied down hoping the water and the mountains would calm him down.  He ended up falling asleep on the beach only to be woken up by his cell phone.  Although he didn’t recognize the number, he knew who it was, “Hello.”

“Why did you leave?”

He looked at his watch and it had been a few hours since he’d left Sarah.  He took a deep breath and said, “You seemed weirded out and nervous around me, so I figured this was better.” 

“Better?! Larry, you need to fucking understand, I wake up and you’re just fucking gone, I don’t know what happened, I’m all alone.  If I thought you were going to kill me, I wouldn’t have let you stay over for God’s sake, come back here.”

Larry shook his head; he would never understand women.  He got up and went back to his grandfather’s place to get his car and headed back to Sarah’s hotel.  He went back to her room to find Sarah fully dressed and packed.  “I’m checking out, and I’m staying with you.”

“Whoa, don’t I get a say in this.”

She gave him a dirty look and said in a mocking tone, “I’m an American sweetheart remember, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with an American sweetheart?”  Larry smiled, he could think of a couple of reasons now.  She continued, “I can’t believe you fucking left me.”

“I’m sorry” he said not really understanding why.

They went downstairs, Sarah checked out of her hotel, and they packed her things into Larry’s car and headed back to his apartment.  When they got in, Sarah said, “Larry, I’m sorry for yelling, I was serious when I said I didn’t want to be alone.  I don’t think you’re going to do anything anymore, I mean you shared a bed with me and didn’t touch me once.  I don’t understand you, you stalk me for two hours, you almost get killed defending me, but you’re against hooking up.  I mean are you gay?  But if you’re gay, why would you stalk me?”

Larry didn’t want to get into this.  He had had this conversation with underage girls before and the only thing missing was the part about how they’ve been with guys older than him before and they were okay with it.  To Larry though, his morality was the most important thing in his life so he just said, “I’m not gay”

“So you did all that for a fucking picture of me and you?”

“Sarah, I didn’t know what I was going to do when I followed you, I wanted to see what hotel you were at so when I decided what I would do I could do it and if you’re so pissed at me, why do you want to keep hanging out with me.”

He looked at him incredulously and said, “Because I’m scared, there now you’re happy, I said it.”

“Why would I be happy?  I left because I thought you were scared of me.”

“I was, and you’re scared of me because you think I’m going to turn you in.  Now I know you’re not going to do shit, and I’m telling you I’m not going to do anything either, in fact, when we get back to America, I’m going to make you famous. You’re going to be a fucking hero for helping an American sweetheart.” She smiled sarcastically after the last comment.

“Not necessary, I hate the media.” 


Larry had remembered that Sarah Jackson made an appearance at the Democratic convention the year before.  He was extremely right wing and hated the media for its liberal bias.  He decided for full disclosure.  “Well, I know you liberals don’t agree, but there is a liberal bias in the media and the second they find out I’m conservative, then they’ll come at me hard calling me every name in the book.  They’ll probably even convince you to hate me because you’re young and impressionable, they’ll come up with ridiculous terms like Stockholm Syndrome, even though that would only be if you fell in love with the guy I killed, but to the majority of people, they won’t be able to tell the difference because people are stupid.  You’ll curse my name and then I’m known as the guy that duped Sarah Jackson, conspiracy Larryrists will then come out of the wood work accusing me of setting the whole thing up and how I planned it with that guy to make me look good just so I could get in your pants.  The fact that we didn’t hook up will be irrelevant to them; once they print it, there’s no stopping them, you’ll grow tired of sticking up for me and find it much easier to give in to them.  I’ll even help you by telling you that I understand, you compete for America, you need supporters, I mean Michael Phelps won 8 gold metals for his country and they crucify him for smoking weed.  He made all these apologies, which is stupid because liberals never accept apologies, my life is ruined because nobody wants to hire the man that set up Sarah Jackson or a suspected kidnapper and rapist and I live the rest of my life with only the knowledge that no matter how the story was distorted or what a majority of people believe, I still know the truth and it came at a high cost.”

“Wow, you’re paranoid”

Larry shook his head, “If you feel any sense of gratitude or I got any points for rescuing you yesterday, all I ask on that is you don’t tell anybody what happened.”

“I’m going to prove you wrong.”

“What if I point out the fact that I did murder someone in Greece and Greece is an ally of America, and they will cooperate to extradite me.”

“Please, they’re not going to bring you back from America to arrest you.”

They debated this a while but got nowhere.  Larry pulled into his parking lot and grabbed Sarah’s bag.  Sarah said,  “Wait, you live in Greece?”

“No, this is my grandfather’s apartment, he died when I was in 5th grade but it’s already paid for and the neighbors and his former maid keep it tidy and I can use it when I’m in Athens.  I hate Athens so I’m not here very often, in fact, I had only planned to spend last night here before touring around but then something happened that changed that plan.” He said looking at her.

Sarah smiled, “Well I guess I get my own tour guide for Greece.”

“I’m not going to be going to tourist places, I’m going to see places I’ve never seen, since I’ve been here 11 times, I’ve already seen all the touristy shit.”

“I don’t mind” she said with a smile

“I’m really not getting rid of you am I?”

“Nope” she said with a big smile as she jumped into his arms, “You’re stuck with me” she continued as she kissed him on the cheek.

“So you’re back to flirting with me I see” he said not able to hold back his smile.

“Uh-huh, but remember your rules, no touching” she said waving her finger

Larry decided to take her along with him.  Sarah’s flight was actually two weeks before his but when the time came, he escorted her back to Athens and took her to the airport.  They exchanged numbers and said good-bye.  During their time together, they hit it off like friends.  Larry was happy that he had someone to split costs of hotels with but it wasn’t hard to remind himself that she was 17.  She certainly acted that way and was just as annoying as the other 17-year-old girls he knew.  Their time together was strictly plutonic.  Larry enjoyed his last two weeks alone in Greece and headed back thinking that Sarah had already completely forgotten about him.  He couldn’t wait to tell his friends about what had happened in Greece.  Luckily, he had pictures to prove that he spent a week with Sarah Jackson.  Only his family in Greece knew his cell phone number, so he had no knowledge of back in America and he liked it that way.  When he arrived back in New York, he exited the plane and waiting for him at baggage claim was a lot of cameras and microphones.  They ran up to him and all he heard was a bunch of people screaming and lights flashing.  He was disoriented so his filter between his brain and his mouth was gone and he just blurted out what he was thinking, “You fucking liberal scum, get away from me so I can get my bag and go home you treacherous bastards.”

This silenced the media for a split second and then they continued hurling questions at him, which he ignored and kept saying, “No comment” mixing in “I’m a conservative, you don’t want to talk to me” to no avail.  Finally his bag came and he grabbed it and walked to the air tran to take to the subway so he could go home.  The media didn’t follow him for they already had their story.  Larry got back to his apartment to find envelopes from his parents and grandmother sending him newspaper articles that headlined with things like, “Brave tourist makes an Olympic rescue.”  “ ‘he saved my life’ Sarah Jackson reveals her shocking close encounter with rapist.”

His roommates asked him a million and one questions about what happened.  He retold the story and when they joked about him being a hero, he said, “Just wait for tomorrow’s headlines.”

Just as he predicted, the media wasn’t so friendly anymore.  Now the headline in the New York Times read, “New evidence reveals Larry Rozos, not hero after all.”  The Washington Post, USA Today and multiple other ones, had similar headlines.  All with their own lies about what really happened in Greece on that night.  Larry’s cell phone rang and he heard Sarah’s voice, “Larry, I’m so sorry, you were right.  I didn’t say any of that shit they’re printing, I should have listened to you, I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, the fact that you’re still on my side is more than I gave you credit for when I told you what would happen the second they found out I was conservative.”

“Oh come on Larry, I have a memory, I know none of this shit ever happened.  I mean they say that you came on to me repeatedly and I only agreed because I was scared you’d kill me too.  I came on to you!”

“Just do me a favor, never forgot what actually happened, I’m not important enough to keep going after, I’ll be forgotten in a week” he said out of wishful thinking. 

“No, I have to make this right.”

“Sarah, you’ll make it worse.”

“I’m coming to New York, I’m already booked on Bill O’Reilly, I’ll tell the world you’re a hero.”

“You did that already, I’m not a hero, I’m a stalker who happened to run into someone that was worse.”

“Shut up”

“Sarah, just please let them say what they want to say, I’m a big boy, I can handle it, you can’t beat the media.”

“We’ll see”

They said good bye and Larry was more bothered by Sarah Jackson not getting the picture rather than what was being said about him.  At work, his conservative bosses were praising him for telling off the media.  The media played the clip from the airport over and over as the newscasters mocked him repeatedly for his use of profanity on TV.  The fact that his workplace wasn’t too bothered made it easier for him.  Sarah did go on Bill O’Reilly and told the world how the papers lied about what happened.  On Section A-24 of the New York Times there was a little blurb retracting the egregiously false aspects of the story.  The printing of retractions on obscure parts of the paper were common throughout media history.  The whole point was almost nobody actually saw them, and the damage was still done, but if someone criticized them they could just say they retracted the story.  These kinds of things had been going on for years and there was no stopping it.  Larry just ignored it.  The media started coming up to him and he just yelled obscenities at them.  He kind of enjoyed it, because every time he did, he got praise from the people he respected on TV and huge criticism from everyone else.  He didn’t really care if RoSarahne Arnold thought he was uncivilized.  The Greek government was under no pressure to find the body and even if they did, they had the facts; the murdered person tried to rape an American.  Tourism was an essential part of the Greek economy and if people were worried about being raped, it would be bad for them and a public trial of an American would just add fuel to the fire.  With the same story of the retraction, however, the media started with headlines about how Larry had brainwashed Sarah Jackson and taken advantage of an impressionable young girl.  The articles remarked how even though she was an Olympian, deep down she was just a 17-year-old girl from Iowa who was easily tricked by Larry’s cunning plot.  The conspiracies of it being all staged never made it past the supermarket tabloids, partly because nobody would believe that someone would die so their friend could sleep with Sarah Jackson.  Even the American public wouldn’t believe something that outrageous…well at least 85% of them.  For a poll in AM New York that ran the story of an alleged conspiracy revealed that 15% of people believed that Larry and the kidnapper planned the whole thing.  Larry laughed at the ordeal and devoted his efforts to writing a book.  He knew the best seller list was almost always conservatives and thought that maybe all this negative publicity would help.

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Larry where Larry honestly told him about how he couldn’t stand the media and spoke of his respect he had for Bill O’Reilly.  Ratings were high since nobody had heard Larry tell his side of the story due to his distrust of the media.  O’Reilly did attack him repeatedly for going about it immaturely with his vulgarity but Larry just shrugged it off and said he was an honest guy and he will tell people how he feels about them and he doesn’t believe in euphemisms.  He took the criticism well and Bill O’Reilly did call him a patriot.  The hardest part Larry had with the interview was answering the questions about how he came to follow Sarah Jackson for two hours.   He stuck with the truth, admitted it was a rush of star-struck, and it was a little sketchy, which was why he hesitated, which unfortunately gave the kidnapper time to strip her.

The next day, the newspaper slammed Larry by saying that he viciously waited until she was nude before coming in and called him a “peeping Tom” among other things. 

Sarah on the other hand was getting discouraged.  Every time she tried to help Larry, the media turned it around and attacked him.  They accused her of being tricked and being unable to see through the plot.  They insinuated that she was naïve and tried everything in their power to turn her against Larry just as Larry predicted.  Sarah went to visit Larry in New York for he was the only one that could calm her down.  She was really apologetic, but Larry didn’t seem to care about his negative press, he was actually enjoying it.  Only Fox News ever played what she said when she defended him on anything without spinning it.  Eventually, the other news outlets just stopped interviewing her because she always had the same things to say and they already spun it.  Nothing new was happening so the story started to die.  Sarah got advice from one of her press agents on how to really fight back.  Bill O’Reilly was sensing the story dying so didn’t want to have her back but Sarah Hannity did and it was there that she was going to execute her plan.  Sarah Hannity knew of the plan and went for it.  He advertised his live interview with Sarah Jackson.  When the time came, Hannity asked her if she had anything to say and Sarah started, “I can’t do it anymore, I just want to stop fighting.” Then she started crying on national television.  Hannity said, “Miss Johnson, do you need a moment?”

She shook her head, and looked up as tears streamed down her face.  “I’m done, you guys win, I just want to tell the media that whatever they want me to believe I will.  I mean Larry is my friend, he saved my life, but you won’t believe him because of stupid ideological differences so fine, it was a plot to see me naked, he’s a pervert, he planned it with the rapist, he’s a horrible person, he’s never met me or whatever you guys said about him, I can’t keep track of it anymore.  I know what happened, so fine call me naïve, call me a little girl, attack me for standing up for my friend and the person who saved my life.  You win, I surrender.  I mean didn’t you think that maybe I wouldn’t want to keep being reminded about how I was so close to being raped?!  I mean, no I’m sorry, please don’t attack me anymore, you’re right, I’m exaggerating or whatever you come up with.  I decided to surrender so I will, if you want me to hate Larry, fine, I hate him.”

Soon, media outlets across the country showed clips of Sarah Jackson on the Hannity and Colmes show.  It melted America’s heart to see a young 17-year-old girl balling her eyes out.  The papers were smart enough to do a litmus test of the reaction and realize that if they tried to continue their story about how unfortunate it was that Larry brainwashed her, it would be met with negative reinforcement.  They contemplated taking clips from her speech out of context such as, “I hate him” or “he’s a pervert” but  when they took a poll about the event, the most common answer was, “Just leave her alone” the worse they got was, “You people have no soul, she went through a traumatic event and you force her to relive it again and again, how do you people sleep at night?”

                The media’s reaction was to do nothing.  They weren’t going to publicize what happened and editors banned any articles dealing with Larry Rozos or the incident.  As far as they were concerned, Larry’s 15 minutes were up.  They were the master of spin but there seemed to be no reversal to a cute young Olympic gymnast crying because of what the big bad media did to her.  A week after Sarah Jackson’s heartfelt submission, the world had moved on to something else. Larry called Sarah and said, “I would’ve called sooner but I didn’t want to jinx it.  I have to admit, I was wrong, you did beat the media.”

                Sarah smiled, “Don’t ever underestimate me again, that’s you’re lesson you mean old brainwasher”

                Larry laughed, “You know acting may be in your future, those tears seemed real.”

                “ehh I don’t know about that, it wasn’t really acting, I mean it was so frustrating, so rather than do it privately anymore, I did it publicly.  Before I went on, I read all the articles to remind me of what they did to us so they were real.”

                Larry softened, “Sarah, I’m sorry”

                “Nah, you warned me, my mess, I cleaned it up, Thank you.”

                Sarah and Larry didn’t talk much but they remained friends.  When Sarah was in New York, she made it a point to hang out with Larry but aside from that they never really called each other.  The 15 minutes of fame actually lasted two weeks.  The next few months they went on with their lives.  They would never forget what had happened but that didn’t mean they had to constantly see each other either.  Sarah was eternally grateful and Larry gave himself no credit, I mean he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he just let her be raped.  Really doing the right thing was all he needed to feel good, but the fact that he didn’t get anywhere near the backlash he thought he would was an added bonus. 

                On January 18, 2010, Sarah Jackson planned to come to New York.  She had told Larry she was coming up and Larry knew why.  Sarah dropped her things and Larry said, “So, where do you want to go for dinner for your birthday tomorrow?”

                “We’ll figure that out later.  Let’s just get some wine since I’m still too young to go to a bar and hang out till midnight.”

                Larry decided to play dumb.  He had been looking forward to this day for about six months.  Sarah Jackson would be turning 18 at midnight.  Despite his knowing he still asked with a smile, “What happens at midnight?”

 Sarah had also been waiting for this moment.  She had planned what she was going to do to Larry for a while now, but decided to just show him rather than tell him.  She looked up at him and smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

Larry ordered food and poured wine as they watched movies in his apartment.  When the clock struck midnight, Sarah leapt off the couch and walked into Larry’s room.  Larry turned off the TV and walked in and shut the door.  As soon as he did, Sarah got a running start and wrapped her legs tightly around his midsection as she locked lips with him.  Larry fell back into the door and made out with Sarah before turning around and pinning her against the door as he thrusted his pelvis into her.  Sarah reached down and took off Larry’s shirt and Larry did the same to her as well as unclipped her bra.  Sarah pulled her head beside Larry’s and whispered in his ear, “You’re in trouble” as she nibbled on his ear. 

Larry smiled for he liked it rough, but he wasn’t anticipating what was going to happen next.  Sarah reached back and pushed against the door and thrusted her waist out to move Larry back.  She bent her upper back and pushed up off the ground wrapping her legs around Larry’s neck.  She arched her back and used her arms to climb up Larry’s legs till her head was bent back near his groin.  She felt Larry’s hands caressing her stomach and breasts, which seemed bigger due to her position.  She unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s pants and pulled them down.  She felt Larry’s hands go to her groin to undo her pants.  She let go of Larry’s legs, which she used to keep her body in place and sat up straddling Larry’s head.  She pushed up on his shoulder and dove for the ground where she somersaulted to her feet.  Larry slipped his pants the rest of the way over his feet and off and turned around to see Sarah undoing her pants.


                The second that Sarah wrapped her limbs around Larry, he was excited.  He would have been content just having her pinned against the wall as they hooked up, but when she showed off her flexibility and acrobatics, he was extremely turned on.  Looking at Sarah strip herself the rest of the way made her irresistible now.  He noticed Sarah had a devilish smile but he wrote it off thinking that Sarah would think she had the upper hand, but really he was enjoying this more than she was. Larry dropped his boxers and walked toward Sarah who took a couple steps forward before kicking her right leg up and around Larry’s neck forcing his head down into her breasts.  Larry sucked on her breasts for a little and then Sarah pushed his head further down to her groin, where Larry began liking her clitoris.  Inside Larry was telling himself to not be too aggressive, if he let Sarah dominate him, he would get exactly what he wanted, try to take back control, and he may go overboard. 

                Sarah loved dominating Larry.  Although she was mostly over what happened in Greece, overpowering men gave her a certain satisfaction given that she was almost raped.  Doing it to the man who killed the man who tried to rape her, made it more special because she knew he wasn’t a push over.  She would feel no sympathy for Larry made her wait six long months for this.  Her sexual tension was exploding on her 18th birthday and she was going to have the control.  She thought that Larry may enjoy this but that wasn’t her concern, she was being selfish and her enjoyment was all that she cared about.  She kicked off the ground and wrapped the other leg around Larry’s head throwing her hands back to support herself.  Larry put his hands out for support with the added weight.  When he adjusted to his position, he lifted his upper body while using his arms to lift Sarah’s torso and twisted toward the bed lying down with his face still pressed against Sarah’s vagina and her legs squeezing his neck.  Soon after, she heard Sarah scream as she climaxed. 

                Sarah, however, didn’t loosen her grip on his neck.  Instead, she twisted her legs turning Larry around so now she was sitting on his face as he lay flat on his back.  She arched her back and inserted Larry’s penis into her mouth.  Larry caressed her breasts as he continued licking around and on her clitoris.  In his head, he was thinking of disgusting things in order to make it last longer.  Sarah then abruptly stopped and got up off the bed and walked to her bag.  Larry sat up and asked, “What’s wrong?” upset that it was over.

                Sarah didn’t say anything but grabbed what she was looking for keeping an eye on Larry behind her.  Larry got up planning on walking toward Sarah to see what she was doing.  The second he did, however, Sarah leapt up snapping her body back and doing a back handspring to kick Larry back onto the bed and reverse mounted him.  She ripped off the condom wrapper that she had gotten from her bag and placed the condom over Larry’s penis.  She then stood up on Larry’s chest, jumped in the air twisted as she flipped and landed with her upper body first so she could position her groin over Larry’s so his penis penetrated her. She loved the high ceilings in Larry’s place that allowed her to do the maneuver.  She took a glance up to see a huge smile on Larry’s face.  She rode him hard squeezing with her legs and kissing his neck and mouth.  Larry did the same to her and Sarah bit his ear and said, “Get up.”

                Larry stood up and drove Sarah to the wall as she wrapped her arms and legs around him squeezing as hard as she could.  Larry thrusted hard as Sarah brought her right leg up to Larry’s shoulder and interlocked it with her other leg still wrapped around his waist.  Larry felt himself tiring so twisted her toward the bed and lied down.  Sarah eased her grip, she wasn’t done with Larry yet, but found Larry using his arms to motion the leg that was around his waist to his neck as he felt him penetrate deep inside her using his shoulders to pin her legs behind her head.  They kissed profusely as Larry alternated between her lips, neck, legs and feet excited by how close they all were showing just how flexible she was.  She climaxed again and noticed a little while later Larry was slowing.  She knew that Larry was close to climaxing, and wanted to put herself in position to execute her plan.  She bent her right leg over his left bicep, while forcing Larry’s right arm down and wrapping her leg around his right side and interlocking her legs and squeezed as she turned over so that she was on top of Larry still holding the position pointing her toes so as not to put unnecessary stress on her ankles and bent her chest over Larry’s face.

 Larry felt her vice like grip cripple his body.  He was still excited though and didn’t mind.  He remembered that in Japan, they would strangle each other to enhance the sexual stimulation.

 Sarah lifted her breasts off his face so that Larry could see her face and she said, “Larry, you’re trapped and I’m sorry but I have to do this.  You’re going to know what it feels like to be completely defenseless and you’re going to get knocked out by a little 18-year-old girl.” as she used her legs to pull Larry’s head into her breasts again and continued to squeeze and thrust against Larry still enjoying feeling him deep inside her.

Although Larry couldn’t resist if he wanted to, he didn’t want to.  He wasn’t really sure if Sarah would accidentally kill him but thinking about it, he didn’t really think it was a bad way to go.  About the time he came to terms with it, his penis exploded semen into the condom.  He let out the choked like noise that accompanies an orgasm but Sarah didn’t stop.  She continued to ride him and squeeze, he used the limited movement in his arms to tap out but Sarah ignored it.  Soon he drifted into unconsciousness realizing that this may be the best way to go. 

As soon as Sarah felt Larry’s body go limp she counted another 10 seconds before easing her grip but not her position.  If Larry was conscious, he would reveal it instinctively, but he was out cold.  She had successfully choked him out.  She rolled him onto his stomach and lied on his back positioning her arms under his and her legs around his while lying between his deltoids and going to sleep.  When Larry woke up, she would try to make peace with him. 

A couple minutes later, Larry snapped out of his unconsciousness and was a little disoriented.  He realized where he was when Sarah started kissing his neck and speaking softly in his ear, “I’m sorry, just relax, I’ll make it up to you.”

Larry decided to not tell her that he loved every minute of it, and if she hadn’t said anything he would have thanked her and remarked how it was the best experience of his life.  As it stood, he was excited to see how she would make it up to him.  She began rubbing Larry’s shoulders and massaging his back.  She then stood on Larry’s back and used her toes to rub any knots that may be in his shoulder.  She did a back flip positioning her feet aside his spine in a perfect straight line.  She then did a front flip and went back up the same line she went down.  Larry felt his back crack and his muscles relax.  There weren’t many people in the world that could precisely land the flips in precise locations for a massage.  Given Sarah was a gold medalist in the balance beam; she was more than up to the task.  Sarah noticed that Larry was relaxed even before she started so stopped soon after the second flip and lied down on her side next to Larry with her back toward him.  Larry turned to his side and wrapped his arm around her waist and rested it on her stomach.  Sarah wrapped her leg back around Larry’s and leaned back into him and relaxed her body.  They fell asleep cuddling and the next day, Larry called off work and took Sarah out for her birthday before she flew back to Iowa after one more night of less intensive intercourse. 

Sarah and Larry still kept in contact with each other, but not as much as before.  Their time on Sarah’s 18th birthday provided closure to the relationship.  Both their sexual tensions were more than relieved and both understood that’s all it was.  They would always be friends and neither ever thought to escalate it any further.