Monday, August 29, 2016

The love fight

The love fight


                Before I start this story I think I should give some background on the people involved.  Liz is a black belt in Karate who hates fighting and arguing.  Lives in Dallas Texas and looks at life as beautiful.  Larry is pretty much the exact opposite he’s a WWF crazed person who loves to fight and argue.  He lives in Cleveland Ohio.  You may be asking yourself how do these two kids get together when one lives in Texas and the other in Cleveland. How did they meet?  The answer is quite coincidental.  They share a mutual cousin however they themselves are not related.  The cousin’s name is Kera, she is 12 years old and lives in Brooklyn NY and pretty much has the same personality as Larry although she doesn’t like to fight and argue however she doesn’t hate doing them.  She is related to Larry on her mom’s side. And Liz on her dad’s side she is second cousin with both of them.  They met in a private chat set up by Kera.  When Larry realized that Liz was 15 like he was he decided to talk to her and talk they did.  Kera was nervous at first but after a little she got used to the fact and stopped caring.  They finally met in person about a year and half after they met in that private chat.  Kera had promised Larry he would get Liz to fight Larry.  We don’t mean real fighting just kind of messing around but what she wasn’t sure of was what happened.


                The first day both Liz and Larry were in Brooklyn staying at Kera’s house.  Kera convinced Liz to fight Larry.  Of course they were just messing around and not trying to hurt each other.  It was looking to be a good fight because you had a black belt verses a wrestler a classic battle, of course the always cool, boy vs. girl.  I mean everybody loves to see that but because it’s boy vs. girl things can happen. These things Kera didn’t expect, neither did Liz and Larry.  The fight started out normal as Liz used her karate skills and Larry tried fighting back and defending with wrestling.  Then it got weird; Liz connected with a spinning crescent kick right across Larry’s face.  Larry was then facing a wall when Liz-instead of capitalizing- grabbed Larry’s ass.  Larry may or may not have noticed as he fought right back.  Liz knocked Larry down and proceeded to take off his shorts.  Larry was now in his boxers he didn’t seem to mind what just happened.  He then blocked a punch by Liz and forced himself up against Liz and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her bra.  By this time Kera had already left because she didn’t like the idea of seeing her two cousins get on each other.  Nobody blamed her, and if you do you’re a hillbilly redneck.  After a while Larry did manage to get Liz’s bra off and it became a “who can strip the other person match.”  So as they fought and hit on each other constantly.  Liz got Larry’s shirt off after kicking him in the stomach and reacting to Larry’s reaction, when he held his stomach in pain he grabbed the shirt and pulled it over his head.  Then Larry hit Liz with a football tackle which in wrestling is known as a “double leg take down.”  After performing this maneuver, he held on to Liz’s legs and took off her pants. He then wrapped her legs around his waist, as Liz gave no resistance. Using his free hands he pinned her arms behind her head. Then, because Larry is a guy and has a woman’s legs wrapped around him, and her arms pinned behind her back. He also had her breasts bared and the girl is his age, because all these factors were applicable to the situation he was in and he-like almost every other guy- couldn’t resist doing something so he lied down opened his mouth and sucked on Liz’s breast.  They then made out and were all over each other kissing and grabbing each other.  Liz awarded Larry the victory and they both got dressed and carried on the rest of the day like nothing happened.  The rest of the weekend they slept together in the same bed.  They kept their virginity so don’t worry about that. They were assigned to sleep on different floors but both being teenagers, and all teenagers have a certain knowledge of how to sneak in doing something they’re not supposed to, did just that.  Kera and her parents had no idea because Larry would sleep in Liz’s bed wake up before everyone else and go to his bed and take a short nap before someone woke him up.  He had told his aunt and uncle he was an early riser but they didn’t believe him.  This was beneficial to Larry because they had no idea that Larry spent the night in Liz’s bed.  It all started with a fight that ended in the two of them getting on each other with only boxers and panties.  After a couple of weeks they had to return home, Liz went back to Dallas as Larry went back to Cleveland neither one saying a word to anyone including Kera about them spending the night together. 

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