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                Kera is a 5’4” pessimistic Greek.  She is a cousin of Larry’s whom we will meet later.  Heather was a friend of Kera’s.  Although, they had known each other a while, they had grown close in the last few years.  Both girls are 12 years old.  Larry is 6’ he is very stubborn and pessimistic.  He is 15 years old and has a tendency to lie.  He had started a habitat for his friends that wanted to run away from home.  He had two places one in Brooklyn, New York the other in Cleveland, Ohio.  Both were abandoned so it didn’t cost a dime.  Kera had lived in the habitat for 11 months.  However when she met Heather, she became mean and Larry noticed this change when she was around Heather and mentioned it to Kera.  Kera was furious and yelled at Larry.  Larry never regretted what he did, he was honest something Kera had always asked him to be.  Be careful what you wish for I guess.  Anyway she moved out of the habitat to stay with Heather.  Kera had told her what Larry had said, and Heather was really mad at Larry too.  Heather convinced Kera not to speak to Larry again.  Larry was very hurt by this, it would haunt him for the rest of his life.  He tried apologizing to no avail.  He hated Heather; Kera took Larry’s lack of respect and lack of manners toward Heather as going against everything in the apology what Kera didn’t realize was that Larry never apologized to Heather he apologized to Kera.  To Kera however Heather was more important to her than Larry.  Larry tried to hate Kera but he couldn’t, he loved her like a sister and could never stay mad.  So instead of anger he showed depression. 


                Kera and Heather were home by themselves.  They were just relaxing and hanging out.  They went online watched TV and skated like many 12-year-old girls.  Heather had to go somewhere so Kera was home alone.  About 45 minutes after Heather left there was a knock at the door.  Kera got up from the couch where she was watching MTV to get the door, when she opened it she found a knife to her throat.  The man grabbed Kera by the hair and pulled so Kera would turn around.  She did, and he placed his arm around with the knife close to her throat.  He asked her, “Where is Larry?” 

                Kera didn’t know and said so, but the man thought she did so he began getting mad.  He yanked Kera’s hair back so that Kera fell over.  She nailed the ground on the back of her head and grabbed it indicating pain.  He stopped her so she was lying on her back.  He put her hands behind her back and held them there with his left hand.  With his right hand he put the knife to her throat.  He asked her again, “Where is Larry?”

                Kera was in panic and said in a panicky tone, “I don’t know, If I did I’d tell you…..” She was cut short by a kick into the stomach.  She grabbed her stomach in pain from the shot.  She rolled onto her side holding her stomach; the kid turned her on to her back, took out a gun and placed the end of the barrel on Kera’s solar plexus.  He repeated the question. She responded short on breath and panicky, “Look if I knew I’d tell you, but I don’t know please don’t kill me.”

                The man grabbed her by the throat and pulled up indicating for Kera to stand up.  She did.  He shoved her against a pole and punched her in the stomach and threw her sideways to the ground.  Kera got up on all fours coughing.  She finally got to her feet just to have the kid put his arm around her neck and pull her toward him.  She stood defenseless in his arm and asked, “Is it really worth all this to save your stupid cousin.”

                “No, That’s why I’d tell you but I don’t know, I swear please leave me alone.”

                “You know what I think? I think that’s bullshit.” At the end of the sentence he let go took a step back and punched Kera in the kidneys.

                Kera staggered but another punch came quickly after to her kidneys again followed by a third then Kera dropped to her knees.  He then helped her back up and threw her against the pole where he punched her in the stomach and chest some more.  She was now bent forward He went to the side of her and kicked her into the stomach.  Kera fell gasping for breath.  He helped her back up and threw her into the pole again and punched her in the stomach then threw her to the side.  She struggled and got on all fours, her back was toward the kid.  The kid said, “Oh my what a nice ass, I’m going to fuck you now.”

                He grabbed her by the back of the throat and was about to help her to her feet so he could strip her easier when the door flew open and another boy came charging at him. The boy drove his shoulder into the kid’s stomach and while driving the kid backward opened his hands wrapped them around the kid’s legs and chopped at the back of the knees forcing the kid to snap on the back of his head.  The boy was Larry.  Larry lifted the kid up and started punching him in the stomach and chest.  He then grabbed him by the hair and was slamming his head into the metal pole.  He was furious.  He threw the kid back and jumped feet first onto his stomach.  The kid was now spitting blood.  Larry wasn’t finished though he helped him back up and threw him against the wall where he unleashed rights and lefts to the midsection, the kid fell to a sitting position then Larry began to kick him in the face.  With each kick the back of the kid’s head was slamming into the wall.  He eventually fell over in unconsciousness.  Larry walked back a little tired.  Kera ran up to him and hugged Larry.  Larry was extremely surprised she was showing this kind of affection even when her and Larry had been on good terms she hadn’t hugged him.  He hugged her back though and felt happy about what he did.  Kera reached her hands out and grabbed a golden candlestick she gripped the two ends with both her hands and pulled it toward her fast.  It connected on Larry’s back as his weight was shifted forward.  Kera let go of Larry and went around him where she hit him again with the candlestick.  She repeatedly hit him and Larry was now bleeding from his back and spitting blood.  Kera stopped and sat down for she was still really hurt from what the kid did to her.  She was in for a scare when the kid got up and pushed her from behind onto the ground and said, “You stupid bitch, you just beat up the one person who was going to save you from being raped, oh well.” 

Larry proved he had something left in him though as he pounced forward with his knife and stabbed the kid in the throat.  The kid fell back dead.  Larry forced himself up.  Kera had the candlestick and was going to swing it at Larry again.  Larry grabbed Kera’s arm and made a fist with the other arm set to punch Kera but he couldn’t do it.  He shook and dropped her arm, Kera then kicked him in his shin and Larry dropped his other hand and Kera nailed him across the face with the candlestick.  Larry fell to the floor then Heather walked in and loved what she saw she rolled Larry onto his back and lied across his shoulder and told Kera to slap the ground three times.  (In professional wrestling when your opponent’s shoulders pinned for a count of three you win).  Kera counted 1-2 then Larry forced his shoulder up.  He grabbed the candlestick from where Kera dropped it and hit Heather across the face.  Heather he could hit it was Kera’s whom he couldn’t.  He beat her continuously in the back with the candlestick.  Kera grabbed a steel pole and swung it connecting on Larry’s back causing him to fall head over heels onto the ground.  Kera actually didn’t feel bad for what she was doing.  Larry turned onto his stomach using his last amount of strength.  His back and the front of his shirt were bloody from the blood that he spit from his mouth. Kera lifted Larry’s legs up and with a smile on her face said, “You’re getting beat up by a little girl.”

                She placed her left leg between Larry’s legs and placed it on the ground across her feet and intercepting Larry’s leg.  She then wrapped Larry’s legs around her left leg and twisted her body around still holding on to his legs to force Larry onto his stomach.  He was on his stomach then she sat down on his back.  This is a move Larry had taught Kera called the “sharpshooter” Larry was in drastic pain, this submission maneuver focused on the back and it was the back that Larry was hit most by metallic objects.  Larry grimaced in pain while Kera smiled.  She then stood up still holding Larry’s legs and squatted down.  Larry’s legs were more elevated and even more force was being pulled backward causing even more pressure to Larry’s back.  This move was known as the “Walls of Jericho” Kera taunted Larry to give up but Larry would never do that.  He managed to tuck his head in and turn using Kera’s backward momentum carried it so Kera fell back onto her head.  She did exactly that and her legs were bent over Larry’s shoulders and Larry’s legs put pressure on Kera’s arms.  This was a pinning maneuver Larry counted 1-2-3 then lied his head onto Kera’s leg and fell unconscious.  Kera tried to escape from the move but she couldn’t.  The move had her trapped.  Heather was very badly hurt and couldn’t move so she had no help.  Kera tried sleeping but it was a weird position. 


Larry did eventually wake up from unconsciousness and threw Kera’s legs off her and walked out the door crestfallen. He saved Kera’s life and Kera tries to kill him for it.  Kera did actually feel bad for that but not bad enough to go back to Larry’s habitat. When she saw Heather she wasn’t going to inform Larry that she felt bad. Deep inside she knew she did.  Larry felt really betrayed.  Kera had backstabbed him.  He tried doing something nice and he paid for it.  He couldn’t help but like Kera, the more he felt this the more he hated Heather.  Heather ended up with a broken jaw and some broken vertebrae, Larry was unsympathetic and the day she got out of the hospital Larry came and beat her bloody with a candlestick, He came at night so they were both asleep.  One hit knocked Heather unconscious so she couldn’t scream and beat her repeatedly in the back with it then left.  Heather would never walk again.  That was a fate worse than death.  Which was exactly what Larry had planned.  Kera suspected Larry but couldn’t prove it.  She never called Larry because she didn’t want to speak to him again.  Larry missed Kera for the rest of his life.

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