Friday, September 15, 2017

Face me like a Woman

                Larry was a Greek boy that went to New York University (NYU).  Most of his friends were commuters.  Larry was a very confrontational boy that didn’t mind getting in fights but refused to start them.  Because of this, he didn’t get in many fights because most of the time he would talk trash to people and the other person would back off because they didn’t see a point.  He was generally a nice person but had a dark side to him. 

Like all college students, Larry found himself in a certain circle of friends.  Most of the people in his circle commuted to school or were from New York just too far to commute.  One of them, Janilsa, a girl that grew up in East New York but now lived in Long Island, always maintained that Larry needed someone to beat him up.  Only problem was, Larry was too nice and looked small so nobody wanted to fight him in fear of hurting him or lack of reason.  Janilsa had asked some of her friends to do it because she knew Larry wouldn’t back down.  Her friends, however, always ended up liking Larry so didn’t want to fight him…even after Janilsa and Larry hooked up at parties while intoxicated.  This only happened on two occasions, the first, Janilsa’s brother was there, the second, one of her closest friends that boxed and knew Brazilian forms of martial arts was there.  Neither felt it was reason enough to fight him since Larry didn’t push it too far and did respect her.  Larry and Janilsa were friends, Janilsa had no resentment for him; she just wanted Larry to learn that he can’t be in New York with a fighter’s mentality.  To her, it would be better for Larry to learn on someone she knew and could control than a random person on the street.  In a weird sort of way, she was trying to protect Larry from himself.   Larry always said he was a tough kid and could fight, but as of yet didn’t have to prove it.

Larry’s closest friends in this group were a Russian named Vonnie and a Dominican named Alyssa.  Alyssa often got upset with Larry when his dark side emerged.  Vonnie knew exactly how to handle him, so it never bothered her.  Because of this, Larry’s target for insulting was Alyssa.  To him, it was a close friend that wouldn’t take it personally.  After all, Alyssa was always quick to tease people, so she should be able to take it.  One night, when classes were almost over ending the school year, Vonnie, Alyssa and Larry went to a bar.  Originally they were going to go to a club.  Larry hated clubs so the fact that he was going put him in a bad mood.  When Larry drank, it often exaggerated his present state.  This is why when he would drink to get over being angry; it would just make him angrier.  Larry had two drunken states, the first (and most common) was laid back and sometimes flirtatious, the other was rude and angry.  Alyssa hated the latter one, Vonnie didn’t mind it because, even in this state, she could control Larry and he rarely took his anger out on her.  When he did, Vonnie wouldn’t take it personally and things would be okay.  On this particular occasion, Larry was the angry drunk.  Alyssa was trying to get Larry to start working out and put grease in his hair (Larry was against both).  Larry had grown up with three siblings and a mother that would constantly nag him about these very things, so it triggered a deep resentment that he held for his siblings.  Larry hated when someone tried to tell him how to live his life, and he thought Alyssa was doing exactly that.  So Larry let Alyssa know about all her faults and berated her.  The one insult that got to her was that Larry called her unopinionated and passive.  Namely that she refused to give her opinion about anything because she wanted everyone to like her.  This opinion was triggered by one incident.  One day at dinner, Larry asked Alyssa about her position on the war in Iraq and she said, “It’s taking place on the other side of the world, why should I care?”  Although that is blatantly not opinionated, Alyssa did let people know her opinion, but Larry ignored that and focused on the one incident.  Larry backed off a little toward the end but the resentment still bottled up inside of Alyssa.

A couple days later, Alyssa called her good friend Abraham.  Abraham was about two to three inches taller than Larry and approximately 60lbs heavier than him.  Alyssa believed Abraham knew her the best.  They had hooked up before, but tried to keep it strictly plutonic.  Alyssa exaggerated the story with what happened to Larry and asked Abraham to beat him up for her.    Abraham agreed, he had met Larry and felt that it would not be a challenge.  Abraham lived in upstate New York (as did Alyssa), but he made the trip down to the city for the strict purpose of fighting Larry.  Alyssa pretended she was not upset with the night at the bar and invited him to hang out in Flushing, Queens where Alyssa had a house with her three sisters.  Larry went there and met up with her.  They walked around aimlessly and talked.  This was a common occurrence for them, so Larry didn’t feel it was odd.  Alyssa, however, was luring him to where Abraham was.  Larry saw Abraham, and thought it was weird how they would run in to him.  Abraham shoved Larry and said, “You’ve been talking shit to Alyssa.”

Larry turned to Alyssa and was greeted back with a devilish smile.  Larry nodded his head and said, “Yea, apparently Alyssa can dish it but can’t take it, so are you here to get revenge?”

Alyssa jumped in and said, “Oh I can take it, but I’m going to prove you wrong on something.  I do have opinions; it is my opinion that you need to get your ass kicked.”

                Abraham smiled and waited for Larry to try to talk his way out of it.  But all Larry said was, “So what are we waiting for?”

                Abraham pushed Larry and he took two steps back.  Although this was physical contact, it didn’t constitute picking a fight for Larry but still the build up to a fight.  Larry pushed back and Abraham took a half step.  Abraham punched at Larry but Larry ducked and swung his arm up uppercutting Abraham.  This was Larry’s element, he was used to fighting those bigger than he and he had a short fuse so adrenaline fueled him through his few fights.  Larry jabbed the other arm forward into Abraham’s nose, naturally blinding him with tears.  Abraham took two steps back to distance himself from Larry and rub his eyes.  Larry ran forward, jumped to the side and drove his knee into Abraham’s solar plexus.  Abraham breathed heavily but barely bent over.  Larry had fallen from his momentum but shot right back up.  He sprinted again and dove into Abraham’s legs tripping him back and to the ground.  Larry pounced on top of Abraham and punched his face repeatedly.  Abraham grabbed Larry by the biceps and tossed him to the side. He rose dazed and bent down.  Larry put his hands on Abraham’s back and pushed up drilling both knees into his face.  Abraham’s nose was bleeding and broken.  He struggled to get the tears out of his eyes that came as a natural reaction to being hit in the nose.  He broke the cobwebs in time to see Larry’s punch for his nose; he sidestepped it and punched Larry in the ribs.  Larry grabbed his side for a moment but quickly defended himself.  That split second was all Abraham needed to grab Larry and throw him against a building.  Larry bounced off and tried to tackle Abraham but he remained sturdy.  Again Larry found himself shoved against the building and Abraham punched at Larry’s midsection.  He then went for a final jab in Larry’s face but Larry moved his head and Abraham hit brick.  He reacted quickly, however, and tossed Larry to the ground.  He stomped at Larry but only connected on two to Larry’s back before he rolled out of the way.  Abraham was furious that Larry ever had the advantage and yelled out, “Come on”

                Larry smiled; he knew he was getting under Abraham’s skin.  Larry knew that big people could rarely fight well due to lack of experience.  Larry had experience with his larger siblings, and even though that was just wrestling without the intent of hurting, the same strategies are used.  Larry and Abraham circled each other.  Larry waited for him to make the first move.  Abraham took a step toward Larry and Larry hopped back.  Abraham lunged forward trying to grab Larry but Larry slipped his body behind Abraham and tried to lift him.  He didn’t get far, Abraham swung his arm to try to batter Larry but Larry ducked under it.  Larry brought his arm up for another uppercut but Abraham pulled his head back and Larry hit nothing but air.  Abraham bear hugged Larry and lifted him off the ground.  He ran toward a building and sandwiched Larry’s body.  He distanced himself and punched at Larry’s face.  Anger made Abraham ignore the pain that is endured when hitting the side of someone’s face directly.  Larry ducked but Abraham grabbed him before he could move.  Abraham tried lifting Larry, but Larry wiggled through his grip.  Since Larry was tall and lanky, he was able to do this.  The momentary confusion let Larry punch Abraham in the nose again.  Again Larry ran at Abraham and nailed him with his knee in the solar plexus.  This time Abraham did bend over because the wind was knocked out of him.  Larry jumped up and put Abraham in a headlock and repeatedly jammed his face into his knee.  While Larry’s knee connected with Abraham’s face, he stared down Alyssa.  Alyssa looked on in shock; Larry hadn’t been lying when he said he could fight.  Abraham picked up his upper body elevating Larry’s body.  Larry brought his other arm around Abraham’s neck and waited until Abraham was at full height.  Larry then brought both his feet at Abraham’s chest and pushed off as hard as he could.  Both of them flew off in opposite directions to the ground.  Larry got up quickly and saw Abraham get up.  Larry didn’t jog toward Abraham for he wanted to use Abraham’s body and anger against him.  Sure enough, Abraham got up blood dripping from his face and fury in his eyes.  He dashed at Larry, Larry waited until Abraham was within arms length until he bent down, wrapped his arms around Abraham’s legs and shot his upper body up catapulting Abraham’s body seven feet in the air and crashing down on the pavement.  While Abraham was in the air, Larry flexed and swung his arms implying that it was his strength that threw Abraham’s large body that high.  The reality was it was Abraham’s momentum used against him.  Larry turned and faced Abraham’s body lying flat.  Larry raced forward and leaped onto Abraham’s solar plexus.  Abraham sat up spitting the air from his body only to be met by a kick to the face.  Larry smiled for he knew Abraham was barely conscious and that the fight was over.  He helped Abraham to his feet where he wobbled trying to maintain balance.  Larry had run cross-country so his legs were accustomed to punishment and developed strength.  Larry wrapped Abraham’s arm over his shoulders, and lowered his other arm between his legs by his knees and lifted up so that Abraham’s body was spread across his shoulders.  Larry shifted his original arm that had Abraham’s arm to the back of Abraham’s head to secure his grip.  He turned and faced Alyssa and smiled before backing up to a building.  Larry bent forward and snapped his upper body back slamming Abraham’s body into the building repeatedly.  Larry was running on pure adrenaline and knew he would feel this later.  As Larry felt his muscles tiring, he took one final look over at Alyssa to refuel his adrenaline.  He was extremely mad that Alyssa would hire someone to beat him up for that one night.  It wasn’t about hurting Abraham, it was about making Alyssa watch the battering of her good friend with the knowledge that she was directly responsible for it.  With the last burst of energy, Larry turned and faced the wall, swung Abraham’s body so that he was perpendicular to Larry’s shoulder with his stomach resting on one of them and half his body in front, the bottom half behind Larry.  Larry had one arm on Abraham’s lower back keeping him on Larry’s shoulder and the other gripping Abraham’s hair lifting his head up.  Larry then hurried forward and drove Abraham’s face into the side of the building.  Abraham slid from Larry’s grip and lied motionless on the pavement unconscious. 

Alyssa cringed as she watched the final blow.  Larry walked toward Alyssa with both Abraham’s and his blood on his face, arms, and shirt. Alyssa was too scared to move.  She didn’t think Larry would hit her, but then again, she didn’t think Larry could beat Abraham.  Larry almost always carried two pocketknives on his waist.  They would only be drawn if someone pulled a weapon on him.  As he was face to face with Alyssa he took the two knives from his waist unopened.  Alyssa stiffened up because she knew about the knives and thought Larry would draw them.  Instead, Larry handed them to Alyssa and said, “You have a problem with me, now take it out on me.” 

Alyssa said nothing but just looked shockingly into Larry’s eyes. Larry realized Alyssa’s trepidation in taking the knives so he opened them up and flipped them around so he was holding the blades and the handle was pointed toward Alyssa, he said, “Here, I even opened them for you, all you got to do is push them forward into my body.”

“I’m not going to stab you” she finally mustered

“Why not, you can’t take care of your own problems.  You have to have your friends do your dirty work.  You know you and your sisters keep talking about how you want to establish yourselves in your occupation before getting married so you don’t have to depend on your husbands financially yet now, you can’t even take care of your own problems and need a man to help you.”

Alyssa knew Larry was trying to get her upset so she would stab him.  This wasn’t the first time Larry had tried to get her to hit him, but it was the first time his knives were offered.  She said, “I know what you’re trying to do”

“I’m not trying anything, you’re just proving me right, this is your problem; you take care of it, if it helps look at what I did to your lover Abraham.”

Alyssa did look at Abraham and began contemplating to stab Larry.  Then Larry said, “Come on, face me like a man”

“No Larry, like a woman” she said as she drove the knives into Larry’s sides below his ribcage, then subsequently removed them and dropped them onto the ground.  Alyssa was pre-med so she knew where the major arteries were.  She wanted to hurt Larry, not kill him so she avoided these arteries.  Larry grabbed his sides in pain and sat down.  He was happy in a sick sort of way.  Alyssa dropped the knives and helped Larry to his feet.  Larry grabbed his wounds and said, “Good job”

Both of them went over to Abraham and helped him.  By now, he was awake but still really bemused.  Larry took off his shirt and tied it tightly around his stomach putting pressure on his wounds.  They then both helped Abraham to the car.  On the way to the car, Larry collected his knives.  Alyssa drove the two boys to her house and nursed their wounds.  All three were on good terms.  The next day, while hanging out with their circle of friends, Larry and Alyssa told them the story.  Vonnie thought it was stupid, but Janilsa was happy that Larry got cut up a little bit.  Larry’s attitude didn’t change since he won the fight.  They all stayed on good terms and kept their friendship throughout their lives. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Attempted Marine Rape Invasion

                In the year 1910, the mafia was beginning to take form due to the prohibition of alcohol.  On one night in New York, mafia members hijacked a truck looking for goods to sell.  All they found, however, was a large tank of sea horses.  They decided they would use the truck for transportation purposes.  To get rid of the seahorses, they threw the tank into the Hudson River.  When they got there, many amphibious creatures were intrigued by the new marine life.  Because of this, the marine life such as frogs approached the seahorses rather frequently.  The seahorses immediately began having sex with these frogs and other amphibians.  Although this seems weird, the harsh conditions of the Hudson River calls for species to either adapt or die.  The seahorses tried to mate and reproduce as quickly as they could since they were rapidly dying.  Mutations of sea horses arose and evolution was happening in New York unbeknownst to the large city of Manhattan.  By the year 2003, the seahorse had gone through multiple generations and had actually developed lungs for land occupation.  The mutated seahorse, however, still had full use of its gills.  This new mutation of seahorse was also very horny for non-seahorse animals.  Since an evolutionary law is “only the strong survive” this new mutation had all the good genes of the amphibians to survive.  Naturally this included a need for lungs to get out of the harsh conditions of the Hudson River.  The mutated seahorse instinctively wanted better though.  They sought out for animals that only occupied land.  One useful trait for this was inherited from a bullfrog in its ability to puff itself to multiple times it’s own size.  The only question was what species would the seahorse target, reptile, bird, or mammal? 

The seahorse got into water pipes and traveled through the cities.  Every now and then it would hear a loud noise and a large silver snake whizzed by.  This scared the seahorse for he had not seen a snake that large that made so much noise.  This snake had no scales, but smooth silvery skin.   The snake also had circular legs in which bright orange lights often emerged from them.  The legs were much larger than the seahorse so this is the only thing he got a good look at.  The seahorse did not want to rape this species.  The seahorse was not alone on this journey.  He had a female seahorse with him as well.  One thing to be understood is that the seahorse is one of the few species where the male carries the offspring and gives birth.  One day while traveling through pipes they reached an opening and saw a bright white light coming at them.  The male seahorse was able to slither out of the way, but the big silver snake with circular legs squashed the female.  The seahorse has no feeling for its mate so it just continued on searching for a mate.  After all, his job was to find a non-seahorse species.  The female species was only brought along in case they did not find a non-amphibious species in their travels.  If this were the case, they would mate and their offspring would continue the journey.  Would he find a non-amphibious mate before death?

Alyssa Gil went to school at New York University.  She was a commuter student and below average height.  After spending some time in the city and working out, she was on her way home.  Alyssa commuted to school so took the subway to and from school.  She waited on the platform for the subway with many other people.  As she was waiting she noticed a subway worker climb up from the tracks onto the platform.  Alyssa figured that the worker was done with his shift and was now leaving.  Shortly after the worker climbed up the subway train came.  It didn’t seem uncommon to her to see a worker climb from the tracks but she didn’t know that what this worker had with him would be extremely important later on that day. 

The male seahorse traveled through the water pipes until one day he saw a large animal with hair on the top of its head and soft skin.  It was multicolored with an orange harder texture over a different color softer skin.  This intrigued the seahorse so he grabbed on and crawled around searching to see if it would be a suitable species to mate with.  The large new species had no idea that the seahorse was on him and carried out its business.  When the male seahorse realized he discovered a male form of the species and could not mate with it, he wanted to get off.  At this time, however, the species was climbing so he waited for it to remain still.  He then hopped off and found no water pipes in this new area.  He immediately found a shorter, yet still massive compared to the frog-sized seahorse, version of the previous species.  This species had no hair except for the top of its head.  Immediately the seahorse climbed on this species to see if he had discovered the female version.  The seahorse froze when he heard the big snake coming.  He wondered if his elevated position would be too high for the snake.  It wasn’t, for the first time, the seahorse saw a middle section of the large snake.  Before then, he only saw its large circular legs.  He realized that the midsection had the smooth skin open up to reveal its insides, which were hollow.  Many of the species he had just encountered were inside of the snake.  The seahorse believed that this was how the snake ate, it would open up and something lured the new species he was now attached to inside its stomach.  The seahorse had never seen an animal do this so it was frozen in shock, and did not recover until it was too late; the species he had held on to had walked inside.  The seahorse had no idea what the snake used to lure this new species, but it appeared to have worked.  Suddenly the skin slid back into place and the seahorse thought this was the end. After a bit, he was perplexed because he didn’t feel dead.  The snake must have slow digestion, he observed the occurrences inside the snake.  He witnessed the skin opening and shutting many times.  What gave him hope is some of the species inside the snake would escape alive from inside of the snake.  Seeing this, he continued his journey on the species avoiding being crushed when many of this new species collided.  Now the seahorse’s efforts were on not being crushed between this species.  One thing was for sure it was a culture shock.  From an unknown source sounds would be made that seemed to come from everywhere at once, it happened shortly before and after the opening or closing of the skin. 

Finally the species he had grabbed on to exited from inside the snake.  The seahorse breathed in relief since no more of this two-legged species were colliding together.  He waited for the species to stop so he could continue to see if the species was female.  It did stop but not in where the seahorse wanted.  For this species had walked into another snake.  The seahorse didn’t think he would get lucky and live twice so fear caused him to stop again.  Once again the two-legged species collided into each other making it hard for him to search.  Finally, once again, the species exited from inside the large snake safe and sound.  The seahorse was amazed for he had been in the second snake for a very long time.  The species walked a long distance and the seahorse waited patiently for it to stop.  Every time it did it searched its body for female parts.  It was hard to distinguish from the layers of skin it had for it was not just one piece for the whole body.  This only occurred under the first two layers of skin.  The third layer was a layer he couldn’t crawl under so this is where it searched for the part.  Although this skin traveled through a majority of the body, it still did not cover parts of the upper section below the head and at the top of the legs at the bottom of the abdomen.  Since the seahorse was on the leg, the abdomen was closer.  The seahorse also moved slowly since it was an amphibian, thus needed water.  He hadn’t been in water for a while so was drying fast.  The species stopped and went rather frequently so this was a timely process and got more painful.  He had not discovered any part either male or female since the longer he waited the weaker he became.  The seahorse slept on the leg of the species.  The seahorse then saw something rather strange.  The species was tearing off the skin that had holes in it and revealed a skin that covered its entire body.  The seahorse remained where he was for it was on the verge of dying from not being in water.  To the seahorse’s luck it began raining.  Except this rain covered a very small area of the ground.  The seahorse looked up and did not see anything that resembled a sky nor did he see a sun.  He didn’t think about this, for he had to see if this species was male or female.  He crawled up toward the abdomen and when he reached the bottom, he found what he was looking for; the female part.  He immediately tried to mate with this large species but his part didn’t fit.  He unhooked his legs and plummeted to the ground to puffed up so his part would fit. 

Alyssa had taken the subway home.  It was rather crowded on the subway so she bumped with people frequently.  While walking home, she encountered many stops waiting for walk signs.  When she got home, she immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower.  Not too long later, she noticed a seahorse-like creature getting larger.  Alyssa was too shocked to scream or make a sound.  She knew she had not taken any drugs that cause one to hallucinate but this was not an every day occurrence.    The seahorse had puffed up to Alyssa’s size and Alyssa’s eyes widened with fear.  Suddenly Alyssa felt something around her groin region.  Despite her skepticism of the situation, she realized that this seahorse was male and trying to mate.  Immediately Alyssa slapped the seahorse across the side of his head causing it to slam against the bathroom wall.  The seahorse anticipated the species to fight back.  Species often did but this was survival of the fittest.  He came back and hit Alyssa with his suction arms in the face.  Alyssa felt the pain and began to believe that this was not her imagination.  Hallucinated objects don’t hit, and if they do, it doesn’t hurt.  Alyssa grabbed the seahorse by what she conceived to be the throat.  The seahorse immediately shot a small liquid substance from its snout.  This was how male seahorses attracted their mates.  They would spray a substance in the water that would draw the female seahorses to it.  Now it was used as a defense mechanism.  She let go of the seahorse and rubbed her face.  The seahorse took advantage of this and shoved her into the wall and again tried to mate now that he had her pinned.  Alyssa was too strong for that, she shoved the seahorse back and pulled herself out of the corner.  She opened her hands and put them in front of her and slapped the seahorse a couple times.  She then told the seahorse, “Come on you little fuck, I’m Dominican and we Dominicans can fight.”

The seahorse had no idea what sound emerged from the species but realized it was hard to mate with.  He wrapped his tail around her leg and pulled but Alyssa shook her leg violently trying to knock the seahorse off.  With the upper half of his body, the seahorse wrapped around the other leg and tripped Alyssa.  She collapsed flat on her stomach in the tub with water beating on her back.  The seahorse lied on top and again tried to stick his part into the hole in the bottom of the abdomen.  This, however, was the wrong hole.  Since most of the seahorse was air, it was very light.  Alyssa rose with ease and sandwiched the seahorse into the wall.  While she did this, she turned the water off.  Suddenly she realized that she was fighting a seahorse, the water would help it.  Alyssa faced the seahorse and stepped on its tale with one leg and kicked its midsection with the other.  The seahorse couldn’t move.  Alyssa contemplated getting her blow dryer as a weapon but she wanted to think that she didn’t need a weapon to fight a seahorse.  Alyssa stopped hitting the seahorse and dried herself on a towel.  She didn’t want any water on her to help the seahorse.  The seahorse was weak from all the blows he suffered.  The mentality that it had stopped raining scared him.  Alyssa returned and kicked it in the head knocking it to the ground.  She then stomped at it repeatedly.  As the seahorse dried, it shrunk since it couldn’t keep up the energy to maintain its enlarged state.  It instinctively hooked on to Alyssa’s leg with its last bit of energy to avoid being squashed.  This failed, however, since Alyssa simply kicked her leg against the side of the bathtub crushing the seahorse.  When she pulled away, a flat image of the seahorse was imprinted on the bottom of her leg.  Despite the fact that the seahorse tried to rape her, she thought her new tattoo looked kind of cute.  She took a shower and then got ready to do work.

The next day, she showed her friends her new tattoo.  She told them all it was temporary but she wasn’t really sure.  After a while the imprint did fade and Alyssa never told anybody how she had received the tattoo.  No other seahorses ventured further from the Hudson River and never achieved fully developed lungs to not need the water anymore.  Seahorses stopped traveling in water pipes as well.  This was on account of one seahorse going in and being scared off by the large snake.  The only person to have ever seen this new mutated form was Alyssa, but she never told anybody.  She accepted what happened and got on with her life and finished NYU only to go to medical school to continue to establish herself. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Emotionally Cornered

                On an unseasonably cold April day in New York City.  The city still had evidence of their snowstorm the day before from the wet streets and piled snow on the sidewalks.  A couple friends were hanging out at their favorite café.  Normally the crowd consists of five girls, and on Tuesdays, one guy.  The five girls are Alyssa, Vonnie, Gia, Janilsa, and Shruti. If there was one thing to be said about this group, it’s melting pot.  Every member (except Gia) can speak a different language and is fully one nationality.  They are Dominican, Russian, Dominican, and Pakistanian respectively.  On Tuesdays, which today is, their Greek male friend Larry shows up.  To add to the group today, two other males were there by the names of Boris and Victor (Russian and Dominican).  Boris, Vonnie, Alyssa, and Shruti all had Chemistry together and Victor was a friend of Janilsa’s.  Normally they would hang out at the café from 1:00 to 2:00 and then everyone but Larry went to class.  Sometimes they cut, and today was one of those days.  The odd thing about this day though was that Vonnie separated herself from the group and went outside to talk on the phone.  Vonnie Larry, and Alyssa had become extremely close in their time at school together.  At this time, Vonnie had been having trouble with her parents due to the reemergence of her ex-boyfriend Ben (muslim). 

                Ben had gone out with Vonnie for approximately eight months before breaking up in December.  It was a tough break up on both parts.  It actually happened twice.  The first time Ben dumped Vonnie, within a week they were back together but not too long afterward, Vonnie dumped Ben.  Ben became extremely upset over this and tried to maintain a friendship with Vonnie.  Vonnie vehemently refused and after many threats (which later proved hollow) by Ben, they didn’t contact each other.   That is, until now.  During the last four months Ben had gone to Toronto.  He did get Vonnie to give in and answer her phone a couple times but for the most part Vonnie and he didn’t speak.  Ben expertly manipulated Vonnie into slowly talking to him more and more by maintaining civil conversations.  Now that he was back in New York, it was time to move in.  Also during these three months, Vonnie changed her cell phone number, and refused for Ben to have the number.  Arguably this was the only mind game that Vonnie had over Ben, but one stronghold is not enough to deal with a master manipulator like Ben.  The conversation was taking place on Alyssa’s phone so that Ben would still not know Vonnie’s number.  It is unknown who called whom, but somehow Ben had to get Alyssa’s number.  The chemistry people ended up cutting class and Vonnie spent the time yelling and fighting with Ben outside dismissing anyone that tried to come near.  When she was done, her friends (now just Boris, Alyssa, and Larry) tried cheering her up and telling her how to deal with Ben.  With the fear that Vonnie had of her ex-boyfriend, it appeared only Vonnie could help Vonnie but her friends would never give up on her.  Larry knew the most about this because he had helped Vonnie through this four months ago, so he saw the same patterns of Ben threatening and Vonnie believing the threats that turned out hollow.  Once again, Vonnie was saying how nobody knows what she knows and what Ben is capable of.  When Vonnie talked about Ben and what he can do, it appears Satan, Allah, Yahweh, and God combined couldn’t overcome the massive power of Ben.  Vonnie, however, didn’t see how powerful she was making him.  Nobody is that powerful, the only power Ben had was the one power that Vonnie wouldn’t admit; the ability to stalk.  Vonnie seemed convinced that Ben would never harm her, but he would go after her friends and family instead.  Even with Janilsa’s brother being in a gang, one of Vonnie’s friends having two firehouses worth of firefighters, Boris with mob ties, and Larry’s family in Brooklyn also having gang connections, to Vonnie, Ben could overcome them all with his.  As long as Vonnie deified Ben and Ben was an evil, not a good, deity, things could only get worse. 

                After hanging out a bit, Boris and Alyssa went home and Larry, Gia, and Vonnie hung out around Greenwich Village.  Larry’s cell phone rang so he answered the phone and said, “Hello?”

                “Larry, it’s Kera, what’s good?”

                Kera was Larry’s cousin whom he used to be extremely close with.  They hadn’t talked much lately so this phone call came as a surprise.  Larry still looked at her like a little sister and wanted to protect her at all costs but Kera, who was the eldest in her family, did not like an older brother figure, which is why she pushed Larry away.  He responded, “Nothing, just hanging out with two of my friends.”

                “Really what friends?”

“Vonnie and Gia”

“Didn’t you hook up with one?”


“Which one Vonnie of Gia”

“The latter” (Larry didn’t want to say names on the phone especially with the topic matter)

“Alright cool, but I am heading to Greenwich Village now (Larry, Vonnie and Gia went to NYU) and I wanted to see if I could chill with you.”

                “Yea, That’s fine”

                So Kera came down to Greenwich Village to hang out with them.  What Kera didn’t realize was that somebody was listening to her conversation.  Ben and Kera both lived in Brooklyn.  He knew Larry’s name from Vonnie because in early January, Larry went over to Vonnie’s house and Ben showed up to yell at Vonnie for having a guy at her house when her parents weren’t there.  For this reason, Larry and Ben didn’t like each other and Ben erroneously thought Larry was trying to go out with Vonnie.  Given this, when he heard somebody utter an unusual name like that, he listened in and hearing the names “Vonnie” and “Gia” (Ben also had met Gia), he knew that these were exactly who he thought they were.  He immediately began following Kera.  Unfortunately for Ben, Kera has a sixth sense of knowing when someone is following her.  This scared her so she called up one of her male friends and told him she was coming over.  Whether Ben realized Kera knew or just thought she was going to the kid’s house, he opted not to follow her and make his own trip to Greenwich Village.  Kera noticed he wasn’t following as soon as she made the phone call, so she explained to the kid what had happened and where she was going.  Her friend didn’t mind the interruption.  Kera then walked toward the subway and Ben decided to wait a little before heading down.

                Kera arrived at Greenwich Village and met up with Larry, Vonnie, and Gia.  As they were walking, Vonnie was talking to Gia and Larry was listening.  Kera walked ahead not interested in the conversation.  As they were crossing a street, a car ran a red light, Larry saw the car heading toward Kera and froze and watched in slow motion as the car skid on the wet ground and hit Kera as she fell onto the hood and rolled off finally landing on her back.  Larry ran to her and immediately checked her vital signs while the car drove off.  She was not breathing nor had a pulse.  Larry yelled for them to call the police and immediately started CPR.  The ambulance came quickly and took over for Larry as he sat on the curb with his head in his hands not believing what had happened.  To Larry, he knew he was in striking distance to push Kera out of the way but he froze and it was too late before he regained his senses.  To Larry, feeling that he betrayed a friend was the worst feeling in the world.  The ambulance asked Larry to go but he shrugged them off.  It hurt to look at Kera, knowing that it should have been him being put into the ambulance.  Vonnie and Gia were shocked that Larry didn’t go with her and only gave them her name and number of her parents.  Larry turned his back to the street and reached at his waist and pulled out two pocketknives he carries around with him.  He turned the blades so that they faced his chest and held them there.  Gia saw this and immediately came over to Larry and said, “Larry, what the fuck are you doing?”

                “Leave me alone”

                “No, give me the knives, you don’t know what you’re doing.” She said she as grabbed Larry’s arms. 

                Larry jumped up pulling his arms free and then gripping Gia’s biceps with only his fingers as his palms still maintained a grip on his knives.  He yelled in a deafening tone, while shaking Gia “Shut the fuck up! I’m not giving you the fucking knives, they’re mine, I can do whatever the fuck I want with them, stop fucking getting involved where you’re not wanted, you always fucking do this.  What the fuck do you care if I kill myself?”

                As Larry continued berating Gia, Gia cried since she was scared for a variety of reasons.  One she couldn’t get free, two, Larry was yelling in decibels loud enough to be heard in midtown, three he had knives in the very hands he gripped and shook her with; an accident could easily happen.  The most popular reason for crying is when one feels helpless.  Vonnie saw what was going on and grabbed Larry’s arm and pulled him.  Larry turned to face her with the knives still exposed and facing him.  Vonnie said, “Try that on someone that can take it, you know Gia can’t, try that shit with me.”

                Some would say, Vonnie was being coldhearted given the circumstances but she knew this was how to deal with Larry right now.  He was letting out all his stress and frustration on Gia and Gia was too sensitive for that type of thing.  Vonnie also knew not to try to take the knives but just to try to convince him to put it away.  Vonnie said, “Why aren’t you shaking me?”

                “Vonnie, you’re different, you don’t treat me like I’m a child, just leave me alone”

                “Why, so you can pull knives on yourself and threaten to kill yourself?”

                “Vonnie, just turn around”




                “You don’t want to see what I’m going to do”

                “You’re not killing yourself”

                “Okay, just turn around”

                “What are you going to do that you don’t want me to see?”

                “I just can’t kill myself with you watching, I can’t give you the horror of looking me in the eye as I die.”

                “Well if you’re serious, I’m staying here”

                While they were talking, Gia got in a cab to go home; she didn’t want to see Larry anymore.  Larry said as he unbuttoned his jacket and stared at a figure in the distance, “Alright, I’ll turn around”

                Due to Larry being very skinny, he could easily locate his ribs.  He felt his ribs and twisted the knife so that it was at it’s widest and stuck it between his ribs into his heart.  He fell forward to provide more force since it takes a tremendous amount to reach your heart.  Vonnie was shocked; she leaned over and wrapped her arms around Larry.  Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and a familiar voice said, “hmmm looks like you’re little boyfriend killed himself.”

                Vonnie froze for she knew that voice.  The voice of someone she had loved, someone that could get in her head the most, someone she feared, someone that triggered so many emotions she could barely stand in his presence.  The person helped her to her feet and turned her so she could lock eyes with her manipulator.  Sure enough, it was Ben; he had found them Ben asked Vonnie, “Guess you can’t fuck him anymore.”

                Vonnie backed up and felt a brick wall, thus she was cornered.  Ben said, “What’s a matter Vonnie?  Where’s the girl that was yelling at me earlier?  You’re all alone now, your only hope, not that he was much of one anyway, just stabbed himself.  Since you’re all alone, we’re going to talk and you’re not going to give me your fucking shit.”

                Vonnie was stunned, but she felt the instinctual courage animals get when cornered and said, “How can you be so cold? I just saw one of my friends kill himself, and you’re still keeping up this mind game?”

                “Oh it’s my fault, you didn’t talk to me for four months so you could fuck this skinny shit, what about my feelings?  What about how you fucked me up?  Does anyone care about me?”  He said as he got even closer. 

                Vonnie lowered herself on the wall from fear and could only manage a faint, “I never fucked Larry, we were just friends”

                Ben grabbed Vonnie and pushed her against the wall and snapped, “Don’t lie to me!”

                It was official, Vonnie was trapped, cornered, helpless, humans are animals too, they have instincts, and cornered animals snap back because they have to or die.  Vonnie snapped back “Don’t touch me!” as she pushed him back.

                Ben nodded and moved closer so he was inches from her face and said, “Try that again see what happens.”

                Once again, Vonnie felt trapped so she abandoned reason and just went to instinct and shoved Ben back again and what happened next seemed like slow motion to her, but her body had performed it automatically, her hand came to the side and swung across Ben’s face.  That was the first time she had slapped somebody, and it felt good.  She let adrenaline take over and punched Ben in the nose.  Ben snapped back with a jab but Vonnie saw it coming and twisted her limber body to the side and Ben’s hand whizzed by Vonnie’s head into the brick.  Ben retreated bent over holding his fist in dire pain.  Vonnie walked perpendicular to Ben and ran full speed and jammed her knee into the side of his head knocking him down.  She then stomped at his back repeatedly, all that was in her head was all the things Ben said to get into her head, the way he made her feel after a phone conversation, the way he manipulated her, the way he played whatever game he wanted and forced her to play and, most recently, the way she mocked the suicide of one of her best friends.  Ben rolled out of the way and to his feet.  Vonnie was smart and isolated her stomps to the back of the head and neck.  Ben got up with blood oozing down his face.  He looked at Vonnie with intense hatred in his eyes.  How could you hate someone that you claimed you loved?  The biggest thing that bothered Ben was that his ego was being put in check; he was getting beat up by a girl half his size in the streets of New York with many witnesses.  He ran at Vonnie, not thinking how to fight, but Vonnie, gained back only enough rational to realize the mistake, she sidestepped Ben and stuck her foot out tripping Ben to the ground and having his face slide against the pavement tearing at his skin even more.  Ben stumbled to his feet.  Vonnie darted forward and jumped on Ben’s back.  Unfortunately, Vonnie didn’t weigh much and since Ben was stocky and well proportioned, he could support her weight despite his loss of blood.  He backed Vonnie into the wall again and leaned into it sandwiching Vonnie.  He then eased up and turned and grabbed Vonnie by the biceps and pushed her against the wall.  He asked in a taunting manner, “Now Vonnie, did you really think you could beat me?  I’m from Brooklyn.”

                Vonnie kicked him in the shin and then delivered the second slap of her life across his face.  She said, “So am I”

                Truth is both were originally from Brooklyn but moved to Fort Lee, NJ and had lived there most their lives.  Vonnie twisted her hips and swung back with her fist punching Ben in the nose knocking him back a few feet.  Ben was blinded from the blood on his face and shock that he was actually losing.  Vonnie ran at Ben jumped to the side and drilled her knee into his solar plexus causing him to drop to one knee.  Once again she saw this as an opportunity to get a running start and knee him in the back of the head collapsing him to the ground and then stomp at his head and neck repeatedly.  Ben quickly turned around trying to roll away as he did before but he caught a foot directly in the face and stopped.  Vonnie stomped repeatedly as Ben got too weak to resist.  Vonnie started stomping at his midsection as well.  Vonnie was pre-med so knew the soft spots of the body like the solar plexus and center of the forehead.  When she tired and Ben was barely conscious she put her right leg on Ben’s neck and said, “All it takes is for me to put pressure, and you die, you’re hyoid bone breaks and no more Ben, bet you didn’t think your life would be in my hands.  You should know how fucking pissed I am right now, if I would be able to beat you.  So you better start fucking begging.”

                Ben panted for breath and between gasps said, “Please Vonnie, don’t kill me.”

                “I forget, who fucked with who?” Vonnie asked.

                “I tried to play with your mind, I played mind games, I thought it was fun to break someone as strong as you, I’m sorry.”

                “Did I intentionally hurt you?”

                “No, I just said that so you’d feel like shit and start talking to me so I could play my sick game again.”

                “Did I fuck other guys these past four months?”

                “No, I just wanted to get a rise out of you, I hated anyone that hung out with you because I was insanely jealous.” 

                “Will you call me again, or will you finally believe me that we need time apart to get over each other.”

                “We’ll pretend we never knew each other Vonnie, and go our own separate ways just please don’t kill me, you love me”

                “I don’t love you Ben, You can’t love someone you’re afraid of.  But I’m not afraid of you now, tables have turned, you’re life is in my hands now; I can take it.  With the way you talk about Larry, maybe I should.  The way you don’t trust me, the way you harass me and fucking stalk me, will you stop stalking me?”

                “Yes, no more, I won’t stalk you, you win, come on Vonnie, Please don’t kill me, I’m begging you.”

                “I know, but I begged you to stop calling and stop playing your games, and stop your threats and you kept at it for you sick ego.”

                “What do you want from me? I told you I’d stop.”

                “Do you still think I’m a liar?”

                “No, you don’t lie, I lied to get in your head”

                “Will you threaten me or my friends?”

                “No, you win, I surrender, and you’re free of me”

                “That’s what I like to hear” she said as she looked away, “But Ben”


                Vonnie leaned in putting slight pressure on her foot, “You lie Ben, and let me tell you something and do something you could never do…..make a threat and then carry through……I’m going to fucking kill you, close your eyes”

Ben snapped out of it, “You don’t have the guts”

“Like me and you said, Ben… I don’t lie” She said as she lifted the leg not on Ben’s neck so her full body weight rested on the only bone not connected to another for support and turned her head away.  A pop of the bone was all it took and Ben’s eyes glazed over in death. 

                The sound of the popping bone was surprisingly refreshing for Vonnie.  No more Ben, she had successfully ridded herself of the one person that could hurt her the most.  She finally snapped back into reality and checked on Larry.  Larry was still semi-conscious.  He ran his hand in Vonnie’s hair and said, “I’m so proud of you Vonnie, Please don’t cry for me, I got to watch you beat the shit out of Ben and kill him.  You’re free now; I don’t fear death because I will see Drew again (Drew was Larry’s best friend that had died 3/21/02).  Thank you for giving me the best sight before I die.  Don’t feel bad for me Vonnie; I’m in a better place.  I had to do this, I had betrayed a close friend again, with my stabbing myself, I gave you the strength to face Ben.  See I know him better than you think, I knew he wouldn’t sympathize with me, and you’re like me, it’s much worse when someone does something to your friends than to you.  That was your biggest fear, but now you faced it and Ben can’t hurt you or your friends.  The easy way is to hit a button on a phone and if he continued to stalk you file a restraining order against him so next time he gets within 100ft. of you, he’ll be in jail.  That’s not your style though Vonnie, you had to do it the hard way, so you met him in the streets, took the right motivation and executed beautifully.  I love you Vonnie, and I’m proud of you.  Don’t think to mourn my death, I’m dying in my favorite city and I died seeing you free yourself form Ben’s chains.  I don’t know if stabbing myself gave you the extra impetus, but I like to think it did.  Just tell Kera I love her and that it’s not her fault.  Don’t call an ambulance, let me die, I don’t want to live because life can only go downhill from this moment.”

                Vonnie cried but she knew Larry was sincere.  She just said, “Thank you Larry”

                Vonnie didn’t know what gave her the strength to do what she did.  Was it what Ben said about Larry’s stabbing himself? Was it that she was cornered and had no choice? Was it she just got fed up with the stalking and everything?  Was it a combination? Whatever it was, she was glad she did it.  Witnesses all testified that Vonnie was fighting in self-defense.  Even though, from a legal standpoint, she had taken it too far, nobody pressed charges because every witness aided Vonnie.  Larry was buried in New York since everyone that knew him knew that’s what he would have wanted.  Kera ended up only spending a day in the hospital and blamed herself at first for Larry’s death but Vonnie consoled her and told her what he had said.  Vonnie, Alyssa, Gia, Boris, Janilsa, and Shruti remained very close friends and were happy they never had to deal with Ben’s bullshit again. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Rivaling Roommates

                Mrs. Stillman woke up rather perplexed.  During the night, she had a strange dream.  The dream she had was that a former friend and roommate of her daughter Gia was standing in the dorm room with two sets of keys.  Mrs. Stillman awaited the arrival of her daughter to get home from school so she could tell her of her odd dream.

                Gia used to live in the dorms until she moved out due to conflicts with her roommate Gweneviere.  Since she did not live too far from her college, commuting was not a big deal.  Gia and Gweneviere seldom talked to each other due to their animosity.  It would be unfair to say that Gia hated Gweneviere, it was just Gia feared what the unscrupulous Gweneviere would do to her had they continued on since their friendship deteriorated.  Gia was going to her dorm for maybe the second time in the two months since the second semester started.  To Gia’s surprise, someone informed her that Gweneviere packed up her things and was moving out of the dorm with only a month and half of school remaining.  Posted on the door was a self-portrait of Gweneviere labeling the different parts of her body.  The interesting thing about this picture was that all the comments were negative.  An example of this is a line coming from her armpits with the caption “Where my bad BO comes from”; “BO” referring to body odor.  The picture shocked Gia but she got it out of her mind quickly, for she was more concerned with her moving out.  Even though it had been months since they talked, Gweneviere had previously done actions she deemed as revenge months after a conflict had happened.  Given this, Gia’s sensitive mind rushed to an elaborate plan she had.  The conclusion that Gia came up with was that Gweneviere copied the key to the room then handed the key in and moved her stuff out.  Later, she would come back to the dorm and, using the key she had copied, open her room and trash it.  Due to her moving out, Gia would be forced to pay for all her damages since Gia never officially moved out.  Although Gweneviere had performed such actions before, Gia’s friends assured her she was being paranoid; but Gia wasn’t convinced. 

                After a long day of classes and hanging out, Gia returned home.  Her mother told her of the dream she had last night, which furthered Gia’s suspicions.  The next day, Gia went to her friends for some guidance at their weekly café they hung out at between classes.  Once again, her friends told her she shouldn’t worry but these friends didn’t know Gweneviere like Gia did.  The one friend that did was non-committal in her response but the general aura was that even she didn’t think Gweneviere would do it.  Because conspiracies don’t enjoy dying, Gia remained skeptical but didn’t work herself up over it.

                A couple days later, it was Gia’s birthday, so her friends took her out for lunch after her classes.  As she received her gifts and socialized with those close to her, Gweneviere was up to something else.  Having moved out with no responsibility on what happens in the room.  She entered her dorm and unlocked the door with the key she had copied.  Her evil thoughts of Gia ran through her mind as she smiled in how she was going to get one up on her former friend Gia.  In one hand she bore spray paint; and in the other; a sledgehammer, she was in the mood to destroy.  She used the sledgehammer to pound the walls screaming off negative things toward Gia.  Every time she winded her arm to swing the sledgehammer, an image of Gia would appear and she would yell as she swung the sledgehammer into the wall.  She was jealous because Gia was able to rebound after losing Gweneviere as a friend. Even after Gweneviere stole Gia’s best friend, Gia still developed a circle of friends that she currently was celebrating her birthday with.  She hated Gia simply because Gia was stronger than her and that no matter how much she badmouthed her to new people, Gia’s affable nature and outgoingness quickly negated anything that Gweneviere had to say.  For people believe words to a certain extent but actions always speak many decibels louder.  Jealousy and envy caused her to destroy the room in hopes to hurt Gia some more.  Gweneviere dropped the sledgehammer, as she was satisfied with the carnage she wreaked on the room.  She then picked up the spray paint and wrote out obscenities that were anti-NYU such as “Fuck this school.”  She devilishly laughed as she performed each letter screaming to herself such phrases as, “Take that bitch.”  Suddenly while she was painting, the door swung open and there stood a security officer.  Dumbfounded Gweneviere stood there not knowing what to say.  The security officer commanded her, “Drop the sledgehammer and put your hands on your head.”

                Gweneviere was too shocked to move, how could they have found out?  Finally after repeated demands, she snapped back into reality and dropped her tools of destruction and placed her guilty hands on her head.  The security guard approached her and handcuffed her arms behind her back and led her out.  Girls in the hall’s eyes pierced her as she walked through.  All she could say was, “How did you know what I was doing?”

                The security guard answered, “People on your floor mentioned they heard screaming and loud bangs coming from your room, you were just too loud.”  Gweneviere had a meeting with the disciplinary board, but she already knew she’d have to pay for all the damages.  Her plan backfired and she had to humble herself to tell her parents who scolded her.  Gweneviere wasn’t listening to what her parents were saying.  All she could think about was how Gia enjoyed her birthday and Gweneviere spent the day being questioned by security personnel and threatened by NYU to press charges if she didn’t fully cooperate.  This unnecessarily diabolical act of jealousy could end up in expulsion from NYU (Gia and Gweneviere’s school), making it difficult to transfer and forcing her to face her parents. Even if she could transfer the deadlines for almost all schools is March 15.  She committed the acts of vandalism on March 13 and wasted the day with questionings from security guards and her parents.  There was just no time to fill out applications before the deadlines.  The meeting would take place after March 22 since spring break started after classes on March 14 (Most students, like Gia and Gweneviere, don’t have classes on Friday, which March 14 is, thus they started spring break March 13).  In this moment of distress and defeat, Gweneviere refused to blame herself; she blamed Gia.

                Gia was going to Miami March 15.  In the two days from her birthday to her flight, she had not heard what happened to her dorm since she had no school Friday thus didn’t come to campus nor talked to those living in her dorm.  The school didn’t call her since they were punishing the culprit already and they didn’t want to have to deal with replacing Gia unless there was a complaint.  They hoped that Gia would already have gone somewhere for spring break.  Unbeknownst to them, Gia hadn’t lived there for quite some time so a complaint wouldn’t be coming since they were unaware.   Gia enjoyed herself in Florida with her friends but her parents stayed home.  Her parents received a letter a couple days before Gia had to go back stating that Gia’s dorm room was vandalized and they wanted to discuss where to relocate her.  Gia’s mom called the school and informed them that Gia would stay with them until the room was fixed, which would have been the case regardless of the state of the room.  This relieved NYU and now they just had to focus on Gweneviere. 

                School had started but Gweneviere wouldn’t have the meeting until the following week.  In this time, Gweneviere found Gia while she was alone on E 14th street on her way home.  Gweneviere approached her and said, “You fucking bitch.”

                Gia looked at her surprised, but curious to what Gweneviere was going to accuse her of doing (Since they stopped being friends, Gweneviere would blame Gia for rumors spread about her).  She responded, “Excuse me?”

                “You always have to win, you always got to be better than me, you just don’t know how to fucking lose do you?!”

                “Gweneviere, what are you talking about?  What did I win?”

                “I come up with a plan to fuck you over by fucking up the room and making you pay for it.  But no, those bitches on the floor have to rat on me.  Everyone loves you, they look out for you and fuck me over because people like you.”

                By this time, Gia was informed on what happened but wanted out of the situation so she said, “Gweneviere, you know I didn’t have anything to do with you getting in trouble, I know you don’t like me but there’s nothing I can do, I wasn’t there.”

                “No you fucking weren’t there, you were out with your stupid friend for your fucking birthday……me I can’t get any friends, I took Vanessa (Gia’s former best friend) and you keep that silly smile on your face and get some more friends, where are my new friends?  Where are the people that look out for me when someone is trying to fuck me over?  Why can’t I have what you have?”

                “Gweneviere, they weren’t looking out for me, they were scared”

                “Shut the fuck up! This is my point, I scare people but why?  What the fuck do I do?  You’re a little fucking angel, I try telling people about how you lost your innocence and they just look past it.  You’re not judged by it, I can’t destroy you because you just keep bouncing back.  Nothing I do works, I talk shit, people judge you for themselves. I’m sick of your fucking shit.  I’m sick of hearing that you’re so fucking nice, and Gia this and Gia that, it fucking sucks.  You don’t know what it’s like to be miserable.  I sit here, I’m not attractive, I can’t get guys unless I’m a fucking slut.  You got that cute face and that constant smile, everybody loves you, could get a guy whenever you want and still keep your dignity, what the fuck do you know about being me?”

                A certain urge deep inside of Gia wanted to snap back on how Gweneviere was full of shit and couldn’t blame her being in trouble on Gia but fear suppressed this urge.  Gia realized just what caused this whole rivalry; jealousy.  She was speechless, which only made Gweneviere more furious.  Gweneviere rolled up her sleeves and said, “That gives me an idea” as a smile came on her face, “I can’t hurt you with words, so I’ll fuck up that cute innocent face of yours.  I’ll fuck you up so bad, that you wouldn’t dare to smile.  Yea that’s it, I’m already getting kicked out of this fucking place so why not?”

                Gia wanted to run but fear kept her standing.  Her only hope was to reason, but how do you reason with a psychotically jealous person.  She knew she couldn’t fight Gweneviere because, even though Gia had never been in a fight, she knew nobody should fight an ugly person since ugly people have nothing to lose.  She said, “Gweneviere, I’ve never talked bad about you, I’ve given you your privacy and tried not to interfere with your life.  I’ve done nothing intentionally to hurt you, please, I know you can beat me, you’ll always have that over me.  Yea you’re not going to this school but you hate it here, I’m stuck in this shit hole; you’re free.” 

                “Don’t try to sweet talk me bitch.” Gweneviere said before slapping Gia across the face.  After the contact, Gia instinctively slapped back.  Gweneviere held a hand to her face as Gia contemplated running, but Gweneviere grabbed a fistful of Gia’s hair before she could turn.  Out of desperation, Gia kicked Gweneviere in her shin and then smacked her across the face with her bag containing her books.  Gweneviere wobbled dazed from the blow but remained on her feet.  She ran forward and tackled Gia to the ground and flailed her arms at Gia’s face.  Gia lifted her arms around her face as they absorbed the blows stopping Gweneviere’s hand from connecting on their target, only frustrating Gweneviere further.  Gweneviere calmed enough to realize that her slaps weren’t hitting Gia’s face so she sat up with her legs on either side of Gia pinning her to the ground.  Gia wondered why nobody bothered to help her, and then she realized that this was New York.  Instead of helping, people gathered to watch a cat fight.  Gia was smart enough not to lower her arms, instead she swung her right hand across Gweneviere’s face and shoved her off and got to her feet.  Gia ran but Gweneviere grabbed her and forced her to face the wall.  She felt Gweneviere’s arm grip on her hair as Gweneviere whispered, “Your face is going to meet the nice brick.”

                Gia swung her elbow back and connected with Gweneviere’s nose bloodying it.  Gia turned around and faced Gweneviere with a new confidence.  By using her instinct alone, Gia was winning this fight since Gweneviere kept hesitating when she gained an upper hand.  Gweneviere touched her nose with her hand and pulled it away to confirm there was blood.  She looked up at Gia with even more fury in her eyes.  Gweneviere had taken Gia lightly but not anymore, she shoved Gia against the wall and tried to jab Gia in the face but Gia moved her head to the side and Gweneviere hit nothing but brick bloodying her knuckles now.  Gia didn’t know when this was going to end, but she wanted it to.  Gweneviere grabbed Gia’s hair and pulled it back.  Gia reached and pulled Gweneviere’s hair as well.  Suddenly a call from the crowd called in a Brooklyn accent, “Bitch, you better get your filthy hands off my girl.”

                Both girls turned to see one of Gia’s friends Stephanie.  Stephanie lived in the East New York part of Brooklyn, New York for most of her life and now lived in the NYU dorm on 14th street, explaining how she knew about the fight.  The girls let go of each other’s hair and Stephanie stepped between them facing Gweneviere, “Bitch, stop trippin and go home, your rich ass is bleedin,”

                Whether it was the accent or the blood, Gweneviere realized she had lost the fight and she was not in the mood to take up another one.  She turned to Gia and said, “You win again, and now I’m forced to clean myself up, enjoy your life, but one day, you’ll fall.  Don’t expect to ever hear from me and under no circumstances come to me when your in trouble.”

                Stephanie started, “Bitch…” but Gia grabbed her bicep and Stephanie decided not to say anything.  Gia simply said, “Okay Gweneviere, bye”

                Gweneviere hailed a cab and went home.  Stephanie turned to Gia and said, “Shit yo, you whooped that cat”

                Gia laughed and her and Stephanie hung out a little before Gia returned home.  Gweneviere met with the board and they expelled her and made her pay for the damages.  She was forced to take a semester off school and stay home and work but she never bothered Gia again.  Gia continued at NYU and never lost her circle of friends.  Even though she didn’t need Stephanie’s help, she appreciated the fact that her friend was there for her and willing to fight for her.  Ironically the Gweneviere situations made Gia further realize something.  That these friends that make up her circle would never be influenced by others’ opinions of her, and would always stand by her through thick and thin.  It also gave her relief to know that her friends knew the actions were reciprocated.  Sure they joked and teased each other like all friends, but if the shit hits the fan, Gia knew she never had to face it alone.  With the reciprocal camaraderie she encountered with her peers, how could she not smile?  Ironically, what she originally feared with Gweneviere’s ulterior motive, happened, but it worked for the best since she no longer had to worry about Gweneviere anymore.