Sunday, April 16, 2017

Even Fighters Need Help Sometimes


        It was Friday, many teenagers looked forward to the weekends some will go to the movies.  Others will go to bars or maybe stay home.  Kids are finally getting re-accustomed to the routine of school.  It’s September 7, 2001.  Lauren Schlosser is trying to figure out what she is going to do.  Lauren is 5’10” 125lbs, pale skin, shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.  Despite her good looks it hid a darker side to Lauren that anyone who knows her knows.  Lauren does not take shit from anybody and she loves to fight.  She goes against the erroneous statement “Fighting doesn’t solve anything.”  Her philosophy is if someone is talking shit about her, she knocks them out they’re not talking shit, problem solved.  Not only did this soccer player enjoy fighting, but also she fought dirty.  If she was fighting against a male she immediately went for the knee to the groin.  She boasts she has never lost a fight against a guy, she only lost one against a girl, when she was knocked onto a rock and knocked out.  When she had awoken, however, she attacked the girl and beat her then.  With a girl like this, why would she need anyone to defend her?

       At 5:30pm, she went online.  She saw a kid she had met over the summer who shared her views about fighting.  His name was Larry Rozos.  They talked for a while and Larry asked her to go to a movie.  Larry was planning on this encounter to be strictly plutonic.  Larry also went against society in the idea that he believes girls and guys can be just friends.  Lauren thought this and she accepted.  For some reason Lauren didn’t want Larry to pick her up.  Larry didn’t mind so when the time came they went to the movies.  Larry arrived five minutes before Lauren.  They bought the tickets and went inside.  After the movie, Larry offered Lauren a ride home.  Again Lauren politely declined.  Larry said she would wait for her ride but Lauren insisted that he just leave.  A guy she had hooked up with was picking her up.  She felt embarrassed to tell Larry this though but Larry knew something was up but he went to his car anyway. 

       As soon as Larry left, a hand clasped around Lauren’s mouth.  Someone whispered in her ear, “Hey bitch, want to come back to my place and give me a blow job.”

       Obviously this offended Lauren, since her mouth was covered, she didn’t respond.  Instead, she lifted her elbow and swung it back hoping to hit the attacker.  The attacker seemed to expect this and ducked, Lauren’s elbow nailed solid air and then was grabbed by the guy.  The guy, now facing Lauren since her momentum on the elbow carried her around, pulled her arm toward him and jammed his knee into her stomach.  Lauren bent over holding her stomach.  The guy then pulled her back by the hair so the back of her head nailed the pavement.  Lauren was now scared, she was in pain and losing control of this fight.  She felt a foot hit her in the solar plexus and she let out a moan in pain.  The guy helped her to her feet; bent down picked her up over his shoulder by her legs and jumped into an open van. 

     Larry was driving around as he saw Lauren being lifted into the van.  He knew that this was not normal and decided to follow the vehicle.  The vehicle sped out and Larry followed in close pursuit.

     In the van the guy laid her out onto the floor.  It was a mini-van and the seats had been removed.  The guy quickly jammed his fist into both her thighs.  He then grabbed her legs and elevated them.  He wrapped her right leg around his right; lied down straightened her left, placed her right ankle over her left leg and using his left leg he put pressure on her right foot.  This puts a lot of pressure on the knee and is extremely painful.  Lauren sat up as much as she could and screamed in pain.  The guy held his foot there and then said, “I know about you and your dangerous legs so without them you can’t resist can you bitch?”

     He held this position for about five minutes then released it.  Lauren was worn out by the obscene amount of pain she had gone through and was relieved when he released the hold.  The guy wasn’t showing mercy however; he merely switched legs and put the same hold on her left leg.  Lauren grimaced again in pain, she was too weak to sit up or scream.  She was terrified now because she could not bare the pain.  She managed to say, “Ok, you win, I’ll do what you want just let go.” 

     The guy kept the hold and said, “I don’t trust you, so take off your shirt.”

     Lauren struggled as she tried to hold the pain so her arms wouldn’t shake and she could elevate herself to take off her shirt.  She managed to do so.  The guy continued the pressure.  She yelled out, “Come on! I took off my shirt what the fuck else do you want?”

      “You think I trust you I’m making sure your legs are too hurt to fight.”

      He held it for a few minutes longer then let go.  Lauren was almost unconscious from the pain.  The guy straightened her left leg and then unzipped her pants.  He loosened the belt and unbuttoned her pants.  He then pulled them off her.  Lauren was now in her bra and panties.  He wrapped her legs around him and lied on top of her and began kissing her neck.  Suddenly the driver said, “Take that inside, we’re here.”

     The guy was a little upset but he unwrapped her legs and opened the van door.  He stood outside the car and dragged Lauren towards him.  He wrapped her legs around his head and was about to lift up the upper half of her body when out of nowhere a shoulder nailed him from the side and tackled him.  Lauren’s leg hit the side of the car but she was all ready in too much pain to bother over it.  The second attacker was Larry.  Lauren looked on as the guy was tackled and was filled with hope.  When Larry arose she saw him.  He had been following the entire time.  The guy got up and faced Larry.  Both had anger and fury in their eyes.  The guy punched Larry across the face with his right hand Larry’s head snapped to the right but he didn’t go down.  He retaliated with a right of his own connecting into the kid’s nose.  He backed up a few feet holding his nose.  Larry then ran and jammed his shoulder into his chest and chopped at the back of his knees so the kid would fall down.  The kid fell as his arms flared up.  Larry then punched him again in the nose.  Larry then was kicked over.  He rolled to his feet the driver was helping out his friend.  Larry now faced the driver, the driver ran at him, Larry ducked down and as the driver approached he wrapped his arms around his legs and lifted up simultaneously.  This move uses the chargers forward momentum to catapult him over the executor’s shoulder, do a half flip and land on his back.  Larry was about to capitalize when his arms were grabbed from behind.  The guy had recovered but now his nose was bleeding.  The driver made his way to his feet and saw Larry in a vulnerable position.  He walked up to him and winded up for a punch.  Larry leaned back against the guy, lifted his legs and thrusted them into the driver’s chest knocking him over.  The guy let go of Larry’s arms to try to make him fall in midair, but Larry was already on his descent down. Larry landed and jabbed an elbow back nailing the kid in the mouth.  The guy clasped his mouth; Larry grabbed his arm pulled it forward and jammed his knee into his solar plexus.  The guy spit upon impact.  Lauren had made her way with difficulty to turn around to get a better view of the fight.  Larry then grabbed the kid by the hair and went to slam his face into his knee.  Larry lifted his knee to reach his head faster.  Before Larry could make impact however he was punched in the kidneys.  Larry fell forward knocking the guy to the ground.  He turned around to be met with a massive right hand punch the face.  Larry hit the ground, but was quickly up.  The driver then threw another punch.  Larry ducked this one and when the driver’s momentum carried him around he punched him in the kidneys.  He then placed his right arm over the driver’s right arm, brought his arm behind his back so that Larry’s hand now faced upward, he then brought his left arm across the driver’s neck and grabbed his right hand.  The severity of this move is dependent on the size of the person executing it and the person it’s being done to.  The driver was a very broad man, and the bigger you are the more it hurts.  Larry is 6’1” 145lbs.  He is extremely thin, the driver was 6’3” about 190lbs.  The driver was fighting to breathe but he couldn’t break the hold.  Larry was then punched in the kidneys.  He released the hold and got elbowed in the face, then the guy tripped Larry from behind.  Larry toppled over his leg onto the ground.  He felt a stomp at his solar plexus.  Then the driver punched him in the face.  Lauren was now on her feet trying to help Larry out.  The guy ran at Lauren and tackled her to the ground.  He looked back and saw that the driver was lifting Larry up only to punch him to the ground again.  He felt the driver had Larry and didn’t need help.  He picked Lauren up over his shoulder again and snapped the upper half of her body on to the ground.  He then picked her back up over her shoulder and carried her near Larry.  He snapped the upper half of her body again to the ground and reapplied the leg lock described earlier.  The driver realized what he was trying to do so he turned Larry around and put him in a full nelson.  The guy then yelled, “doesn’t it hurt to see the person you’re trying to protect, your girlfriend in so much pain, and it’s your fault because you couldn’t save her?”

    Larry straightened his arm and sat door slipping out of the driver’s grip.  As he was getting up he upper-cutted the driver.  The driver stumbled a bit, then Larry jammed his shoulder into his chest, chopped at his legs and tackled him to the ground again.  The driver sat up and Larry kicked him across the face to keep him down.  The guy released Lauren and came running at Larry; Larry took a few steps forward ducked down and catapulted the guy up and over his shoulder on to the driver.  Both got up, the guy took off toward the house.  The driver walked at Larry.  He had learned not to run at him.  Larry ran at the driver though, the driver ducked down to try to emulate Larry, Larry wasn’t about to fall for his own trick, he jumped to the side, with his legs extended over the driver’s head, as he came up Larry’s thighs came down on his neck.  Slamming the driver’s face into the ground.  Larry grabbed the driver’s arm closest to him, trapped it between his knees and lifted up on the driver’s head.  This puts massive pressure on the neck.  Larry was furious because the driver was the one giving him the most trouble.  He started slamming the driver’s head into the ground repeatedly.  Then all of a sudden he was nailed in the back.  The guy grabbed a metal bat and nailed Larry with it.  Larry fell over, as the driver was unconscious.  Larry got up and the kid came running at him with the bat over his shoulder, Larry sidestepped him slid his left foot in front of the guy, and his right foot kicking his legs from behind as he was lying perpendicular to him.  The guy’s left ankle was trapped and he fell forward nailing his head into the bat.  Larry got up and came at him.  The guy jammed the bat into Larry’s stomach.  Larry bent over, He lifted the bat over his head and forced it down trying to hit Larry in the head, Larry instinctively move his head up instantly after bending over.  He watched the bat fall in front of his face.  He then went to punch the kid in the nose; he moved his head, dropped the bat and punched Larry in the stomach.  Larry bent over but kicked the bat out of the way.  The kid didn’t bother with it anymore; he had two good hits with it and thought that would weaken him for now.  He threw Larry to the ground.  Larry sat up only to be kicked back down.  Larry’s mouth was bleeding and the kid’s lip and nose had blood and it had dripped on to his shirt.  Larry got up and was punched across the face.  He staggered a bit but managed to stay on his feet the kid jammed him knee into Larry’s stomach.  Larry bent over, and the kid put him in a headlock and fell back knocking Larry’s head into the ground.  This move the victim is hit at an acute angle; so serious damage is doubtful.  He then rolled Larry onto his back.  He lifted up his legs and put his right leg in the leg lock he had done to Lauren.  Lauren was terrified when she saw this.  Her legs were too sore to walk right and she knew the severity of the move.  Larry turned to the side and grunted in effort.  The guy didn’t know what he was doing; Larry was trying desperately to roll to his stomach because he knew that reverses the pressure of the move and would be similar to if Larry was doing the move to the guy.  Larry finally fought his way to his stomach and the pressure was reversed and the guy began screaming in pain.  Larry held on to it for a little bit, then released the hold.  He immediately grabbed his leg.  Larry then kicked the kid in the face.  He put one leg on either side of him.  Pulled on his shirt so that his head would elevate off the ground and he punched him in the nose and mouth alternating between blows.  With every blow the kid’s head nailed the ground until Larry was convinced he was knocked out.  He looked over and saw the driver had gotten up.  Larry ran at him drove his knee into his stomach.  He then put him in a headlock and slammed his head into the ground.  He rolled the driver on to his back and jumped on his chest knees first.  The driver began spitting blood.  He then ran at the guy who was unconscious and jumped on his chest knees first as well. 

    He went over to Lauren and helped her to her feet.  She fell forward and wrapped her arms around Larry’s neck.  Larry hoisted her up and Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist.  He carried her to his car extremely tired and put her in the passenger seat.  He got in his car and drove away from the place.  He dropped Lauren off at home.  Lauren kissed him on his cheek and asked him if he wanted to come inside to clean off the blood.  Larry accepted the offer.  He had to help Lauren inside because her legs were still in pain.  Larry lied her in her bed and then cleaned himself of the blood.  Larry realized how exhausted he was now that he did not have the adrenaline.  He lied down on the floor, Lauren threw him a pillow and told him where to find covers.  Larry got them and lied on the floor.  Lauren thanked Larry for saving her; Larry told her it was her pleasure.  They both then went to sleep

      Lauren realized that even she needs help sometimes, she continued to maintain her bad ass attitude.  Larry and Lauren remained friends. They never heard from the two men again.  It can be seen from this story that violence can solve some problems because Lauren is safe because of it.  . 

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