Friday, April 28, 2017

Boyfriend's Dream

                The date is November 26, 2001, it is a cold day outside.  Recently Larry had lost his ex-girlfriend Katerina as a friend 13 days after they broke up.  Larry was naturally extremely upset with the situation.  He still can’t figure out why he did what he did on Saturday November 24, 2001.  He wonders but it will never come.  While he’s moping around the house he decides to go for a drive.  He doesn’t have any particular place to go but he’s just driving.  While driving he ends up in Kent, Ohio.  Interesting he ended up there because Katerina attends school at Kent State University located in Kent, Ohio.  Larry is rather curious how he ended up here, I guess since he consciously wanted to see Katerina but knew he couldn’t because Katerina specifically said she never wanted to talk to or see Larry again his subconscious guided him to Kent.  Larry turned out to be another asshole for her.  Interesting because Larry is normally a very nice kid.  You know I keep complaining for Larry about how much he wants to see Katerina.  I’ll get on with the story. 

                While Larry was driving he realized he was right around Kent State.  He made sure not to go to the campus and end up at Katerina’s dorm.  While driving he noticed a blond haired girl on a side street with a larger guy.  It was really late at night and Larry doesn’t know exactly how he saw her.  The girl’s hair made it kind of obvious it was dyed that color.  Larry thought this because he thought it was the color hair of Katerina because she had dyed her hair blond.  Larry turned around and passed it again to look.  He then saw clearly it was Katerina, he saw her as the larger man was hitting her.  Larry instinctively turned onto the street.  The guy picked Katerina up and dragged her in a building.  Larry realized the kid was Katerina’s old boyfriend Leshko.  Leshko was significantly bigger than Larry.  He had blond hair that ran a little past his shoulder and was shaggy looking.  Some of the hair on his chest was protruding from his shirt.  Larry was never intimidated from a fight so he ran out of the car and set to face Leshko, Larry realized he had absolutely no idea where he was but how many boyfriends have dreamt about beating up their girlfriend’s old boyfriends?  He came in and yelled, “Let go of her Leshko.”

                Leshko had just met Larry officially at the party Saturday-Sunday.  He didn’t know him that well but he knew that he recently went out with Katerina. He yelled back, “She ain’t your girlfriend anymore bitch.”

                “Maybe so, but she is a girl that just got punched and forced inside by a guy obviously upset that she rejected him.”

                “Larry, look at yourself, then look at me, do you honestly think you can beat me.”

                “Yes, but if you’re so sure I can’t then kick my ass now so I won’t bother you when you try to rape Katerina or whatever you’re planning on.”

                “She will lose her virginity to a Ukrainian, not to some Greek.”

                “Before that happens you have to beat a Greek or run and try again some other time.”

Leshko had enough of this; he came at Larry and shoved him back.  Larry came back at him and punched him in the nose.  Leshko grabbed his face as his eyes were beginning to tear.  Larry took the opportunity of an exposed midsection and ran forward jamming his knee into his chest.  Leshko bent over, he now realized he can’t take Larry that lightly.  He was in this predicament because he got cocky.  He sucked in the pain and grabbed Larry.  He then threw Larry into a wall.  Larry bounced off the wall and came right back at him.  He jumped up and went to knee him again in the stomach.  Leshko let out a punch, but hit Larry’s leg, which snapped back and Larry went spinning to the ground.  The punch skidded off the leg assuaging the blow to the stomach but Larry’s leg still got through and hit Leshko.  Larry was left with a major Charlie horse because the punch coinciding with the momentum Larry’s leg carried collided into a blow to his thigh.  Larry got up limping a little.  Leshko grabbed his stomach but again shook it off.  He ran at Larry, Larry ducked and as he approached he bent over, wrapped his arms around his legs and lifted up.  This sent Leshko catapulting over his head and landing on his back.  Leshko got up extremely angry.  He couldn’t believe that Larry was getting in some good shots in.  He walked at Larry, realizing that running is a mistake.  He punched Larry in the stomach and then lifted him over his shoulder.  He then drove his body to the ground.  Larry nailed the ground on the back of his head and shoulders.  He stumbled on to all fours and Leshko stomped his back knocking Larry down again.  He then stood on Larry’s back to indicate he had won.  Larry moved his back slightly and Leshko lost his balance and fell off nailing the ground.  Larry arose and Katerina saw blood on the back of his head.  Leshko got up and punched Larry in the solar plexus.  Larry grabbed his stomach in pain.  Leshko then put Larry’s head between his legs, picked him up by the solar plexus so that Larry straddled his head and then threw him hard to the ground on the back of his head and neck.  This exposed the wound more.  Larry got to one knee only to be punched across the face to the ground.  Katerina figured Larry was going to lose this fight and decided to try to get out of there.  She ran toward the door.  Leshko noticed this and scooped her up over his shoulder.  Larry was on both feet; he came from behind Leshko and dove into his hamstrings.  Leshko toppled over Larry and dropped Katerina.  Leshko got up before Larry did and Katerina ran to a corner.  There was only one exit and Leshko and Larry’s fight blocked it.  Leshko punched Larry in the stomach and then across the face knocking him down.  Larry turned onto his stomach and made his way to all fours.  Leshko kicked him in the chest; Larry dropped an arm but remained in the position.  Leshko took a few steps back, ran at Larry and kicked him in the chest again.  Larry flipped over as the wind left his body.  He looked at Katerina who had a concerned look on her face.  Larry liked this because that meant that Katerina really did care for Larry.  Leshko put legs on either side of Larry and slightly lifted his upper body by the shirt with .  Leshko wanted to finish him.  He delivered a big punch to the face knocking Larry’s head to the ground.  Leshko was going to do this until Larry was knocked unconscious.  Larry’s head bounced off the ground but he arose.  Leshko punched him again; again Larry rose; Leshko punched Larry again only this time, Larry moved his head and Leshko nailed the ground with his knuckles.  He jumped off of Larry and held his hand in pain.  Larry made his way to his feet rather quickly.  Leshko stared dumbfounded at him, he had given him a beating and the kid did not stay down.  Leshko dropped his hands but as he did, Larry let another punch fly with his right hand and nailed Leshko above the right eye.  Leshko dropped back.  Larry let another one fly with a left and nailed Leshko above the other eye.  Larry was going to an area of fighting that he wasn’t too good at, boxing.  Leshko shook it off and raised his arms to protect his face.  Larry then hooked his right hand and jammed Leshko in the stomach.  Leshko took a few steps back.. Larry came at him and Leshko punched him twice across the face leading with his left and ending with his right.  Larry fell back to the floor.  Larry got up, and Leshko threw another right hand, Larry turned his head, and Leshko nailed the back of it.  This is the hardest point of the head and Leshko cracked some knuckles after this punch.  Larry fell but he quickly rose again.  Both Leshko and Katerina were astounded by how Larry kept getting up.  Larry’s face was bloody along with the back of his head.  Leshko had some blood on his right hand and his nose.  Leshko punched Larry with his left hand but Larry turned his head again and took the shot in the back of his head.  He stumbled but didn’t fall.  Leshko cracked two knuckles on his left hand, which were already reddened.  He knew he was hitting Larry hard but apparently not hard enough.  He punched Larry across the face with his right hand, Larry spun around and when Leshko’s punched caused him to do a 180º he let a leg back and nailed Leshko in the ribcage.  Leshko backed away.  Larry came running and drove his leg into the same spot on the ribcage.  Leshko grabbed his chest in pain.  Larry put him in a headlock from the side and jammed Leshko’s face into his knee.  Twice the knee hit Leshko, until he scooped Larry’s legs up and fell back nailing his head against the ground again.  Leshko slowly made his way to his feet.  Larry was two seconds behind him.  Leshko yelled, “Stay down bitch” as he came toward Larry and leveled him with a right. 

                Leshko was frustrated, and it didn’t help when Larry got up again.  Larry was running on full adrenaline and smiled at Leshko.  He dropped his arms and told Leshko to hit him in the face again.  Leshko threw the punch but Larry ducked and Leshko’s momentum twisted him around and Larry started punching both kidneys.  Leshko tried turning back around but Larry followed his back as his arms narrowed in at his kidneys.  Finally Leshko turned and took a punch to the stomach.  Leshko pushed Larry back.  Larry hit a wall and leaned against it for support.  Leshko came running, Larry took a few quick steps forward, slid on the ground, put his left foot in front of Leshko’s left, and his right foot came behind and hit his leg in the hamstrings.  Leshko tripped over Larry and slammed his face into the wall.  Larry got up took a few steps back and drove his knee into Leshko’s kidneys.  Leshko kneeled facing the wall.  Larry helped him up and slammed his face into the wall.  Leshko let back a weak elbow to the solar plexus but it was enough to back Larry up.  Leshko turned around his face now bloody.  Larry’s knuckles were bloody as well.  This is why boxer’s wear boxing gloves, it’s not to pad punches it’s to protect the knuckles.  Leshko was worn out.  He came at Larry. Larry punched him in the stomach again.  Leshko then punched Larry across the face.  Larry backed up, then shifted his feet perpendicular to Leshko leading with his left.  His right leg came at his left leg and stopped just in front as the left leg lifted.  It reached high and nailed Leshko in the chest.  Leshko stumbled but didn’t fall.  Larry then ran at Leshko, Leshko sidestepped him, grabbed his hair and threw him into the wall.  He came at Larry, but Larry threw an elbow back and nailed Leshko hard in the nose.  Larry then turned around and punched him in the stomach then the solar plexus he let go a lot of punches each hitting their mark. He turned Leshko around so he was against the wall.  He then began punching all over his chest, solar plexus and stomach.  He alternated going up and down until Leshko lost his footing and sat down against the wall.  Larry then began stomping at his chest and then backed up a bit.  Leshko grabbed his chest and spit some blood on the ground.  Larry stared at Leshko poised to strike.  Leshko lifted his head to rest it against the wall since he was so exhausted, Larry came running forward and jammed his knee into Leshko’s face.    Leshko’s head bounced off the wall and he fell sideways to the ground unconscious. Larry came at Leshko and straddled him lifting his upper body by the shirt and punched him in the face.  Larry realized Leshko was unconscious now.  He then got up and looked toward Katerina. When looking at the two competitors, neither looked worse than the other.  Leshko had blood on his face, the back of his head and knuckles.  Larry had blood in the exact same places.  Leshko’s nose was deformed due to it breaking during the fight. Larry walked over to Katerina slowly, the adrenaline was moving slower now but still pumping.  Katerina didn’t budge, after all she just started hating him.  As Larry approached, Katerina slapped him across the face.  Larry nailed the ground on his side and rolled on his back panting.  His adrenaline no longer was pumping and all the pain from the fight hit him.  Katerina put one leg on either side of him and stood over him looking down at his face.  Larry looked up with a glazed look in his eye.  Katerina smiled, leaned over and put both arms out for Larry to take.  Larry took her arms and she helped him up.  When Larry got up he hugged Katerina and used her body as support.  Katerina had never seen a street fight and she was kind of wondering how Larry could have stood and threw punches to knock out Leshko but now couldn’t stand at all.  As much as she wanted to believe it she knew it wasn’t because of the slap.  Katerina helped Larry to his car.  Larry reached into his pocket and gave Katerina the keys.  Larry was helped into the passenger seat as he lied against the back of the chair.  Katerina got into the car and adjusted the mirrors.  Larry then said, “I’m sorry for being such an asshole at monterinia.”

                Katerina smiled and said, “All I want to know is why.”

                Larry responded with obvious fatigue in his voice “I already told you everything I know about that.”

                Katerina smiled, “Well you just beat Leshko and that was your best guess.”

                Larry weakly smiled.  All the wind and energy was out of him.  Katerina then said, “God you really got your ass kicked.”

                Larry smiled and said, “But who won?”

                There was silence and then Larry asked, “Why didn’t you use your pepper spray on your keys?”

                “Leshko took my keys out of my purse before we left.”

                “So he came inside.”

                “Not exactly he asked me for dinner, so I went with him, and when we were on the street he asked to see my keys.  I gave them to him and he threw them aside and grabbed me.  I struggled a little bit and tried to knee him in the balls but I hit his leg, and then he punched me across the face and then you came.”

                Larry realized the first time he drove by, Leshko was getting rid of the keys.  He asked, “So they’re still on the street?”

                “No, they were right in front of your car, I picked them up on the way to the driver seat.”

                “Oh that’s cool.”

                Larry then lay back and closed his eyes.  Katerina got to her dorm and woke Larry up.  She invited him inside to get cleaned up.  Larry had some strength back and made it up the stairs to the third floor where Katerina’s dorm was.  She put down some newspapers and had Larry lie on them so as to not get blood anywhere.  She then began cleaning the blood and the cuts Larry had.  Larry then slept for he was extremely tired from the fight.  When Larry awoke they had a discussion about what happened at Montarinia.  They got back on speaking terms and continued their friendship. 

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