Friday, March 31, 2017

Cat Fight in Brooklyn

                Larry Rozos started a habitat in Brooklyn, NY many people stopped over and spent the night and such.  Other people lived there for a short while then moved out.  The permanent residences were mainly Larry and his cousin Kera.  They were rarely ever in the house alone due to the frequent visits.  On December 5, 2000 (the day the real event happened) Larry arrived home after school before Kera every day.  Kera took the bus because by the time Larry picked her up, the bus would have left so bus was a faster route home.  Larry was home and was working on homework.  Then he heard the door close and Kera’s friend Tiffany yelled, “Larry come here quick.” 

                Larry dropped his book and went downstairs for he felt a sense of urgency in Tiffany’s tone.  He saw Kera’s face bloody.  He rushed down and laid her on a couch.  There were many bloodstains on the couch due to the multiple fights Larry engaged in that were street fights so both participants got bloody.  Larry grabbed napkins and some rubbing alcohol and tended to the cuts on Kera’s face.  He asked what happened and Kera replied,  “This Russian bitch and I have mad beef because I know she talks about time and the other day I asked her why she talks about me and makes fun of me cause she doesn’t know me.... and then I heard she wanted to fight me and I said that if she was gonna fight me than I would and I wont back down and "kiss her feet" which is what she wanted me two do for her not to fight... so I was walking home with Tiffany and I passed by her and she grabbed my arm and was like so I hear you want to fight and I was like well if that’s what it’s gonna be I’m not gonna back down and she was like why did you call me a bitch and I was like talk about me, you make fun of me, and you call me a bitch behind my back all the time and then she was like do you think  you can fight me cause you can’t and (managed a smile) ok this wasn’t right but whatever I was like well if you sit on me maybe not...(smile growing bigger) but whatever and then she was like ok and then some other shit that she said to me and I started to get mad and she was like so do you think you can hurt me and I was like if I have to defend myself I’ll try and she was so calm and all of the sudden she slapped me harder than I’ve ever slapped anyone or seen anyone get slapped and she grabbed my wrists and I couldn’t move so I tried to kick her but her bag was in the way so she let go of my wrist and scratched me a few times and Tiffany saw all the blood going down my face and pulled me away and we went home I have about 15 cuts from her nails all up my nose and under my right eye and now I have one day in house suspension because a teacher saw and the dean talked to Angela and she made it seem like I started the fight.”

                Larry responded, “Yea I definitely see the cuts and that’s bullshit with the suspension it was off school property after hours!”

                Kera agreed Larry tended to her cuts and when the bleeding stopped he dubbed the eye a little more.  Larry called his dad’s office since he was an ophthalmologist (Eye doctor).  He had Tiffany ask the secretaries what he should do for the situation so that Larry would avoid a speech from his father to come home.  She asked Larry’s dad and his dad gave her the information, Tiffany repeated it so Larry knew.  After it was over Larry called the school.  He claimed to be Kera’s father, he was in reality her legal guardian and yelled at them about the suspension.  Larry debated with the dean for a while listing names of people who actually witnessed what happened from beginning to end.  Then concluded his argument by saying that if Kera were in house suspended that he would make it a legal matter and bring in all the witnesses he named.  The Dean immediately called everyone on the list, for she knew that Larry couldn’t possibly explain the story to all those people.  Of course she didn’t talk to Tiffany since she was at the habitat.  When she heard the same story all leading to the aggressor she had made her decision. 

                Larry couldn’t help but blame himself for what happened.  He had told Kera countless times ‘never pick a fight but if someone picks a fight with you give it to them good.’  That’s what Kera did and it backfired.  He never told anyone that he blamed himself to those linked to Kera.

The next day Kera went to school as normal, the Dean called her to her office and told her she was off the hook, and to stay away from Angela.  Kera was ecstatic; the Dean then called in Angela and extended her punishment to two days for her actions and lying. 

At school some of Kera’s friends came up to her and said, “I heard what happened with you and that Russian bitch, we’re going to jump her for ya.”

Kera said, “Look I’m off the hook but if you wanna jump her go ahead but I didn’t tell ya too, and you may be suspended.”

They told her they didn’t really care if the got suspended.  That day her friends followed Angela home and one jumped her.  She tackled Angela to the ground and bitch slapped her, then began scratching her face.  The girl then lifted her up and attacked her.  She slapped her so hard Angela fell to the ground.  The girl turned her onto her back and then began stomping her stomach and limbs.  Cuts were already forming on Angela’s body.  Angela lay on the ground in an excessive amount of pain.  The girl straddled Angela and began digging her nails into the cuts she already formed on her face, arms, legs and stomach.  The girl dragged Angela into her own house.  Luckily for the girl, nobody was in the house.  She ripped off Angela’s shirt and began kicking her chest.  Angela was against the wall, which kept her standing for a little until she sunk to a sitting position.  The girl then stomped on Angela’s chest causing more cuts.  She helped Angela to her feet and put her in a headlock, she then slammed Angela’s head into her right knee.  As the girl repeated slamming her knee into Angela’s face, The girl’s friends ran in and pulled her back.  The girl calmed down when she saw the carnage she had delivered she then said smiling, “Take that you Russian bitch.”

The girl and her friends left.  Meanwhile when Kera got home, she went upstairs where she knew Larry was doing homework.  She was holding back her happiness, and said Larry’s name to get his attention.  Larry turned around and got up.  Kera then ran and gave Larry a hug.  Larry was wondering what happened but he had an idea.  Kera let go and told Larry what happened at school with the dean.  Larry was happy, he wasn’t bluffing about pressing charges his and Kera’s uncle was a lawyer in New York and he would take the case. 

A couple hours later Kera’s friend appeared at her house and told Kera everything.  They even took photographs of how Angela looked.  Even Kera was horrified at the site but she smiled when she remembered what Angela did to her.  She showed Larry, Larry looked at the pictures in shock and said, “I would hate to be on your bad sides but nice work, clearly I could do better” he smiled at the end.

Her friends laughed for they knew he was kidding.  Larry no longer blamed himself for what happened for Kera’s face was back to normal with no scars and they got the last laugh. 

When Angela’s parents arrived they were horrified at what happened.  Angela blacked out somewhere in the beating so she didn’t remember much including the culprit.  She just knew it was a black girl, which anywhere doesn’t narrow it down especially in Brooklyn, NY.  When Kera saw Angela the next day scarred she couldn’t help but smile, she turned away so Angela wouldn’t see her, for she wanted this to be over.  In the end Kera got the last laugh, thanks to her friends and Larry.  Angela never bothered Kera again.  That wasn’t the last time Angela got jumped, other girls wanted to express their dislike for her in physical ways.  All the attacks happened outside of school, and the ones Angela knew had threatened to kill her if she snitched.  Angela kept her mouth shut.  She tried to get her group to get revenge on some of the girls she knew that delivered the punishments but when the group tried the group of her attackers shut them down.  Angela never got the last laugh in any confrontation so gave up quickly and she no longer talked bad about Kera or anyone else.  Unlike Kera some of her cuts from her attacks scarred.  Sometimes an ass-kicking can be the best awakener. 

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