Sunday, March 19, 2017


                I’ll begin this story at the very beginning, a good place to start.  On August 27, 2000 in Brooklyn, New York, Kera and her friends decided to play a prank on a kid they knew named Abraham.  Now Abraham and Kera had gone out in the past.  Everyone was at Kera’s friend Tiffany’s house.  They called a pizza place and had pizzas sent to Abraham’s house.  Due to Tiffany’s inexperience at this she had forgotten to hit “*67” before calling which will deactivate the Caller ID.  Abraham saw Tiffany’s number on the ID so he knew who was behind it.  The next day Abraham confronted Tiffany and told her that he was going to the cops if she didn’t pay him back for the pizza.  Tiffany was very sad for she didn’t want to pay all that money.  Kera, being a noble friend, called Abraham and told him that she was involved too and after much apologizing by Kera and Tiffany and reimbursing Abraham told them while laughing that he never planned on calling the cops and thanked them for the money.  Due to this Kera and Tiffany hated Abraham and refused to talk to him.  They completely shunned him from their lives however whether Tiffany and Kera want to admit or not Abraham got the last laugh. 

                After a few months of the cold shoulder, Abraham began getting very angry with them.  Not only did they hate him but also they were getting others to. Abraham confronted Kera about this at Marine Park one day, which is close to Kera’s house.  Kera refused to talk to him, but Abraham insisted the only words Kera did speak were to call him an asshole or some other derogatory statement.  Finally Abraham got fed up with Kera’s hostility toward him, he grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her to the ground and held her down with his right foot on her solar plexus.  He said, “Listen Kera, you’re taking this way to far, your turning other girls against me and I’m sick of it now stop this bullshit.”

                Kera’s cousin Larry was not too far away and saw this.  He came from behind Abraham and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

                Larry was significantly taller than Abraham was so he looked a little intimidating but Abraham wasn’t one to back away from a fight he turned toward Larry while taking his foot off Kera and said, “None of your goddamn business now get the fuck out of here.”

                Larry nodded his head then took a step toward Abraham daring him to throw the first punch.  Sure enough Abraham threw a right aiming for Larry’s face. Larry blocked it with his left and punched him in the stomach.  He then grabbed him by the head and threw him to the ground and waited for him to rise again.  Abraham rose extremely angry, he charged at Larry, Larry ducked down while Abraham was approaching then wrapped his arms around his legs and stood straight up throwing his arms up over his head causing Abraham to also fly over his head.  This maneuver is known as a “Back Body Drop” that in professional wrestling, it is not a power move as the real power comes from the victim’s momentum used to catapult him or her.  Abraham fell to the concrete on his back and elbows.  He got up warily, Larry then charged and drove his shoulder into Abraham’s stomach and used his hand to chop at Abraham’s hamstrings.  Abraham snapped to the ground on his upper back and back of the head.  Larry picked him up and then punched him squarely in the nose knocking him down again.  He then placed his right leg on his chest and said, “Never mess with Kera again.”

                Abraham wasn’t done yet.  He wrapped his leg around Larry’s and tried to push back forcing Larry to fall but Larry reacted quickly and shifted his weight forward causing Abraham’s leg to go back and not to trip Larry.  Larry waited for Abraham to get up, when Abraham did Larry punched him in the stomach and then grabbed his hair in the back of the head and slammed his head into a flagpole.  He did this three times then threw his head back as he watched it nail the asphalt knocking him unconscious.  Larry then went home with Kera.  Kera thanked him for being there and Larry said it wasn’t a big deal. 

                Kera was a little surprised at how easily he won, it was one sided the entire time and Abraham had some fighting ability. 

                A couple days later, Larry went to work.  He worked at WWF New York and loved it there since he was an avid fan of the WWF.  This left Kera alone at the house; she was used to being alone so it was no big deal.  While she was still sleeping Abraham had a plan, he went to her house and picked the lock.  He let himself in and found where Kera was sleeping.  He opened the door and Kera awoke.  Kera was a light sleeper so this wasn’t uncommon.  She was shocked to see Abraham.  Abraham said, “Hello Kera” in a threatening tone.

                Kera sat up and asked, “What are you going to do to me?”

                “We’re going to go for a little ride, you won’t mind will you?”

                Kera was now terrified and said; “If you don’t leave I’ll scream.”

                Abraham then went to her bed; Kera tried to stand but was tackled onto the bed by Abraham.  Abraham was now lying on top of her and said, “Go ahead scream nobody will hear you.”

                Kera realized he was right and was now extremely terrified.  Abraham got up and Kera bitch slapped him across the face and made a dash toward the door.  Abraham grabbed her around the waist before she could reach the door then he used his other arm and put it around her neck and pushed her close to him.  He whispered in her ear, “No way out Kera, I’m faster than you and I’m stronger than you.”

                Kera kicked her leg back trying to hit him in the private parts.  Abraham reacted quickly and closed his legs trapping Kera’s leg short.  He then brought his arms down around her waist and threw her back on the bed.  Kera got up to be met with a punch in the stomach. As she was bent down he placed Kera’s head between his legs and then picked her up by the waist and brought her so her legs were around his head and then slammed her onto the ground onto the back of the head and neck.  This is known as a “powerbomb.”  Kera was stunned by the powerbomb, Abraham placed her back between his legs and powerbombed her again.  Kera did not weigh much making this possible.  The second powerbomb knocked her unconscious; Abraham then dragged her to a car and threw her in.  His friend, that had a license, drove them to an abandoned place.  They did go back to Kera’s house for one thing which will be revealed shortly.

                When Larry got home, he found Kera gone, he figured that she went somewhere with her friends.  Then he noticed a videotape on the counter with a note.  The note read, “Dear Larry, In case you haven’t realized yet Kera is gone. To find out more information play the tape.”

                Larry placed the tape in the VCR and watched in fear of Kera’s safety.  The screen came up and he saw Kera handcuffed to a pole wearing a button down shirt and Abraham in the background.  Abraham then said, “Well if you’re watching this, you can tell we have Kera.  To get her back all you got to do is come to an abandoned building one fourth of a mile from WWF New York.   If your worried about Kera,” he continued while walking toward Kera and ripped the shirt exposing her bra “she’s ok we won’t rape her…..yet, we wanted you to be here in person to witness that.” He said as he placed his hand on Kera’s breast over her bra. 

                Larry was enraged, he knew that there was some trap waiting for him but he didn’t care he got in his car and headed toward the building.  He got there drunk with rage, but not drunk enough to be careless. He walked up to the door and knocked then he stepped to the side.  The door opened toward Larry as a guy came out zapping a stun gun.  Since Larry was behind the door the kid missed, Larry slammed the door hitting the kid as he fell over and dropped the stun gun.  He recognized the kid as Rob, a kid that spread a rumor that he fingered Kera.  Larry picked up the stun gun and threw it on Broadway.  He wanted to take on whoever it was using bare hands.  Rob got up and Larry punched him in the stomach and then powerbombed him.  Suddenly he felt a kick to his back.  It was Abraham.  He turned around and threw a punch at Abraham; Abraham blocked it and punched Larry across the face.  Larry stepped back from the blow, Abraham then charged at Larry; Larry moved out of the way at the last second and fell to the ground wrapping his feet around Abraham’s ankle forcing him to topple to the ground.  This is known as a “Drop toe hold.”  It is not appropriately named because it isn’t a hold.  Abraham tried breaking his fall with his hands but his face still hit causing him to have a bloody nose.  Rob and Abraham both got up at the same time and surrounded Larry.  They both came from opposite sides, Larry moved to the side and Abraham tackled Rob.  Larry then waited for Abraham to get up and then punched him in the kidneys.  Abraham grimaced in pain, and Larry began throwing punches at his kidneys.  He turned Abraham around and drove his knee into his stomach.  He placed Abraham’s head between his legs setting him up for a powerbomb when Rob came from behind and dove forward driving his shoulders into Larry’s hamstring as Larry toppled over.  Abraham fell to the ground and Rob put one leg on either side of Larry and used his left arm to hold Larry up with his shirt and prepared to punch him with his right.  Larry threw the first punch though and nailed Rob in the nose and he fell back off of Larry.  Larry got up and saw that he gave Rob a bloody nose.  Both men got up and ran at Larry, Larry then back body dropped both of them.  Larry then ran in to find Kera.  He found Kera and realized that he needed keys to release the handcuffs.  He turned around only to catch Abraham’s knee in the stomach.  Abraham set him up for the powerbomb as Rob set up to help him get Larry up.  Larry reached back with his hands and chopped at Abraham’s hamstring while driving his shoulder into his thighs.  Abraham fell back but Rob got a knee in the stomach and was going to try to powerbomb him.  Larry did the same thing to Rob that he did to Abraham and he backed off to try to recover a little.  Abraham and Rob were both up.  Abraham picked up a metal pipe and brandished it at Larry.  Larry kicked the pipe out of his hand then kicked Abraham in the stomach.  Rob came around and jumped on Larry’s back.  Larry fell back crushing Rob but Abraham shot up and took advantage of a fallen Larry and put a leg on either side and punched him squarely in the nose.  Now, all three parties had a bloody nose.  Abraham stood up so he could drive both knees into Larry’s stomach.   As he stood up Larry kicked his leg up hitting Abraham in the stomach.  He got up only to be tripped by Rob.  Abraham got up and Larry went to back body drop him but he grabbed his legs stopping while Abraham was over his shoulder then he snapped him to the ground on the back, the back of the neck and head.   This move is known as a “spinebuster.”  Kera watched in hope that Larry could pull it off.  Abraham was stunned by the maneuver that left Rob and Larry one on one.  Rob went to punch Larry, Larry blocked it and grabbed the back of his neck and thrusted him forwards while driving his knee into his stomach.  He then looked up and saw Kera with her bra exposed and he remembered Abraham’s words about raping her.  He rode the rage he felt and powerbombed Rob.  He then jumped in the air and landed knees first into Rob’s stomach.  Rob began coughing; He then picked up Abraham and powerbombed him and then jumped knees first into his stomach.  He wasn’t done yet though.  He saw stairs so he moved Rob and Abraham close to each other.  Both barely conscious and trying to recover as Larry climbed the stairs and stepped back from the railing.  He then ran and dove over the railing and brought him to a kneeling position in the air and positioned his knees so that one landed on Rob’s stomach and the other on Abraham’s stomach.  He did it nicely.  Both Abraham and Rob were spitting blood.  Larry got up warily and tried to walk; even though he nailed stomach it was still from high up and hurt his knees, which were bad to begin with.  He searched Abraham for the keys to the handcuffs that trapped Kera.  He released Kera and Kera said, “Whoa you got a little psycho at the end there.”

                Larry didn’t say anything and he took Abraham’s shirt off him and gave it to Kera and said “here wear this.”

                “Oh my Larry you’re such a gentleman giving me someone else’s shirt that has blood on it.’

                “Hey mine does too, and he’s unconscious and I never said I was a gentleman.”

                Kera laughed and finally said, “Thank you for the rescue.”

                Larry responded, “My pleasure.”

                They got home and Larry lied down on his bed and slept.  Kera took Larry’s shirt off and washed it so the blood wouldn’t stain.  She took her shirt off and also went to sleep. 

                When Abraham and Rob could walk they went to the hospital to get checked out.  They were thinking of suing Larry. But Larry took the liberty to leave a note behind saying, “Dear Abraham and Rob when you recover and you decide to go to the cops (for real this time Abraham) keep in mind that if you sue me for assault I counter sue for kidnap and attempt of rape.”  Because of this Abraham and Rob made up a lie to the hospital saying they were riding their bikes and tried to jump a curb but did it too early flying over the handlebars and landing on a bikerack stomach first.  It wasn’t a very convincing story but the hospital didn’t care.  They both had internal bleeding and were being treated.  They both decided not to mess with Kera again. 

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