Friday, March 10, 2017

Shawn gets play through violence

                On a summer day in Cleveland, Ohio there was this man named Shawn.  Shawn was a short kid half Greek the other half he’s not sure about.  He had been a friend with a girl named Larissa.  Shawn sort of liked her as more than a friend but kept it at friends just in case.  At the time of the story Shawn was fresh off a break up with a girl named Anastasia.  Anastasia was shorter than Shawn and was 100% Greek.  Since when Shawn dumped her it was at a Greek festival, and subsequent to dumping her he hung out with Larissa, Anastasia suspected that Larissa had stolen Shawn away from her.  Anastasia was extremely angry with both Shawn and Larissa for this.  Although she was angrier with Larissa because she had thought that Larissa stole him away from her.  Anastasia decided that she would get some revenge on Larissa for what she did. 


                After Larissa found out about Anastasia suspecting her for their break up, she decided to talk to her and try to convince her that she was mistaken.  Anastasia accepted the speech but she didn’t buy it.  She was fixed that she had it right and she vowed revenge for it.


                About a week after the festival Anastasia found out that Larissa was on her way to Shawn’s house.  Nobody was at Shawn’s house, which made Anastasia believe even more that they were more than just friends.  Anastasia had had enough with talking, she was going to get some revenge that day. She was going to get it on Larissa and on Shawn. 

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