Friday, March 24, 2017

Greek vs. Turk

                A kid by the name of Larry Couchmanos was living in Brooklyn, New York.  He had run away at the age of 16 to Brooklyn to live secretly with his cousin Kera.  Larry’s Aunt and Uncle tried to convince Larry to go to his home in Cleveland, but Larry loved New York too much and after avid negotiation Larry convinced his Aunt and Uncle to let him stay at their house as long as Larry paid rent and had a job.  Larry got a job at a place called WWF New York located on 43rd and Broadway in New York City.  Larry loved the WWF and he loved New York so this was a perfect match for him.  He had a lot of free time because he wasn’t obligated to work too much.  He spent most of it with Kera.  Luckily for them Kera’s parents didn’t find out what was happening outside and inside the home.  Larry was also a bodyguard for Kera; he would fight for her at any cost.  He had already taken a few bullets and stabbing that were intended for her.  Before you get any ideas, Larry and Kera did absolutely nothing sexual in nature, they’re second cousins and that was against both their morals.  Larry was often times hurt after an intense fight, in these cases Kera would help him to recover.  Since they spent time together Larry knew almost all of Kera’s friends.  Of course when you live in Brooklyn, New York, one bodyguard isn’t always sufficient, she also had friends that would defend her at all costs too.  

                One summer day Larry and Kera were hanging out in Marine Park, a place they hung out a lot to meet up with friends.  On this particular day there was a kid whom Larry had never met before, Larry learned that, like himself, this kid would fight for Kera, and he was very good at fighting for Kera.  It also helped that he was part of a gang so he had a lot of backup if someone were to mess with him.  He and Larry talked for a while and Larry started to think he was a good kid.  His name was Enes.  As Larry and Kera were returning to Kera’s house, Kera made the mistake of informing Larry that the person he met was Turkish.  Both Larry and Kera were 100% patriotic Greeks.  Traditionally Greeks hate Turks, Larry was no exception, living in Brooklyn her whole life, Kera gained tolerance but Arabs and Turks Larry didn’t like.  Arabs was learned because he has never met an Arab he got along with but Turks was just pure prejudice, he hated them because of their blood.  Larry no longer liked this kid to say the least.  Kera pleaded with Larry not to fight him since both were her friends and great fighters with high tolerances for pain.  She knew that regardless of who ended up the victor, neither would be a pretty site to look at. Larry told Kera he wouldn’t do anything unless provoked.  Which Kera knew meant Larry would take the slightest thing and amplify it giving him an excuse to fight him.  Larry was against picking fights, but people picked them with him and he snapped.

                The next meeting between Larry and Enes started out friendly. They were talking about how Enes got his gang to kick the shit out of Kera’s old boyfriend Nicky, this kid was a legitimate asshole and Larry knew it so he was happy to hear the minute details of it.  Then Enes said, “Just goes to show how Turks will always prevail over Greeks.”

                Larry countered, “Especially when Turks are coward enough to have a whole group on one guy, real tough.”

                Enes responded, “What are you trying to say, without my gang I can’t fight?”

                “That’s exactly what I’m saying”

                “Care to back that up?”
                “Oh hell yea.”

                Kera immediately ran between them as they were now standing toe to toe.  Kera yelled, “God damn you guys, you know you’re about to fight over a stupid reason.”

                Larry said, “It’s time to show this fuckin Turk some respect”

                Enes responded, “You Greeks never know when to shut your mouths.”

                Kera then said, “Look both are you guys are my friends, you protect me, you’re on the same fuckin side, I know both of you, you will kill each other if you fight and both of you will be fucked up because neither of you know how to fucking quit.”

                Larry said, “Oh you have it all wrong Kera, This fucking Turk will just call his little gang so the odds are against me because he’s too pussy to fight me man to man.”

                Enes responded, “Oh fuck you, let’s go right now mono y mono”

                Kera said, “I’ve tried, you won’t listen, have fun kickin the shit out of each other, If you’ll excuse me I don’t wanna watch my friends and relative get their asses kicked for no reason.”

Larry said, “First one to be knocked out loses.” 

                Kera ran to her house as Enes swung at Larry with his right arm as a form of agreement. It connected and Larry shot right back with his left, they exchanged punched for a little until Larry ducked under his swinging arm and then threw a right into his kidneys and dived into his legs as Enes collapsed over him.  Enes shot right back up and as Larry dived into his chest tackling him.  Larry stayed on top and began punching Enes’s face.  He got about two punches in before Enes moved his head and Larry punched the asphalt.  By now everyone was gathered around watching the fight.  The cops didn’t bother breaking up fights anymore.  Blood was emulating from Enes’s face now.  Larry got up after the punch and Enes kicked him in the knee and jumped up driving his fist into Larry’s stomach.  He held his stomach for a brief moment and he drove his shoulder into Enes wrapping his arms around his legs, he lifted him over his shoulder and slammed him onto the asphalt.  This phased him and the back of his head was showing signs of blood.  He rolled to his feet as Larry smiled since he has the upper hand.  Enes ran at Larry, Larry waited for him to near then he ducked down waiting for Enes to approach, but he stopped dead in his tracks for Larry had forgotten Enes had been in many fights and knew not to charge at your opponent. Enes put Larry in a headlock and began slamming his head into his knees.  Larry grabbed his knee and shoved him back to the ground.  Larry stood up with blood oozing from his face now.   Enes was getting to his feet as well.  They circled each other as blood driveled down their faces.  Enes jumped at Larry driving his shoulder into his chest Larry fell at this impact Enes’s shoulder followed Larry down and crashed into his solar plexus. Larry had the wind knocked out of him as he slowly rose to his feet, Enes sneaked up behind Larry and had his arms raised interlocked to crash down on Larry’s back.  Larry sensing someone behind him thrusted his leading leg back nailed Enes in his solar plexus.  He took a few steps back to try to get wind in a leaning position Larry shook off the pain, ran toward him and kicked him squarely in the face knocking him over.  Larry took a second to recover then he climbed on a nearby bench to try to finish off Enes.  Larry jumped off and bent his knees to nail him in the chest, he rolled out of the way and Larry’s knees slammed against the ground.  Both men were on the ground trying to work their way to their feet.  They were both up and they came at each other. Larry tried pushing him back but Enes grabbed hold of the back of Larry’s shirt. As he pushed Larry felt the shirt come over his head, he ducked and thrusted the shirt off him as Enes came back with a shirt.  Enes held up the shirt and then ripped it in half in front of Larry’s face; Larry used both his hands to flick him off.  Enes’s face had more blood on it than Larry’s.  Enes dropped the shirt and came at Larry.  Larry jabbed him in the solar plexus than grabbed the collar of his shirt and ripped it in half.  He then punched him in his exposed stomach.  While he was bent over, Larry wrapped his arm around his head and fell back slamming Enes’s head into the ground.  Larry got up quickly and Enes rolled onto his back, Larry stomped him in the abdomen, he went for another one but Enes grabbed his leg and took out Larry’s leg.  Larry fell back to the ground.  They got up at the same time.  Enes punched Larry in the face, he hit him so hard Larry began wheeling and a cut appeared on his face.  Larry ran at him, Enes stepped aside in anticipation of Larry to keep running but Larry jumped to the side and slammed his knee into his stomach.  Enes bent over and began to let out a spit.  Larry went over and put him in a headlock however Enes wrapped his arms around Larry’s legs lifted him up, turned around and slammed Larry down onto a bench.  Larry’s shoulders and the back of his head nailed the bench with such velocity that the bench split and Larry lay on the asphalt.  Enes bent down after he delivered the maneuver and began spitting, when he raised his lips were red because he spit up blood.  Larry slowly worked his way to his feet as Enes lay waiting with a piece of the bench. Larry also had one.  Enes swung the board as Larry got up and it connected across Larry’s face as he nailed the ground again Enes approached Larry with the board raised high to finish the job.  Larry turned around and slammed his board into his chest; Enes spat up blood as the board hit him as he dropped the board, which hit Larry.  Larry got to his feet as Enes dropped to one knee, he had endured to many shots to the solar plexus region. He swung the board and hit him on the back of Enes’s skull as he fell to the ground.  Larry dropped the board and took a few steps around, he noticed the Turk was making slight movements therefore not unconscious.  Larry still had to recuperate from this grueling battle.  Enes slowly made his way to his feet and kneed Larry in the stomach.  Larry bent over for a split second then back up and Enes drove his shoulder into his chest driving him back into a wall.  Larry wrapped his arms around Enes’s back and lifted him up by his stomach so that his legs were on either side of his face. Larry ran forward and fell while pushing Enes off him, the back of Enes’s head and shoulders crashed through a bench and Larry followed up so that it would have enough force to break it.  Larry rolled off of Enes hoisting him up and running with him took a lot out of him.  They both lay on he ground hurt.  Larry got up first and when Enes did, Larry drove his shoulder into him and chopped at the back of his heels knocking him over again.  Both participants had blood all over the place.  Enes got up with his back toward Larry, Larry approached and Enes swung something into Larry’s chest.  It was a metal pipe that he found on the ground.  Larry was now beginning to spit a little blood,  Enes lifted the pipe and struck down aiming for Larry’s head, Larry shifted his head to the side but the pipe still nailed his shoulder knocking him to one knee, Larry wrapped hie arms around Enes’s legs and pushed him back with his shoulder knocking him down.  Enes dropped the pipe Larry kicked it away and kicked Enes in the head.  Enes eased up to his feet.  Larry kicked Enes in the chest, but Enes grabbed his leg, he pulled Larry closer by his leg lifted Larry and swung him around.  As Larry swung he made sure that both legs connected across Enes’s face.  Both Enes and Larry twirled to the ground.  Both of their faces were crimson with blood, they both got up, refusing to be knocked unconscious.  Enes grabbed a steel chair from an onlooker.  He lifted the chair over his head and came toward Larry; he brought the chair over his head and slammed the seat part onto Larry’s skull.  When he lifted Larry kicked him in the stomach, he dropped the chair and Larry caught it.  Larry flipped the chair around so that the legs were toward Enes he swung the chair and the legs crashed into Enes’s skull knocking him down.  Larry threw the chair to the side.  Enes got up and walked toward Larry and punched him across the face, despite it being a weary punch and not a full blow it knocked Larry off balance since he was also weary. Larry responded with a punch of his own across his face, Enes now was knocked off balance, they had another alterations of punches to the face, than Larry punched Enes in the stomach, Enes grabbed his stomach, Larry wrapped his arm around Enes’s head, he then grabbed the rim off his pants and lifted Enes up upside down,  Enes’s head was now at Larry’s neck level wrapped in his arm, Larry tried to balance him running on all adrenaline, he stumbled a bit than turned Enes in the air and slammed him to the ground falling with him so his chest added emphasis to Enes’s head as it hit the asphalt.  It hit as blood splashed to the ground, Larry rolled off him and slowly got up, he grabbed a bench that hadn’t been broken yet.  He turned around and saw Enes lying motionless with someone kneeling beside him, the kid counted to 10 and then declared Larry the winner.  At the news Larry collapsed onto the bench raising his arms in victory 

Two friends of Kera’s helped Larry to his feet and wrapped his arms around their shoulders.  Enes had his own friends trying to wake him up to help him back.  Kera’s friends helped Larry back to Kera’s house; they knocked on the door hoping that Kera would answer.  Kera did and saw Larry and was taken back.  One of her friends said, “He won.” 

Kera chuckled and said, ‘I had a feeling you were going to say that.”

They laid Larry on a bed; Kera already placed newspapers on it for she anticipated Larry would come back bloody.  They laid Larry on it and the other friend said, “Oh you missed a helluva fight!”

“Yea well they’re both my friends and I guarantee that he’s fucked up too.”

“Got that right, I mean each went through a bench, got nailed by pieces of wood, it was great!”

Kera’s friends left and Kera began tending to Larry.  She said, “Sounds like you put up a great show.”

Larry just nodded for his adrenaline was gone.  Kera kept talking, “I told you you’d fuck each other up and don’t give me this ‘you should see the other guy’ speech.”

Larry’s gave a weak smile then attempted to talk but very slowly, “No………..he’s……….just………as…………bad.”

“Modesty, that’s not like you Larry.”


“Well that’s good, well I think you’ll be alright.”


Kera bitch slapped Larry when he finished.  The blow sent Larry on his side since he was extremely weak after his war.  Kera said, “Oh shit! Sorry Larry, you alright”


“Well that’s definitely true.”

Kera tended to Larry for a little while, the next day Larry was sore but could still function.  The teachers at school were a little suspicious about how he got those cuts on his face, he told them he fell roller blading.”

Most of the kids knew, and the ones that knew Larry that didn’t already know by the end of the day.  Even teachers found out.  When Larry got home Kera said, “I hope you don’t go fighting Enes anymore.”

Larry responded, “It all depends on if he picks a fight.”

“Will you take whatever he says and amplify it.”

“No, but I don’t think we have anything to worry about, his little gang friends will be pissed that I won and they’ll come after me and you’ll be tending to me again” he smiled at the end. 

When Enes met up with his gang, the leader was arranging a gang bust on Larry.  Enes said, “Nobody touch him, we had one fight it’s over, we killed each other, no need to jump him.”

“Enes, I think you were hit in the head too many times, he won, he will brag like a bitch.”

“No he won’t, the fight was out in the open, many people saw how we killed each other and Kera knows too.”

“Keep in mind Larry is Kera’s cousin”

“Which means shit, she was against us fighting to begin with, she didn’t even watch so just let him be unless he attacks me.”
                “You’re going soft Enes”

“Maybe, but just do me this one favor and don’t touch Larry.”

“Either you’re going soft or pussy whipped over that bitch Kera.”

Enes’s eyes widened, “Just watch it ok, this doesn’t need to go further, he starts gloating then we jump him, but there’s a difference between bragging and telling people who won, he beat me fair in square and don’t call Kera a bitch.”

“You say the word and we kill ‘em got it?”


Enes’s gang never touched Larry.  They had a respect for each other, which isn’t far uncommon when you engage in a massive fight.  Both recovered without a hospital visit, the kids that took care of them did a fine job.           

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