Friday, March 3, 2017

Anastasia goes for revenge

                On a summer day in Cleveland, Ohio there was this man named Shawn.  Shawn was a short kid half Greek kid the other half he’s not sure about.  He had been a friend with a girl named Larissa.  Shawn sort of liked her as more than a friend but kept it at friends just in case.  At the time of the story Shawn was fresh off a break up with a girl named Anastasia.  Anastasia was shorter than Shawn and was 100% Greek.  Since when Shawn dumped her it was at a Greek festival, and subsequent to dumping her he hung out with Larissa, Anastasia suspected that Larissa had stolen Shawn away from her.  Anastasia was extremely angry with Shawn and Larissa for this.  Although she was angrier with Larissa because she had thought that Larissa stole him away from her.  Anastasia decided that she would get some revenge on Larissa for what she did. 


                After Larissa found out about Anastasia suspecting her for their break up, she decided to talk to her and try to convince her that she was mistaken.  Anastasia accepted the speech but she didn’t buy it.  She was fixed that she had it right and she vowed revenge for it.


                About a week after the festival Anastasia found out that Larissa was on her way to Shawn’s house.  Nobody was at Shawn’s house, which made Anastasia believe even more that they were more than just friends.  Anastasia had had enough with talking; she was going to get some revenge that day. She was going to get on Larissa and Shawn.  She went over to Shawn’s house and rang the doorbell.  Shawn answered the door and was a little surprised to see Anastasia.  He then said, “Anastasia? What are you doing here?”

                Anastasia answered by punching him in the stomach.  Subsequent to this she entered the house and closed the door behind her.  Anastasia then grabbed Shawn by the hair and threw him into the wall.  She then drove her knee into Shawn’s kidneys.  After that Shawn fell to the ground, Anastasia capitalized and forced Shawn to lie on his back using her foot.  She then put one foot on either side of his waist and used her arms to pin down Shawn’s arms.  Subsequent to that she pulled her knees up and positioned them on the biceps of Shawn.  With her free hands she unloaded bitch slaps across the face of Shawn.  When she grew weary of that she got up and forced Shawn to his feet.  She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him forward while driving her knee into his stomach.  Shawn was now bent over holding his stomach in pain, Anastasia ran behind him and dove shoulder first into his knees, Shawn toppled over Anastasia and landed on the back of his neck and head.  Shawn was hurt from this and wondered when Anastasia would stop.  She forced him to his feet again and saw how exhausted Shawn was, she then bitch slapped him as hard as she could with her right hand and watched Shawn nail the ground.  She was about to inflict more punishment on Shawn when the doorbell rang.


                She answered the door and saw Larissa.  Larissa was a little surprised to see Anastasia but she didn’t mind that she was there, at least not yet.  Larissa said hi to Anastasia and Anastasia responded by bitch slapping her across the face, Larissa returned it with a bitch slap of her own.  Anastasia was about to bitch slap her back but Larissa ducked and the momentum from the slap carried Anastasia around so her back was toward Larissa.  Larissa grabbed her by the hair and yanked her onto the ground.  Larissa then straddled Anastasia and started bitch slapping her repeatedly.  Anastasia tried blocking the blows with her arms but she didn’t have much luck.  Anastasia then rolled her upper body so Larissa fell off of her, subsequent to that Anastasia rolled over and now was straddling Larissa.  By this time Shawn had moved himself to a chair where he could watch and relax, he was still hurt though.  Anastasia then began bitch slapping Larissa, As she was saying, “See what happens when you steal my boyfriends.”

                Larissa then reached back and grabbed Anastasia’s hair and threw her off of her.  She got up and said, “Me and Shawn are just friends.”

                Anastasia then got up and kicked Larissa in the shins.  Shawn got up and in a last bit of adrenaline ran at Anastasia, Anastasia saw him and as he came closer, Anastasia sidestepped Shawn and drove her knee into his stomach.  Shawn grabbed his stomach then fell to the floor completely out of breath.  Anastasia then went to punch Larissa in the stomach but Larissa dodged it and drove her knee into Anastasia’s stomach.    Anastasia was in pain but tried to shake it off.  Shawn slowly got up and was behind Anastasia, Larissa went to bitch slap Anastasia, Anastasia ducked and Larissa nailed Shawn across the face knocking him to the ground.  Larissa paused due to being stunned giving Anastasia time to kick Larissa in the stomach.  Anastasia wanted to finish off Larissa so she put her in a headlock and was about to drive her knees into Larissa’s face when Larissa wrapped her arms around Anastasia’s legs and hoisted her up and ran her into the wall. Subsequent to driving her to the wall she threw her to the ground and straddled her and began bitch slapping her repeatedly.  When she was weary of bitch slapping her she got off her and started stomping at her stomach repeatedly.  Eventually Larissa calmed down.  After she was calm she helped Shawn to his feet and to the bed.  She lied him down and forced Anastasia up and threw her out of the house, she then found a bed and went to sleep in Shawn’s house.  Anastasia failed in getting revenge because Larissa proved she could take any of the other two characters. 


                Shawn didn’t feel like sleeping, he was embarrassed after getting his ass kicked by a girl.  He also wanted revenge.  Anastasia was still on his doorstep in an excruciating amount of pain.  This benefited Shawn.  He dragged her to his bed and laid her on it.  He took off her shoes and socks followed by her pants.  He then felt her legs up and down caressing them.  He then caressed over her panties on her groin and ass area.  He then stripped himself to his boxers he wrapped her legs around his waist and then moved his hands up under her shirt and caressed her breasts over her bra.  He eventually took the shirt off and began to maneuver his mouth around her breasts, again over her bra.  He unwrapped her legs around his waist and placed whipped cream on them and sucked the whipped cream off.  He then took off Anastasia’s bra and placed whipped cream on her breasts and sucked it off, when it was all gone he continued to suck and stopped periodically to caress them with his hands.  He began to enjoy pushing her breasts together and licking the crease it made.  He then wrapped her legs back around his waist and lifted his waist so that from her waist down was elevated and he caressed her ass some more. He then slipped his hand in her panties and caressed her bare ass over the panties he released his hands from her ass and used them to caress her legs followed by unwrapping them.  Subsequent to that he began caressing her groin region with his hands over the panties then he slipped his hands in her panties and placed his pointer and middle finger into her vagina and pushed it in and out repeatedly.  Anastasia was so weary from her fight with Larissa that she was defenseless and Shawn knew it.  Then Shawn wrapped her legs around his waist again and turned so that Anastasia was now on top.  He grabbed her arms and made her move her arms up and down his chest, and then he made her caress his genitalia with her hand.  He moved her arm around the corner to feel his bare ass.  After he grew weary of that he pushed her off of him and lied her on her back.  He then took off his boxers and walked so his legs were near Anastasia’s head.  He then squatted down and positioned his ass to be right above her face and then he sat down forcing Anastasia’s face pressed upon his ass.  He maneuvered his ass around for further insult.  He knew she couldn’t get revenge because Larissa would protect him and she had no way to prove Shawn was doing this.  Then Shawn tilted her head back so that he mouth opened and then placed his genitalia into her mouth and made her suck on that until he reached orgasm.  After his ejaculation had ceased, he dragged Anastasia out of the house and threw her clothes on top of her as well. 


                Anastasia felt used and embarrassed.  Although she had enough evidence she didn’t go to the police and when she recovered her strength, she just went home defeated.  She hated Larissa but Shawn even more.  She also hated that she couldn’t get revenge.  Although she could have put Shawn in juvenile hall for revenge but she didn’t think of it and now it was too late; she already showered getting all the sperm off her.  Shawn was happy and never told anyone what happened neither did Anastasia.  Shawn and Larissa remained friends for a long time.  Anastasia stopped associating with them for obvious reasons.  Anastasia was able to go on with life with the knowledge of what happened that night with Shawn.  Shawn accepted the fact that he had a female bodyguard that could kick his ass at will. 

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