Sunday, November 13, 2016

Girls revenge war

                It was August 21st, 2000, temperature around 78ºF about 9:00AM In Cleveland, Ohio.  Amy had just moved into the habitat with Larry.  She was acting a little weird about it, but most people are when they leave home to live with their boyfriend.  After she had unpacked her things in Larry’s room she spent the rest of the day there. It was about 9:30 when everything was situated.  Amy went around meeting the different people of the habitat.  The only one that was not impressed with her was Kera.  Kera had a gut feeling something wasn’t right with her.  She sneaked into Larry’s room and installed a hidden camera to keep her eye on Amy. She felt bad about it, but she had to convince herself that she was either right or wrong about Amy.  Everyone else seemed to like Amy.   Kera had installed the camera and left the room unseen by anyone.  She had it hooked up to a monitor in her room so she could see the events.  She tested it and it worked.  She programmed it so she could start the surveillance at a push of a button.  She shut it off to save battery power.  She carried out the rest of the activities of the day without anyone suspecting anything.  She knew Amy and Larry would get on each other tonight, she didn’t really want to watch it all just hear it so if anything went wrong she could check it.  At approximately 2:00AM.  Larry had gone to his room.  David was already asleep in Kera’s room, but Kera stayed up with Larry and Amy waiting for them to wander off to bed.  Although Larry went to bed, Amy stayed up.  She wandered off to bed at 3:00AM she spent the time talking to Kera about Larry for about 15 minutes and watching TV the remainder of the time.  It took a lot of caffeine but Kera managed to stay awake until Amy went to their room.  She went to her room, pushed the button to turn on the camera and got the view.  She put headphones on so that David wouldn’t wake up from the noise.  She closed her eyes for she did not want to see all the events, just if something didn’t sound right. She saw that Larry was asleep but she knew better than to think this would discourage anyone.  The sound was turned way up so she could hear even the slightest sound. 


                 Amy walked into the door and saw Larry asleep.    She grabbed a blindfold that could not be taken off too easily and blindfolded Larry.  This was very unusual for couples to do this.  The blindfold was there for use when you get on someone you’re not going out with.  Larry was lying on his stomach, which was rather unusual for he usually sleeps on his side.  Amy lied on top of him, squeezed her arms under Larry’s and started kissing his neck.  To this Larry woke up.  Although he was a heavy sleeper, someone laying on you and kissing you will wake up most any person.  Larry didn’t mind the blindfold for when your eyes are covered your body is more sensitive to touch, during moments like this, it was very nice to have your body more sensitive to touch.  Amy had gotten off, giving Larry just enough time to turn around.  Larry was in his boxers; Amy was in her panties only.  The back of both the boxers and the panties had no backside to them, so during moments like these their ass would be exposed but the front would not be.  They only had one pair, and they always wore them to bed.  Amy was on top of Larry and they were making out.  Larry’s hands were on her breasts squeezing them.  Amy’s hands were under Larry’s shoulders.  He released his hands from her breasts, reached behind her and grabbed her ass.  She had worked her way down to grabbing his ass as well.  They were all over each other.  They stopped making out and she got up and grabbed some whipped cream.  She placed the whipped cream onto her breasts and then sat Larry up and she straddled him so his face was level with her breasts.  She grabbed his head and placed it on her breasts.  He got the whipped cream off using his mouth.  After it was all gone she pulled Larry upwards.  Although it was just a signal for Larry to get up she didn’t actually use too much strength.  She sat him down on a chair and grabbed a hold of a desk and placed her right leg along Larry’s chest.  He took his arm and went up and down her leg.  After a while she put down her right leg down and put her left leg on his chest.  He felt her left leg up and down just as he had done with her right leg.  After that was done.  She went and got the whipped cream and sprayed it all over her legs.  She placed her right leg on Larry’s chest.  Larry felt the whipped cream and realized what she wanted him to do.  He sucked the whipped cream off her leg.  He used his tongue mostly.  Then when all the whipped cream had gone off her right leg.  She placed whipped cream on her left leg and placed that in front of him.  He sucked the whipped cream off her left leg like he had done to the right one.  After the whipped cream was off that one she helped Larry to his feet bent him over and placed his head between her thighs.  She wiggled her waist around so that her private area was maneuvering on his head.  She did this until Larry had fallen to his knees.  She then forced Larry on all fours and straddled his back as if she was riding a horse.  She lied down upon his back and kissed his neck multiple times.  She then wrapped her legs around so that her legs were locked, she flexed her thighs and Larry fell down.  This was the point. A girl’s legs were squeezing his waist, which causes trouble of breathing.  She released her grip on his waist and placed his head between her legs again and grabbed a leather strap and nailed it over his back until he fell to his knees.  Then she bent him over her knee so that his ass was on her lap and whipped his butt with the strap.  She then began to climax.  Larry had climaxed earlier when his head was between her legs the first time.  Amy stopped and lay Larry on the bed; she lied right beside him. 


                Kera had heard the whole thing, her eyes opened when she heard the strap hit Larry’s back.  She saw the lashing and was furious.  Larry didn’t think it a big deal but Kera vowed for revenge.  She felt this was the proof of her gut feeling she had earlier. 


                The next day Kera confronted Amy about the lashings.  She had started by saying, “Why the hell did you whip my cousin last night?”

                Amy responded, “Excuse me?”

                “You heard me”

                Amy asked surprisingly, “How did you know about this?”

                “I heard it all the way from my room”

                “Then how did you know I whipped him?”

                “It sounded like one and by the way you’ve responded so far I know I am right”

                “Yes you are but it’s nothing, I didn’t hurt him.”

                “But you tried to is the point”

                “Just stay out of my business”

                “When you’re lashing my cousin then that makes it my business as well”

                “It’s none of your business to know what goes on in that room”

                “Tell you the truth I don’t want to know but now that I do I’m worried about you”

                “Look I like your cousin very much, he likes me, you know as well as I do he’s a very tough kid a little lashing won’t hurt him”

                “When the whip is leather it can hurt a little bit, how about I take something leather and lash you see how you feel”

                Amy was very curious now and realized a mistake Kera made and asked, “How did you know it was leather?” she asked with a smile

                Kera was taken back for now she realized it too but she thought quickly and came up with, “I saw it in your room and I figured that’s what you used”

                Amy didn’t really believe her but she had no proof now.  She then wanted to end the conversation and said, “Just leave me and your cousin alone, I can do what I want to him”

                At this Kera shoved her, Amy took two steps back from the force.  She was now mad too, she kicked Kera right in the stomach.  Kera grabbed her stomach in pain.  She was bent over now.  Amy saw this reached into the back of her pants and pulled out the leather strap.  She whipped Kera with it.  Kera fell from the first hit but Amy continued the assault.  After about 10 seconds she switched to her butt.  About 15 seconds after that, Larry came running and grabbed Amy and carried her back.  Larry calmed Amy down and didn’t really want to know why it happened.  The only things he was thinking about was to calm Amy and whether or not Kera was ok.  David got Kera to her feet.  She was very weak.  David realized she couldn’t stand on her own and was going to need to be carried.  He placed his left hand behind her neck and with his right hand scooped up her legs.  He then carried her like this all the way to their room.  He placed her on the bed to rest.  She lied on her stomach so that she wasn’t on where she was lashed.  He took off her shirt slowly so not to hurt her.  He checked to see if there were any marks from the whip.  There were plenty of cuts and red marks on her back.  He got a clean towel and wet it. He rubbed it up and down her back.  Kera shook a little from the pain she had when David applied pressure to her back.  After about 30 seconds of this, he went and got rubbing alcohol.  He was very hesitant to put it on Kera’s back for he knew it would sting but he had no choice.  He took Kera’s left hand and told her to squeeze when the pain starts.  Kera gripped his hand tight already for she knew what was going on.  With his right hand he poured the alcohol over her back.  She screamed from the pain and squeezed David’s hands really tight.  David’s hand was beginning to get red but he didn’t mind.  With his right hand he grabbed a clean paper towel and rubbed it on her back.  Eventually the stinging went away and Kera eased her grip.  David realized that it had passed so he let go of her hand and used it to help wipe her back.  He then remembered Amy took some shots at her butt as well.  He grabbed a pillow and taped it to her back for cushion and to apply pressure on the cuts he then turned Kera around and unzipped and unbuttoned her pants.  He pulled them down and turned her back around.   He pulled her panties over her butt to check if he would have to do the same to her butt that he had done to her back.  Her butt was just red and there were no cuts.  He realized this was because Kera had her wallet in her right back pocket and makeup in the left back pocket.  He pulled her panties back over and pulled her pants up he had to lift the bottom part of her body to get the pants on.  Turned her around and buttoned and zipped her pants.  He picked her up and told her to lean on him.  He put her shirt back on over the cushion and lied her back on the bed.  He then told her to get some sleep and left. 


                Meanwhile Larry was talking to Amy.  The first question he asked was, “Why did you do that?”

                Amy responded very panicky and sorry, “She was yelling at me and shoved me”

                Larry didn’t show any remorse and said in a loud tone, “So you decided to whip her because she pushed you.”

                She was now crying, “She got me mad, you always say ‘never pick a fight but if someone picks a fight with you give it to them good’ she picked a fight with me”

                Again he showed no remorse, “Don’t use my quotes against me, you know you went overboard and you know that that quote doesn’t justify what you did.”

                She then hugged him and said, “I know, I’m so sorry”

                He pushed her away and said, “You better be sorry, you lashed my cousin.  That’s a punishment people give soldiers, men trained for infantry and warfare.  It hurts those people and you do it to a 12-year-old girl who didn’t have any of that training just what did she say to get you so mad?”

                “She was yelling at me for whipping you”

                “Larry was drawn back by this and lowered his tone, “She confronted you because of what you did to me.” 


                Larry now felt bad, for he thought that some of the pain Kera was enduring now was his fault when it truly wasn’t.  He found himself letting Amy cry on his shoulder.  After she stopped crying they separated.  Larry noticed that David had left Kera’s room so he went into Kera’s room to check on her, and Amy went to get some more sleep.  Kera was awake when he walked in she turned toward him and simply said, “I don’t like your girlfriend”

                “I know you don’t, I’m real sorry about what happened are you alright?”

                “Yea, David took good care of me”

                “Are you mad at me at all?”

                “No, I just hate your girlfriend”

                “Fair enough”

                “Kera, why did you try to get revenge for me after hearing the whipping, it really wasn’t a big deal I wasn’t hurt.”

                “I know you weren’t but I don’t like the fact that she had a leather strap and isn’t afraid to whip people”

                “If you were frightened why did you shove her?”

                Kera had a look of fear and shock combined in her face and asked in a frightened voice, “You’re mad at me aren’t you?  You don’t you care what she did to me?”

                “Kera that’s not the case and you know it, I’m trying to understand a situation”

                Kera said rather relieved, “Ok, I shoved her out of frustration”

                “Ok, will it end here?”

                Kera turned away and said, “yea it will I want some sleep now”

                Larry left the room, he had a feeling that this was far from over.  He wouldn’t blame Kera if she vowed for revenge.  After all she was lashed, most anyone would want some revenge after that.  Larry understood this and knew that he couldn’t stop her.  So he didn’t even try.  He just hoped that it wouldn’t be serious.  Larry had two people he cared about deeply fighting.  The rest of the day went on normally, Kera slept for about three hours then woke up, took the cushion off and was fine.  She was walking fine and it seemed like nothing had happened.  All four of them went to sleep without any sexually natured activities.  Larry was under too much stress to do anything.  Amy was too ashamed and embarrassed because she had injured his cousin although she didn’t feel regret for what she did, just the fact that Larry cared.  Kera wanted plenty of rest and energy for the next day.


                The next day Kera woke up before anyone, she got breakfast at the local Burger King.  Amy was the next to wake up and went downstairs, she read a note on the table that said,


I went to Burger King, be back soon


~ Kera

Amy read the note and made herself a bagel with cream cheese and ate that.  Kera dined in Burger King for she had a lot on her mind and wanted to be alone.  Amy had some bad blood for Kera; she did not regret what she did.  She developed a hatred for Kera.  She had blamed Kera for the fact she didn’t get on Larry last night.  Kera had finished her French toast sticks and threw away her stuff.  She headed out the door toward home.  A couple minutes later Amy had finished her bagels and put her plate and knife in the sink and went outside to meet Kera.  She wanted to hurt Kera again, only this time make it fast and have nobody suspect her and think she was kidnapped.  It was a very cold-blooded thing to do.  As she went outside she saw Kera from a distance.  She ran at her, Kera just kept walking toward her.  Amy wasn’t suspicious at the lack of fear Kera had and kept running on.  When she got pretty close she reached behind her back where she had a metal bat hooked to her belt.  Although she looked weird in Burger King she didn’t care.  She grabbed the bat, moved to the side and swung it as hard as she could hitting Amy in the solar plexus.  Amy grabbed her chest and fell over from the pain.  She had the bat over her head when Larry came out of no where and shoved Kera back.  Larry got the bat from Kera and by then David had come to the scene.  Larry told him to hold Kera back.  Larry knelt down besides Amy and knew she was in serious pain.  He saw the shot.  Amy was cuddled up with her arms holding her chest and legs bent so her feet were just below her butt and coughing for air.  Larry rolled her onto her back and straightened her legs.  He used his legs to hold her legs down, and using his arms straightened her arms above her head.  Doing this causes all the muscles in your chest and stomach to relax and it helps you breathe easier.  Amy wasn’t coughing for breath as much anymore.  He helped her to her feet and placed his left arm behind her head and her right arm scooped her legs up.  He carried her to their bed where he lied her down.  He took off her shirt slowly.  He saw the mark the bat made.  He pressed gently along the line and when he reached her sternum she screamed in pain.  Larry jumped back at the sound.  Kera and David heard it too.  Kera smiled at the sound of it David was real shocked.  Larry then ran his fingers along Amy’s ribs.  When he reached the end she yelled in pain again.  Larry was real worried and realized what he’d have to do.  Larry knew Kera had broken Amy’s sternum as well as two of her ribs.  He didn’t know how to treat that injury.  He hated going to the hospital because they didn’t like Larry because of his frequent visits just after he formed the habitat so since then he, along with some others were the doctors but nobody knew how to treat broken ribs and sternum so he had no choice.  Larry told his friend about his crisis and asked if he could drive them to a hospital his friend realized the seriousness of it but the hospital knew them and they tried to convince them to return home so they didn’t trust them.  They asked David if he would go with her because they couldn’t bring them in.  David agreed hesitantly because he didn’t know what Kera would think.  Kera didn’t really care she got the revenge she wanted.  David took Amy into the hospital filled out the forms and gave them back.  The doctors treated Amy and gave her the right treatment to isolate and keep her three bones sterile and immovable so she didn’t aggravate them in every day activity, Although she would be slowed by the injury.  The injury healed in six weeks.  Amy and Kera never fought again.  Kera never regretted what she had done.  After it healed both Kera and Amy accepted living under the same roof.


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