Saturday, November 5, 2016

Serious vs. Unserious

It had been a week since the fight that Larry and David got into. Following the fight, Kera tended to David.  He was pretty hurt from the fight but recovered quickly.  Kera asked him, “Why did you do that?  You didn’t have to prove anything to me, you’ve never had to prove anything to me.”

                David responded, “I don’t know, I just got so full of myself after beating all those people, my ego was through the roof, I’m sorry.”

                “Has it calmed now?”

                “Yes, we won’t fight again, that is unless he starts it.”

                “Larry never starts fights”

                “Then we won’t fight again”


                After a week, the fight was just something all three of them laughed at.  They joked about it; Kera joked about it more then anyone. What Kera and Larry did not know was that David took the loss a little personally and hadn’t let it go he just pretended to.  He was a good actor both Kera and Larry, one he shares a bed with and the other he lives in the same house as him had no clue of this. David did hold true to his word, he never again challenged Larry.  Kera was really cocky when it came to people picking fights with her, because although she had no confidence in her fighting ability.  She did have some but she didn’t think she did.  She had two of the best fighters she knows watching her back.  She knew that even though they didn’t like what she was doing, if someone started attacking they’d jump in.  Just because it’s David’s girlfriend and you don’t want anything to happen to a girl you really like, and Larry’s cousin and good friend, and again you don’t want to see a member of your family whom you get along with really well, get hurt.  Kera never did pick fights, the only difference between now, and back when she still lived with her parents and wasn’t going out with David was that now, if someone picked a fight with her, she didn’t back down.  Whenever she went out she made sure David or Larry weren’t too far behind.  Which is one of the reasons she hated seeing them fight.  I mean when you have two bodyguards that are both extremely good fighters fear doesn’t appear too often during a confrontation.  It was something all three of them laughed at.  Kera knew she did it and didn’t deny it.  Not many people did pick fights with Kera so her need of backup didn’t occur as often as you may have pictured.  Larry had stopped making jokes about his fight with David.  Kera loved doing it, nobody knew why, she was about to cry when it was happening.  But for some reason she found it amusing.  This whole story is about an example of her joking but it escalates more than how she had done it previously.


                It was about a month after the fight had happened Kera and David were in their room together.  David was really out of it and wanted to lie down.  Kera was completely energized.  She said upon David’s arrival into the room in a loud tone, “Hey baby, what’s up?”

                David responded, “Not now, I’m tired”

                “Hey don’t get an attitude on me” she said confrontationally but jokingly

                “Just let me sleep”

                “Can’t do that”

                “Then I’ll sleep with you yelling”

                “I’ll sick Larry on you”

                “Oh ok Kera whatever”

                “All right that’s it I’m going to kick your ass,” she said raising her fists as if she were about to box. 

                David laughed at the sight of this and said, “I’m not going to fight you”

                “Oh why not? Too scared? Yea like cousin like cousin”

                “Ok Kera if you say so”

                Kera then went to kick David; David grabbed her leg and shoved her on the bed.  He didn’t want to hurt her, but he was no longer tired and was going to play Kera’s little game.  Kera went for a punch, David ducked under it wrapped his arms around Kera’s legs lifted up so her stomach was over his shoulder and threw her on the bed.  He never took the offensive end, and Kera realized this.  She got up and charged at David, she was basically challenging David to hurt her, David realized this.  He moved to the side, grabbed her by the waist lifted up brought her so her legs were around his neck and slammed her onto the bed.  Kera hit the bed and bounced into the air only to fall back on the bed.  She was a little dazed by it because it is a powerful moved and can easily knock someone out when done on a floor rather than a spring filled mattress.  She stood on the bed and leaped at David.  David caught her in mid air and threw her right back onto the bed.  Kera was impressed with David’s strength to be able to catch her while she was flying toward him.  Both of them were smiling the whole way.  They were having a ball.  Kera jumped at David again; once again David caught her and threw her back to the bed.  She got up and hugged him, he wrapped his arms around her as well, she tried to lift him up, but David knew what she was trying the minute she hugged him, he flexed every muscle in his body so he would weigh more.  Kera gave up trying to lift, since David’s arms were around her, David countered it by doing the exact same thing Kera was trying.  He lifted her up pulled his hands and held Kera under the shoulder and threw her back on the bed.  Kera got up and tried to kick David again, one again David grabbed her leg, but this time instead of throwing her back on to the bed, he knelt down, put Kera’s leg over his left shoulder and lifted straight up.  Kera was now sitting on his left shoulder and David just pushed her over onto the bed.  David was wondering when she would stop, she didn’t show any sign of stopping.  She leaped at David once again, David caught her but had to take three steps back this time then threw her right back to the bed.  Kera curled up and pretended to cry.  David felt bad so he went up to show his compassion to her.  He was behind her and placed his hand on her back and bent his head over her.  Kera threw her leg back and it nailed David in the stomach.  Since David was at close range, and Kera’s legs were decently long, and she kicked as though to straighten her leg the impact was tremendous.  David held his stomach bending over in pain.  Kera then got up with a huge smile on her face, put her arm around his head and fell back forcing David’s head to nail the floor.  David’s hands were at his sides and Kera placed his elbows into her hamstring of her legs and bent her legs over them trapping his hands.  She then put both her hands around David’s chin, sat down on his back and lifted David’s head.  This was a move she had seen Larry perform to people he wanted to hurt.  She figured she’d do it wrong.  The move was called “The camel’s clutch.”   Unfortunately for David, this was a very easy move to imitate and Kera didn’t do anything wrong.  She held it there laughing and smiling because she had the upper hand.  She started taunting David.  After holding this move for a while, she looked and saw David’s eyes glazed over.  She thought it was a trick.  She let David’s head down to the ground gently, she didn’t release her hold on his arms.  The part of his arm that wasn’t under her leg (forearm up to the hand) she lifted up and said, “If I lift up your hand and it falls three times you automatically lose:

                These are the rules for a wrestling match.  She lifted his arm once, it fell to the ground, she said, “one”

                She lifted his arm once again and again it fell to the ground, “two, if it falls one more time you lose”

                She lifted it up a third time, and it came crashing down a third time she said quite worried and hushed, “Three, I win, your knocked out”

                She got off him expecting David to open his eyes and get up, but he did not.  She turned him over and lay on his chest, and counted while slapping her hand against the ground with each number, “one, two, three”

                She was real worried now, as it occurred to her that David wasn’t faking.  She ran into her cousin’s room and was talking really fast and panicky.  Larry knew something was wrong but Kera was speaking gibberish.  He grabbed her by the biceps and said, “Kera calm down, what happened”

                Kera took a deep breath and said, “David is laying in my room, he’s not asleep I think he’s unconscious but I don’t know he may be dead”

                Larry didn’t think David was dead, Kera knew he wasn’t either but her mind was just thinking of the worst.  Larry went into the room and immediately checked for a pulse.  He got one.  He checked to see if he was breathing, again, he was. He asked what happened, and Kera responded, “We got in a fight, I won”

                Larry was shocked but he knew she was telling the truth.  He congratulated her and then left.  Kera followed him out the door.  She felt bad, so she explained what had happened, how she had tricked David.  Larry laughed and said, “David will wake up, next time have more confidence in yourself when you try to duplicate my moves.”

                Some people may call it cold-blooded that they were laughing at a time like this but David was ok, they just had to wait until he woke up.  It really isn’t cold blooded at all.  15 minutes later, David woke up.  He was really embarrassed as he realized he was knocked unconscious.  He remembered he was fighting with Kera, and knew what had happened.  He didn’t know about her pinning him and lifting the arm.  Neither he nor Kera knew how long he was unconscious for before she realized it.  They knew she didn’t notice right away because of the time it took for David to wake up.  David was really embarrassed.  Kera promised she wasn’t going to tell anyone, because she knew as well as David, that David did not try to hurt her, and the only reason she won was because David tried to help her.  Don’t get that wrong though, Kera gloated about that a lot with David.  She never told anyone, and neither did Larry.  It didn’t change anything.  Kera still had two of the best fighters she knows backing her up.

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