Saturday, October 15, 2016

Blood vs, Water


            Before I begin this story I think I should tell you a little bit about the characters involved.  David is a 12-year-old boy, who lives in Brooklyn, New York.  He is going out with Kera.  He has red hair, a little short and is a good fighter.  Kera is also a 12-year-old and lives in Brooklyn as well.  She has brown eyes and dark Brown hair.  Although she thinks it’s Auburn.  Larry is a 15-year-old boy who lives in Lakewood, Ohio but he was staying in his habitat in Brooklyn at the time of this story.  He is Kera’s second cousin and they are very close.  Now that you know the characters let’s begin.


                On an early April day in Brooklyn New York Kera and David had woken up.  They were feeling really refreshed.  They decided to take a walk. All of a sudden David became curious about what Kera thought of his fighting ability.  He had fought for Kera before and he was a little overzealous, he said to Kera, “Honestly do you think I’m a good fighter?”

                Kera responded “Yes why?”

                “I don’t know I’m just curious some girls hate guys that fight for them”

                Kera realized that if that were the real reason the question he asked was inappropriate but said “Not me, if I’m in trouble I’m very thankful for someone to defend me.”

                “Am I the best fighter you know?”

                Kera rolled her eyes and said, “David why are you asking these questions?

                “I want to know,” he said rather challengingly

                She looked away and said really softly, “Yes”

                “I’m not am I? Who do you think is better than me?”

                “Cut it out, you have nothing to prove”

                He stepped closer and asked again this time very aggressively, “Tell me who you think is better”

                Kera was frightened she knew David wouldn’t hit her but she was still scared, “Well just because he’s three years older than you, Larry”

                “Your cousin”


                “Alright you’re entitled to your opinions,” he said looking away

                “Are you going to start something with him? Because if you are please don’t”

                “Kera you know me” he said with a smile then left and went toward the habitat (Where he and Kera lived)


                Kera knew exactly what he was going to do he was going to challenge Larry.  David knew that she knew this and he wanted her to come so he had a witness.  Sure enough Kera followed him to the habitat.  David walked into Larry’s room and shoved him.  Larry took one step back from the blow and wanted to know what was going on.  David then punched Larry in the stomach, and Larry knew he had to fight back.  He punched David squarely in the nose.  David backed up four steps, and Larry tackled him football style, which in wrestling is known as a “double leg takedown.”   Kera ran out of the room, she didn’t want to witness two people she cared about so much fighting each other.  Larry picked up David, grabbed him by the back of the head and threw him into the wall.  David’s nose began to bleed.  Larry was pissed off at this point.  He landed punches in David’s kidneys forcing David to one knee.  He lifted him up, bent David’s head down, bent his elbow over it and crashed David’s head straight into the ground and having David flip over.  This move is known as a “DDT.”  Larry started walking away but David had some fight left in him.  He charged at Larry and took out his legs.  Larry crashed back nailing his head on the ground.  David’s agility was in use as he leaped onto Larry’s shoulder and tried to punch him.  Larry grabbed his arm and yanked him off.  David got up and charged.  Larry bent down wrapped his arms around both of David’s legs and lifted up.  David was now over Larry’s shoulders.  Larry then grabbed the legs and pulled them toward his body while he threw his chest and waist forward causing the upper half of David’s body to slam against the ground.   This move is known as the “Spinebuster.”  David started rolling on the ground in pain when Larry stomped on his hip.  David lay flat on his back.  Larry climbed up on his bed and leaped off it landing on David’s stomach.  David spit on impact and started gargling for breath.  He was choking on his own blood but Larry didn’t want to stop.  Kera had come back to see if it was over and she saw David laying on the ground choking on his own blood.  (Choking on blood is not the same as choking on food or another object it just impales your breathing but it will not force you unconscious or kill you.).  Larry didn’t want to stop here and picked up David, he was about to do something when Kera ran in and Larry let David fall on the bed.  She hugged Larry in desperate fear and to hold him back.  Larry calmed down and cleaned the blood off of David.  When the bleeding had stopped he put him in his bed and let him rest.  Kera didn’t want this to happen again.  I mean it’s a lose- lose situation for her.  If David won, her family and friend is injured and if Larry won-which he did- her boyfriend whom she cares about deeply is injured.  While David was sleeping Larry pulled Kera aside and asked, “What was that all about?”

                Kera responded, “Don’t worry about it”

                “I’m afraid I can’t do that, why did your boyfriend attack me?”

                “Please leave me alone about it” she said kind of whining

                Larry felt bad so he lightened his tone “Kera, I need to know why?”

                “He wanted to prove he was the best fighter to me, he asked if he was the best fighter I knew and I tried lying but he didn’t believe me and he got your name out of me so he wanted to challenge you”

                “Ok, I just hope he doesn’t keep coming at me”

                “Me too”


                After that it was peaceful between David and Larry.  They never got in a serious fight again. 

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