Sunday, October 9, 2016

life saved

Before I begin this story I think you should know the people involved.  Matt is a junior in high school, and lives in Westlake, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland.  He is 5’9” dyed sandy colored hair, Brown eyes and 50% Greek, the other 50% is unknown by both him and his parents.  His dad doesn’t know what background he is, he converted to Greek Orthodox and the way their family acts they seem like a Greek family.  He is going out with Yeketerina, She is 5’6” with Blond hair and blue eyes.  She also lives in Westlake and is also a junior.  Larry has been best friends with Matt for almost 10 years, he is stubborn, 5’11” green eyes, brown hair.  He lives in Lakewood, Ohio, which is also a suburb of Cleveland and about 15 minutes away from Westlake.  He is 100% Greek and very proud.  He is very stubborn and unlike Matt and Yeketerina he’s a pessimist.  He finds pleasure in arguing and fighting and has a habit of lying.  He is also a friend of Yeketerina’s.  Since Larry is a pessimist he carries a four-inch seriated, stainless steel pocket knife wherever he goes with the exception of school.  Now that you know the characters it is time to start the story.


                Larry, Yeketerina, and Matt went to downtown Cleveland to hang out.  They walked around a bit and found themselves in an alley.  Larry split up from them to go to the bathroom.  About a minute after he left, someone jumped Yeketerina and placed a knife on her throat.  He looked around 16-years-old with dark hair.  He said to Matt, “Stay exactly where you are, or I’ll kill her.”

                Matt obeyed and stood where he was.  He was wondering why he was doing this but didn’t ask; after all he didn’t want to anger the kid.  Larry was coming back, he saw the guy with Yeketerina, he didn’t see the knife but he saw the expression in Matt’s eyes.  Larry reached into his pocket and pulled out his own knife, he walked slowly and carefully to the man.  The kid then reached down with the hand that wasn’t holding the knife and placed it on Yeketerina’s ass.  Yeketerina shivered and had a desperate look in her eyes.   She was too scared to move.  Matt saw this and felt horrible that he couldn’t do anything but he had faith in Larry. Larry was behind the man and he knew he had to get him to drop the knife so he reached down and slit the kid’s right hamstrings then the left, he knew that the hamstrings were tied for the most painful spot to stab someone.  The kid immediately dropped his knife after the first slice and grabbed his leg in pain.  He didn’t want to lose his hostage though so he grabbed Yeketerina and fell with her and placed his right arm around he throat.  He was still screaming in pain.  Matt was still shocked so he didn’t move because as far as he was concerned the kid still had Yeketerina.  Larry lied down behind him and put the knife to the kid’s neck with his right hand.  With his left hand he covered the kid’s mouth and said, “Let go of her or else your legs won’t be the only thing I slit.”

                The kid was not eager to die so he let go of Yeketerina.  Larry wiped the blood off his knife on the kid’s shirt.  Yeketerina then ran toward Matt and hugged and kissed him.  Matt and Yeketerina were kissing each other for about two minutes without releasing their hug.  Larry just stood a few steps back and watched.  His eyes switched from the kid to Matt and Yeketerina.  Matt kept mouthing the words “Thank you” to Larry.  Yeketerina then let go of Matt and walked up and gave Larry a big hug for saving her life.  Matt walked up and extended his right hand, Larry took his right hand off of Yeketerina’s back and shook Matt’s hand.  Yeketerina was still hugging Larry throughout the handshake, which lasted a normal length of a handshake.  She let go of Larry and said, “I owe you my life, I am in your debt.”

                Larry responded, “You don’t have to pay me back you’ve already given me what I wanted”

                Matt then asked the question that Yeketerina was about to ask which was, “What exactly is that?”

                “I don’t know”

                Matt said, “Bullshit you don’t know”

                “Just forget it Matt, it’s personal”

                “Personal between whom?” he asked suspiciously

                “Me, myself and I”

                “Why won’t you tell us, does Yeketerina know?”

                “Yeketerina doesn’t know and I’m not telling you because it sounds lame.”

                “Since when did you care about that?”

                “Ok you have a point there”

                “So you’re going to tell us?”


                “Give me one good reason”

                “Because I want to keep it a secret”

                “Ok fair enough” he said with a smile

                “You son of a bitch, you know I want to tell you don’t you?”

                “Yes I do”

                “Damn it you know me to well,” he said shaking his head

                “I know”

                “Ok okay, I have always wanted to save someone’s life.  Because now- for the first time in my life- I can say I feel good about myself, I have a reason to live now.  I can look into the eyes of someone whom I know, and someone who’s life I just saved.  You two don’t know what it’s like.  Tomorrow I may wake up and feel exactly like I’ve been feeling for almost my whole life.  But as of right now, I feel good about myself, and my self-esteem has raised and the appreciation I see in both your eyes right now, makes me feel even better than I would before.”
                They then went to Matt’s car, and Matt drove them to his house to hang out.  It was a great day for them.  The thing Matt and Yeketerina didn’t know is that, that wasn’t the first time Larry had saved someone’s life.  Matt knew of other times, but didn’t think of it.  Larry didn’t lie about how he felt though.  Larry knew that he didn’t feel that way because he saved a life.  It was because he had a new story to tell to his girlfriend, and this particular life saving event was the only one his girlfriend knew the person he saved.  Which made it a better story, and she knew Yeketerina would tell her about it since the two of them are good friends.  He also knew that Yeketerina would tell the story better than he would, because girls love talking with explicit details.  Yeketerina and Matt never figured this

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