Saturday, October 1, 2016


This is a story of two cousins, but the story has a moral as the 15-year-old cousin tries to pound into his younger 12-year-old cousin.  People aren’t always what they seem.  Their names are Larry and Kera; Larry is 15 and lives in Cleveland Ohio. Kera is 12 and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  They are second cousins and really good friends.  If you’re not Larry then you will not enjoy this story so stop now.

 Larry was visiting his cousin in Brooklyn and they were talking.  Larry then was staring right into Kera’s eyes with a stolid look on his face and determination and seriousness in his eyes.  Kera couldn’t bare it and looked away, Larry took his left hand and using his middle and pointer finger turned Kera’s head back to where it was before looking straight into his eyes and said, “Don’t look away.”

                Kera was a little curious and asked suspiciously, “What are you doing?”


                “What are you reading?”

                “Your eyes”


                “To see if I’m right and to find the answer to something”

                “Answer to what?”

                “You’re the only person I look straight into the eyes and you will tell me why that is because I can’t figure it out so your eyes will tell me”

                “Will I know the answer when you figure it out?”


                She was a little shocked and asked astonished, “Why?”

                “Because you won’t understand, I already have the reason but I’m reconfirming it now”

                “Can you please tell….”

                Larry covered her mouth with his hand, “That’s enough talking I need to read”

                Kera closed her eyes Larry responded, “Don’t close your eyes try not to blink”

                There was a long silence and Larry dropped his hand for he knew Kera wouldn’t talk, finally Kera said, “What are you…”

                Again cut short by Larry’s hands, it snapped so fast and it shut her up but once he let his hand down Kera blurted out, “Larry you’re scaring me”

                Larry said in a serious manner, “exactly”

                Again a long silence as Larry stared straight into Kera’s eyes.  Kera didn’t turn for she saw the seriousness in Larry’s eyes and knew she didn’t want to cross him, She broke the silence again whining, “Please stop, I think you already know what you came to find out”

                “Larry snapped back harshly, “Shut up and stop talking.”

                Kera took a longer than normal blink. When she opened her eyes Larry saw that her eyes had changed according to the mood she was in. Larry then said “You’re really scared now, you used to be just scared and curious at the same time, the curiosity is gone now and you’re completely scared of me.”    Then he yelled out, “Of me! Your cousin! The person you say you trust the person you turn to for help.  Now you aren’t so sure, your scared of me now but you can’t turn your eyes because although you thought I wouldn’t hurt you, but your not as sure as you used to be.  Don’t you see you don’t know me like you think you do.”

                Kera started crying and asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

                “Larry again in the yelling voice but this time a little dramatic, “What am I doing to you Kera? Tell me what it is, I wanted to find something out I didn’t mean anything else but the human mind has something animal minds don't and that’s imaginations which cause illusions.  Your illusions are telling you that I’m being psychotic, that I’m manipulating your mind, and that I’m doing this for the sole purpose of torturing you.  That scares you to death, but you have no proof of this.  Your mind made up its own conspiracy and you believe it, and I had to get you in that state, the state of complete fear to find out if I was right.”

                Kera saw the seriousness and determination leave from Larry’s eyes as he calmed at the end of his sentence, Kera sighed in relief to this.  She stopped crying and said, “So what was it”

                Larry responded dumbly, “What was what?” Although he knew quite well what Kera was referring to.

                Kera said, “You know what, why am I the only person you look in the eyes when talking?”

                “Indeed I do but don’t start this because I’m not telling you like I said before”

                Kera wanted anything but to see that look in Larry’s eyes again.  She let it go and turned away, this time Larry didn’t pull her head back.  She knew it was over.  She went into the bathroom and washed her face.  When she came out Larry said, “I found out that I look at you in the eyes when talking to you because you are the only girl I know that doesn’t cry on someone’s shoulder. That doesn’t hug when seeing someone she hasn’t seen in a while, someone who walks alone.”

                Kera just smiled, for now she understood completely why Larry did all those things to her and if you don’t know why, well I warned you not to read this if you weren’t Larry.

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