Friday, September 23, 2016


This is a story about two best friends turning on each other.  Before I begin this I think you should know a little bit about the people involved.  Ashley is a Brooklyn girl who is 12 years old and loves to flirt.  She flirts with every guy she meets almost.  Kera is also a Brooklyn girl and is best friends with Ashley, they have had their differences when Ashley would walk all over Kera and steal her boyfriends.  Nicky is a kid in Kera’s Greek Dance class.  Kera has had her eye on Nicky for a while but was too shy to talk to him. 


                On one hot summer day in 1999 in Brooklyn, the sun was shining and it was 92ºF Outside Kera was going to meet Nicky somewhere.  This excited Kera because she had wanted him for a long time and now had him.  They went to a party that was thrown by one of Nicky’s friends.  They hung out and everything, had fun but they both liked each other very much.  So they drifted through the house and found a room.  In the room they started to make out while stripping each other.  First Kera took of Nicky’s shirt, then Nicky took off her shirt.  He then took off her bra and Kera unzipped his pants.  He followed and unzipped her pants.  Then they both lied down and got the pants and socks off each other.  Now Nicky was in his boxers and Kera was in her panties.  Kera got on top of Nicky and started kissing him.  They were all over each other making out and grabbing each other.   Then they were exhausted they waited a while then they got dressed and went back down to the party and enjoyed the rest of the night.  Nobody knew where Kera and him had gone. And nobody cared they were all having fun. 


At the end Kera went to her friend Ashley’s house.  She told Ashley about the night.  Ashley pretended to be interested but she was really insanely jealous of Kera.  Ashley had two missions for herself one was to get on Kera so she wouldn’t be able to feel anything of her night with Nicky and two was to get on Nicky.  When Kera went to sleep.  Ashley went into Kera’s room and blind folded Kera she then stripped Kera to her panties and got into hers and got on Kera.  She duck taped Kera’s mouth so she couldn’t be heard if she screamed.  She then grabbed Kera’s breasts and felt her legs up and down.  After that she sucked on Kera’s breasts and caressed her ass.  After all this was done she grabbed Kera’s hands and forced them on her breasts.  She then took Kera’s hand and motioned it up and down her legs, then made Kera caress her ass.  She then tilted Kera’s head back to open her mouth as if she was going to give CPR.  But instead Ashley lied down and stuck her breast in Kera’s mouth causing her to suck it.  Ashley didn’t want to stop.  She enjoyed it.  She then made Kera suck her legs and feet as well as bite her ass.  Kera was disgusted and Ashley had an orgasm so she stopped.  Mission one was accomplished it was time for mission two.


The next night she found out where Nicky lived and late at night she broke into Nicky’s house using a window she crept upstairs She then blind-folded Nicky just as she had done to Kera.  She then stripped Nicky to his boxers and stripped herself.  She then got on Nicky and felt him up and down.  Ashley was being the whore that she was.  She took Nicky’s hand and put it on her breast and made him caress them.  She then moved his hand down her pants to finger her.  She then took his hand and put it on her ass and made her caress that.  However she wasn’t done.  She tilted Nicky backwards so that his mouth opened and stuck her breasts in his mouth causing him to suck them.  She then made him suck her legs and stuck her feet in his mouth one by one starting with the left foot then the right.  She then made him bite her ass.  She was about to leave but then she realized she didn’t want to, she ran downstairs and grabbed some punch.  She poured the punch on Nicky’s chest and stomach and licked the punch up.  She then had an orgasm so she had to stop.  She put her clothes on and returned to her house her mission was accomplished.  Neither Kera nor Nicky knew who did that to them because they were both blind folded the whole time.  This is the only time we know of Ashley showing bisexual behavior. 


After a couple days they found out who was responsible for what happened, and whom had blind folded them.  Nicky was outraged so he set up a place to meet Ashley.  Ashley was excited so she wore a bikini; little did she know what Nicky had in mind.  When Ashley came, she realized that nobody was around as they were in a dark alley in the projects.  When Nicky saw Ashley as she arrived, he punched Ashley in the stomach.  Ashley grabbed her stomach in pain from the massive blow from Nicky.  Ashley realized this was not going to be a very enjoyable experience.  Nicky grabbed Ashley by her blond hair and pulled her to the ground.  Ashley hit her head solidly on the asphalt of the alley.  The reason Nicky picked the projects was that ass whippings were normal there.  He then started to kick Ashley in the stomach and ribs.  Ashley was very hurt.  She was not very muscular.  Ashley was aching in pain.  Nicky was now kicking Ashley in the face.  She was bleeding out of her head, as her forehead was busted open.  He then found a cell phone just lying on the ground.  Nicky picked it up and called Kera told her the story and Kera was on her way.  She hated Ashley as well.  Kera came down to the projects, found Nicky.  Kera then started kicking Ashley.  Nicky picked Ashley up and put her in a full nelson.  Kera then started punching her in the stomach.  Ashley was now spitting blood.  Nicky dropped Ashley and Kera jumped in the air and landed feet first on Ashley’s stomach.   The blow knocked Ashley unconscious.  Then Kera blindfolded Ashley, taped her moth shut and grabbed a permanent marker, and wrote on Ashley’s stomach “I hate niggers.”  Then Nicky and Kera left.  The next day an African American found Ashley read what was written pulled a .22 out and shot Ashley in the forehead.  The blow instantly killed her.  They then took off the tape and threw Ashley in their car, drove to the East River and dumped the dead carcass into the river.  They tied two 100lb weights to her so she wouldn’t float back to the top.  Ashley was never heard from again. 




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