Friday, December 2, 2016

Adrenaline Rush

                Before I begin this story I think you should know the two characters.  Kera is 12 years old. She lives in Brooklyn, New York; She is about 5’3” and has dark brown hair and tan colored skin.  She moved out of her parent’s house to live with her cousin Larry, who started a habitat for all kids he knew that wanted to run away from home.  Money was never a problem for them; the structure they were in was abandoned so it didn’t cost a dime.  They had two places one in Brooklyn and one in Cleveland; they’re at the one in Brooklyn at the point of the story.  Larry is 15 years old, and lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is 5’11” tall and 123lbs.  He loves to fight and vowed to defend all his friends and put his body on the line for them. 


                It was a nice Fall Saturday, Kera and Larry were at Marine Park in Brooklyn, New York.  They were hanging out for a while and when Larry went to go to the bathroom.  This left Kera alone.  There weren’t as many people as there usually was at Marine Park.  Due to this fact, the security around the place wasn’t as tight as it usually is.  While Larry was gone, two African Americans approached Kera.  Kera was very nervous, she didn’t have too much confidence in her fighting ability and she was very intimidated by these men.  They were both around 6’1” at least 200lbs.  She knew that they had come to hit on her and she was not interested.  She wanted to run, but her legs froze in their position.  They approached her and one of them asked, “Hey baby, you are fine too hot to be here alone.”

                Kera responded with obvious terror in her voice, “I’m waiting for someone”

                “We think he can wait”

                “t-t-that’s m-m-mean”

                “No it isn’t, it’s mean he is making you wait here, just relax” he said while running his fingers along her right cheek.

                Kera pulled away and said, “ I’m sorry I have to go”

                She started off when the one that remained silent grabbed her by the shoulder and said, “By all means stay and sit down!” saying the last two words in a yelling voice and throwing her onto a bench. 

                Kera was absolutely terrified now as the kid who had done the talking previously said, “Now you will get up and follow us to our house, where we will have our way with your little white ass.”

                Larry overheard this and said, “Hey niggers leave her alone.”

                They turned around and looked Larry in his eyes with anger and fury in theirs.  Larry didn’t budge and he just stared back.  One of them went behind Larry; Larry turned around and punched that one in the stomach.  The one he did not hit punched him in the kidneys.  The one he punched started punching Larry’s chest and the other one was punching his back.  Larry was being tossed into closed fists continuously until the one punching his chest picked him up and slammed him to the ground on the back of his neck.  The blow caused blood to form on the back of Larry’s head.  They both went toward Kera with a smile.  Larry got up and dove into the hamstrings of them both, they both fell over Larry and Larry yelled at Kera, “Go home get the fuck out of here”

                Kera obeyed and went home, she purposely went the wrong way to make sure she couldn’t be followed. The two kids got up and went on each side of Larry one facing his front and one facing his back.  The one in the back started punching Larry in the kidneys while the one in front punched in the chest; they kept punching until Larry fell.  They then started walking in the direction Kera went.  Larry got up and yelled, “Hey niggers, I’m still fucking standing and as long as I can still stand I fucking own your nigger asses!” 

                Obviously this angered them, they came back and lifted Larry up by the legs and slammed his body down so his head hit the pavement.  They then started stomping on his chest and limbs.  They picked him up bent him over, reached over his back and on to his stomach, lifted him up so his legs were at their shoulders and threw him down into the pavement so he landed on the back of his neck and head.  This move is known as a “power bomb.”  They then picked him up again and power bombed him on a wooden bench, Larry broke the bench on impact.  They then walked away.  Larry had blood oozing from the back of his head, he fought his way up and said very wearily but loud enough so they could hear, “I’m still standing”

                The kids turned around and walked back toward him.  One punched him in the stomach then when Larry was bent over he grabbed his hair so Larry wouldn’t fall down, the other kid put out his knee and by the hair the other kid slammed Larry’s face into the kid’s knee.  He repeated this several times then threw his head back so it nailed the pavement.  They began to walk away again.  Larry wasn’t ready to quit yet.  He got up with blood all over his face, “I’m still standing but I take back what I said, as long as I’m still breathing I own your nigger asses.”

                They turned away with a very surprise look on their faces, they had dished out so much punishment and this kid kept getting up.  They forgot about Kera, which was Larry’s original goal.  Now his goal was to get up every time.  They ran at Larry this time one slipped behind him and went perpendicular to Larry on his knees with his head ducked down and his arms over his head.  The other one nailed Larry with his shoulder; Larry flew over the kid who was right behind him crouched down and nailed his head.  They picked him up and repeatedly power bombed him and punched away at his chest and stomach and across his face, they wanted to finish the job.  One of them then took a board from the bench they broke and the other one stood Larry up and the nailed the board across Larry’s face.  Larry came crashing down from the blow spitting blood upon impact.  They began to walk away in glory.  Larry then crawled to another bench and pushed himself up staggered, and yelled, “Is that all you niggers got I’m still standing.”  They ran back and Larry fell before they hit so they ended up stepping on Larry.  Two cops came running at them with nightsticks in hand.  The two kids turned and punched the cops squarely in the nose they dropped the nightsticks upon the blow.  The kids picked them up and beat the cops with them.  They then turned around and found Larry standing and beat him with the nightsticks.  They dropped the nightstick and Larry was running on all adrenaline now, he yelled out he was still standing as he had done before, this time the kids didn’t come back because they saw another cop, Larry saw him running up too.  He took a nightstick from where the kids dropped it and swung and nailed the cop in the face.  He beat the cop with the nightstick and yelled, “This is my fight bitch”

                The kids came back Larry threw the nightstick away, he didn’t want to use weapons.  The kids came running up to him.  And both nailed them with their shoulders, Larry fell but got right back up.  The kids then kicked him the stomach so he was bent lifted him up this time by his arms and slammed his knees on the pavement.  This is called “the pedigree.”  They then picked him back up and gave him another pedigree on to the bench.  Larry nailed the bench knees first bounced off it and nailed the pavement. The kids thought for sure that he had enough, so walked away.  Larry again got up with the help of the bench and put most of his weight on it so he could stand and repeated his line, which was, “I’m still standing”

                The kids looked back and Larry saw the tiredness and frustration in their eyes, they came back though.  Larry knew they were exhausted this gave him motivation to go just one more time.  They came and kneed him in the stomach they then power bombed him, and then pedigreed him five times. But they got so tired of hoisting him up all those times this time they left because of exhaustion.  They walked away panting in Larry’s ears the sound of them panting amplified by 20 he couldn’t get up though.  He yelled, “I’m still breathing”

                They turned around and saw him trying to get up, they were panting and just turned and walked away.  Larry then forced himself up and charged with all his might and put out both arms connecting with the back of their heads.  The impact caused Larry to fall as well Larry bounced right back up as fury and rage overcame his body.  The kids got up as well Larry then punched one squarely in the nose; he had so much forward momentum he fell along with the kid he hit.  The other one tried to stomp him but Larry moved out of the way and got up and punched that kid squarely in the nose again falling from the forward momentum, The kids got up wary and tired.  They didn’t have the adrenaline Larry had, they didn’t have the desire and determination Larry had which is why he had the upper hand even though blood was flowing from both sides of his head, his chest, and his knees. He then closed his fist and swung his arm, his forearm nailed one of the kids in the face, After impact Larry did a full 360º turn before he fell to the ground he put everything he had in that shot.  He bounced back up, and swung his arm again nailing the other kid in the face.  He then did a 540º turn after that impact.  He fell to the ground and this time didn’t get back up for about 10 seconds before he finally got up, but the other two kids didn’t, Larry had knocked them out cold. 


More cops came at this moment and handcuffed the two kids and put them in the back of the car, they didn’t have trouble or read them their rights since they were knocked unconscious.  Larry stood and watched the cop car leave with the kids in it.  Larry was panting and bloody, he had held all the pain in because of his adrenaline, However, he no longer needed the adrenaline, it stopped pumping Larry was hit by everything at once and collapsed onto the ground a cop saw him and asked him where his house was.  He responded by giving the address of Kera’s house before his eyes glazed over in unconsciousness.  The cop cleaned the blood off Larry and bandaged him up, he made the judgement he didn’t need an ambulance but he did take Larry’s shirt off to wash it, so the blood would come out.  The cop took Larry to Kera’s house and Kera answered the door, she saw Larry on the cop’s shoulders with no shirt on-balanced there and was curious why but never asked.  The cops then handed Kera a videotape.  The cop asked permission to enter the house.  Kera granted it, The cop carried Larry into the house and asked where the bed was, Kera showed him and he lied Larry down on it.  He told Kera to watch the tape and let Larry lay there until he woke up.  The tape had the complete video of the whole fight.  Kera was in awe at how much punishment Larry had gone through.  After Larry woke up, she inquired how he did it, Larry answered, “I had a great cause and my adrenaline was pumping and I am the toughest son of a bitch.”

 Kera laughed Larry turned over and went back to sleep.  Larry fought to protect his cousin and one of Larry’s favorite things is to look into the eyes and face of someone he just saved.  He defended a family member and a friend plus he loved fighting this is how he won the fight.  They never heard from the kids again.  The news had no names in them and described Kera a young girl and Larry her cousin and the two kids, as two African Americans.  Nobody ever found out it was Larry and Kera.  Larry and Kera never found out the names of the two kids.

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