Saturday, December 31, 2016

Resistance is Hard

Yeketerina, Drew, Gabby, and Larry were all at Drew’s house at a mini party.  Not many people there as you can tell.  They were at a Greek festival at Larry, Gabby and Drew’s church.  Drew lives a block away from the church so after the festival ended they went there.  They were in the basement where they usually go for parties, Drew’s siblings Lizzy and Daniel were upstairs, as were his parents, they wouldn’t be coming down because they respected their privacy.  There were cans of beer in the basement the household knew about them. 


After hanging out a while Drew and Yeketerina went to the room in the back (This was Drew’s brother’s playroom) most likely doing activities sexual in nature.  Gabby was drinking away on the beer, Larry didn’t have any, he never drank unless he was with his older brother.  He never had peer pressure.  Because of this when he did drink he would become drunk quickly.  Sometime half a cup would get the job done.  Gabby and Larry were friends so they just hung out a little bit, Larry had a small crush on Gabby but she didn’t know of it.  After a little bit, Gabby and Larry were on the couch watching a movie.  Then Gabby turned toward Larry and said, “You know you’re really nice to me, whenever I’m feeling down you always help me,” and kissed him on the lips. 

They began making out, when Larry pushed her away because he didn’t feel comfortable he said to Gabby,  “Gabby you have a boyfriend, and it doesn’t seem right.” 

“Who cares about Dave?  He’s not here he won’t find out.”

“Yea but you’re drunk It’s not right”

Larry got up and Gabby was mildly insulted she turned toward Larry and said as she took off her shirt, “So you’re trying to tell me you can resist these.”

Larry couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful big breasts he tried to turn away but he couldn’t, he liked what he saw.  Larry realized that he couldn’t resist, every part of him said no except for his hormones and his emotions for this girl.  He walked up to her and French kissed her.  Gabby smiled and they made out.  Gabby reached around Larry’s back and gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over Larry’s head.  They began kissing again and he put his arms around her back and unclipped her bra and motioned it off her body so her breasts were bare.  Gabby unlatched his belt and unbuttoned followed by unzipped his pants.  Gabby watched as the pants fell to his ankles.  Larry then did the same to her.  They were already bare foot.  Gabby suggested they go into the bathroom to get on each other.  Larry agreed against all morals and his conscience.  In the bathroom Gabby quickly lied down and spread her legs, Larry slowly went down between her legs and caressed her breasts with his hand as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  While he was caressing her breasts he was making out with her.  He then lowered his head and began sucking on her breasts.  With his free hands he was caressing her legs up and down.  Gabby’s hands were caressing Larry’s butt.  Then Gabby turned Larry over so that she was now on top, she proceeded to make out with him and feel his chest.  Larry was now caressing her ass.  Gabby moved her body up so her chest was just above Larry’s head, and then lowered her body so that her breast engulfed Larry’s face.  She held them there for a little bit then she moved up so that her groin area engulfed Larry’s face.  She held that for a less amount of time than before.  She then got off him and lay on her side facing Larry; he did the same and lied on his side facing her.  Larry then motioned his right hand into her underwear and stuck his middle and pointer finger into the vagina.  She placed her left hand into Larry’s pants and caressed and fondled with his penis.  They got closer and turned went around so both were grabbing bare butt.  After a little bit Larry’s conscience hit and he took his hand out of her underwear and pulled away and told Gabby that this wasn’t right.  She agreed and they got off each other. 


They went back into the main part of the basement; Larry wanted to take a shower so he went into the bathroom pushed the button on the doorknob that locks the door.  He then took off his boxers and turned the shower on.  He stepped inside and set the temperature so it was right for him. 


When Larry entered the bathroom, Gabby immediately went upstairs and got a butter knife.  She went downstairs and heard the water running she knew how to pick this kind of lock.  She then did so and slowly and carefully entered so that Larry wouldn’t notice.  There are two steps leading up to the shower.  She climbed them and opened the door furthest from the faucet (where Larry was at the time) She stepped in (she still had her underwear on) and was behind Larry.  Larry didn’t notice her until she placed both her hands on Larry’s butt and squeezed.  Larry jumped in surprise of it.  She pushed herself against him and began kissing his neck.  She turned off the water and placed a blindfold over Larry’s eyes.  She then whispered in his ear, “Now it’s time to hurt you.” Then gently licked his ear followed by biting it.

Larry didn’t object to this.  Even if he had he wouldn’t be able to do anything.  He probably could have still fought her off despite the blindfold but why would you?  Larry truly enjoyed pain, he was a little used to it, so he basically thought to let Gabby do whatever she wanted.

                Gabby bent and wrapped her arms around Larry’s legs, lifted him up and pulled his legs toward her while driving the upper part of his body to the ground with her shoulder and continue holding his legs throughout the maneuver.  This is known as a “spinebuster” it was performed on the tile floor.  She then climbed the two stairs, jumped off and landed chest first onto Larry’s midsection, Larry spit upon impact.  This maneuver was known as a “Frog splash.”  Now she wanted to knock Larry unconscious. She lifted up his legs and stuck his feet under her armpits; she then used her legs and hip to turn Larry over and shifted her body back.  This is known as “The Walls of Jericho” or the “Lion Tamer.”  This was a painful maneuver to the lower back and since Larry’s back was weakened by the spinebuster it hurt immensely.  She let go of his legs and placed Larry’s arms behind her knees and bent her knees so that Larry’s hands were trapped she then sat down upon his back and lifted his head up by placing her hands under his chin.  This is known as “The Camel’s clutch.”  Larry went unconscious after a while.  Gabby then picked him up, and placed her arm around his head and lifted a little so that Larry wouldn’t drop to his knees, she then fell back onto her back and brought her arm down while pulling it into her body, This move is known as a “DDT.”  Larry’s head hit the ground and flipped over which was what was supposed to happen if you perform the move correctly.  She took off her underwear for she knew Larry was unconscious.  She was having too much fun to stop there.  She picked him up wrapped one of his arms over her shoulder and with the arm closest to Larry she reached in between his legs and grabbed behind his left knee.  She lifted him up switched the hand that was holding his arms to his head and balanced him on her shoulders. She then threw his legs over so he would flip and with the arm on the head brought it toward her body and fell with Larry’s body so she landed on his upper half.  This is known as the “Death Valley Driver” or the “Pimp Drop.”  She was exhausted lifting Larry dead weight those two times and from before so she lay down next to Larry and rested.  Larry woke up from unconsciousness and rolled over, since he had a blind fold on, he didn’t know that Gabby was right next to him. He felt his penis penetrate her vagina, neither of them wanted it he immediately got up and then Gabby moved out of the way.  There were no hard feelings. 


                `After that they stopped, Larry had the full advantage that the next day he will remember everything, and Gabby may not.  They got dressed and hung out in the main room.  Yeketerina and Drew showed up not too long after.  They never knew, Larry never told him because he didn’t want him to be mad for taking advantage of her and Gabby didn’t remember it.  It was Larry’s secret, he didn’t feel bad about it for one reason, he tried to resist but he couldn’t.  When a beautiful women that you’ve had a crush on for a while hits on you, resisting is very hard. 

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