Friday, January 6, 2017

Larry goes crazy

                This story will be shorter than my normal ones.  You’ve seen Larry do a lot of crazy things, but in this story his craziness hits an all time high.  Before I begin this story I’ll tell you the characters.  Larry is 6’ even with Brown hair, green eyes and his 100% Greek.  Kera is Larry’s cousin and she is around 5’7” tall, brown hair, tan skin and brown eyes.  She is also 100% Greek. 


                Larry was going to New York.  He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  He had many relatives in New York so this was a frequent journey.  This journey was a little different from the rest though.  This time he was going to finish some unfinished business.  Larry had eight hours to prepare for what he was about to do.  He was driving by himself to New York.  He had left at 2:00AM and would arrive at approximately 10:00AM.  He prepared the night before for the long trip.  He wanted to see his cousin Kera again.  He and Kera used to be close friends but now they are not.  Kera got really mad at Larry and now they weren’t friends.  Larry hated the fact that he couldn’t hate her no matter how hard he tried.  This was weird to Larry because usually hate came easy to him.  He had some Offspring, Rage and WWF CD’s to accompany his long drive as well as a variety of pop.  He didn’t pack much, just one day’s clothes. 


He arrived in New York City at 10:30 and his first reaction was to get some food.  He would have gone to his grandfather’s restaurant but they reduced it down to just a coffee shop, Larry needed some food.  He went to a McDonalds and ate there.  He then went to the restaurant to say hi to whomever was working whether it be his Great Aunt Mary or his Great Uncle Chris.  His Uncle Chris was there and he talked with him for a little, then he left.  He went to his cousin Kera’s house, which was very close to the restaurant.  Nobody was home but the door was open.  He wondered why, but he entered and locked the door anyway.  He then went up to Kera’s room to make a big surprise.  He sat on the bed and ended up lying down and falling asleep.  He woke up at 6:00PM He waited there some more.  He didn’t know if anyone was home yet but he guessed not.  Two hours later Kera came home to the house alone.  She was going to her room.  As she entered the room Larry said as informally yet intimidating as possible, “Hello Kera”

Kera jumped back and in doing so shut the door.  She was shocked to see Larry there.  She finally asked,  “What are you doing here?”

Larry just said, “I was in the neighborhood thought I’d stop by, got a little tired this was the closest place.”

“Why did you sleep here instead of down in the basement where you usually do?

“I was waiting for you.”

This surprised and irritated Kera she said rather angrily, “Look we were friends but now we’re not and coming here won’t change that.”

“I know, I don’t mean that”

“Then what do you mean, it was pretty stupid of you to come, this won’t help you know”,

“Kera you act like I want things to be cool between us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I was getting to that until you had to give your input on it all,”

“Well I’m listening now.”

“About time.”

Larry got up and walked toward Kera and said,  “You see Kera I was reflecting on what you did to me, and I decided to return the favor.”

He then grabbed her by the arm and threw her onto her bed.  He reached into his right pocket and pulled out his pocketknife, Kera stared at it in fear.  She was shocked and scared she asked, “What’s that for?”

“Just a test.”

“A test for what”

“If you hate me or not.”

“You must think I’m stupid you honestly think I would think you could stab me?”

Larry smiled and walked toward Kera, she was in obvious fear and Larry could sense it, He said, “You don’t think I’m that crazy do you, well being stabbed in the back can drive a person over the edge; across the line between sanity and insanity.”

He then pinned Kera’s shoulders down with her left hand and put the knife to her throat with the other hand.  Kera was terrified now, she thought that Larry was going to do it now.  Larry then said, “Kera I’m going to do you a favor, even though we’re not friends.  I know you don’t like me, but the fact remains that 25% of you blood is my blood, so I’m going to slit your throat.  Since you have eight pints of blood in your body, 25% is two pints, which is twice the amount you give when you give blood.  It’s dangerous for one pint for someone under 17, you’re 13 so two pints may be fatal but hell you have to go through sacrifices to get what you want.”

Kera was horrified and she wanted to kick loose but if she raised her head the knife would cut her throat.  Larry then looked into her eyes and smiled.  And said, “You didn’t listen to me, I said this is to test if you hate me, killing you won’t prove a thing about that would it?”

Kera was too scared to move, Larry slowly got up and said, “No, I have other things in mind, If you hated me, you wouldn’t mind if I died.” 

                Kera pleaded, “I don’t hate you, I would care if you died, we may be friends again just not now.”

                Larry yelled back, “Don’t you fucking lie to me Kera! We won’t be friends again and you fucking know it!”

                Kera was now crying and said, “Larry don’t kill yourself”

                “Why not, what do you care, you’re the one that drove me to this, you pushed me over the line Kera, it’s your fault I’m doing this.”

                Kera’s face was covered in tears as she said, “Don’t do this to me.”

                “What goes around comes around Kera, before I die though, tell me miss I’m an optimist and I’m proud, what’s the good side of this?  Huh?! What the fuck is the good side in this?!”

                “That’s not fair Larry.”

                “Life’s a bitch, you can sit there and be an optimist but that doesn’t change the fact life isn’t fair that’s why people are pessimist. People who see reality for what it is are pessimists.  People who refuse to believe the truth are optimists you’ve been both, but you hurt people and stab them in the back, I was no different, you did the same to me, only this time, I will die from it.  Just remember that Kera”

He turned the knife around so it faced his heart and then he said, “If this doesn’t fuck you up, like what you did to me fucked me up I don’t know what else will, by the way forgive me Kera for I just couldn’t take anymore.”  He turned the knife sideways and stuck it straight into his heart and looked Kera straight in the eye while doing it. 

Kera watched in horror as Larry’s blood drenched the knife followed by down his shirt. Larry twisted the knife so that the wound would stay open.  Kera screamed but it was too late, Larry had killed himself.  She went toward his body and checked for a pulse but he was dead.  Dead right in her room, she saw him die, and she was looking straight into his eyes.  She was haunted by this the rest of her life, and needed therapy but it didn’t help.  A little ironic that Larry had risked his life for many people, Kera on many occasions but the person to succeed in actually killing him was Larry, and the one that drove him to it, was the one he saved.  Maybe Kera will learn that the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is very true; you push away your enemies, bad things like this happen.  Word spread fast about Larry’s suicide, he left a tape recording of the whole thing so that Kera wouldn’t be convicted for murder but it caused a lot of broken hearts.  Kera found the tape recording and never showed anybody.  Nobody convicted her of murder.

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