Friday, January 27, 2017

Trouble in Westlake

                It was a spring day in Cleveland, Ohio, 70ºF outside.  Very unseasonable but nobody complained.  It was a Saturday morning and Maria was home alone and her parents took her brother to Kelly’s Island, which is a tourist attraction in northeast Ohio, for the night.  They left Maria with enough money to take care of herself and they knew she was responsible enough not to do anything crazy.  She was online talking to a kid named Vasile.  She had met Vasile a couple years ago through her old boyfriend Larry.  They talked for a little bit then Vasile got off.  Maria had told Vasile that she was home alone.  Vasile wanted Maria, but knew that he couldn’t get her.  He called a taxi, when the taxi came, he told the driver to go to Maria’s house.  Vasile lived in Cleveland and Maria lived in Westlake which is a suburb of Cleveland and takes about 20 minutes to get between the cities.  Vasile got to Maria’s house and paid the taxi, he was ready for what he was about to pull. 


                Maria was getting a little bored at her house, she called some friends but they were all not home.  She then called Larry; Maria asked him if he wanted to come over and just hang out.  Larry wasn’t doing anything but he said that he’d see.  Larry had his license and a car so transportation wasn’t a problem.  He lived in Lakewood Ohio, which is about five minutes from Vasile and 15 minutes from Maria.  Despite them going out Larry has never been inside Maria’s house. 


                Vasile knocked on the door and Maria answered, she was surprised to see Vasile.  Vasile shoved her inside and shut the door behind him.  Maria now knew that this wasn’t going to be a friendly visit.  Vasile told her that if she screamed, she would suffer immense pain and lose her virginity before the cops could come.  Vasile told Maria to go to her room.  Maria slowly crept to her room trying to think of a way out of this.  She was in her room and Vasile was right behind her.  Vasile shut the door and said, “Strip down to your panties, I want to see you.”

                Maria’s eyes widened, she didn’t know what to do.  She said, “Vasile stop this!” 

                Vasile respond, “Either you strip or I strip you.”

                “Vasile my parents are going to be here any minute.”

                “That’s not what you said online.”

                Maria knew that she was lying and Vasile had caught her in it.  Vasile’s patience was up he shoved Maria onto the bed and lied on top of her.  He unzipped her pants and began kissing Maria on the neck and lips.  Maria kept turning her head to avoid Vasile’s lips.  Vasile got up and pulled Maria’s pants off her body.  Maria got up but was immediately punched in the stomach; she bent over and held her stomach in pain.  Vasile reached over her back, grabbed her shirt and pulled it off her.  He then turned Maria around and unclipped her bra and took it off.  He shoved her onto the bed, grabbed her left leg and took off her sock then did the same to her right.  Maria kicked back she hit Vasile in the stomach and he stepped back.  She got up and tried running.  Vasile grabbed her by the waist and tossed her to the bed like a ragged doll.  Maria bounced on the bed and landed on her back.  Vasile lied on top of her and began caressing her breasts with his hands while his mouth was set to make out, Maria tried fighting by turning her head but when she did, Vasile just kissed her neck.  He then lowered his mouth and began sucking on her breasts.  Vasile got up and said, “My, look at that body, I’m going to fuck you so hard and then, just so you can’t go to the police, I’m going to kill you.”

                To prove he was serious, he took out a knife, Maria had rolled onto her stomach, Vasile lied on her and placed a knife to her throat and indicated that was the weapon she was going to use after he raped her.  This naturally scared Maria.  She had already given up trying to fight him.  Vasile got off Maria and put the knife in his pants pocket and got back on Maria and continued kissing her neck.  He wanted this to go on as long as possible because he was thoroughly enjoying it as most guys would. 

                Meanwhile, Larry had come to the house and noticed the door cracked open.  He went in and heard the sound of springs upstairs.  He went up to check it out.  He put his ear to the door and heard kissing.  He thought Maria was in there with a boyfriend (Larry didn’t know if Maria had a boyfriend or not).  Then he heard Vasile say, “there’s no escape Maria, you’re alone now I own you.” 

                Larry recognized Vasile’s voice and knew that Maria wouldn’t Vasileingly get on Vasile.  He opened the door and found Vasile lying on top of her back.  He grabbed Vasile and pulled him off her.  Maria turned and saw Larry, she was happy that she had some help now.  Vasile went to punch Larry, Larry blocked his hand and punched Vasile in the stomach.  He took Vasile by the head and threw him to the ground.  Vasile got up dazed, Larry ran at him and drove his shoulder into Vasile’s stomach and used his hands to chop at the back of Vasile’s knees, Vasile’s body snapped down to the ground.  This is known as a “spear” in wrestling but more commonly known as a football tackle.  Maria was watching with a smile she put on a button down vest and watched.  Larry got up and Maria went up to Vasile and started stomping at his chest.  Larry just watched.  Vasile grabbed Maria’s leg, Larry then kicked Vasile in the face and Vasile let go and Maria began stomping again.  Maria told Larry to stand him up.  Larry did and held Vasile in a full nelson.  Maria ran at Vasile and drove her knee into his stomach.  Larry then took Vasile led him to the stair and shoved him down.  Larry went back to Maria’s room.  Maria gave Larry a hug and thanked him.  She let go and Larry asked if she wanted to get dressed.  Maria smiled and said, “Well we are here in my room, nobody here, you just saved me from God knows what Vasile would have done, so let’s celebrate.”

                She then took off her vest and exposed her breasts again.  Larry smiled; Maria kicked him in the stomach and shoved him on the bed.  Larry turned onto his back and Maria lied on top of him.  They began making out.  Larry undid his belt and continued to make out with her.  Maria unzipped and unbuttoned Larry’s jeans and pulled them off.  Larry took off his shirt while she was doing that.  Maria got back on Larry and began making out again.  Maria then sat Larry up and straddled him so her breasts were in front of Larry’s face.  Larry sucked them then turned Maria around and lied on top of her.  Maria wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist.  Larry felt her legs up and down and slipped his hands to Maria’s ass and caressed it.  Larry’s mouth was constantly busy when he wasn’t making out with Maria he was sucking her breasts.  Maria turned Larry over and slipped her hands under and caressed his ass.  She then ran her hands up and down Larry’s chest.  Maria then stood up over Larry.  She straddled Larry’s face and sat down.  Maria’s groin area was on Larry’s face.  Larry kicked his feet up; Maria reached back with her arms and grabbed Larry’s legs.  She let Larry’s knees bend over her arms and held Larry’s legs.  Larry was trapped but, like any straight guy, he didn’t mind one bit.  Maria got up and turned Larry over onto his stomach.  She lied back down on him and began licking his ear and biting it playfully.  She got up and headed toward the door.  Larry shot up and wrapped his arms around Maria’s back and squeezed her breasts, he began kissing her neck.  Maria turned around and they made out again while caressing each other’s asses.  Maria jumped up and wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist.  They still made out and Maria would pull her head back so that Larry could suck her breasts.  They lied back down on the bed and they began making out again.  Then Maria maneuvered her body further down Larry’s body and pulled Larry’s boxers off him.  Then she stood up and Larry, who isn’t a complete moron, realized what she was indicating.  He went into his wallet and pulled out a condom, he gave it to Maria and she placed it on his genitalia, after he got it on he reached up and pulled Maria’s panties off. Maria then got on him again.  She began thrusting her pelvis so that Larry’s genitalia would penetrate her vagina.   They continued what they were doing before for a little bit longer.

Finally they stopped and got dressed.  They went downstairs and Vasile was gone.  Maria was extremely thankful to Larry as you may have guessed by the episode they had.  Larry left extremely happy.  They never mentioned it to anybody and Vasile avoided them for a little bit.  Larry and Maria’s friendship didn’t change at all by what happened.  It just seemed as though nothing happened.  Maria even forgot about Vasile.  I didn’t say forgive but she accepted it and didn’t let it bother her. 

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