Monday, February 20, 2017

Casey gets what she wants

                It is May 2000, Casey Magee is in the eighth grade.  She has had a crush on a kid named Mike Speed for about two years.  Nobody called him Mike, they always referred to him by his last name.  However Mike showed no interest in her.  Casey was a rather attractive girl; many of the boys in her class would hit on her, but the one person she wanted she couldn’t get.  She thought that her crush would end, but it had been going on since she was in 6th grade.  Her innocent little crush was turning her extremely angry. 

                Speed never had much luck with girls.  He didn’t want to go out with Casey because he felt that it was awkward for a sophomore to go out with an eighth grader.  He was well aware of her crush, but never considered that an option. 

                Casey decided she couldn’t wait, every time she talked to Speed online, she wanted him more and more.  She decided that she would get Speed to get on her.  Don’t get me wrong she didn’t want to have sex with him.  She has some morals and sex was not something she was going to do in eighth grade.  He knew that Speed wouldn’t willingly do it so she would have to think of ways to convince him.  Casey figured something out, she went online and asked Speed if he wanted to come over for a party she was having.  Speed didn’t see any harm in it so he decided to go to the party. 

                The date Casey had set was here; she picked a time when she knew that she would have the house to herself.  She had only invited Speed over.  She told Speed to come at 8:00.  At 7:30 she took a shower and changed into a string bikini.  She put on makeup to try and make her look more attractive.  She then put a camera in the room; she placed it so the whole room was under surveillance.  It was then 10 till 8:00.  She waited rather impatiently for Speed to come.  Speed didn’t come until 8:30.  He knocked on the door and Casey answered, “Door’s open come on in.”

                Speed was a little confused, but opened the door anyway.  He knew something was wrong when he saw that nobody was there.  He knew he wasn’t early because he had come a half-hour late.  Then he saw Casey in her string bikini and knew what Casey wanted to do.  He turned toward the door, but Casey ran and stood in front of the door to stop him.  She locked the door and said, “Speed, what is it you don’t like about me?”

                “Casey, I don’t like you like that.”

                “Sure you do, you just think I’m too young.” Speed rolled his eyes than Casey continued, “You know I’m old enough to be a freshman, but I started late.”

                “I know that, it’s just that I don’t think of you like that”

                “Then I’m going to have to force you.”

                Speed laughed but then Casey punched him in the stomach and drove his face into her knee.  She didn’t want to make him shed blood because then he wouldn’t be that attractive any more.  Speed got up and knew he had to fight back.  He ran at Casey, Casey sidestepped away from him and slammed her knee into Speed’s stomach.  Speed bent over and held his stomach, Casey played soccer so her legs were pretty strong.  Casey grabbed the bottom of Speed’s shirt and pulled it off him.  She threw the shirt aside and wrapped her arms around Speed’s legs and lifted him.  She bent him over her shoulder and carried him to the bed (it was a couch that folded out into a bed).  She then snapped Speed’s body onto the bed.  Speed kicked Casey with his right leg. But Casey grabbed his leg, stood on the bed to give her height and kicked Speed in the chest and laid his leg onto the bed and held it down with her arms, she kicked her legs up and jammed her knees into his thigh.  Speed grabbed his leg in pain.  She then straightened his left leg, held it down with her hands and jammed her knees into his left thigh.  Speed was now in serious pain.  Casey untied his left shoe and pulled it off.  She then took off the sock.  He went to his right foot and untied the shoe, then took off the sock.  She reached up and unzipped his pants.  Speed had already given up fighting her, he realized that he couldn’t beat her.  She continued to unbutton his pants and yanked them off.  Speed was now in his boxers.  Casey then straddled Speed and lied on top of him.  She ran her arms up and down Speed’s chest.  She then began to French kiss him.  After she made out for a little she went down and kissed his neck.  She rolled Speed to his side, and wrapped her legs around his thighs, she then reached around and slipped her hands under his boxers and began caressing his ass.  She then made out with him simultaneously while caressing his ass.  She reached around and began caressing his genitalia.  When she was satisfied she moved her legs up so they were around his waist.  She lifted Speed’s hands and placed them on her breasts, she made him caress her breasts, then she unbuttoned her bra exposing her breasts, she made him caress them again then, she then tilted his head back so that his mouth would open and placed her breasts inside his mouth.  She made him suck her breasts and then while he was doing that, Casey grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass.  She made him caress her ass first over her panties then slipped his hands under and made him caress her bare ass.  She then moved his hands to her private region. She made him insert his pointer and middle finger inside her vagina.  She then lifted her upper half so that her breasts were no longer in Speed’s face.  She wanted to punish him for making her wait.  She stood up and then stood him up on the floor, she forced him to his knees.  She took off her bottom so she was nude.  She then put her legs around his head and forced his upper body back with her privates directly on his face.  She got off him and brought some whipped cream and sprayed some on her vagina and made Speed suck it off.  While Speed was still lying on the floor she placed her bare ass on Speed’s face and maneuvered it around.  She then placed whipped cream on her ass and legs and made Speed first suck it off her ass than her legs.  She then tilted his head back so is mouth was open and placed her right foot in his mouth.  Then she did the same with her left foot.  She then took his boxers off so he was completely nude, she put the bikini back on and stood Speed up, he leaned him against the wall and got a camera and photographed him.  She turned him around and took another photograph.  She then set the timer on the camera for 30 seconds, grabbed Speed and shoved his head between her thighs and waited for the picture to be taken.  She then set the timer on the camera to go off every 30 seconds.  She took off her bottom again and placed her ass on his face once again, waited for the picture. Then she got off and put her right foot in his mouth and waited for the picture than she took a picture with her left foot in his mouth.  She turned off the timer and told Speed that if he ever told anyone this she would release these pictures along with the videotape to all his friends.  Speed wanted to know what Videotape and Casey pointed to the camera that taped everything including when Casey beat him in a fight. She then told him that whenever she asked, he would have to get on her, she promised it wouldn’t be that often, because after that day she already did enough to Speed and wasn’t much else she could do to him. 

                She did keep her promise but that wasn’t the last time she called Speed to get on her.  She had finally succeeded in getting Speed.  She needed to use excessive force but she was happy and it wasn’t on her conscience.  The tape came out very well and covered everything.  The photos also came out well.  Both were digital cameras so she just plugged it into the TV or computer and could see it.  Speed never did tell anyone, after all nobody wants photographs of getting beaten by a girl that’s two years younger than they. 

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