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Horrifying the Youth

                A slight warm wind blew on April 9, 2002 in Bay Village, Ohio.  After snow they got last week, the 60º temperature provided more seasonable temperatures despite the rain that dropped with it.  Christina and Alexa Alexopoulos were at home.  It was 6:45pm, when they watched TV while lying on couches.  Alexa was 12 –years old and in seventh grader at Bay middle school, while Christina was a freshman at Bay High School.  They were both 100% Greek, with tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.  Christina was 15-years old and had braces.  Both were tanner than usual due to an annual spring vacation to Florida.  After hanging out a bit they went to sleep. 

                At midnight, a Mazda Miata drove to the Alexopoulos residence.  A 5’11” brown hair, blue eyed kid with a solid build and a backpack on his back exited and headed for the garage.  He grabbed a ladder from the garage and leaned it against the house right under Christina and Alexa’s room.  He climbed the ladder and pushed open the window. He smiled because the window was unlocked so that was one less obstacle.  He approached Christina first.  He took off his book bag and set it gently on the floor.  He then undid the Velcro, and looked up to ensure the girls remained asleep.  He then took out a roll of duck tape.  He tore off a piece and fastened it on Christina’s mouth.  After ensuring her eyes remained closed, he noticed her lying on her side with one leg on top of the other.  He started the duck tape on the top leg, brought it down and squeezed it between her leg and the bed, and brought it around so it ended where it started.  After looking up and seeing she had not awoken yet, he brought her right arm behind her back.  As he lay it against her back, Christina’s eyes opened.  The kid saw this and shoved her onto her stomach, grabbed her left arm and got the duck tape around both arms.  He then bent her legs up and put a couple more layers of duck tape to ensure she wouldn’t break free.  Alexa woke up due to the struggle and the sound of the springs on the bed.  Before she could scream, a hand went over her mouth, then a piece of duck tape came across them.  Christina looked on in horror, the kid shoved Alexa on her stomach, forced her arms behind her back and duck taped them there.  Alexa began kicking her feet frantically.  The kid turned facing her legs and grabbed a hold of them, and then duck taped them together.  He wrapped it several times to keep her legs together.  He then lied next to her ear and said, “You should have just stayed asleep I was only planning on raping your sister, but getting on you too won’t be that bad.”

                Alexa’s eyes widened.  Christina, wanting to know who he was, looked at his face when he looked up but he had a ski mask on.  He dragged Alexa to the floor and duck taped her upper body to the bedpost and her legs to the floor to minimize movement thus minimizing sound.  He then approached Christina and hoisted her over his shoulder.  He exited through the window and down the ladder.  He pressed a button on his key that opened the trunk, he lifted the trunk and threw Christina inside and slammed it shut.  He hurried back to the ladder and back into the room.  After cutting the duck tape that confined her to the bedpost and the floor, he hoisted Alexa over his shoulder and carried her to his car and again opened the trunk and threw her inside with her sister.  After slamming the trunk, he entered the car and sped away.

                The next morning, their brother Dimitri walked into their room to get them up for school.  He saw the beds empty.  He saw the duck tape on the floor and the bedpost but didn’t really think much of it.  All he could think about was what he was going to tell his parents.  He decided to make them not worry and yelled that he was taking Alexa to school too.  He went to school but could not concentrate on any of his classes.  He kept wondering where his sisters were.

                The kid pulled into a driveway of a small house standing by itself.  All Christina and Alexa knew was that it seemed like they were driving a far distance.  He opened the trunk and took Alexa out first.  He carried her into the house (the door was unlocked) and lied her on a bathroom floor.  He then went back to his car and picked Christina off the ground (she tried to squirm her way free with minimal success).  He placed her in the same bathroom as Alexa and closed the door.  He turned to the girls and said, “Now you’re probably wondering who I am, What am I going to do to you, and why I’m doing it.  You will never find out who I am, I’m going to do whatever I want with you and I’m doing this because I know your parents will pay the ransom.  Now what will happen here, is that I will remove the duck tape from your mouth and legs because the closest house is a half mile from here so if you scream nobody will hear, and I’m giving you a shower, and you need to stand for it.  However your eyes will be covered, and your arms still tied because I don’t want you seeing my face, and your hands can remove duck tape.  Do as I say, and you won’t get hurt.”

                Christina and Alexa were disgusted, a shower meant he was going to strip them.  The kid removed the tape from their mouths and put it over their eyes, he reinforced it with another piece.  He then used a knife to cut the duck tape on their legs.  The girls did not bother to resist.  The kid removed his mask and then removed the pajama pants from both girls.  Both were already bare foot, He then slipped off their pantyhose.  He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the collar of the T-shirt and tore it down the middle.  He could not pull it off because their arms were tied and it would have interfered.  He then tore the sleeve so that he could pull them off.  He rolled them onto their stomachs and undid their bras.  He then cut the arm straps and pulled the bras off.  He helped them to their feet and placed them into the shower.  He stripped himself and followed them in.  The duck tape was water-resistant so it wouldn’t slip off their eyes or arms.  He grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it on Alexa’s hair.  He then put her under the shower and let it wash the soap out of her hair.  He did the same to Christina.  The kid then put a lot of soap on his hands and rubbed it over Alexa’s body and let the shower wash it off, and repeated it with Christina.  While spreading the soap around, he caressed their breasts, groin area, and butt thoroughly.  He then shut off the water and dried them off with a towel.  He placed Alexa’s pantyhose back on.  He reached back and grabbed a hold of the elastic above her butt and pulled upward causing the fabric to squeeze in between her butthole.  He then said, “Girls look better in thongs.”

                He escorted her to a room and lied her on a bed.  He tied her feet to the bedpost at the foot and went back to the bathroom.  Christina stood there still wrapped in a towel.  He grabbed her and said, “I’m not quite finished with you yet.”

                He started the bath faucet going and covered the drain.  Christina asked what he was doing and he responded, “Well, I told your sister I like girls in thongs better, I also like their pussies bald.” 

                The water reached sufficient height and the kid lied Christina inside.  He said, “Now Christina, you must be very still for if you move I may cut you and you don’t want a cut down there.”

He then grabbed shaving cream and rubbed it over her groin area.  Christina began to cry but remained still.  The kid delicately stroked from top to bottom making sure to not get the labia Majorca.  After he was finished, there was no hair in the groin region and no cuts.  He put the razor on a shelf in the shower.  He then stuck his pointer inside her vagina and searched for the clitoris.  Christina screamed in pain and her body tensed.  The immense pain was caused by the inside of her vagina being dry.  The kid was merciless, and found the clitoris and began stroking it.  Christina kicked her feet.  The kid took out his finger and then wrapped Christina’s legs around his head and began to lick her vagina.  Christina tightened her legs but decided it would be foolish to resist.  Then the kid dropped her legs, dried her off and put her pantyhose back on and turned it into a thong as he did with Alexa’s. He then took her to the same bedroom as Alexa and tied her legs to a different bedpost.  He went over to Alexa and lied on top of her.  He freed her legs and wrapped them around his waist.  He began kissing her neck and lips while his hands moved up and down her chest.  In between kisses he said, “Young meat is good.”

                He then moved his hands down and caressed the vagina over the pantyhose.  He brought his hands to caress her legs up and down.  He raised his hands up and placed them inside the pantyhose and began feeling the groin area while continuing to kiss her neck and lips.  He lowered her underwear and brought his head down.  He began licking around her groin area and brought her legs to wrap around his head.  Alexa was breathing heavily.  Then he looked up and told her what he was about to do would hurt.  He placed his pointer finger inside and searched for the clitoris.  Alexa screamed, the kid continued and found the clitoris and stroked it.  After ten seconds of stroking, he removed his finger and pulled the pantyhose back up.  He then went over to Christina.  He wrapped her legs around his waist and began to kiss her neck and lips while caressing her breasts.  He remarked how Christina was more formed than her sister was and then brought his mouth down and began sucking on her breasts.  While doing this, his hands were caressing her legs.  He undid the duck tape on her arms and brought them forward.  He motioned them up and down his chest.  Then he brought her hands down and made her caress his groin area over his boxers.  He then had her pull down his boxers and begin to stroke his penis with her right hand.  The kid then pinned her hands behind her and began sucking her breasts again and humping her groin over her pantyhose.  Then he pulled his body up and ejaculated on her stomach and solar plexus.  Christina screeched in disgust, the kid wiped it off and then taped her hands behind her back again.  He lied his head on the bed next to Christina and fell asleep.

                Dimitri returned home from school to find his house empty.  He was still trying to figure out where his sisters could have gone.  Suddenly the phone rang.  He picked it up trying to sound cool and collected.  The voice on the other line said, “I bet you’re wondering where your girls are.”

                “My sisters yea? Do you know where they are?”

                “Of course, I kidnapped them, get your parents if you want them back.”

                “They’re not here, I didn’t tell them they were missing, I just said I took them to school.” 

                “So you think you can handle this yourself?”

                “What do you want?.”

                “Money of course.”

                “Why us?”

                “It was easy, you live in a development so not many cars driving by, I know your sisters and how they keep their windows unlocked in case they need to open them because they got hot, and you have some money.”

                “Alright asshole, how do I get them back?”

                “I only want $2,000, and they go free.”

                “Are they okay?”

                “They’re fine, don’t you worry, I take real good care of them.”

                “I want to talk to them.”

                “It’s talk like that that makes them get hurt.  I’m the one that makes the demands.”

                “Okay, I’m sorry, just tell me where we should put the money.”

                “In the first bathroom stall on your right at Minerva restaurant.”


                “I’ll call you every day at 4:30, you tell me when you have the money, if I see a cop, you will be an only child you got me?”

                “Yea, Okay fine”

                “Bye Dimitri”

                Dimitri was confused on how the kid knew his name.  Then again he did have to know them if he knew where they lived, slept and that they kept their bedroom window unlocked.  The phone rang and he picked it up.  It was his friend Larry.  He tried talking to him in a collected manner.  Larry noticed something and said, “What’s wrong?”


                “Okay, don’t lie, just tell me, maybe I can help.”

                “Larry I’m fine.”

                “Dimitri don’t lie, just say you don’t want to fucking tell me.”

                Dimitri smiled and said, “Please it’s personal, I don’t really want to talk about.”

                “That would be the nice way to say it so you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine, how are your sisters?”

                Dimitri began then got really choked up.  Larry knew that he had inadvertently guessed what was a matter.  He continued, “Dimitri, I can tell something really bad has happened if you had that reaction, please tell me.  If it wasn’t this serious, I wouldn’t press it anymore.”

                “He took them.”


                Dimitri was on the verge of crying and said, “I don’t know, he said we have to give him $2,000, he’s going to call me every day at 4:30 to see if I have it.  I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to tell my parents, he said if I got the cops, he would kill them.”

                “Alright Dimitri calm down, are you home alone?”


                “Alright I’m coming over, you shouldn’t face this by yourself, I will help you to get them back.”

                Dimitri asked how, but Larry had already hung up the phone.  He then drove over to Dimitri’s.  Dimitri opened the door and gave him a hug.  Larry consoled Dimitri and told him it would be okay.  Dimitri told him everything that the kid said.  Larry then said, “Okay Dimitri, I know you won’t agree with me, but listen, if you talk to him, he can take advantage because you’re emotionally involved and get scared very easily, let me talk to him, he can’t boss me around like he can you.”

                “Larry, this isn’t a game.”

                “I didn’t say it was, but I’m pretty good at arguing, let me try.”

                “I think we should just do what he says.”

                “Think about it logically, you pay so quickly, he knows it’s easy and can ask for more, he thinks he holds all the cards, we need to convince him that he doesn’t that way we pay the smallest amount possible.”

                “Alright, you’re right, but if anything happens to my sisters, I will kill you, I don’t know how, but I will.”

                “If I let something happen to your sisters, I’ll let you kill me.”

                “Fair enough.”

                The next day Larry came over to Dimitri’s house at 4:00.  The phone rang at 4:30 sharp.  They checked the caller-ID, and nothing appeared, they figured it was him.  Larry picked up and said hello.

                “You don’t sound like Dimitri.”

                “This is Mr. Alex, what do you want?”

                “Dimitri should have told you $2,000”

                “How do I know you just didn’t hear that my daughters weren’t in school and are just pretending to have them so I keep paying you money.”       

                “I guess you’ll have to trust me.”

                “I don’t think so, I want to talk to them.”

                “You can’t talk to them.”

                “Then you can’t get money because you’re full of shit.”

                “Do you want your daughters dead?”

                “Prove to me you have them, its not a big deal.”

                “Don’t you want them back?”

                “Why are you fighting this so much? I told you, you don’t get shit until you put them on the phone.”

                “I want you to know I got on both of them.”

                “That’s irrelevant to my speaking with them.”

                “Damn you’re a stubborn son of a bitch, your son was more receptive, he wants his sisters.”

                “You scared my son, you don’t scare me, especially because you refuse to let me talk to them, so I don’t think you have them.”

                “Alright fine asshole”         

                The kid stormed down the hall into the bedrooms.  He put the phone up to Christina’s ear.  Christina said, “Hello”

                “Look Christina, it’s Larry, I’m pretending to be your dad, I’m going to get you out of there are you okay?”

                “I’m not hurt, but not okay, I mean I am kidnapped.”

                The kid grabbed the phone and heard Larry ask if he raped her.  The kid said, “There, I have them, and I haven’t popped any cherries yet.”

                “You have one, what about the other one?”

                “The kid yelled in anger and put the phone by Alexa’s ear.  Larry repeated the same introduction to her except ended by asking if he raped them.  Alexa replied, “Dad, he hasn’t raped me, but we’re tied to a bed half-naked.”

                The kid grabbed the phone again and said, “Alright you’ve heard from both, I’m not bluffing.”

                “Alright now we’ll discuss a price.”


                “That’s asking a lot, let’s be reasonable.”

                “That’s $1,000 per kid, that sounds reasonable to me.”

                “Of course it does, you’re making the demands.”

                “Look you piece of shit, I can rape and kill them right now, like Alexa said, they’re half naked tied to beds, raping them is simple, I’ve been getting on them the last two nights.”

                “Look, I don’t have that much money, you didn’t kidnap from a doctor or anything, I’m a construction worker.”

                “Do you think I like hanging out in Avon with no houses for a half mile around me, I want my money now!”

                “So you’re in Avon, at an abandoned house a half mile from anyone else.”

                The kid realized his mistake but assumed that they wouldn’t be able to find them.  Larry wrote on a piece of paper a phone number and a message to Dimitri saying, “Call this number, and ask where an abandoned house, a half mile from any other house is in Avon, tell her it’s really important, ask for Marcy.” And placed his cell phone on the table.

                “I never said it was abandoned”

                “Kid, you have to be like sixteen or something by the way you talk, I know you couldn’t find a house on your own, and I hardly doubt, your parents would approve of this if you got any.”

                “How do you know I just don’t sound young.”

                “I didn’t say your voice, I said the way you talk.”

                Larry really figured it out because he knew he could drive since he drove his car there, and only someone in high school would only ask for $2,000 when he or she kidnaps two kids.  The kid dropped the subject; he felt he was being figured out.  He just said, “$2,000 your son knows the place, I want it today.” And he hung up the phone.

                Larry hung up too, and waited to see what Dimitri found out.  Marcy was a girl that lived in Avon, so Larry was hoping she could help him out.  Marcy surprisingly knew where he could be.  Larry drove Dimitri to Marcy’s house and she got in the car and gave the directions.  Marcy wasn’t sure if it was the exact house but she did know where to find houses spread apart.  They drove by the houses, looking for a car.  They were hoping that the kid didn’t drive to Minerva already.  It was 8:50 by the time they found a house with a car.  Larry got out, and headed to the house.  Marcy forced them to tell her what was going on by saying that she would have to show them.  She wasn’t lying; it was a very circuitous and complicated way, so on the way, they had to feed her pestering on why they were doing this.  Marcy and Dimitri also got out of the car.  Larry picked up a rock and saw them.  He waited for them to near and asked, “What are you doing here?”

                Dimitri said, “We’re going to help, those are my sisters in there.”

                Larry realized how stupid his question was now, and he quickly realized the value of them.  He said, “Okay, you two, help Christina and Alexa out of the house, I’ll distract the guy.  Marcy said, “You better win the fight, and if you do, finish them with your knife.”

                Larry said, “When I win, I’m going to let Dimitri do the honors, is that alright Dimitri.”

                “That fucker kidnapped and got on my sisters, Alexa is only 12, you bet your ass I want to kill him.”           

                “Alright then, I tried the door, it’s locked”

                All three grabbed a rock and threw it through the same window.  They chipped away at the glass with other rocks so they could get in without getting cut.  The kid came downstairs and saw them chipping away.  He didn’t know what to do.  Marcy, Larry and Dimitri finished chipping before he could decide how to stop them.  Larry came in first and threw the rock at him.  Dimitri and Marcy followed and immediately went upstairs to find Christina and Alexa.  They stopped to throw their rocks at the kid as well.  The kid fell after the third rock shot.  He got up on all fours and held his head.  Larry stomped on his back flattening him back on his stomach.  He then began stomping on his back.  Larry helped him to his feet and punched him in the stomach.  He was a little upset because he already had won the fight but figured he would have fun playing with him until Dimitri was back.  Larry put him in a headlock and began slamming the kid’s face into his knee.  He then tossed him back to the ground and stepped hard on solar plexus.  He then began stomping and screaming at how much of a sick fuck he is for getting on a seventh grader.  Larry reached into the kid’s pocket and pulled out his wallet.  He took his license and said, “Shit you’re 16, and your getting on a 12 year old.”

                He threw the license and wallet down and bent over the kid.  Larry pulled his upper body about three inches off the ground by the kid’s shirt with his left hand.  With his right hand he punched his face repeatedly.  The kid’s eyes glazed over in unconsciousness and Larry was getting bored hitting an unconscious victim.  He sat back and waited.

                Marcy and Dimitri found the bedroom that the girls were in rather quickly.  They first undid the tape over their eyes.  Marcy helped Alexa, and Dimitri helped Christina.  Both winced as their eyes adjusted to the light of the bulb in the room.  Dimitri grabbed the knife the kid left on the night table and cut Christina’s legs free.  He then turned her onto her stomach, and very carefully cut the tape in between her hands so as not to cut her.  Dimitri succeeded in cutting through the tape and just peeled it off.  Christina could not feel her arms because they were asleep.  Marcy than used the knife to free Alexa and she had the same reaction when her arms were freed.  Dimitri took off his shirt and gave it to Christina and Marcy took off her sweater and gave it to Alexa.  Marcy had a tank top underneath and Dimitri just went topless.  They went downstairs and saw Larry sit down.  Larry unclipped his knife from his pants and switched out the blade with one hand.  He held the blade and extended the handle toward Dimitri.  Christina said, “Wait, before you kill him Dimitri, let him wake up, I want to slap him.”

                Alexa added, “Yea, and after what he did to me, I want to kill him.”

                Christina agreed with this, and Dimitri thought that it made more sense for them to do the honors.  So Larry gave his knife to Christina, and Marcy took the knife she used to help free Alexa out of her pocket and gave it to Alexa.  After a little bit, the kid started stirring.  Larry helped him up, and then put him in a half nelson, gripping the arms so that he had no chance of escaping.  Alexa went first and slapped him across the face.  Christina followed with a slap of her own and then a punch to the stomach.  Both girls raised the knives, Christina slit across the throat and Alexa stabbed him in the chest.  Alexa took the knife out and stabbed him in the groin.  Larry dropped the kid after this because the site was unbearable even though the kid deserved it.  This calmed down the girl’s rage because it was funny to see both Larry and Dimitri cringe when Alexa did that.  Larry took back the knife from Christina and wiped the blood off on the kid’s shirt.  Marcy took out her lighter and lit the kid’s shirt.  All five people left the house and got into Larry’s car and sped off.  The three Alexopouloskids were in the back, and Marcy sat in the front with Larry driving. 

The house burned to the ground along with the body.  The authorities didn’t find out for another month.  When Larry got to their house to drop them off, They told Larry to get out of the car.  They each gave him a big hug and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek.  They told Marcy to get out too.  They each gave her a hug as well.  Dimitri shook Larry’s hand and then pulled him in for a hug and thanked him for helping him out.  He then hugged Marcy and thanked her as well.  The Alexopoulos girls never regretted killing.  And Mr. and Mrs. Alexopoulos never knew what had happened to them those two nights.  Dimitri covered for them the second night, but saying they were tired and went to sleep, then again told the lie about taking them to school.  Since only two days were missed, Bay did not report the absences.  The Alex’s and Larry remained friends, and they all moved on with their lives, but none would forget what happened that day. 

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