Friday, June 23, 2017

Cutter hallway

                It was a Friday night when Alex Sonos, much to her dismay, was stuck closing the hair solon place she worked at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted, OH.  Since her client had come just as the store was about to close, she knew she would have to be there a long time after it closed.   Alex’s parents both emigrated from Greece to America so her Greek nationalism was extremely strong due to the way she was brought up.  By the time she had finished with her client, all the stores in the mall were closed.  She called her mom and informed her to not pick her up when scheduled but she’d call her when she was finished. 

                Larry Rozakis got extremely bored at around 9:30.  He decided to get in his car and drive around, he did this often when he had nothing else to do.  At 10:00 he was by Great Northern Mall and stopped to see if Alex was still there, since he knew that she was closing that day.  He tried the entrance to the mall, but it was locked.  He then went around to the exit doors located near Regis hair solon, where Alex worked.  The door was opened leading to a hallway, he opened the other set of doors, which only led to another short hallway and then tried the doors leading to the mall.  Those doors were locked.  In these two hallways was where Alex and her co-workers went on their breaks to smoke.  Larry knew this because he had been with Alex when she had, although he didn’t smoke.  He walked through the double doors connecting the two short hallways and waited in the one leading to the outside to see if Alex was coming. 

                By the time Alex finished with her client it was 9:30.  She let her client out of the steel barricade indicating the store was closed.  She then swept up the hair and did other necessary precautions to close the store.  By the time she walked out it was 10:00 and nobody was in the mall since it had been closed for an hour now.  She pushed open the exit door leading to the outside.  When she came into the hallway, she realized her client was waiting for her.  She jumped back startled when she saw him.  The man hopped to his feet and grabbed Alex holding a hand over her mouth and a knife to her neck.  He said, “Do you think I was late on purpose? No I wanted you here alone with me.”  Alex’s eyes widened in terror, the man continued, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but first, if I let my hand go are you going to scream?”

                Alex shook her head no, and the man said, “Good, because if you do, I will kill you, nobody will hear you, and I don’t want to have to fuck a dead carcass.” He lowered his hand from her mouth and said, “Would you like to know the easy way and the hard way?”

                Alex said with obvious nervousness in her voice, “Sure”

                Larry had heard voices from the other hallway and he leaned his ear against it to try to make it out.  The guy said, “Okay, the easy way is, you take off your clothes, I take off mine, I fuck you, you go home.  The hard way is that you refuse to take off your clothes, I attack you, and force them off you and then rape you.  Take your pick.”

                Alex’s eyes widened and she leaned against the door in shock and fear.  She contemplated trying to run, but the guy was so close to her and she didn’t know if she could outrun him.  She said, “Why are you doing this?”

                “Look in a mirror and maybe you can figure it out.”

                “What?  You think I’m hot?”

                “See I knew you could figure it out.”

                Larry could tell Alex was in trouble but he didn’t want to go in because Alex wasn’t in any danger yet.  Alex said, “Why couldn’t you just hit on me, and do it the old fashioned way?”

                “You’re used to the old-fashioned way plus it takes too much hard work to go out with you and get you in bed, I got to make sure I don’t say the wrong shit, it’s not worth it, this way, I fuck you, no questions asked, good bye.”

                Alex leaned more into the door and it creaked open a little bit, she had decided to make a run for it but she wanted to ease the door open and stall as much as possible.  Unfortunately, the guy noticed this and grabbed her hand and said, “What’s it going to be, the easy way or hard way?”

                Alex yelled, “Neither” and pulled her arm away and ran into the door, only the man had his arm around her neck and pulled her back. 

                “Correction you chose the hard way.” The man said as he threw her to the ground and hopped on top of her.

                Larry pushed through the door when he heard the thud and said, “Leave that girl alone!”

                “Who the hell are you?” said the guy.

                “That doesn’t matter; just that I’m here to stop you from raping her is all you need to know.”

                The kid got up and walked toward Larry.  His knife was still in his pocket; he didn’t want to use it because he thought he could take Larry by himself.  Alex sat up and faced Larry, she wanted to run, but somehow she was drawn to watch the fight.  She didn’t think Larry stood a chance but the thought of him helping her intrigued her.  The kid shoved Larry into the door and punched him in the stomach.  He then threw him into the wall and punched at his kidneys.  He then reached around Larry’s waist, lifted him up and slammed the back of his head and neck on the ground.  Alex was beginning to believe that Larry really didn’t stand a chance.  Larry got to his feet as if nothing happened.  This surprised the man a little but he ran at Larry.  Larry moved out of the way, he went to Alex and gave her a black seriated pocketknife and told her to use it in case Larry lost.  The guy walked toward Larry, as Larry circled around to draw the man away from Alex.  The fact that it was an enclosed hallway made it hard for Larry to distract the guy from Alex.  He grabbed Larry and threw him into the wall and then across the other wall and drilled him repeatedly in the kidneys.  He then turned him around and punched at his face.  Larry staggered with every punch as blood matriculated on his face.  One final blow knocked Larry to the ground.  Larry was surprised because very few people know how to punch someone in the side of the face and not hurt themselves.  It’s something many beginner fighters take for granted, but this kid was no beginner.  Larry rose to his feet and swung his arm from outside in signaling the kid to come at him.  He came forward and thrusted his fist into Larry stomach.  He bent down, wrapped his arms around Larry’s legs, lifted him up and drove him threw the doors and slammed him in the other hallway.  He got up and stomped at Larry’s stomach and chest.  Larry rolled out of the way and to his feet.  Blood flowed down his face like water.  The kid yelled, “Stay down” and drove his knee into Larry’s stomach.  He placed Larry’s head between his legs, wrapped his arms around his waist, lifted him up so that Larry was sitting up on his shoulders and thrusted him off and on to the ground on the back of his head and neck.  This cut the back of Larry’s head, but Larry rolled onto his stomach and pushed up to all fours.  The kid stomped on Larry’s back flattening him again.  He stomped away at his back and once again Larry rolled to his feet.  The kid wrapped his hands around Larry’s neck and squeezed to choke him.  He backed him into a wall and tightened his grip.  Larry slammed his arms into the elbow joints of his arms loosening the man’s grip on his neck and then shoved him away.  The kid ran up and kneed Larry in the stomach.  Blood soaked Larry’s teeth and showed on his lips now.  He took Larry and slammed his head into the other wall.  He pulled back his head and repeatedly hit it against the wall.  Larry twisted out of the grip after connecting with the wall three times.  Alex had her head poked threw the door so she could see what was going on.  The kid threw back an elbow that nailed Larry in the nose causing blood to drip out of it.  The guy lifted Larry over his shoulder and slammed his back once again onto the ground hoping for Larry to stay there.  He then jumped and landed knee first on Larry’s right thigh.  He did the same to his left thigh.  Larry sat up with the pain to his legs, only to feel a kick in the face knocking him back flat on his back.  The kid straddled Larry and said, “I’m going to rape her whether you like it or not, just give up and stay down.”

                Larry turned over so now he was on top of him and punched down at the man’s face.  He got in six solid punches to the face, before the man recovered from the shock and pushed him off him.  Larry rose to his feet with a crimson face.  At first when Larry had entered, Alex was skeptical on whether or not; this was a set up for her to hook up with Larry.  But the pain Larry endured, she was beginning to doubt herself.  The man ran at Larry, Larry ducked, wrapped his arms around his legs and catapulted him over his shoulder, into the wall, bounced off and landed face first on the ground.  Larry stomped away at his back before the man rolled away and slowly got to his feet.  Blood now matriculated on the guy’s face.  He wiped his face and came at Larry; he threw a punch that missed because Larry ducked under it.  Larry then jammed his fists into his kidneys.  The kid threw back an elbow that Larry also anticipated so ducked and watched that go over his head.  When Larry was rising up, he hooked his arm and came up with an uppercut connecting right below the man’s chin sending him flying back to the ground.  Alex was shocked but her original conspiracy reformulated and thought that this was just a great acting job.  The guy got up and shoved Larry back, Larry darted forward and drove his shoulder into his solar plexus and chopped at the back of his knees knocking him to the ground.  Larry punched down at his face once again.  The guy pushed him off; Larry got up and stomped at the man’s chest.  The man rolled to his feet warily, Larry punched him in the nose sending him staggering.  Larry then hooked his arm under and drilled him in the stomach.  He then put his arm around his head, fell back and slammed this kid’s head into the ground.  Since the kid hit at an angle, his neck did not absorb much of the force but enough to feel it.  Larry warily made his way to his feet, as did the guy.  The guy swung his fist at Larry, Larry raised his arm and blocked it, and snapped his fist into the kid’s nose.  He grabbed him by the hair and forced him to the opposite wall and slammed him face first into it.  Both men’s face had a significant amount of blood on them.  Larry threw him back and to the ground.  The guy pulled his knife from his pocket and snapped it out.  He waved it at Larry and said, “Too bad you gave yours to that bitch.”

                “Larry gripped at his waist and pulled out a silver Harley Davidson knife and said, “On the contrary, I saved one for myself.”

                “Why the hell would you carry two knives with you?”

                “Just in case I run into some trouble with someone else that carries two weapons.”

                “How often does it happen?”

                “Very rarely, actually this is the first time, but hey it came in handy now didn’t it.”

                “Fuck you” as he swung his knife, which Larry blocked with his.

                Alex’s mind raced for whether this was just an elaborate plan for Larry to get her by pretending to fight for her or if it was true. Based on the fight, it appeared Larry was really helping her, especially now that they’re fighting with knives.  But why the hell would Larry just happen to be in the hallway as something went on, he was never there before.  She then looked down at the knife Larry gave her.  The tip had been snapped off and the non-seriated part was dull.  This she saw as evidence that this was just a sick plan to get in bed with Alex.  She watched the fight meticulously to find more clues on how this was a plan.

                The guy swung his knife toward Larry’s head, which Larry again blocked with his knife.  Larry swung with his only to be blocked by the other guy’s knife.  Then the guy swung down and cut Larry’s biceps of the arm not holding the knife.  The knife cut threw the shirt and formed an incision on his arm.  Despite the pain, Larry kept the grip on the knife.  The guy swung the knife at Larry’s neck again; Larry ducked under it and jammed his knife into the left biceps of the guy (the knife was in his right hand).  The knife punctured the shirt and his skin; Larry pulled it out, causing it to bleed profusely.  If this were a joke, they were taken it to an extreme.  The guy swung his body around again; Larry ducked under this one as well and lunged forward with his knife.  The man jumped back as Larry narrowly missed him.  He swung his knife once again, but Larry leaned back and watched it fly over his face.  Larry snapped his knife across but was blocked by the guy.  The guy backed Larry up with aggressive swings that Larry continually blocked with his knife until he hit the door.  The man lunged and Larry sidestepped him and brought his right arm down (his knife was in his right hand) and jammed it into the left hamstring of the man.  The man collapsed forward through the door and dropped his knife.  Larry assumed the guy wanted to stop; his left limbs had been stabbed.  Larry merely had an incision on the arm that was shooting out blood.  His puncture wounds were bleeding because Larry had pulled out the knife each time but not much blood had shed because a puncture wound closes quickly, which is dangerous for infection.  Larry turned but he heard the door creak as it was starting to close.  He turned around and felt a knife stab his right biceps, he dropped his knife but instinctively swung his left arm around and gripped it again.  The guy pulled the knife out of his biceps and swung for the neck.  Larry brought his left arm up and out and blocked his knife with his.  He bent his wrist back and swung the knife across slitting the man’s throat.  The guy dropped his knife and fell to the ground dead.  Larry took two steps back and sat on the ground holding his right biceps. 

                Alex shoved open the door and ran to the man and immediately put two fingers on his neck checking for a pulse.  None came; she then rolled him to his back and tilted his head by his mouth and looked at his chest to check breathing.  His chest did not rise, nor did air come out from his mouth.  She rechecked the pulse and still nothing.  She turned to Larry and said astonished, “You killed him.”

                “I know, I had to, did you see the whole fight?”

                “Yea I watched the whole thing”

                “So you can attest that I killed him in self defense.”

                “ummmm yea”

                “Alex this is important, or else it’s murder and I go to jail.”

                “Larry as far as I could tell, it was self defense, but before we go calling the police, I want to know what brought you here.”

                “Boredom, the front doors were locked when I got here, so I came in this way thinking it would be open.  I wanted to see if you were still working because I couldn’t get a hold of anybody else.  I saw the doors were open so I went through but when I found the door leading to the mall was locked I was about to leave.  I sat down and then I heard voices.  I got up and put my ear to the door and I was trying to determine whether it was just two people hooking up, or if someone was in trouble, then I heard him talk about raping you, so I risked it and came in, and you saw the rest.’

                “That doesn’t sound too convincing, why would you come here an hour after we closed.”

                “Well you have to do some shit after the thing goes down, I don’t know how long it takes, I was bored, bored people will take a chance at anything.”

                “Larry look, I will only help you if you come clean.  I won’t be mad, just tell me the fucking truth”

                Alex was on the verge of crying because she had no idea what to believe and felt powerless.  Larry said, “I am telling the truth, but what difference does it make how I got here, I had to kill someone.”

                “That’s the thing, did you two plan this so I would thank you by hooking up with you.”

                Larry’s eyes widened in shock, “If that’s what the fuck you think, then I kind of wish I didn’t fucking help you.  My God, I fucking risk my life for you, and you pull this shit, check my fucking knife, check his fucking knife, both are real and you saw us swinging it at each other.  What the fuck do you think is on my face? Ketchup, no this is blood, I was really stabbed protecting you, I really killed that guy, this is fucking real, and to suggest that I went through all this just to trick you shows how sadistic and sick you really think I am.  Damn Alex, I don’t know what else to say, I’m just shocked.”

                Alex realized how stupid her accusation was, “Oh my God Larry, I’m so sorry, I feel really bad now.”

                “Yea well I hope you don’t still believe this was some sadistic plan to get into your panties.”

                “No I don’t, I just….well…”

                “You just can’t believe that someone would do something nice for you because you’re used to going for assholes.”

                Alex resented this comment but she felt too bad to say anything plus she realized there was some truth to it, she just didn’t want to hear it.  She lowered her head and said, “Yea, I know, you’re right.”

                Larry took off his shirt and wrapped it around his left biceps, which he had originally used his right hand to hold.  Although the left arm was bleeding more, the right arm hurt more.  Alex then realized just how bad of shape Larry was in and asked, “How are you going to drive home?”

                “I can drive with my knees and when it comes to making turns, I’ll just tough it out.”

                “Well you shouldn’t do that alone.”

                “Well isn’t your mom coming to pick you up.’

                “No, I was going to have a cigarette out here and then call her.”

                “Do you need a ride?”

                “On second thought, can you drive over to my friend’s house, I’ll just tell my mom Marcy is picking me up and I’m sleeping there.”


                “Because someone needs to help with all that blood, and despite what you say, you need help to drive.”

                “Why your friend’s house?”

                “Her family’s out of town and she told me where the key was and I could use it if I needed it just as long as I don’t trash it like have a big party”

                “Looks like we both have unbelievable yet true stories that just happened to have worked well given a current situation.”

                Alex knew that Larry was referring to her earlier comment on when Larry explained why he was there.  She thought about it, and her situation didn’t sound too believable either, a vacant house that she can’t have a party in.  She just smiled and said, “So do you want to go or not?”

                “Yea sure, You’re right I do need help.”

                They had completely forgotten about calling the cops to explain the story and just left.  Alex called her mom and told her that she was spending the night at Marcy’s.  Her mom bought the story.

Larry was extremely weak and Alex had to help him to his car.  On the way, they stopped to buy a newspaper from a stand outside the mall.  They used the newspaper to cover the seats of the driver side.  Alex helped Larry in as he sat in the seat he took a big exhale in relief.  Alex now knew that Larry couldn’t have gotten home.  She got in and said, “Imagine if you had to drive alone.”

                “Alex I was never planning on it.”


                “I was going to stumble to the car and sleep in it, until I was rested enough to drive, I lied to you.”

                “Oh I see, well let’s go.”

                Larry started the car and placed his hands on the wheel.  He shifted the car in reverse.  Larry turned the wheel using his left arm and when he had backed out put the car in drive and headed off.  Alex gave the directions and Larry only had his hands on the wheel to make turns.  Alex had her hand close, ready to catch the wheel if Larry lost his grip.  She only did twice due to the piercing pain of his arms.  Finally they pulled into the driveway and exited.  Larry could walk on his own now but it was still slow.  Alex did not help him as much as she had before but when they got in, she grabbed Larry’s shirt that was drenched in blood and threw it in the bathtub of cold water.  She the nursed his cuts.  First, she treated the incision on his left arm.  She wiped it and applied pressure with toilet paper.  She then wet a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and dabbed at the cut.  Larry hissed but then held it in.  Alex put a little rubbing alcohol on it and then put a sterilized pad over it and taped it in place.  She then did the same to the puncture in his right arm.  After covering that with the sterilized pad she wiped the blood off his face and the back of his head.  All those cuts had closed but she put rubbing alcohol on them anyway.  She then laid him in a bed and tucked him in.  Larry undid his pants and took them off with his socks as Alex left the room

                Alex went downstairs to get something to drink.  As she did she contemplated on how to thank Larry.  She didn’t want to merely say thank you, because it seemed too weak when someone risks his or her life for you.  She contemplated whether or not to do things sexual in nature with him.  She had already decided that Larry did not plan the whole thing up.  Her main problem was that Larry was younger than she was.  She finished her glass and washed it with soap in the sink.  She then grabbed a paper towel and dried it and placed it back in the cupboard so as to leave everything the way it was.  She climbed the stairs and looked inside.  Larry was fast asleep due to his exhaustion from the fight.  Alex noticed he never called his parents and then realized that Larry rarely did because, unlike Alex, Larry’s parents were not overprotective over him.  As much as she fought it, in the back of her mind she kept thinking that Larry’s whole intention was to have her get on him.  She stripped to her bra and panties and then lied in bed next to Larry.  She lied facing Larry to see any facial reaction he may have with her being in bed with him.  If it was disappointments that she wasn’t kissing him, if he would make a move on her, if he smiled because he was in bed with her anything.  The most obvious answer was the right one; Larry had no expression because he was asleep.  After ten minutes Alex realized that even if Larry expected it she’d do it anyway and it obviously didn’t bother him enough to lose sleep over it.  Besides if someone would go to the extreme of killing someone and getting stabbed and slit by a knife just for one evening with her then maybe they should.  The truth was Larry did not expect this, he just saw her in trouble and helped her out, the only thing he wanted was a verbal thank you, but instead he got an accusation.  Alex’s eyes pierced Larry in a way she never had before; as her protector, even as a hero.  She leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth.  Larry’s eyes opened, thinking he was dreaming.  Alex moved it and kissed her again, this time Larry opened his mouth and they french kissed.  Alex rolled on top of Larry and they made out profusely.  Larry turned Alex on to her back as Larry now lay on top.  Larry made out and felt her breasts over her bra as well.  After a little bit, he moved his head down and kissed her neck and followed it further down to her breasts over her bra.  Larry rolled to the side so now the two lay on their sides facing each other.  Larry had one hand on her butt; the other was on her groin area rubbing.  Alex had one hand on the back of Larry’s and the other rubbing his penis over his boxers.  After a while of this, Larry moved his hand up and slipped it inside her panties and rubbed around the vagina area.  He found it to be wet, so he stuck two fingers inside and felt around a bit before rubbing the clitoris while his mouth continued to make out with her.  Alex, as soon as Larry went into her pantyhose, reached inside his boxers and stroked his penis.  Alex moaned with pleasure as Larry rubbed her clitoris.  They did this, until Alex achieved orgasm and let out a loud yell.  Larry smiled, for that sound was music to his ears.  He then lowered her underwear and moved his head down as well.  He licked her vagina, and Alex immediately wrapped her legs around his head.  Larry licked fast and hard, even sticking it in sporadically.  Alex enjoyed this and moaned loudly as her legs tightened around Larry’s neck.  Larry was trapped between her beautifully long legs so he just continued to lick.  He went through the American and Greek alphabet and Alex climaxed once again.  Alex eased her grip with her legs and Larry stopped.  She pushed Larry onto his back and Larry obediently lay there thinking it was over.  It didn’t matter to him if it was over because he was fully satisfied. 

Alex then turned on him and moved her head down.  She rubbed his penis to keep it erect.  She then placed it in her mouth and moved her head down forcing the penis deeper into her mouth.  She then lifted her head forcing the penis to go shallow then deep and complete the cycle continually.  She took her mouth off of it a little bit and licked Larry’s scrotum.  She went back to giving him oral sex as Larry moaned with pleasure and grabbed the sheets tightly trying desperately not to ejaculate.  Alex then lied on top of Larry and French kissed him.  Larry reached around and undid her bra and pulled it off.  He then sucked on her bare breasts.  He used his arms to push them together and licked the crease they made.  Alex lowered her body and pulled Larry’s boxer’s off his body.  She then reached into a drawer by the table and pulled out a condom.  She placed the condom over Larry’s penis.  Larry got up and made out with Alex while they were standing.  She then backed her on to the bed and lied on top of her, inserting his penis into her vagina.  Larry kissed Alex and caressed her breasts while his penis penetrated her vagina.  Soon afterward Larry ejaculated into the condom. 

Larry removed his penis from her and kissed her lightly on the neck.  Larry removed the condom and threw it in a nearby trash can making sure all the semen was inside it.  Alex turned with her back toward Larry, and Larry put her arm around her and rested it on her sternum.  Alex smiled and both of them fell asleep.  Larry wondered whether or not Alex would regret what happened.  The next day, Larry woke up before Alex and got dressed.  About a half-hour later Alex awoke and got dressed as well.  The atmosphere was a little uncomfortable but not too bad.  Larry took Alex home and then went back to his house. 

                Larry turned on the TV and saw the news; he was about to change the channel when he saw the guy he killed.  Larry forgot all about killing the guy but it was self-defense he would just need Alex to back him.  It just occurred to him that it would be difficult for Alex to help him because if she does Alex’s parents will know what almost happened to Alex. Something Alex did not want her parents to find out since that they could probably figure out Marcy was not with Alex that night.  Larry’s fingerprints were on the man’s shirt.  The police had them on record since an incident where someone broke into his dad’s office and then sent a note about it.  Everyone in Larry’s family had to get their fingerprints to see if other finger prints besides that of the family was on the paper.  That is how they had his prints and were able to contact him quickly.  The man did not have any family show up and Larry sat with the prosecutor and told him the truth.  The prosecutor asked him, “Were there any witnesses”

                “Yes, but I would appreciate it, if you didn’t call her at her house and try to do it without her parents finding out.”

                “Well how old is this girl?”


                “Then that can be arranged if you know where she works”

                “Regis Hair Solon in Great Northern Mall”

                “Alright then, we can do this without her parents knowing but I don’t see how we could without her co-workers knowing unless you get her to come down here.”

                “She doesn’t have a license, I’d have to pick her up.”

                “Will you do that then?”

                “Well give me a day, if she’s not in here by the end of tomorrow go to Regis”

                “Well we don’t know if you’re going to coach her through the questioning.”

                “Sir I’m telling the truth, she can back me up on this, what do you suggest so that you know I’m not trying to con you guys”

“Is she working now?”

“I don’t know”

“Well we’ll go over there, and if she’s not, you call her and pick her up at her house with one of us.”

“Police cars will make her parents nervous sir.”

“Will you allow us in your car?”

“Oh yea, okay, that will work”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Larry was nervous about this but he had no choice but to cooperate.  Walking in to Regis’ with a cop seemed intimidating to Alex but Larry’s life depended on her telling the truth.  Security was tight around Great Northern; the murder had not been linked to Larry, Alex, or Regis.  When the police showed up with Larry at Regis’ Alex was working.  She wasn’t with a client so after the officer asked for her; she took a break to talk with them.  They went to the officer’s car; Larry took the back seat despite how uncomfortable he knew it was.  They drove to the station and questioned her with Larry watching in through a window but from Alex’s vantage point it was a mirror.  Larry was extremely nervous, the officer talked calmly and collectively and said, “Now Alex, what happened last night.”

“I closed the store late because a customer came in just before we closed.  Since he had an appointment I was kind of obligated to do it.  After he left I closed the store, when I exited through the exit across from Regis he was there.  He held a knife to my throat and said that I had two options, one was to strip and he has sex with me, or, I refuse, he forces my clothes off and rapes me.”

“I pleaded with him but he just grabbed me and was going to rape me, then Larry came and shoved him off me.  They got in a fight and when Larry had the obvious upper hand, he pulled a knife on him.  At the beginning of the fight he ran over to me and gave me a knife in case he lost.  Larry had a second knife with him and flung it out.  The man kept swinging with his knife, and Larry fought back and they stabbed each other once and the guy cut his arm as well but it ended after Larry’s hand that had the knife, I think his right, got stabbed.  So he used his other arm to block the man swinging his knife and then slit the guy’s throat.”

“From what you saw, do you think Larry had to kill him?”

“He already stabbed him in the shoulder and leg but the guy kept coming, so yes, I think he did.”

“How many wounds did Larry give the man?”

“Three, one in the shoulder, one in the leg and the one across the neck.”

“This story played out because that’s exactly where the wounds were.”

“Which leg and which arm?”

“The arm, I think was the one without the knife, I have no idea which leg.”

“How can you not know if you were there?”

“I almost got raped and I was trying to figure out where Larry had come from, I wasn’t paying close attention to every detail, I just wanted Larry to win.”

                “Did you say anything to Larry?”


                “What happened after that?”

                “Well I accused Larry of setting up the whole thing to get in bed with me.”

                “Do you believe that now?”



                “Larry’s not sadistic enough to get beaten bloody, stabbed, and slit by a knife and kill just for me.”

                “How do you know?”

                “It doesn’t make sense, if he was planning on it, why would he bloody himself, that’s obviously a turn off, plus he was going to take me home.”

                “Where did you really go?”

                “Are my parents going to find out about this?”

                “We won’t tell her, everything you say here, stays here unless it goes to court.”

                “Will it?”

                “I don’t know just answer what did happen.”

                “Well Larry was very weak because he had taken a beating.  I helped him to his car and covered the seats with newspaper so to not get blood on his car.  Then I took him to my friend’s house I knew was vacant and nursed his cuts.  That’s when I knew the cuts were real and not staged.  Then I laid him in bed and he fell asleep immediately. I got ready for bed, because I had to spend the night there since I have neither a license nor a car. I lied down facing Larry to see any reaction on his face to tell me whether he was expecting sex or not.  Larry’s face did not change since he really was asleep so I lied there for about 15 minutes.  Larry made no move whatsoever so he wasn’t expecting sex; he did it to help me.”

                “So you just slept, nothing happened between you.”

                “Well……I…..Does it really matter, this was only about the murder, I already told you that part, what difference does it make what happened after?”

                “You mentioned he could have staged it.”

                “Then I told you that I was wrong.”

                “I know”

                “Well I don’t want to answer that question”

                The police officer knew this was her right, but he also knew that she did have sex or else she wouldn’t have been so defensive.  Her story and Larry’s story matched so the prosecutor went to the public and informed them it was a self-defense case and the participants involved did not wish to release their names.  Some people knew it was Larry and Alex but only those that knew them.  Alex and Larry remained plutonic friends but neither would forget that day. 

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