Friday, June 2, 2017

Trouble in Florida


                Jessica rose from her bed on April 1, 2002 at 10:30AM.  The sun shined through the curtains illuminating the room.  She went into the bathroom and removed all her clothes.  She turned the water on for the shower and adjusted the temperature just right.  She stepped into the shower and immediately wet her hair.  After drenching her hair in water, she rubbed shampoo over her hair and let the shower wash it off.  She then rubbed her entire body with soap and removed it using the water.  She turned off the shower and dried off.  She bent over the sink and brushed her teeth.  She left the room and put on her bathing suit.  It was a two piece so she put the bottom on first followed by the bra.  She picked up a bottle of tanning oil and then rubbed it all over her body starting with her legs and working her way up.  She asked her friend Dimitri Alex to put it on her back and then she was set to go to the nice beaches of Florida.  Her and Dimitri, who was already ready, walked to the beach together.  Dimitri spent all his spring breaks in Florida, and this time Jessica’s family decided to go as well and meet up with them. 

                They got to the beach and Jessica immediately found a lawn chair to lay out in.  Dimitri jumped into the water to swim around.  Not too long after, Dimitri’s sisters and his cousins Olga and Dimitri joined them at the beach.  The Dimitri cousins went swimming while the girls all lied down on a lawn chair absorbing the rays of the hot Florida sun.  An hour and a half went by, Dimitri’s family and his cousins went to grab lunch but Jessica fell asleep and nobody wanted to wake her.  A boy came toward Jessica and sat down in the extra space by her legs.  He grabbed her thigh gently and moved his hand down over the knee.  Jessica’s eyes opened.  She saw the kid sitting on her lawn chair and he wasn’t bad looking.  He was 6’2” 170lbs, solid build and tan skin.  Jessica initiated the conversation and said, “Hi.”

                The boy, keeping his hand on her leg, responded, “Hey pretty girl what’s your name?”

                “Jessica, and yours?”


                “Where are you from?”

                Baltimore, Maryland, you?”

                Cleveland, Ohio.”

                “Who are you here with?”

                “Family and visiting some other friends that are on vacation here.”

                “How old are you?”

                “14 you?”

                “16, so you’re a freshman?”

                “Yea, you’re a Junior?”

                “Yea, so do you have a boyfriend here?”

                “You seem to get straight to the point.”

                “Well a fine looking girl like yourself, I was sorry to see all by herself.”

                “I don’t know where they went, probably to eat.”

                “You never answered my question”

                “No, I don’t have a boyfriend here, but I do have one back home”

                This upset Brian, but he decided he wouldn’t leave.  He looked at it as a challenge to see if he could get this girl into his room.  They kept up the small talk until Jessica mentioned that she was hungry.  Brian then said he was hungry himself, they got up and went to a beach restaurant.  Brian paid for Jessica and his meal.  Jessica expected this and was flattered that Brian was nice enough to buy her lunch even though she had told him she wanted to remain faithful to her boyfriend.  When they got back, Dimitri and his family were back from lunch.  Jessica introduced Brian to all of them out of politeness.  Brian greeted all of them but still maintained his attention on Jessica.  They both hung out all day talking by the beach, swimming and relaxing in the hot tub.  Then at 6:30 they went their separate ways to their condos.  Jessica was beginning to like Brian as a friend.  He was nice, considerate, and polite.  Most guys would have left once they found out the girl was taken. 

                At dinner, the topic of conversation with Jessica was what was going on with Brian.  Jessica told them all how she liked him but wouldn’t do anything because of her boyfriend back home.  The adults females respected what she said, the guys thought she was either being naïve into thinking that Brian wasn’t still trying to get her in bed or being stupid in letting a boyfriend hundreds of miles away stop her.  The younger girls were happy she found a nice guy, and believed their relationship would remain plutonic like Jessica said. 

                The next day, Jessica and Brian met up again.  Again they spent the day together. The age barrier was perfect.  A junior hanging out with a Freshman, that is very reasonable.  When it was lunchtime, Jessica invited Brian to eat with the Alex’s (Dimitri’s last name is Alex, and so are his cousins).  At lunch, everybody seemed to like Brian, except Dimitri.  Dimitri was trying to decide whether he didn’t like him because Dimitri kind of liked Jessica but didn’t think he could get her or if he was right in thinking that he was covering something up.  Dimitri didn’t say anything to anyone about this, but he planned to keep a close eye on Brian.  At 6:00, Brian said to Jessica, “You know since I had lunch with your family, I would like it if you had dinner with mine.” 

                “Yea I don’t see a problem with that.”

                When Jessica asked for permission, her mom readily agreed.  She was also present at dinner and lunch and heard Jessica speak of Brian and had the pleasure of meeting him herself.  Dimitri lurked close as Jessica asked and eavesdropped in her conversation with her mom and Brian.  Brian invited Jessica to be at his condo at 7:00 and then they would go out to eat.  Jessica had not seen Brian’s parents at all but she naturally assumed they were there.  At 6:30 they split up again and got ready for dinner.  Dimitri complained that he got sun poisoning and asked his family to just bring something back while he got some rest.  His family bought the story and went out.  Dimitri then stealthily followed Jessica to Brian’s condo.

                Jessica knocked on the door.  She was wearing a nice vest and a long skirt.  She spent a lot of time in front of the mirror putting her make up on just right and wearing perfume.  Brian wore light khaki pants and an American Eagle T-shirt.  He let her in and closed the door.  Dimitri stayed outside suddenly feeling a bit foolish.  Jessica looked around and asked, “Where are your parents?”

                “They’re still getting ready, let’s just sit down and watch TV until they are ready.  They sat down and Brian flipped the TV on with the remote.  He then put his arm around Jessica.  She began to feel a little uncomfortable but didn’t say anything.  Then Brian moved in to French kiss her.  Jessica pushed away and reminded him about her boyfriend in Cleveland as she stood up.  Brian said, “Oh don’t worry about that, it’s not cheating if you’re in different area codes, let alone many states away on vacation.”

                “Still I don’t want to, and you know that.”

                “Well look Jessica, it also isn’t really cheating if it’s forced.”    

                Jessica’s heart began to pound faster now.  She was scared about what was going to happen.  It occurred to her that maybe she hadn’t seen his parents because they weren’t there.  Maybe Brian put on his charm just to convince her to come alone to the condo.  She let out the word, “What?!”

                Brian was also standing now, and grabbed Jessica and threw her on to the couch.  Jessica let out a short cry for help that was cut off by Brian’s hand.  Brian then said, “You can scream all you want, nobody will hear you, they’re all at dinner and the condo is a good five minutes from the closest one so just relax and let it happen.”

                Dimitri heard the short cry for help; that’s all he needed to confirm his conspiracy against him.  He saw a window that was opened due to the heat in Florida.  He crawled in and followed the sounds to Jessica and Brian.  When he saw them, Brian had Jessica’s arms pinned and was sucking her breasts over her vest.  Dimitri grabbed Brian and threw him off Jessica.  Jessica looked up in relief that someone was helping her.  Brian got up and stared at Dimitri.  Dimitri swallowed hard, Brian was a lot bigger than he was and Dimitri wasn’t the best fighter.  Jessica wanted to run out of the condo and go straight to hers but she didn’t want to leave Dimitri.  Brian grabbed Dimitri by the throat and shoved him back into the wall.  He said, “You’re going to pay for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.” As he punched him in the stomach. 

He dragged Dimitri upright again and slammed his head back into the wall.  He then punched him again in the stomach.  Dimitri fell to his knees holding his stomach.  Brian kicked him in the solar plexus as Dimitri turned over and lay on his back.  Jessica screamed, “Don’t hurt him.”

                He picked Dimitri up and punched him across the face.  He then grabbed Jessica and knelt her down beside him.  Brian slipped his hand under her vest and felt her breasts over her bra and said, “You only wish you could be doing this, did you honestly think you could protect her?”

                He removed his hands, picked up Jessica and dropped her on Dimitri’s stomach.  Dimitri spit out as the wind left his body.  Brian said, “See, even she is beating you up, she likes me.” 

                Brian helped Dimitri to his feet, he punched him in the stomach again but held his body so that Dimitri only bent over and didn’t fall.  He then stuck Dimitri’s head between his legs, lifted him up by the solar plexus, flipped him over so that Dimitri sat on Brian’s shoulder facing behind Brian.  Then Brian grabbed his waist and thrusted downward, Dimitri nailed the ground on the back of head and neck.  He then dropped a knee into his ribs.  Dimitri was moaning in pain.  He then lifted Dimitri up again and shoved him against a wall.  He held him against the wall with his left hand; with his right hand he punched Dimitri square in the nose then threw him back down.  Dimitri’s nose began to bleed.  Brian put some on his finger and grabbed Jessica.  He then put the finger with Dimitri’s blood into her mouth.  As she tasted it, he said, “It’s your fault he’s bleeding right now, all you had to do was go along with it.  Haven’t I been nice to you?  Haven’t I showed you respect? And this is how you repay me?”

                Jessica was crying and said, “You’re an asshole”

                A backhand sent Jessica to the floor.  Brian straddled her legs and unzipped and unbuttoned her pants.  Jessica screamed but nobody could hear her.  Brian pulled her pants down and then realized that she still had shoes and sock on.  He turned his body so that his legs still pinned hers down but he was facing the other way.  He then took off her shoes, socks and pants.  He shifted back around and slipped his hands under her vest again.  Dimitri heard and saw the struggle.  He worked up enough strength to slowly get up, grab an alarm clock and climb onto a night table that was right above Brian and Jessica.  Brian didn’t notice because his hands fumbled in trying to get the clothes off of a squeamish Jessica.  Brian’s head was down near her chest while he tried.  Dimitri let his body fall with the alarm clock in his hand and cracked it on Brian’s head.  Brian rolled off of Jessica hurt, but it took a lot out of a weakened Dimitri as well.  Brian slowly made his way to his feet as Dimitri crawled toward a golf bag he saw.  Brian walked toward Dimitri; Dimitri grabbed a club and swung it around nailing Brian across the face.  Dimitri didn’t swing it at full force since he was lying down and a lot of energy had been taken away from him after sustaining Brian’s beating.  Despite the slow velocity, cracking an alarm clock and swinging a golf club into his head knocked Brian unconscious.  Jessica put her pants, shoes and socks back on while this was going on.  She then helped Dimitri up, put his arm around her shoulder and walked with him.           

                Dimitri had no adrenaline left and relied heavily on Jessica to remain standing.  Since Jessica had to walk with over 100 pounds extra weight, the normal five-minute walk back to the condo, took twenty minutes.  Dimitri used his legs more and more as the journey progressed but was far from even 50% strength.  When they got to the condo, Jessica first took Dimitri to the bathroom and cleaned the dried blood from his bloody nose.  She then laid him in bed.  Jessica looked down at Dimitri and kissed him on the lips and said, “Thanks for saving me today.”

                Dimitri mumbled, “No problem.”

                Jessica called her boyfriend then because she wanted to let Dimitri sleep.  Her boyfriend told her, “Look Jessica, as long as you’re in Florida and I’m still in Cleveland, I think that for a week we should be free of each other, if we meet someone, we shouldn’t feel obligated to stay together.”

                Jessica, who never took her eyes off Dimitri, agreed with him.  The conversation didn’t last much longer.  Right after the conversation with her boyfriend, Jessica stripped to her bra and put a thong on and then went over to Dimitri and told him that he looked hot.  She then stripped him of his clothes except his boxers and straddled him.  She began to make out with him, as he felt her back and moved down to her butt, she turned over so that Dimitri was now on top.  Dimitri began sucking her breasts and caressing them over the bra.  Jessica wrapped her smooth legs high on his waist and Dimitri caressed them up and down.  They made out profusely, then Jessica unclipped her bra and Dimitri began to caress and suck on bare breasts.  Jessica was then caressing his butt over his boxers.  Dimitri moved his head down and slipped her thong down to her knees and began licking her vagina.  Intermittently, he would stop and stick his finger inside her vagina and search for the clitoris.  He succeeded a few times but switched from licking to fingering.  Then he turned to his side and Jessica followed him.  Jessica put her hand inside his boxers and began caressing his penis.  Dimitri turned onto his back as he relaxed.  Jessica then moved her head down and placed Dimitri’s penis in her mouth.  As she was doing this, Dimitri let out a short yell indicating he was about to ejaculate.  Jessica realized the sign and grabbed a cup, Dimitri ejaculated into the cup and Jessica dumped it out into the toilet and then cleaned it out.  Dimitri put his boxers back on, and Jessica put her pantyhose back on and a T-shirt.  She went over to Dimitri and French kissed him again and said, “Thanks for saving me today.”

                Dimitri responded, “Thanks for the reward.”

                Jessica smiled and then went to her bed to sleep.  When Dimitri’s family got home both Jim and Jessica were asleep.  They saved the food they brought back for Dimitri for the next day.  The rest of the vacation went well, Brian was never seen again, and Dimitri’s nor Jessica’s family ever found out what happened.  Dimitri and Jessica spent most of their time together.  They asked about Brian and Jessica told them that he went back to Maryland.  Nobody really knows what happened to him.  When they returned to Cleveland, Jessica dumped her boyfriend and her and Dimitri went out. 

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