Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Older Girls


                Larry Couchmanos, a 6’1” 163lbs 18-year-old male with curly brown hair, fair skin and green eyes, picked up the phone and called his friend RYAN.  Both were freshman in college, Larry attended New York University and his friend RYAN went to St. Vincent in Pennsylvania.  RYAN picked up the phone and said, “Hello”

                “Hey Ryan it’s Larry”

                “Hey man what’s up?”

                “I’m going home for a wedding, and when I drive back to New York I wanted to know if I could come up and visit”

                “Oh yea, come on up what day?”


                “So in five days then”

                “It is Wednesday now, so Monday is five days away.”

                “Alright smart ass see you then what time?”

                “I don’t know yet I’ll call you when I’m close to make sure you’re home.”

                “Okay, I’ll see you Monday then”

                “Alright see ya then”

                Both of them hung up the phone, early the next morning, Larry drove to Cleveland, Ohio for the marriage of his godmother’s brother.  He had known them for his entire life since they were extremely close with Larry’s parents.  Larry went to the wedding on Friday and the following day, there was a wedding party at their house.  The bride and groom left early to go on their honeymoon but everyone enjoyed themselves anyway.  At three thirty in the morning, Larry packed up his car and drove toward St. Vincent.  He figured that Ryan wouldn’t be awake when he got there, but he planned on taking a nap in his car at St. Vincent.  At ten to five in the morning, Larry looked down at his speedometer and saw in the corner of his eye that his gaslight had flashed on.  He was currently in Pittsburgh.  He pulled off the next exit and filled his car up with gas.  After he filled up to a full tank, he placed the gas hose back at the pump, twisted his gas cap shut and shut the metal covering.  He then got into his car, started it and drove back toward I-80E.  While he did he saw four guys shoving someone in an alley.  He pulled over to see what was going on.  The person being pushed seemed to be a girl, and if he was correct, he wanted to fight them off.  He pushed the transmission to park and exited the car locking it as he left.  He walked closer, and found out not only was he right about it being a girl but also he knew the girl.  It was his friend’s sister Lyubov Zadenko, who moved back to Pittsburgh for an internship.  He didn’t really have a plan on how he could possibly take four guys.  He saw Lyubov slap one of them but then one came from behind and put her in a half nelson, and forced her to her knees so she couldn’t kick.  Larry distinctively heard the one she slapped say, “Bitch you’re going to pay for that, I’m glad you got on your knees afterwards because after this head you’re going to give me, I’ll forgive you.”

                Larry heard enough, he sprinted toward the guy and tackled him on to the ground.  He then punched him in the face and shot up because he knew there would be three more guys waiting for him.  Lyubov looked up and saw Larry’s face and said, “Larry?”

                “Let the girl go”

                The person holding her said, “In case you don’t realize there’s four of us and one of you.”

                “Larry twisted around and punched connecting again with the nose of the first person he hit.  The two idol people, both charged at Larry, Larry ducked his head, and as they approached wrapped his arms behind their legs to direct them, lifted his upper body up, catapulting them both in the air, doing half a flip and landing on their backs.  One landed directly on the face of the already fallen person.  As soon as he snapped up, he ran forward, jumped up and thrusted both feet out nailing the kid holding Lyubov.  Luckily Lyubov was on her knees so kicking over her was easy.  The kid let go of Lyubov and flew back to the ground.  Larry spread his legs so he wouldn’t fall on Lyubov’s head, but his shoulders and up slammed against the asphalt right in front of her.  He pulled his keys out of his wallet and gave it to Lyubov and said, “Go to my car, get in, and lock the doors, if I lose, leave.”

                Lyubov got up and ran toward the car, the two men that were flipped over his back, ran after her.  Larry stopped one of them by jumping and putting his knee in their path and connecting with one of them in the stomach.  The other he picked up a rock and threw it nailing the kid in the head.  The man stopped running and rubbed his head, this gave Lyubov enough time to unlock the car, get in and lock it.  Larry watched her progress, and when she was safely in, he felt a punch to his kidneys.  He had forgotten about the fight.  The first kid had hit him, he wrapped his arms around his waist and tossed him to side knocking him down.  All four members began kicking him in the side.  Larry lay there on his stomach with his arms covering his head and flat as possible to minimize further injury of slamming against the ground.  Finally the holder picked him up and put him in a full nelson.  The first man began to punch away at his midsection and stomach.  The man hit by the rock punched him across the face and rubbed his hand because his knuckles connected with skull.  The other idol person punched away at his midsection as well.  They planned to alternate.  The first person ran started from further back and ran at Larry.  Larry watched him the entire way but at the last second he extended his arms straight and dropped to a sit down position as his arms slipped in between the holder’s arms. When the first kid jumped in the air to drive his knee into Larry’s chest, he jammed it into the holder’s solar plexus.  The holder bent over and grabbed at his chest as the wind flew out of his body.  The first kid put his hand on his back and apologized.  Larry grabbed him and tossed him back hitting the two idol men.  All three of them fell; Larry then put the holder in a headlock and began slamming his face into his right knee.  He repeatedly drove his knee to his face as the kid’s eyes glazed over in unconsciousness and his face was crimson with blood.  Larry felt arms wrap around him, so he tightened his grip on the holder.  Suddenly he felt his body jerk to the side but he kept his grip and with the momentum of the person throwing him, he brought the holder with him and dropped him as he was about to fall.  Larry landed directly on top of the holder breaking his fall.  He shot up and faced the now three men remaining.  They surrounded him and crept in ever so slightly.  They knew not to sprint at him anymore.  Larry took two hard steps forward and punched the first one in the face.  The idol two on the sides both kicked him, one to the chest one to the stomach.  Larry bent over and the first kid thrusted Larry’s head in between his legs. With the help of the other two, lifted Larry up so that his legs were resting on his shoulder in a sit up position and then tossed him on the back of his head and neck.  Blood matriculated on the back of Larry’s head.  Then all three men started stomping Larry’s chest and stomach simultaneously.   They had forgotten about Lyubov and just wanted to punish Larry now.  The first kid put up his arms signaling for the other two to stop.  He then stepped on Larry’s stomach, Larry sat up a little bit and then felt a shoe nail him in the face snapping him to the asphalt once again.  Blood oozed from Larry’s nose and the back of his head cut some more.  The two-idol men helped him to his feet and shoved him into the first person’s fist.  Then the rock man and first kid helped Larry up and shoved him into a knee by the other idol person.  He bent down but was picked up, for it was the rock man’s turn to do something while a vulnerable Larry came running after him.  The other two shoved him as the idol man ducked down to catapult him in the same matter Larry did him.  Larry dropped to his knees to stop the forward momentum and uppercutted the rock man bloodying his nose.  He turned around and ran toward the other two men, jumped into the air and thrusted both legs out, one hitting each person tossing them to the ground.  He fell to the ground.  The rock man stood above him for he only staggered after the uppercut.  He stepped on Larry’s chest and then straddled him.  He lifted him up by his shirt and punched him in the face.  Larry’s head bounced off the pavement after every punch. His face now bright crimson with blood, the man let go of his shirt.  Larry’s head rested on the ground, the rock man moved forward and threw another punch toward Larry’s face, Larry moved his head and the rock man punched the asphalt.  The man got up and jumped up and down holding his fist.  Larry snapped up, turned the man around and punched him in the stomach.  The rock man bent over and Larry pulled the kid’s head in between his legs.  He wrapped his arms around the man’s chest.  He looked up and the other two men were hurrying toward him.   The two men shoved Larry back and their momentum forced Larry backward but since his arms were around the rock man’s chest, the rock man lifted vertically into the air and Larry fell back forcing the rock man’s head into the ground.  The holder had awoken from unconsciousness now and instead of joining the fight, he fled the scene.  The rock man closed his eyes in unconsciousness at the point of impact.  The idol man and the first person Larry hit stood stunned at what just happened.  Larry got up, the first person, realizing this, jolted his shoulders into Larry’s chest and tackled him to the ground.  He then punched away at his face while the idol man kicked him profusely in the side.  More blood poured down from Larry’s face.  In an act of desperation Larry turned his head and the first man jammed his hand into the concrete.  He jumped off Larry and Larry warily punched the idol man in the nose.  Larry slowly got up, the idol man ran and Larry bent over and catapulted him over his shoulder.  Larry then jumped and landed feet first into his solar plexus.  The idol man spat up as Larry made contact.  Larry then stomped away at his chest, helped him to his feet and punched him in the face knocking him down.  The idol man coughed profusely and blood oozed from his mouth.  Larry raised his head and saw the first man he hit make his way to Larry’s car.  Lyubov had not driven away, she watched Larry’s progress, and Larry hobbled after the first man. The first man pulled at the door trying to get to Lyubov.  Lyubov moved from the passenger seat to the driver seat to avoid the side the first man was on.  Larry dove at him just as he turned to go to the other side of the car.  Larry’s shoulder connected with the first man’s chest and Larry tackled him to the ground.  The first man shoved him off of him.  They both stood up and faced each other with the first man’s back to the car.  The first man punched for Larry’s face but Larry ducked.  The first man’s momentum spun him around so he faced the car.  Larry grabbed a hold of the first guy’s hair and slammed it into the roof of the car.  The first man elbowed Larry in the stomach.  Larry bent over; the first man put Larry’s head between his legs, reached around Larry’s back and interlocked his hands at his chest.  He hoisted him up to his shoulder and threw him off.  Larry landed on the back of his head and neck, with more blood coming from the back of his head.  The first man sat down because lifting Larry took a lot of work since he was wary from the fight.  They rose at the same time; the first man shoved Larry on to the hood of the car.  He then got on the hood of his car as well and climbed to the roof.  When he turned to face Larry again, Larry was on his feet.  Larry grabbed the first guy’s legs and pulled them from under him.  Larry then dragged his feet so they were around Larry’s shoulders.  Larry then climbed to the roof of the car, elevating the man’s feet so that only his head remained still on the car.  In a surge of adrenaline, Larry reached down and lifted the man’s upper body so that it was almost sitting up.  Larry had the man’s head at his chest level, when he stepped forward and forced the man off his shoulder, off the roof and he landed on the back of his head and neck on the asphalt.  The first guy exited consciousness when he hit.  Larry’s forward momentum to shove the man off his shoulder carried him over the car as well and he landed knee first on the first man’s sternum breaking it.  Larry rolled on to his back and panted, for he had beaten all four men and now the adrenaline ceased pumping.  Lyubov pressed the button to unlock the door and came around the car to the passenger side (where Larry and the first man were) and saw Larry lying there with blood all over his face as well as on the ground.  She reached into her purse and pulled out the newspaper and covered the passenger seat with it.  He then helped Larry to his feet and sat him in the car.  Larry closed his eyes and slept for his exhaustion had taken over him now that he was safe.  The door shut and Lyubov walked around the car and entered the driver’s seat.  She turned the key and started the car and drove off.

                She took him back to her apartment; Larry was rested so he could assist Lyubov in helping him to her room.  He got out of the car and leaned against it while Lyubov grabbed the newspaper off the seat.  She then placed Larry’s arm around her and walked with him to the door.  She laid him on the bathroom floor so she could nurse his wounds.  She said to him, “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

                “I had an older brother and him and his friends would beat on me as a little kid, so I developed toughness and I learned how to fight people bigger than me, and being outnumbered.”

                “Well thank you, those men would have probably raped me.”

                “They won’t now”

                “I know thanks to you, why are you in Pittsburgh anyway”

                “I was driving to St. Vincent to visit a friend.”

                “What time did you tell him you’d be there”

                “Any time today”

                “So you can spend a little bit of time here”

                “Oh yea it’s 6:15 in the morning”

                “I know”

                While they were talking, Lyubov was wiping the blood off Larry’s face, and the back of his head.  Afterwards, she would place rubbing alcohol on the cuts so they heal better.  Since by the time they got there, a lot of Larry’s cuts had stopped bleeding, she didn’t have to continue to wipe areas multiple times.  She then helped him to her bed and laid him in it.  She told him to sleep and he may want to call his friend and tell him he’ll be coming tomorrow most likely.  Larry called RYAN and told him he’d either be there late that night or early tomorrow.  Lyubov slept next to him, for she had a long night too. 

                Larry woke up at 1:40 PM as Lyubov woke up at three.  When Larry awoke he tried to go back to sleep and slipped in and out of it sporadically until Lyubov woke up.  Larry was slightly sore from the fight but still feeling fine.  Lyubov took a shower, and when she exited she invited Larry to take one.  Larry took it because he had sweated and bled the day before so he felt kind of dirty.  After the shower, Larry realized that his clothes were in the car.  He wrapped a towel around his waist and exited and told Lyubov his predicament.  Since she was dressed, she walked down to his car and grabbed his bag of clothes he had for Ryan’s and his house.  When she opened the door, Larry put his boxers back on and took the clothes from Lyubov after thanking her.  He put his clothes on, and then he and Lyubov spent the remainder of the day together.  They returned to her apartment at midnight.  Larry expected them to go to sleep.   Lyubov turned toward him and said, “Hey Larry, you’re 18 right?”


Lyubov wrapped her arms around his neck and French kissed him.  Larry accepted it and tilted his head to the opposite side and kissed her back.  She kept her grip and said, “Good then you’re legal.”

Larry smiled and was way too happy to say anything.  Lyubov smiled as well and said, “You didn’t really think after you save me from being raped by beating the crap out of four people and getting your ass kicked for me, I would only thank you by nursing you, letting you sleep and hang out with you did you?”

This form of compensation seemed perfectly logical to Larry since he was 18 and she was 23 plus he was a friend of her brothers so he naturally assumed that things sexual in nature were forbidden but he didn’t dare say anything for Lyubov was a very attractive girl.  They made out profusely, and then Larry pulled Lyubov’s shirt over her head.  Lyubov did the same to him and then unbuttoned his pants.  He followed her lead and undid her pants and pulled them down.  Both members stepped on their pants forcing them off.  Larry’s mind raced if he was going to lose his virginity to a 23-year-old.  Lyubov stepped backward with her arms still around Larry.  Larry moved forward at the same speed until Lyubov lied down on her bed with Larry on top of her.  She immediately wrapped her legs around him and they made out some more as Larry caressed her breasts over her bra.  He lowered his mouth and kissed the side of her neck, Lyubov groaned with pleasure as Larry moved his mouth further down and maneuvered around her breasts.  He rolled so that they both lied on their sides with Larry’s face level with her breasts and his arms lowered and massaged her groin area over her thong.  As one hand did that the other hand wrapped around her and fondled her butt and rubbed up and down her back pulling her even closer to him.  Lyubov reached down into Larry’s boxers and stroked his penis; Larry slipped his hand into her thong and rubbed her vagina.  After determining the vagina was wet he stuck three fingers inside and maneuvered around for a little bit before hitting the clitoris.  Lyubov moaned in pleasure as Larry caressed the most sensitive part of her body. With the hand behind Lyubov’s back, he undid her bra and pulled it off her shoulder and tossed it aside.  Lyubov stroked Larry’s genitalia fast and hard and Larry loved every minute of it.  Then she pushed Larry’s boxers down.  Larry, realizing what Lyubov was doing, removed his hand from inside her vagina and slid down her thong.  Larry kicked his boxer’s off, and moved his entire body down as he slipped her thong off, as he brought it over her feet, he took her socks off with the thong.  Lyubov lied there completely naked, Larry licked at her vagina as she moved closer and tightened her legs around his neck.  He licked around and stuck his tongue in and Lyubov screamed with delight.  Larry licked hard and fast and then moved up and sucked on her bare breasts.  Lyubov turned around and placed her vagina on Larry’s face; he stuck his tongue deep inside and moved it to and fro pleasuring Lyubov.  Larry moved his tongue all over hitting her clitoris a few times causing Lyubov to scream sporadically then she reached orgasm and let out a scream so loud that the neighbors heard what was going on. 

Lyubov pushed on the bed lifting her groin area from Larry.  She then crawled down and stroked Larry’s penis some more.  She moved her hand up and down vigorously, then she let go letting it stand up and lowered her head, and put it in her mouth and continued to move down shoving the penis deep in her mouth.  She moved her head up and down, then lifted her head so the penis exited her mouth and she licked the head of it all over and rubbed it hard only to put it deep in her throat once again.  Larry groaned with great pleasure, he only hoped he wouldn’t orgasm so that it could continue longer.  She took it out again and while stroking his penis, her tongue licked his scrotum.  Larry gripped the sheets extremely hard fighting the semen from shooting out but the pleasure was intense.  She moved her head back up and sucked Larry’s penis vigorously sticking it deep pulling up and going down at a very fast pace.  Larry moaned extremely loudly with delight.  Lyubov realized that if she continued, Larry might ejaculate into her mouth so she rose from the bed and walked to her drawer. 

Larry thought it was over and he was not disappointed for he enjoyed it thoroughly.  Lyubov opened a drawer and pulled out a Trojan extra strength condom.  Larry’s eyes widened with joy, Lyubov smiled and walked toward him and covered his penis with the condom.  She lied on top of him, ensuring that his penis penetrated her vagina.  As she lay down, Larry turned so that he was on top and began to thrust his pelvis in and out of her vagina.  Lyubov wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist intensifying the experience.  Larry sucked and maneuvered his mouth over her breasts as well.  Lyubov used her leg strength to turn Larry over and then kneeled up lifting her upper body but keeping Larry’s penis trapped inside her vagina.  She then shifted her hips back and forth riding Larry’s penis.  She then used her knees to elevate herself and come back down forcing the penis to start slipping out only to slip back in.  Lyubov rode him for a while then Larry stood up and Lyubov wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.  Larry carried her to the wall and leaned her against it and humped her with his hands he rubbed her breasts and made out with her profusely.  All three moved extremely fast, as Larry wanted this pleasure to last all night.  Lyubov screamed out, “Oh you know how I like it baby”

“Oh baby, I’ve wanted this from the moment I saw you, sticking my cock in your sexy body is heaven.”

“Oh yea baby, keep going, I like when you go fast and hard.”

Larry felt the cum slide up and enter the penis, he knew the end was near so he went for the grand finale and humped faster and harder making Lyubov scream louder.  She knew that it was almost over too so she bent her body back pushing against the wall shoving Larry’s penis further inside of her and Larry sucked her breasts while continuing with the pelvis thrusts.  Larry then moaned as the semen ejaculated out of his penis as he achieved orgasm.  He carried her over to the bed and lied down on top of her, removed his dick turned over so he was lying next to her.  Lyubov smiled and Larry said, “Thank you.”

“Thank you for saving me today” Larry laughed, the reward was definitely worth the punishment.  She continued “personally, and I mean no offense, I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did.”

“Honestly I am too, but I’m glad I did.”

“If you tell Danylo about this I’ll kill you.”

“That would be really shitty if I did that”

“Oh I know”

Larry took off the condom and threw it away.  They both fell asleep and Larry left the next morning after saying good bye to a tired Lyubov.  He drove to St. Vincent and saw RYAN.  He didn’t mention what happened because Ryan was against premarital sex.  After visiting RYAN and going back to college in New York, he was still shocked at how that happened.  Lyubov never told anybody about her and Larry but she was surprised once again by Larry for the fact that he not only didn’t mention it to Zadenko, but as far as she knew, he didn’t mention it to anyone.  Of course, that wasn’t the case, Larry just had sex with a 23-year-old, he needs to brag, but he only told those that he knew couldn’t tell anyone because they don’t know Lyubov.   

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