Friday, June 16, 2017

Trouble in Lakewood

            Melissa Lojos stood at 5’9” with short black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin.  She was 100% Greek and the daughter of a priest and liked hanging out at nightclubs where teenage bands would play punk music.  She lived in Lakewood, OH and attended the public high school there as a junior. 

            Larry is a 6’1” Greek boy with curly brown hair, green eyes and fair skin.  He lives in Lakewood as well.  He doesn’t normally go to these clubs and is more inclined to go to a movie or just hang out with friends.  He just recently finished classes for his senior year. 

            On a Friday in May, Melissa was going to the blind lemon, one of these punk rock nightclubs.  Larry was invited to one of them by his friend Frank.  Frank is someone Larry had known for an extremely long time.  He originally was a friend with Larry’s younger brother Arty, but Arty got him kicked out of their house.  Although Frank would tell Larry, he came over to see him, Larry remained skeptical on how serious he was.  He and Larry talked occasionally and remained friends.  Larry wasn’t doing anything so he accompanied Frank to the blind lemon.  They got there and Larry planned to hang out with Frank since he figured he wouldn’t know anyone else there.  Although, not too long after he got there, he saw his friend from church, Melissa Lojos.  He talked with her for a little bit, but she stayed with her friends and Larry went to find Frank. 

            Not too long afterward someone grabbed Melissa and said, “Do you want to roll?”

            The man was referring to Marijuana, and Melissa declined but then she felt the man squeeze at her arm and said, “Listen bitch, you can’t come in here and not smoke pot.”

            “I don’t smoke pot,” she said rather defiantly.  Melissa’s friend had left her there since this man scared them because he wore chains, leather, and earrings.  

            Melissa pulled away only to be grabbed again and the man said, “Well then why don’t you smoke my cock instead.”

            “Fuck you”

            Melissa found a backhand nail her in the face knocking her to the ground.  Larry saw this from across the way and was shocked that nobody was helping her.  Larry pushed through people until he got to the scene where Melissa was making her way to her feet.  Larry grabbed the punk by his leather coat and threw him to the ground.  A bouncer came up to Larry and told him to take it outside.

            The punk got up and punched at Larry but he ducked under it and grabbed the punk’s arm pulled it around his head; bent down and placed his hand in between his knees and pulled sideways on his hand that held the punk’s arm.  With the arm in between his knees hoisting the punk up so he lay perpendicular to his shoulders.  Larry carried him outside and fell back crushing the punk with the pavement.  Melissa followed outside to see this fight that was about to break out.  Frank saw what was going on and decided only to help Larry if Larry lost the fight or if someone else came to help the punk.  The punk got up and faced Larry and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

            “You mess with the girl, you mess with me, and I kick your ass.”

            “You’re going to fight me over this bitch?”

            “Well you obviously seemed upset when you hit her.”

            “Fuck you.”

            The punk came charging but Larry ducked down and as the punk approached, Larry wrapped his arms around his legs and snapped back up catapulting the man over his shoulder and on to the pavement.  He got up and faced Larry making a note to be more cautious now.  The two men circled each other.  Larry dove forward, but the punk moved back and Larry collided with the pavement.  The punk stomped at Larry’s back but Larry spun away from his legs and to his feet.  The punk smiled, Larry sprinted forward and dove his shoulders into the man’s chest, chopped at the back of his legs and tackled him to the ground.  He then sat up and punched at his face after the first punch, the punk moved his head and Larry nailed the asphalt with his hand.  Larry got up and rubbed his hand, the punk decided to uneven the odds by getting up and pulling out a chain.  Larry made the mistake of having his back to the punk.  Suddenly he felt a whip at his back as the metal chain connected with it.  He arched forward and dropped to his knees.  The punk kicked him onto his stomach and whipped his back repeatedly.  Larry rolled out of the way and got up.  The punk held the chain in one hand and dropped it into his other hand to intimidate Larry.  Larry circled and the punk swung the whip, Larry ducked under it and scurried at him but the punk brought the chain back around and nailed Larry in the side of the head knocking him down again.  Larry got up as blood matriculated from the side of his face.  The punk smiled and waited for Larry’s next move.  Although Larry bore a Harley Davidson knife at his waist, he wanted to try to win this without the use of weapons.  Blood permeated through his shirt as Melissa stepped back anticipating running away.  Larry walked in and the punk swung the chain but Larry ducked, the punk didn’t think Larry would fall for the same trick twice so he sidestepped Larry and watched as Larry flew by.  He swung the chain low so that they wrapped around Larry’s legs tripping him to the ground.  Larry realized that this punk was experienced with using chains as weapons.  He pushed up only to feel another whip at his back by the chain.  He rolled out of the way and got up.  The punk was getting angry now because Larry wouldn’t stay down.  Larry circled around the punk.  The punk whipped the chain at Larry missing over his head because Larry ducked.  This time Larry didn’t thrust forward.  The punk wrapped the chain around his knuckles, stepped in and swung his arm under and nailed Larry in the stomach.  He then pulled it off his hand and swung the chain up uppercutting Larry and knocking him to the ground.  Larry decided to be smart and use the weapon he had, he pulled out his knife and waited for the punk to draw near to whip him in the back again. Ignoring the blood collected on his back, side of the head, and face.  The punk walked closer, Larry knelt up and jammed his knife into the punk’s left thigh.  The punk dropped the chain; Larry removed the knife, grabbed the chain with the other hand and swung it up uppercutting the punk in the face.  Larry closed his knife and clipped it back to his pants.  He tossed the chain aside and saw the punk struggle to rise to his feet.  Larry approached him and stomped away at his back.  The punk rolled out of the way and got to his feet.  He took off his shirt and wrapped it over his thigh containing the wound and them he walked into a punch in the stomach by Larry.  Larry put his arm around his head, and fell back slamming the punk’s head into the ground.  Larry spit on his hand and slapped the punk in the back as the punk screamed from the stinging.  Larry then helped him to his feet and punched him in the nose.  Melissa picked up the chain in case Larry ended up losing.  He bent down and wrapped his arms around the punk’s legs and hoisted him up over his shoulder and snapped his body to the ground.  Larry then jumped feet first onto his solar plexus causing him to spit up blood.  Larry helped him to his feet and put him in a full nelson and told Melissa to slap him.  Melissa walked up to the punk and slapped him hard across the face.  She then whipped the punk across the face with the chain.  Larry tossed him into the building and the punk bounced off the brick and to the ground unconscious.  His face was crimson with blood. 

            Larry’s adrenaline pumped slower and Melissa hugged him.  Larry used Melissa to help keep erect.  Frank watched the whole fight and at times when the punk had the chain, he thought of walking out there but when he saw Larry keep getting up he decided to wait until he didn’t. Now he knew to come to help because Larry would be very hurt and needed it.  He came outside and patted Larry on the back.  Melissa let go of the hug and Larry staggered.  Frank ducked under Larry’s arm so that Larry’s arm was around his shoulder and Frank placed his hand around Larry’s waist keeping him up.  Melissa was confused at why Larry was suddenly so weak.  Frank told her to buy a newspaper from the stand outside.  Melissa did, and asked why she was.  Melissa knew Frank because she had gone out with Frank’s friend but she was still confused.  As Frank helped Larry to the car, Melissa followed close behind while Frank explained how it happened.  When they got to Larry’s car, Frank leaned Larry against it and used the newspaper to cover the passenger side seat.  He then sat Larry on the newspaper and asked for his keys.  Larry gave them to him and he asked Melissa, “Do you know how to drive?”


Frank asked this because he knew that Melissa would want to be alone with Larry to thank him properly but he also knew Larry was in no condition to drive.  Frank walked away and Melissa yelled after him, “How will you get home?”

“I know people here, I’ll find a ride.”

  Melissa drove Larry’s car to her house that was unoccupied.  She helped Larry to a bathroom and took off his shirt since it had a lot of blood on it.  She clogged the drain of the bathtub and filled it up with cold water since cold water helps to remove blood from clothing.  She threw the shirt in and then took her own shirt off since Larry’s blood had gotten on it when she hugged him.  She laid him on the floor and nursed his cuts on his face and on his back starting with the face, dabbing cotton balls soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the cuts.  He turned him on to his stomach and took the bottle and poured it on his back since there were multiple whip marks from the chain.  Larry let out a short yell of pain and then calmed down.  Andrew wiped his back then realized he had no more open cuts.  She helped him to her bed and let him lay in it.  She walked to the end of the bed and unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them.  She pulled the pants off his body taking his socks with them.  She then took off her pants so that she was in her bra and panties.  She straddled Larry and French kissed him.  They made out for a little bit and Larry turned over so that he was on top of her.  Melissa wrapped her legs around Larry’s waist and Larry caressed them while continuing to make out.  He moved his hands up and maneuvered his hand around her breasts while continuing to make out with her.  He lowered his mouth and licked at Melissa’s breasts over her bra and then on top where the bra did not cover.  He rolled to the side and rubbed Melissa’s groin area over the front of her thong.  He reached around with the other hand and placed it on her butt and pulled her toward him while squeezing.  Melissa rubbed Larry’s penis over his boxers as he was doing this.  They made out as well, and then Larry slipped his hand into the front of her thong and rubbed her vagina.  With the other arms he undid her bra and pulled it off with her mouth and sucked on her bare breasts.  Melissa reached her hand inside Larry’s boxers and caressed his penis.  Larry then squeezed two fingers into her vagina and rubbed the clitoris.  Melissa moaned with delight.  She rubbed faster and harder on Larry’s penis then she achieved orgasm as Larry continued rubbing the most sensitive part of her body.  As she did, she took her hand out of Larry’s boxers.  Larry lowered Melissa’s thong and Larry lowered his head as well.  He wrapped Melissa’s legs around his head and licked her vagina.  He licked fast and hard and Melissa moaned faster and harder.  Her legs tightened around Larry’s head trapping it.  Larry, with nowhere to go, just kept on licking, even sticking it inside her vagina.  Melissa achieved another orgasm. 

She loosened her legs and then lowered Larry’s boxers.  She lowered her head and stuck Larry’s penis in her mouth.  She moved her head up and down over his penis as it slid in out.  She then licked the head of it.  She then pushed it to the side and rubbed it while licking his scrotum.  Larry moaned with joy, Melissa moved up and stuck his penis in her mouth once again and sucked it fast and hard.  Larry couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated into Melissa’s mouth.  Melissa ran to the bathroom and spit it out into the sink and washed her mouth out.  Larry felt bad that he did that but then realized it was expected.  Melissa then returned to the bed and laid next to Larry who already had his boxers up.  She said, “Thanks for helping me today.’

“Not a problem, thanks for the reward.”

“My pleasure”

“Oh and mine too.”

They both smiled and then they fell asleep alongside each other. The next morning Larry gathered his clothes that had no longer had blood on them and pulled them on and left.  The clothes stuck to his skin since they were wet but Larry had no alternative.  Luckily, Melissa’s parents were out of town so they couldn’t catch Larry’s car in the driveway.  Frank called Larry and asked how he was feeling.  Although Larry didn’t tell him about him and Melissa, Frank knew something went on.  Melissa and Larry remained friends and both understood it was only a one-night thing. 

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