Friday, June 2, 2017

Xrisoula's Kidnapping

                It was nice out on March 7, 2002, there was a slight warm wind and very pleasant.  The weather wasn’t an indication of things to come.  Xrisoula Petrakis was at home along with her sister Dimitra.  Dimitra did homework upstairs as her sister performed hers on the main floor.  Someone then knocked on the door.  Xrisoula opened the door and a strange kid about the age of 16 glanced at her.  He stood at 6’2.5” brown hair and eyes, with broad shoulders.  Xrisoula asked, “Who are you?”

                The kid grabbed Xrisoula twisted her around and covered her mouth with his right hand, his left came across her neck.  He then whispered in her ear, “I’m the one kidnapping you.”

                Xrisoula tried screaming but her mouth was covered.  The kid placed duck tape on her mouth, and handcuffed her hands behind her back.  He turned her back around, bent down and lifted her legs so she bent over his shoulder.  He carried her to the car, opened the trunk, and placed her inside.  Xrisoula thought she was going to be raped and killed.  The kid got in the car and drove off.  He arrived at a place that resembled a warehouse.  Opening the trunk, he removed Xrisoula and carried her inside.  He brought her to the boiler room and lied her on her back.  He unzipped and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off.  Xrisoula’s muscles tightened in utter terror.  He pulled the socks off with the pants.  He turned her around and removed the handcuffs.  She lifted her to a kneeling position and yanked the shirt off.  He helped her to her feet to which he saw her tears fall from her eyes.  He unscrupulously shoved her against the boiler, wrapped her arms behind the pole and handcuffed them in place.  He then duck taped her shins to the pole.  She was now motionless in her bra and pantyhose.  He removed the duck tape as she cried heavily and said, “Now you can scream as much as you want, you’re in my world now.”

Dimitra finished her homework and came downstairs.  She looked around for Xrisoula but she was nowhere to be seen.  She thought that she must have walked somewhere or something and didn’t give it much of a second thought.  She began watching TV then the phone rang, she picked up the phone and said, “Hello”

“Do you know where your sister is?” Dimitra’s heart pounded in nervousness and remained silent, the voice continued, “I have her, if you get the police involved, I’ll rape and kill her, just do what I say and she will leave here unharmed.”

Dimitra fumbled a bit with her words then let out, “W-w-what do you want?”

“I want you Dimitra.”

“What do you mean.”

“I want you to let me come over and have a threesome with you and your sister.”

“Why didn’t you kidnap both of us then.”

“Because the bitch needs to pay.”

“Pay for what?”

“Calling that asshole that threw me through the window.” Dimitra’s eyes widened, it was the kid that kidnapped her in the Metroparks.  Larry came because Xrisoula called him; Larry followed him and after a long fight threw him through a window.  Dimitra was too stunned to speak.  The voice continued, “will you do it?”

Dimitra didn’t like the idea but her sister might get raped if she refuses.  As she was thinking the voice said, “I thought that would shake you up but there’s more.”


“I want the head of your protector, I’ll call back tomorrow, you better have good news for me.”

Dimitra was terrified now, she could never kill Larry, much less decapitate him and bring the head to the kid and then have sex with him and her sister.  It was completely preposterous.  She called Larry and told him the predicament.  Larry said, “I’ll be over in a little bit.”

Larry sped over; Dimitra gave him a big hug and cried on his shoulder.  Larry said, “I’m going to stay here, let me do all the talking if he calls.”

She pleaded with him to get her sister home safely.  Her parents were visiting her brother Michael in Columbus for a few days so Dimitra had the house to herself.  The next day, the phone rang; Larry picked up all the phone calls that day in case it was him.  The call came at 7:15pm.  Larry answered it and the voice said, “Who’s this?”

“Michael, who are you?”

“I want to talk to your sister.”

“I have three sisters which one?”

“Well one I have kidnapped so not her, and the other one I want to fuck and since I didn’t even know of your third sister it’s obviously not her.”

“You kidnapped my sister?”

“Yea bitch what the hell are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll kill you if you don’t give her back.”

“How do you propose that?”

“Quite simple, we meet, we fight, you die”

Dimitra hit Larry for she was scared what would happen if this kid gets pissed off.  Larry asked, “Now what do you want from her?”

“I told you, you fucking asshole, I want to fuck your other sister and I want that fucker that threw me through a window’s head.”

“You don’t even know her name do you?”

“That doesn’t matter just as long as she’s sucking my dick.”

“Why don’t you say that to my face?”

“Why don’t I kill your sister?”

“Because then you die, you give her back or ask for reasonable exchange you live, with the current deal, I’m afraid I’ll kill you.”

“You don’t even know where I am you cocky son of a bitch.”

“Not yet.”

“You want to negotiate with me bitch.”


“Alright what do you want?.”

“For you to give me my sister back no questions asked.”

“What makes you think I’ll do that?”

“I don’t recall saying I thought you would.”

“Smart kid, you know I’m looking at your sister and I’m pretty horny, maybe I should just fuck her now.”

“Well if your looking at her let me talk to her.”


“I need to know she’s alive.”

He placed the phone by her ear and told her to say something to her brother.”

Xrisoula was confused, she knew her brother was at Ohio State and wasn’t sure how he would be on the phone with her kidnapper.  Larry immediately said, “eimai qeofanhs, twra eimai sto adolfos sou.

“Okay, help me please.”

He took back the phone; “There she’s alive.”

“Okay, where should I bring my other sister and that kid’s head?”

“You’re going to do it.”

“Hey I want my sister alive, they’ll get over fucking a dumbass like you.”

“Alright leave them both at the corner of Rose and Dover.”

“Wait, how will I get them though, you could just kidnap both.”

“Are you willing to take the risk?”

“No, I want to meet you in person with Xrisoula there.”

“Xrisoula? Is that the one I kidnapped?”

“Yes you stupid shit.”

“Look you fucker, I could easily hang up on you and rape your sister six ways from Tuesday, so don’t fuck with me.”

“Fuck you.”

Dimitra smacked Larry in the back of the head, her heart pounded, why was Larry insulting him when he had Xrisoula? Was he stupid?  Plus he agreed for Dimitra to have sex with him.” She was beginning to think it was a bad idea to call Larry.  The kid grabbed the back of Xrisoula’s neck and squeezed.  Xrisoula screamed when he grabbed a hold, he said in the receiver, “That’s just from me touching her neck, guess how loud it will be when I’m shoving my dick in her pussy.”

“You won’t scare me asshole.”

“You don’t care about your sister?”

“You don’t care about working out a deal?”

“There is no deal, just an ultimatum, you give me your sister, I fuck both of them, they both live, you kill that asshole that threw me through a window and his head.”

If you think that kid was harsh when he threw you through a window, that will be a walk in the park when you see what I do to you, of course, you’ll die so no hospital shit.”

“That’s it, you think your all big and bad, you and me mono e mono, you take your sister, I’ll take the one I have, I win, I get both, you win, you get both.  The deal is you put them in our respective cars, lock them with the keys.  We both put the keys in our pockets, both hands of the bitches handcuffed behind their backs so they can’t unlock the door.  We have each respective handcuff keys in our pockets as well.  Deal?”

“Deal what time?”

“15 minutes”

Larry hung up the phone as the kid slammed his.  The kid looks up and said, “I’m going to beat the living shit out of your brother then I’ll fuck you and your sister so hard, you’ll bleed.”

Xrisoula swallowed hard.  The kid went up to Xrisoula and stroked the side of her hair.  He bent over and kissed her neck, while his right hand was on her breast.  She then said, “You know Xrisoula all you had to do was not say anything, not call that kid to help your sister and just let me have my way with her.  But no, you have to help your sister, now your brother will be bloodied, not only do I have my way with your sister but you as well, and during it, you will be getting on your sister as well.  All because you had to fucking call for help.”

Xrisoula looked up, her cheeks covered in dried up tears and grimacing and said, “You will lose.”

The kid punched her in the stomach.  He then put his hand on her neck and squeezed.  He taunted her.  He then lifted her up and smacked her across the face.  He uncuffed her hands and grabbed her hands and pressed them back toward her wrist.  Xrisoula dropped to her knees, “Get used to this position bitch, because you’ll be on it for a while when you’re sucking my dick and when you’re licking carpet.”

                He took off the tape on her feet and dragged her to the car.  He put her in and handcuffed her arms behind her back.  He then drove to the place. 

                When Larry hung up the phone, Dimitra pushed him.  She said, “What the hell did you just do?”

                “I got him to meet me for a fight, I win, I get Xrisoula.”

                “Why the hell did you insult him, you could have gotten Xrisoula killed.”

                “He didn’t want to kill her, he wanted to get on her and you, I could’ve said anything, I had to piss him off so he would fight me.”

                “What if you lose?”

                Larry turned his head; he didn’t want to mention that part.  She turned his face toward her eyes and stood in front of him.  “What if you lose?” she asked again.

                “Then, he gets you”

                Dimitra slapped him and turned her back to him.  Larry hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear, “It was the only way I had a chance to get Xrisoula back.”

                “You’re making a huge bet”

                “I’m getting your sister back early, and this time I’m going to kill the son of a bitch, I beat him once what are you so afraid of?”

                “It could be a trick.”
                “Xrisoula will be in his car, I beat him I unlock the car and get Xrisoula”

                “What if he doesn’t have the keys?”

                “He will show me he does and that they work before we fight.”

                Dimitra thought it over, looked up and said, “If you lose, after he fucks me, I’m going to kill you, you understand me, you will die.”

                “Dimitra, something tells me once he figures I’m not your brother, he’ll kill me if he wins.”

                “I’ll beat the shit out of your dead carcass.”

                “Fair enough….there is one more thing.”

                She looked up, her eyes widening, “What?”

                “You need to be handcuffed too inside the car, what he’s doing with Xrisoula, I have to do with you.”

                “I don’t like putting my life in someone else’s hands.”

                “Think of it as Xrisoula’s life in your hands, and the only thing you need to do is sit in a car handcuffed to save her life.”

                “What if I don’t go, you meet him, kick his ass, take Xrisoula and leave?”

                “He sees I don’t have you, gets in his car leaves, rapes Xrisoula, maybe kills her.”

                Dimitra looked down, she didn’t want to go through with this but she had to.  She finally agreed to it and Larry found handcuffs and handcuffed her arms behind the back and put her in the passenger seat.  He then drove to the meeting place, which was an abandoned warehouse.  Larry beat the kid there by five minutes.  The kid got out and locked the door.  He told Larry to come to make sure it was locked.  Larry pulled on the door and it was locked.  The kid then put a key in, twisted twice and Larry opened the door.  “Shut the door now.”

Larry did and the kid reached in and unlocked the handcuffs.  Xrisoula put her hands in front of her then back behind.  Larry kept his eyes on the keys to make sure they went into the kid’s pocket.  The kid handcuffed Xrisoula’s arms behind her back again, put the keys in his pocket and got out of the car and locked it.  Larry made sure they were locked.  Larry then proved his car was locked, unlocked it, unlocked the handcuffs of Dimitra, put both keys back in his pocket, handcuffed Dimitra again and locked the car again and left.  The kid watched meticulously and saw that Larry wasn’t cheating him.  It was time to fight.  The kid charged at Larry, Larry bent over, and as the kid approached catapulted him over his shoulder.  The kid did a flip and landed on his back.  He shot up stunned and confused about what just happened.  The two men circled around each other.  The kid went for a punch, Larry turned with it and as the punch came across his face, Larry turned the same direction of the punch so his back was facing the kid, lifted up his right leg and thrusted it into the kid’s solar plexus.  He had the wind knocked out of him.  Larry then tackled him and began punching at his face.  The kid used his legs to turn Larry over so he was on top of him.  The kid then began punching down at Larry’s face.  Larry pushed him off him and got up.  Both men’s faces were bloody.  Larry leaned against the kid’s car.  He came running set to drive his shoulder into Larry sandwiching him between him and the car.  Larry jumped on to the hood and the kid rammed his shoulder straight into bumper.  Larry jumped from the hood of the car, thrusted both feet out into the kid’s chest sending him flying to the ground.  Larry had a rough landing on the hood of the car.  He stood up and jumped off the hood to land on the kid.  The kid rolled out of the way and Larry landed on his feet.  While still lying down the kid kicked Larry’s kneecap collapsing him to the ground.  They both kneeled up; Larry darted forward and tackled him again.  Before Larry could capitalize the kid threw him off.  They both raised and the kid bent down and wrapped his arms around Larry’s legs.  He then lifted him up over his shoulder and drove him back into the kid’s car.  Larry’s back collapsed against the passenger side door.  Xrisoula looked only being able to see Larry’s back pressed hard against the window.  The kid pushed off the car so he was arm length from it and drove his shoulder into Larry’s solar plexus repeatedly.  Larry managed to slip his knee up so the kid’s shoulder nailed his knee.  The kid backed away from Larry and held his shoulder.  Larry moved out of the way of the car, he grabbed the kid by the hair and slammed his face into the passenger side door.  The kid threw back his elbow that caught Larry in the stomach; He then placed one hand in between Larry’s legs at his knee, the other at Larry’s head and lifted him so Larry lay horizontal across the kid’s chest.  The kid climbed on to the hood and drove Larry on the windshield.  A small crack was left in the windshield from the weight.  The crack was enough to cut Larry’s back.  He dragged Larry on top of the car, and put his arm around his head and forced Larry to bend over with his head tucked below the kid’s armpit.  He was set to fall back off the roof of the car hitting Larry’s head into the ground but Larry shoved him off.  Larry stood up as the kid landed on his back on the pavement.  Larry jumped off and landed on his stomach using the kid to break his fall.  Larry helped him to his feet and punched him across the face.  Larry slipped his arms underneath the kid’s armpits and then interlocked his hands behind the kids back.  This forces the kid to bend over.  Larry lifted up with his arms but the kid’s body didn’t go up.  Instead the kid drove Larry back into a street light.  Larry lost his grip on the kid’s hands.  A fist collided with Larry’s stomach; the kid then grabbed his head and slammed it back into the lamppost.  He punched him again in the stomach and threw his head once again into the lamppost.  He punched Larry across the face.  Larry’s head snapped to the side but he didn’t go down.  Larry then punched the kid squarely in the nose.  The nose broke due to the close distance of Larry when he threw it.  Larry then punched him in the stomach.  He tucked the kid’s head into his armpit and fell back.  The kid’s head collided with the pavement; luckily this maneuver is performed at an angle so the neck and spine doesn’t take all the force, just a significant portion.  Larry got up and kicked him in the side.  As Larry helped the kid to his feet, the kid’s shoulder slammed against him and tackled Larry.  He slapped Larry across the face and got up, he then began stomping repeatedly on Larry’s chest and solar plexus.  Dimitra and Xrisoula both saw his predicament and fear overcame them.  The kid then looked at Larry’s face for the first time.  Suddenly the image of that dark night at the Metroparks hit him.  Larry was the person that threw him through the window.  Now even more anger filled him, he helped Larry to his feet and twisted his body so that his left wrapped around Larry’s left side and his right arm around Larry’s right side.  He hoisted Larry up and over his shoulder so that Larry was parallel with the ground.  The kid then ran toward the window in attempt to thrust Larry through it.  Larry pushed on the kid’s shoulders and slipped out from his grip a short distance before the car.  The kid bounced off the car to a punch in the kidneys by Larry.  Larry reached around his body with his right hand and his left arm scooped the kid’s legs.  Larry had him raised at about his chest.  He then dropped to one knee leaving his right knee perpendicular to the ground and drove the kid’s back onto his knee.  Larry lifted him to his feet and bent over putting his right arm around the kid’s right side and the same with his left arm.  He then hoisted the kid to his shoulder with much difficulty.  He then drove the kid’s head through the driver side window of the kid’s car.  As Xrisoula screamed, Larry dropped the body and left over glass from the window pierced the kid’s shirt and lunged between his ribcage into his heart.  As the kid laid there dead with half the body in the car the other half out, Larry reached into the kid’s pocket and took out the keys.  He went around and unlocked the door to the kid’s car and helped Xrisoula out.  He unlocked the handcuffs and threw them back into the car along with the keys.  Xrisoula wrapped her arms tightly around Larry embracing him.  She repeatedly thanked him; Larry just returned the hug.  He was worn out from the fight.  Xrisoula pushed up on Larry’s shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist.  She was so relieved that the kid wouldn’t rape her that she didn’t want to let go of Larry.  He carried her to his car and unlocked the doors.  He placed Xrisoula in the back seat. Xrisoula let go with her legs but kept her arms around his neck.  She released her grip.  Larry, remembering that Dimitra was still handcuffed, went around to the passenger door and undid the handcuffs.  Larry then said, “We have to get rid of the body and the car.”

 They drove to a store and bought WD-40 and lighter fluid.  They used all the lighter fluid and WD-40 to drench the kid and the car with it.  Larry lit a match and tossed it on the kid’s shirt.  The shirt ignited along with the rest of the car shortly after.  Larry jumped in the car where Xrisoula and Dimitra were waiting.  The fire was noticed 25 minutes later and the fire department showed up and put it out with alacrity.  Before it happened the fire ignited the gas in the gas tank, the car and the body were black.  After the dental records they determined who the kid was.  They never found the murderer nor the arsonist. 

                Larry remained friends with the Petrakis sisters.  They all went on with their lives but nobody would forget that dreadful day.  Xrisoula and Dimitra were not afraid of Larry since he killed the kid.  They all came to the conclusion that had he lived, he would have kept coming.  He already came twice; he wouldn’t get the opportunity for a third time. 

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