Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bad Boyfriend


                It was a rainy day on June 3, 2002.  Olga Alexos got a ride from her mother to her school.  She lived in North Royalton, Ohio but her school was in Rocky River, this made the car trip approximately a half-hour.  She was 5’5” extremely skinny with curly black hair dropping below her shoulders.  Like most people in her school she awaited the end of the year where she would graduate to a junior.  Finally she got home from school and got a call from her boyfriend Arty.  He was about 6’ tall, medium built with short light brown hair.  Olga was extremely happy to receive his phone call.  He had just recently got his driving license, something that Olga has had since November, and wanted to drive Olga around.  She readily agreed. 

                Arty picked her up from her house at 9:30pm.  Olga stealthily dressed herself to go out.  Olga eyes pierced the car and she walked out of her house toward it.  She kissed Arty hello on the cheek and he backed out.  He drove around talking to her about school and stuff.  Then they stopped in the Metroparks and parked their car. His and Olga’s relationship hadn’t been too physical so Olga was kind of suspicious why they were there.  He said to her, “We’ve been going out for a few months, I think it’s time we have sex.”

                “Arty you know what I feel about that”

                “I don’t give a shit about your ex-boyfriend, that shouldn’t stand in the way of me, he’s gone.”

                “I don’t want to”

                Arty already had the car in park, with the engine and headlights turned off.  He leaned his body on top of Olga and put the seat down.  Olga struggled to get free but Arty was a lot stronger than she was.  He slipped his arms under her shirt and caressed her breasts over her bra.

                Larry had been out of school for two weeks; he just had commencement the day before.  At 9:30 he got bored and got in his car and headed toward the Metroparks. He chose this because it was a good place to drive aimlessly because there were very few lights and unlike a highway, if driven on for a while, someone won’t end up in a different state or some town far from their place of residence.  While he was driving with the windows down, he heard a scream coming from a parking place on the side.  He pulled into it to find out what it was.  He heard the scream again from a car in there, he walked up to the car and pulled on the door, but it was locked.  He entered his car again, and had the front of it facing the side of the car, he then flashed his brights on and walked to the car.  He saw Arty on top of Olga, at first he thought it was a mistake to do that because he and Olga were friends and he knew she was going out with Arty so this appeared normal to him.  With the brights temporarily stunning Arty, Olga unlocked the door and exited running to Larry and giving him a hug.  Now Larry was extremely confused, Arty got out of the car and said, “You better back the fuck up man, that’s my girl you have wrapped in your arms.”

                “Well from the looks of the situation on how fast she got out of her car and the screaming from it, it appears like you were trying to rape your girl.”

                “Mind your own business.”

                “She’s my friend, this is my business bitch.”

                Olga let go of Larry, for she knew that a fight was imminent.  Arty said, “Well then I’ll kick your ass then rape her.”

                “Bring it.”

                Arty charged at Larry but he ducked and as he approached, wrapped his arms around his legs and snapped his upper body up catapulting Arty over his shoulders and on to the concrete.  Arty slowly pushed himself to his feet and faced Larry.  Larry ran at him and drove his shoulder into his solar plexus and tackled him to the ground.  Larry punched down at his face, Arty moved his head and Larry nailed the ground.  Arty ran toward the woods to find a weapon for Larry.  Larry chased quickly after him, Arty bent down and picked up a log and swung it across nailing Larry in the head.  Larry collapsed to the ground and Arty straddled him and punched away at his face bloodying it more.  The log shot cut the side of Larry’s face.  Larry moved his head and Arty nailed the ground and got up.  Larry warily stood up blood coming down his face.  Arty had blood on his face from the punches as well but not nearly as much as Larry.  Arty picked up the log and drilled it into the back of Larry’s head.  He then slammed it down on his kidneys.  He stomped at Larry’s back repeatedly and then helped Larry to his feet.  He gripped his hair and jammed his face into a tree.  He pulled his head back and thrusted it into the tree repeatedly; Larry’s nose broke and was relieved when Arty threw him to the ground.  Arty was thoroughly enjoying beating on Larry since he tried to stop him and his girlfriend from having sex.  He picked up the log and chucked it down nailing the back of Larry’s head.  Larry’s head was crimson; he had cuts on the side of his head, his face, and the back.  Arty walked away to finish the job raping Olga.  Larry stirred while Arty was walking away and slowly made his way to his feet.  This wasn’t about protecting Olga now; it was payback for using a weapon on him.  Arty approached the cement and Larry ran toward him, he caught up with Arty and dove into his hamstrings tripping him back to the ground.  Larry stomped at his chest repeatedly, Olga had seen the entire fight from a distance and was shocked that Larry was still fighting.  Arty rolled to his feet and stared back at Larry, his eyes widening in utter terror and shock.  Larry walked up to him and punched him in the stomach.  He put Arty in a headlock and jammed his head into his knees.  He only connected on it once, because Arty grabbed Larry’s leg and shoved him back to the ground.  Larry shot back up, bent his knees in anticipation for Arty to come back at him.  The two boys circled around each other, Larry’s adrenaline pumping faster than his heart.  Larry darted forward, Arty moved out of the way and Larry drilled the hood of Arty’s car.  Arty grabbed Larry’s head and slammed it toward the hood of his car; Larry put out his arms and avoided the momentum.  He then threw his elbow back nailing Arty in the solar plexus causing him to bend over.  Larry then grabbed a fistful of hair, yanked back and slammed Arty’s face into the car hood.  He drove his face into the car multiple times and then threw him back.  Larry climbed to the top of the car and jumped off leading with his knees to jam into his chest.  Arty rolled out of the way and Larry’s knees crashed with the asphalt.  Both men stirred, Arty got to his feet first and put Larry’s head in between his legs.  He reached around and interlocked his hands at Larry’s chest, but Larry wrapped his arms around his legs and lifted up.  Arty released his grip on his hands and now was bent over Larry’s shoulder.  Larry ran forward and pulled Arty’s legs toward him while thrusting his shoulder forward snapping Arty’s upper body to the ground.  This cut open the back of Arty’s head Larry then jumped in between Arty’s legs and landed knees first on his solar plexus.  Arty rolled coughing as the wind completely left his body.  Larry helped him to a bent over position and put his head in between his legs.  He reached around his back and interlocked his hands at his chest.  He lifted up trying to get Arty to his shoulders.  Arty’s legs bent over Larry’s shoulders but he struggled to get his upper body to sit up.  Finally Larry lost the strength and shifted his momentum forward when Arty’s head was at his stomach.  Arty collided with the asphalt on the back of his head and neck with his legs snapping over him.  Even though Larry could not get Arty fully up, the blow still knocked Arty unconscious.  Larry picked him up and offered to Olga to slap him.  Olga walked up and said, “Arty, were through, I’m breaking up with you, and no I don’t want to be friends,” as she slapped him across the face knocking him back to the ground.  Larry knelt down and took off Arty’s shirt; he then put it behind his head so he wouldn’t get blood on his car when sitting down. 

He gave the keys to Olga and Olga drove to her house.  She invited Larry in to clean him up.  Larry accepted the invitation and got out of the car.  He was too weak to walk on his own now since his adrenaline had ceased pumping.  Olga put his arm around her shoulder and walked him into her house and to the bathroom.  She lied him on the ground, got a napkin and wiped off the blood from Larry’s face.  His cuts closed already so Olga did not have much to do.  She wiped the blood off then applied rubbing alcohol to further clean the cuts.  They went into the kitchen with Larry regaining strength but still out of it.  He didn’t want to drive home.  It was now 11:40PM.  Olga jumped up and sat on the counter to talk to Larry.  She then gazed at him in a way she never had before.  He grabbed Larry's arm and yanked him toward her; Larry came toward her and found that he entered right between Olga’s legs, which Olga had wrapped around him.  She bent her head back and kissed him on the lips.  Larry tilted his head and they French kissed now.  They made out for a little bit and then he carried her to the couch.  While making out they both slipped their hands under each other’s shirts and pulled them off each other.  Larry leaned down and unbuttoned followed by unzipped Olga’s pants and pulled them off her taking her socks with them.  Olga was wearing a thong and a bra now.  She turned Larry over and then undid his pants and pulled them off with his socks as well.  Larry now only had his boxers on.  She lied on top of Larry, and Larry turned her over so he was on top, a position that Olga preferred.  They made out, while Larry caressed her breasts over her bra.  He moved his head down and kissed Olga’s neck, then further down and placed it all over Olga’s breasts over her bra.  He reached around and undid her bra and rubbed, squeezed and sucked on her bare breasts.  He rolled to the side and dropped his right arm to rubbing Olga’s groin over her thong.  Olga moved her hand down and rubbed Larry’s genitalia.  Larry’s mouth French kissed Olga repeatedly.  Larry then put his hands inside her thong and rubbed her vagina, Olga followed suit and put her hand inside Larry’s boxers and felt his genitalia.  After rubbing a bit, Larry put three fingers inside Olga’s vagina and rubbed in there.  He found the g-spot and tickled that as Olga moaned in pleasure and stroked Larry’s penis harder.  Then Larry dropped his head, and pulled Olga’s thong to her ankles, which Olga slipped them off her.  Larry wrapped Olga’s legs around his head and he licked around Olga’s vagina sticking it in a couple times as well.  Olga whispered, “Stop”

Larry immediately stopped, Olga said, “Let’s go downstairs so my parents don’t hear us.  They walked down to the basement, Larry in his boxers, Olga naked.  They lied down on the couch in the basement and Olga wrapped her legs around Larry’s head once again.  Larry continued to lick as he did before sticking it in her vagina occasionally.  Olga moaned loudly now, Larry understood why they moved down to the basement now.  Olga’s legs tightened around his head trapping it, forcing Larry to continue to lick.  She used her leg strength to turn Larry around and bent her knees on either side of his face.  Now gravity forced her vagina closer to Larry’s face and trapping his head in between the smooth tan shaven legs of Olga.  Larry licked faster and more forcibly now until Olga gave out a loud yell as she achieved orgasm. 

She loosened her grip on Larry’s head and moved her body down.  She pulled Larry’s boxers off and then rubbed his penis to make it more erect.  Once it was, she leaned her head down and placed it in her mouth.  She sucked on it vigorously forcing it deeper and shallower in her throat.  She took it out and licked the head of it.  She then pushed it aside and licked Larry’s scrotum.  She repeated this cycle a couple times until Larry ejaculated, causing her to run to the bathroom to wash the semen from her mouth. 

She came back and lied next to Larry cuddled in his arms.  She fell asleep, and Larry gently nudged her off him.  Put his boxers on then went upstairs.  He dressed himself and took all Olga’s clothes and brought them to the basement.  She pulled covers over her and left the house.  He drove home and slept in his bed wondering if Olga would be able to wake up for school the next day.  Larry had graduated the day before and his classes ended two weeks prior for him.  Olga woke up in time for school and got dressed.  Her mom took her to school as normal without suspecting anything.  Olga and Larry never talked about what happened that night, nor did they continue doing anything sexual in nature.  Both understood it was a one-time thing given the situation.  They remained plutonic friends and the atmosphere around them was never uncomfortable. 

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