Friday, August 4, 2017

Chase in Greenwich Village

It was February of 2003 when a girl standing at 5’7” extremely skinny with straight blond hair stretching to the middle of her back was going to a party located in Greenwich Village.  Her name was Tiffany, and this party was something she had been preparing for all weekend.  That morning she had a cross-country meet, so she was eagerly awaiting some relaxation.  She had completed some of her homework, so her parents allowed her to go, what her parents did not know was that this party was going to have alcohol at it.  Since Tiffany was 16, she was unable to neither purchase nor consume alcohol, which made these high school parties enjoyable for kids her age.  She told her mom that she was going to spend the night at her friend’s house in Manhattan so she wouldn’t have to take public transportation late at night.  Her parents agreed to this.  The party was being held at a kid’s apartment on the corner of 4th street and Avenue of the Americas.  Tiffany called her friend Kera, whom she often attended parties with, in order to try to find a companion to go to the party with her.  Kera was unable to go because she had prior engagements.  Tiffany proceeded to dial other friend’s numbers in search of a friend, unfortunately, nobody could attend, but this wouldn’t stop Tiffany from going. 

                Tiffany walked to the subway by her house in Brooklyn at 9:00pm.  The party started at nine, but she had planned to be late, and the subway would take 40 minutes to get to Greenwich Village.  When she got there, the party was well on its way with numerous amounts of high school students in attendance.  Tiffany immediately grabbed a beer and drank while socializing with people she knew there.  In addition to intoxicants, the party had many smokers of both cigarettes and marijuana.  Tiffany only smoked marijuana making her calm but still able to rationalize her actions.  Suddenly a boy with slicked back light brown hair and a leather jacket approached her and said, “Hey baby, what’s up?”

                “Nothing you?”

                “Nothing, you here alone?”

                “Yea, you?”


                “What grade are you in?”

                “Sophomore, you?”


                Tiffany could tell that this boy was hitting on her, but she was unsure if she wanted to do activities sexual in nature with him.  She had never seen him before at school, but he was of a good age.  She decided to proceed with the conversation to see where it would lead.  After more small talk like which schools they go to, the guy asked, “Do you wanna go to a place more quiet, I can barely hear you.”

                Since Tiffany was both high and drunk, the obvious fact that this boy wanted to be alone with her for reasons other than conversation didn’t fully occur to her.  She asked him, “Where do you want to go?”

                “Let’s go outside for a walk.”


                Tiffany and the boy walked outside and talked some more.  They walked while keeping a normal conversation.  The boy led her down a side street to get off the main road of Avenue of the Americas.  The boy then put her arm around Tiffany and rested it on her opposite shoulder.  Tiffany leaned in closer both for warmth and to play along with his advancements.  The boy led her to a building and nudged her so her back was against it.  He turned his head and leaned in, Tiffany closed her eyes and slightly opened her mouth and French kissed him.  They made out and then the boy massaged her groin area.  Tiffany got nervous, but still conceded.  The boy grew bolder and unzipped her pants and placed his hand inside.  Tiffany pulled her mouth back and said, “No, wait, this is going too fast, I just met you.”

                The boy’s other hand was pressed against the wall aside Tiffany’s head, Tiffany hadn’t noticed that until now.  The boy then said, “What’s a matter baby, just relax and go with the flow.”

                “Please just slow down a bit.  You’re not going to finger me on the day you meet me, I’m not a slut.”

                The boy moved closer, his hand had exited her pants when she began talking, now it rested on the other side of her head.  He laughed at her comment and then gripped the back of her neck with his right hand and said, “You’re not going to cut me off bitch, in case you don’t realize, we’re alone here, I can overpower you, so I will do whatever I want to you bitch, I’m not asking to fuck, I’m just fingering you, I’m doing you a favor.”

                “A favor? Fuck you, I’m not an idiot, you’re going to want something in return.”

                “So what’s wrong with a handjob?”

                “Nothing, when you know the person a little better, but you’re an asshole, I’m going back to the party,” she said as she zipped up her pants.             

                Tiffany pushed his right arm off her neck and ducked under the other arm and stepped toward Avenue of the Americas.  The boy grabbed her left arm and pulled her back, Tiffany half expected this so she brought her right arm around and slapped him across the face and ran. 

                The boy chased after her with great fury in his eyes.  Tiffany realized that she was five blocks from the party, but didn’t want to go back since she didn’t know if anybody would help her.  She looked at the signs and realized she was on 9th street.  She remembered Kera’s cousin Larry was going to NYU and lived on the corner of East 9th and 3rd Ave.  That was five long blocks away but her only hope.  She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and held down the number that would automatically call Kera.  Since she could no longer move her arms in motion with her running, it slowed allowing the boy to gain on her.  Kera answered her phone.  Tiffany said, “Kera! Call Larry, there’s a guy chasing me, I’m on 9th street heading toward his dorm.”

                Tiffany hung up the phone and dropped it in her pocket, she didn’t know if Kera comprehended what she said, but she realized that in her chase, she needed both arms.  Kera did comprehend her, and immediately called Larry, who luckily was in his dorm.  Larry answered it and said, “Hello”

                “Larry, get out of your dorm now, Tiffany is in trouble she’s being chased down ninth.  Hurry!”

                They both hung up the phone and Larry quickly put his shoes on and ran down the hall and the six flights of stairs to the lobby, out the door and down East 9th Street.  At Fourth Ave. Larry saw Tiffany running.  Although Tiffany recognized Larry, she didn’t want to stop running.  The boy was seven feet behind her.  Larry ran directly at Tiffany with no inclination of stopping, as they approached each other, Larry grabbed her by the waist with both hands, and swung around causing Tiffany’s legs to flail out so she was parallel to the ground.  Tiffany’s heels smacked across the kid’s face sending him spinning to the ground dazed.  He landed on his back after turning 360 degrees.  Larry still had Tiffany by the waist but now Tiffany was only elevated, her feet were perpendicular to the ground again.  Larry then threw his arm up causing Tiffany to rise so that her legs were even with Larry’s chest.  Tiffany landed feet first directly on the boy’s solar plexus.  She tripped forward after she hit, but Larry caught her.  When she stepped back on solid ground the boy turned away from her on his side and coughed profusely.  Larry was worried that his actions may have caused internal bleeding but he didn’t want to check to see if the boy was coughing up blood.  The fight was over. 

                Tiffany turned around and saw that the boy was not getting up and then gave Larry a hug.  Larry returned the hug.  They then walked back to Larry’s dorm, with Tiffany panting.  He signed her in and took the elevator to Larry’s floor and went to his room, taking off their shoes as they entered.  Tiffany immediately lied on the bed as Larry sat in a chair.  Larry said, “We should call Kera, let her know you’re okay.”

                Tiffany, “Yea, you call, I’m exhausted.”

                Larry took out his phone and called Kera.  Kera answered it frantically, “What happened?  Is she okay?”

                “Yes, Kera, Tiffany’s fine, you should have seen her, she jumped up and swung both of her legs around and nailed him across the face.  She then elevated higher and landed on his stomach.  That kid was down for the count.”

                Tiffany sat up as Larry described the events to make it appear that Tiffany didn’t use Larry’s help at all.  She held out her hand indicating she wanted to talk to her.  Larry smiled but didn’t give up the phone.  So Tiffany said it.  Kera heard her and knew Larry left a part out so she said, “Let me talk to her, so I can be sure she’s okay.”

                Larry smiled wider now for he knew there was no way around letting Tiffany explain the actual events as they happened.  Larry handed the phone to Tiffany and the first thing Kera said was, “So what did Larry leave out?”

                Tiffany laughed, “You know him too well, well I was running and he picked me up and swung me so I kicked the guy and then threw me in the air so I landed on him.”

                Larry said, “Be sure to include that I never said you landed before elevating in the air again.”

                Tiffany ignored the comment.  Then Kera said, “So, now you have my cousin alone in his room, are you thinking about getting me back for Kevin?”

                Kevin was Tiffany’s brother.  He was a senior in high school, and the previous year, one night when Kera slept over; they did things sexual in nature.  Tiffany was mildly upset about this but got over it quickly.  She understood that Kera was asking her if Tiffany was going to do similar activities with Larry.  Tiffany laughed and said, “I don’t wanna think of it as getting back at you, that sounds bad.”

                Larry turned his head and smiled, he knew their conversation just by the basis of, “Getting back at you.”  Kera said, “Alright, well you have my permission, if that means anything.”

                “It does, and I appreciate it, I’ll talk to you later.”


                Larry grabbed the phone and said, “Kera?” hoping she hadn’t hung up the phone.

                Kera hadn’t yet, and she said, “Have fun tonight Larry.”

                “What do you mean?”

                “You know and if you don’t you’ll see”

                He then said in Greek, “So you’re okay with this?”

                Larry was still unsure if he wanted to do this.  He thought Tiffany was attractive but he didn’t want to do things sexual in nature with someone three years younger than he. More importantly, he didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize his friendship with Kera.  Kera said in English, “Yea I’m fine with it.”

                They both hung up the phone and Tiffany stood up and said, “You don’t’ have to speak Greek, I know the content of your subject.”

                “Like you, I tried to cover up the subject.”

                Tiffany smiled; she was going to wait for Larry to make the first move.  Larry had one obstacle down, now he needed the other one.  He said, “You’re birthday’s in January right?”


                It was settled, Tiffany was 16, and Larry wouldn’t turn 19 until March leaving a two-year age difference.  Larry then stroked her hair, and rested his hand on the back of her neck and French kissed her.  They made out as Tiffany sat back down on the bed.  Larry pulled off Tiffany’s shirt and Tiffany returned the gesture by taking off Larry’s shirt.  Tiffany ran her hands up Larry’s chest and kissed him on the mouth again.  They lied on their sides holding each other in their arms.  Larry pulled back a little so their bodies weren’t pressed against each other and kissed her neck and preceded down to her collarbone while his right hand caressed her breasts.  Larry lowered his left hand and unzipped Tiffany’s pants.  Tiffany sat up motioning Larry to follow and French kissed him.  She then undid his belt and unzipped followed by unbuttoned his pants.  Larry unbuttoned Tiffany’s jeans and started making out with her again.  Tiffany lowered her upper body back to the pillow, kissing Larry the entire way.  Larry then brought his body down and pulled off Tiffany’s pants.   Larry then took off his own pants and lied on top of her.  They made out until Tiffany rolled to the side.  Larry followed her momentum and now Tiffany was on top.  Tiffany rose so that her upper body was perpendicular to his body with her legs straddled around his waist.  She then motioned her pelvis back and forth.  Larry sat up and maneuvered his mouth around her breasts as they engulfed his face and then retreated only to repeat the cycle again.  Larry brought his hands up and caressed her breasts with his hands.  Larry didn’t want to break the underwear rule with Tiffany, since she was fairly young and his cousin’s best friend.  Tiffany was like most girls and would not make the first move to the next step.  Tiffany gently pushed Larry’s upper body motioning him to lie down.  She quickly shoved her pelvis forward and backward rubbing it against Larry’s groin.  Tiffany enjoyed the hard feeling of her groin rubbing against Larry’s penis.  After doing this a while, Tiffany lied on top of Larry and rolled to the side.  Larry pushed his pelvis forward into Tiffany’s groin, as Tiffany reversed the direction with her pelvis muscles.  They went back and forth vigorously, Tiffany wrapped her legs higher toward Larry’s waist.  Larry gripped her left leg, which was wrapped at his right thigh and moved his hand up and down her smooth leg and to her butt.  Tiffany was wearing a thong, so when Larry moved his hand to her butt, it was skin on skin contact.  The wall acted as a stoppage point for how far Tiffany’s body could retreat back.  Larry tilted his head in and kissed her neck simultaneously with the other action.  Tiffany moaned sporadically in pleasure.  Then Tiffany squeezed Larry’s body against hers indicating that she wanted Larry to stop.  She leaned toward his ear and licked it gently and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just really tired now, can I spend the night here.”

                Larry was unsure if this was her blowing him off or sincere.  He tried to remember back to the select few times he’d been in this situation and how it ended.  He knew it didn’t end with his having an orgasm every time, but he couldn’t remember the other times.  Larry hid his confusion and said, “Of course you can, but does your mom expect you to be home?”

                “No, I told her I was sleeping over a friend’s house in Manhattan

                “Well, I doubt that you planned on sleeping here, so where did you plan on sleeping and are they expecting you?”

                “I was just going to sleep at the party in some secluded place and leave early tomorrow morning.”

                “So you were at a party? By the way, what happened tonight anyway?”

                Tiffany explained to him the events of the night with the pre-party, party, and chase.  They then decided to go to sleep.  Larry got up and took out his contacts and took care of his dental needs and returned to bed, where Tiffany was asleep on her side with her back to Larry.  Larry lied down behind her and placed one hand over her and rested it on her stomach.  He then fell asleep. 

The next day, Larry awoke before Tiffany and took a shower and prepared himself for the upcoming day.  He didn’t want to wake Tiffany up, but he was unsure if she had to be home at a specific time; it was currently 9AM.  Larry had gotten four hours of sleep.  Tiffany awoke a little while later.  She took a shower and got dressed.  Larry hugged her good bye and signed her out of the dorm.  Larry then European kissed her (two people are cheek to cheek and they kiss the air) goodbye.  Kera wasn’t too interested on hearing too many details, but she got a brief synopsis from Tiffany.  Tiffany and Larry both realized that it was a one-time thing and didn’t try to pursue a relationship.  When they saw each other sporadically in the future there was no awkwardness.  They did, however, become friends and talked occasionally when they saw each other online. 

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